Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 11)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 11

Title: Chapter XII - The Virgin's Last Stand

“Our Lady Shinris’ crown! Was...was that just it? I expected something a ritual, or...” Vinya asked herself confusingly as she saw Hiroi being helped down from Allisia, the girls supporting her as she seemed rather weakened.

“Of course, there’s no need for more; right, Hiroi?” Mirinda now asked as Hiroi staggered past them, sending them both a wink as she sat herself down and helped herself to a cold drink.

“ is really not the...not the biggest deal in the world?” Vinya asked, Mirinda now looking rather more uncomfortable.

“It does matter by normal standards, but you cannot really call us normal, now can you?” Charlene now walked up to Vinya, patting the shin’saras girl’s shoulder gently.

“Hihihih, no, not at all; I mean, I haven’t felt so much love and playfulness since-...” Vinya began giggling, but suddenly stopped, blushing heavily.

“She’s getting shy now, isn’t she?” Charlene asked, Mirinda playing a prank as she stepped closer to Vinya, her breasts only a few centimetres from Vinya’s face, causing the younger girl to let out a slight wail in adoration before she tried and reach out for them as in trance.

“Oh my Gods! That’s really adorable...” Charlene smirked at Vinya as Mirinda enjoyed Vinya’s slow molesting of her breasts.

“Do you really want me, Vinya? Am I really to take your virtue?” she asked in her most seductive voice, nipping by the very skin of her teeth at Vinya’s left earflap.

“Please...all these seductions...all this molesting...I wanna join in!” Vinya now nearly pleaded.

“That’s good, my little sweetie; have a whiff of this...” Mirinda chuckled, holding up a small potion bottle, which content gave of a strong aroma of tropical plants.

“It smells so...o-o-o-oh...go-o-o-o-d...” Vinya now caught herself yawning, her head swimming, and with the last, wonderous thought of fooling around with Mirinda, she simply faded out, fast asleep.

“Did you really have to drug her, Mirinda? I don’t think she’ll enjoy it as much if she finds out you carry highly concentrated Sweet Seduction in your pockets...” Charlene mumbled sceptically, Mirinda merely smiling as she got hold of the now sleeping Vinya, fast asleep in her arms.

“Oh, Gods; she’s so cute...” Mirinda warmly looked at Vinya, who merely moaned lightly in her sleep.

“So you’re gonna molest her next?” Chinyi now asked as she came back from Hiroi, who were currently in a very interesting conversation with Ukuni.

“Yeah, and once I’ve taken her virginity, you can play with her, as well” Mirinda smiled, Chinyi leaning her head over Vinya’s, giggling at the shin’saras girl.

“I wonder if I’d look as cute if I were asleep” she pondered, two hands suddenly finding their way to her breasts; surprised, she let out a loud meowing, the girl behind her softly moaning at the sound.

“Don’t turn me on yet, sis! Geez, that meowing; it’s so freaking cute...” Minyoki now said, continuing her molesting of her sister.

“Don’t you and Faris have some strap-on riding to do??” Chinyi teased, Minyoki simply laughing and lightly forcing Chinyi’s head back, the two sisters engaging in a drooling tongue-kissing contest.

“And I just had to leave my camera behind...!” Siriki mumbled, yet still smiled at the scenery.

“Say, Narrisha; don’t you get tired of being submissive?” Gloris smiled at her mistress as she gave her yet another thrust with the strap-on, her mistress moaning ever so lustfully.

“Don’t you worry; I’ll get my turn, you pretty girl...” Narrisha smiled evilly from her floor-level position; she had already climaxed once, but Gloris had yet t be satisfied.

“Aw, c’mon; I’d like a little vampire love for once; here, sit on up” Gloris said, halting her thrusting and instead lay down, the strap-on now facing Narrisha’s pussy.

“Thanks for the offer...” Narrisha said, a clear hint of seduction in her voice as she slowly strapped Gloris of the sex toy, slurping eagerly on it to taste her own cum; “...but I’ll prefer the 69 position for now.”

“Suits me; just don’t lick it inside out...” Gloris smirked as Narrisha grinned at her, sticking her butt towards Gloris’ face as she began slurping on her pussy.

“Uhmmm...! Gods, you surprise me all you time, mistress!” Gloris chuckled as Narrisha decided to tap a bit into her vampiric strength; doing so, her eyes glowed brightly red, and she stuck her abnormal long tongue into Gloris’s pussy, Narrisha’s drooling mouth soon to follow.

“OH, GO-O-O-O-O-ODS! OH, YEAH! Such...intensity! Mistress, you really love pussy, don’t you??” Gloris wailed out as she stuck her two forefingers into Narrisha’s own pussy, the vampire girl groaning and replying grinningly; “yeah, especially those small, cute ones.”

As the game continued on, more and more of the girls had had their first share of the fun, eagerly giggling joking and commenting on each other’s style of lovemaking; helping themselves to a few drinks and other refreshments from the small bar, the still-sleeping Vinya were slowly put on a table, on which she curled herself together, mumbling and moaning in her sleep.

“She’s looking so innocent...oh, I’d love to pinch those cute little ears...” Chinyi smiled dreamingly at Vinya, the shin’saras girl rustling lightly about in her sleep.

“, Chinyi...hmhmhmhm...” Vinya suddenly mumbled in her sleep, a small smile appearing on her lips, a little drool running down from her mouth.

“Oh my Gods! I’m turning her on!” Chinyi mentally cheered; looking over her shoulder, she spotted a small niche in the wall, large enough for Vinya to lie in.

“OK, girls; it’s time for Vinya to see what the Nightwind girls can really do for her!” Narrisha now smirked, Faris and a couple of the other girls following her over to Chinyi and Vinya.

“Now they’re after Vinya, sweetie; say, should we join in? She ‘is’ your servant, after all, and our friend” Jiraz commented, helping herself to her third glass of red wine.

“Well, we kinda should, but I dunno; if she really doesn’t like it we’ll sure break in, but for now...” Shica said as an evil grin appeared on her lips; “...I’d like to see just how much pussy she can take before she climaxes.”

“Uhmmmmmmmm...” Vinya groaned as her eyes slowly began blinking; yawning, she returned to the living world, surprised to see the other Nightwind girls stand in a half-circle around her.

“Uhmm, good evening, girls; uhmmm, wh-why are you d-...d-...dressed like that?” she yawned as she spotted Mirinda to be wearing her...

“Oh, Gods, I forgot...” Vinya sighed, a small smile creeping over her lips; “...I volunteered to have my virginity taken, didn’t I?”

“Indeed, and that’ll not be the only thing we’ll rob you off!” Mirinda smiled her alluring smile, leaning down over Vinya; as she now first realized, Vinya was laying in the niche, which turned out to be larger than what had originally been thought; a ray of silvery moonlight hit her and bathed her in all her shin’saras glory, although she had no idea how the moonlight could enter the dungeon all up from the first floor.

However, she was preoccupied as she found herself to be creaking whenever she moved; looking at herself, she found out she had been put in what looked like a straightjacket, although her arms were free to move, but the small platform she lay on covered her whole body, with the exception from her head, in a black latex suit.

“You like it? I call it a latex carpet; not that it took too long to make, though” Ukuni now smiled rather proudly at Vinya, her arms crossed as she sent the Asian girl a teasing look.

“So now she is to suffer the same fate as Hiroi did?” Allisia now asked, although there was no real seriousness in her tone.

“Take it easy, Allisia...” Vinya now looked at her, grinning; “...I asked them to do this to me this afternoon.”

“Well, in that case I shall of course all but enjoy the show” Allisia said, smirking as she curtsied to Vinya, finding herself a spot amongst the other girls, watching.

“Hold on; before you go ahead, let her missy have a word” Shica now stood up; followed by Jiraz, she walked over to Vinya, who simply looked her mistress in the eyes, feeling slightly guilty.

“Mistress, it’s not because I didn’t like when...well, you know, but...” Vinya started, but soon found Shica’s leather-covered finger to press easily against her lips, hushing her.

“Narrisha, would you and your girls mind if I set her up?” Shica asked, Narrisha looking at her girls.

“Should we? She ‘is’ her mistress, after all” Narrisha asked, the girls agreeing it would only be fair to let Shica set Vinya up for the lovemaking.

“Mirinda, she’s all yours in a few seconds...” Shica said as she walked over to Jiraz, who nodded and handed her a small glass flask.

“Careful you don’t get her to wet herself before Mirinda does” Jiraz teasingly grinned, Shica smilingly giving the succubus’ bared butt a small spank as she took the flask back to Vinya.

“Now then, my little silly servant...” Shica now leaned over Vinya, dropping a few drips of the flask’s content on each her cheeks; “...let’s see how long your panties will remain dry.”

As Vinya now saw Shica take a small gulp of the apparent potion flask, she could smell Shica’s breathe as she approached; as she now stood all but above Vinya, Shica’s head dove with the speed of a crossbow bolt down and began kissing Vinya with such a passion that an eager and excited mumble already spread amongst the girls.

“UHMM?! Uhmm-m-m-m-m-m...!” Vinya tried and resist, but found it all too much more easy to simply let her tongue play along with Shica’s, much to her delight judging by her chuckles.

“Uhmm, your tongue is all hot; you really wanna lick some pussy soon, huh?” Shica teased, sucking on Vinya’s tongue with her own, Vinya now feeling as if her body was burning up inside; around her the girls all but smiled and chuckled at her, and as she caught eyes on Mirinda all set and strapping on a purple-coloured strap-on, her mind were overloaded.

“BY SHINRIS! Mirinda, please; I beg of you! In the Goddess’ name, FUCK ME-E-E-E-E!” Vinya screamed and screamed again and again, her daydream of having Mirinda molest and ravish her now a full reality.

“Let’s give the naughty girl her wish, shall we?” Shica chuckled, giving Vinya a final, hot kiss before she headed back for Jiraz, the succubus smiling as she gave her girlfriend a high-five.

“Indeed we shall, but let’s set up the mood a little more, shall we?” Narrisha said, an evil smile curling over her lips; as she spoke, the niche in which Vinya lay shoke a little, the wall taking a turn around itself along with the girls, just to reveal...

“My Yuri Hentai Dungeon! I’ve got all my best stuff down here in the dungeons” Narrisha explained to the amazed girls, Minyoki’s mouth twisted in a drooling grin.

“ fucking...Gods! You lucky bitch, Narrisha; you have the third volume of ‘Blue’?!” Minyoki exclaimed in awe as she soon spotted a doujin with the name ‘Blue’ on the back of its cover on a shelf.

“Yeah, but now’s not the time to read Yuri Hentai...” Narrisha said, stepping into the room; by quickly using Mystic Magic, she soon revealed the room to also contain a large plasma TV screen at its end; the niche wall, in which the now amazed yet still eager Vinya lay, stood not two meters from the screen, a secondary wall appearing from a secret hole underneath where the niche had stood.

“Vinya...” Mirinda now said as she approached, grinning wickedly as she caressed the strap-on; “I’m gonna fuck you off at whatever Yuri Hentai Narrisha puts on!”

“That’s nice to hear, ‘cause I was kinda lucky and found a Yuri scene in BB” Narrisha pointed out, pointing to a shelf and letting her Mystic Magic pick up a DVD disc, setting it into the recorder and loading the film.

“Bible Black’s got Yuri?? Fuck, I quit trying to find anything of that ages ago...” Minyoki mumbled, sour at the thought that Narrisha could find more Yuri Hentai than herself.

“Is it that one with the green and blue-haired girls? That’s so hot, you know...” Siriki commented, Chinyi taking the chance and teasingly molest Siriki’s breasts from behind her.

“H-hey, stop that! It’s not my turn yet!” Siriki exclaimed in a mix of laughing and moaning.

“Yeah, that’s what she said” Chinyi now joked, pointing at Gloris, who merely took her chance and did her best to look ever so innocent.

By that, Siriki laughed out loud at the classic line of Chinyi’s, which Minyoki seemed to share as the laughing spread to her as well; Vinya, not understanding, merely was busy admiring the tightly latex-clad shin’idun dominatrix Mirinda slowly crawl over her, somewhat blocking her view from the screen as the other girls sat down.

“And before anyone asks, there’s no popcorn for these clips of ours” Narrisha said, Jiraz clearly faking a long, drawn-out ‘aw’.

“Before we get to the feature presentation, I think there’s something on that disc we’ve also saved for Allisia in case of emergency” Minyoki said.

“’We’?” Shica asked.

“Yeah, me and Narrisha share our discs and our ye better get me some good links for some tasty yuri, missy” Minyoki teased Narrisha with a small pinch on her nipple.

“hihihih, sure, silly; but still, what’s that thing you’ve for Allisia?” Narrisha asked.

“Yes, indeed; what have you found for me, and what’s about the ‘emergency’?” Allisia asked curiously.

“Oh, I wouldn’t tell, it’ll ruin the surprise” Minyoki said as the disc now finished loading.

“Let’s watch them on slideshow; I don’t wanna have us go through all the menus over and over” Minyoki suggested, Narrisha nodding as she pressed play.

Flashing to the screen, an intro featuring a red-haired busty anime girl began playing in best Japanese style, the music making some of the girls start to silently sing along as best they could.

“Wh-who is she??” Allisia now asked as she somehow found the fiercely fighting redhead girl extremely alluring; all from her skimpy outfit, her tight platemail top, her sword and her orange bandana to her style of fighting.

As the girls were watching the intro, Vinya saw a few glimpses of it all the while Mirinda were leaning over her, Innoki and Hiroi also having taken an interest in joining up.

“I’ve seen that clip before, anyway” Innoki smirked, helping herself off her shirt with a sigh of relief as her breasts bounced out, Vinya now finding two bared pairs of breasts heading for her.

“Your tits' getting hard yet, silly? Uhmm, I’ll bet they’re all nice and fuckable...” Hiroi now joined in, looking forward to see the little cutie Vinya squirm around in horniness.

“Hiroi, would you care to light her fire a little more?” Mirinda said as she leaned back a little, Hiroi gladly nodding, Vinya not able to decide which of the three to focus on.

“Uhmmm...oh, Vinya, you’ve got no idea how good it feels to be horny...” Hiroi moaned, closing her eyes and slowly reaching down to her pants, unzipping them and pulling down her panties, a small, shaved vagina clearly showing to be slightly dripping.

“That’s nothing, Hiroi; Vinya likes mine all the better” Innoki now tried her own at seducing Vinya, zipping down her leather skirt, a small lightly bushy patch of brown hair covering a slightly moist vagina.

“...Give them to me...” Vinya whispered as lightly as she could.

“Hmm, so the little servant girl wants pussy; should we give her pussy, Mirinda?” Hiroi asked, the blonde dominatrix looking cruelly smiling at Vinya.

“Let her lick you inside out if need be; I want her all horny for her own fuck of her life, babes” Mirinda smiled, reaching out for Innoki and Hiroi’s arms.

“Meanwhile, you can excite me by a little pinching” she said, the two of them gladly molesting Mirinda’s breasts and pinching her nipples, all the while moving their nether lips closer to Vinya’s face.

“You’ve never licked pussy before? That’s OK; go ahead, it’s a real treat in itself” Innoki joked as Vinya felt an urge of shyness overwhelming her.

“I...I can’t; it’s your pus-...” she started, but soon a scream tore through the room from the plasma screen; watching through Mirinda’s outstretched legs, Vinya saw the redhead anime girl being whipped and licked by what appeared to be a vicious-looking yet still big-breasted and horny-looking catgirl.

“Sweet Shinris...i-if they can I!” Vinya now said, a surge of self-confidence racing their her mind, convincing herself that licking Hiroi and Innoki would only prove herself to be mature enough.

As Hiroi’s was most wet of them, Vinya decided to start with her; sticking her tongue out, Vinya for the first time took a slight lick at the biker babe’s vagina; to her complete surprise, she found it to taste wonderfully.

“Oh! Now this is more like it; you’re quite a natural, ye know, Vinya” Hiroi smiled at the shin’saras girl, who could not help but return it.

“It tastes so...raw; like a blooming fruit...all ready to pluck and eat!” Vinya now chuckled to herself, sticking her tongue in again, twirling it around and slurping as hotly as she could muster.

“Holy shi-...! That’s some good tongue you’ve got there, missy! It’s’s almost too good...” Hiroi first grinned, her face twisting in sexual enjoyment.

“Me, too! It’s no fun just watching!” Innoki said, stuffing her own womanhood right in front of Vinya’s face, the pink-haired girl ever so lightly nipping with the tip of her lips on Innoki’s g-spot.

“Oh, Gods! Uhmmm, yeah...Gods, you’re right, Hiroi; she really is a sucker for pussy” Innoki smirked, her and Hiroi sharing a short giggle; as they began tongue-wrestling, Vinya all but doubled her efforts, all the while Mirinda sat on her waist, ravishing her own breasts and getting herself in heat for Vinya.

“Just a little more, sweetie, then I’m ready to give you your life’s first and greatest...” she whispered, leaning herself down and whispering in Vinya’s ear; “...fu-u-u-u-uck; it’s such a dirty word, but it feels so good, right?”

“Uhmm...yeah; it’s fun to fuck with you, Mistress Mirinda...!” Vinya grinned, the light breathing on her ear slightly tickling her; seeing that, Mirinda breathed even heavier, Vinya now letting out small chuckles.

“Girls, we’ve got a new strategy for young Miss Vinya...” Mirinda now said, Innoki and Hiroi concentrating the best they could not to be distracted by Vinya’s continuous slurping of their nether lips.

“Tickle her silly, girls! If she really likes it, you’ll sure know it” Mirinda smiled cruelly, Hiroi and Innoki not late to follow their orders.

“N-nohohohohoh! It’s-...” Vinya tried and master herself, but to not avail; as the two girls slowly got her out of the latex blanket, they stripped of her uniform, not much to Vinya’s concern; soon she was romping about with the girls, her happy giggles only encouraging them.

“And now, Vinya...” Mirinda now broke the playful atmosphere with her dominative voice; “...I want my virgin pussy...!”

By those words, Hiroi and Innoki stood back a bit, Vinya feeling herself being pulled up, her body forced against the stone wall and her right leg being lifted slightly upwards.

“I’m sorry, but I prefer it this way...!” Mirinda snarled with an evil grin, letting the tip of the strap-on lightly touch Vinya’s vagina.

“Oh?! tickles, Mirinda...” Vinya chuckled as the strap-on slightly sunk deeper and deeper in due to Vinya’s already wet womanhood.

“Oh, how I’ll love this...!” Mirinda chuckled; with a quick thrust, she stuck the rest of the strap-on deep into Vinya’s vagina, the shin’saras girl letting out a surprisingly happy scream.

“How is it, then? Being fucked by a blonde shin’idun chick?? Tell me, you little screamer!” Mirinda evilly laughed at Vinya, although she knew Mirinda were but setting her in the mood, not that it was truly needed.

“Oh! Oh, yes! Oh, fuck me! Rape me, mistress! It’s so go-o-o-od...!” Vinya moaned as Mirinda violently, yet carefully pressed herself with all her weight against the shin’saras girl, truthfully raping her again and again, all but to her supreme delight.

“You really like this, huh? You’ve gone about and daydreamed about it since the last time I played with you, right?” Mirinda said, dropping the evil dominatrix act.

“Yeah; I really wanted it to be you, Mirinda” Vinya smiled at her as she turned her head slightly; “you’re so silly, fun, and sexy that I just couldn’t see my virginity taken by any other girl” Vinya said with a grin as Mirinda took a small break.

“Well, then let me fuck and rape you until your virginity is all but gone, sweetheart; after that, well, I promised Chinyi she could molest you” Mirinda said, readying herself for the final push.

“That silly little...oh, you just about know what I like; I’ll show that little human brat that I can molest her as well!” Vinya said, her new confidence in her lovemaking skills making Mirinda, Hiroi and Innoki smile gleefully.

“Well, let’s get back to work...!” Mirinda said as she now resumed her raping of Vinya; leaning down over her back, she whispered in the squealing shin’saras girl’s ear; “let’s see if you can cum as much as last time; here, take it in deep!”

By that, Mirinda started humping Vinya, the two mixed stimulations leading Vinya to let out a happy cry, tears forming in her eyes and drool in her mouth as it ran down the stone wall.

“Fuck me! I’ve been so bad...thinking of you fucking me...! So do me! Do me! Do me! Give it to me, Mistress Mirinda! Give it to me...!” Vinya panted out, Hiroi and Innoki watching as Vinya’s love nectar began dripping from her legs, the transparent liquid all too visible on her black leather boot.

“Damn me...for choosing a double-ended...!” Mirinda mumbled to herself, letting out a long moan as she used one hand to massage her own left breast, the other hand used to molest Vinya’s right breast.

“Mi-Mirinda...I’m cu-...I’m, I’m cumming! I’M GONNA CUM!” Vinya shrieked, close to her wits’ end from all the lovemaking.

“Think of us, Vinya!” Innoki now encouraged, placing herself under Vinya, licking her bared stomach.

“Think of all the Nightwind girls who’d love to fuck and be fucked by you!” Hiroi further encouraged, masturbating at the scene as Vinya all but yelled louder and louder.

“More! More! FOR THE GODDESS’ SAKE, MORE! I, I CAN’T! N-...NO! I’M...! I’M CUMMING!” Vinya wailed out, the last, mental image of all the Nightwind girls playfully molesting her making her smile widely as she at last wailed out; her orgasm poured out as Mirinda removed the strap-on, Vinya gushing her womanly love nectar out again and again, a distant look in her eyes and a perverted smile on her lips as she slowly sank down on the ground.

“Vinya, are you OK?” Mirinda asked, slightly concerned if she had gone too far.

“Well, to be honest...” Vinya said, smiling mysteriously at Mirinda; “...I’d better return the favour!”

By that, Vinya jumped with the speed of a running leopard on Mirinda, slowly forcing the shin’idun blonde down on the floor, ripping her strap-on forcefully off, and borrowed her tongue and half head in the shin’idun girl’s already moist womanhood, slurping ever so lustfully.

“O-O-O-OH! V-Vinya, I’m! Oh, FU-U-U-UCK!” Mirinda yelled as her body tensed up, her love nectar flooding into Vinya’s waiting mouth, the elven musk tasting like sweet fresh apple juices to her.

“Mhmmmm...well...” Vinya said as she sat up, seductively licking Mirinda’s cum off her gloves and sucking t in deeply; “ were just as good as I’ve heard, Mirinda, if not better.”

“You’re one horny little brat, you know that?” Hiroi smiled at Vinya, the girls exchanging giggles as Mirinda rose up again.

“You know what this means, girls...” Mirinda smirked, Innoki nodding and Hiroi grinning as they all three jumped on Vinya like a pack of she-wolves; “...THREE-ON-ONE!!!”

“Wa-a-a-argh! No fair! No! No! No-o-o-o-o-oh...!” Vinya laughed as the girls began tickling her wildly, Vinya’s happy screams and laughing a clear sign of what had happened:

She had been molested by the girls of Nightwind Manor, and by the Gods, if she did not love it.

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