Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 12)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 12

Title: Chapter XIII - Visit from Old Friends

“By all of Heaven’s graces...” Allisia caught herself gasping in awe as she saw the anime with this ‘Raidy’ girl on the screen; not only did she allure her, but her personality, her body and her strength as a warrior made Allisia wish ever so desperately that she would be real.

“Hihihihihihih! Oh, girls; get a good look at her, now!” Minyoki laughed as she pointed at the screen, where Raidy had quite the shock when a catgirl she had failed to defeat approached with what looked like a strap-on between her thigh-high furry boots.

“Oh my Gods...this is freaking amazing!” Jiraz chuckled, Shica having already sunk down in her seat from laughing out loud; Siriki, on the other hand, all but licked her lips and found her loose shirt rather uncomfortable, all of a sudden.

“I...hihihihih; I must confess this ‘Raidy’ girl is...well, hilarious...” Allisia tried her normal tone, but found it to crack under her giggles; she both longed for Raidy to be real, but also loved her silliness in her defeat.

“Oh-oh, here it comes...!” Chinyi pointed out as the catgirl, accompanied with Raidy’s loud shriek, stuck the strap-on into Raidy’s nether lips, beginning her molesting of the warrior girl.

“This clip really is awesome! Kinda wish there’d...oh, yeah! Now we’re talking...!” Narrisha began, only to smirk widely as two other girls appeared behind the catgirl and Raidy; one was what looked like a succubus armed with a trident, the other a wolfish-looking and tattooed girl carrying a whip and a set of very loosely covering furs all over her body.

“Oh, my; it seems our dear warrior girl will soon feel the feline fury and the seductive satisfaction” Allisia smiled, enjoying nothing more than these girls-on-girls situation in all their dripping and frisky lovemaking.

“Gotta be one of ye best, Allisia” Jiraz said, grinning and patting the head of Shica as her girlfriend moved closer to her; however, Jiraz was caught off-guard as she felt Shica’s hand slowly move between her legs.

“How long can you hold it, hottie?” Shica teased, Jiraz sending her a challenging and grinning reply; “as long as you can move your hand, sexy.”

“I...I am lost for words; this intensity, this desire...Gods, if only I could...” Allisia began, looking to her right, where Narrisha were busy smiling at the screen while the two other girls joined in the molesting of Raidy.

“Nohohohohohoh! No fair! Break! Break!” Vinya were still shrieking out in enjoyment as Hiroi, Innoki and Mirinda continued to tickle her; finally quitting their game, Vinya lay on the floor, panting and with sweat falling heavily from her body.

“That...that’s gotta be enough...” Vinya said, her face lit up in a broad smile; she had not imagined her virginity be taken so enjoyably.

“C’mon, we’d better see what Narrisha and the others are all laughing at” Hiroi grinned at her, helping Vinya stand up and supported her to the closest seat; all but naked aside from her boots, Vinya felt grateful for the somewhat dark room; she had a feeling the other Nightwind girls would be very much eager to molest a sweating, panting and still somewhat horny shin’saras girl like her.

“Nya-a-a-a-ah! No! NO-O-O-O-OH!” Raidy screamed on the screen as the succubus began pinching her nipples, all the while the wolfgirl and catgirl sat on each side of her, both licking her face and fingering her nether lips teasingly.

“Uhmm, fresh prey; you’re a little spicier than those girls from the village, but no matter...” the wolfgirl smirked as she removed her finger from a moment, slurping and sucking on it and draining it of Raidy’s nectar.

“Uhmmm...” were suddenly heard amongst the Nightwind girls’ giggles and laughs; looking to her left side, Christy found Allisia to be fondling her busty breasts carefully, her gaze fully focused on the screen.

“So; you got a little horny, Allisia?” Christy teased, her voice an immediate return to sense for Allisia; seeing what she was doing, she let go of her breasts quickly and tried to assume a natural look.

“I was just...uhmmm...well...” Allisia began, but apparently Christy had other plans; suddenly grabbing around Allisia’s head, the warrior girl not making it to notice, Christy merely gave her a deep, seductive command; “turn around...”

As Allisia did so, the blonde stripper merely looked at her face for a few seconds, then just as suddenly kissed Allisia with such a passion that it shocked her; she felt Christy’s tongue aggressively twirling around her own in rhythm of her moans; drool flew from Allisia and Christy’s mouths, and the stripper’s giggles were heard as a low echo in the warrior girl’s mouth.

The kiss held on for about ten seconds before Christy’s hands found their way behind Allisia’s head; feeling her hair being slightly tugged and pulled, Allisia felt as Christy pressed her head closer and closer to Christy’s, finally holding Allisia’s head in her complete power.

“Hihihihih! Looks like the warrior chick gets all the babes!” Faris commented as she sat besides Christy; returning her attention to the screen, she now watched as Raidy, with a high-pitched shriek, climaxed, her cum hitting the wolfgirl and catgirl’s faces like a spray of water.

“Uhmm...uhmmm...” Allisia mumbled, her feeling of shock over Christy’s kiss having turned to a pleasant desire; she hugged the stripper tightly, making her let out a surprised, but happy moan.

“ that’s how your tongue will be in bed...” Christy flirted and teased, having released her tongue from Allisia’s, winking playfully at the warrior girl before returning to watch the screen, were Raidy, having gathered her strength, were now leaping over the catgirl, wolfgirl and succubus.

Allisia’s mind was spinning; she had only wanted to try this crazy lovemaking the other girls did to each other, but now she had made the final decision: She would become not only the greatest warrior of Nightwind Manor, but also one of the best lovers.

Smiling to herself, Allisia admitted openly that Christy’s kiss and playful teasing had awakened her ‘inner playgirl’; after a whole life of morality, honour and lethal fighting, she would finally relax.

“Geez, always the same with you Nightwind ladies, isn’t it?” a voice was suddenly heard as the final scene on the screen faded out, Raidy having lost consciousness after making each of the 3 more-than-willing girls cum.

“What in the...?” Narrisha were about to exclaim, only to see the screen turn into...

“Konnichiwa!” was what a smiling, blonde-haired girl greeted them; next to her, giving an equally enthusiastic greeting was a white-haired girl, both of them sitting on a bed in a white and blue-coloured bedroom.

“I’m Jiki” the blonde now winked, the other following the example perfectly; “and I’m Kiro!”

“We’re sorry to interrupt your Yuri Hentai, but we’d figure we would just pop by and say hallo” Jiki answered Narrisha’s unasked question.

“How the heck can you pop outta a freaking plasma TV?? That’s gotta be magic...” Hiroi commented, nonetheless happy to see the two famous ‘angels’; about as cute as she had imagined.

Pointing out towards the girls, causing quite some gasps, Kiro’s finger reached out from the plasma TV in thrice its size as by some unseen force, Kiro smirking slightly at the amazed girls.

“It’s a virtual link we’re having, so we’re actually sitting here, live, at home and by our TV, talking to you!” Kiro explained.

“Oh my Gods! That’s some neat technology they must’ve got!” Minyoki commented, her eyes wide open and her mouth in amazement.

“Aww, they’re even cuter than me!” Chinyi faked a complaining tone and crossing her arms and legs; “I’ve got some tough competition!”

“Thanks, girlie” Kiro nodded at her, as she and Jiki exchanged some hidden smiles; featuring in a film for Narrisha and her girls was a pleasure for them, as long as they did not begin asking too dumb questions.

“To begin with, as we mentioned before, you girl likes quite some games and, ermmm...well, games!” Kiro said unsurely, scratching her back in a rather silly gesture of confusion.

“You betcha sweet little boobies we do!” Hiroi smirked; as Jiki and Kiro looked from one to the other, they giggled and turned their attention to the screen again.

“As that blue-haired girlie were about to mention...” Kiro said, the Nightwind girls eagerly whispering now; “ and Jiki ‘does’ have our fun, but only when we feel like it.”

“Which is about every night...” Jiki mumbled jokingly, making Kiro blush and giggle at her girlfriend’s boldness.

“But, ermm...oh, Gods, who am I kidding??” Kiro dropped her attempts to talk back, shaking her head and throwing herself back over on the bed, her white night attire flowing after her, causing many of the girls to let out some rather obvious whistles.

As Kiro now lay and giggled at herself, Jiki took over, although having some difficulties with the seriousness.

“If you promise to listen, we may let you watch...’something’...provided you also promise not to tell anyone outside the manor” she said, making sure to sound strict at the end.

A united nodding of heads and a low mumble of ‘no, of course not’, as Jiki accepted it as a promise; in the meantime, Kiro had made her way up again, her and Jiki blushing at each other.

“Uhmmm, Kiro sweetie, I promised them that they could-...” Jiki began, but Kiro simply gave her a quick and soft kiss.

“It’s OK, I don’t mind as long as it’s Narrisha’s girls; I think we can trust them” she assured, her and Jiki returning to the topic, although the Nightwind girls all agreed on one, single point: Jiki and Kiro were cute, silly and adorable, much like their own Chinyi Siriki and Vinya, but they were much more intimate than anything they had seen before.

“Right; to cut it a bit shorter, we’ve got some questions for you girls” Kiro now asked.

“What would that be?” Allisia asked as she were still not used to the human technology that Jiki and Kiro was using.

“What’s your...well, interest?” Kiro asked, blushing as Jiki sent her a teasing wink.

“Bondage girls, dominatrix, latex...” Mirinda openly answered, counting on her fingers, much to the girls’ amusement.

“Kinda the same here, just the more the merrier” Faris replied, sending Mirinda a rather proud nod.

“Ehmmm...right; so it’s kinda erotic-themed for you girls?” Jiki asked.

“Hey, it’s Nightwind Manor” Narrisha joked.

“Well, if I can say it...” Jiki said, whispering something in Kiro’s ear, making her smile and whisper something back in Jiki’s ear; “...then you might say that ours, personally, is simply a warm, beautiful sunset, the wind rushing through your hair, and the smell of...”

Before Jiki could continue, Kiro had laid down right besides her, stroking her head against Jiki’s leg and purring while she licked around her mouth; that look, as for Jiki, was enough to make her smile lovingly at her adorable, little girlfriend.

“Awww, that’s so cute...” Ukuni smiled as she watched Jiki placing a soft kiss on Kiro’s lips; those two girls could make even non-erotic girl-to-girl kissing seem hot.

“Well, one the reasons we ask is that we may have a pressie for you girls, then” Jiki said, reaching behind herself and putting into view...

“A silver latex bodysuit with matching black latex boots? Well that’s kinda neat, but I’ve got something like that in my wardrobe” Mirinda smiled politely.

“You misunderstand, girls; see here...” Kiro pointed at some small, near invisible blue lines appearing from time to time on the suit.

“This, girlies...” Jiki nodded, her and Kiro exchanging small giggles; “ a VRDR suit.”

“A VRDR-what?” Siriki asked, not seeing anything special in a simple fetish suit.

“It stands for Virtual Reality Dream Realizer” Jiki explained, Kiro showing them something looking like a headset with a microphone, a stream of bluish light being generated from each side of the headset, forming a blue visor in the middle.

“That’s either high level sorcery...or some kind of technology I don’t understand...” Allisia said, confused as she was.

“You simply put on the suit, adjust the settings on the headset and this armband...” Kiro said, pointing at a small silvery oval attached to the suit on the right wrist; “...and you’re off for your dream scenario!”

“So you can...oh, the possibilities...!” Narrisha now said, her face getting a right out kinky look as she nearly began drooling at the thought of virtually having sex with all the girls of Rumble Roses XX, Dead or Alive Extreme 2, and all other game girls.

“Yep; just the press of a button and you’re off! Kiro nodded, Jiki holding the suit, boots and headset.

“We’ve only made 5 so far, but we’d like to have someone test them” Jiki explained; “we have run every thinkable scanning and simulation on them, and it all checked out well.”

“This could be so epic; you gals really gotta have alotta IQ up in them pretty little heads, eh?” Minyoki partly teased, Jiki and Kiro looking at each other, grinning.

“Mind if we pop in? We’d prefer to observe everything in person” Kiro asked.

“Sure! Step right in, girls” Narrisha smiled broadly, all too happy to have Jiki and Kiro visit her manor.

“Alrighty, then; give us a second to pack the most important; we might stay a week’s time, if it’s OK?” Jiki asked.

“The longer the better” Narrisha smirked, Jiki and Kiro near bolting up from their bedside, quickly collecting some random items of apparent importance.

“So those two famous ‘angels’ are gonna stay here for a week?” Vinya asked, still in awe of the girls’ invention of VRDR.

“Seems so, silly” Shica commented, although neither she nor Jiraz really were concerned; having met Jiki and Kiro before, they knew they were an alright couple, if not a little silly and romance-focused.

“Look out, here we come!” Kiro’s voice were heard from the TV screen, her and Jiki popping out, landing carefully on the stone floor, a large briefcase following suit.

“Now, first of all, where’s our little griffie?” Kiro said, sitting down on hook, whistling; a few moments later, the sound of galloping paws and claws could clearly be heard, Breeze storming happily down the stairs to the dungeon with the speed of whirlwind.

“My mistresses! Oh, I have missed you both!” the griffon purred her greetings as she was but ten meters from Jiki and Kiro now; with a forceful jump, she slowly glided the last meters towards her mistresses on her wings alone, many surrounding girls letting out impressed gasps at the width of the griffon’s wings as she land and folded them neatly on her back.

“We’ve missed you too, Breeze; how’s life been at the manor?” Jiki said, gently rustling the griffon’s head as she purred in reply.

“Well, it’s a wonderous place, indeed, but my ladies...” Breeze began, lowering her voice to a whisper; “...I would watch my back around here, if I were you; these girls are born seductresses! You wouldn’t believe what-...” Breeze now began rambling, Kiro calmly placing a hand on Breeze’s golden beak.

“Thanks, Breeze; I think we’re prepared to take the risk” she nodded at Breeze, smiling at Jiki.

“Yeah, because in case it weren’t obvious...” Jiki said, slightly chuckling as Kiro rose up and stood up besides her; “ and Kiro are girlfriends.”

“Somehow I figured as much” Allisia said, smiling at Jiki and Kiro; “welcome to Nightwind Manor; I’m sorry I am naked, but...well, the circumstances have been rather...wild-minded around here...”

“So the girls are still trying to make you see the light?” Kiro joked, Jiki choking a loud chuckling noise.

“I believe I saw the light...without getting sunburned, that is” Allisia joked, surprised herself how successful it was as Christy and Chinyi had to hold their hands to their mouths for not to laugh out.

“Well, why won’t you be the first one to try or VRDR suit? Such a mighty warrior girl should really test all her limits...” Jiki encouraged, although Allisia could clearly hear a well-meant taunt in them.

“Fine, but I will assure you this...” Allisia said as Jiki reached into the heavy briefcase, handing Allisia a set of suit, headset and boots; “...I am still a Dragon Knight, and I have found my training to have more advantages than I thought.”

As Allisia now began putting on the suit, she found the sleek, body-tight silvery latex to feel really comfortable; it fit perfect with her own body shape, and the black boots were roomy and comfortable, as well; the final piece, the headset, were no difficult to put on either, and she soon saw the little blue visor widen before her eyes.

“Right; we gotta find a comfortable place for her...” Jiki said, looking around for something to use.

“We could go out to the pool; she can lay there as long as she doesn’t fall into the water” Christy suggested.

“Hmm, yeah, but just before we go...” Narrisha said, walking up to her TV screen, shutting down the DVD player and putting everything in place.

“We can always watch yuri hentai tomorrow; right now, I’d say we test this thing out; wanna come, along girls?” Narrisha asked, almost everyone of the other girls agreeing.

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