Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 19)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 19

Title: Chapter XIX - Who needs 'Virtual' Reality?

“Lay still!” Faris said sharply, the sound of a dominatrix in her voice; before her, a sweating and gasping Minyoki lay on Faris’ bed, eagerly pleasing herself by tilting her breasts and letting out her tongue; on the floor lay her corset and shirt of black leather, and her skimpy white shirt lay on the top, leaving Minyoki with her boots as the only remaining clothes she wore.

“So, what’s it gonna be tonight, huh? It’s time you had the real deal, not just screwing off at WoW babes on your computer…” Faris asked, Minyoki clearly hearing the silent chuckles from the darkness in Faris’ room; her Night Guards, dressed in the same, tight, black leather bodysuit as Faris, were looking forward to their captain’s molesting of Minyoki.

“Faris, do you always need your little leather ladies around when you wanna make out?” Minyoki provoked teasingly, knowing hers and Faris’ exchange on insults they always did before making love.

“Don’t you have the tits to do it? All these ladies compensating for something, eh? Maybe your tits’ gone all small behind that leather suit…” Minyoki smiled and giggled playfully.

Snorting with chuckles at Faris’ clearly acted up anger increase, Minyoki did nothing but laugh at her as Faris now ubottoned her belt, the steel rapier in its scabbard falling clinging to the floor, she marched towards Minyoki, soon placing her high-heeled boot on Minyoki’s stomach, the pink-haired girl not minding it at all.

“Now listen here, you little, tight-ass pink-hair bitch…” Faris said in clearly fake, threatening voice; “…one more word from you, and I’m gonna fuck you inside out until you’ll start showing me the proper manners; got it?!”

As she knew Faris was just joking, Minyoki could not keep up her acting, and began giggling at Faris’ red-hot, furious facial expression; sighing, Faris shoke her head, grinning at Minyoki.

“I’m no good at playing the ‘bad girl’ card, am I?” she asked, Minyoki all but continuing her giggling.

“Nope, but you’re a real hottie in heat under that suit, I’d bet” Minyoki teased, Faris throwing her coat to the side, pulling down her suit’s zipper and leaning over Minyoki.

“You’d like this, huh??” she asked, pressing her still leather-covered breasts towards Minyoki’s face.

“Aw-w-w, c’mo-o-o-on; I want you all hot and naked, not in some sexy leather bodysuit!” Minyoki ‘complained’, Faris smirking and pulling the zipper fully down, dropping her suit, boots and gloves, soon standing fully naked and facing the satisfied Minyoki.

“Uhm-m-m, all red-hot and good in bed…” Minyoki said, rising up to kiss Faris; suddenly, however, Faris threw herself over Minyoki, the pink-haired girl feeling the redhead pressing her down into the bed, the surrounding Night Guard girls all but smirking and mumbling in amusement.

“Don’t you have a Shoujo Sect anime to bounce off your titties at??” Minyoki cried out in taunt, a united ‘nope’ answering her.

“Why would they? It’s always better with a real life threesome” Faris chuckled, sitting on Minyoki’s breasts as she had to catch her breathe.

“’Threesome’? Learn to count, geez; we’re only two in he-…” Minyoki began, only to see two Night Guards stand aside, a smaller figure appearing before her:

Wearing basically a normal maid uniform, Gloris stood smilingly in front of her; as Minyoki looked closely, she found the uniform to be made purely of black latex, as well as the see-through stockings, clearly visible and skimpy thong, and the ankle-high boots.

“Hiya, Miss Minyoki; Mistress Faris requested I’d be here to fuck you good, so here I am!” Gloris simply chuckled, smiled and walked towards the bed; to Minyoki’s pleasant, yet sudden surprise, Gloris pressed what sounded like a small bottom underneath her skirt, a black latex strap-on popping into view, its machinery springing to life as it started humming.

“Oh, fuck! Geez, have mercy, Faris! I’m not kidding; I can’t have that thing up my-…” Minyoki began, but soon found Gloris gripping her wrists, the exotic girl forcing her down by pressing her breasts right into Minyoki’s face, combined with her precise handling of her wrists.

“Will you just stop resisting, Minyoki? You use a vibrator dildo every night at those Rumble Roses girls, for crying out loud” Faris smiled tauntingly at her, Minyoki all but blushing heavily.

“None of your fucking-…” she was about to snarl, but facing both Faris and Gloris alone sparked her playfulness and lustful thinking of the two of them in a threesome with her.

“Alas, I surrender; tell Allisia and Narrisha…that I fell, defending my virtue to the last…” Minyoki joked, making herself sound about as melodramatic as she could.

“That…that won’t be…Gods…” Faris tried and put a sentence together, but found herself all but laughing as Minyoki held her hand dramatically to her head, Gloris already rolling around on the bed, holding her hands over her stomach, sometimes to hammer her fist into the bed sheets in her hysterical fit of laughing.

“Alas, alas; my virtue now will pass; for thou I knew, and to thou I swear: Lustful looks seen from ou girls everwhere” Minyoki added, Faris holding her hand over Minyoki’s to make her stop, Minyoki already busy laughing at herself.

“Where…where did you learn that….?” Faris asked between her pants and gasping.

“From Mirinda; she once sang it before fucking two maids down in her dungeon for ‘not to set the furniture correctly’” Minyoki explained, Faris letting out a noise that sounded like a mix of a grunt and a giggle.

“I’d never thought this could actually work!” Siriki grinned, holding her camera up and filming the still panting, now masturbating Chinyi in all her glory; the pink-haired girl looked up at the camera, smiling and winking at it.

“Hiya, girls; I’m kinda hoping you will enjoy this as much as I do when you see this…” Chinyi smirked to herself, baring her nether lips as Siriki zoomed in on the camera; “…it’s some good inspiration for those lonely nights, right?”

“Gods, she sounds so cute and hot when she fingers herself like that!” Siriki grinned to heself, enjoying Chinyi’s self-lovemaking enough for her to reach beneath her waist and thighs.

“Hey! You’re supposed to film me masturbating, not getting yourself off at me!” Chinyi joked at Siriki, the cyan-haired girl all but giggling, putting the camera down on a desk, where it still recorded as Siriki headed towards Chinyi.

“Hey, we can double it up; I watch you masturbate, you watch me masturbate” Siriki proposed with a laugh, Chinyi blushing, but nevertheless nodded eagerly.

“Dear...Gods…Miss Allisia, you’re incredible!” Narru beamed at her idol and, newly added as well as the other Nightwind girls, lover; after five minutes of sucking, slurping and licking on Allisia’s nipples, the Warrior Girl had finally had her mild, yet very satisfied climax; quickly recovering, she had thrown herself over Narru, who now faced a similar situation.

“The credit goes to you, little Narru; who would have fought you to have such a talent for lovemaking and sex” Allisia said, sitting up from her licking of the silver-haired maid; facing Allisia, Narru could spot an almost proud smile on her lips.

“With any luck, I might fare just as well now that I’ll have my turn…” Allisia nodded at her, slowly leaning down on Narru once again, this time focusing solely on her mouth, which she kissed deeply and unfold her tongue into it, Narru’s eager tongue all to happy to reply in kind.

“You…you’ve gotta be kidding me…??” Minyoki yelped out, Gloris joyfully hammering the strap-on into Minyoki’s nether lips, the pink-haired girl biting into the bed sheets from raw pleasure.

“I think that does it, Gloris; she’s ready for your finishing move now” Faris commented from the end of the bed, chuckling happily as Minyoki grinned at Gloris.

“It’s not wonder you’re infamous, sexy; you’re one heck of a wildcat in bed!” Minyoki teased, Gloris sitting up and replying with a wink; pressing a button, the strap-on slowly losing its volume as Gloris took it out of her and Minyoki’s nether regions.

“I’m…I’m not quite done yet, Minyoki…!” Gloris smiled, Minyoki suddenly feeling her head to be seized forcefully, yet gently pushed towards Gloris’ damp and moist nether lips, the black-haired maid busy removing her latex uniform.

“Oh, a classic little pussy-licking; sounds fine to me” Minyoki commented, giggling as she helped herself to lick Gloris’ g-spot.

“O-O-O-O-OH!” glories yelled out, grabbing some of Minyoki’s hair and pulling her head deeper in.

“Hey, no hair-pulling; otherwise I can’t lick properly!” Minyoki joked, Gloris smiling at Minyoki.

“Oh, I’ve gotta take advantage of this…” Faris grinned, placing herself with her head right under Minyoki’s nether lips, Faris’ legs resting on the floor.

“I told you…” Faris teased, beginning her licking; “…I said a threesome, so I’ll get my threesome…!”

“…’Please be gentle…’, ‘oh, you’re so cute…’” Narrisha read to herself, looking as the girls from her yuri doujinshi were intertwined in a tribadism lock, a latex-clad dominatrix in red boots, gloves and collar of red latex.

“So…basically, she’s trying to make her partner ‘cum’, which means she gets an orgasm?” the ever-curious Breeze asked, the griffon resting her head on Narrisha’s shoulder and observing.

“Yeah, cumming is a great thing at the end of sex where your pussy overflows so much it leaks out womanly love juice” Narrisha explained, licking her lips and fangs at the thought.

“And this ‘love juice’ is part of an ingredient for an elixir to make one immortal?” Breeze asked once again.

“You seriously didn’t believe I told you that, did you??” Narrisha laughed as she closed the doujinshi, Breeze rustling her wings and curling her tail, looking a little upset.

“I did in fact; now I just see how stupid it would be…” she mumbled sourly, clapping her beak.

“Sorry ‘bout that, Breeze; uhm-m-m, mind jumping down about now? I gotta get myself off before I go to sleep” Narrisha asked, the griffon nodding and jumping down in a single, graceful move.

“Thanks, Breeze; sleep well” Narrisha said, smirking and opening her doujinshi once again, moving her hand below the bed sheets and fingering her already rather wet nether lips, teasing herself as she imagined the two girls in the doujinshi to be licking her.

“Gods, what the Hell am I thinking?! Why read when you can feel?” Narrisha suddenly laughed at herself, closing the doujinshi, bending down and reaching for something under her bed.

“Damn! Must’ve thrown it too far in; hey, Breeze, can you be a dear and go get that catsuit out of there for me?” Narrisha asked the griffon.

“Hmm, the glittering, silvery fetish suit in there? Or-r-r-rkh, let me see...” Breeze nodded, stretching her long, massive front eagle leg under the bed, the griffon extending its sharp claws.

“That...should do it!” Breeze said, grabbing hold of the sleek catsuit; dragging it carefully out from under the bed, Breeze handed it to Narrisha, who was happy to see that not as much as a scratch was on it after its meeting with griffon claws.

“Thanks, Breeze; now to turn on the power...” Narrisha nodded at the griffon, busily trying to find and activation button.

“Say, how did you get hold of that suit? My mistresses only made five...” Breeze asked sceptically.

“I borrowed it; the only condition was...well that I didn’t mess it up too much...” Narrisha blushed, smirking to herself.

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