Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 18)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 18

Title: Chapter XVIII - Nightwind's Dreamers

[Author's notes: SPOILER:
A secret is revealed about Jiraz Blackwhip: Her wings' sensivity.]

“Uhm-m-m, that was better; say, should we take a final one?” Shica asked Jiraz as the demon girl all but chuckled at her; still wearing their fetish latex boots, the two girlfriends had spent the time very since being shown their room to continue their passionate lovemaking; a tray of alcohol had helped them a lot, as the both of them by now were right out dead drunk.

“Mmmm, no-o-o-o-o! I’m, I’m sho drunk, Shhh-...shi-...Shica! You’re’ve gotta take advantage of me!” Jiraz mumbled, smiling lustfully, pressing her breasts right into Shica’s face, the shin’saras girl glad alcohol did not affect elves like herself as much and quickly as other beings, like Jiraz.

“Hey, hey, HE-E-EY!” Shica yelped out as Jiraz’s continuous push sent her from the bed to the floor, hitting her elbow.

“Ouch! Hey Jiraz, be careful with that push-...” Shica started, but soon two thighs blocked out all noise, Jiraz’s hand pushing Shica’s head right into the succubus’ nether lips, the shin’saras girl forgetting the little accident as she gladly licked the demon girl, who all but laughed, moaned and held her spare hand to her face in laughing.

“Go, go in... in there, sexy!” Jiraz finally strung the words together, drunkenly smiling at Shica as she now used both hands in pushing Shica’s head into her channel of innocence.

“OH-H-H-H-H! That’s it, Shica!” Jiraz exclaimed in a mix of a scream of lust and a laugh of playfulness; “come play with me!”

Not seconds after, Jiraz flung herself on her back, Shica eagerly following her girlfriend into the bed, where she was once dove against Jiraz’s nether lips, sucking and licking with all the skill her tongue could muster.

“OH-H-H-H! KEEP IT UP! UHM-M-M-M-M...!” Jiraz wailed out, Shica clearly feeling Jiraz’s still boot-clad legs kicking wildly from the bed, her wings twisting upwards and downwards in rhythm of Jiraz’s pleasure.

“Hmm, I kinda wonder...” Shica mumbled to herself, smiling up at Jiraz and kissing her g-spot; “...hang in there; I’ll get back to it.”

Looking partly confused, Jiraz saw Shica take a studying look on her wings; reaching down, Shica put her finger underneath the middle collection of tissue in Jiraz’s wing-claw on her left wing; to her wondrous surprise, Jiraz felt almost as if Shica were molesting her breasts.

“H-how the fuck could you...I can get horny that way, too??” Jiraz sat up, her mouth agape in pleasant surprise.

“Yeah, I think; I read somewhere that succubi has a weak spot right underneath their middle wing-claws” Shica explained, grinning as she now brought her tongue to work on the tissue underneath the wing-claw, Jiraz yelling out loud in pleasure as the sensitive tissue were continuously kissed, sucked on and tickled by the playful Shica.

“OH! OH! No more, please! I, I can’t ta-...OH-H-H-H-H-H!” Jiraz yelled out as Shica stuck her spare hand into Jiraz’s nether lips, forming a fist to grab them together and tightening; the result of that and Shica’s kissing of the equally sensitive wing-claw lead Jiraz to one of her, according to herself, best climaxes as of yet.

“I...I gotta learn how you did that...” Jiraz panted, chuckling at Shica as her girlfriend smiled and laid herself down besides the succubus, who folded her wing protectively over them.

“So, should we get some sleep, or is it an all-night stand?” Shica teased, her and Jiraz agreeing to get some sleep; concentrating, Jiraz retracted her wings back into her spine, disappearing from sight, while Shica dragged the blankets over them.

“Sleep well, Jiraz...” Shica smirked, kissing her girlfriend softly, Jiraz replying with a satisfied purr.

“You too, cutie...” Jiraz said, Shica clearly seeing Jiraz stick her tongue out in tease and winking seductively at her; however, she did not really mind it, neither when she felt the succubus’ furry tail-tip slowly sliding up her thighs...

“Uhm-m-m-m...” Jiki moaned softly as Kiro, laying beside her, were fondling a lock of Jiki’s blonde hair, her other hand caressing Jiki’s shoulder and left breast ever so lightly; under the bed sheets, listening to the soft tunes from ‘My Heart Will Go On’, Jiki and Kiro were shedding many tears of love and happiness, as well as the warm feeling of each other’s company.

“ wonderful...” Jiki mumbled, Kiro looking up at her with a grin; “...who needs Heaven when we’re together?”

“I wouldn’t even define anything as ‘Heaven’ without you in it...” Kiro smiled at Jiki, her girlfriend grinning, leaning down for a soft kiss.

“Hihihih! He-hey! That tickles, Siriki!” Chinyi smiled, having decided to invite Siriki to her room for the night; now laying naked under the bed sheets, Siriki found great pleasure in tickling Chinyi, who simply could not help but love it to her heart’s content.

“It’s always been your turn-on being tickled...aside from cute and busty catgirls, right?” Siriki teased, Chinyi looking behind her to watch Siriki wink and stick her tongue out to kiss her.

“Uhm-m-m-m-m...don’t turn me o-o-o-o-on-n-n-n...!” Chinyi whimpered as innocently as she could, Siriki laughing heartily at her, knowing Chinyi could not resist the thought of catgirls all over her cute, busty body.

“Feli-i-i-i-icia-a-a-a-a from Da-a-a-a-arksta-a-a-a-lkers-s-s-s-s-s...” Siriki now teased again, Chinyi letting out a wail of right out horniness as the thought of the busty, blue-haired catgirl snuck to her mind.

“No-o-o-o-o-o-oh! No fair, Siriki!” Chinyi shrieked out in embarrassment, pressing her head underneath her pillow, blushing like a right out firestorm.

“Ihihihihih! Oh, Chinyi...” Siriki smirked, leaning hungrily over the pink-haired girl; “...I think I’ll have myself a sweet little midnight snack!”

“Uhmm, could you fetch a chicken sandwich for me as well, then?” Chinyi asked, Siriki stopping in her seductive approaching; not a few moments later, she laughed out loud.

“AHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh my Gods! Either that’s the best joke you’ve ever made...” Siriki panted out, jumping on the shrieking Chinyi; “...or maybe I’ll give you something to laugh about!”

“N-no ti-...ih-...ihihihihihihih-...-ckl-hih-hih-hih-hih-hih-hih-hih-ng!” Chinyi exclaimed in a joyful scream, letting the ice-haired Siriki tickle her armpits and throat, Chinyi wiggling under her merciless assault.

“...Shinris’ groves; so this is where they learn all this from...” Allisia mumbled to herself; sitting on her bed, she looked her way through a dozen of Yuri Hentai doujinshis and mangas; she did admit, though, that the sight of ‘innocent’ girls being happily whipped, molested and made passionate love to by a leather-clad dominatrix amused her a bit; the girls did not seem to mind the situation, however, and, after all, justice was served as the girls returned the favour to the comically panicking dominatrix.

Allisia giggled; the look from the dominatrix’s reaction when about three blonde girls threw themselves lustfully over her, was indeed priceless; as Allisia had been lucky enough to get her hands on an English doujinshi, she did raise her eyebrow a bit as for how many times the word ‘oh!’ appeared in the text.

Putting down the doujinshi on her desk, she switched to a new one; Allisia could already feel a slightly tickling feeling beneath her pyjamas, which she simply smiled at; it would not be long before her desire were ablaze like a forging fire, but she just needed the right, mental image...

As luck would have it, the first page of the manga in her hand turned out to be a duel between a tan-skinned human girl and a sun-burned elf girl; the human carried an iron staff as weapon, her outfit being that of a tight, brown leather suit with loosely attached steel plates on shoulders, knees, and slightly covering her massive breasts.

The elf carried two short swords of steel, wore a half-plate of steel covering the shoulders, elbows and equally massive breasts to the human girl; her steel boots were glided with gold, as well as her gauntlets, and she constantly wore a confident smile on her lips.

As Allisia flipped through the pages, she made a sudden stop as the apparent duel between the girls turned into a lovemaking; disarming and stripping the elf of her heavy breast-plate, the human girl cheerfully assaulted and molested her, the elf at first denying furiously.

“Hmm, this might turn out well...” Allisia smiled to herself, licking her lips as she saw the human girl tear off the elf girl’s thong of black leather, invading her channel of innocence and letting her tongue all loose in it; shrieking in pleasure, the elf girl rose up, let out a happy cry and pressed the human girl’s head in closer, the elf girl fondling her own breasts and biting her nipples in lust for the human girl, who were equally eagerly fingering herself at the thought of the elf girl.

“ passionate; such raw lust...and all that strength...” Allisia mumbled to herself, suddenly discovering her hand to move unwillingly down towards the crotch, making its way under her panties.

“Hihihih; I wouldn’t honestly mind joining them, but still...” Allisia chuckled, openly masturbating at the pictures as the girls now were locked in a scissoring position.

“Uhm-m-m-m-m...uhmm, Narrisha...Faris...anyone, please...” Allisia now moaned, mentally imagining the girls of Nightwind Manor cosplaying as the girls in the manga, for then to molest her, as well; “...I...I need to...Gods, just let me do this!”

“Goodnight, Lillian; see you tomorrow!” a maid called into the kitchen, the head maid nodding at her as she closed the door.

“Phew, washing dishes for half an hour; damn it, we’d better get a dishwasher sometimes soon...” the maid sighed, walking down the dark hallway, a Night Guard making a salute at her as she went by.

“Why, hallo there, pretty lady...” a voice came from around the corner, the maid not recognizing it; “ feelin’ a little lonely tonight?”

“Uhm-m-m-m...who is it? It’’s not it?” the maid asked nervously, knowing the biker babe to normally assault maids wandering around at night.

“Nope, little girlie; she’s still having fun with Innoki...” the voice said, a shadow appearing from the dimly lit hallway; “...but no worries; what she can do, I can do much better...!”

Stepping out from the shadows, the maid found the mysterious voice to belong to Faris, the Captain of the Night Guard; the redhead looked almost hungrily at the younger maid, who suddenly felt herself very naked standing face to face with the leather-clad seductress.

“Mi-...Miss Faris! I...I trust the dinner tasted you well?” the maid asked, speaking the first that came to her now rather embarrassed mind.

“Yeah, it tasted really nice, but you see...” Faris said, stepping closer to the maid, kneeling down in eyesight with her; “...I got an offer for you.”

“An offer? For what?” the maid asked, now really seeing the redhead’s soft, velvet-like lips move closer to hers.

“You remember Lady Allisia, right? The Knight Lady at the orgy tonight?” Faris asked, the maid blushing.

“Yes, the Warrior Girl! Hihihihih, she looked really funny there with Charlene...” the maid chuckled, Faris smiling at her.

“Oh, you like the tough and badass girls, don’t you?” Faris asked somewhat in tease, the maid slowly nodding.

“Well, then...” Faris now rose up, gesturing the maid to follow her; “come here...”

“Uhm-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m...!!!” Allisia mumbled to herself, the Yuri Hentai manga laying on her head; having had her climax about 4 times, she could not understand why her body wished so much more for a gentle, womanly touch.

“This manga does nothing to satisfy me in the long shoot...!” she mumbled irritated, putting the manga down besides herself; however, she could not help but smirk at her own handiwork, holding up her lightly cum-covered fingers.

“Gods...if only I had-...” Allisia shoke her head and sighed, but was interrupted as she heard a knock at the door.

“Oh! Uhm-m-m, wait a moment!” she said, jumping out of the bed, quickly finding a blue housecoat and tightening the belt; opening the door, she found it to be Faris and a young, silver-haired maid, who looked adoringly at her.

“Allisia...” Faris said, nodding at the Warrior Girl; “’ve got a little fangirl visiting you.”

By that, Faris bend down and kissed the maid’s cheek, not much to her dislike; as Faris closed the door after herself, chuckling, Allisia now looked at the younger girl.

“Can I get you something?” Allisia asked, knowing her duty as a host in her own room.

“Oh! have drakegold?” the maid asked, Allisia smiling at her.

“Have a seat while I get it” Allisia said, nodding in the direction of a chair near the bed.

As the maid smiled and headed for the chair, Allisia went over to a small cupboard at the farthest end of her room, putting out a rather dusty but still fresh bottle of the sweet alcoholic brewage drakegold.

“So...” Allisia said as she sat down by her bed after handing the maid the bottle and a glass, helping herself to a drink, as well; “...Faris says you are a fangirl of mine; how can that be?”

“Well, it’s just...” the maid said, her boots dangling lightly from the chair as she took a small gulp from her glass; “’re a Dragon Knight! You’ve fought in wars and all kinda stuff! Kicked bad guys’ butts and saved whole kingdoms!”

“Now, now, young lady; I might be a knight, but the first thing you learn, is that wars are not just for the fun of it...” Allisia explained patiently; “ old saying goes; ‘the one to lift the sword faces the same tenfold’.”

“Uhm-m-m, I dunno what that means, Miss Allisia...” the maid blushed.

“It means that as soon as your sword is unsheathed from its scabbard, you have thrown reason and diplomacy to the side, choosing primitive force and violence over common sense; unless, of course, it is in self-defence...” Allisia said, correcting herself at the end as she took a sip from her glass.

“Oh, I see...but you’re still awesome, Miss Allisia!” the maid smiled happily at her, making Allisia let out a small laugh.

“Now I think of it; are you not one of the newest maids here at the manor, little one?” Allisia asked.
“Oh, uhm-m-m, yes, I think I am; I decided to work here only last week” the maid said.

“And what would your name and age be, then?” Allisia asked again.

“My name’s Narru; I’m 17” the girl smiled.

“A real little ‘cutie pie’ as our dear Mirinda calls you...” Allisia smiled back.

“But, Miss Allisia...I...I kinda wanna ask you something...” the maid said as she now put the glass on the table by the chair, sitting up on the bed besides Allisia.

“Go ahead; ask away” Allisia said, although a careful observation of the girl gave it away for miles that she had a burning lust for her.

“Could I-...” Narru tried and ask; smiling mentally at herself, Allisia laid down on the bed, pretending to be yawning and stretching out.

“Well, I am a bit tired, so can you please tell me soon?” Allisia asked, hoping for Narru to understand her gesture.

“OH! Uhm-m-m...I...I wanna...I want know....I-...” Narru tried her best to put her sentences together, but all too late; as Allisia reached out her hand, she gently seized the maid by her wrists, making her let out a small shriek of excitement.

“Yes, I do know what you want...” Allisia smiled at Narru, the maid blushing deeply; “...just give me a moment...”

By that Allisia loosened her belt and pulled off her housecoat, lying naked in front of the almost drooling and red-hot blushing Narru.

“I’m sorry for the slight mess; I was having a good read before you came in...” Allisia now teased by handing Narru the yuri hentai manga she had just been reading.

“Wha-what?! Ca-can two girls re-...really do that??” Narru asked in awe, seeing the elf girl violently and passionately grope the joyfully screaming human girl’s breasts.

“Let’s just say that this little scenario in the yuri manga...” Allisia said, slowly taking the manga out of Narru’s hands, leaning over and forcing the maid down on the bed by sheer force of will; “ nothing compared to what we two can conjure up.”

Hearing that, Narru chuckled nervously, looking at Allisia’s breasts.

“My Gods, Miss Allisia; you gotta be at least a D-cup!” Narru exclaimed in an excited wail; before she knew it, she tossed herself over Allisia, forcing her downwards, humping herself against the Warrior Girl.

“Oh, do hold on, please!” Allisia now said mildly irritated; looking worried, Narru backed down, feeling ashamed of herself.

“First of all...” Allisia said as she gallantly rose up; “...when we make love...” she said, walking up behind Narru, forcibly pushing her unto the bed; “...then we get naked first!”

“Wa-a-a-a-argh! Miss Allisia, what are you...oh, no-o-o-o-oh!” Narru wailed out as she felt Allisia slowly but violently take off Narru’s uniform; soon stripped down to all but her white wrist-long gloves and ankle-high boots, Narru looked up behind her, seeing Allisia sending her a pleasant grin.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you...” Allisia said, leaning over Narru’s back; “...I will merely school you on how to love your fellow Nightwind girls!”

“I...I’ve got a confession first...!” Narru shrieked out between her closed teeth, feeling Allisia’s heavy, round breasts on her naked back; “...I’ve...I’ve never had sex before! I didn’t join the party tonight because I wanna save it for when I’m ready to be molested!”

“Ah, so you are waiting for the right moment? Not a bad idea, little Narru...” Allisia said, smiling and patting Narru’s head.

“I’m not a little kid, you know!” Narru snarled at Allisia, who simply grinned and held up her hand to cover her mouth.

“Oh-h-h-h-h...this is so embarrassing...” Narru mumbled, looking at herself naked in front of Allisia.

“Narru, the woman’s body is gorgeous! I cannot find a flaw in yours” Allisia said honestly, standing up and stroking Narru’s back.

“But...but I haven’t even got D-cup breasts! They’re so damn small...!” Narrus said sourly, looking angrily at her breasts, Allisia smiling at her.

“They’ll grow in time; for now, my main reason for wishing to molest you is simple...” Allisia said, gesturing Narru to lie down on the bed, which she did willingly; “...I find your personality, your looks and your passion for me both alluring and attractive; that’s why I want to, well, as Faris says it, fuck you.”

“But...but my virginity...” Narru said worriedly, holding her hands above her nether lips in a defensive gesture.

“Don’t you worry; I will leave it for you to decide which of these loveable Nightwind sweethearts is to take it” Allisia said, sitting by the bedside next to Narru.

“Oh! won’t use a dildo or strap-on on me...?” Narru asked in surprise.

“No, you don’t need sex toys just to have your fun, but tell me...” Allisia said, leaning over by Narru, now in eyesight of her; “...for a virgin, who has never had sex, you really know a lot about it, don’t you?”

“Oh! Oh, uhm-m-m...I kinda looked through Minyoki’s yuri hentai at a time...” Narru smirked and blushed.

“You silver-haired little she-devil, you...!” Allisia smirked, playfully rubbing Narru’s stomach and tickling under her armpits, causing her to laugh out loud and curl herself together.

“Stop! No! N-nohohohoho-oh tih-hih-hih-hih-ckling!” Narru laughed, Allisia pausing the tickling, Narru looking happily at her.

“So...let’s do it, then” Narru said, surprising Allisia by grabbing her wrist and dragging her towards herself.
“So, you don’t mind having sex with me?” Allisia asked in tease, Narru simply shaking her head and hugging Allisia tightly.

“Just play with me a little...” Narru smiled, letting out a long sigh as Allisia’s light and warm breathe reached her right breast...

“You will need to learn...” Allisia said, suddenly sucking violently on Narru’s nipple, the surprised maid letting out a shriek of shyness and excitement; “...that I can be both a passionate...” Allisia continued, placing a soft kiss on Narru’s lips, the silver-haired girl not able to suppress her moaning and slight giggle as Allisia broke free of the kiss, smirking at Narru; “...and a gentle lover.”

“So...can I be a little rough, too?” Narru asked, blushing.

“My sweet little Narru...” Allisia said, sitting down in eyesight of Narru, holding her hand up and holding it under Narru’s chin; “...that is a request I am more than willing to answer yes to, but...” Allisia said, releasing her grip as she chuckled; “...I’d advise you start from above.”

“You’ve got it, Allisia! Gods...this is really happening...!” Narru said, beaming with eagerness and folding her hands into fists in excitement; somehow, Allisia felt as if having let a crazed catgirl out of her box.

“INCOMI-I-I-I-ING!” Narru laughed and cheered as she performed a near skydive in between Allisia’s breasts, Allisia not capable of resisting a heartily laugh as she saw the silver-haired maid working her tongue so eagerly on her.

“Well, not the one to back out, are you?” Allisia asked, getting no reply as Narru’s tongue worked on her right breast without any hint of pause.

“Uhm-m-m-m-m…say, this feels really good…” Allisia smiled at Narru; laying down on the bed, Allisia smirked and let out a happy sigh, looking at Narru as she took a pause from her licking; “...let’s see if you can make me feel good just by licking me there.”

[End notes: Facts about drakegold:
A sweet drink brewed by the lich Vlad'Darsa; ingredients include sugar, coffein, ale, water and a few sparkles of concentrated Mystic essence for an uplifting feeling during consumation.]

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