Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 14)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 14

Title: Chapter XV - The Path of Freedom

“Damn me, Allisia; that was some lovin’ you gave that redhead!” Hiroi teased, patting Allisia’s shoulder as if she had won a marathon.

“I...I must say that it sure left a reminder for me...” Allisia said, blushing.

“Alas, dear warrior, your efforts are required once more...” a voice now said, the circle of girls thinning as they stepped aside; Allisia watched as a dark figure appeared from the circle...

“You may wish for your virtue to be taken? Maybe I will fit your fantasies perfectly, my little vixen...” Charlene now chuckled at Allisia; she was clad in thigh-high boots, wrist-long gloves, and fishnet corset of dark-purple leather with steel zippers; a black leather cane could be seen in her right hand, and she moved as seductively as a trained dominatrix towards Allisia.

“Gods...Charlene, what do you intend to-...” Allisia looked in confusion at her, only to be silenced as Charlene placed a desirable kiss on her lips, pinning her slowly down and unzipping the silvery latex bodysuit.

“I mean that it is time...” Charlene spoke with her seductive voice; “ tame the little vixen of a warrior girl!”

By that, Allisia felt herself to be turned around, her suit pulled down, her naked butt facing Charlene as she with a dominant thrill in her eyes lightly began letting her cane rain down Allisia’s butt, small red marks forming all over it.

“Ow! Is this-...ouch...-supposed to make me-...ow...-feel good??” Allisia asked as she received spank after spank.

“Yeah, because it stimulates your nerves so you’ll feel better when we get to the good part” Charlene smiled evilly, raining down another series of jabs.

“Woah, it really works; all from the visuals to the nerve receptors” Jiki looked over Kiro’s shoulder as they analysed the scenario Allisia had been through.

“You designed it all, yourselves?” Jiraz asked, her and Shica having moved over to their old friends as the Nightwind girls had their way with Allisia.

“Yeah, but the most difficult are these” Kiro pointed out, pressing her finger against the laptop screen, a small hologram of a little, circular chip popping up.

“It’s the little device in the wrist, a small Mystic Crystal shard; it powers the suit a hundred times better than electricity, and vanishes after use” Jiki explained.

“Mystic Crystal shards in a high-tech suit? Talk about magic infused in science” Shica joked, Jiraz smirking besides her; “how much charge is there in one of these little glitter-stones?”

“Well, in the sizes like these, one of them can run the suit all by itself for a total of, roughly, 317 hours, or maybe a month if it is set to overpowered” Kiro said, checking the current status for the shard.

“What’s ‘overpowered’?” Jiraz asked confused.

“Well, see, that’s the hitch with the suit; in Allisia’s scenario there were around 12 people, and the more people to digitalize, the more data cost; in Overpowered Mode, the suit can generate over 100 digitalised characters, scenarios and built-in speeches; in Normal Mode, it can only handle up to 20” Jiki told them, seeing on the screen that the shard had of 98% of its power left.

“So it almost lasts forever if you use it thoughtfully?” Jiraz asked, seeing the brilliance in Jiki and Kiro’s suits.

“Yeah, but if we ever get them sold, the cost should cover the expenses of the Mystic Crystals we’ll need to power them...” Kiro said, closing the upper laptop; “ medium-sized Mystic Crystal should provide at least 256 shards in total.”

“You plan on selling them? Gosh, how much will they be?? I gotta get one for me and Shica!” Jiraz giggled, Shica smacking her butt playfully.

“Well, what say you, Kiro? Should we give them friends’ discount?” Jiki joked, Kiro smiling at her; “OK, but let’s see, normal price is 2250 Tanras, minus the discount and currency difference...hmm, make it 220 Ara and its yours.”

“You’ve got it! We’ll take the one Allisia used” Shica smiled, overjoyed to have a kinky silvery latex bodysuit added to her collection, and even one that could let her change kinky fantasies at will.

“We’ll hand over now; you just gotta hand Breeze the 220 Ara and the deal is set” Jiki said, heading over to get Allisia’s suit.

“AW! Oh, Gods! Is this really a part of me feeling good??” Allisia asked as Charlene had sat on her butt, having caught Allisia’s left foot and leg in a wrestler-like grip.

“Kinda, ‘cause I really get the feeling that I’ve got to fight you...” Charlene teased as she leaned her head down in level of Allisia; “...before I fuck you.”

“You wouldn’t have had a chat with Mirinda about that, would you by any chance?” Allisia smirked, Charlene returning it; Mirinda, looking ever so innocent, received a light rustle of her head and hair by a nearby Gloris, making her chuckle in glee.

“You know what this cane is also useful for, Allisia?” Charlene asked as she lay down besides the now moaning warrior girl; “oh Gods, don’t tell must be joking...”

“No jokes here, silly; bend over, girl” Charlene teased as she slowly stuck the first part of the cane’s hilt slowly into Allisia’s womanhood.

“Ow! No, please; can I at this, myself...?” Allisia asked, Charlene looking concerned at her.

“I didn’t really mean for you to be hurt; are you-...” she began, just as Allisia, moving like a waiting crocodile, jumped on Charlene, her bared nether lips only a few centimetres from Charlene’s mouth.

“Thank you for your concern, Charlene...” Allisia now smiled down at her, Charlene giggling as Allisia lovingly caressed her nose against Charlene’s; “...but I think I will be all fine.”

“Allisia, can I...please, can’t I fuck you? You might not know it, but...I’ve honestly always wanted it” Charlene now pleaded, Allisia surprised to see the truth of it almost shine out of her eyes.

“Surely you can; after all, virginity is not of utmost importance at this fine manor...”Allisia nodded, turning to Narrisha; “mistress, I think our dear Charlene will require some sort of sex toy when she is to play with me.”

“On its way; I gotta see this” Narrisha chuckled; concentrating her Mystic Magic, she conjured a strap-on in her hand.

“It’s my favourite, so be careful with it” she giggled, handing it to Charlene; the dildo in the black leather strap-on’s belt was pearl-white with tiny, rubbery spikes and the same shape in the tip of it.

“Oh, Gods!” Allisia just made it to say, before Charlene, with a barely withheld squeal, was over her with the strap-on, not making any effort in slowly inserting it, and instead thrust with all her strength.

“OUCH! Dear Gods, where did you get all that strength from??” Allisia yelped out, looking up at Charlene’s grinning face.

“Gods, you’re already liking it down there? You must really enjoy this” Charlene teased, Allisia nodding at her.

“Finally I can let myself let go of my virtue without having second thoughts...” Allisia sighed pleasantly, gesturing Charlene to stop her thrusting a moment, which she did, but not without a slight concern if she had been too eager for Allisia.

“I made myself a promise once, that my future lover would be the only one to know my full name...” Allisia said, catching the surrounding girls’ attention as they looked at her.

“As all you girls here at Nightwind Manor has always been so good and open-hearted to me, I shall tell it to you, as well as our guests” she gestured at Jiraz, Shica, Jiki and Kiro.

“This’ll be fun; not that I’m gonna tell, though” Jiraz smirked to herself, stroking Shica’s chin with her tail, her girlfriend teasingly grabbing it and caressing it.
“It’s a little dramatic, but who are we to talk?” Kiro said, smiling at Jiki, who returned it and rustled her girlfriend’s hair, making her giggle and stroke herself against Jiki’s chin.

“My full name...” Allisia said, the girls’ ears all open; “ Allisia Lightblade; as long as I remember, my bloodline have always been knights or paladins, especially my aunt, whom I was named after; the difference is that I remain here...” Allisia made a slight pause, the girls gasping; “...she might await me up there.”

Pointing to the ceiling, the girls clearly understood what Allisia meant.

“Uhmm, question: If you’re kinda in family with that famous Lightblade lady, Harbinger of Heaven or whatever, then why aren’t I sneezing and having a hiccup by now?” Jiraz raised her hand and asked.

“My ties to my aunt were limited, so I don’t think I have any holiness in me...” Allisia said, returning to the amazed Charlene, teasingly stroking a lock of her long, purple hair; “...but no matter if I am holy or not; I desire this molesting...and close your mouth; it isn’t time for you to drool yet, Charlene!”

With a giggle, Allisia pushed Charlene in between her breasts, Charlene waking suddenly from the shock of understanding that Allisia were of really noble blood, just like herself.

“Oh! Uhmm...where did I get to...?” Charlene asked in surprise, pulling her head out of Allisia’s breasts, looking down on the blue-haired girl as she pleasantly folded her arms behind her head.

“You were thrusting that sex toy, the dildo, into my vagina, with hopes of taking my virginity, and thus assure me a place in this wondrous manor” Allisia mentioned to Charlene, winking seductively at her.

“You really are a little tease, aren’t you??” Charlene chuckled, returning to her thrusting; soon Allisia’s pleasant moans were heard all over the room, the girls’ mood setting back as they near cheered as Charlene now also began groping Allisia’s breasts.

“I gotta say; these Nightwind girls are right out erotic at times” Jiki commented, looking up from hers and Kiro’s laptop.

“You’re talking, hihihih; how about that night I got you drunk and into that pink latex catgirl outfit?” Kiro teased, Jiki blushing violently and giggled.

“It, it was just because...argh, OK, I admit it; it was fantastic” Jiki said, blushing at Kiro.

“Aww, little kitty...” Kiro teased, stroking Jiki’s hair and hugging her.

“Hey, Kiro; check this out!” Jiki suddenly said, clicking on a link on the laptop.

“Huh? OHOHOHOHOHOH, GO-HOHOHOH-DS...! I still can’t believe we put that up!” Kiro laughed out loud, Jiki joining in as they watched the video Jiki had found.

“Whatcha laughing at, cuties?” Minyoki asked as she walked over to them, bored with the apparently impossible task of Charlene’s to steal Allisia’s virtue.

“Cool, you gals know of Youtu-...hey, wait a sec-...” Minyoki said as she snuck up behind Jiki and Kiro, watching the video.

“OHOHOHOH my Gods! You two did the Caramelldansen on full screen?!?” Minyoki laughed in disbelief and amusement at the screen, where Jiki and Kiro held their hands to their heads, imitating cat ears, and moving their bodies in rhythm of a catchy techno song Minyoki knew all too well.

“Well, yeah; we thought it were kinda funny...” Kiro admitted, looking shyly at Jiki.

“I gotta add that clip to my favourites next time I log in!” Minyoki chuckled, looking at the still dancing Jiki and Kiro.

“You’re kinda good at that stuff; you follow the beat fantastically, ye know” Minyoki nodded, Jiki and Kiro cheering greatly up.

“Thanks! We were just in a little silly mode, so we wanted to do something funny” Kiro smiled, Jiki kissing her cheek, Kiro returning it.

“Ur-r-r-ragh! Damn it! This is almost too much to bear!” Allisia yelled out as Charlene had spent nearly ten minutes thrusting the strap-on into Allisia’s nether lips.

“You’re getting wet, but there’s no cumming...” Charlene said, slightly disappointed; “...don’t I make you feel good?”

“You do! I just don’t think this sex toy thing is what lights my inner fire” Allisia said, feeling Charlene removing the strap-on.

“Hmmm, strap-on’s no use here, it seems...” Charlene pondered, getting an idea; “hey, Faris! Mirinda! Hiroi! Come on over here; maybe a little ‘group therapy’ will set her up!”

Hearing that, Allisia looked rather concerned for a moment; she had never faced more than one of the Nightwind girls before, and four of them sounded almost insane.

“I’m coming, too; after all...” Narrisha now said, the vampire girl shaking her hair elegantly, smiling seductively at Allisia; “...I’ve yet to fail in making a girl cum.”

As they now five girls approached Allisia, she steeled herself for whatever she thought they would do; however, she was caught off-guard as she soon found Faris and Mirinda sucking her breasts, Hiroi and Charlene tickling her toes, and Narrisha sitting behind her, engaging in a tongue-kissing duel with her.

“Uhmm! Uhmmmm...! UHMM! Uhmm...!” was all Allisia could say as she began to enjoy the teasing the girls showed her.

“Mistress, it’s not fair to keep us out...” Siriki now suddenly smirked, she and Chinyi making their way over to the girls, the other Nightwind girls soon following.

“Al’ ‘o ‘em?!” Allisia managed an understandable question, seeing the remaining Nightwind girls move in on her, seeing Innoki eagerly licking her lips.

“We’re gonna make you a real part of this manor, Allisia...” Narrisha now teasingly nipped Allisia’s earflap; “ get ready for a good old Nightwind girl gangbang!”

“So ye basically gotta sign up, pay about a hundred bucks a month and you’re set for epic conquest! Pretty neat, huh?” Minyoki said, winking at Jiki and Kiro.

“Sounds good, but you’re sure this World of Warcraft are really worth it? I mean, 100 ‘bucks’ sounds like a lot...” Jiki asked, not knowing if an online MMORPG was worth all that money.

“We can always look at it later, Jiki; something tells me things are about to get a little wild...” Kiro nodded, pointing in direction of the Nightwind girls, all of them having leaned over Allisia.

“Hey! Fuck, don’t gangbang her without me!” Minyoki yelled out, running towards the girls, stripping herself of clothes while running.

“Shica, either I’m hallucinating, or the Warrior Girl is getting gangbanged by 12 different girls and she hasn’t squealed out yet!” Jiraz said, sounding slightly concerned for Allisia’s lack of reaction.

“They just gotta find her weak spot; heck, if you ask me, she’s got some real tough skin” Shica said, sitting besides Jiraz, examining their new VRDR suit.

“Urgh! Please, but some more...some more your licking...oh, ye-e-e-es...!” Allisia hissed as Narrisha had made her way down to Allisia’s nether lips, licking and sucking them eagerly.

“Ah, you really do like it, huh?” Narrisha said, smiling at Allisia.

Suddenly, something happened in the girls’ sex game; as Faris, in bliss, grabbed Allisia’s hair and gave a slight pull, the Warrior Girl yelped out, moaned and started trembling in what appeared to be pleasure.

“What the fuck...? Hey, girls! She’s a masochist! C’mon, pinch her! Pull her hair! Anything!” Faris yelled out to get her message through all the moaning girls.

“Oh, dear...” Allisia mumbled, smiling slightly as the girls looked at her like wolves look at a slice of ham; not ten seconds later, Allisia felt her skin being pinched, her hair pulled roughly, and the bush at her nether lips being slightly pulled, as well.

“AR-R-R-RGH! Oh, Gods! I’m, I’m enjoying this so much, girls! Ple-please me! In the name of Shinris, do away with me!” Allisia now yelped out, beaming to herself that she would finally become a full Nightwind girl, the girls clearly sensing her happiness as they began giggling at her.

“Hey, Charlene! Use that strap-on again; I think she’d like it now!” Narrisha smiled, Charlene returning it; as the girls let go of Allisia, they sat back, looking at the panting Warrior Girl.

“And now, your virtue shall be mi-i-i-i-ine!” Charlene squealed out, jumping on Allisia, shoving the strap-on into her channel of innocence, a hint of blood slowly seeping down from Allisia’s nether lips.

“ virtue is now lost, I see...” Allisia smiled to herself, leaning upwards, giving Charlene a near spine-breaking hug.

“I am free! Free from the bonds of virginity! Hihihihihihih! Oh, this is such a bliss!” Allisia giggled, Charlene chuckling at the Warrior Girl’s happiness.

“However, you are not done yet, dearest Charlene...” Allisia now grabbed Charlene’s head, slow turning it to look into her own eyes; “...I want you to make me cum; pull my hair, pinch my nipples; give into the passion...” Allisia now smirked, putting weight on her next, seductive words; “”

Squealing, Charlene outright laughed as she did as the Warrior Girl asked; roughly pulling her hair, she clearly saw Allisia’s moonstone-like eyes water in pain, the masochistic girl really enjoying the extremes of Nightwind lovemaking.

“Uhmm! Oh, yes! Do it! Fuck me! Ravish my body! Light my inner fir-r-r-re!” Allisia shrieked out, Charlene gleefully thrusting the strap-on deeper and deeper in, all the while using her left hand to fondle Allisia’s breasts, and using the right one to pull her hair.

“Oh, yeah! Take the pain and love it, you raging lioness! I’m gonna tame you, kitty!” Charlene encouraged.

“OH! OH, DEAREST OF GODS! OH! OH! OH, YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES!!!” Allisia finally yelled out, her cum flooding silently out, Charlene feeling a heat between her own thighs.

“Allisia, I’m gonna...I’m gonna...CU-U-U-U-UM!” Charlene yelled out, cumming as well when she felt her boots and thighs being soaked in cum.

All of a sudden, however, a more solid, white fluid came out of the strap-on’s tip, showing itself as it came out with Allisia’s cum.

“Wha-what is that?!” Allisia and Charlene exclaimed as one, the white fluid still squirting out from the now pulled out strap-on, the fluid spraying all over Allisia’s heated and exhausted body.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Gotcha! Gotcha! I really, really got-cha!” Narrisha laughed out loud at Charlene and Allisia’s perplexed looks.

“It’s a Christmas pressie I got from Jiraz and Shica; they made a bet with Jiki and Kiro if they could make the ultimate strap-on dildo...” Narrisha smirked, looking over her shoulder at Jiki and Kiro, who were laughing out loud as well; “...and they sure as heck did that, the little teasers!”

“Wha-what is this white fluid??” Allisia asked, her whole body covered in it; as it had even hit her fingertips, Allisia dared herself to stuck the finger into her mouth, her eyes widening with surprise.

“It’s...Shinris’ groves, it’s whipped cream!” Allisia found herself laughing out loud, holding her hands over her stomach in suppressed giggling as well.

“Oh my Gods! That’s one, alluring strap-on of yours, Narrisha!” Charlene smiled at Narrisha, the vampire girl beaming with pride.

“And now...” she said, turning around, facing the remaining Nightwind girls, all of them knowing what was to come next; “ a predator of the night, I’d say this vampire girlie here really could use a good, horny little hottie! Oh, wait; make that a dozen hotties!”

By that, Narrisha began a game of playful tag with the girls; as they laughed out, chuckled and had themselves a good time, Jiraz looked at Shica.

“Meh, I could make you squirt out double as much” Shica said, acting unimpressed with Allisia’s orgasm.

“Yeah, you’re properly right...” Jiraz said, acting equally uncaring; however, the mask soon burst open, and Shica and Jiraz soon found themselves laughing out loud at the comical image of Allisia the Warrior Girl all covered in whipped cream.

“Well, I can at least say this...” Allisia said to herself, raising up, looking at Charlene with a smile, heading towards the other Nightwind girls, shaking her head so her cream-smeared hair and face shun in the dim light; “’s a real mess losing your virginity to these little vixens!”

By that, Allisia let out a joyful war-cry, taking part in Narrisha’s tag game with the girls, Charlene joining in, smirking all over her face.

“I can make one conclusion outta this, Kiro...” Jiki noted, her girlfriend clapping the laptop together, rose up and looked at her.

“And that is?” she asked curiously.

“It’s gonna take alotta time before any of them cools down to show us our room!” Jiki smiled, her and Kiro giggling at the joke.

During the next 10 minutes, Allisia were full-heartedly taking part in the girls’ molesting of each other; however, she discovered that many of the girls hesitated in doing their very best for her, maybe afraid she would have a mental flashback and struggle herself free, leaving with an arrogant face and angry feelings at the girls.

“Gods...” she finally sighed, looking down at Faris, who were busy licking her breasts; “look, Faris, I understand if you try and be gentle, but I don’t need that; please do your utmost to please me.”

Looking up, Faris saw Allisia nod at her, her mouth forming into a friendly smile; “after all, you have quite the experience in taking girls from behind, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I kinda have, but...well, could you, you know, try and dress up in some latex clothes? I kinda wanna see you in it...” Faris smirked, blushing at the thought of a latex-clad Allisia, and giggling as she also had trouble believing Allisia would willingly wear fetish outfits.

“Alright, give me a moment” Allisia said, raising up and walking towards one of the wardrobes carefully fit into large holes in the dungeons wall; looking through the inventory, she choose high-heeled thigh-high boots, elbow-long gloves, and a corset of black latex, the corset neither covering her breasts or nether lips.

“Hmm, how smooth this is; no wonder the girls like it...” Allisia mumbled, smiling as she looked down at herself as she put on the boots; the latex clung to her skin, and as she now put on the gloves, she felt as if having gained a secondary sort of skin.

“Oh my Gods! Hey, girls! Look! We’ve got a latex lady coming!” Faris halfway teased, halfway chuckled, yelling to the girls; as they looked up, in Narrisha’s case from under Innoki’s thighs, they saw Allisia gallantly approaching, the tight latex not really bothering the Warrior Girl.

“No wonder you like this material; it’s a real treat to your skin, isn’t it?” Allisia smiled, looking at her hands and down at her butt.

“Yeah, just don’t end up like Ukuni and get addicted” Faris commented, Ukuni blushing violently.

“I’m in no way addicted! I...I could walk around stark naked or in a pyjamas if I want to!” Ukuni exclaimed, although she clearly had trouble not smiling at herself.

“Hmm, so I see you like latex...” Allisia now walked down to Ukuni, leaning over her.

“As if you haven’t noticed that before” Ukuni teased, only to feel Allisia pick of her black hair, sniffing at it.

“Uhmm, whatcha doing?” Ukuni asked confused.

“Well, I am simply taking my prey in eyesight...” Allisia smirked, sitting herself down on hook; “...before I begin my challenge.”

“Huh? What kinda challenge?” Ukuni asked.

“Well, since you shall be the first Nightwind girl to feel my newfound lust...” Allisia said, crawling over Ukuni, Allisia’s moonstone-like eyes alluring her; “...I simply intend to ravish your body ‘till your constitution and near sanity’s very end.”

“In other words, you wanna fuck me blind?” Ukuni asked, Allisia blinking, still not used to speak that rudely.

“Ah, come here! I’ll let you have a head start!” Ukuni chuckled, pressing Allisia’s head in between her red latex-covered breasts.

“I think I’m starting to enjoy this view as a whole...” Allisia smiled to herself, licking her lips and let herself loose in the latex of Ukuni’s suit, her drool running down the sleek material.

“Heck, when I know I haven’t even showed you my tits yet...” Ukuni pleasantly sighed, pulling her suit’s zipper, Allisia jumping on the plumb breasts at first eyesight.

“Hey! HEY! Down, lioness, down! Can someone...oh! Oh, nevermi-I-I-I-N-N-N-ND!” Ukuni exclaimed in hissing pleasure as Allisia now sucked on her nipples, chuckling at the sight of the small, rubbery orbs so easily following the direction of her tongue.

“How wondrous, Ukuni; so Mirinda was right after all...” Allisia smirked to herself, continuing her slurping.
“...Ri-IGHT about wha-WHAT...?” Ukuni asked through her moans.

“Well, I once overheard her talking to Gloris about your nipples being a turn-on to you...” Allisia explained, rubbing her fingers over the nipples now; “...and it sure is no lie; you’re really liking this, are you not?”

“S-sure I’m liking it! Why else would I be shrieking out loud??” Ukuni smirked, regaining control of her voice.

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