Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 2)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter II - The Art of Seduction

[Author's notes: "Wow! By the Gods, those girls went wild! Hihihih!! Not that I blame them, though; I love orgies!
"I hope breafest's up soon; I feel like eating a half horse!
Heheh, well, I've been eating something very diffrent...and by Saint Allisia, I'll never get tired of that! Hihihih!"]

Outside Narrisha's room, the dim sunlight from the coming dawn shun through the windows from a cloud-less, blue sky; hitting the vampire girl's face, it did no damage or discomfort to her asides from warming her face.

Below her slept her maids and Faris, having fallen asleep from their sexual games and plays, their broad smiles still slightly visible on their sleeping faces...

Narrisha loved them; every single one of the girls serving her as maids or in any other way; they all respected each other, and shared their fellow love with each other; aside from mindless sluts, they could talk, argue, joke around, laugh and even kiss openly without suffering jealousy or evil stares; at Nightwind Manor, everyone loved and accepted each other, no matter race or skin colour.

“Good morning, Your Sleepiness” Narrisha heard behind her; Chinyi, smiling at her, was slowly waking up, yawning as she finished the joke.
Narrisha moaned sleepily and tried a get just five minutes’ sleep more before her daily rush with ruling her country.

“J...just five more mi-i-in-o-o-ohts....” Narrisha yawned as she still felt sleepy; she really had to do some more work out if she was not to lose all her constitution every night.

Chinyi smiled at her; she knew she was partly to blame for exhausting Narrisha, but she felt no shame; as an opposite, she giggled, leaning down to kiss Narrisha’s cheek.

Suddenly, a devious thought crept through her mind; smiling evilly at her mistress, Chinyi quickly rose up as silently as she could, sneaking over to Narrisha’s drawer; her mistress had always told her that that drawer was never to be opened unless it was an emergency.

“Well, if missing breakfast’s an emergency, I’d better use it!” she thought, chuckling lowly as she opened the drawer.

Inside was a rather strange item; it was too short to be another of Narrisha’s strap-ons, and it had a little, thin plastic thingy pointing out of its top, formed as a trumpet.

“Cool, let’s try this one” Chinyi nodded at herself, slowly sneaking back as silently as her tight leather outfit allowed her.

“I’ll better get out of this before I end up masturbating” she thought to her, giggling as she honestly had to say she looked sexy in leather.
Shaking her head, she placed the strange instrument about two meters from the sleeping Narrisha’s head, finding a small bottom, setting it on ‘light’.

“OK, let’s see if this can get you up, mistress!” Chinyi chuckled, pressing a red bottom at the instrument’s top:

With the sound of about a dozen car horns, the noise coming from the instrument immediately convinced Chinyi it had been a bad idea; before her, Faris and Gloris were shrieking as if they had been splashed with cold water, and Narrisha had vanished from sight.

Still shaking in shock, Chinyi removed her finger from the red bottom, turning the instrument off; as she sat on the bed, she tried her best to mask her laughter:

Gloris had taken cover under the bed sheets, and Faris held herself to the wall besides the bed for dear life; as they realized what Chinyi had done, their faces showed expressions of both anger and laughing.

“ little slut! I’m gonna...!” Faris began, as Gloris suddenly began laughing uncontrollably.

“What the Hell's so funny?!” Faris barked, but she could only catch eye on the toe-tip of one of Gloris’ boots as she had fallen to the floor, laughing hysterically as well.

As Chinyi looked up, she burst with laughing as well; using her Mystic powers, Narrisha hang from the ceiling by the very tip of her gloves and boots.

As Chinyi pulled herself enough together to point to the ceiling, even Faris began laughing; as she rolled on the bed, Chinyi and Gloris below it, they could her Narrisha’s teeth gritting.

“NOT FUNNY! BAD GIRLS!” she yelled in a mix of embarrassment and laughter; as she had been shocked to near death by that infernal horn, she had to admit that she would properly look silly to the girls below.

“Oh, dear Gods...” Gloris panted, trying to catch her breath from her laughing; “...I’m not gonna spread rumours, mistress; I’m gonna remember this day all my life!”

As Narrisha quickly calmed down, she took part in the laughing.

“Uhmmm, girls, can anyone of you give me a hand? I...I can’t get down” she admitted as it was about two meters to her bed.

“Well, the view’s not that bad” Gloris teased, clearly spotting Narrisha’s nether lips and breasts dangling.

“Faris, if you get me down, you can have a go at her before breakfast” Narrisha smiled wickedly, nodding in Chinyi’s direction, Chinyi suddenly sitting straight up and giving Faris her most cute and innocent look; chuckling, Faris immediately stretched out her arms as if to catch Narrisha.

Letting herself fall, Narrisha landed in the captain’s arms, Faris’ strength allowing her to endure the vampire girl’s weight.

“Oh-oh...” Chinyi now weakly began to quiver in imitated fear as Faris leaned over her with a predatory look.

“OK, OK, girls; I say we get a shower and head for breakfast” Narrisha laughed, patting Faris’ shoulders; sighing in disappointment, Faris followed Narrisha along with the other girls to the door, giving into the temptation and giving Chinyi a small spank on her right, bared buttock, making her giggle at her; at the door, Narrisha made a wave with her hand, opening it.

As they entered the long corridor, she walked towards the showers and pool area; however, around the first corner, they meet Nightwind Manor’s scholar: Mirinda Dawnmist.

“Greetings, Mistress Narrisha, girls...” she lightly curtsied, allowing the girls plenty of looks at her slim, graceful legs.

“Good morning, Mirinda; anything new?” Narrisha asked.

“Well, it seems there is a message for you; it arrived via portal not an hour ago” Mirinda said, handing Narrisha a small scroll of parchment; as Narrisha read, Mirinda could not help but smile at Gloris, Faris and Chinyi; she was the only one to wear ‘normal’ clothes, consisting of a long, white dress of elven design, gracefully enveloping her beautiful form; she had to admit that the girls’ rather soaked leather outfits, shamelessly bared breasts and nether regions, and the fact that they smiled back instantly, was enough to tell her that their night with Narrisha had been most entertaining.

“Hey, girls! Shica and Jiraz’s coming!” Narrisha cheered, holding the parchment into the air.

“Who?” was all a curious Chinyi could ask; seconds of silence later, the girls, excluding Chinyi, laughed.

“Shica’s a Shin’saras, a 'black elf', and Jiraz’s a succubus, Chinyi; they’re some of my best friends!” Narrisha told her; as she got a glimpse over her shoulder, she could have sworn to see Mirinda drool lustfully.

“But...but aren’t they dangerous??” Chinyi asked, clearly remembering that shin’sari were destructive and chaotic monsters.

“Not in the slightest! The most ‘evil’ thing they ever did to me was spanking me because I commented their screwing of each other!” Narrisha smiled, making Mirinda raise an eyebrow.

“A shin’saras in the same room as a shin’idun? You take great risks, mistress” she commented, but she honestly felt like really seeing a shin'saras girl for the first time.

“Trust me, Mirinda; you’ve not experienced a real, solid screwing before those two monstrous girlfriends are done with you!” Faris smiled at her, clearly remembering the last time of Shica and Jiraz had paid Nightwind Manor a visit...

“They are in love?” Mirinda now asked, not able to mask her sceptic.

“Yes, they are, but they don’t mind if other girls join in!” Narrisha now sighed happily; she knew Shica and Jiraz had a fetish for bondage, raw passionate fucking, wing-tentacle sex, which Jiraz used her shapeshifting ability to, and tight-sitting latex outfits.

“They say they will arrive in the afternoon around 2 o’ clock; Mirinda, can you be a dear and go inform the staff?” Narrisha asked.

“Of course, mistress, though I have yet to see two from the kitchen staff as of yet; I believe they are hiding somewhere” Mirinda said; despite being irritated that the younger maids tended to run off, she somewhat got an idea as of where they were and what they were doing.

“Shall I go look for them?” Gloris offered.

“Thank you; I would appreciate that” Mirinda nodded.

“Well, as for now, we’re heading for a shower; coming, Mirinda?” Faris asked.

“Well, I suppose I can spare a few minutes before I go telling to prepare for the mistress’ guests to arrive” Mirinda nodded, crediting herself that she was so good at controlling herself, else she would most likely have jumped on Narrisha, Faris, if not all four of them at once!

Meanwhile, as she found herself to be bored, Minyoki, Chinyi’s older half sister, was sitting in her room, playing Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

“Bah, the same kinda shit loot you get everywhere!” she mumbled sourly as her character was looting the corpse of a dead soldier; she had been playing Oblivion for about a year now, and although she still liked the gameplay and atmosphere, she was dead tired of only finding about 25 gold or some gem on the most rare creature she could find.

“Fuck this, I’m playing Halo 3 now!” she uttered to herself, jumping from her bed to exchange the discs; on the bed, though, lay a small reminder of the previous night’s events: A rather messy black strap-on soaked in her own cum, as she had been masturbating for two hours straight by watching Rumble Roses and using the joystick between her legs.

“Let’s see if there’s someone I can PWN!” she smiled wickedly, grabbing her headset and her joystick as the game started.

Back at Narrisha, she and Mirinda and the maids had arrived at the door to the showers.

“Geez, I sure need a wash! I smell worse than a wet dog!” Gloris complained.

“I thought you liked doggy style, Gloris!” Faris teased her, the other girls chuckling.

“So do you; you proved that last night, Miss Captain!” Gloris gave back, making Faris smile.

“Hush! Listen!” Chinyi suddenly whispered; as the girls gathered around, they heard faint whispers and moans from inside the showers, which now turned to screaming.

“Ar-r-r-r-ragh! No, Hiroi! Not there; I’m...e-e-e-e-e-e-ek!” a high-pitched scream was heard, a gushing sound following.

“Hihihihihih! Oh, you look so cute when you blush, you horny little slut; you want that nasty, redhead Faris to fuck you, right? Want her to cum real, freaking good in your cute, little pussy?!” another voice was heard, cruelly teasing the screaming girl.

“No! No! I don’t wanna! Ar-r-r-ragh! OH! OH, YES! FARIS! MISS FARI-I-I-I-IS! I want fuck me so hard...!” the girl now screamed, making the girls outside the door curse the fact that there were no windows.

“Hihih, so cute, but don’t worry; this little Hiroi will sure get you in the mood faster than you can think!” the other girl teased again.

“You really are popular” Mirinda teased Faris, who felt quit embarrassed that she had not noticed Innoki’s affection to her before.

“Uhmm, you have a good taste, you know? Your cum tastes so good; wanna taste?” the teasing girl behind the door now continued, the screaming girl continuing screaming.

“Hihih! Oh, I’d love to see Faris fuck you! She’s coming for you, Innoki, clad in that sexy, badass girl leather uniform! You turn on them, right? Those real tough girls who know how to fuck and lick a pussy dry! Oh yeah, she’s coming for you, Innoki! You wanna feel her inside you, cumming like crazy! Uh, that shiny, black leather suit all wet and soaked from inside! You wanna peel her out of that suit and watch her fuck you until you faint!”

“OH! OH, YEAH! PLEASE, SHINRIS, MAKE MISS FARIS FUCK ME-E-E-E-E-E!!!” the screaming girl now let out, the girls outside clearly hearing her cum and squirt.

“Wow, she’s good! Not many girls can squirt when they cum” Narrisha nodded; as she was proud that she could do so herself, she nevertheless felt herself rather proud of Innoki as well.

“Say...” Faris now said in a dangerously seductive tone; “girls, should I teach this naughty girl a lesson?”

“She clearly wants you, Faris; better go ahead before I make my move!” Mirinda teased her; she was known all over the manor to go into a near frenzy at bondage in the nights, and she had once been so soaked in cum from the couple of girls she had been seducing and ‘playing’ with that it had looked like she had fallen into a basin of water.

“OK; on three, mistress?” Faris asked, Narrisha and the other girls not able to hide their smiles.

“OK; 3...2...1...go!” Narrisha exclaimed as she and the other girls pushed the door upon, now seeing what was going on:

A torn skirt, shirt and a soaked pair of panties lay on the floor, two girls sitting besides; the one that appeared to be Hiroi sat behind a very panting, very sweaty, and still very horny girl, who were gasping for breath as her cum still came out of her pussy in slow, steady squirts.

“Oh! Uhmmm...hi...mistress, it’s not what it looks like! I...!” Hiroi panicked, trying to get up, but with Innoki still laying on her, she could not get up.

“Well, well, well; if we aren’t up to something fun...” Faris now chuckled evilly, walking towards the girls, her heeled boots leaving weak thuds echoing in the showers.

As Innoki heard Faris, she began moaning; she had always admired the Night Guard Captain; respected her, honoured her and been friendly towards her as she was to all other girls in Nightwind Manor...!
She sobbed; how Faris must hate her for being such a horny and dirty slut...

“Well, it’s obvious you did your best to help, Hiroi, but let me deal with this” Faris said, walking over and lifting Hiroi from under Innoki; as she looked above her, she could see the captain’s breasts bounce as she moved, in almost a hypnotizing pattern.

“And now, you cute little slut...” Faris said as Hiroi joined up with Narrisha and the others; “I am gonna show just how good it feels when I start fucking pretty, little girlies like you...!”

Innoki’s mind froze for the exact moment it took before Faris went over her; to the girls behind them, Faris’ coat blocked the view, but the sound of Innoki’s scream alone rather gave an idea as to what Faris was doing.

“PLEASE MISS FARIS! FUCK ME! OH, PLEASE FARI-I-I-IS!” Innoki wailed, her face twisted in pleasure.
“Come here, you little slut! I’m gonna show you how the Night Guard punishes you horny little bitches!” Faris brutally snarled, throwing off her cap and putting down her glasses as her tongue almost turned into a whirlwind in Innoki’s pussy.

“UHMM! OH, FU-U-U-U-U-UCK!” Innoki screamed as she came, her cum tasting very sweetly to Faris.
“Come on, girl; you wanted me too, right?!” Faris barked out, smiling more softly at Innoki as she let her cum hit her uniform, the silvery trails running down the black leather.

“FU-U-U-U-U-UCK!” Innoki screamed, throwing herself over Faris, molesting her breasts and fingering her pussy.

“Wow! And I who thought you was inexperienced!” Faris chuckled at Innoki.

“Kinda makes me wanna join, but this is Faris’ job” Narrisha shoke her head, still feeling very excited from watching Faris and Innoki almost rolling around on the floor.

“Well, breakfast’s in about twenty minutes, and I don’t wanna miss that” Chinyi said, patting Narrisha’s shoulder as the girls were undressing and heading for the showers.

“Wow, Mirinda! That’s one cute little ass you’ve go-...” Gloris began, but found her face blocked with a flying set of panties.

“You can keep them if you will, Gloris, but you will owe me a favour...” Mirinda winked smilingly at her.
“Anytime, pointy-ear!” Gloris giggled as she went for the showers as well.

“Babe, you rock! We’re fucking around with them!” a cheering, female voice could be heard in Minyoki’s headset, making the pink-haired girl smile; as she ran an opponent over with her tank, she quickly got out, her assault rifle ready for the eventuality that he was still alive.

“I’m just uber l33t, girl; I’ve kicked these guys’ asses before!” she bragged, knowing the other girl could take her bragging.

“Fuck! It’s that crazy lezzie bitch again!” another voice was heard, a rough male one; turning around, Minyoki just got a hint of an Elite guy in yellow armour chasing her with a Gravity Hammer before she planted a solid headshot on him.

“Nice one!” the other girl commented over her microphone; Minyoki had known her for a while, and she had recently passed her ‘test’ when Minyoki had told her she was a lesbian; having not acted like a spoiled retard or racist, Minyoki had been enjoying to mentally tease her with ideas on how else to use some of the games’ weapons.

“LOOK OUT!” the other girl suddenly yelled over the microphone, another guy in green Spartan armour coming from behind with a flamethrower.

“Holy shit!” Minyoki quickly reacted, quickly manoeuvring around a rock, the green Spartan following her.

“Gotcha now, bitch!” the guy taunted, but Minyoki ran around the rock one more time, ending up behind the green Spartan as his weapon slowed him down; she quickly used her assault rifle to give him a solid broadside, moving around him as he turned to face her, jumped, and finished him off with a solid headshot from above.

“For fuck’s sake, someone kill her!” another one now came, firing uncontrollably with his sniper rifle; as Minyoki cruelly laughed at him, she dodged his shot, snuck up towards him and planted a solid broadside of shots right in his head.

“This is gonna be fun!” Minyoki smiled as she stormed towards the enemy outpost, her friend beside her, covering her with her sniper rifle.

“A-a-a-ar-r-r-rgh!” Innoki cried out again, having grinded her dripping wet pussy into Faris’ equally wet one for nearly two whole minutes; Faris had really showed her tough girl side, and Innoki deep down admitted she loved to be called names by Faris, as it even turned her on.

“Whew! Are you done now? My pussy’s gonna start bleeding soon!” Faris now smiled opposite Innoki; as it was the first time she had smiled at her, Innoki felt a tear of happiness in her eyes.

“Come here!” Faris now chuckled at Innoki, helping her up and pulling her into a hug.

“I’m sorry for calling you those kinds of things, but I’m kinda mean by nature” Faris blushed as she had not really meant to hurt Innoki or her feelings.

“It’s OK, Miss Faris...” Innoki now tightened the hug, smiling behind Faris’ back; “I’m so happy that you wanted to fuck me.”

“Hey, I rather like your kinda girl, Innoki; those innocent girls who screams a lot!” Faris giggled, Innoki joining in; she indeed did scream a lot.

“From a scale from 1 to 10, I would give this a 5, Faris” Mirinda commented behind them, turning Faris and Innoki’s attention to the other girls; having stepped out of their outfits, they were bathing in the showers.

“Hmm? Why only 5? I’m the expert on little cuties here!” Faris, helping Innoki up; her body was flushing because of her and Faris’ crazy sex game, and it was almost in tone with the red tips of Faris’ hair.

“Well, she was turned on for starters, you didn’t use a strap-on, and she nearly came right as you touched her; need I continue?” Mirinda teased, turning the wheels and feeling the warm water flow down her body...

...But suddenly...

“Wa-a-a-argh! Who the Hell turned on the cold water?!” Faris screamed, hearing equally high wails from the other girls, expect...

“Hiroi! You sneaky little...!” Narrisha gritted her teeth, smiling deviously at the blue-haired girl as she went back to the showers, her mouth one, large grin.

“Hihihihihihih! You should’ve seen your faces! Oh my Gods!” she laughed at them, making the other girls exchange looks; as they all smiled evilly, they began encircling Hiroi, who suddenly found the 6 other girls to be smiling lustfully at her.

“So you like it cold, huh?” Narrisha said in a sugar-sweet voice, quickly grabbing lightly around Hiroi’s right wrist; “and you thought it’d be funny watching us getting a little surprise?”

“You really are a bad girl, running around and turning us all on” Gloris said, getting a nod from Narrisha as she used her available hand to conjure an oblong object with her Mystic Magic.

“So it’s only fitting we repay the favour, just tenfold!” Chinyi laughed at Hiroi’s rather silly, nervous face as Gloris now strapped on the object Narrisha had conjured; having heard the rumours all over the manor, Hiroi knew that Gloris were infamous for her skill with a strap-on.

“Wa-a-a-a-argh! No! Don’t! I’ll never do it again!” Hiroi shrieked, trying weakly to get free of Narrisha’s grab, but now the other girls were all over her, pinning her down on the floor, her butt straight up.

“Never turning us on again? That’d be even worse! You’re just gonna be punished for turning on poor, young, inexperienced Innoki here” Chinyi smiled and licked Hiroi’s ear, Innoki giggling right in front of Hiroi.

“So Hiroi, how’d you like it? Should I fuck you real fast, or just deep and slowly?” Gloris asked, fondling and grabbing around the strap-on with both hands.
Despite her acting scared, Hiroi quit the act and smiled at the girls.

“OK, I know I deserve this, and honestly I was hoping you’d come by and give me a good fuck; yeah, I’m a slutty virgin, so what?” she added, causing the girls to exchange concerned looks, as none of them would ever rob a girl of her virginity if she was against it.

“I’ve been a virgin long enough; you know how it is to be running around, fearing you gals would find out?” Hiroi tried the classic ‘have pity on me’-approach.

“I’m not buying that even on a discount, Hiroi” Narrisha smiled evilly; “for your little games, I sentence you to be sacrificed to Shica and Jiraz!”
The other girls started laughing, and Hiroi, who had no clue as to what was going on, looked dead confused.

“Who are these Jiraz and Shica? Are they going to fuck me??” she asked somewhat eagerly; she had heard rumours about some strange types visiting Nightwind Manor once, so she could always hope they were good, and if they could rid her of her virginity...

“Oh yeah they are, and we’re gonna sit by as you scream your lungs out, you little slut!” Faris evilly smiled and grit her teeth; “I’m so gonna enjoy the part where you start screaming!”

“As for now, the only thing screaming is my stomach; breakfast should be ready by now” Mirinda suddenly commented.

“Gods! I almost forgot about it! Quick! We better dry ourselves up!” Narrisha slapped her hand to her forehand, walking over and grabbing some towels.

“And no...” she was just about to say, before a playful Chinyi gave her butt a small spank with her towel; “...spanking...!”

Chinyi simply giggled and now went for Mirinda; however, the shin’idun girl were quick enough to grab Chinyi’s towel, give a quick pull, sending Chinyi with her butt first to the floor, and finally leaning over her like a starved tigress.

“Silly little girl; I cannot but feel amused by your tricks...” Mirinda giggled at her, Chinyi’s face somewhat frozen in suppressed giggling.

“Niya-a-a-a-a-a-h! I can’t take it anymore!” she shrieked, surprising Mirinda by bending her over; expecting a molesting, Mirinda were rather surprised to find Chinyi suckle and nip on her pointy ears.

“Miss Mirinda, I just can’t keep off such cute elves like you!” Chinyi winked teasingly, going completely chibi-like and overly cute on Mirinda; surprised as she was, she laughed pleasantly and were pulled into a hug, leading to a collective ‘o-o-o-o-o-oh’ from the surrounding girls.

“Hihih! That’s so cute!” Narrisha commented smilingly as she found a night-blue bath robe and began dressing up; as the other girls each found their own bath robes, Mirinda and Chinyi stood up and found theirs, strapping the belts securely around their waists.

A few minutes later as the group went downstairs and headed for the dining hall, they encountered Minyoki coming yawning out of her room, lazily heading for the showers.

“She’s fun to molest when she’s either lazy or drunk” Faris whispered to the others, exactly in a volume high enough for Minyoki to hear as she went by them as they giggled at her.

“If ye can ever beat me in Halo 3 Faris I’ll let you use a vibrator!” Minyoki managed a teasing wink as she gave Faris’ butt a small spank as she passed by.

“That brat! I’ll deal with her later...” Faris faked an angry growl as she now entered the impressive dining hall with the other girls.

[End notes: "Wow, that Minyoki girl sure can hit right on the mark, huh? Oh, and just to remind you, I've got no CR on either Rumble Roses, Oblivion or Halo 3; just part of the story, OK?
Anyway, I'm back to the showers; I don't hope Innoki will mind if we join her and Faris, hihihih!"]

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