Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 10)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 10

Title: Chapter X - The Retribution

“So, let’s get going” Allisia said, standing in front of Siriki and Chinyi, both of them looking both battle-ready and adorable at the same time.

“KIYA-A-A-AH!” Siriki now recklessly threw herself against Allisia, who simply took a step to the side, grabbing the string of Siriki’s panties and holding her.

“H-hey! I thought you’d not fight dirty or something! It’s no fair!” Siriki now tried and struggle in vain to rid herself of Allisia’s grip around her waist.

“Oh, but I ‘do’ fight with honour...” Allisia stated, Siriki looking confused at her; “...I just choose to fight you on your own terms.”

By that, Allisia tossed Siriki away from her, sending her about a meter away, landing with a splat.

“My suit! Oh, you’re ‘so’ dead...!” Siriki now tried her luck again, although only imitating to be infuriated; seeing her fellow prankster rush blindly towards Allisia, who were not at all questioned to be a trained warrior, Chinyi nevertheless ran up besides Siriki, intending on rushing two on one.

“This is gonna get re-e-e-eally dirty...!” a voice were now heard outside the circle, as it turned it Christy and a few other girls now stood by and watched the wrestling match; however, As Chinyi and Siriki charged blindly against Allisia, she simply took a step to the left, held up her leg, causing the two girls to fall on top of each other in the pit.

“You will need a better tactic if you plan on standing a chance” Allisia commented, sitting down on hook to help the girls up; besides from their now slightly muddy underwear, none of them seemed to suffer from any broken bones or scars.

“Big mistake, silly!” Chinyi now tried her luck and threw herself against Allisia; caught off guard, Allisia reached out her arms as per instinct in order to guard herself...

As the silence now began to worry Allisia, she looked up; caught in her steel grip was nothing more than a mud-soaked bra; underneath it, though, Chinyi fell with a bump into the mud pit once again, half her underwear now missing.

“Wow, Allisia; that’s kinda pervy!” Chinyi now giggled from underneath the mud as Allisia stood perplexed with the dirty bra; not really understanding how her reflexes had worked, she simply tossed the bra over her shoulder, where it sunk into the knee-deep mud.

“We just can’t rush her, Chinyi; we gotta...” Siriki now stood up besides Chinyi, although she still had her troubles to avoid chuckling at Chinyi’s accidental loss; whispering in her ear, the two girls began planning their next attack, while Allisia found herself to like this form of exercise, although she would have preferred more mature opponents.

However, as she was thinking if Faris of Christy could prove to be a challenge for her, she suddenly felt a forcible push in her back; closing her eyes, she felt as she landed softly in the mud, rising up again not a few moments later; grinning at her, Chinyi and Siriki turned out to have simply pushed her from behind, the silly and old trick actually working on the warrior girl.

“So...” Allisia said as she rose up; her underwear was dirtied by the mud, and she could feel it soaking in her boots; bowing down, she balanced on each foot in order to remove them, as well as her underwear, leading to a great deal of whistles and adoring shrieks from outside the circle.

“Those who fight with honour fight without shame” Allisia said, stepping slowly towards Chinyi and Siriki, who found themselves frozen mentally at the first sight they had ever had of a naked Allisia; however, that exact same Allisia suddenly stood behind Siriki, having moved with a speed that only a warrior like her could boast of.

“I know of your tricks and frolicking in the night...” she now whispered in Siriki’s ear, deciding to play the very same game she had been ever so uncomfortable with since her arrival at the manor; now, however, she knew that the girls would still respect her and, as a small glimmer of hope in her heart, love her for what she was: A warrior girl.

“This is for your punishment” Allisia now spoke as seductively as she could into Siriki’s ear; hearing that, Siriki had difficulty in believing that Allisia might actually she just how skilled she could be besides from her skills at combat.

However, her mind spun nearly out of control when a hot tongue licked against her earflap, the warm breathe causing her shivers; as she instantly giggled, she could hear Allisia’s chuckling from behind her.

“And I who feared I would lose my honour over are but prey to a roaring beast in heat, Siriki...” she now heard Allisia whisper in her seductive voice; “...and the predator now demands its price!”

By that, Allisia unfastened Siriki’s bra and gave her panties a slightly rough wedgies; Siriki’s pleasurable shriek caught the still grinning Chinyi’s attention, but she enjoyed seeing her best friend and rival being a little humiliated.

Before Siriki either wanted or could react, she found Allisia’s rough, muddy hands on her breasts, Allisia’s inexperience in the arts of love all too clear; however, the roughness of the warrior girl excited Siriki, and despite Allisia’s steel grip, she managed to turn around, comforting the unsure-looking Allisia with a wink and a slightly outstretched tongue.

“Chinyi! Get her!” Siriki now signalled Chinyi, who were not late to grip Allisia from behind; as the warrior girl felt the two younger girls’ excitement as if it was the very air she breathed, she smiled slightly as she felt Chinyi move away under her as she fell into the mud.

“Now...” Siriki looked at the ‘fallen’ warrior girl, her and Chinyi circling around her; “how do you want it, Allisia? Not that it matters!” Siriki grinned, sitting down besides Chinyi, clearly knowing Siriki’s intentions; “we’re gonna excite you...before we molest you!”

“So, Minyoki...” Christy turned her blonde head around to look at the pinkette; “’re gonna show us how you treat your sister?”

As they were lying naked on their stomachs, having two skimpily and giggling nurses smearing lotion on their exhausted bodies, Minyoki simply gave Christy a mysterious smile.

“I dunno, I think she’s gotta get cleaned up first” she said, looking over the circle; somehow, she felt herself happy that her sister went along so well with the other girls, although it was no real wonder; everyone, after all, got along at Nightwind Manor.

“Yes, I kinda agree; I mean, I’d love a mud bath, myself, but against that freaking femme fatale...?” Christy grinned, pointing at Allisia, who were currently finding herself observing and even enjoy as Siriki and Chinyi took turns covering each other in mud and licking it off.

“She’s not so bad, just don’t disturb her in the evening” Minyoki advised.

“Why’s that? She, ya know, masturbates in secret to the thought of me?” Christy joked, the girls sharing a long laugh; inspired, one of the nurses teased Christy as she slightly slapped her left buttock.

“Hey! Don’t you make me come and bend you over, missy!” Christy snapped jokingly back the nurse, who simply giggled and stuck out her tongue at her.

“That’s not what I meant, by the way” Minyoki now returned the topic; “I meant that she’s mostly practising in the evenings; she once told me that she’s considering melting her sword down and re-forge it as a katana.”

“But isn’t it, well, you know, her symbol, or something? Like, her icon for all her sense of honour and all that stuff?” Christy asked.

“Yeah, it is, but she’s considering just to re-forge her weapon and armour as a whole; she wanna quit the Golden Dragon Order and start out as a Gray Knight” Minyoki told Christy, glad that she had been borrowing some books of Silvarciraian history from Mirinda...apart from her X-rated home DVDs consisting of her best times with the girls in her dungeons.

“’Gray Knight’? Sounds kinda silly...” Christy said, sighed pleasantly and turned around, facing her head upwards; by that, the nurses seemed far more interested in smearing oil of her flourished, tan skin, amusing Christy as she let out a small chuckle.

“Look, Christy; either you gotta play some more RPGs, or else you’re gonna have to start reading” Minyoki sighed, turning around as well; sending the nurses a smile, she turned her attention to Christy; “a Gray Knight is a knight with no master, lord, lady or authority other than what her home town or village entitles her to, so for short: She’s quitting the big, fleshly, ‘high-in-Heaven’ glamour club and coming down to us!”

“So I’ll have to worry about a battle-trained girl Gray Knight going about and after my panties, as well?” Christy asked; as response, Minyoki gave her a teasing lick on the nose, the two girls giggling as they started kissing; not to their surprise, the nurses followed the example, their self-control waning.

“Alright girls, listen up” Narrisha’s voice now sounded all over the room through unknown means; before Jiraz and Shica’s gonna show us how naughty you just can get, I’ve got another little trick up my sleeves for you.”

By that, the projectors in the ceiling went out as if commanded; leaving the room in darkness, all apart from the small, blue orb of Mystic Magic in Narrisha’s outstretched hand, she now spoke again, much to the shock from the slightly more aware girls.

“It’s a simple game of hide and seek, only that you’re gonna molest the one you’ve chased down” Narrisha said, the silent giggles and chuckles from the girls not surprising her.

“Oh, and if you wanna, it was Shica’s idea” Narrisha chuckled, pointing to Shica and Jiraz standing a few meters from her; an applause were followed, causing them both to blush, in Jiraz’s case enough to light her eyes up in flames, casting a more comfortable glow over the room.

“Uhmm, excuse me...” a voice was now heard underneath the stage were Narrisha stood.

“Yes, Vinya?” Narrisha asked.

“Uhmm...I’m not...I’m not really comfortable in the dark, so please...” Vinya blushed embarrassingly; “...could you avoid scaring me too much?”

At that point, the chuckles were heard slightly louder, followed by the girls’ assuring that Vinya would not suffer trauma for the rest of her life.

“Oh, and by the way, when I say ‘go’...” Narrisha now said, catching everyone’s attention as she giggled; “...when I say ‘go’, the first to molest both Siriki and Chinyi gets to molest me!”

As the joke had a wide-spread effect of laughs, Chinyi and Siriki joined in; still covered in mud from their mud bath, they were lucky no-one could really see them.

“And now...” Narrisha spoke slightly loudly and dramatically; “...let the Midnight Molesting...begin! GO!”

Stumbling around in darkness with a risk of having a group of girls reaching out for her might have been one of Chinyi’s favourite daydreams, although it turned out to instead lead her to, mostly in experimentation, to jump on Gloris from behind, the ‘Beach Babe’ not minding the eager and pink-haired younger girl’s molesting of her; however, as she got to be the dominative, she submitted Chinyi to a pleasant torture in the form of tickling her.

“No-nohohohohohohoh! No-not there!” Chinyi giggled, her happy laughter enough to make Gloris give into her temptation, leaning down planting a passionate, wet kiss on Chinyi’s lips.

“Chinyi, you’re just ‘so’, fucking adorable when you giggle!” Gloris chuckled at her, Chinyi smiling and purring at her.

“Maybe, but she’s got competition!” a voice were now heard behind Gloris and Chinyi, follow by an all too familiar; “Gotcha!”

As it turned out, Chinyi’s pleasant frolicking with Gloris had attracted the attention of Siriki, jumping on her from behind and molesting her breasts under wild giggles; turning into yet another of her life’s greater experiences, Gloris enjoyed being pleased by nearly all means by the two cutest girls of Nightwind Manor, she at a time yelled happily to the ceiling a line that could only sound along the lines of ‘Fuck! I love my life!’

Hearing that, the other girls, Chinyi included, began to laugh out loud in joy, ending up with them all three kissing as Gloris watched, quickly finding her hand’s way into her panties.

However, Chinyi’s giggles proved her undoing as she was the first to collapse from her orgasm; having Siriki licking all over her body, though, was surely a price worth paying with her orgasm for; her whole body screamed for the passion and heat...

“YA-A-A-A-A-A-A-ARGH!” was the wailing Innoki’s shriek as her never-resting ‘tormentor’ Hiroi once again had put her rough lovemaking style to good use; before them lay Faris, Hiroi’s first ‘victim’, still panting from the biker babe’s apparently limitless resolve when it came to lovemaking.

“Uhmm, it feels good to cum, right? That’s right, you really love being naughty, right Innoki...?” Hiroi teased and taunted, making the younger girl wail out one more time as Hiroi let her tongue caress her neck.

“Alright, girls; lights on!” Narrisha’s voice were now heard through the darkness, the projectors now once again bathing the room in pink and red light; however, as the girls found themselves in rather awkward positions as for their lovemaking, a lot of laughs were shared.

“The time has come...” Narrisha’s voice were now heard again, this time in a serious enough manner to catch everyone’s attention; “ let Hiroi meet the end of her virginity!”

Hearing that, Hiroi quickly stared at Jiraz and Shica, who, surprisingly, simply sat in two chairs near the scene, showing all signs that they were waiting.
“Jiraz, Shica; will you be the ones to ravish Hiroi?” Narrisha asked, Shica and Jiraz smiling at her and exchanging giggles.

“Actually...” Jiraz said, rising up alongside Shica; “...we’ve got an even better idea.”

“However, you’ll still get to see me and Jiraz fuck each other, of course” Shica quickly assured as the mutters of disappointment were spreading amongst the girls.
“And...what will your idea be, then?” Narrisha asked, surprised at her two friends’ decision.

“Well, it’s simple; Hiroi’s a rebellious, little slut as far as we’ve seen, and there’s only one girlie in here with the guts to take her on...” Jiraz said, pointing a claw in the direction of...

“Me??” a confused Allisia asked, seeing everyone’s eyes lie on her; almost opposite her, Hiroi made a taunting frown and made her trademark ‘badass’ smile.

Allisia sighed; were she to steal Hiroi’s virginity in order to save her own honour??

“You can always back down; no-one’s gonna blame ye” Jiraz assured, although her tone still betrayed a hint of disappointment at seeing a warrior girl and a biker babe molesting each other.

“I...if my mistress commands it, I’ll...-“ Allisia began, but was cut off by Mirinda and Charlene who stood beside her.

“Honestly, Allisia; all your worth of honour is fine, but try thinking for yourself” Mirinda said strictly, maybe even more than she wished for, as she muttered a silent apology.

“Allisia, what do ‘you’ want to?” Charlene asked, gesturing towards Hiroi, who simply stood and waited for her judgement, not thinking that even the ‘Curvious Cavalier’ could stand against her.

“I...” Allisia said uncertainly, but a flicker of that exact determination and assurance of her actions to be just now filled her mind; Hiroi had always been the one in charge, always preying upon the ‘weaker’ girls...

“I will do it! Hiroi, you have endlessly hunted these girls, never to allow them to be done to you what you did to them!” Allisia spoke, an almost inspiring tone ringing in it; as she stepped closer, she quickly, and even without Hiroi reacting, grabbed her cheeks in her right hand, forcing a quick and passionate kiss on her.

“Your body shall be my battlefield...” Allisia now spoke in Hiroi’s ear; “...and I have yet to lose a fight...!”

Hearing that, Narrisha chuckled in amusement; on a gesture from her, black-hooded and robbed girls stepped from the ring of girls around Allisia and Hiroi, seizing her wrists, ankles and upper body.

“HEY! What the fuck are you...let go of me, you sluts!” Hiroi now barked out, now facing Allisia in what she taunted the warrior girl with, ‘sexual combat’.

“I can assure you; you’ll surely see that I master other skills than with my weapons...” Allisia said, her cool and collected attitude leading to many adoring moans from the girls around her.

As Hiroi soon found herself locked on a large steel table, the shackles over her arms and over her waist rendering her unable to flee, she laughed in taunt at Allisia as the naked warrior girl stepped up towards the table.

“You think you’re tough, huh? You might have killed alotta monsters, but I’ve fucked nearly every girl in this manor until they begged me for more!” Hiroi now grinned, but was surprised to see Allisia chuckle as well.

“ wish for a soft, schoolgirl-like body over a firm, well-fitting...” Allisia now tried her first hand at seduction; “...well-shaped, curvious body of a born warrior...?”

As Hiroi did raise an eyebrow, she had not imagined the warrior girl to have a hint of an understanding to seduction.

“So if you want a passion that equals your own...” Allisia proceeded, now climbing unto the steel table; “...then let us ravish each other like our inner spirits tells us; the adrenaline in battle, the rush of yours to have!”

By that, Allisia unlocked the shackles over Hiroi’s waist and arms, the heavy steel swinging down to the left and right sides of the table; seeing herself with no other alternative, Hiroi quickly got hold of Allisia, pinning her down unto her stomach by pressing her legs and boots against the warrior girl’s back.

“Hah! You’ll never even get my suit off, missy! I’m the one that fuck girls on a daily basis, baby!” Hiroi taunted, smiling as she thought Allisia to have long given up.

“ what you believe...!” Allisia now reappeared, Hiroi suddenly feeling the warrior girl grabbing her jacket and vest with a force unknown to Hiroi; as Allisia got a better hold, she suddenly stopped up and asked Hiroi; “I take it you have spare suits like this one?”

“Why, sure; why’d you wanna ask tha...-“ Hiroi asked confused, only to see her vest and jacket being forcibly removed from her by a single pull from the warrior girl; as it fell to the floor, Allisia’s hand were now heading straight for underneath Hiroi’s leather pants.

“WA-A-A-ARGH! WHAT IN THE FUCK?! ARGH! You sick bitch!!! I’m gonna fu-...!” Hiroi now bolted up, trying to wiggle herself loose from the shackles that still held her arms; however, another sudden and raw kiss from Allisia surprised herself as it kept her down, finding herself moaning in enjoyment.

“You speak of this ‘fucking’ as if it is something bad; very well...” Allisia said, now focused on Hiroi’s breasts; “let us see how bad a former knight can be to a little rogue like yourself!”

“I can’t believe this; Allisia, our virtuous Allisia...” Minyoki smiled with her mouth agape, her little sister Chinyi finishing the sentence with a wink at her sister; “...molesting the greatest, skirt-chasing brat since Mirinda arrived at the manor?”

“Oh, have no worries there, little Chinyi; I still hold the mantle as Grand Mistress of Bondage!” Mirinda assured, feeling herself delighted at seeing the long-time, foul-mouthed Hiroi being taught a lesson.

“You just made that title up, right?” Shica teased Mirinda, sitting besides Jiraz and watching the show; as it was but natural to them, they helped each other masturbate at it, imagining it to be themselves.

“So, Hiroi...” Allisia now whispered, climbing slightly down from Hiroi; “...what will make you feel good? Aside from your coming molesting, that is.”

“I don’t wanna...!” Hiroi started out, but the solid steel shackles told her otherwise; sighing she gave Allisia a rather sarcastic smile; “if you wanna play seductress, you gotta figure out a real nice idea to molest me in!”

Allisia stepped down from the table, standing besides it in deep thoughts; however, after a few seconds, she snapped her fingers, an idea coming to her mind.

“What in the fuck?! Is this your idea of-...!” Hiroi now barked out as she hang from the ceiling in a lowered rope; tightened around her were dozens of other ropes, several knots tied here and there on them; as Allisia placed a black cloth as blindfold over Hiroi’s eyes, the barking biker girl somehow ceased her yelling and began smiling.

“So you’re gonna try bondage! Damn it, silly, I’ve seen it dozens of times before!” she taunted, Allisia merely sending an evil smile at the blindfolded girl.

“Yes, but remember; you cannot see anything, which gives me an advantage...” she partly chuckled, receiving an object from one of the robed and hooded girls; “...first, I’m going to play tag with your senses; after that, I shall ravish you.”

“Hey! You can’t do that! Uhmm...wha-what about all your knightly honour crap?!” Hiroi now asked, Allisia enjoying her panicking voice.

“I do still have my honour as a knight, but you have your sins to pay for, miss Hiroi; the molesting, though in the end not evil-minded, of dozens of innocent girls stains your soul, and I ought to clean it.”

“I only did what I thought they’d wanna do! You can’t blame me for them being horny and in need of fu-...!” Hiroi now barked out again, but soon heard the clicking sound of the lights being turned off.

“My ladies and girls; tonight, we shall witness as Hiroi’s virtue is taken by the hand of our topmost elite warrior, Allisia” Narrisha announced comfortably from her throne, the girls chuckling in expectation; Allisia, on the other hand, felt a warmth in her heart at the encouraging word ‘elite warrior’; how she truly appreciated it...

However, Shica and Jiraz looked rather more bored.

“This is gonna take a...a...a...a-a-a-a-ag-ages...” Jiraz yawned as silently as she could; while looking forward to Hiroi’s molesting, she was nearly over-eager to show off to the Nightwind girls how she would molest her girlfriend.

“Take it easy, Jiraz; you can always learn something new” Shica said, patting Jiraz on the head and her right wing; the demon girl purred happily, thinking about all her possibilities with Shica.

“Honey, I’ve got over 11 ways to make you yell out in complete bliss even before I get to fuck you for real” Jiraz informed, making Shica chuckle silently as Chinyi, standing not two meters from them, could not help but giggle.

“So you refuse giving over the dominant role? You deny yourself the pleasures these girls can give you, yourself? And you would rather play the dominatrix card than to allow them to ravish you?” Allisia asked as she was slowly stroking Hiroi’s left breast, not able but to feel amused and smile as she began to play around with the nipple as it extended.

“I’m...I just don’t wanna go down without a fight! FUCK! Will you...urgh, you fucking bitch! I’ll kick your ass for this, you-...!” Hiroi began barking out, but soon found a soft hand to touch her chin.

“Hiroi, there is no shame or dishonour in thinking of yourself and your own desires; tell me...” Allisia spoke, feeling a little pity with her captive; “...what desire burns strongest in your heart? Which kind of thing would you like mostly to be done to you?”

“’s none of your damn business, you-...!” Hiroi snarled, but surrendered her verbal attacks, sighed and let out with a small sob; “...pirates; I’d want my fucking virginity taken by a bunch of pirate whores fucking my pussy until it bleeds.”

As Hiroi sobbed, Allisia moved in closer, caressing her face and whipping off the tears with her thumbs.

“There, there, Hiroi; it’s not shameful at all; anyone saying that it is are but a dishonest liar...” Allisia assured Hiroi, who merely sniffed, yet began to smile a bit.

“ you know...I'm not a whore, now?” she asked; although she was grateful for Allisia’s support, she knew a part of her told her that she should seize the chance and have the warrior girl be the one to rid her of her virginity.

“You speak of pirate girls, I understand; I see it only fair to let you have a look” Allisia said, Hiroi hearing a hint of a tease in her voice; as she felt Allisia remove the blindfold, she opened her eyes fully, her sight getting better as the light returned to a sight she could feel her loins react very pleasantly to:

In front of her, having dropped the robes, Innoki, Faris, Narrisha and Christy stood in front of her, all of them dressed as pirate girls, including swashbuckler shirts, tight brown leather skirts and thigh-high boots, as well as, in Faris’ case, a black leather eye-patch.

“You girlies gotta be fucking with me...” Hiroi said as she smilingly found her fetish standing not a meter from her; behind her, as she turned her head, Allisia was equally clad in the brown leather attire, with the addition of a brown leather belt in which there hang...

“This is gonna get messy, isn’t it?” Hiroi joked as she noticed a black leather strap-on dangling from Allisia’s belt.

“I shall be as careful as I can, Hiroi; just don’t you move...” Allisia smirked at her, Hiroi now feeling the rough, brown leather gloves Allisia wore fondle and grope on her breasts; as it was only slightly painful, Hiroi enjoyed herself as the other girls openly started to move themselves closer to her, Faris even lifting up her skirt right in Hiroi’s face, Hiroi discovering that Faris, or as she guessed neither of the other girls, wore anything underneath.

“Take it in, you bitch! Don’t tell me you don’t like the taste of fresh pussy!” Faris now yelped at her as she stuffed her vagina into Hiroi’s mouth, catching her off-guard as she smacked her lips around Faris’ g-spot.

“Oh, ye-e-e-eah...uhmmm, that’s so go-o-o-o-od...” Faris moaned she the other girls began molesting her; Christy from behind on her breasts through the thin shirt, and Narrisha as she snuck underneath her, laying down and masturbating as she looked up towards the now dripping Faris.

“Hiroi...” Innoki now moved in on her, making Hiroi remember something through all the haze that was her fetish scenario.

“Innoki, I’m...I’m sorry I just busted in and began fucking you; it’s OK if you’re mad at me...” Hiroi said as Faris took a break from stuffing her dripping vagina into her mouth; she sat herself down and began scissoring Narrisha, while Christy stuffed her head down in between them and licked with all the eagerness she could muster, all the while openly masturbating with her free hands.

“It’s alright, Hiroi...” Innoki said and stroke Hiroi’s hair; feeling thankful, Hiroi felt a sudden, minor pain as she felt her hair being pulled.

“...But now it’s my turn to drive you crazy!” Innoki smiled at Hiroi as if it was the most natural thing in the world; she drove Hiroi’s head towards her breasts, trapping it there.

“What in the fuck?? Innoki, you’ve seriously got some big tits in here!” Hiroi’s mumbled voice replied happily from beneath Innoki’s breasts, making her chuckle; behind them, though, Allisia approached with the strap-on, the thin instrument now lightly touching Hiroi’s womanhood.

“Hey! This...this is...oh, Gods! Just do me, already!” Hiroi mumbled from her ‘prison’, surrendering her fear of strap-ons; after all, it was what was attached to the other end of the strap-on she had found herself concerned about; however, in this case, Allisia was, should and would be the one to ravish Hiroi’s virginity from her.

“Forgive my inexperience” Allisia simply said, hiding a dominative grin as she was encouraged by the girls cheering around them, to stick the strap-on slowly into Hiroi’s womanhood.

“Uhmm! Uhmmm...!” was all the breast-stuck Hiroi could mumble; however, Innoki now pulled back herself, her breasts included, and presented her own womanhood to Hiroi.

“Here’s something to quell the ‘pain’” she winked at Hiroi, who was not late to extend her tongue and slurp eagerly on Innoki’s vagina, the brown-haired girl letting out a happy shriek.

“I doubt I ought to press any harder...” Allisia said, uncertainly pausing from her thrusting of the strap-on into Hiroi’s womanhood.

“No, don’t stop it, silly; you got to keep up a steady pace, so don’t give her any breaks yet” Mirinda informed from the circle of girls around them.

“She’s right, ye know? kinda feels good...” Hiroi now looked over her shoulder, sending Allisia a wink followed by a teasing smile; “you’re the warrior girl; where’s all your strength got to?”

“If that’s supposed to be a taunt, you’re really aiming your arrow in the wrong direction” Allisia smirked, putting more effort into her thrusting.

“Ouch! H-hey, that’s my! My pussy’s not a blender,, no don’t you...oh nohohohohoh...!” Hiroi began exclaiming as Allisia now used a technique she had once seen Siriki use on Chinyi; she simply tickled Hiroi, resulting in her moving even more wildly about in the ropes, laughing hysterically.

“This...this is just too good...pirate babes, bondage...getting fucked by a hot action babe...just too good...for fuck’s sake...!” Hiroi now wailed out as she kept smiling broadly and laughing in delight, glad that her fears were now long gone, and that she could enjoy being the submissive for once.

“Light of the Nijar! Hiroi, you’re...” Allisia suddenly exclaimed, followed by a slight giggle from her and the rather excited Innoki; underneath Hiroi, her horniness for the situation had visualized has the fluids dripped from her womanhood in a steady stream.

Meanwhile, down on the floor, Christy enjoyed herself by slurping over and over on both Narrisha and Faris’ nipples, hoping to cause their climax that way.

“It’s just great to cum, isn’t it? It feels so hot that you wanna cum over and over again, right little Faris?” Narrisha teased the redhead, getting an outstretched tongue in reply as Faris let out a shriek as she came; as she nearly rolled over Christy, the blonde were quick to leap upon Faris like a primal predator, slurping on Faris’ vagina as the love fluids still flowed out.

“Hey! Leave some for your mistress!” Narrisha now laughed, playfully tackled Christy, jumping on her from behind and molested her as the now giggling blonde turned her head around, tongue-kissing Narrisha.

“Oh...oh, my Gods! Yeah! Oh! Yeah! I’M GONNA...I’M GONNA....FUCK!” Hiroi was still yelling from her position in the knotted ropes as Allisia’s thrusting of the strap-on into Hiroi’s womanhood, blue-haired girl’s orgasm only seconds away by the looks of the dripping fluids flowing from her vagina along with a little blood, a sign telling Allisia that her work was done.

“Now, my dear little Hiroi...” Allisia said as she slowly removed the strap-on, causing Hiroi to tighten her legs around herself, moaning nearly as loudly as Innoki in front of her.

“Now be a nice girl and let yourself go” Allisia said she slowly helped Hiroi out of the ropes, the marks from the knots sitting almost anywhere of her body.

“Oh...oh, no! Allisia, keep it up! I’m...I’m gonna cum...right into their fuck-hungry mouths...!” Hiroi pleaded, yet she now felt the strap-on once again enter her womanhood as Allisia lay herself down in a relaxed position on the floor, folding her arms over her head, and smilingly began thrusting the strap-on into the now sitting Hiroi.

“So good! Such a good fuck! More! MORE! GIMME MORE!” Hiroi now yelled out as she reached out for Innoki’s skirt, catching it and dragging her to the floor, Innoki’s evil smile and laugh even turning Hiroi on.

“I’ve hunted and fucked you all so long! C’MON, GIRLS! REURN THE FAVOUR! C’MON, FUCK ME-E-E-E!” Hiroi now shrieked, seeing all the cosplaying pirate girls move towards her on crawling hands, eagerly slurping at the sight of Hiroi.

“ can’t...!” Hiroi now looked down and noticed a smaller puddle of her cum; seeing this, she did not believe she had survived being this horny.

“Oh, Hiroi-i-i-i-i...” a teasing noise was now heard from behind the crawling girls; as they stepped forward, Siriki and Chinyi had cosplayed as nurses, eagerly fingering each other and sending teasing smiles to Hiroi.

“Uhmmm...Hiroi, can we fuck you? You’d really love some warm little boobies and clits all over you, right?” Siriki now provoked, moving ever so closer to Hiroi, who used all her mental strength to maintain her grip on both sanity and reality.

“Uhmm, miss Siriki, this feels really good...” Chinyi now played along as Siriki and her stood grinningly up on each side of Hiroi, their kisses drooling down on her breasts as they stripped each other of their shirts, pressing their bouncing breasts together.

“OH MY GO-O-O-O-ODS-S-S-S-S!!!” Hiroi now yelled out her loudest scream as of yet, finally cumming as Allisia had seized the opportunity for Hiroi to have all her fetishes all around her.

“FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! OH, KEEP FUCKING, GIRLS! FUCK EACH OTHER! LICK EACH OTHER’S CLITS! DROOL ON EACH OTHER’S BOOBIES! MAKE ME CU-U-U-U-UM!” Hiroi wailed as she now felt her orgasm gushing out; however, as she had been licking Hiroi’s vagina all the while it was stuck on the strap-on, Innoki received a minor tidal wave of Hiroi’s cum, her face now covered with it as she smilingly began licking it off.

“Ah-h-h-h, first-time lesbian fucking; it always warms my heart...” Shica said dramatically, Jiraz giggling at the joke.

“Not too bad, that Hiroi girl; I’ll bet she’s surely over going about and molesting girls at random now” Jiraz chuckled, the hint of sarcasm all too obvious for Shica.

“Now, honey...” Shica said as she folded her arms around Jiraz’s neck, looking seductively and smilingly into her girlfriend’s eyes; “...I wonder if we’re up next; wanna really give them a show?”

“Shica, you know me; with you, I could go on for days...” Jiraz replied, exchanging a giggle with her girlfriend followed by a short, yet fiery kiss.

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