Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter I - The Maiden of the Night

[Author's notes: ATTENTION: Tales of Darkness (ToD), its universe and scenarios are Copyright (CR) and Trademark (TM) of me, Rhanar Narra-Jar, including character designs, locations, setup and events.
Any other events and characters (Rumble Roses, Lightning Warrior Raidy, Soul Calibur 4, Kannazuki No Miko, etc) are Copyright of their individual owners.


One of the things that most people cannot stand; ruling an isolated manor is difficult enough already, but the paperwork, budget and bills behind it was about as interesting as watching grass rot.

So was the thoughts of Narrisha Nightwind, ruler of Nightwind Manor; thick sheets of papers and a quill lay on her desk, and she let herself fall back into her chair; if she could not gather energy to read as much as footnote more; she would faint or pass out if she tried.

“Gods, I’m gonna be long buried by a group of fanatics before this is over...!” she sourly mumbled; deciding to leave her duties for the rest of the day, she stood up, walking towards the door, when she suddenly heard a noise from a dark corner near the fireplace.

“Mistress Narrisha, are you tired? You seem rather upset” a sweet voice of a girl dressed in a maid uniform stepped out from the shadows, a worried look in her eyes.

Narrisha smiled broadly at the girl; she had completely forgotten all about her trusty maids, the girls she adored, trusted, loved...and made love to.

At that last thought, Narrisha giggled at the girl, stepping closer; she felt like messing a little around, and the sweet little pink-haired girl in front of her looked so tempting to have fun with.

However, she knew that the girl was only playing innocent; in fact, Narrisha still remembered that a couple of days ago, the maid had jumped on her just as she was about to go to bed; what followed was one of Narrisha’s greatest experiences, as the girl proved very funny to play around with.

“I’m just a little rusty; running a place like this takes a great deal of your time” Narrisha assured as she stepped even closer; as the maid sent her a nervous smile, she backed a little away.

“What’s the matter? Afraid that I might do, sa-a-a-ay...this?” Narrisha chuckled as she jumped towards the maid, making her let out a shriek as she tried and run for it.

“Forget it, sweetie! The door’s locked!” Narrisha laughed as she chased the screaming maid; however, as she was about to trip over a small chair, Narrisha quickly flung it away with her Mystic Magic, making it to catch the maid by her breasts, a point she always aimed for.

“Nya-a-a-a-ah! Lemme go, mistress! I’ve done nothing wrong!” the girl moaned as Narrisha’s finger tips reached under her outfit and towards her bra.

“Hih Hih! Naughty girl! You 'have' done something wrong...” Narrisha cooed as the maid turned her head with a smile as she let her head rest on Narrisha’s shoulder.

“You’ve been so sexy-looking that you ought to be punished!” Narrisha teased, pinching the maid’s nipple under her outfit.

“No-o-oh! Don’t get me turned on; I’ll soil my uniform!” she still shrieked innocently.

“Let me handle that!” Narrisha winked playfully at the maid as she began unbuttoning her outfit; as her plump breasts bounced out, Narrisha let out a horny moan, barely able to resist the soft, marshmallow-like boobies she loved so much.

"NO! Don't get me so horny! No! N-o-o-oh!" the maid shrieked, really just wanting to scream out the sexual pleasure her mistress gave her.

"Hihihihihih! Why is that you yell no when you really mean yes? Hihihih!" Narrisha giggled at her, the girl returning it.

"You're so bad, mistress! I'm just an innocent little girl!" she smiled.

"Yeah, right, Chinyi; an 'innocent' girl who's about as wet as a breaking dam! I know I'm turning you on; I know you want it!" Narrisha teased.

“Mistress...” Chinyi began, her innocent voice having gotten a seductive undertone; “...lemme help you off those!”

Before Narrisha wanted to react, the maid flew herself over her, opening Narrisha’s leather vest and pulling down her skirt.

“Wha-a-ah! That’s it! Cat fight!” Narrisha laughed as she and the maid began to rip off each others’ clothes under wild and playful shrieks.

After a few minutes of playful wrestling, Chinyi had the vampire girl pinned down by her arms, her stockings, high-heeled boots and gloves the only remaining clothes she wore; Chinyi herself chuckled as she removed her gloves, now sitting atop Narrisha and humping her.

“Oh! Why, you little...!” Narrisha laughed and cheered as Chinyi continuously verbed her breasts and rubbed her head all over Narrisha.

“I’m pretty lucky to have such a horny mistress” she teased, truthfully meaning it; her own, as well as the other maids’ desires and lusts, where simply and clearly each other, and Narrisha, which the vampire girl had understood and delighted in dozens of times, was more than merely happy that she was one of most of the maids’ desires and daydreams.

Chinyi now quit her playing with Narrisha’s breasts, and crawled up behind her, licking her neck and teasingly nipping it, while she massaged the inner of Narrisha’s thighs.

Chinyi sighed happily; how she loved to please her mistress in all possible ways, this one in particular; a couple of days earlier, Lady Narrisha had made her feel so good that she had attracted the entire manor’s attention as she had been yelling her climax out.

It had been embarrassing at start, but Narrisha had her ways of dealing with somewhat jealous maids, and had let them all have a turn.

As Chinyi and Narrisha were fooling around, a younger maid stood by the keyhole of the door and watched, glad that the corridor she stood in was abandoned.

“Mistress...” was all that her light, young, yet utmost hot voice could say; as she was playing with herself watching her mistress and a fellow maid having sex, she felt the need to go down on them both raising.

Apparently the two in the room must had heard her moaning, for suddenly a small glow of blue light appeared in the keyhole, making the maid back away as the door unlocked.

“Enjoying the show, Gloris?” Narrisha smilingly joked, just before she was firmly pulled down again towards Chinyi’s waiting nether lips as she smiled broadly and teasingly at Gloris; Chinyi simply chuckled, and teasingly stuck out her tongue at Gloris.

As she tried and mumble an apologise, but as she lacked the words, Gloris walked through the door and threw the excuse to the side and went head on in, determined to teach her slutty mistress a lesson in real pleasure.

As the three girls began messing around, Narrisha at a time rose up from the bed, heading for her drawers and returned with a dildo in each hand.

As Narrisha smiled, Chinyi and Gloris eagerly and chuckling inserted the dildos into their themselves, while Chinyi now inserted the other end in Narrisha’s womanhood, and Gloris sat down, playing with the dildo as she watched her mistress.

Narrisha could do nothing but laugh and coo in delight; she held her hand to her head, wildly letting it comb through her hair, placing it over her right eye all let her drooling smiled be revealed, making suggestive gestures as she was molested.

Meanwhile, Gloris seemed to have been turned on enough, as she let out a small moan, suddenly appeared behind Chinyi, thrusting dildo into her womanhood, making her let out a horny cry as she was both molesting and being molested.

At the sight of the two horny maids, Narrisha laughed with all her rather pleased heart; as she was known to be a masochist, she could hold on longer then the maids...

Or maybe not...

“A-a-a-a-a-argh! Oh, yeah! Umm, this feels so good to my pussy! Please my pussy, you naughty girls! Hih! Hih! Hih!” Narrisha laughed as the maids now each licked one of her breasts and fingered her; she felt like cumming any moment, seeing the pearl-white fluid slowly squirting and flowing from her pussy.

“Oh, Gods...! I’m about to cum!” she shrieked.
“Mistress, do us, too!” Gloris said between her moans, as she now sat up in front of Narrisha, still fingering her, while Narrisha returned the favour.

“Mistres-s-s-s-s! pussy! I feels so go-o-od!” Chinyi shrieked, hers and Gloris’ drool falling on the blanket.

“Oh, I got you excited, huh?” Narrisha smiled, stopping for a moment.

“Girls, I really love to screw you a bit” Narrisha said lovingly, stroking both their hair; despite their growing sexual lust for their mistress, the maids still managed to purr lovingly back.

“So: You want me to end this?” Narrisha asked.

“Oh...yes, mistress! Do away with me!” Chinyi, raising her butt into the air, fingering her pussy right in front of the excited Narrisha, Gloris now joining in with equal eagerness.

“How tempting; such a sweet, cute little clit, and well shaved, too” Narrisha said happily; “but a mistress should have a reason to punish her servants, right?”

“I...I forgot to polish the coat-of-arms shield, mistress!” Gloris quickly and perplexed invented, willing to say anything to make her mistress please her.

“And I didn’t clean the toilets yet!” Gloris added in a hurry.

Narrisha laughed at the creative excuses, her happy laughing now turning the maids even more on at the thought of their mistress’ usual love-making; despite that it was only yesterday they were ‘punished’ last, it felt like an eternity to them.

“Oh! You bad, bad girls! Alright, then...” Narrisha chuckled, holding her hand into the air; using Mystic Magic, she conjured her own riding crop-like whip, letting it caress the maids’ butts.

"You want it this way, right! Tell me you want it!" Narrisha let out an evil grin, the maids knowing her enough to tell that she was going dominatrix on them.

"Oh! Oh, yeah, mistress! Punish! Punish us more! We're getting so fucking we-e-e-et!" Chinyi yelled out, feeling her pussy nearly overflowing from the stimulating pain from Narrisha's whip.

"That's how I like it, girls!" Narrisha cheered, swinging the whip more heavily.

“Let me see you kiss each other, first!” Narrisha cooed; the maids were not late to comply, and even enjoyed it as they kissed; meanwhile, Narrisha could not help but smile as she fingered herself, getting turned on by the kissing maids.

"Uhmm, this leather feels so tight...and so good..." she moaned at herself.

"Mistress, you look gorgeous!" Gloris giggled silently as she knew it was not a lie; Narrisha looked really hot in her dominatrix leather outfit, in fact so hot that she looked just as much forward to return the favour as she looked forward to be finished off.

“Oh, isn’t that cute?” Narrisha said, her eyes closed and her hands folded and leaning the left side of her head like another fangirl.

“OK, my little lovebirds! It’s time to make you pay for the lack of work!” she evilly smiled, and that smile let to quite some shrieks of lust and anticipation from the maids, who could not but let out small amounts of cum.

“Hey, you wanna do it naughty, huh? Okay!” Narrisha smiled evilly at her maids as she stroke a seducing pose by brushing a bit of her hair of her face, biting slightly in her whip and licking it suggestively as she raised it; “let the punishment begin!”

As she smacked away at the maids’ butts, they howled in lust and kissed each other, not able but to smile broadly at this kinky, sexual situation...and the fact that it was so good to them.

“Mistress-s-s-s-s! Oh, dear Shinris! PUNISH ME-E-E-E!” Chinyi yelled out in ecstasy; as Gloris watched, feeling herself about to cum, Narrisha stopped smacking.

“I’ll get to you in a moment” she winked at Gloris, now putting the whip down, sitting behind the Gloris, and humping her and sliding her bared clit all over the maid’s back.

“Oh, you wanna feel it like this? Having your mistress hump you, you sweet little hottie?” Narrisha teasingly napped her earflap, grabbing and molesting her breasts.

“OH...OH YE-E-E-E-EAH!!!” Chinyi shrieked as she came with a force that even Narrisha was impressed by.

“Wow, talk about being turned on...” Narrisha nodded satisfied, seeing the lower part of her boots covered with Chinyi’s cum.

“Rest a bit while I deal with Gloris” Narrisha patted the Chinyi’s head gently, as she now sneaked over to Gloris; during Narrisha’s screwing of Chinyi, she had dropped her panties and opened her uniform, and was masturbating, now only to open her eyes and watch Narrisha’s teasing face in front of her.

“If you aren’t horny...!” Narrisha laughed, the girl obviously blushing; “I’m gonna get you for that! Ra-a-awr!”

And so she knelt down, her legs to each side of Gloris’ arms, while she began pinching her nipples and press her breasts together forcefully.

“NIYA-A-A-A-AH! Mistress! It’s good! Pinch them! Pinch them hard!” Gloris now shrieked, losing herself in her lust for her mistress, looking sexually overjoyed at her.

“You gals are very good; you got me so turned on” Narrisha smiled, feeling her pussy getting wet at molesting the girl’s breasts; “when I’m done, I’ll let you have a taste!”

Hearing that, Gloris underneath Narrisha let out a long wail as she came, not even caring that her cum hit the blankets in a small puddle; she jumped up, bend Narrisha over, Chinyi grabbing a dildo and joining in.

“Hey, easy the-...hey, what the....?” Narrisha asked, surprised as Chinyi behind her screwed her with the dildo, while Gloris in front stuffed her pussy into Narrisha’s face; eager as she was, Narrisha slurped on her pussy, enjoying the soft moans and wild screams the girl let out.

“Mistress, it’s so do away...with you...!” Chinyi panted between her thrusts into Narrisha; happy, she quit her licking of Gloris’ pussy, and instead covered it with her whole mouth, sucking and sucking as the maid wildly rubbed her own breasts, shaking her head so that her long, black hair looked like a fluid wave.

“Let you, too...” Chinyi behind Narrisha moaned, leaning against Gloris in front of her, forcibly sucking on her breasts and nipples.
Narrisha smiled; this was going to be an entertaining a splendid evening...

After a while, the maids were smilingly crawling their way under Narrisha’s bed, carrying their rather messy uniforms under their arms, leaving Narrisha patiently waiting for her next ‘guest’ of the evening in her office.
As they hid, getting into the outfits Narrisha had given them, consisting of a tight corset, thigh-high boots and gloves of black leather.

However, as Narrisha were smilingly pretending to sleep, she heard a weak knocking on the door, stood up and threw a long, black cloak around her shoulders, locking the silvery bottom at its top.

As she reached the door and opened, she saw her Night Guard Captain standing right outside, a confused look on her face; she was one of the most ‘skilled’ girls under Narrisha’s command of the Night Guard, thus its captain, and her semi-square glasses made her look rather helpless, but Narrisha knew her skills with a rapier.

“Ca-can I come, mistress...?” the captain almost begged, Narrisha smiling at her, letting her in and gesturing her to sit down in the chair in front of Narrisha’s desk.

“Care for some water? I was just about to have some?” Narrisha half-lied, the captain just nodding; in her mind, though, it was like a storm of mental images and thoughts:

Ever since her arrival at the Nightwind Manor, she had secretly been desiring her mistress’ lovemaking with a so powerful lust that she had even forced herself to a picture of Narrisha from a maid, promising her molesting if she denied.

She knew how she would be disrespected and laughed at by her fellow Night Guards, so she had always hidden her desire until the middle of night, where she used her pillow to block her mouth in order not to let a single moan or word out...

...And what a noise it would make if it ever got out of the room...

“Faris? Who-hoh, Captain Faris of the Night Guard! Wakey! Wakey!” Narrisha teased her a bit by waving her hand in front of Faris’ face, as the captain suddenly came back to the living world with a sudden shake of her head.

“So-sorry, mistress! I was just, uhmm...I...” she tried and explain, making Narrisha giggle at her; unknown to her, just about anything of her, all from her laughing to her body turned Faris on, and seeing her mistress with only a cloak over her did not help her overwhelm her lustful thoughts it at all.

“OK, OK, let’s get serious; is something wrong? You look like you have a fever or something...” Narrisha asked, a hint of a smile on her lips; she knew that Faris had been desiring her, but as ‘cruel’ as she was, she had let her Shade captain wait until she was willing to admit it.

“Let me see, is the water bad? It’s right from the nearby lake, mind you” Narrisha now acted as if checking Faris’ cup of water, while she was mentally chuckling as she let Faris get a look at her breasts.
Faris snapped for air like a fish to regain her senses.

She felt uncomfortable in her tight black leather bodysuit, her glasses kept sliding down her nose from the sweat that was dripping from her forehead, and her shoulder-long red hair fell down from under her black leather cap in messy drips.

“Girlie, listen” Narrisha now said, leaning so far over her desk that her nose touched Faris’, laughing slightly at her; “the game’s over; I know that I’ve been running around in that silly little head of yours, so no hard feelings, OK?”

By that, Narrisha rose up, walking towards her bedroom; dead confused, Faris followed, her skirt suddenly seeming very uncomfortable, and her boots just dragged behind her.

“So...” Narrisha said as she suddenly appeared behind the door as Faris walked in, jumping out and in a swift movement, she locked the door, leaving the key in; she walked to her bed, tore the cloak off, and lay down on the bed, beginning to play with herself in all her naked beauty.

“Whatcha waiting for, Faris? Please take me! I’m so young and innocent...!” Narrisha made a silly imitation of being really innocent.

Faris’ mind simply snapped; all her resistance, the repeating of her soldiers’ drills, her training with them; they all simply turned into Narrisha, and now her mistress were laying on her bed, wanting Faris to make love to her?

Faris shrieked as her desires broke loose of the weak prison that was her self-control; she threw over Narrisha, who had serious second thoughts as to invite Faris with a horny smile on her drooling lips.

“MISTRES-S-S-S-S-S! Oh, I want to fuck you so badly! Molest you! Let me fuck you, Narrisha! I wanna be with you tonight!” Faris yelled out as she tore her own skirt of, unbuttoning her trench coat, and slurping on Narrisha’s nipples with a desire that even Narrisha admired, making her smile happily:

If there was something better then a happy girl, it was a happy and really horny girl on her way to fuck her.

“Damn, how it bumps!” one of the maids were chuckling under the bed, waiting for Narrisha’s signal; as Faris were yelling her lungs out in lust and desire for Narrisha, it was like speaking in an overcrowded market square.

“Just wait until Narrisha gives the signal” the other maid made a kinky wink at her, causing them both the mentally drool at what they were about to do...

On the bed, Faris was laying besides Narrisha, panting in exhaustion from her molesting; while Narrisha had been most pleased, Faris’ pleasing of her had been so forceful that it had taken most of her energy; now laying with drool from her mouth and a hungry look at Narrisha, Faris’ eyes were still ablaze with lust.

“So you’re really into it, huh?” Narrisha teasingly asked, holding a hand into the air; as a small orb of Mystic Magic formed, it turned oblong, finally revealing a strap-on.

“Go ahead; don’t get shy now” Narrisha now surprised Faris as she put the strap-on on the exhausted girl, who could not help but feel incredibly excited.

“Mi-mistress Narrisha; I want to...!” she whispered hotly, kissing Narrisha, their tongues teasing each other, licking all around their mouths and inside them.

“Mistress! Mistress Narrisha! I need you!” Faris now exclaimed, jumping on top of Narrisha, spreading her legs and pushing the strap-on into Narrisha’s pussy.

Narrisha shrieked joyfully, continuing hers and Faris’ passionate kissing as Narrisha got hold of Faris’ arm to support herself, as Faris began molesting her breasts; as she both humped and screwed Narrisha, she found herself to truly like this:

No matter if she was a pervert, she was at least glad that her mistress liked it as much as herself.

“I can barely wait any longer! I wanna join in!” one of the maids sourly sat impatient under the bed.

“I hope Mistress Narrisha will call on us soon” the other maid sighed, bored by the waiting; however, Narrisha’s signal, a wolf-like howl, now sounded from the bed above, the two maids chuckling happily as they ‘attacked’.

“SURPRI-I-I-ISE!” they yelled as the appeared on each sight of the bed, grabbing both Narrisha and Faris from behind.

“Wha-what’s going on?! Release me, you sluts!” Faris yelled in a mix of surprise, excitement and anger at being interrupted; as she looked in front of her, Narrisha was yelling out lustfully as Chinyi put her strap-on into Narrisha from behind her, Faris feeling Gloris do the same to herself.

“Exciting, isn’t it?” Narrisha smiled at her as Faris now let out a moan as the strap-on went into her; looking at Narrisha, the maids and herself, she finally got the idea, and began laughing.

“Hih! Hih! Hih! You arranged all this?” she asked Narrisha, delighted that her mistress had been playing her little game with her.

“Hey, I’m a vampire; I'm kind of a natural expert in horny girls and their lustful fantasies, mind you” Narrisha teased her, making Faris lean towards her head.

“Alright, missy...” Faris said with a challenging smile; “let’s see how you like this!”

By that, she began kissing Narrisha, loving to see her mistress’ breasts and horny body move so fast due to Gloris screwing her from behind; she had to admit two things, though:

This ‘game’ was seriously awesome, and the two maids were dead cute in their leather corsets, boots, gloves and strap-ons; the strap-ons seemed to penetrate themselves, as well, due to their heavy panting and moaning.

“You enjoying this, little Faris?” Narrisha now smiled as the maid behind her had grabbed her arms, forcing them behind to go screw her harder; as Faris felt the same behind her, she felt a quake of excitement running all the way down from her spine to her boots.

“Oh-h-h-h; mistress, girls...just fuck me like crazy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my senses blind!” she yelled out as the maids smiled to each other at their mistress and the guard captain’s moaning.

“Girls, after this...” Narrisha partly joked; “you’re gonna get a big pay raise!”

The maids laughed; they believed Narrisha, but the joke in itself was really funny.

“Mistress, can I fuck one of them after this?” Faris hotly asked.

“Sure, if they don’t mind” Narrisha said, the maids looking eagerly at Faris.

As the game went on, Faris ended up busy playing with the maids, finding them to be rather playful; as soon as she got her head between one of their breasts, the other jumped up from behind, tickled her and verbed her breasts.

“N-nohohohoh! It tickles!” she could barely utter as Gloris now joined in, ending up with them all tickling each other.

“A-a-a-ah, if this isn’t cute” Narrisha sighed pleasantly, sitting at the other end of the bed, watching the girls play with each other.

“Miss Faris, sex is supposed to be fun as well...” Chinyi mentioned as she let her tongue down Faris’ neck, making her moan.

“...And I’d say this is pretty funny!” the Gloris smiled, cupping and verbing Faris’ breasts, hotly kissing her and the other maid.

“And now, for the grand finale!” Chinyi chuckled, pinching Faris down on the bed, Gloris placing herself above Faris’ head, letting her lick her pussy.

“Oh? What the...??” Faris suddenly moaned as the other maid lay herself down, letting the tip of her boot touch Faris’ pussy.

“I taught them that, Faris; it’s a real good way to finish of such bad girls as you!” Narrisha smiled from the other end of the bed, her smile broadening as she began masturbating at the really hot sex scene before, as her leather-clad maids used one of her own best techniques.

“Oh! Mistress Narrisha, we forgot something” Gloris suddenly said.

“What’s that?” Narrisha asked; Gloris sent her a suggestive smile, closed her eyes and acted like tying something around them.

“Ah! I see” Narrisha chuckled, concentrating her Mystic Magic as she conjured a long piece of black blindfold.

“What the...?!” Faris exclaimed Gloris began twisting the blindfold around her eyes.

“I’ve proven myself that being blindfolded makes you feel even better” Narrisha chuckled kinkily; “as for your mouth...”

“...Then I’ll keep that busy while we finish toe-fucking you” Gloris teased above Faris as the blindfold now completely covered her eyes; she could not see a thing, and the excitement of feeling her other senses grow stronger had the side-effect that she almost felt double the pleasure the maids gave her.

“OH! Oh, dear Shinris...! Uhmmm! Oh, yeah! Good girlies! Good girlies! Make me cum!” Faris now exclaimed as Chinyi rubbed the toe-tip of her boot into her pussy, feeling the warm, black leather explore her womanhood, while Gloris above Faris’ head enjoyed herself as Faris tongue-fucked her.

“Hih! Hih! Hih! That’s what I like to see, girls! But I think I’d better...” Narrisha chuckled, moving towards the maids; as they stopped for a moment, Narrisha leaned over Faris, and slowly let Faris notice the presence of her gloved hand hovering above her mouth; as she licked it, she could clearly taste Narrisha’s cum.

“You girls make me so wet; it’s so good watching you fuck each other...” Narrisha now deviously chuckled; “...that I feel like joining in!”

By that, she giggled and moved herself behind Chinyi, who was sitting in front of Faris, placing herself halfway below her, letting Chinyi’s head rest on her chest, Narrisha’s breasts used as pillows.

“You know what’d be really mean now?” Narrisha teased Chinyi with light kisses on her neck.
“N-no...” she stammered from the excitement.

“Well, it’s your lucky day, ‘cause I feel like a really bad girl!” Narrisha teased, now moving herself fully through the maid’s legs, her head ending up under the maid’s legs, licked her bared pussy, while Narrisha inserted her own in Faris’, making her wail in pleasure.

“A-A-A-A-AH! THAT’S IT! THAT’S IT! OH, FUCK! Rub me hard, mistress! Give me the fuck of my life!” Faris cheered, smiling from ear to ear in joy that her mistress were so good at pleasing her and making her most naughty daydreams come true.

“Mi-mistress...! I think I’m gonna...I’M GONNA...!” Chinyi shrieked above Narrisha, her pussy dripping and Narrisha slurping every drop.

“Me, too! Miss Faris, you’re good, too!” Gloris above Faris’ head moaned, rubbing her own breasts as Faris were preoccupied as her gloved hands gripped the blanket of the bed as she hissed and screamed in sexual enjoyment.

“Oh, fuck! I’m...I’m gonna melt!” she yelled as she could feel her pussy getting moist as Narrisha rubbed her own into it.

“Oh, you wanna cum so mad! I’ll give you the fuck of your life, baby! Ra-a-a-awr!” Narrisha teased her, now grabbing Faris’ legs, carefully using her inhuman strength to press herself in harder.

As the maids’ moans and screams grew more high-pitched, they surrendered their attempts at remaining sitting, and both fell back over, Faris and Narrisha still licking their pussies with equal enthusiasm.

“AR-R-R-R-RAGH! So fucking good!” Chinyi screamed; “how can you fuck me so good, mistress?!”

“Well, I was really intended to be a bloodsucker, but your pussy is even greater to suck and lick dry!” Narrisha laughed at her own joke, the three other girls joining in.

“Heheheh, that was actually a good one!” Gloris laughed, her face suddenly twisting back into its passionate folds as Faris resumed her licking.

“OH, FU-U-U-U-UCK!” Faris now screamed as Narrisha near grinded her pussy into hers, the cum of Faris’ orgasm splashing unto the bed, soaking the blankets.

“UHMM! Oh, so good! A good, fucking little slut pussy! OH! I’m gonna...I’M GONNA CU-U-U-U-UM!” Narrisha yelled as she came as well, being turned on by Faris’ intense climax.

“Mistress, we can’t...!” Chinyi said, on the urge to cum as Narrisha’s stimulating tongue now left her pussy.
Narrisha lifted her sweat-soaked head a bit, looking down at Faris with a lusty smile.

“Wanna give them what they want?” she asked.

“Sure as Hell!” Faris replied with a kinky wink, turning to Gloris above her.

“Let’s see who can make them cum first!” Narrisha issued a challenge, Faris already heading for the smiling Gloris’ pussy.

“This...” Narrisha smiled as Chinyi above her as she cried out and molested her own breasts; “...will make you feel so fucking good...”

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