Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 16)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 16

Title: Chapter XVI - When Angels Sleeps

As the clock some time later rang midnight from the clockwork upstairs in the dining hall, the girls began collecting their outfits and what else they had brought, all of them yawning sleepily and giving each other hints, thumb ups or simple flirting as they made their way upstairs.

“Hey, Jiki? Kiro?” Chinyi now approached the two partly sleeping girlfriends, Kiro mumbling in her sleep and slowly opening her eyes as Chinyi approached.

“Mhmm...yes, Chinyi?” Kiro asked sleepily.

“We’ve found a room for you; it’s an old guestroom that hasn’t really been used, but I think you’ll like it” Chinyi said, mentally smirking as she knew quite her share of that exact room.

“Ah, goodie! Jiki...? Ji-i-ik-i-i-i-i...? Wakey, wakey, sweetie” Kiro lightly rustled her girlfriend, who woke up and yawningly followed Kiro and Chinyi.

“It’s on the second floor, the last door on the left” Chinyi explained as they climbed the stairs.

After saying goodnight to the Nightwind girls, Jiki and Kiro finally found the room, Chinyi opening the door for them, their eyes opening wide at the sight:

A lavender-blue and pink-coloured room, with a heart-shaped double bed in the far end, it was a paradise for the two young girlfriends.

“Shall I take you to bed?” Jiki asked smilingly at Kiro, a clear hint of seduction in her voice; with a squeal, Kiro tossed herself unto the bed, followed by a chuckling Jiki, their trunks and other stuff left behind by the door, where a giggling Chinyi now saw how Jiki and Kiro began playfully wrestling each other on the bed, turning into a pillow fight.

“Just that you know it, the bathrooms and showers are down the corridor on your left!” Chinyi yelled teasingly at the girls before closing the door, leaving Jiki and Kiro behind to enjoy themselves.

“Uhmm...sweetie, I’m a little hungry; wanna go and have a late night snack?” Jiki asked Kiro after they had settled down, her white-haired girlfriend nodding eagerly, her own hunger heard by a growling stomach, amusing both her and Jiki.

Walking towards the door, it suddenly opened, Narrisha standing outside, taken aback by Jiki and Kiro as they smiled at her.

“Oh! Well, I trust you like your bedroom?” Narrisha asked, barely avoiding a chuckle as she saw Jiki and Kiro’s loose undergarments from their pillow fight.

“Yeah, it’s awesome; it couldn’t have been better arranged” Kiro said, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere in the room.

“You’re kinda wrong there, Kiro; it’s already beginning to get better” Narrisha smirked, walking into the room, flipping a switch over by the left side of the bed; the otherwise dark-lit room were suddenly brightened up, as a disco ball cast its switching blue and pink light over the whole room, bathing it in relaxing colours.

“And there’s more” Narrisha smiled at Jiki and Kiro’s amazed looks; from a hidden panel in the wall, Narrisha pressed a few buttons on what turned out to be a stereo, Jiki and Kiro suddenly hearing the soft music of what they could only conclude to be ‘Every Time We Touch’.

“This...this is just so romantic!” Kiro sniffed, overjoyed at the romantic atmosphere, the music, and her beloved Jiki standing beside her; as Jiki did shed a tear of happiness, herself, she hugged Kiro tightly, the two of them exchanging tender, loving kisses.

“I heard about you needing something to eat...” Narrisha said, giggling at the happy couple; “...I’ll ask if there’s some leftovers from the banquet.”

“Kiro...” Jiki asked pleasantly, lying naked under the bed sheets with Kiro, her girlfriend yawned and answered “...yes?”

“I know we’re only going to stay here for a few days, but I say we do as we always do and don’t mind all that erotic the others’ all about” Jiki said; although she was amused with the Nightwind girls’ silly or outright erotic lovemaking, the best it served was to give her ideas on how to pleasure Kiro; she knew, from the very bottom of her heart and soul, that Kiro was her only one.

“Yes, I think that’s the best to do; still...” Kiro said, hugging Jiki softly, smiling playfully at her; “ was really funny to see Chinyi and Minyoki in action!”

“Hihihih! I’d dare so say; oh Gods, I kinda feel tempted to try that out on you sometime, sweetie” Jiki giggled, Kiro tightening her grip around Jiki’s waist, both of them looking forward to a sweet, romantic night.

However, as there was a knock on the door, Jiki sent Kiro a silent apologising nod, standing up and walking over to see who it was.

“We’ve found a little for you; your pet almost ate it all in front of us!” a smiling maid with green hair winked at Jiki, rolling a trolley with a set of cutlery, plates and glasses; potatoes, chicken wings, ham and a bottle of elven wine were neatly arranged on it, the warm food and cool wine looking quite inviting to Jiki and Kiro.

“Mistresses...” a voice were now heard behind the maid; as she made a little jump in fear, she found it to only be Breeze, the griffon caressing its massive, golden beak against her left leg in a pleasant gesture before heading over to her mistresses.

“If you wouldn’t mind, could I sleep with Miss Narrisha? I’d prefer to know what that vampiric lass is up to...” Breeze asked, Jiki and Kiro exchanging looks, finally nodding at Breeze.

“Sure you can, Breeze; I don’t really think there’d be enough room for you, anyway...” Kiro said, Jiki all but smirking at her girlfriend.

“Should I leave the trolley?” the maid asked, patting Breeze’s feathered head, quite amused at the majestic griffon.

“Sure; we’ll take it down to you first thing in the morning” Kiro said, the maid bowing respectfully as she left, Breeze following her.

“I’ll take you to the mistress’ room, but tell me...” the maid said, smiling playfully at her coming, daring question; “...does your mistresses know to rock each others’ world at night?”

“Oh? Oh! If you mean like you do it here, I’d say that…although it is a bit more romantic…” Breeze said, scratching her head with her front claw.

“Ah, all romantic-like, I see...” the maid said, smiling to herself; “ they never really climax and have real sex? Just a little touching, is that all?”

“Certainly not; as far as I know of female human anatomy, they simply spend a near hour in ‘foreplay’, for then to mostly play around, and finally ‘getting to it’” Breeze explained, although she knew neither feather nor tail of what those words meant aside from what she had read in her mistresses’ YURI HiME magazines.

Unknown as well to Breeze, the maid started an uncontrollable giggle, continuing all the way to the vampire girl’s room; not understanding, Breeze nodded, leaving the now right out laughing maid behind as she went on into Narrisha’s room, using her tail on the doorknob to close it behind her.

“Welcome, Breeze...” Narrisha’s voice greeted her, the vampire girl clad in a slightly transparent, black nightgown of silk; “...I hear you wish to sleep here to observe me and make sure I don’t go on bloody prowls?”

“Uhmm, well, I didn’t intend to insult you, Miss Narrisha; I’ve just read that vam-...” Breeze began explaining, Narrisha cutting her off with a friendly chuckle.

“Look, you silly little birdie...” Narrisha said, kneeling down in eyesight of the griffon, holding her hand under the griffon’s beak; “...the only thing I’ve ever sucked in my life, are my girls’ tits, nipples and pussies; now that’s hardly evil, isn’t it?”

As confused as one can be, Breeze simply shoke and flapped her wings in a clear gesture of a ‘no’, as Narrisha held her beak in a light, but iron-hard grip; releasing, Breeze shoke her beak, seeing no harm done to it.

“Well, let’s get some sleep; I don’t really feel like prowling tonight after that orgy...” Narrisha yawned, smiling to herself as she turned on a lamp by her bedside, opened a drawer by her bed, and pulled out what looked like a small comic book.

“What’s that?” Breeze asked, the front showing a very busty, alluring, glasses-wearing, blonde in a seductive pose, her tight office suit not even nearly covering her breasts.

“Ah, it’s just ‘Teacher’s Pet’; I can’t get a good night’s sleep without a little Yuri Hentai” Narrisha smirked, opening up page one, looking through the comic as Breeze yawned, stretched out her massive wings, folding them back together as she curled herself up on the floor like a cat, honestly enjoying the beginning moans from the vampire girl in the bed.

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