Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 13)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 13

Title: Chapter XIV - The Warrior Reborn

[Author's notes: Guest appearence: Raidy the Lightning Warrior (Lightning Warrior Raidy).]

“So; I’m just to lay here and do nothing?” Allisia asked as she was placed on the hot rocks around the pool in the dungeon, the girls all gathered around to watch the experiment.

“Yeah, that’s all you got to do; Kiro and I will be going in wearing these to monitor your status, but don’t worry; we’re handling the technical stuff while you’re having your fun” Jiki smirked, her and Kiro both having dressed up in two other VRDR suits, Kiro sitting behind a laptop and typing in data.

“Alright; you ready, Allisia?” Kiro asked, looking up from the laptop.

“I am ready” Allisia said, tightening her hands into fists, preparing herself from what this technological wonder could show her.

“Got it; initiate program CC4-WGO” Kiro said, the laptop computer hearing the activation code and beginning to run the program; suddenly Allisia saw the small blue visor widen, now covering her view completely.

"Hey, what does 'CC4-WGO' stand for?" Narrisha asked, Jiki grinning to herself.

"Well, we hoped to test it on Allisia, so we set up a hand-picked scenario for her..." she said, Kiro looking her shoulder to Narrisha; " stands for Chicks in Chainmail, and the number is the version of the scenario; the WGO stands for Warrior Girls Orgy."

"Uh-h-h, kinky..." Narrisha grinned, glad Allisia apprently could not hear them.

“Wha-what is going on here?” Allisia near exclaimed, but suddenly found her view turn pitch-black, then opening her eyes to what appeared to be a bed, her view making it clear to her she lay in it.

“Oh, you’re awake, Lady Allisia!” she heard to her right; looking in that direction, she nearly had a nosebleed as a young girl smiled pleasantly at her: The girl was blonde, tan-skinned and wore a very skimpy bikini and thong of chainmail, a shoulder plate of steel in a square form on each her shoulders, and a shortsword in a scabbard with belt hand around her waist; her arms were covered in elbow-long gloves, as well as knee-high boots, all of it in shiny, brown leather.

“Oh! Uhmmm, good...morning, miss...?” Allisia tried, her eyes now spotting a slight hint of orange light from the curtains opposite her bed.

“Ihihihihih! Oh, you’re playing silly again, mistress; it’s seven ‘o clock in the evening, and we’ve finally caught the intruder!” the girl giggled at her, proudly pounding her fist into the air in a triumphant gesture.

“Oh! Oh, surely, uhmm, thanks, my loyal...” Allisia began, not knowing who in the Saints’ name the girl was.

“Hihihih! Bianca, My Lady; soldier of Yours the Royal Guard!” the girl saluted somewhat respectfully, making Allisia realise the reason for her politeness; in this game, or whatever it was, Allisia was apparently this young girl’s queen.

“We’ve got the intruder trapped in the dungeons and under watch constantly” Bianca said; “would you wish to go speak to her?”

“Indeed I shall, but tell me; what does she look like?” Allisia asked, stepping out of her bed.

“O-o-o-o-oh...” the girl now suddenly began looking hungrily at Allisia, making her realise she was not wearing as much as a thread.

“Oh! Oh, sorry! Sorry, mistress! I meant no disrespect!” Bianca now bowed down again and again, stroking herself against Allisia’s legs.

“Rise up, you silly girl; I’m not going to punish you” Allisia smiled to herself, trying to help the girl up.

“But you must! How else am I to learn my place??” Bianca pleaded, hugging herself to Allisia’s leg.

“ would you want me to punish you, then??” Allisia desperately tried and shake the blonde girl off her feet, finally surrendering.

Looking from left to right as if afraid someone would hear her, a playful and kinky smirk came over Bianca’s lips; “you could spank me.”

“Spank you? Isn’t that a little childish?” Allisia asked, but something in her could not really resist fooling around with this little, sun-bathed Amazon in chain, metal and leather.

“Oh...but I like it so much! Ple-e-e-e-e-ease...???” the girl began slowly begging.

“Alright, have it your way, then” Allisia said, smiling to herself; after all, interrogation of the intruder could wait for a moment, and the little Bianca seemed to have some desires to be satisfied.

“OK; lay down on your stomach” Allisia gestured to the luxurious bed in which she had ‘slept’; looking overjoyed, Bianca let out a small squeal, jumping giggling into the bed, now busy pulling her chainmail thong down.

“Please spank as hard as you can; I was bad to drooling over you...” Bianca mumbled from beneath Allisia’s pillow, Allisia unable but to chuckle at seeing the silly little butt facing her.

“Holy Heaven! This suit really works!” Faris laughed as she watched the situation on Kiro’s laptop, Jiki and her watching with the Nightwind girls, who were eagerly discussing Allisia’s lacks, needs and skills.

“Well, she’s tactful, that’s good, but for Gods’ sake, spank that chick, already!” Siriki said, smiling broadly.

“Like this?” Chinyi asked teasingly as she gave Siriki’s butt a sharp smack.

“Ouch! What was that for?” Siriki asked rather amused.

“You’re a hot chick, so I spanked you” Chinyi giggled, Minyoki smilingly rolling her eyes at her little sister.

“Now, are you ready, my loyal little cutie?” Allisia asked, feeling something moist between her legs as she could not help but be excited at the sight of the sun-tanned, small butt and little vagina sticking out underneath it.

“Yes! Yes, Lady Allisia, spank me!” Bianca near wailed in barely withheld excitement; Allisia could clearly see small drops falling from Bianca’s nether lips, falling lightly on the bed sheets.

“Here comes your punishment, then” Allisia said as she let a light smack hit Bianca’s butt; the following squeal of delight, and the stain of drool on her pillows lead Allisia to conclude that Bianca were indeed a frisky little vixen.

“You thought that to be too much?” Allisia asked, feeling herself getting more and more in the mood; finally, she leaned down towards Bianca, seeing the girl busy rubbing her busty breasts underneath her chainmail bikini, her face one, large smile.

“Well, we better finish you off, then; such a little vixen you are, Bianca” Allisia now gave her cheek a quick, hot kiss, Bianca’s one eye opening and winking at her.

“Have this, then!” Allisia now smacked slightly harder on Bianca’s butt, the girl screaming louder and more cum dripping from her nether lips.

“Mistress Allisia, pussy’s gonna blow! I can’t control my pussy!” Bianca shrieked, the dripping becoming faster and more intense.

“How glad I am not that this is but virtual reality...” Allisia caught herself thinking as she snuck her head under Bianca’s spread legs, her hands still smacking against Bianca’s butt with increased force as Allisia did something she knew would also be done when she got back to reality:

She licked a girl’s pussy, Bianca’s tasting very sweetly to Allisia considering it to be her first time licking; the soft folds of womanly flesh and desirable, musky scent of wild berries and flowers made Allisia lick all but harder.

“MISTRESS! Oh, oh yes! Thank you, mistress! I’ve been bad! I’VE BEEN SO BAD! I love this! I LOVE YOU LICKING ME-E-E-E-E!” Bianca yelled out in delight as she came, her cum falling heavily on Allisia’s breasts, the smell of arousal still hanging sweetly in the warrior girl’s nostrils.

“Oh, my! I’ve messed you up! I’m sorry, mistress!” Bianca apologised as she caught eyes on her cum splashed on Allisia’s breasts.

“Don't worry, Bianca; I just trust you enjoyed your spanking?” Allisia asked, feeling herself almost about to cum as well, but strictly containing herself.

“Oh, I loved it! Hihihihih! Oh, it was really good, mistress!” Bianca smiled and rose up, pulling her chainmail thong and bikini back in place.

“That’s one of the things I love about sex...” she smiled to herself; “’s the thrill you get when you know your ‘opponent’s pussy is about to burst!”

“Right,, can I see the intruder now?” Allisia asked.

“Hihihih! No, not without your royal armour; you can’t expect that little slut to take you serious if you’re not wearing formal garments, can you?” Bianca asked, a slight grin falling over her face.

“Unless you wanna make her a slave girl?? Oh, that’d be so awesome; I could pet her, lick her, molest her, and even fuck her all night, and...” Bianca began excitedly to ramble ideas up, Allisia slightly giggling at the girl’s silliness.

“I’m sorry, mistress; it was a selfish wish...” Bianca apologised, Allisia patting her head.

“It’s alright, little Bianca, but now tell me where I may find my armour” Allisia said.

“Of course, mistress; I’ll find it in no time!” Bianca beamed, zooming through the room in search of it.

“I look ridiculous in this suit...” Allisia thought to herself as she went through the massive, wooden door to her chambers; her breasts were pressed together underneath a skimpy platemail chestplate, and her vagina squeezed under a tight platemail skirt; her thigh-high platemail boots were slightly comfortable, though, and her elbow-long platemail gloves sat well in her hands; her whole set of armour was made of the purest gold, and a long, white cape with golden trims flew behind her.

Stepping out into the long corridor, Allisia saw dozens of other girls like Bianca stand guard with spears in hand, all of them wearing the same ‘uniform’; their appearance, however, varied greatly:

Some were white-skinned, some black-skinned; some had white hair, others had blue or green, but they all shared the same, large or outright busty breasts.

“AH! OH, YEAH! RAVISH ME HARDER! PUSH IT IN DEEPER! SCREW ME, BABY!” Allisia now heard from a nearby room; stopping to look, she could see a brown-haired and a blue-haired girl in a violent, passionate kissing, all the while a vibrating, double-ended dildo hummed loudly between their legs, the large, dark marks on the bed sheets clearly marking that the girls had already climaxed a dozen times.

“Kinky, aren’t they? You just can’t help but adore nurses...” Bianca smiled, slowly fingering beneath her thighs at the view as she snuck up behind Allisia.

“Well, uhmm, we should move on; I have an intruder to deal with, after all” Allisia mastered herself, glad she had already seen a similar scene between Faris and Mirinda at a time back in Nightwind Manor.

“Wow, that’s just plain hot; nurses with vibrating dildos could become popular here as well...” Innoki nodded to herself, sending a nearby nurse a teasing grin, which she replied with a stuck-out tongue and giggle.

“Wait, wait, let’s see her now” Gloris commented, everyone’s eyes now as stuck to the screen as the surroundings changed.

“Make way for Queen Allisia!” a guard announced as she opened the door to the dungeons for Allisia and Bianca; a dark, yet very warm feeling greeted Allisia, as she found the dungeon to be made out of finely polished black stones, not as dirty and dank as she had expected; standing only five meters from her were a large ‘X’ shaped table, surrounded by girls wearing police-like caps and bondage latex outfits, all of them including elbow-long gloves and thigh-high boots, the colours varying from silver to black to red and to blue.

“My lady...” one of the girls stood up in front of Allisia, bowing; “’s the sneaky little slut we found sneaking around the lower floors.”

As Allisia nodded and the girl stepped aside, Allisia was both shocked and amazed to see that the intruder was none other than Raidy from the very anime clip she had enjoyed so much; her clothes were slightly torn, and her left breast were openly bared, and her shirt mostly missing after what most likely seemed to be an extreme catfight; Raidy, herself, looked all but angry and stubborn.

“Let me go! I was just on a quest in here when you witches attacked me!” she yelled at Allisia, still struggling to loosen herself from her steel chains.

“I didn’t mean no harm! Please don’t hurt me! I beg of you!” Raidy still tried and struggle, only leading to the surrounding girls’ chuckles.

“Raidy...” Allisia now said, stepping closer; “ shall have your freedom on one condition.”

“And what would that be? I have nothing of value!” Raidy mumbled sourly, but lightening up nevertheless.
“Raidy...” Allisia said, surrendering herself to the growing lust her heart and loins; “...I want us two, to make hot, passionate love; only then will I let you go.”

“What?! No! No way! No deal at all!” Raidy blushed heavily, shaking her head violently.

“An old text says ‘all is fair in love and war’...” Allisia said, nodding to the nearby guards, gesturing them to remove Raidy from her chains; surprised, Raidy jumped down, standing right in front of Allisia.

“Why would you wanna risk that I run off?” Raidy asked, growing nervous as Allisia stepped closer to her.

“Because...” Allisia said, slowly stripping of her armour and cape; “...for once in this life, I have found a girl with the same heart as I have; a fiery, roaring and proud heart; one that I truly adore, admire...and desire...” Allisia finished her sentence; although she knew Raidy to only be digital data, every muscle of her being burned for her.

“ adore me??” Raidy asked, confused, yet very intimately as Allisia were now not a meter from her.

“Raidy, I want” Allisia tried her best, but lacking the words, she resolved to a more physical matter; placing all bets on one coin, she threw herself over Raidy, falling lightly on the floor, protecting the redhead’s head and body with her own.

“HEY! What are you-...??” Raidy began, but was cut off as Allisia slurped and licked all over her breasts, licking her nipples, molesting her breasts, humping herself against Raidy in a so horny matter even the girls around them could not help but smile to themselves; they had indeed caught their queen a worthy little pet.

“Raidy, I...I’m sorry, but...uhmmm...” Allisia tried and mumbled an apology, but instead borrowed her face in between Raidy’s breasts, the redhead’s screams and moans both amusing and alerting her.

“N-no! You can’t just! No! Let me go! Let me go-o-o-o-oh!” Raidy tried and scream, but found it to no avail; sighing, she took Allisia’s still slurping and licking head into her own eyesight, Allisia’s tongue disappearing as she looked eye-to-eye with her beloved Raidy.

“You really desire me so much? You really love me??” Raidy asked, her voice lightly ringing with hopeful excitement.

“I do! I love you so deeply, Raidy...!” Allisia whispered ever so lightly into Raidy’s ear; suddenly, Allisia felt Raidy’s own tongue lightly touch her throat, then proceeding downwards to her breasts.

“Just testing you, silly” Raidy now clearly chuckled, happily licking on Allisia’s nipples; “why’d you I would let myself be caught by your little girlies here?”

Hearing that, Allisia smiled like never before in her life; enjoying Raidy’s slow licking of her nipples, she soon found herself laying on top of Raidy, humping herself against the now panting and gasping redhead.

“Oh, Allisia! You really know how to fuck a girl!” Raidy grinned at her, her face falling back into its drooling and smiling folds; suddenly a small whistle was heard from one of the girls, Allisia looking up for a moment, catching a long, thin and oblong object in her hand; it felt slightly oily, and it bend in all the directions Allisia folded it in; finally she could only conclude it was...

“A dildo?! What in the name of...” Raidy exclaimed, but Allisia had, with a single look on the now stark naked Raidy, stuck one end of the dildo into herself, the other dangerously close to Raidy’s pussy.

“Come on, then; you know you wanna fuck me blind” Raidy smiled at Allisia, laying her face in seductive tones and sticking her tongue suggestively out, pretending to be licking a nipple.

“Oh, Gods! Come then, Raidy...” Allisia now smiled down at her prey; “...know you shall truly witness my inner lioness!”

By those words, Allisia carefully stuck the dildo into Raidy, the redhead letting out a short squeal.

“Hmm, maybe this will be better for you?” Allisia now withdrew the dildo; not making it to understand, Raidy felt herself being lifted by Allisia with her bare hands, being placed atop the dildo’s one end, Allisia laying underneath her and busy fondling Raidy’s breasts as the redhead lay herself down, a huge smile on her lips.

“Come on then, you bestial little lioness...” Raidy now seductively teased Allisia; “...fuck me!”

And so Allisia did; while fondling Raidy’s breasts and tongue-kissing her, her constant thrusts upwards soon had Raidy in a so horny state she could no longer kiss; as she could do was to lay her head down besides Allisia’s, screaming like crazy as she felt herself move quicker than ever before to her orgasm.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME-E-E-E! Fuck me good, Allisia! Rape me! RAPE ME-E-E-E! OH, ALLISA-A-A-A-A-A-AH!!!” Raidy now yelled out, the dildo simply being forced out of her pussy by the near tidal wave of Raidy’s orgasm; panting for air, Raidy watched happily as she saw her nectar run all the way down hers and Allisia’s thighs, although her leather boots were all but ruined with her sticky cum.

“Oh! Raidy, lick me, quick! I’m cumming, too!” Allisia suddenly exclaimed, feeling her own orgasm approach with a thunderous haste.

“Or, I’ll show you something good...!” Raidy smirked, grinning as she quickly pulled the dildo out of Allisia’s pussy, sticking her tongue as far in as she could, slurping the warrior girl’s nectar with all signs of delight.

“Uhmm...uhmm...uhmm! I’m, I’m there! Raidy, I’m...I’’M CUMMING!” Allisia shrieked, her orgasm catching the eagerly waiting redhead off-guard in its intensity; Raidy were splashed all over her face with Allisia’s cum, the redhead all but laughing playfully.

“My, you really liked that, huh?” Raidy asked in tease as she lay herself down on Allisia’s stomach.

“...Yes...” Allisia slowly panted out a reply, a small smile forming on her lips; “...yes, indeed I did enjoy it...”

“Come here, you...” Raidy giggled at Allisia, locking her lips against Allisia’s in another, passionate kiss; however, Allisia suddenly felt as if Raidy faded out, everything turning black...

“Welcome back, Allisia” Narrisha greeted as the blue visor decreased in size, finally disappearing as Allisia ‘woke up’; feeling herself like a new person, she felt tears in her eyes, and she immediately understood why.

“So that is how it feels to be made love to...” she smirked to herself; sniffing, she caught sight of herself, as a clearly dark stain between her thighs had even shown itself through silvery latex bodysuit.

“Yep, that’s how it feels, indeed” Faris said, helping the grateful Allisia stand up.

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