Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 15)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 15

Title: Chapter XV - Lust Incarnate

[Author's notes: WARNING:
Minyoki/Chinyi 'Incest' Scene (half-sisters counts?)]

After a half hour of intense lovemaking, many of the Nightwind girls found themselves yawning, tired from molesting each other.

“Sis, I think we’d better grab the chance before everyone’s gonna fall asleep” Minyoki smirked, fighting desperately not to laugh at Chinyi, who had fallen asleep during her licking of Siriki’s nether lips, now slumbering between the cyan-haired girl’s thighs.

“Uhmmm...oh-h-h-h-h-h, uhmmm...wha-...what’s up? Oh! Oh yes, you molesting me!” Chinyi yawned and smiled at her sister as she gently shoke her.

“NIGHTWIND GALS! Before you start falling asleep, it’s time for some sister on sister action!” Minyoki yelled out to the others, the girls now rallying around them.

“I don’t really think I wanna until you’re stripped down, Minyoki!” Chinyi said, happily smiling and throwing herself over the older sister with a blissful squeal.

“Argh! Hey, watch the boots! They are fucking expens-...!” Minyoki started to bark out, but soon found herself victim of Chinyi’s teasing; after only a minute’s time, both sisters were giggling and tickling each other, their mouths locked in a raw, passionate kissing.

“OH, SISTER! UHMM! IT FEELS SO GO-O-O-O-OD! Oh! UHMM! UHM!” Chinyi yelled out as she broke free of the kiss, Minyoki kneading her kneecap in between Chinyi’s thighs, Chinyi’s nether lips already starting to get wet.

“It’s not fair! You’re gonna have to cum, too!” Chinyi laughed, pressing her breasts into Minyoki’s face, taking advantage of her sister’s pause to quickly move herself into the 69 position.

“Sweet, girly love juice; uhmm, I’m already getting thristy...!” Minyoki smirked, slurping on Chinyi’s nether lips, sucking on her g-spot and sticking her long nails further into her sister’s vagina.

“Ouch! YI-I-I-A-A-A-A-AO-O-OH!” Chinyi squealed out, feeling herself so close to her climax as she could be, her own licking all but forgotten to her.

“CHINYI, I’M...I’M GONNA CUM SOON!” Minyoki shrieked out, Chinyi’s only thought being to bend down and finish her sister off.

“SISTER! SISTE-E-E-ER! I...I WANNA C-U-U-U-UM!” Chinyi yelled, her climax hitting Minyoki’s tongue, the pink-haired girl happily lick it all up.

“My turn! Keep tongue-fucking me, sis!” Minyoki encouraged, laughing in pleasure as Chinyi’s small, wet tongue slurped all over Minyoki’s equally wet nether lips.

“OH, GO-O-O-O-O-ODS! OH, FUCK!” Minyoki yelled out, climaxing directly into Chinyi’s face, her younger sister all but giggling as she licked up the cum to the last drip.

“Before you turn in, ladies...” a voice were heard behind the Nightwind girls, catching even the still lust-dazed Minyoki and Chinyi’s attention; “’s time we showed you just how good a fuck you can have!”

Following the sound in the now completely dark room, a projector were suddenly activated, focusing on the pit, in which an ‘X’-formed table of steel now stood, Jiraz handcuffed to it in her wrists and ankles, her and Shica both wearing their trademark black latex catsuits with matching elbow-long gloves and thigh-high boots.

“Now let’s get to the fun part, shall we?” Shica asked, approaching the chuckling Jiraz.

“Better heat up that suit of yours a bit!” Shica smirked, beginning to molest Jiraz’s breasts through the latex, the chained succubus chuckling even louder in amusement and moaned in enjoyment.

“Oh, Jiraz; you’ve always liked being submissive, haven’t you?” Shica said teasingly, stroking Jiraz’s chin.

“Yeah, about as much as I like being dominative; it varies, sexy” Jiraz teased back, getting a pleasant reply as Shica sucked on her still latex-clad breasts.

“You’re about to get real wet, Jiraz; I’ll bet you’ll cum within two minutes” Shica giggled, Jiraz moaning and smiling; suddenly, the succubus leaned her head backwards, opening her mouth wide open, a three meters tall flame escaping from her mouth, vanishing as Jiraz closed her mouth.

“ fucking little slut, Jiraz! Gods, I got a shock!” Shica gasped out, looking rather vengefully and seductively at her laughing girlfriend; seeing the flame burst out from Jiraz’s mouth, Shica had been caught off-guard, and had fallen on her butt right on the floor, the pain not too serious, but the lust for vengeance alit.

“Look on the bright side, Shica; I got in real good heat from this” Jiraz said, as she could not stop laughing.

“Very funny, you little imp! Oh, this’ll be good...!” Shica confidently held her arms to her sides, shaking her head and letting some of the mud off; moving towards Jiraz again, she looked deeply into the eyes of the demon girl.

With her catsuit and gloves shining in the red light from the projectors, Shica giggled at the chained and expectantly smiling Jiraz, as her girlfriend’s attitude seemed to be set for the more dominant tonight.

“So...” Shica began, now crawling over and sitting on top of Jiraz, making sure to tease the succubus by letting her breasts hit her face repeatedly under her small chuckles; “...let’s get it on!”

Trying her last ‘defence’ against Shica, Jiraz tried her most innocent look on her evilly smiling girlfriend to no avail; Shica simply began unlocking the cuffs holding Jiraz, the demon girl not late to let out a grateful sigh.

“Jiraz, I swear on my mother’s virtue, that I tonight will give you the biggest fuck you’ve ever had!” she dramatically and still smilingly stated, but suddenly, Jiraz giggled, rose up a bit and violently pulled down the zipper of Shica’s catsuit, baring her breasts and molesting them with an almost unthinkable eagerness.

“Hey, you started ahead!” Shica laughed at her, now humping herself against the chained and blindfolded succubus lying under her.

“Uhmm, yeah! Oh, fuck me! C’mon, you little dark bitch! You wanna fuck me so much my pussy explodes! TAKE ME, YOU LITTLE SLUT!” Jiraz happily encouraged, making Shica clearly feel her loins and pussy beginning to drip at the promise of going crazy on Jiraz.

TAKE ME, YOU HORNY GIRL!” Jiraz happily encouraged, making Shica clearly feel her loins and pussy beginning to drip at the promise of going crazy on Jiraz; she molested, ravished and even light bit the succubus’ red skin gently, Jiraz’s screams and moans enough to make her feel her catsuit soak in the nether regions.

“Oh, my dear Jiraz...uhmmm, you’re so bad; such a little slut...” Shica teased her, Jiraz smiling mentally as she was not late to tease back.

“Uhmm, ye-e-e-eah...ah, that’s so good, Shica; play with me, play with me until I faint!
I want to cum soon...oh, it, go-o-o-od...!” Jiraz now playfully moaned as she felt the comfortable feeling of her latex catsuit getting more and more soaked in the nether regions.

“Uhmmm, ye-e-e-eah...! Take it, you succu-slut! Feel me all over you! You can’t get enough of me, you little hentai hottie!” Shica encouraged as she stroke her body against Jiraz, now sitting right up, letting out a horny scream and opening her suit fully, baring her front and breasts completely.

“Come here!” Jiraz snarled, pulling Shica violently down towards her, using whatever freedom of movement she could muster to hump Shica, who could not but scream as the hot latex of Jiraz’s catsuit pressed against her own, and feeling the succubus’ boots folding over her back and pressing her down.

“Time to let out the heat!” Shica smiled between her moans, unzipping Jiraz’s suit and molesting and nipping the succubus’ busty breasts.

While Jiraz and Shica delivered a more amazing show then anyone could remember, the maids sitting around the stone table on which Jiraz was chained and being fucked by Shica, they suddenly found their thin silk outfits rather soaking between their legs, and a few even gave in and started masturbating to the incredible sex scene taking place in front of them.

“OH MY GODS! Oh, fuck it! Come here, you little darkling!” Jiraz now yelled passionately, grabbing Shica by her breasts and enclosing their mouths in a drooling kiss, in which the drool flew down from their mouths, all over their breasts and onto each others’ bodies; after what seemed like five whole minutes, Shica let go, pulled back and starred happily at Jiraz.

“Oh, how sexy you are to fuck! Your pussy’s sure screaming for me, baby!” she smiled at Jiraz, who returned it.

“You gotta get a new bra soon; they’re growing enormous!” she teased as Shica now looked down her drool-soaking breasts.

“Let’s get outta these and really get to it!” she said, unchained Jiraz and began stripping off her skimpy latex suit; as Jiraz started doing the same, they made sure, both to their own and the surrounding girls’ pleasure, to make as many suggestive poses as possible.

When the suits dropped to the floor, soaked as they were, Shica gave Jiraz a single look, and nearly tackled her as she pinned her back on the table, their lips locked in a fiery passionate kiss as they soon fell off it, not even caring.

As they began rolling around and yelling like wild animals, Narrisha, sitting on her throne in the chamber’s one end, felt herself getting wet by watching her two best friends deliever such a completely awesome sex show for her and her girls.

“By Shinris, they just can’t keep off each other!” Mirinda commented somewhat happily; the ‘noble’ shin’idun girl already stood clad in her dominatrix leather outfit, while Faris, Narrisha’s Night Guard captain stood on the other side, already about to start moaning.

“NYA-A-A-A-A-A-AH! Oh, for fuck’s sake! Fuck me, Shica! Fuck my fucking pussy until I cum all over you!” Jiraz yelled as she and Shica now sat locked in a tribadism, grinding their pussies together as millwheels, their cum filling the pit, both their bodies completely soaked and covered in sweat and drool.

“Go fuck her, girl!” Shica now suddenly heard in what seemed to be a distant place; opening their eyes from their passionate sex game, Shica and Jiraz found the maids cheering for them as for who was to cum first.

“Hahahahahah! Oh, we’re certainly getting popular, huh?” Jiraz smiled at Shica, now leaned over her with a passionate and outright joyful look in her eyes.

“Then let’s see how they’ll like this!” she smiled evilly, once again rubbing her near flooding pussy into Jiraz’s equally wet one, all the while kissing and tickling her armpits.

As Jiraz’s muffed laughs were heard alongside Shica’s moans, the last of the girls around them surrendered to their desires, masturbating at the fiery sex show.

Jiraz did not care; Shica did not care; nor did they care how many times they came over and over again; all they wanted was to feel the latex of their boots and gloves ravaging their legs and breasts, and to feel each others’ hot bodies rubbing and molesting each other.

“OH, FUCK! I’M...I’M CUMMING! OH, SHIT, IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD! I’M...CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!” Shica now yelled, the spasming wave of her climax splashing into Jiraz’s pussy, triggering her orgasm as well as it squirted out, splashing a bit of it over her and Jiraz’s chins.

“OH, FUCK! “ Jiraz screamed, leaning upwards and practically bend Shica down by the use of her legs, now lying atop her, pressing herself even more eagerly against her; as she pressed her pussy even further into Shica, she let out a passionate wail, her boots near flying around in the air from the succubus’ continued molesting.

“I’M...I’M GUSHING IT ALL OUT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT, SHICA! I’M SO FUCKING WE-E-E-E-ET!” Jiraz screamed, her cum now splashing out with Shica’s, both of their cum dripping down their legs, thighs and faces, leaving an increasing puddle on the floor.

As hypnotised, the girls around them could not avert their eyes a second; all of them knew they could never become as skilled or horny as Shica and Jiraz...
After ten whole minutes of splashing cum in the tribadism position, Shica and Jiraz let out a final scream and flood of cum, Jiraz laying down on Shica and tongue-kissing her.

“Now...” she playfully tickled the smiling shin’saras girl’s nipple; “...that was a good warm-up; you remembered the toys, right?”

“Oh my fucking goddess...!” was the shared thought of the jaw-dropping Narrisha, Mirinda and Faris; could those two never get enough?!

“Indeed I did, but I gotta prepare you properly...!” Shica smiled at Jiraz, now letting her gloved hand smoothly over Jiraz’s cum-drenched pussy, a small stream still flowing out.

“Ohohohohohoh, it seems you’re still such a little wet slut hungry for my boobies and pussy...” Shica teased, as Jiraz tried and keep her smile from being too obvious; Shica was, as Jiraz immediately had guessed, going to finger her!

“Can you see it? Oh, you’re still so wet, you little succu-slut; all your lovely juices, and it’s so tempting to just lick it all...uhmmm, oh yeah, I’ll look toward to that!” Shica now giggled menacingly as she withdrew her hand.

“Now my little horny hottie, let’s get your pussy nice and smooth!” she smiled evilly, sticking her hands down into the mud pit, smearing her gloves with it as she returned her focus on Jiraz’s nether lips.

“Hihihihihih! Oh, I know you’re getting real kinky when you get to this!” Jiraz commented smilingly.
“Heh, just be careful I don’t start wrestling you; I’m not afraid to pull your hair!” Shica clearly imitated to sound rough.

“C’mon, Shica; a mud bath’s no good if you haven’t made me cum! You’re wanting it as much as I do!” Jiraz winked as she had to greatly concentrate; her pussy felt as if it was...

With a squirt, a small bit of Jiraz’s cum hit Shica’s approaching face, making the shin’saras girl smile and clearing it off with a wave of her gloved hand, sucking her fingers where it had been.

“How impatient; you’ll not get away with that!” she chuckled, her fingers encroaching Jiraz’s nether lips, teasingly touching them.

“How comes your punishment!” she laughed deviously, quickly and carefully sticking the half of her hands into Jiraz’s pussy, slowly parting the nether lips and fingering them and Jiraz’s g-spot.

“AH-H-H-H-H-H! OH, YEAH! ARGH-H-H! Oh, make me cum again, baby! I want to squirt all over your little pretty face, you perverted princess!” Jiraz yelled as large spasms of her cum did hit Shica’s smiling face, making the smile widen as Shica pleasantly tortured her demonic girlfriend.

“Hihihihihihih! Oh, Jiraz; seeing you so desperate for me to fuck your pussy...” Shica now stood up, the heavily panting and sweating Jiraz not able to control her cumming; “...I think I ought to cut to the chase!”

With that, Shica opened the bag, finding a black leather belt with a blue strap-on attached.

“Oh, shit! It’s that one that...!” Jiraz began, but soon a laughing and playful Shica was over her.

“You gotta earn it; go suck it first, hottie” she evilly smiled and ordered Jiraz, who began sucking on the strap-on.

“N-not so fast! I can feel it inside, Jiraz!” Shica moaned as Jiraz, an evil hint in her eyes, sucked even harder.

“Your pussy’s going impatient, Shica; you’re so wet already...” Jiraz teased as Shica began fondling her own breasts as Jiraz kept sucking; however, mastering herself, she snapped out of her trance-like state, and looked smilingly at Jiraz.

“Now that you’ve made it so soaked and wet...” she chuckled evilly on her way down towards Jiraz; “then let’s get going!”

By that, Shica gently pushed Jiraz’s thighs aside, admiring the beautiful, exotic and cum-dripping pussy she was about to penetrate.

“Don’t make me wait! Fuck me, already!” Jiraz now smiled, Shica deciding to give her girlfriend her final ‘reward’; as she now pressed the strap-on into Jiraz’s pussy, she could clearly hear the gushing sounds and see the cum from Jiraz’s pussy flow out.

“Take it! Take it in deep, Jiraz! You want my strap-on dick! Cum on it! CUM ON IT, BABY!” Shica eagerly exclaimed as Jiraz yelled and yelled out, her face twisted in screaming, laughing and yelling in pleasure.

“FUCK! OH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, YOU LITTLE SLUT! I...I CAN’T...!” Jiraz yelled as Shica still pressed the strap-on in deeper and deeper, Jiraz’s feet now resting on her back, but slowly sliding down thanks to the sweaty-drenched and cum-covered latex boots.

“THIS IS SO GOOD! I’M...I’M CUMMING! OH, SHI-I-I-I-I-IT!!!” Jiraz yelled as her pussy started to near its orgasm.

“Heheheh, not so fast; this strappie is double-ended, so push back, baby! My pussy’s wet, too!” Shica said, clearly feeling the pressure of the other end of the strap-on in her own pussy, hearing the gushing sounds.

Around them, the maids and girls of Nightwind Manor still masturbated at their sex show, and Christy even began sliding her body up and down her stripping pole, getting horny as well by watching Jiraz and Shica have their crazy bondage sex.

“JI-JIRAZ, I’M...I’M GONNA CUM, TOO! YOU’RE SHOVING IT IN SO DEEP! ARGH!” Shica screamed as she could clearly see her cum falling like heavy rain from both hers and Jiraz’s pussies.

“LET’S...LET’S CUM...TOGETHER!” Jiraz wailed, making Shica lean down for her final ‘assault’: Jiraz’s breasts.

Seeing her girlfriend’s intentions clearly, Jiraz managed a smile, and began molesting and ravaging Shica’s breasts, ending up in them both molesting and kissing each other passionately, their bodies and latex boots and gloves now steaming, soaked in cum and sweat.

“OH, YE-E-E-E-E-E-EAH!” finally they both yelled out, their orgasm pouring and squirting from them like a regular shower; mixed with it was also the strap-on’s hidden function:

A small interior canister had, in both ends, unleashed a substance that could only be identified as whipped cream.

“Heck, as soon as I can move, I’ll lick that cream outta ye, baby!” Jiraz smiled weakly to Shica between her panting and gasping for air.

“Oh, don’t be so sure; I’m gonna lick all ye juices, hottie!” Shica replied, equally eager to start the next phase.

“Damn me! That...shin’saras girl and her girlfriend...they’re even better than me!” Mirinda thought to herself with an obvious smile; she was laying on the floor, fingering herself and masturbating under her tight leather bondage outfit.

“If they keep this up, I’ll need a new wardrobe of fetish outfits!” Narrisha thought to herself besides Mirinda, smiling a perverted grin down at the shin’idun girl; it could be a few minutes before Jiraz and Shica was ready again, and that hot elf girl looked about as horny as she was...

“Now let’s see how you’ll like this!” Jiraz now smirked at Shica, her wings unfolding around her back, the tissue simply melting into the wing-bones as they formed...

“Tentacles?! What in the fuck?!” Minyoki exclaimed, her mouth agape as she watch Jiraz’s tentacles slowly twirling themselves around Shica’s wrists and ankles, the shin’saras girl not seeming to mind it at all; instead, she sent Jiraz a flirty wink, sticking her tongue out at her in tease.

“C’mon, Jiraz; I’m your hot, little hentai girl; I know you wanna fuck me, so get to it, girl!” Shica partly taunted, partly excited Jiraz, although it was barely necessary.

“Uhmmm, I just about think I know what I’m gonna do...” Jiraz smiled, licking her claws and touching her breasts while letting her bushy tail in between her legs, approaching Shica’s nether lips.

“No! No, don’t you dare that, you...oh, you fucking slut!” Shica now yelled in excitement as Jiraz’s tail begin tickling her, the succubus simply enjoying the show as she pleasantly tormented her girlfriend.

“No-nohohohohohoh! S-stop it, Jiraz! It’s not funni-ihihihihih!” Shica began laughing, the bushy tail caressing between her thighs, the tentacles still holding Shica straight out.

“And now; before I fuck you blind...” Jiraz said as she ceased her tickling of Shica; “...then lemme really make you feel good...”

A hint of excitement went through Shica’s mind; as she now expected, Jiraz approached her, the tentacles never once letting go.

“Oh, that’s good; you’re already so wet for me” Jiraz seductively stroke herself against Shica, licking her cheek, hearing the shin’saras girl moan pleasantly at her girlfriend’s teases; “this will be fun!”

By that, Jiraz now descended upon Shica’s pussy, licking it and slurping at the now screaming shin’saras girl’s pleasure; as Shica had already had her excited ideas for what Jiraz would do to her, she was not prepared for what her girlfriend would do next:

She exploited Shica’s favourite turn-on and fetish as she quit her licking, and instead sucked with her full mouth on Shica’s pussy, almost bending the skin inside out in her eager.

“Oh, FU-U-U-U-UCK!!!” was all that the now climaxing Shica could yell, as she felt her strongest orgasm as of yet; forced to pull back, as her girlfriend’s climax had surprised even her, Jiraz looked as Shica came over and over again from her favourite turn-on.

“Jiraz...” she weakly mumbled, a devious smile forming on her lips; “’re so fucking good...”

Chuckling, Jiraz loosened her tentacles’ grip on her girlfriend, carefully dumping her to the floor.

“C-...can we take a break for a moment? My pussy’s tired...” Shica managed to smirk, Jiraz giggling, leaning down and kissing Shica deeply.

“Just kidding!” Shica suddenly exclaimed and laughed, jumping on the succubus, bending her over, her legs kicking uncontrollably in the air as Shica began sucking on Jiraz’s nether lips.

“A-A-A-ARGH! No! No good! No sucking!” Jiraz giggled between her screams and moans, her smile stretching from horn to horn; as her wing-tentacles had already formed back into wings by unfolding the inner tissue, Jiraz let her wings fold over Shica’s back, hearing the disappointed mumblings from the Nightwind girls as they could not see anything.

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