Story: Tales of Darkness - "Lady of the Night" (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter I - The Maiden of the Night

[Author's notes: ATTENTION: Tales of Darkness (ToD), its universe and scenarios are Copyright (CR) and Trademark (TM) of me, Rhanar Narra-Jar, including character designs, locations, setup and events.
Any other events and characters (Rumble Roses, Lightning Warrior Raidy, Soul Calibur 4, Kannazuki No Miko, etc) are Copyright of their individual owners.


One of the things that most people cannot stand; ruling an isolated manor is difficult enough already, but the paperwork, budget and bills behind it was about as interesting as watching grass rot.

So was the thoughts of Narrisha Nightwind, ruler of Nightwind Manor; thick sheets of papers and a quill lay on her desk, and she let herself fall back into her chair; if she could not gather energy to read as much as footnote more; she would faint or pass out if she tried.

“Gods, I’m gonna be long buried by a group of fanatics before this is over...!” she sourly mumbled; deciding to leave her duties for the rest of the day, she stood up, walking towards the door, when she suddenly heard a noise from a dark corner near the fireplace.

“Mistress Narrisha, are you tired? You seem rather upset” a sweet voice of a girl dressed in a maid uniform stepped out from the shadows, a worried look in her eyes.

Narrisha smiled broadly at the girl; she had completely forgotten all about her trusty maids, the girls she adored, trusted, loved...and made love to.

At that last thought, Narrisha giggled at the girl, stepping closer; she felt like messing a little around, and the sweet little pink-haired girl in front of her looked so tempting to have fun with.

However, she knew that the girl was only playing innocent; in fact, Narrisha still remembered that a couple of days ago, the maid had jumped on her just as she was about to go to bed; what followed was one of Narrisha’s greatest experiences, as the girl proved very funny to play around with.

“I’m just a little rusty; running a place like this takes a great deal of your time” Narrisha assured as she stepped even closer; as the maid sent her a nervous smile, she backed a little away.

“What’s the matter? Afraid that I might do, sa-a-a-ay...this?” Narrisha chuckled as she jumped towards the maid, making her let out a shriek as she tried and run for it.

“Forget it, sweetie! The door’s locked!” Narrisha laughed as she chased the screaming maid; however, as she was about to trip over a small chair, Narrisha quickly flung it away with her Mystic Magic, making it to catch the maid by her breasts, a point she always aimed for.

“Nya-a-a-a-ah! Lemme go, mistress! I’ve done nothing wrong!” the girl moaned as Narrisha’s finger tips reached under her outfit and towards her bra.

“Hih Hih! Naughty girl! You 'have' done something wrong...” Narrisha cooed as the maid turned her head with a smile as she let her head rest on Narrisha’s shoulder.

“You’ve been so sexy-looking that you ought to be punished!” Narrisha teased, pinching the maid’s nipple under her outfit.

“No-o-oh! Don’t get me turned on; I’ll soil my uniform!” she still shrieked innocently.

“Let me handle that!” Narrisha winked playfully at the maid as she began unbuttoning her outfit; as her plump breasts bounced out, Narrisha let out a horny moan, barely able to resist the soft, marshmallow-like boobies she loved so much.

"NO! Don't get me so horny! No! N-o-o-oh!" the maid shrieked, really just wanting to scream out the sexual pleasure her mistress gave her.

"Hihihihihih! Why is that you yell no when you really mean yes? Hihihih!" Narrisha giggled at her, the girl returning it.

"You're so bad, mistress! I'm just an innocent little girl!" she smiled.

"Yeah, right, Chinyi; an 'innocent' girl who's about as wet as a breaking dam! I know I'm turning you on; I know you want it!" Narrisha teased.

“Mistress...” Chinyi began, her innocent voice having gotten a seductive undertone; “...lemme help you off those!”

Before Narrisha wanted to react, the maid flew herself over her, opening Narrisha’s leather vest and pulling down her skirt.

“Wha-a-ah! That’s it! Cat fight!” Narrisha laughed as she and the maid began to rip off each others’ clothes under wild and playful shrieks.

After a few minutes of playful wrestling, Chinyi had the vampire girl pinned down by her arms, her stockings, high-heeled boots and gloves the only remaining clothes she wore; Chinyi herself chuckled as she removed her gloves, now sitting atop Narrisha and humping her.

“Oh! Why, you little...!” Narrisha laughed and cheered as Chinyi continuously verbed her breasts and rubbed her head all over Narrisha.

“I’m pretty lucky to have such a horny mistress” she teased, truthfully meaning it; her own, as well as the other maids’ desires and lusts, where simply and clearly each other, and Narrisha, which the vampire girl had understood and delighted in dozens of times, was more than merely happy that she was one of most of the maids’ desires and daydreams.

Chinyi now quit her playing with Narrisha’s breasts, and crawled up behind her, licking her neck and teasingly nipping it, while she massaged the inner of Narrisha’s thighs.

Chinyi sighed happily; how she loved to please her mistress in all possible ways, this one in particular; a couple of days earlier, Lady Narrisha had made her feel so good that she had attracted the entire manor’s attention as she had been yelling her climax out.

It had been embarrassing at start, but Narrisha had her ways of dealing with somewhat jealous maids, and had let them all have a turn.

As Chinyi and Narrisha were fooling around, a younger maid stood by the keyhole of the door and watched, glad that the corridor she stood in was abandoned.

“Mistress...” was all that her light, young, yet utmost hot voice could say; as she was playing with herself watching her mistress and a fellow maid having sex, she felt the need to go down on them both raising.

Apparently the two in the room must had heard her moaning, for suddenly a small glow of blue light appeared in the keyhole, making the maid back away as the door unlocked.

“Enjoying the show, Gloris?” Narrisha smilingly joked, just before she was firmly pulled down again towards Chinyi’s waiting nether lips as she smiled broadly and teasingly at Gloris; Chinyi simply chuckled, and teasingly stuck out her tongue at Gloris.

As she tried and mumble an apologise, but as she lacked the words, Gloris walked through the door and threw the excuse to the side and went head on in, determined to teach her slutty mistress a lesson in real pleasure.

As the three girls began messing around, Narrisha at a time rose up from the bed, heading for her drawers and returned with a dildo in each hand.

As Narrisha smiled, Chinyi and Gloris eagerly and chuckling inserted the dildos into their themselves, while Chinyi now inserted the other end in Narrisha’s womanhood, and Gloris sat down, playing with the dildo as she watched her mistress.

Narrisha could do nothing but laugh and coo in delight; she held her hand to her head, wildly letting it comb through her hair, placing it over her right eye all let her drooling smiled be revealed, making suggestive gestures as she was molested.

Meanwhile, Gloris seemed to have been turned on enough, as she let out a small moan, suddenly appeared behind Chinyi, thrusting dildo into her womanhood, making her let out a horny cry as she was both molesting and being molested.

At the sight of the two horny maids, Narrisha laughed with all her rather pleased heart; as she was known to be a masochist, she could hold on longer then the maids...

Or maybe not...

“A-a-a-a-a-argh! Oh, yeah! Umm, this feels so good to my pussy! Please my pussy, you naughty girls! Hih! Hih! Hih!” Narrisha laughed as the maids now each licked one of her breasts and fingered her; she felt like cumming any moment, seeing the pearl-white fluid slowly squirting and flowing from her pussy.

“Oh, Gods...! I’m about to cum!” she shrieked.
“Mistress, do us, too!” Gloris said between her moans, as she now sat up in front of Narrisha, still fingering her, while Narrisha returned the favour.

“Mistres-s-s-s-s! pussy! I feels so go-o-od!” Chinyi shrieked, hers and Gloris’ drool falling on the blanket.

“Oh, I got you excited, huh?” Narrisha smiled, stopping for a moment.

“Girls, I really love to screw you a bit” Narrisha said lovingly, stroking both their hair; despite their growing sexual lust for their mistress, the maids still managed to purr lovingly back.

“So: You want me to end this?” Narrisha asked.

“Oh...yes, mistress! Do away with me!” Chinyi, raising her butt into the air, fingering her pussy right in front of the excited Narrisha, Gloris now joining in with equal eagerness.

“How tempting; such a sweet, cute little clit, and well shaved, too” Narrisha said happily; “but a mistress should have a reason to punish her servants, right?”

“I...I forgot to polish the coat-of-arms shield, mistress!” Gloris quickly and perplexed invented, willing to say anything to make her mistress please her.

“And I didn’t clean the toilets yet!” Gloris added in a hurry.

Narrisha laughed at the creative excuses, her happy laughing now turning the maids even more on at the thought of their mistress’ usual love-making; despite that it was only yesterday they were ‘punished’ last, it felt like an eternity to them.

“Oh! You bad, bad girls! Alright, then...” Narrisha chuckled, holding her hand into the air; using Mystic Magic, she conjured her own riding crop-like whip, letting it caress the maids’ butts.

"You want it this way, right! Tell me you want it!" Narrisha let out an evil grin, the maids knowing her enough to tell that she was going dominatrix on them.

"Oh! Oh, yeah, mistress! Punish! Punish us more! We're getting so fucking we-e-e-et!" Chinyi yelled out, feeling her pussy nearly overflowing from the stimulating pain from Narrisha's whip.

"That's how I like it, girls!" Narrisha cheered, swinging the whip more heavily.

“Let me see you kiss each other, first!” Narrisha cooed; the maids were not late to comply, and even enjoyed it as they kissed; meanwhile, Narrisha could not help but smile as she fingered herself, getting turned on by the kissing maids.

"Uhmm, this leather feels so tight...and so good..." she moaned at herself.

"Mistress, you look gorgeous!" Gloris giggled silently as she knew it was not a lie; Narrisha looked really hot in her dominatrix leather outfit, in fact so hot that she looked just as much forward to return the favour as she looked forward to be finished off.

“Oh, isn’t that cute?” Narrisha said, her eyes closed and her hands folded and leaning the left side of her head like another fangirl.

“OK, my little lovebirds! It’s time to make you pay for the lack of work!” she evilly smiled, and that smile let to quite some shrieks of lust and anticipation from the maids, who could not but let out small amounts of cum.

“Hey, you wanna do it naughty, huh? Okay!” Narrisha smiled evilly at her maids as she stroke a seducing pose by brushing a bit of her hair of her face, biting slightly in her whip and licking it suggestively as she raised it; “let the punishment begin!”

As she smacked away at the maids’ butts, they howled in lust and kissed each other, not able but to smile broadly at this kinky, sexual situation...and the fact that it was so good to them.

“Mistress-s-s-s-s! Oh, dear Shinris! PUNISH ME-E-E-E!” Chinyi yelled out in ecstasy; as Gloris watched, feeling herself about to cum, Narrisha stopped smacking.

“I’ll get to you in a moment” she winked at Gloris, now putting the whip down, sitting behind the Gloris, and humping her and sliding her bared clit all over the maid’s back.

“Oh, you wanna feel it like this? Having your mistress hump you, you sweet little hottie?” Narrisha teasingly napped her earflap, grabbing and molesting her breasts.

“OH...OH YE-E-E-E-EAH!!!” Chinyi shrieked as she came with a force that even Narrisha was impressed by.

“Wow, talk about being turned on...” Narrisha nodded satisfied, seeing the lower part of her boots covered with Chinyi’s cum.

“Rest a bit while I deal with Gloris” Narrisha patted the Chinyi’s head gently, as she now sneaked over to Gloris; during Narrisha’s screwing of Chinyi, she had dropped her panties and opened her uniform, and was masturbating, now only to open her eyes and watch Narrisha’s teasing face in front of her.

“If you aren’t horny...!” Narrisha laughed, the girl obviously blushing; “I’m gonna get you for that! Ra-a-awr!”

And so she knelt down, her legs to each side of Gloris’ arms, while she began pinching her nipples and press her breasts together forcefully.

“NIYA-A-A-A-AH! Mistress! It’s good! Pinch them! Pinch them hard!” Gloris now shrieked, losing herself in her lust for her mistress, looking sexually overjoyed at her.

“You gals are very good; you got me so turned on” Narrisha smiled, feeling her pussy getting wet at molesting the girl’s breasts; “when I’m done, I’ll let you have a taste!”

Hearing that, Gloris underneath Narrisha let out a long wail as she came, not even caring that her cum hit the blankets in a small puddle; she jumped up, bend Narrisha over, Chinyi grabbing a dildo and joining in.

“Hey, easy the-...hey, what the....?” Narrisha asked, surprised as Chinyi behind her screwed her with the dildo, while Gloris in front stuffed her pussy into Narrisha’s face; eager as she was, Narrisha slurped on her pussy, enjoying the soft moans and wild screams the girl let out.

“Mistress, it’s so do away...with you...!” Chinyi panted between her thrusts into Narrisha; happy, she quit her licking of Gloris’ pussy, and instead covered it with her whole mouth, sucking and sucking as the maid wildly rubbed her own breasts, shaking her head so that her long, black hair looked like a fluid wave.

“Let you, too...” Chinyi behind Narrisha moaned, leaning against Gloris in front of her, forcibly sucking on her breasts and nipples.
Narrisha smiled; this was going to be an entertaining a splendid evening...

After a while, the maids were smilingly crawling their way under Narrisha’s bed, carrying their rather messy uniforms under their arms, leaving Narrisha patiently waiting for her next ‘guest’ of the evening in her office.
As they hid, getting into the outfits Narrisha had given them, consisting of a tight corset, thigh-high boots and gloves of black leather.

However, as Narrisha were smilingly pretending to sleep, she heard a weak knocking on the door, stood up and threw a long, black cloak around her shoulders, locking the silvery bottom at its top.

As she reached the door and opened, she saw her Night Guard Captain standing right outside, a confused look on her face; she was one of the most ‘skilled’ girls under Narrisha’s command of the Night Guard, thus its captain, and her semi-square glasses made her look rather helpless, but Narrisha knew her skills with a rapier.

“Ca-can I come, mistress...?” the captain almost begged, Narrisha smiling at her, letting her in and gesturing her to sit down in the chair in front of Narrisha’s desk.

“Care for some water? I was just about to have some?” Narrisha half-lied, the captain just nodding; in her mind, though, it was like a storm of mental images and thoughts:

Ever since her arrival at the Nightwind Manor, she had secretly been desiring her mistress’ lovemaking with a so powerful lust that she had even forced herself to a picture of Narrisha from a maid, promising her molesting if she denied.

She knew how she would be disrespected and laughed at by her fellow Night Guards, so she had always hidden her desire until the middle of night, where she used her pillow to block her mouth in order not to let a single moan or word out...

...And what a noise it would make if it ever got out of the room...

“Faris? Who-hoh, Captain Faris of the Night Guard! Wakey! Wakey!” Narrisha teased her a bit by waving her hand in front of Faris’ face, as the captain suddenly came back to the living world with a sudden shake of her head.

“So-sorry, mistress! I was just, uhmm...I...” she tried and explain, making Narrisha giggle at her; unknown to her, just about anything of her, all from her laughing to her body turned Faris on, and seeing her mistress with only a cloak over her did not help her overwhelm her lustful thoughts it at all.

“OK, OK, let’s get serious; is something wrong? You look like you have a fever or something...” Narrisha asked, a hint of a smile on her lips; she knew that Faris had been desiring her, but as ‘cruel’ as she was, she had let her Shade captain wait until she was willing to admit it.

“Let me see, is the water bad? It’s right from the nearby lake, mind you” Narrisha now acted as if checking Faris’ cup of water, while she was mentally chuckling as she let Faris get a look at her breasts.
Faris snapped for air like a fish to regain her senses.

She felt uncomfortable in her tight black leather bodysuit, her glasses kept sliding down her nose from the sweat that was dripping from her forehead, and her shoulder-long red hair fell down from under her black leather cap in messy drips.

“Girlie, listen” Narrisha now said, leaning so far over her desk that her nose touched Faris’, laughing slightly at her; “the game’s over; I know that I’ve been running around in that silly little head of yours, so no hard feelings, OK?”

By that, Narrisha rose up, walking towards her bedroom; dead confused, Faris followed, her skirt suddenly seeming very uncomfortable, and her boots just dragged behind her.

“So...” Narrisha said as she suddenly appeared behind the door as Faris walked in, jumping out and in a swift movement, she locked the door, leaving the key in; she walked to her bed, tore the cloak off, and lay down on the bed, beginning to play with herself in all her naked beauty.

“Whatcha waiting for, Faris? Please take me! I’m so young and innocent...!” Narrisha made a silly imitation of being really innocent.

Faris’ mind simply snapped; all her resistance, the repeating of her soldiers’ drills, her training with them; they all simply turned into Narrisha, and now her mistress were laying on her bed, wanting Faris to make love to her?

Faris shrieked as her desires broke loose of the weak prison that was her self-control; she threw over Narrisha, who had serious second thoughts as to invite Faris with a horny smile on her drooling lips.

“MISTRES-S-S-S-S-S! Oh, I want to fuck you so badly! Molest you! Let me fuck you, Narrisha! I wanna be with you tonight!” Faris yelled out as she tore her own skirt of, unbuttoning her trench coat, and slurping on Narrisha’s nipples with a desire that even Narrisha admired, making her smile happily:

If there was something better then a happy girl, it was a happy and really horny girl on her way to fuck her.

“Damn, how it bumps!” one of the maids were chuckling under the bed, waiting for Narrisha’s signal; as Faris were yelling her lungs out in lust and desire for Narrisha, it was like speaking in an overcrowded market square.

“Just wait until Narrisha gives the signal” the other maid made a kinky wink at her, causing them both the mentally drool at what they were about to do...

On the bed, Faris was laying besides Narrisha, panting in exhaustion from her molesting; while Narrisha had been most pleased, Faris’ pleasing of her had been so forceful that it had taken most of her energy; now laying with drool from her mouth and a hungry look at Narrisha, Faris’ eyes were still ablaze with lust.

“So you’re really into it, huh?” Narrisha teasingly asked, holding a hand into the air; as a small orb of Mystic Magic formed, it turned oblong, finally revealing a strap-on.

“Go ahead; don’t get shy now” Narrisha now surprised Faris as she put the strap-on on the exhausted girl, who could not help but feel incredibly excited.

“Mi-mistress Narrisha; I want to...!” she whispered hotly, kissing Narrisha, their tongues teasing each other, licking all around their mouths and inside them.

“Mistress! Mistress Narrisha! I need you!” Faris now exclaimed, jumping on top of Narrisha, spreading her legs and pushing the strap-on into Narrisha’s pussy.

Narrisha shrieked joyfully, continuing hers and Faris’ passionate kissing as Narrisha got hold of Faris’ arm to support herself, as Faris began molesting her breasts; as she both humped and screwed Narrisha, she found herself to truly like this:

No matter if she was a pervert, she was at least glad that her mistress liked it as much as herself.

“I can barely wait any longer! I wanna join in!” one of the maids sourly sat impatient under the bed.

“I hope Mistress Narrisha will call on us soon” the other maid sighed, bored by the waiting; however, Narrisha’s signal, a wolf-like howl, now sounded from the bed above, the two maids chuckling happily as they ‘attacked’.

“SURPRI-I-I-ISE!” they yelled as the appeared on each sight of the bed, grabbing both Narrisha and Faris from behind.

“Wha-what’s going on?! Release me, you sluts!” Faris yelled in a mix of surprise, excitement and anger at being interrupted; as she looked in front of her, Narrisha was yelling out lustfully as Chinyi put her strap-on into Narrisha from behind her, Faris feeling Gloris do the same to herself.

“Exciting, isn’t it?” Narrisha smiled at her as Faris now let out a moan as the strap-on went into her; looking at Narrisha, the maids and herself, she finally got the idea, and began laughing.

“Hih! Hih! Hih! You arranged all this?” she asked Narrisha, delighted that her mistress had been playing her little game with her.

“Hey, I’m a vampire; I'm kind of a natural expert in horny girls and their lustful fantasies, mind you” Narrisha teased her, making Faris lean towards her head.

“Alright, missy...” Faris said with a challenging smile; “let’s see how you like this!”

By that, she began kissing Narrisha, loving to see her mistress’ breasts and horny body move so fast due to Gloris screwing her from behind; she had to admit two things, though:

This ‘game’ was seriously awesome, and the two maids were dead cute in their leather corsets, boots, gloves and strap-ons; the strap-ons seemed to penetrate themselves, as well, due to their heavy panting and moaning.

“You enjoying this, little Faris?” Narrisha now smiled as the maid behind her had grabbed her arms, forcing them behind to go screw her harder; as Faris felt the same behind her, she felt a quake of excitement running all the way down from her spine to her boots.

“Oh-h-h-h; mistress, girls...just fuck me like crazy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my senses blind!” she yelled out as the maids smiled to each other at their mistress and the guard captain’s moaning.

“Girls, after this...” Narrisha partly joked; “you’re gonna get a big pay raise!”

The maids laughed; they believed Narrisha, but the joke in itself was really funny.

“Mistress, can I fuck one of them after this?” Faris hotly asked.

“Sure, if they don’t mind” Narrisha said, the maids looking eagerly at Faris.

As the game went on, Faris ended up busy playing with the maids, finding them to be rather playful; as soon as she got her head between one of their breasts, the other jumped up from behind, tickled her and verbed her breasts.

“N-nohohohoh! It tickles!” she could barely utter as Gloris now joined in, ending up with them all tickling each other.

“A-a-a-ah, if this isn’t cute” Narrisha sighed pleasantly, sitting at the other end of the bed, watching the girls play with each other.

“Miss Faris, sex is supposed to be fun as well...” Chinyi mentioned as she let her tongue down Faris’ neck, making her moan.

“...And I’d say this is pretty funny!” the Gloris smiled, cupping and verbing Faris’ breasts, hotly kissing her and the other maid.

“And now, for the grand finale!” Chinyi chuckled, pinching Faris down on the bed, Gloris placing herself above Faris’ head, letting her lick her pussy.

“Oh? What the...??” Faris suddenly moaned as the other maid lay herself down, letting the tip of her boot touch Faris’ pussy.

“I taught them that, Faris; it’s a real good way to finish of such bad girls as you!” Narrisha smiled from the other end of the bed, her smile broadening as she began masturbating at the really hot sex scene before, as her leather-clad maids used one of her own best techniques.

“Oh! Mistress Narrisha, we forgot something” Gloris suddenly said.

“What’s that?” Narrisha asked; Gloris sent her a suggestive smile, closed her eyes and acted like tying something around them.

“Ah! I see” Narrisha chuckled, concentrating her Mystic Magic as she conjured a long piece of black blindfold.

“What the...?!” Faris exclaimed Gloris began twisting the blindfold around her eyes.

“I’ve proven myself that being blindfolded makes you feel even better” Narrisha chuckled kinkily; “as for your mouth...”

“...Then I’ll keep that busy while we finish toe-fucking you” Gloris teased above Faris as the blindfold now completely covered her eyes; she could not see a thing, and the excitement of feeling her other senses grow stronger had the side-effect that she almost felt double the pleasure the maids gave her.

“OH! Oh, dear Shinris...! Uhmmm! Oh, yeah! Good girlies! Good girlies! Make me cum!” Faris now exclaimed as Chinyi rubbed the toe-tip of her boot into her pussy, feeling the warm, black leather explore her womanhood, while Gloris above Faris’ head enjoyed herself as Faris tongue-fucked her.

“Hih! Hih! Hih! That’s what I like to see, girls! But I think I’d better...” Narrisha chuckled, moving towards the maids; as they stopped for a moment, Narrisha leaned over Faris, and slowly let Faris notice the presence of her gloved hand hovering above her mouth; as she licked it, she could clearly taste Narrisha’s cum.

“You girls make me so wet; it’s so good watching you fuck each other...” Narrisha now deviously chuckled; “...that I feel like joining in!”

By that, she giggled and moved herself behind Chinyi, who was sitting in front of Faris, placing herself halfway below her, letting Chinyi’s head rest on her chest, Narrisha’s breasts used as pillows.

“You know what’d be really mean now?” Narrisha teased Chinyi with light kisses on her neck.
“N-no...” she stammered from the excitement.

“Well, it’s your lucky day, ‘cause I feel like a really bad girl!” Narrisha teased, now moving herself fully through the maid’s legs, her head ending up under the maid’s legs, licked her bared pussy, while Narrisha inserted her own in Faris’, making her wail in pleasure.

“A-A-A-A-AH! THAT’S IT! THAT’S IT! OH, FUCK! Rub me hard, mistress! Give me the fuck of my life!” Faris cheered, smiling from ear to ear in joy that her mistress were so good at pleasing her and making her most naughty daydreams come true.

“Mi-mistress...! I think I’m gonna...I’M GONNA...!” Chinyi shrieked above Narrisha, her pussy dripping and Narrisha slurping every drop.

“Me, too! Miss Faris, you’re good, too!” Gloris above Faris’ head moaned, rubbing her own breasts as Faris were preoccupied as her gloved hands gripped the blanket of the bed as she hissed and screamed in sexual enjoyment.

“Oh, fuck! I’m...I’m gonna melt!” she yelled as she could feel her pussy getting moist as Narrisha rubbed her own into it.

“Oh, you wanna cum so mad! I’ll give you the fuck of your life, baby! Ra-a-a-awr!” Narrisha teased her, now grabbing Faris’ legs, carefully using her inhuman strength to press herself in harder.

As the maids’ moans and screams grew more high-pitched, they surrendered their attempts at remaining sitting, and both fell back over, Faris and Narrisha still licking their pussies with equal enthusiasm.

“AR-R-R-R-RAGH! So fucking good!” Chinyi screamed; “how can you fuck me so good, mistress?!”

“Well, I was really intended to be a bloodsucker, but your pussy is even greater to suck and lick dry!” Narrisha laughed at her own joke, the three other girls joining in.

“Heheheh, that was actually a good one!” Gloris laughed, her face suddenly twisting back into its passionate folds as Faris resumed her licking.

“OH, FU-U-U-U-UCK!” Faris now screamed as Narrisha near grinded her pussy into hers, the cum of Faris’ orgasm splashing unto the bed, soaking the blankets.

“UHMM! Oh, so good! A good, fucking little slut pussy! OH! I’m gonna...I’M GONNA CU-U-U-U-UM!” Narrisha yelled as she came as well, being turned on by Faris’ intense climax.

“Mistress, we can’t...!” Chinyi said, on the urge to cum as Narrisha’s stimulating tongue now left her pussy.
Narrisha lifted her sweat-soaked head a bit, looking down at Faris with a lusty smile.

“Wanna give them what they want?” she asked.

“Sure as Hell!” Faris replied with a kinky wink, turning to Gloris above her.

“Let’s see who can make them cum first!” Narrisha issued a challenge, Faris already heading for the smiling Gloris’ pussy.

“This...” Narrisha smiled as Chinyi above her as she cried out and molested her own breasts; “...will make you feel so fucking good...”

Chapter 2

Title: Chapter II - The Art of Seduction

[Author's notes: "Wow! By the Gods, those girls went wild! Hihihih!! Not that I blame them, though; I love orgies!
"I hope breafest's up soon; I feel like eating a half horse!
Heheh, well, I've been eating something very diffrent...and by Saint Allisia, I'll never get tired of that! Hihihih!"]

Outside Narrisha's room, the dim sunlight from the coming dawn shun through the windows from a cloud-less, blue sky; hitting the vampire girl's face, it did no damage or discomfort to her asides from warming her face.

Below her slept her maids and Faris, having fallen asleep from their sexual games and plays, their broad smiles still slightly visible on their sleeping faces...

Narrisha loved them; every single one of the girls serving her as maids or in any other way; they all respected each other, and shared their fellow love with each other; aside from mindless sluts, they could talk, argue, joke around, laugh and even kiss openly without suffering jealousy or evil stares; at Nightwind Manor, everyone loved and accepted each other, no matter race or skin colour.

“Good morning, Your Sleepiness” Narrisha heard behind her; Chinyi, smiling at her, was slowly waking up, yawning as she finished the joke.
Narrisha moaned sleepily and tried a get just five minutes’ sleep more before her daily rush with ruling her country.

“J...just five more mi-i-in-o-o-ohts....” Narrisha yawned as she still felt sleepy; she really had to do some more work out if she was not to lose all her constitution every night.

Chinyi smiled at her; she knew she was partly to blame for exhausting Narrisha, but she felt no shame; as an opposite, she giggled, leaning down to kiss Narrisha’s cheek.

Suddenly, a devious thought crept through her mind; smiling evilly at her mistress, Chinyi quickly rose up as silently as she could, sneaking over to Narrisha’s drawer; her mistress had always told her that that drawer was never to be opened unless it was an emergency.

“Well, if missing breakfast’s an emergency, I’d better use it!” she thought, chuckling lowly as she opened the drawer.

Inside was a rather strange item; it was too short to be another of Narrisha’s strap-ons, and it had a little, thin plastic thingy pointing out of its top, formed as a trumpet.

“Cool, let’s try this one” Chinyi nodded at herself, slowly sneaking back as silently as her tight leather outfit allowed her.

“I’ll better get out of this before I end up masturbating” she thought to her, giggling as she honestly had to say she looked sexy in leather.
Shaking her head, she placed the strange instrument about two meters from the sleeping Narrisha’s head, finding a small bottom, setting it on ‘light’.

“OK, let’s see if this can get you up, mistress!” Chinyi chuckled, pressing a red bottom at the instrument’s top:

With the sound of about a dozen car horns, the noise coming from the instrument immediately convinced Chinyi it had been a bad idea; before her, Faris and Gloris were shrieking as if they had been splashed with cold water, and Narrisha had vanished from sight.

Still shaking in shock, Chinyi removed her finger from the red bottom, turning the instrument off; as she sat on the bed, she tried her best to mask her laughter:

Gloris had taken cover under the bed sheets, and Faris held herself to the wall besides the bed for dear life; as they realized what Chinyi had done, their faces showed expressions of both anger and laughing.

“ little slut! I’m gonna...!” Faris began, as Gloris suddenly began laughing uncontrollably.

“What the Hell's so funny?!” Faris barked, but she could only catch eye on the toe-tip of one of Gloris’ boots as she had fallen to the floor, laughing hysterically as well.

As Chinyi looked up, she burst with laughing as well; using her Mystic powers, Narrisha hang from the ceiling by the very tip of her gloves and boots.

As Chinyi pulled herself enough together to point to the ceiling, even Faris began laughing; as she rolled on the bed, Chinyi and Gloris below it, they could her Narrisha’s teeth gritting.

“NOT FUNNY! BAD GIRLS!” she yelled in a mix of embarrassment and laughter; as she had been shocked to near death by that infernal horn, she had to admit that she would properly look silly to the girls below.

“Oh, dear Gods...” Gloris panted, trying to catch her breath from her laughing; “...I’m not gonna spread rumours, mistress; I’m gonna remember this day all my life!”

As Narrisha quickly calmed down, she took part in the laughing.

“Uhmmm, girls, can anyone of you give me a hand? I...I can’t get down” she admitted as it was about two meters to her bed.

“Well, the view’s not that bad” Gloris teased, clearly spotting Narrisha’s nether lips and breasts dangling.

“Faris, if you get me down, you can have a go at her before breakfast” Narrisha smiled wickedly, nodding in Chinyi’s direction, Chinyi suddenly sitting straight up and giving Faris her most cute and innocent look; chuckling, Faris immediately stretched out her arms as if to catch Narrisha.

Letting herself fall, Narrisha landed in the captain’s arms, Faris’ strength allowing her to endure the vampire girl’s weight.

“Oh-oh...” Chinyi now weakly began to quiver in imitated fear as Faris leaned over her with a predatory look.

“OK, OK, girls; I say we get a shower and head for breakfast” Narrisha laughed, patting Faris’ shoulders; sighing in disappointment, Faris followed Narrisha along with the other girls to the door, giving into the temptation and giving Chinyi a small spank on her right, bared buttock, making her giggle at her; at the door, Narrisha made a wave with her hand, opening it.

As they entered the long corridor, she walked towards the showers and pool area; however, around the first corner, they meet Nightwind Manor’s scholar: Mirinda Dawnmist.

“Greetings, Mistress Narrisha, girls...” she lightly curtsied, allowing the girls plenty of looks at her slim, graceful legs.

“Good morning, Mirinda; anything new?” Narrisha asked.

“Well, it seems there is a message for you; it arrived via portal not an hour ago” Mirinda said, handing Narrisha a small scroll of parchment; as Narrisha read, Mirinda could not help but smile at Gloris, Faris and Chinyi; she was the only one to wear ‘normal’ clothes, consisting of a long, white dress of elven design, gracefully enveloping her beautiful form; she had to admit that the girls’ rather soaked leather outfits, shamelessly bared breasts and nether regions, and the fact that they smiled back instantly, was enough to tell her that their night with Narrisha had been most entertaining.

“Hey, girls! Shica and Jiraz’s coming!” Narrisha cheered, holding the parchment into the air.

“Who?” was all a curious Chinyi could ask; seconds of silence later, the girls, excluding Chinyi, laughed.

“Shica’s a Shin’saras, a 'black elf', and Jiraz’s a succubus, Chinyi; they’re some of my best friends!” Narrisha told her; as she got a glimpse over her shoulder, she could have sworn to see Mirinda drool lustfully.

“But...but aren’t they dangerous??” Chinyi asked, clearly remembering that shin’sari were destructive and chaotic monsters.

“Not in the slightest! The most ‘evil’ thing they ever did to me was spanking me because I commented their screwing of each other!” Narrisha smiled, making Mirinda raise an eyebrow.

“A shin’saras in the same room as a shin’idun? You take great risks, mistress” she commented, but she honestly felt like really seeing a shin'saras girl for the first time.

“Trust me, Mirinda; you’ve not experienced a real, solid screwing before those two monstrous girlfriends are done with you!” Faris smiled at her, clearly remembering the last time of Shica and Jiraz had paid Nightwind Manor a visit...

“They are in love?” Mirinda now asked, not able to mask her sceptic.

“Yes, they are, but they don’t mind if other girls join in!” Narrisha now sighed happily; she knew Shica and Jiraz had a fetish for bondage, raw passionate fucking, wing-tentacle sex, which Jiraz used her shapeshifting ability to, and tight-sitting latex outfits.

“They say they will arrive in the afternoon around 2 o’ clock; Mirinda, can you be a dear and go inform the staff?” Narrisha asked.

“Of course, mistress, though I have yet to see two from the kitchen staff as of yet; I believe they are hiding somewhere” Mirinda said; despite being irritated that the younger maids tended to run off, she somewhat got an idea as of where they were and what they were doing.

“Shall I go look for them?” Gloris offered.

“Thank you; I would appreciate that” Mirinda nodded.

“Well, as for now, we’re heading for a shower; coming, Mirinda?” Faris asked.

“Well, I suppose I can spare a few minutes before I go telling to prepare for the mistress’ guests to arrive” Mirinda nodded, crediting herself that she was so good at controlling herself, else she would most likely have jumped on Narrisha, Faris, if not all four of them at once!

Meanwhile, as she found herself to be bored, Minyoki, Chinyi’s older half sister, was sitting in her room, playing Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

“Bah, the same kinda shit loot you get everywhere!” she mumbled sourly as her character was looting the corpse of a dead soldier; she had been playing Oblivion for about a year now, and although she still liked the gameplay and atmosphere, she was dead tired of only finding about 25 gold or some gem on the most rare creature she could find.

“Fuck this, I’m playing Halo 3 now!” she uttered to herself, jumping from her bed to exchange the discs; on the bed, though, lay a small reminder of the previous night’s events: A rather messy black strap-on soaked in her own cum, as she had been masturbating for two hours straight by watching Rumble Roses and using the joystick between her legs.

“Let’s see if there’s someone I can PWN!” she smiled wickedly, grabbing her headset and her joystick as the game started.

Back at Narrisha, she and Mirinda and the maids had arrived at the door to the showers.

“Geez, I sure need a wash! I smell worse than a wet dog!” Gloris complained.

“I thought you liked doggy style, Gloris!” Faris teased her, the other girls chuckling.

“So do you; you proved that last night, Miss Captain!” Gloris gave back, making Faris smile.

“Hush! Listen!” Chinyi suddenly whispered; as the girls gathered around, they heard faint whispers and moans from inside the showers, which now turned to screaming.

“Ar-r-r-r-ragh! No, Hiroi! Not there; I’m...e-e-e-e-e-e-ek!” a high-pitched scream was heard, a gushing sound following.

“Hihihihihih! Oh, you look so cute when you blush, you horny little slut; you want that nasty, redhead Faris to fuck you, right? Want her to cum real, freaking good in your cute, little pussy?!” another voice was heard, cruelly teasing the screaming girl.

“No! No! I don’t wanna! Ar-r-r-ragh! OH! OH, YES! FARIS! MISS FARI-I-I-I-IS! I want fuck me so hard...!” the girl now screamed, making the girls outside the door curse the fact that there were no windows.

“Hihih, so cute, but don’t worry; this little Hiroi will sure get you in the mood faster than you can think!” the other girl teased again.

“You really are popular” Mirinda teased Faris, who felt quit embarrassed that she had not noticed Innoki’s affection to her before.

“Uhmm, you have a good taste, you know? Your cum tastes so good; wanna taste?” the teasing girl behind the door now continued, the screaming girl continuing screaming.

“Hihih! Oh, I’d love to see Faris fuck you! She’s coming for you, Innoki, clad in that sexy, badass girl leather uniform! You turn on them, right? Those real tough girls who know how to fuck and lick a pussy dry! Oh yeah, she’s coming for you, Innoki! You wanna feel her inside you, cumming like crazy! Uh, that shiny, black leather suit all wet and soaked from inside! You wanna peel her out of that suit and watch her fuck you until you faint!”

“OH! OH, YEAH! PLEASE, SHINRIS, MAKE MISS FARIS FUCK ME-E-E-E-E-E!!!” the screaming girl now let out, the girls outside clearly hearing her cum and squirt.

“Wow, she’s good! Not many girls can squirt when they cum” Narrisha nodded; as she was proud that she could do so herself, she nevertheless felt herself rather proud of Innoki as well.

“Say...” Faris now said in a dangerously seductive tone; “girls, should I teach this naughty girl a lesson?”

“She clearly wants you, Faris; better go ahead before I make my move!” Mirinda teased her; she was known all over the manor to go into a near frenzy at bondage in the nights, and she had once been so soaked in cum from the couple of girls she had been seducing and ‘playing’ with that it had looked like she had fallen into a basin of water.

“OK; on three, mistress?” Faris asked, Narrisha and the other girls not able to hide their smiles.

“OK; 3...2...1...go!” Narrisha exclaimed as she and the other girls pushed the door upon, now seeing what was going on:

A torn skirt, shirt and a soaked pair of panties lay on the floor, two girls sitting besides; the one that appeared to be Hiroi sat behind a very panting, very sweaty, and still very horny girl, who were gasping for breath as her cum still came out of her pussy in slow, steady squirts.

“Oh! Uhmmm...hi...mistress, it’s not what it looks like! I...!” Hiroi panicked, trying to get up, but with Innoki still laying on her, she could not get up.

“Well, well, well; if we aren’t up to something fun...” Faris now chuckled evilly, walking towards the girls, her heeled boots leaving weak thuds echoing in the showers.

As Innoki heard Faris, she began moaning; she had always admired the Night Guard Captain; respected her, honoured her and been friendly towards her as she was to all other girls in Nightwind Manor...!
She sobbed; how Faris must hate her for being such a horny and dirty slut...

“Well, it’s obvious you did your best to help, Hiroi, but let me deal with this” Faris said, walking over and lifting Hiroi from under Innoki; as she looked above her, she could see the captain’s breasts bounce as she moved, in almost a hypnotizing pattern.

“And now, you cute little slut...” Faris said as Hiroi joined up with Narrisha and the others; “I am gonna show just how good it feels when I start fucking pretty, little girlies like you...!”

Innoki’s mind froze for the exact moment it took before Faris went over her; to the girls behind them, Faris’ coat blocked the view, but the sound of Innoki’s scream alone rather gave an idea as to what Faris was doing.

“PLEASE MISS FARIS! FUCK ME! OH, PLEASE FARI-I-I-IS!” Innoki wailed, her face twisted in pleasure.
“Come here, you little slut! I’m gonna show you how the Night Guard punishes you horny little bitches!” Faris brutally snarled, throwing off her cap and putting down her glasses as her tongue almost turned into a whirlwind in Innoki’s pussy.

“UHMM! OH, FU-U-U-U-U-UCK!” Innoki screamed as she came, her cum tasting very sweetly to Faris.
“Come on, girl; you wanted me too, right?!” Faris barked out, smiling more softly at Innoki as she let her cum hit her uniform, the silvery trails running down the black leather.

“FU-U-U-U-U-UCK!” Innoki screamed, throwing herself over Faris, molesting her breasts and fingering her pussy.

“Wow! And I who thought you was inexperienced!” Faris chuckled at Innoki.

“Kinda makes me wanna join, but this is Faris’ job” Narrisha shoke her head, still feeling very excited from watching Faris and Innoki almost rolling around on the floor.

“Well, breakfast’s in about twenty minutes, and I don’t wanna miss that” Chinyi said, patting Narrisha’s shoulder as the girls were undressing and heading for the showers.

“Wow, Mirinda! That’s one cute little ass you’ve go-...” Gloris began, but found her face blocked with a flying set of panties.

“You can keep them if you will, Gloris, but you will owe me a favour...” Mirinda winked smilingly at her.
“Anytime, pointy-ear!” Gloris giggled as she went for the showers as well.

“Babe, you rock! We’re fucking around with them!” a cheering, female voice could be heard in Minyoki’s headset, making the pink-haired girl smile; as she ran an opponent over with her tank, she quickly got out, her assault rifle ready for the eventuality that he was still alive.

“I’m just uber l33t, girl; I’ve kicked these guys’ asses before!” she bragged, knowing the other girl could take her bragging.

“Fuck! It’s that crazy lezzie bitch again!” another voice was heard, a rough male one; turning around, Minyoki just got a hint of an Elite guy in yellow armour chasing her with a Gravity Hammer before she planted a solid headshot on him.

“Nice one!” the other girl commented over her microphone; Minyoki had known her for a while, and she had recently passed her ‘test’ when Minyoki had told her she was a lesbian; having not acted like a spoiled retard or racist, Minyoki had been enjoying to mentally tease her with ideas on how else to use some of the games’ weapons.

“LOOK OUT!” the other girl suddenly yelled over the microphone, another guy in green Spartan armour coming from behind with a flamethrower.

“Holy shit!” Minyoki quickly reacted, quickly manoeuvring around a rock, the green Spartan following her.

“Gotcha now, bitch!” the guy taunted, but Minyoki ran around the rock one more time, ending up behind the green Spartan as his weapon slowed him down; she quickly used her assault rifle to give him a solid broadside, moving around him as he turned to face her, jumped, and finished him off with a solid headshot from above.

“For fuck’s sake, someone kill her!” another one now came, firing uncontrollably with his sniper rifle; as Minyoki cruelly laughed at him, she dodged his shot, snuck up towards him and planted a solid broadside of shots right in his head.

“This is gonna be fun!” Minyoki smiled as she stormed towards the enemy outpost, her friend beside her, covering her with her sniper rifle.

“A-a-a-ar-r-r-rgh!” Innoki cried out again, having grinded her dripping wet pussy into Faris’ equally wet one for nearly two whole minutes; Faris had really showed her tough girl side, and Innoki deep down admitted she loved to be called names by Faris, as it even turned her on.

“Whew! Are you done now? My pussy’s gonna start bleeding soon!” Faris now smiled opposite Innoki; as it was the first time she had smiled at her, Innoki felt a tear of happiness in her eyes.

“Come here!” Faris now chuckled at Innoki, helping her up and pulling her into a hug.

“I’m sorry for calling you those kinds of things, but I’m kinda mean by nature” Faris blushed as she had not really meant to hurt Innoki or her feelings.

“It’s OK, Miss Faris...” Innoki now tightened the hug, smiling behind Faris’ back; “I’m so happy that you wanted to fuck me.”

“Hey, I rather like your kinda girl, Innoki; those innocent girls who screams a lot!” Faris giggled, Innoki joining in; she indeed did scream a lot.

“From a scale from 1 to 10, I would give this a 5, Faris” Mirinda commented behind them, turning Faris and Innoki’s attention to the other girls; having stepped out of their outfits, they were bathing in the showers.

“Hmm? Why only 5? I’m the expert on little cuties here!” Faris, helping Innoki up; her body was flushing because of her and Faris’ crazy sex game, and it was almost in tone with the red tips of Faris’ hair.

“Well, she was turned on for starters, you didn’t use a strap-on, and she nearly came right as you touched her; need I continue?” Mirinda teased, turning the wheels and feeling the warm water flow down her body...

...But suddenly...

“Wa-a-a-argh! Who the Hell turned on the cold water?!” Faris screamed, hearing equally high wails from the other girls, expect...

“Hiroi! You sneaky little...!” Narrisha gritted her teeth, smiling deviously at the blue-haired girl as she went back to the showers, her mouth one, large grin.

“Hihihihihihih! You should’ve seen your faces! Oh my Gods!” she laughed at them, making the other girls exchange looks; as they all smiled evilly, they began encircling Hiroi, who suddenly found the 6 other girls to be smiling lustfully at her.

“So you like it cold, huh?” Narrisha said in a sugar-sweet voice, quickly grabbing lightly around Hiroi’s right wrist; “and you thought it’d be funny watching us getting a little surprise?”

“You really are a bad girl, running around and turning us all on” Gloris said, getting a nod from Narrisha as she used her available hand to conjure an oblong object with her Mystic Magic.

“So it’s only fitting we repay the favour, just tenfold!” Chinyi laughed at Hiroi’s rather silly, nervous face as Gloris now strapped on the object Narrisha had conjured; having heard the rumours all over the manor, Hiroi knew that Gloris were infamous for her skill with a strap-on.

“Wa-a-a-a-argh! No! Don’t! I’ll never do it again!” Hiroi shrieked, trying weakly to get free of Narrisha’s grab, but now the other girls were all over her, pinning her down on the floor, her butt straight up.

“Never turning us on again? That’d be even worse! You’re just gonna be punished for turning on poor, young, inexperienced Innoki here” Chinyi smiled and licked Hiroi’s ear, Innoki giggling right in front of Hiroi.

“So Hiroi, how’d you like it? Should I fuck you real fast, or just deep and slowly?” Gloris asked, fondling and grabbing around the strap-on with both hands.
Despite her acting scared, Hiroi quit the act and smiled at the girls.

“OK, I know I deserve this, and honestly I was hoping you’d come by and give me a good fuck; yeah, I’m a slutty virgin, so what?” she added, causing the girls to exchange concerned looks, as none of them would ever rob a girl of her virginity if she was against it.

“I’ve been a virgin long enough; you know how it is to be running around, fearing you gals would find out?” Hiroi tried the classic ‘have pity on me’-approach.

“I’m not buying that even on a discount, Hiroi” Narrisha smiled evilly; “for your little games, I sentence you to be sacrificed to Shica and Jiraz!”
The other girls started laughing, and Hiroi, who had no clue as to what was going on, looked dead confused.

“Who are these Jiraz and Shica? Are they going to fuck me??” she asked somewhat eagerly; she had heard rumours about some strange types visiting Nightwind Manor once, so she could always hope they were good, and if they could rid her of her virginity...

“Oh yeah they are, and we’re gonna sit by as you scream your lungs out, you little slut!” Faris evilly smiled and grit her teeth; “I’m so gonna enjoy the part where you start screaming!”

“As for now, the only thing screaming is my stomach; breakfast should be ready by now” Mirinda suddenly commented.

“Gods! I almost forgot about it! Quick! We better dry ourselves up!” Narrisha slapped her hand to her forehand, walking over and grabbing some towels.

“And no...” she was just about to say, before a playful Chinyi gave her butt a small spank with her towel; “...spanking...!”

Chinyi simply giggled and now went for Mirinda; however, the shin’idun girl were quick enough to grab Chinyi’s towel, give a quick pull, sending Chinyi with her butt first to the floor, and finally leaning over her like a starved tigress.

“Silly little girl; I cannot but feel amused by your tricks...” Mirinda giggled at her, Chinyi’s face somewhat frozen in suppressed giggling.

“Niya-a-a-a-a-a-h! I can’t take it anymore!” she shrieked, surprising Mirinda by bending her over; expecting a molesting, Mirinda were rather surprised to find Chinyi suckle and nip on her pointy ears.

“Miss Mirinda, I just can’t keep off such cute elves like you!” Chinyi winked teasingly, going completely chibi-like and overly cute on Mirinda; surprised as she was, she laughed pleasantly and were pulled into a hug, leading to a collective ‘o-o-o-o-o-oh’ from the surrounding girls.

“Hihih! That’s so cute!” Narrisha commented smilingly as she found a night-blue bath robe and began dressing up; as the other girls each found their own bath robes, Mirinda and Chinyi stood up and found theirs, strapping the belts securely around their waists.

A few minutes later as the group went downstairs and headed for the dining hall, they encountered Minyoki coming yawning out of her room, lazily heading for the showers.

“She’s fun to molest when she’s either lazy or drunk” Faris whispered to the others, exactly in a volume high enough for Minyoki to hear as she went by them as they giggled at her.

“If ye can ever beat me in Halo 3 Faris I’ll let you use a vibrator!” Minyoki managed a teasing wink as she gave Faris’ butt a small spank as she passed by.

“That brat! I’ll deal with her later...” Faris faked an angry growl as she now entered the impressive dining hall with the other girls.

[End notes: "Wow, that Minyoki girl sure can hit right on the mark, huh? Oh, and just to remind you, I've got no CR on either Rumble Roses, Oblivion or Halo 3; just part of the story, OK?
Anyway, I'm back to the showers; I don't hope Innoki will mind if we join her and Faris, hihihih!"]

Chapter 3

Title: Chapter III - Good Things comes to Those Who Wait

A long, formal-looking oak table with matching chairs stood in the middle of a sunlit room, bathed in the dawning sunlight by the tall curtains; about four maids, clad in their usual uniform, were busy arranging food, drinks and cutlery on the table.

“Good morning, Mistress Narrisha; slept well?” one of them asked as Narrisha went by; she stopped up and smiled at the maid.

“Indeed; my night was pretty much a wondrous one” she replied formally, although both the maid and Narrisha silently giggled; the knowledge of Narrisha’s nightly activities were common at Nightwind Manor.

“What’s for breakfast today, Lillian?” Chinyi asked suddenly, as she was hoping it was something sweet or spicy.

“Well, there is boar meat and roasted potatoes, and, of course, elven wine; year 1267, I believe” Lillian informed.

Mirinda’s eyebrows heightened for a moment; elven wine was very expensive, and she knew that the wine had the magical proportion that if it was mixed with certain leaves, it could cure most common diseases.

“Ah, goodie! I like all elven stuff!” Chinyi said happily, making Mirinda hide a smile and shake her head; that Chinyi girl was a walking comical cutie-pie.

“Any stronger drinks, by any chance? Elven stuff’s all fine but I kinda could go for a beer” Hiroi commented.
“I shall check with the kitchen staff; would you like to sit down while you wait?” Lillian curtsied lightly.

“Yes please” Narrisha nodded, her and the other girls find each their own chair; while Narrisha’s chair were placed at the very end of the table, a carving of Nightwind Manor’s coat-of-arms sat atop it.

“Oh, and mind my sister; she’s coming down in a moment” Chinyi added as she remembered.

“Another late morning, huh?” a maid teased her as she walked by with a couple of finely decorated glass plates.

“She indeed looked so” Mirinda smiled, rolling her eyes at the thought of Minyoki’s lazy walking; while she was not insulted, Chinyi somehow felt the lusting urge to introduce Mirinda to a very drunk, horny and skimpy-clad Minyoki.

She was interrupted in her naughty thoughts as a maid stood up beside her and asked what she would like.

“Well, your bra size? Oh damn it! Sorry!” Chinyi quickly apologised as the girls at the table laughed; the maid simply smiled and whispered something in Chinyi’s ear.
“You gotta be kidding me! There’s no way that...”

Chinyi exclaimed as the maid told her size; however, she simply patted Chinyi’s cheek, walked away with a smile, making a seductive gesture as she left.

“I gotta use that one next time!” Hiroi chuckled, joined by Faris; while Innoki, Mirinda and Narrisha were reaching for the food, Chinyi were blushing because of the embarrassment.

“Ah, come on, sis; it’s not like I’d minded that line” a voice were now heard, as a bath robe-wearing Minyoki settled down in a chair, reaching for the elven wine and sending her sister a teasing smile.

“Yo there, Minyoki; good Halo match last night?” Hiroi now nodded in Minyoki’s direction.

“Yeah, PWNed some of those racist bastards, and...wait a second; how could you know?” Minyoki suddenly asked.

By that Hiroi could not hold back a short laugh.
“I’m living right next door to you, silly! I could hear you yelling and cheering half the night!” Hiroi kept laughing.

“...O...K; how the fuck did I forget that? Well, whatever; hope you enjoyed it!” Minyoki teased, gulping down a good deal of wine from her glass.

“So, any of you having plans before the afternoon when Jiraz and Shica come?” Narrisha asked.

“Once I have instructed the kitchen staff to prepare the feast, I considered having a massage; my back is still sore from last night, and I’m afraid I might have broken something” Mirinda said, gesturing her hand towards her back.

“You went a little too far on your cuties, huh?” Hiroi mocked, fully knowing Mirinda’s ‘secret’ dominative, seductive and bondage-obsessed night life.

“I would assume so; I am having considerable pains from time to time...” Mirinda nodded, sending Hiroi a ‘you’re up next’-like look as she took a nip from her glass.

How about you, Minyoki? Wanna have a match in Halo 3?” Narrisha asked, her and Minyoki exchanging challenging looks.

“Sure thing! I kinda need to have a break from WOW; things kinda suck in there right now...” Minyoki said.
“How come?” Chinyi asked.

“Some noob shithead from my guild started running around all of GS, and he was yelling something about that I was some kinda degenerate lezzie or something; last thing’s right, but I’m no fucking degenerate!” Minyoki growled.

“Although I do not know much of human ‘computer games’, I'd sure say that was rude of him!” Mirinda nodded strictly.

“He’s just so weird-ass noob running around and try and boost his ego, Minyoki; honestly, who would believe him?” Narrisha asked.

“Not someone I know, that’s for sure, but just proves how idiotic guys gets when they can’t get a girl who’s getting her kicks wanking off to Rumble Roses and get fucked every night by some crazy, leather-clad hotties!” Chinyi said, finishing with a teasing grin in Faris direction, making her return it.

“Hey! It’s not my fault my girls likes pinkettes!” she giggled, having herself a cup of wine.

“Yeah, but I kinda feel like a slut sometimes! I mean, you always do the fucking of me, but I haven’t gotten around and fucked any of you yet...” Minyoki said a little disappointed, making Faris rub her eyebrows in thinking.

“It’s OK, Minyoki; you can have a go any time you wanna; just tell me if you’re feeling a little down, OK?” Faris asked, Minyoki smiling pleasantly at her.

“You’re not gonna regret this...or are you...?” she teased, making Faris giggle, shake her head and return to her plate, muttering something about ‘silly girlie’.

“As for you, Chinyi?” Narrisha asked.

“I’m off to watch Shoujo Sect! I’ve seen until episode 2 so far!” Chinyi beamed; the other girls exchanged smiles; Shoujo Sect were all too softcore for them.

“Chinyi, please; that series’ such an emo-pack! Hell, they can’t even screw each other before they’ve cried their eyes out and told them their whole bloody life story!” Minyoki commented strictly, shaking her head.

“Awwww, c’mon! There’s that really cool scene when the Indian turns dominatrix-like on that blonde girl, and-...“ Chinyi began explaining, Minyoki chuckling at her sister.

“We didn’t ask for an episode guide, silly; I’m not saying you can’t watch it, I’m just saying you should watch something more hardcore” Minyoki explained

“Like what?” Chinyi asked.

“Well, there’s the ‘Leather n’ Lace’ series and ‘Bedtime Blondes’” Hiroi suggested, grinning; “you’re gonna watch them someday, kiddo; you haven’t seen any real bondage girlies before you’ve seen ‘Leather n’ Lace´!”

“...I’ll stick to Shoujo Sect for now, thanks...” Chinyi said, smiling slightly nervously as she found Hiroi to be constantly starring at her breasts, a perverted smile appearing on her lips.

“So, uhmm, what are you gonna do until tonight, Innoki?” Narrisha asked, Hiroi leaning back down in her seat, sour that she had not made it to get a better look at Chinyi’s breasts, as she now let out a long sigh of relief.

“I’m heading for the spas; my hips feels as if...oh well...” Innoki shyly finished, not able but to hide a smile as she saw the teasing wink in Narrisha’s eyes.

“Ummm, actually...” Innoki now suddenly; “I wanna confess something...”

“Oh, well, do tell us” Narrisha said, everyone’s ears now listening to Innoki.

“Well, I’m...I am...” Innoki tried, but she was blushing heavily.

“Take your time; it’s OK” Narrisha nodded understandingly at her.

“I’m, I’m just scared!” Innoki said, a little more loudly then she had wished, and held her hands over her mouth.

“Scared? Of what?” Narrisha asked concerned.

“Of...of those two coming here; the shin’saras and the demon...I’m kinda...” Innoki tried, but Mirinda patted her shoulder in understanding.

“It’s OK, Innoki; I understand why you are afraid, but they are not evil people” Mirinda said, Narrisha nodding from the other end of the table.

“You’ll see, they’re actually really funny, and...” Narrisha began, stopping herself.

“’And’ what?” the girls, with the exception of Innoki, turned their heads, smiling evilly as they perfectly knew what Narrisha thought of.

“Well, let’s just say their need to fuck each other is as great as their need to eat and drink” Narrisha finally said.

Suddenly, Innoki laughed; at first she giggled, but then she burst into laughing; as the other girls looked confused at her, Narrisha worried if she had said something wrong.

“So...they’re kinda like us? Just girlfriends wanting to share their ‘experience’ and not gonna harm us?” Innoki asked simply, still catching her breath from her outburst.

“Yes; I even have a picture of them” Narrisha said, conjuring a handful of pictures and sending them gliding to each of the girls at the table; a mix of flirty whistles, moans and giggles were heard all over the table.

“Oh my Gods! She’s blazing hot! I’d fuck her for hours...!” Minyoki could not hold back her cheer as she looked at a picture of Jiraz, the succubus posing in a really suggestive way.

“Then check this cutie out! Oh my Gods, she’s just all ready to eat up raw!” Hiroi now smiled lustfully, showing Innoki a picture of a lustfully smiling Shica using a strip pole, a very thin black leather thong the only clothing she wore.

“By all the Gods...! They...they are so...!” Mirinda tried and find a word, but Narrisha laughed and gave her the answer; “gorgeous? Has more sex-appeal then you’ve ever seen?”

“Narrisha, I swear to Shinris, that if you don’t call me the second they get here, I’ll make you pay dearly!” Faris partly threatened, partly smiled.

“Well, they will be here in four hours, and I expect you all to dress up in your dancer outfits...” Narrisha said, faking to sound strict as the girls sighed disappointed; a smile crept over her lips; “...but please, do wear your best leather or latex outfits as you please after the act; heck, you better make sure it’s some of those you don’t need anymore, ‘cause you’re bound to get them ruined tonight!”

“Umm, why?” Mirinda asked.

“Because...” Narrisha now said, a devious smile appearing on her face as she slowly rose up, opening her bath robe and letting her breasts bounce out; “...tonight’s an orgy night!”

The girls, knowing very well how fun those nights really were, cheered all as one at the promise of having fun while the two hot guests visited.

“I could ask Jiraz and Shica to be the opening play, like a stripping show or something; I don’t think Christy would mind” Narrisha smiled; Christy was a bombshell of a blonde-haired beauty, who acted as ‘entertainer’ for those special nights.

“Strip show? Hahahahah! There’s no bra that busty redhead can fit into!” Minyoki said, already daydreaming of what Jiraz could, and mostly would do to her buttock.

“And that dark elf girlie? Oh, I get the shivers; I’ll be happy to bend down and bark for her!” Faris added, her and Minyoki already locked their eyes in a silent, competitive stare.

“That’s Shica, the shin’saras girl; I think you’ll be looking forward to see how your darker cousin has developed her lovemaking?” Narrisha gave Mirinda a somewhat taunting smile.

“Actually I do; I do not share my people’s blind racism towards the shin’sari” Mirinda smiled, nodding to herself as Narrisha looked satisfied; she was not a supporter of racism.

For about three minutes, nothing was heard but the clattering of cutlery and forks against glass plates; the food was, as always, delicious, and while the warmth from the bath was long gone, it reappeared as the hot food and cool wine were consumed.

“Dear Gods I’m filled!” Hiroi sighed happily, leaning back and stretching out; “those girls at the kitchen sure know how to cook up some nice meat!”

“The potatoes were yummy as well! You just to add some butter, salt and a bit of meat! Now that’s neat mouthful!” Chinyi smiled, suddenly letting out a small burp, making her blush shyly as the other girls giggled.

“Ye can’t keep what’s not in your hands!” Hiroi joked, looking as Narrisha had taken a remaining piece of pork meat on her fork, looking carefully at it.

“Hey, Chinyi, why don’t ask if you can get some of the remains for Snowie? I think she’d love that” Narrisha suggested, Chinyi beaming at the idea.

“Hihihih! I hope so; she’s rather picky, but as long as it’s meat, she’ll love it!” she smiled, thanking for the breakfast and hurried towards the kitchen.

“That girl is one whirlwind of energy; I don’t get she can even sit still for breakfast” Hiroi smiled, receiving an agreeing nod from Minyoki.

“Uhmm, Narrisha?” Innoki asked, making Narrisha look up from her plate.

“Yes?” she asked.

“Those two, Jiraz and Shica, do you think it’s a good idea to dress up in our dancers outfits? I mean, I don’t think I would mind having them over me, but...”

“But you’re a bit nervous that they may stick their heads too deep?” Gloris teased.

“Well...yeah, silk doesn’t sound so protective against those two” Innoki smiled shyly.

“Don’t you worry, Innoki; Jiraz and Shica might be near sex appeal incarnate, but they do respect personal limits” Narrisha said, making Innoki feel herself calming down.

“Can I take my leave now, mistress? I really do need my massage...” Mirinda asked as she felt her neck ache.

“Surely, just remember to ask them to go easy on you...” Narrisha smiled suggestively at her, Mirinda nodding.

As the breakfast continued, Mirinda made her way to the southern tower of the manor, in which the hospital was; the nurses there were known all over the manor to not only be adorable, but also about as playful as Chinyi, who could trick people into playing tag with her.

Climbing the stairs, Mirinda found most of the nurses working at their computers or examining all eventual reports of diseases or sicknesses, although such things rarely happened at Nightwind Manor.

However, as Mirinda were about to pass a wooden door, she could clearly hear a faint, little moaning; although knowing it would be inappropriate or outright rude, she took a look though the keyhole:

Lying on a bed, a blue-haired nurse was fondling and fingering a green-haired one, who seemed to be panting and sweating quite a lot; low-pitched moans and giggles was heard from them both, but they each tried and block each others’ mouths.

“By Shinris! It’s barely 8 o’ clock in the morning, and already they’re beginning to make out?” Mirinda asked herself, but cast the question aside, smiled and decided to ‘ruin’ the nurses’ fun by knocking on the door.

She smiled as silent hushes were heard from behind the door and the sound of footsteps as the nurses approached the door; opening it, the green-haired one smiled at Mirinda and curtsied.

“Good morning, miss Mirinda; what can we do to-...I mean for you?” the nurse quickly corrected herself as she blushed violently, the blue-haired one behind her trying not to laugh.

“I have a terrible ache in my neck, and I think I need a massage for it” Mirinda honestly said, making the nurses’ faces turn a little more serious.

“Do come in and we’ll see what we can do about it” the blue-haired one spoke, gesturing towards an empty bed; as Mirinda walked down towards it, she noticed a blonde girl laying panting and rustling in her bed, looking clearly uncomfortable in her sleep.

“What’s wrong with her?” Mirinda asked concerned.

“Raicha tried to pull a prank on Mistress Narrisha by trying to learn some Mystic spells, but it backfired terribly and she was hit with an illusion spell” the green-haired nurse said.

“When she’s awake, she only stays so for about five minutes before falling asleep again; the mistress’ been reading about it, and it seems like Raicha’s mind now tries and repair itself by sleeping” the blue-haired one said seriously.

“Can she be cured?” Mirinda asked worriedly.

“Otherwise she wouldn’t be here, right?” the green-haired nurse now smiled; “the spell only lasts a short time, and since it was as late as yesterday, we expect her to be up and ready to go before the afternoon.”

“Oh good, for we will be getting some guests by that time” Mirinda nodded.

“Uhmm, who would they be?” the blue-haired nurse now asked.

“Jiraz and Shica, a succubus and a shin’saras; apparently they are rather the lustful girlfriends...” Mirinda said, mentally smiling.

“Oh-oh...” both nurses now mumbled, as their faces looked like a mix between a smile and a nervous twitch.

“What’s the matter?” Mirinda asked somewhat teasingly.

“Well, last they were here...Gods, none of us could sit down for a week!” the blue-haired one said, waving her hands in the air and rolling her eyes as a sign of nervousness.

“How I just did not need that mental image in my mind” Mirinda mumbled sarcastically and smiled.

Chapter 4

Title: Chapter IV - The Draconoid Appears

[Author's notes: Chapter-Only Guest Appearence: Rhanar Narra-Jar.]

As the day went on and the time reached 2 ‘o clock, Narrisha thought of what she should be wearing for Jiraz and Shica’s arrival.

“Hahahahahah! Gotcha now!” Minyoki laughed and fell back over onto her bed, as a nearby antenna leaned dangerously close in Narrisha’s direction, threatening to crush her.

Seeing that, Narrisha snapped out of her thoughts, not able but to chuckle at the antenna on its way towards her.

“Oh dear! Whatever am I going to do...?” she sarcastically smiled, taking a simple step from the antenna as it fell down.

“Shit! It was supposed to...oh, fuck...!” Minyoki now panicked, as Narrisha, grinning menacingly, ran after her with a blazing Battle Rifle.

“I’m sorry! It won’t ever happen again! I swear!” Minyoki acted as if afraid, but she could not help herself but to laugh at the silly scene of the pink-armoured and a dark blue-armoured Spartan girls running around after each other on the screen, each trying to outsmart the other, which ended when Narrisha misfired her Rocket Launcher, sending them both flying, what they concluded to be, halfway through the map.

However, as they respawned, Narrisha headed right for the Hornet she had ‘parked’ exactly in front of a small cave entrance.

“Oh no, no you don’t...oh, shi-...!” Minyoki gasped as Narrisha laughed menacingly, the Hornet’s guns blazing as it fired on Minyoki, who could do nothing but to run for her life and pray she reached the Moongoose nearby.

“No! Stop it, Narrisha! I...I wasn’t gonna shoot you, I swear to all the Varranian Gods! Oh crap!” she yelped as Narrisha sent a missile after her, making her jump up and down like, as Narrisha taunted, a castrated bunny.

“OH MY GODS! I don’t wanna die; I’m only 18! SHIT! Watch those rock-...oh, shit! Please don’t kill me! I’ve only fucked 33 girls in my lifetime! I’m too inexperienced!” she began panicking as she desperately pressed her joystick’s buttons fiercely, while Narrisha simply laughed out loud and kept shooting at Minyoki from the Hornet.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh my Gods...! This is too funny, hahahahah!” Narrisha teased as she had to take a break from chasing Minyoki to catch her breath, putting down the joystick; seeing this, Minyoki put her own joystick down, throwing herself atop Narrisha.

“Since you’re so sweaty, maybe I’ll just decide to overheat you, you little slut...” she teased as she let her breasts all over Narrisha’s face, making her purr and smile; Minyoki sure wasn’t flat as a surfboard, rather the opposite.

“I’ve always liked that about you, Minyoki” Narrisha now teasingly nipped at Minyoki’s nipples, making her let out a low-pitched moan; “first fighting, then fucking me until all the heat’s off!”

“O...M...F’ing GOD! Hey, guys! Yo dudes, it’s real lezzies!” a sudden noise interrupted them as they quickly got up and reached for their headsets and looked at the screen; two other Spartans and an Elite had joined their game map, now eagerly talking each over themselves with the most cliché of lines Narrisha and Minyoki had ever heard.

“Yo gurls; can we play along??” an over-eager Spartan in cyan-coloured armour asked, as if he was hoping to ‘convert’ them to straightness.

“Yo bitches; wanna ride this motherfucker? I’ve got the booze as well...” another more gangsta-themed voice now sounded from a yellow-armoured Spartan.

“Fuck off, dudes; they know they wanna see my alien ‘weaponry’!” the purple and blue-coloured Elite now tried and be the fanboy.

“Now listen you sons of a...!” Narrisha and Minyoki now were about to yell back, but now a new Spartan made his appearance, although there was something ill-boding about him:

His suit was a grey-coloured suit of Hayabusa Armour, and a white skull with a golden crown could clearly be seen on his shoulder plates.

“What, in the name of the Gods, do you think you are doing...?!” he slowly spoke, his voice sounding like liquid ice in pure anger; to mark his words, he switched his normal Assault Rifle out with the Energy Sword hanging from his belt, and activated it with an electronic hiss.

“None o’ yer damn business, Rhannie, yo!” the gangsta-themed yellow Spartan barked, ignoring the approaching warrior.

“Oh my Gods!” Narrisha now gasped; was that grey-coloured Spartan Rhanar Narra-Jar? Playing Halo 3?!

“You act as if you were nothing but animals; you let your instincts mislead you, and behave as if raised like common thugs!” Rhanar now slowed his walking, not ten meters from the others now.

“Yep, that’s him” Narrisha mentally noted herself, trying not to laugh.

“This guy’s a fucking retard! Yo, dude; any gurls playing this game are mine, so just fuck off before I get really pissed!” the cyan-coloured Spartan nearly yelled.

“My Gods, what a bunch of retards...!” Minyoki snarled and sighed; only that ‘Rhannie’-guy sounded somewhat competent...

Suddenly, the grey-coloured Spartan jumped, letting his sword hit the back of the cyan-armoured Spartan so powerfully that Minyoki could see his Shield Meter almost reach zero.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK?! Guys, let’s kill the retard, and we’ll deal with those lez hoes next!” the cyan-armoured roared, loading his gun, while the Elite powered up his Laser Pistol and the yellow Spartan ran headlong towards the grey Spartan, yelling insults as he fired his rifle blindly.

“Let’s help him; at least he’s not your common cyber idiot!” Minyoki nodded at Narrisha; as they picked up their joysticks, Narrisha put her Hornet to good use; she fired barrel after barrel of rockets, while Minyoki had found herself a flamethrower somewhere.

“Where’d find that?” Narrisha asked.

“I dunno; you made the map” Minyoki replied with a wink.

However, as they opened fire, the grey-coloured Spartan had soon taken the yellow-coloured Spartan down, his last words being the common gangsta catchphrase, ‘motherfucker!’

“And now, it is your turn...!” the grey-coloured Spartan snarled at the cyan-coloured Spartan; seeing his friend dead, he yelled, panicked and tried to run.

Looking at the grey-coloured Spartan, Narrisha received a nod from him as if allowing her the killing blow; as she opened fire, a rocket sent the yellow Spartan to the sky with a final wail.

And now...” Rhanar turned to the cyan-coloured Elite, who were desperately charging up his Laser Pistol; “...let this be your demise, at least from this digital world; pray you will never see me, or abuse any woman, again!”

With that, he attacked the Elite, his Energy Sword taking all his shields down in one blow, leaving him defenceless as Rhanar placed the final strike.

“Who is that dude, anyway?” Minyoki asked Narrisha.

“He’s Shica’s big brother, Rhanar Narra-Jar; ya know, the leader of the Sharas’Car Order, half-dragon, obsessed with protecting girls...?” Narrisha hinted, as Minyoki, with a shocked expression on her face, finally understood.

“But...but he’s a legend! I...I thought he was just some weirdo fairytale guy who’s supposed to scare perverts and kids who behaves badly!” Minyoki began panicking.

“Worry not, miss Minyoki; as you are one of Narrisha’s friends, you need not fear me” Rhanar now replied from his microphone, slashing out his energy sword in the thin air.

“Hmm, I like this weapon; rather futuristic, but technology ‘can’ help under the right circumstances” he mumbled.

“Geeh, is it me or is he a bit weird?” Minyoki asked.

“He’s a zealot-kinda guy; he’s OK, just as long as ye don’t begin to mock him, ‘cause else he’ll unfold those wings of his and track you to the end of Varran and back!” Narrisha now teasingly tried and scare Minyoki.

“This reminds me, Narrisha; my sister will be visiting you this afternoon along with Jiraz; I hope my trust in your ability to at least behave until ‘after’ your banquet is well-placed...?” Rhanar now asked, Minyoki hearing the sarcasm almost drip from his voice.

“Sure, sure, they’ll be all fine, Rhanar; don’t ye worry!” Narrisha assured as convincingly as she could.

“I appreciate that, Narrisha; now, if you will excuse me, I wish to try out some of this ‘team slaying’ on Matchmaking; until we meet again” Rhanar now bend his head down in a bow, and disconnected from the game.

“Wow...that dude’s both creepy, evil-sounding...but crap, he sounds like one of them paladins, all gallant and stuff...” Minyoki said, clearly neither impressed with Rhanar’ ice-cold voice, but also not of his sarcastic speech to Narrisha.

“Don’t worry; we’ll get our revenge...” Narrisha assured, standing up and shutting the Xbox, the microphones and joysticks off; she turned and smiled deviously at Minyoki; “we’ll have Shica and Jiraz coming tonight, and I assure you; they’ll be eager for what I’ve planned for us!”

Minyoki smiled mentally and physically at Narrisha; truth to be told, so did she.

Chapter 5

Title: Chapter V - The Guests Arrives

[Author's notes: j]

Meanwhile, in the hospital of the manor, Mirinda was lying on her stomach in all her naked glory, softly moaning as the two nurses, with surgical precision, massaged her aching neck.

“Does it feel good? I'm not pressing too hard, I hope...?” the blue-haired one asked.

“No, it’s very good; you have such soft hands...” Mirinda smiled weakly, making the girl blush.

“Why, thank you, Miss Mirinda; we aim to please!” she quickly smiled, although she soon understood how suggestive it had sounded.

“And indeed you do; I am very grateful for your expertise” Mirinda politely and smilingly nodded.

However, in that exact moment, the green-haired nurse smiled perversely, deciding to quit her polite games, and slowly moved her white silk-gloved hand down Mirinda’s spine; sensing this, Mirinda smiled under her folded arms, enjoying as the nurse began lightly spanking and jab her butt.

“If you seek to tease me, do make a better effort” Mirinda teased, making the nurse aware of the fact that Mirinda might have known of her intentions from the start.

“Well, there’s no point in acting now!” she chuckled with and evil smile; nodding to the other nurse, they quickly, yet carefully turned Mirinda around her face now laying upwards to see the two nurses look smilingly at her.

“I have a feeling I will like this” Mirinda smiled back as the nurses’ hands reached for her breasts...

After a while, the time had finally come, and the maids and other residents of Nightwind Manor stood dressed in their fine silk outfits, and, in Narrisha’s case, a splendid dark-blue silk dress; they stood in front of the front door to the manor, the Night Guards, who had insisted to keep wearing their usual leather suits and half-plate armour, stood behind Narrisha as her honour guard.

Soon, a slight noise was heard outside the quiet manor, a noise which almost sounded like...

“Flapping? Uhmm, Narrisha, will they be flying here?” Faris asked as she stood next to Narrisha.

“They didn’t say anything about that, but it sounds like-...” Narrisha began, just as the ground now began shaking as if a very small earthquake had erupted following the sudden, heavy bump heard outside the manor.

The rather nervous girls looked at their mistress, but kept quiet; Chinyi hid herself behind her sister, who simply smiled and gave her little sister a slight clap on the head.

“Girls, I think we'd better go out and bid our guests welcome” Narrisha spoke clearly; as she could clearly see, it was not the most popular message she had ever given; in a hint of an eye, she saw one of the Night Guards slowly let her hand down to the longsword hanging in a scabbard in her belt.

As another of the Night Guards opened the door and let the girls out, almost all of them screamed at the same time:

A gargantuan, if not titanic golden dragon, at least one hundred and sixty meters tall, its scales glittering in the sunlight, sat patiently on the huge, wide-spread grassland outside the manor, nodding as the girls began shrieking.

“So; I see none of you has seen a dragon before...?” it asked, its voice sounding like thunder in the mountains that surrounded Nightwind Manor.

“Wha-what the Hell is that?!” Chinyi panicked, clutching herself even harder to Minyoki’s leg.

“I, my little lady, am Laracris, Guardian of the Kingdom of Silvarcira” the dragon now spoke, sounding rather proud; “the image of me coats the banner, shields and very coat-of-arms of their very country.”

As the girls calmed a bit down, mostly because the dragon showed no intentions of eating them, Faris braced herself and walked up to Laracris and knelt, although she still clearly were terrified.

“So you’’re not going to eat us...?” she asked fearfully.

Laracris bend his head down until it reached Faris, and the variation of their heads’ size were almost bizarre; Laracris’ almost pearl-white fangs and his long horns and long snout made him look terrifying, but he simply chuckled, pushing gently to Faris, making her fall over, landing on her butt, starring at the amazing and ancient creature.

“If that is what you mean by harm, that is all I will do to you, young one” Laracris nodded at Faris; “oh, it reminds me; I’ve brought your guests here; the empress insisted on the best possible protection for her daughter, and, as she spoke herself, second to Jiraz, I qualified as the very best.”

As Laracris now slowly leaned a bit forward, almost like a cat, a massive cabin could be seen between his large wings, attached around his stomach and back with heavy steel and adamantine chains; the weird insignia, or coat-of-arms on its side clearly gave away it was of the Imperial Family.

“Her Highness, the Empress Shinris Narra-Jar, asked me to carry her daughter and her...well, ‘lover’...” Laracris began, clearly not the one to think demons could feel anything called love, which clearly seemed to upset Narrisha; as Laracris embarrassingly noticed, she crossed her arms over her chest and looked rather annoyed at him.

“I mean Miss Jiraz, as well...” the dragon corrected himself, although he had never really liked the succubus constant flirts with the young princess; in his eyes, he did not see an heir to the mighty Shacar-Jarcu Empire, but more of two brats unwilling to care for more important matters than their own happiness.

However, his dark thoughts were interrupted as a door in the side of the cabin was opened; out came a figure, clad from head in a pitch-black robe with adamantine armour plates on shoulders, chest, forearms and a helmet, and from its belt in a scabbard hang a shortsword of the same material.

Behind it came another black-robed and adamantine-armour figure, but only slightly taller and with red bat-like wings and cat-like tail; judging by Laracris’ small grunts of what sounded like pain, it was surely because of the spiked adamantine boots piercing into the small rifts between his golden scales.

As the figures made their way down from the titanic dragon, Faris could spot that the winged of them carried a large trunk in her hand, which seemed rather heavy.

Suddenly, however, another figure appeared in the cabin door; it did not wear armour, and had an up-pulled hood covering its face instead; it seemed slightly smaller than the two others, and was clearly rather nervous as for climbing down the massive Laracris’ back.

“Who’s that little one? I haven’t seen her before” Faris now asked Narrisha.

“I dunno, but we’re about to find out” Narrisha answered, seeing the three figures walking towards them, Laracris sitting patiently by and looking at the manor with an interested attitude.

“It’s been a long time, Narrisha!” a smiling Shica cheerfully shoke Narrisha’s hand; after she had removed her helmet and now held it under her arm, many, if not all of the girls around her could not help but let out flirty whistles, eager whisperings or blushing at her.

“Oh...” Narrisha now teasingly commented as Shica put her helmet down and began pulling off the robe; under it, much to the surrounding girls’ delightful and desirable looks, was a half-plate of spiked adamantine armour, and under it was a catsuit of black latex.

“Get that bucket off your head, silly! Gods, I can’t see how you could fly or even walk with that thing on!” Shica joked at the taller figure; a small giggle were heard from under the helmet, and the tall figure now lifted its hands to remove it.

“She likes that entire ‘dramatic entrance’ stuff, ye know” Shica nodded at Narrisha with an attitude as if it was every day logic.

As Jiraz, whom it turned out to be, removed her helmet, the surrounding girls could clearly sense her appealing attitude; like Shica, she wore a latex suit under her very loose robe, but the amount of spiked adamantine were limited to shoulder plates and a rather small chest plate.

“Hiya, girls! You missed us??” she eagerly greeted, Shica burrowing her face in her left hand in an attempt her hide the fact that she was about to laugh at her girlfriend’s open and silly attitude.

Seeing the ‘terrifying Demon of Hellfire’ as nothing but a quite friendly, if not a little over-eager girl, and her girlfriend of a shin’saras princess as a just as eager one, the fear that the girls of Nightwind Manor had had of a demonic menace waned away; instead, they politely greeted Jiraz and Shica, if not some of them allowed themselves some rather obvious flirty comments.

“We’ve brought a friend of Shica’s with us; c’mon, go say hallo, silly” Jiraz teased and gestured the third robed figure to step forward; nervously it did so, and dropped its hood:

A pink-haired shin’saras girl, maybe only slightly younger than Shica, appeared under the hood’s folds; she was clearly nervous, and something that looked like regular fear shun lightly in her purple eyes.

“It’s OK, Vinya; Narrisha’s girls are all fine” Shica laid a calming hand on Vinya’s shoulders, which seemed to strengthen her courage enough to introduce herself:

“I am Vinya, daughter of the Scarlet Sister Daina; I serve the Imperial Narra-Jar, and in their name, I greet you, noble house of Nightwind Manor” she spoke as if reading up from a scroll.

A few moments of silence fell, followed by a polite, united giggle by the girls; even Narrisha smiled and gestured Vinya forward; eager to do so, in hope of making a better first impression than her speech, Vinya partly ran until she stood but two meters from Narrisha.

“Drop your robe, please” Narrisha asked her.

Nervous, Vinya looked over her shoulder at her teasingly winking mistress and Jiraz.

“M-may I, my lady?” Vinya asked.

“Sure, just don’t drop too much” Shica winked teasingly at her, while Jiraz had hidden herself behind her large wings for not to let Vinya know that she was about to burst into laughing at her extreme shyness and, as Jiraz preferred to call it, ‘overprotective virgin’ nature.

Letting her robe fall, Vinya stepped out of it, wearing a simple black maid uniform, with black leather wrist-long gloves and knee-high boots in dark elven design.

“Come forward then, Vinya of Shacar-Jarcu” Narrisha gestured formally, but winked teasingly at Vinya, would could not help but get the feeling that the vampire girl’s teasing was not ill meant.

“Heheh, another cutie I’ll soon get to f-...” Hiroi smiled to herself behind the row of girls lined up in front of the manor; however, as she caught her first real sight of Shica and Jiraz, she could clearly feel something in both her nose and her loins.

“Oh my fucking Gods! They’re the ones who’s gonna fuck me?!” she mentally panicked, causing some rather hilarious changing to her facial expression; as the girls around her laughed, knowing how nervous Hiroi must be feeling, they suddenly caught sight of a shadow over their heads...

“Surpri-i-ise!” was heard from a cheerful Jiraz and Shica, as Jiraz let her girlfriend slip the few remaining meters to the ground, while she herself slowly descended with some light flaps from her amazing wings.

“So...” Shica now obviously teased Hiroi as she stepped closer and closer to the quite blushing girl; “Narrisha tells us you’ve been rather bad, and that you’re one of the few virgins here, right?” Shica asked, Jiraz walking up behind her, leaning herself against Shica and swung her arms around her neck, letting her short claws mentally tease Hiroi as she imitated to fondle and caress Shica’s breasts.

“Uhmm...uhmm, yeah! Yeah, I’m girl...stuff...” Hiroi now tried her usual tomboyish attitude, but a single look on Jiraz and Shica’s directly suggestive faces, and namely the movements of their tongues licking their lips, she knew that she was practically screwed.

"Hey, no worries; we're awesome!" Jiraz smiled, slowly unfolding and flapping her wings up and down, showing off various hard rock hand signs and rolling her tongue out in tease, rising her fists and claws to the sky.

"She's kinda right, but hey, you'll be OK" Shica grinned at the slightly nervously smiling Hiroi, the shadow of Jiraz's wings blocking out her view of the sun.

"Trust me, girl; it's awesome to fly!" Jiraz grinned, winking at Shica; "of course, I'd ride Shica for free!"

"Why, you-...!" Shica began grinning, Jiraz standing before her laughing, flipping her wings, curling her tail and flexing her muscles.

"You can't deny it; I'm hot, and you're sexy" Jiraz teased, Shica laughing with all her pleased heart to see her girlfriend willingly making a little fool of herself.

"Yeah, you're right; we actually are" Shica grinned, clapping Jiraz's right wing lightly, Jiraz enjoying it pleasently as Shica moved on to her chins.

However, besides her, Mirinda had quite some looks on Vinya, Shica and Jiraz; she did not quite understand why her people should fear and hate the shin’sari; to her, Vinya and Shica were simply more kinky-minded, at least in Shica’s case, and simply more dark-skinned than their surface cousins.

“And you must be Mirinda?” Shica now turned to her; taken aback by the shin’saras’ polite gesture as for a handshake and her friendly attitude, Mirinda’s facial expression were rather an amusing one, as she partly smiled back, partly raised her eyebrows to the height of her hair in surprise.

“Oh! Oh, uhmm, yes, that I am; I am honoured to meet thee, Princess Shica” she now curtsied and accepted the handshake.

“Heh, kinda glad ye weren’t that tight-up-ye-ass prejudice-like shin’idun chick I feared” Jiraz commented with a hint of sarcasm; moving towards Mirinda, she sent a teasing smile at Shica, who felt that Jiraz might have been pressing her luck too far.

“Aside from my people, I do not judge other cultures and races by their history” Mirinda verbally outsmarted Jiraz with a slightly taunting undertone; “even if they seem as flirty as that of the two of you.”

If she had thought it to be insulting to Jiraz and Shica, she was truly mistaken, as they simply laughed, gave each other a rather quick kiss and now stood barely a meter from Mirinda.

“We don’t mind you joining us later on if you keep complimenting us like this” Shica teased, pulling Mirinda lightly and teasingly by her ears; seeing that, Chinyi could not suppress a small moan; ‘luckily’ no one heard her.

“My Lady Narrisha...” Vinya now spoke, politely bowing; “may I ask as for what you have planned for this fine evening?”

“Now that’s my little secret, you curious little cutie, and I’d better not tell before you’re standing face to face with it” Narrisha teased as she playfully rustled the mildly surprised, but mentally enjoying, Vinya’s hair; as her manners slipped for a moment, Narrisha spotted a smile broadening on the shin’saras girl’s lips, much to her satisfaction.

“Should we continue this discussion inside? We’ve arranged a banquet for your arrival” Narrisha now addressed Jiraz and Shica formally, knowing that the two of them would be eager for getting the day over because of the promise she had given them of the night’s entertainment.

“Yeah, I’d second that mistress; it’s getting a bit windy by now” a girl besides Narrisha spoke; as Narrisha nodded and the girls began to head for the front door, Jiraz and Shica caught sight of the girl:
Her tan skin, blonde hair with a hint of pink, and her exotic silver and black leather outfit were quite new to them.

“Wow, that’s one busty hottie; you’ve got competition, sweetie” Shica giggled at Jiraz and placed a lick on the succubus’ cheek.

“You never know, Shica baby; maybe we can try our toys on her later” Jiraz whispered, making her and Shica exchange devious, silent laughs.

Behind them, a sound like flapping sails marked that Laracris had taken his flight back over the mountains.

As Jiraz and Shica were shown their room by one of the Night Guards, the girl soon found out that Jiraz and Shica lived up to their infamously seductive and flirty reputation; she more than twice felt their hands on her buttocks, but in all honestly, she did not truly mind, which only seemed to please Jiraz and Shica.

“So...” Shica began as the door was closed behind her and Jiraz as the guard left; “...what are we gonna pass the time with?”

“Well, we could play some games...?” Jiraz suggested, although Shica’s expression clearly stated her lack of interest for the suggestion; instead, a smile were spreading on both her and Jiraz’s lips as they both understood the fun in Jiraz’s joke.

“Well, we ‘could’ work out a little surprise for them tonight...” Jiraz suggested; this time, however, Shica giggled and nodded eagerly.

“You remembered them all?” she asked as Jiraz pulled out their gargantuan trunk from under her bed.

“Yep, also the sonari crystals” she smiled as she opened the trunk; inside were quite some spare change of clothes, underwear, fetish outfits, a bundle of YURI HiME magazines, and DVDs.

“Amazing what ye can do with Mystic Magic, really” Jiraz nodded to herself.

“Heh, yeah; Jiki’s quite the sorceress after all; she and Kiro are getting more and more powerful, ye know” Shica commented, referencing to the two rather unserious and playful girlfriends, Jiki and Kiro, the most esteemed girls under the Sharas’Car Order’s protection.

“Hell, if I didn’t respect them for not wanting any other goodies than their own, I’d screwed them silly...provided you’d do the same to me after that!” Jiraz teased; she and Shica had never minded sharing their erotic lovemaking with other girls, as they saw their own bond and love for each other as unbreakable.

Smiling, Shica reached out for a small, blue book lying at the very bottom of the trunk; however, outside the window, they suddenly heard the tap from what sounded like claws on the window; seeing what could only be a mix of white feathers and fur, they soon recognized...

“What the f-...?” Shica began, stepping over to the window and opening it to the familiar creature; soon a golden beak entered through it, followed by the head, front legs, chest and claws as that of a huge white-feathered eagle, the creature's back sprouting massive wings, and finally the lower body and legs like that of a white-furred lion.

“Ya-a-a-a-a-a-argh...” the creature yawned, its long, thin pink tongue clearly visible to the now smiling Shica and Jiraz.

“Uhmm, good morning Breeze...?” Jiraz tried her most polite gesture by bowing down before the creature.

“Oh, I’ve finally arrived; oh, uhmm, you might wonder why I choose to drop by...?” the creature asked; as she nearly filled the half room with her three meters length from beak to tail, and nearly two meters height with folded wings from claws to the top of the wings, it was quite possible that the griffon would have to find another place to sleep.

“Well, uhmm, yeah, we kinda would like to know” Shica asked rather sarcastically.

“Well, this might solve that mystery; please do take it yourself, though; my claws might damage it” Breeze warned, gesturing with her beak to a small brown leather bag attached with straps of same design to her back.

Walking over to the griffon, Jiraz reached down in the bag, finding what appeared to be a blank, black DVD case.

“It’s from my mistresses; they thought you should have this ‘DVD’ as a sign of appreciation of witnessing their so-called ‘Youtube’ videos” Breeze explained as best she could, considered how unlikely a griffon is to understand human technology.

“Heheheh, oh those silly cuties!” Shica smiled as Jiraz sat down beside her, opening the case; inside were a rather small DVD disc, but it seemed able to run on all the systems the girls knew Narrisha had at Nightwind Manor.

“Maybe they’ve recorded a naughty home video!” Jiraz giggled, mentally imaging Jiki and Kiro in a heated and intimate love-making; however, in her mind, the faces of Jiki and Kiro were soon replaced with Shica’s, to her even greater delight...

“Me-e-ep!” Jiraz yelped as Shica teasingly let her tongue into her ear; giggling, she turned her head around, sending Shica a rather suggestive look.

“I suppose I should go introduce myself to the inhabitants of this manor” Breeze suggested, walking towards the door, standing on her hind legs and using her claws to reach for the door knob.

“Uhmm, you sure it’s a good idea, Breeze? I don’t think these girls know of magical creatures” Shica warned as the door now creaked open.

“Hmm, that may be true, but I suppose I will just have to pretend to be a more common and dim-witted animal, then” Breeze nodded and went out the door.

“We’d better follow her, else she’ll end up chased by the Night Guard” Jiraz commented, standing up and followed by Shica out the door; not long after they passed down the corridor, they heard a silent giggling.

“I wonder what’s so funny” Shica mumbled, following Jiraz down a smaller corridor, ending up at an open door; inside a lovingly giggling Chinyi were stroking a cuddling a rather uncomfortable-looking Breeze.

“Who’s a little kitty?? Who’s a cutie little kitty-witty griffon?? Yes, you are!” she spoke to the desperate Breeze in the most insanely, ill-boding, sugar-sweet and high-pitched chibi voice that Shica and Jiraz had ever heard.

“!” Shica commented, trying her best not to giggle, as Jiraz had already given into her own laughter.

“Hey! You’ve seen this cutie little kitty?? She’s a bit feathery, but I don’t mind!” Chinyi now smiled at Jiraz and Shica, Breeze obviously very embarrassed.

“...Uhmm, this young girl seems to think I'm a huggable pet kitten to her...” she pointed out with the tip of her left claw as she pointed at Chinyi.

“Hey sis, what’s up? I heard some of your-...” Minyoki now entered the room, finding her sister cuddling the most bizarre creature she had ever seen, the new girls standing but a few meters from her.

“What in the fuck is that?!” Minyoki now shrieked in terror as she pointed at Breeze; feeling insulted, Breeze jumped down from Chinyi’s bed, and headed straight up front to Minyoki, whom she reached to the waist while standing on all four legs, excluding her wings.

“Look here, young lady, you've got no right whatsoever to point me out as if I were a common, wildlife beast!” the griffon now spread her wings half open; “I am Breeze the Griffon, and I ‘do’ request at least a ‘hint’ of respect from even the most unusual of persons I might meet on my travels!”

Silence fell after the griffon’s insulted speech, as Minyoki had not expected what she thought to be a wild and fierce animal to step right up and bark its arguements face to face to her.

“Ermmm...ri-i-i-ight...and your name was Breeze, right...?” Minyoki now tried her most polite tone.

“Hmph! That quite changed your tone, hmm? Yes, indeed I am Breeze, loyal pet to the mistresses Jiki and Kiro, sent here to deliever a package for the ladies of this manor” Breeze now lightly bowed her head.

“Oh? A package??” Chinyi now eagerly asked from the bed, jumping up and heading straight for Breeze.

“Lemme see! Lemme see!” she exclaimed and cheered, looking under Breeze’s wings, in her beak and even under her paws and claws as if she was hiding it.

“Please, dear Miss Chinyi, I gave the package to Miss Jiraz and Miss Shica” Breeze now explained in an exhausted tone; she did not seem to feel rather pleased by Chinyi’s boundless energy.

“Can I see it??” Chinyi now turned her attention to Shica, who held the DVD case.

“Nah, sorry little cutie; we promised to let your mistress have it first” Jiraz explained, Chinyi now looking rather disappointed.

“Fine, I can at least take you to her quarters, but I want a peek before tonight!” she insisted.

“That’s up for Narrisha to decide” Shica winked at Chinyi, Jiraz smiling at Shica as they enjoyed teasing the little brat.

Chapter 6

Title: Chapter VI - The Renegade Lady-Knight

[Author's notes: j]

Later, as the guards outside Narrisha’s room let them in, after noting them that the banquet would begin in about an hour, they entered, seeing Narrisha stand by her drawer, two maids helping and suggesting what dress she was to wear.

“Ah, do come in” she smiled and gestured the group in, nodding to her maids as they silently backed away for Narrisha to have a talk with her guests.

“Yo Narrisha; it seems like those little brats Jiki and Kiro snuck this with us” Shica grinned, handing Narrisha the DVD case, while Breeze looked sourly at Shica for calling her mistresses something as childish as ‘brats’.

“Before I look into this, how’s Vinya?” Narrisha asked, curious how the young shin’saras girl would think of her manor.

“She’s fine; Mirinda’s taking her around for a tour” Jiraz assured, mentally smiling as she knew perfectly well what little stories Mirinda could tell Vinya of herself and the manor.

“Hmmm...” Narrisha nodded as she looked closely at the DVD case; sensing something, she giggled.

“Hihihih! Those silly girls; must’ve thought I wouldn’t know...” she smiled turning to face Jiraz, Shica, Chinyi and Breeze; “they’ve put an enchantment on it, hiding the cover.”

As she now began waving her hand over the case, suddenly an image appeared; holding it up, a picture of Jiki and Kiro were clearly shown, while a text underneath simply said; ‘gotcha, hihih!’

“Hahahahah! Those silly little brats!” Jiraz laughed, Shica and Chinyi joining in; although she did not understand a lot about magic, Chinyi kind of liked the joke, and the girls on the cover was, to her surprise, even more cute-looking than her.

“Judging from what’s written behind...” Narrisha now said as she read from the other side of the case; “it’s both a home video, and also a video of you guys’, theirs, and Rhanar’s last concert.”

“What? Who’d have a camera set up to film it?” Shica asked, partly herself, partly the others.

“Ye never know, sweetie; betcha they asked those White Guardian Security Force fellows for a copy of whatever their cameras recorded under that concert” Jiraz suggested, Shica nodding in silent agreement.

“Nevertheless, I’d say we watch it later tonight” Narrisha nodded to herself.

“A good idea, mistress” a voice were heard from the door; a girl with long azure hair and clad in a heavy suit of steel full-plate armour stood in the doorway; on her gauntlets were small, glided symbols of a roaring, golden dragon.

“You wanna watch as well, Allisia?” Chinyi asked eagerly.

“Need you ask? Friends of the manor are friends of mine” the girl lightly and politely smiled, as she now turned her eyes to Shica and Jiraz, obviously searching for any signs of danger from them.

“Don’t try and mess with Allisia...” Chinyi whispered in their ears; “...she’s a Dragon Knight!”

“A what?” Jiraz asked, apparently to the azure-haired and armoured girl’s amusement as she silently giggled.

“I was once a Dragon Knight of Silvarcira; I was one of the very elite warriors of mankind’s most glorious kingdom...” she began, but dramatically made a short pause; “...but, alas, I tired of fighting and all the blood that had to spill by my sword; thus, I came here, to this very manor, to settle for the rest of my days, in service to a mistress I once foolishly and blindly thought to be an agent of great and accursed evil.”

By that, Allisia stepped up besides Narrisha, her blue skirt, trimmed with gold threads, fluttered from the waist of her armour.

“Allisia got tired of all the fighting a knight does, so she came here and settled with us” Narrisha smiled at her ‘knight in shining armour’; Jiraz and Shica, however, strongly felt that Allisia, like Rhanar Narra-Jar himself, was more of a warrior than a more pleasant-minded person.

“As of yet, my mistress, I came with a request” Allisia now spoke, sending a look at Jiraz and Shica; “as I only know of them by their reputation, I will be bold and say that my request is to test if their brawn and strength matches that of their beauty.”

Jiraz and Shica chuckled; while Allisia’s tone was formal and elegant, they clearly felt that she hoped to exhaust them for her own ‘gains’; she would be surprised, though, that they both knew how to fight.

“If they wish so, it shall be” Narrisha nodded, gesturing Jiraz and Shica towards her, whispering them; “girls, ye better be really sure; even if she only trains with you, Dragon Knights are some of Varran’s best fencers!”

“Don’t worry, we’ll not toast her or something!” Jiraz joked, Shica giving her a teasing slap over her right horn.

“So you’re a former Dragon Knight? Dear Gods, it’s near a privilege to meet you” Breeze now walked up to Allisia, kneeling on her front legs in a respectful bow.

“And whom might you be griffon?” Allisia asked, holding her hand down, exchanging a handshake with Breeze.

“I am Breeze the griffon, servant and pet to the mistresses Jiki and Kiro” Breeze proudly spoke; although Allisia did not know of the persons she spoke of, she nodded and gracefully patted the purring griffon’s head.

“So you’re gonna fight Allisia? Hihihih! This’ll be fun!” Chinyi now commented as Jiraz and Shica went back from Narrisha, heading straight up to Allisia.

“We accept your challenge, miss” Shica and Jiraz said as one, Allisia nodding in admiration.

“Crossing blades with a knight? You are either quite courageous...or willing to face utmost humiliation” Allisia partly taunted, partly teased them as they followed her out the door.

“When she’s down, the first thing we’re gonna do is pull her outta that armour, right?” Jiraz suggested Shica, a devious and playful wink in her eyes.

“Yeah, then we can force her to look as we make out; I still can’t wait ‘till tonight, Jiraz” Shica commented, a clear hint of impatience in her voice.

However, to their surprise, when Allisia turned around and towards the door, they saw scale-formed steel plates on the backside of her blue cloak; it looked like dragon scales, but it could only be meant as extra protection of common steel.

“I made most of it myself” Allisia gave a small smile as she held the cloak up a bit with surprising ease; “but captain Faris knows the most about weapons and armour within these walls.”

“Wow, kinda neatly put together” Jiraz and Shica nodded, exchanging looks as they admired the near perfect arrangement of scales over scales, and that not a single hint of cloth could be seen in between.

“Much appreciated, but we have a duel awaiting us” Allisia noted them, Jiraz, Shica, Chinyi and Breeze following her out the door.

“I’d better check on Mirinda and Vinya, then” Narrisha said to herself, just as she noticed her still waiting maids with her dresses.

“Well, gotta get the dress code cleared, first of all” she smiled to herself, gesturing the maids over with her dresses; with over seven different ones to try, it might be taking a while.

“...And that’s how I ended up here” Mirinda were telling Vinya as they made their way on Mirinda’s tour of the manor; Vinya were amazed and fascinated by the shin’idun girl’s story, and the many hallways, corridors and hidden passages in the manor.

“Uhmm, Miss Mirinda...?” Vinya now tried her luck at the question that had been nagging her.

“Yes Vinya?” the shin'idun girl pleasantly lay a hand on Vinya’s shoulder.

“I...uhmm...I’ve heard some rumours over the manor, and they say that...that...” Vinya stopped up, not able to finish the sentence.

“That I, at day, go about as a normal well-mannered, polite and common shin’idun, while I at night turns into a horny, sex-crazed and seductive dominatrix with a weakness for cute and innocent girls?” Mirinda finished with a slight giggle at the look on Vinya’s face.

“Wh-what?? B-b-but I thought...that...!” Vinya stammered in what felt like panic, but looking at Mirinda’s smiling and pleasant face, she felt her fear melt away.

“It’s true, Vinya; I am not ashamed of what I become at night, and it shall not be a secret that I hope for you especially to witness that very heated session of lovemaking uncommon to normal shin’idun” Mirinda now spoke clearly, although her undertone betrayed a slightly, if not very amused undertone.

Vinya felt terrified once again; were she to be ravished by this blonde and likely crazy witch? Was she to suffer the arts of forbidden love, of which her mistress...

Suddenly, now, she remembered the time her mistress, the Imperial Highness Shica Narra-Jar, had ‘taught’ her of the forbidden arts, an act that she, to her complete surprise, had felt as pleasant and comfortable, if not a little fiery first experience.

“So...y-you want to ravish me tonight...?” Vinya carefully asked.

“My dear, I always go very easy on those you might call ‘first-timers’” Mirinda informed, a somewhat teasing undertone clearly noting Vinya that she by no means had the intention of letting her off easily.

“Mistress Shica has always taught me to stand up to what you fear...” she now spoke again, smiling seductively and mimicking a line she had heard her mistress and Jiraz whisper at each other hotly; “but why resist such an invaluable and blessed gift as that of your body in a fiery and passionate heat?”

Hearing that Mirinda could not suppress a short and obvious giggle; she had imagined Vinya to be a very virtuous and shy little girl, but it seemed that something had convinced her to play Mirinda’s ‘game’ by the shin’idun’s own rules.

“Vinya, might I ask you a forward and somewhat direct question?” Mirinda now pulled herself together, facing to still smiling Vinya, who were quite happy her rather dirty joke had been so appealing to Mirinda.

“Surely you may, Miss Mirinda” she nodded.

“Do you still carry your virtue?” Mirinda asked.

Blushing violently and any hint of prank gone from her mind, Vinya looked directly into Mirinda’s eyes.

“Yes...” she sighed, letting the words fly out with her breathe; “...I am a virgin.”

“I shall be sure not to use any extraordinary means, then” Mirinda lightly bowed, respecting Vinya’s assumed wish to keep her virtue.

“I am honoured by the respect you show me, Miss Mirinda” Vinya now smiled and stretched her hand out and offering a handshake; she truly began to like this bizarre, weird, and yet very appealing place.

“The honour is mine” Mirinda responded, smiling as well as she accepted the handshake.

“Yo, yo, yo; black n’ white power, huh?” Hiroi now greeted Mirinda and Vinya as she came out from her room not three meters from them; while Vinya were taken aback by the brashness of the human girl, she politely curtsied.

“Heheh, a little formal one; hey girlie, what’s ya name?” Hiroi asked, zipping her jacket a few centimetres further up.

“My name is Vinya; I am a maid in service to Her Imperial Highness, Shica Narra-Jar” Vinya now curtsied again.

“Wow; serving an imperial family, huh? And you’re going to stay here for a week’s time?” Hiroi asked, walking towards Vinya.

“Yes, that I am; my mistress thought it to be a good idea, since I do not know much about humans” Vinya said.

“So-o-o-o-o...” Hiroi now knelt down in eye-height of Vinya; “...we’ve gotten us two sex-crazed girlfriends who can’t their paws off each other, and a little cutie pie who’d faint if I groped her...?” she finished with a teasing wink.

“I am to deal with that ‘issue’, as you might call it, later in the evening” Vinya snapped back, sticking her tongue out in tease and smiling teasingly back at Hiroi.

“And who’s the lucky girl who gets to have you in their grasp then?” Hiroi asked, slight signs of disappointment that she was not the one.

“Her, Miss Mirinda” Vinya turned around and pointed at Mirinda, who sent Hiroi a taunting smirk.

“...Ye know how lucky you are, cutie? That elf hottie’s gonna make you wail out before she even begins getting in the mood, herself!” Hiroi partly warned, partly teased Vinya and Mirinda.

“I doubt that; she has promised to go easy on me” Vinya assured.

Looking over Vinya and seeing the look on Mirinda’s face, Hiroi was quite convinced that Mirinda were sure to go easy on least for the first five minutes.

Meanwhile, in a room that strongly resembled an oriental, Japanese dojo, Jiraz and Shica simply glared at the amazing collection of armour, weapons and helmets which sat in on displays or hang down from the ceiling.

“Oh my Gods!” was all Jiraz could utter as she got her eyes on a finely crafted scalemail, clearly of shin’idun design judging by the slight hue of green and the small carvings and symbols of leaves in each individual scale.

“How did you get all this stuff?” an amazed Shica asked Allisia as she carefully opened a small cupboard, contain nothing but different coins and crystal shards.

“As a Dragon Knight, I went on a lot of adventures for my order; while I gave most of my spoils and loot to them, I kept a small part for myself” Allisia explained as she were tightening a second, black leather belt with a matching black leather scabbard with steel trims to her waist.

“So, uhmmm, why did you leave your order in the first place?” Shica asked.

“That is somewhat of a sad tale, one that most local bards still sing of to this day...!” Allisia mumbled and gritted her teeth in frustration; “the grandmaster of my order assaulted me...!”

“What?! Why’d he do that?” Jiraz asked, feeling her eyes, hair and claws starting to burn from inner rage.

“He came to me a day after my training, claiming I was becoming one of the order’s greatest knights...and by that, the tried and take advantage of me, claiming he had secretly loved me since I joined the order...” Allisia now spat, her voice barely controllable with anger.

“It’s kinda cliché, ye know...” Shica pointed out, sitting on the floor, admiring two Silvarciraian war swords; “’s the classic ‘fall in love with the cool girl’ thing; I don’t even think he really meant it.”

“Nor did I; as none of the other knights knew of him being in my quarters, and as he’d refrained from loosening his grip on me, I had but one call for it...” Allisia now sighed; “ I apparently have some slight sparkles of Mystic Magic in me, I concentrated the best I could, but my spell ended up in a disaster...”

As silence now fell over the room, Jiraz and Shica felt bad about pressing Allisia too much.

“...I blasted him; my spell hit him directly in the head, sending him flying unconscious to the floor...” Allisia continued; “...harming the master of the Golden Dragon Order is just as bad as if I had knocked down King Arathasa himself!”

As Allisia now headed for a chest in the corner of the room, a smile slid over her face.

“I had to flee, and so I did; in the middle of night, hoping no-one would see me leave Sarrania...but I was terribly wrong...”

Making a pause as she opened the chest, she took out a fine-looking steel sword of Silvarciraian craftsmanship; the golden guard of the sword had the form of a roaring dragon’s head, one to each side, while the hilt, with its sharp and pointy end, looked like a dragon fang; the grip was of rough black leather, and fit well in Allisia’s armoured gauntlet.

“I met someone that night; a dark rider, but his mount was not that of a horse, but a giant, black-scaled lizard; he was clearly a shin’saras, but the most polite shin’saras I’ve yet to meet...”

As she paused in her wondering who the mysterious rider might have been, Shica and Jiraz began laughing, as they, of all people, would know the that ‘dark rider’.

“That would have been my brother, Rhanar; he’s head and leader of that Sharas’Car Order, you know, the ‘defend women’s right at all costs’ kinda fellows” Shica teasingly told Allisia.

“Was he...Rhanar Narra-Jar?! I-...I did not know he existed! I thought him to be some sort of...fairy tale monster to scare youngsters to sleep!” Allisia now lost her rather impressive self-control in a fit of direct horror.

“Hey, hey! Clam down; look, I know he’s kinda ‘Dark Lord’ish, but heck; I’m a freaking demon, and while he hates most demons’ guts, he didn’t slay me!” Jiraz corrected Allisia from above as she soared around the ceiling; receiving a flirty wink from Shica, Jiraz smiled and added; “and yeah, he’s OK with me being girlfriends with his sister, so that’s a lot of respect if you ask me!”

“But...he’s evil! He’s the second greatest evil of Varran! He...!” Allisia started, but now remembered that the rider had not had the same kind of terrifying effect on her as she had expected; instead, she had spoken to him openly, and he had advised her to travel eastward, towards the town of Istan at the brink of the Azure Sea; what she had found from there, was Nightwind Manor, and the rest of the story was well-known to her.

“So...he knew where he sent me...interesting; he must have felt my dislike of men and their lust for power and that of the flesh more than anything else...” Allisia mumbled to herself.

“It kinda makes me wanna ask, Allisia; you’re a knight, and I’ve got full respect for that, but tell me...” Jiraz now openly flirted, much to Shica’s amusement as she had not thought that Jiraz would dare flirt with Allisia; “ got any naughty fantasies?”
By that, Allisia barely lifted an eyebrow, but she still smiled at Jiraz.

“Miss Jiraz, asking me that gives me yet another reason to wish to fight you, but yes...” Allisia made a dramatic break, which Shica ruined by letting out a loud yawn, making the three girls exchange short giggles before Allisia put herself together and continued; “...however, I'm not rather willing to reveal it, as you may understand...”

Exchanging looks, Jiraz and Shica felt disappointed; they would have liked to tease Allisia a bit.

“That’s quite alright; newbeginners kinda act shy with their fetishes all the time” Shica joked.

“Uhmmm, ‘fetish’?” Allisia asked confused.

“I’ll tell ye about it after our little duel, OK?” Jiraz asked, as she had found great interest in a rather simple-looking but still very efficient-looking staff.

“Oh, yes, of course; I think we’d better go ahead and start; just let me get my helmet” Allisia nodded politely, heading over to a small table, on which were a few pencils, papers, and a steel helmet with the golden Silvarciraian Dragon.

“You can see through there?” Shica teased as Allisia closed her visor, her now metallic voice slightly taunting; “oh, I ‘do’ believe I can see well enough; now arm yourselves.”

Chapter 7

Title: Chapter VII - The 'Fall' of the Lady-Knight

[Author's notes: u]

“; that’s so fucking awesome! And it’s real magic, you say?!” Minyoki asked Narrisha; her, Chinyi, Faris, Hiroi, Innoki and a couple of the other girls were sitting in Narrisha’s quarters in front of her plasma TV, watching Jiki and Kiro’s DVD; from the menu, they had selected the concert Narrisha had heard so much about, but they had decided to wait with Jiki and Kiro’s mysterious ‘message’ until after the banquet.

“It defiantly looks like it!” an Asian-looking girl named Ukuni smilingly commented; she always wore PVC-related outfits, as she was near obsessed with it, and her eyes were slightly red for unknown reasons; a joke had once been running throughout the manor that she was a werewolf, which the girls, Ukuni herself included, had had quite some laughs at.

On the screen, they could see Rhanar walk up and down the stage in his shin’saras form, a small blue crystal floating a meter around his head; a sonari crystal, a magical item charged and enchanted with Mystic Magic to absorb sound waves and project them back out in higher volumes.

“Uhmm, what was the band called again?” Hiroi asked.

“Rhanar named them ‘The Immortals’, a kinda tribute band; they don’t really make their own music, they just sing tributes and new versions of the original songs” Narrisha explained.

However, before Hiroi could reply, a collective gasp caught the girls’ attention as a black smoke lifted on the screen, revealing the rest of the band as a beautiful keyboard tone alike that of a church organ began playing.

“What the fuck?!” Minyoki now gasped in disbelief as she saw Narrisha sitting by the keyboard, playing; next to her sat Shica, ready at the drums, and again next to her stood Jiraz with an electric guitar; all three of them were dressed in black leather outfits, but not as revealing as the girls had anticipated.

“ can play keyboard, mistress...?” Chinyi asked in direct awe.

“Heh, yeah, it’s not so difficult” Narrisha smiled shyly, quite embarrassed to see herself on her own TV.

“Who are those two?” Innoki now asked, pointing at two younger girls standing side by side next to Jiraz, a bass in each their hands.

“That’s Jiki and Kiro, those girls we’re gonna see later tonight” Narrisha explained.

“Awww, they look so cute...” Chinyi now smiled, as the first of the girls to fall for Jiki and Kiro’s charms and outright adorable looks.

“Trust me, they are, but they’re girlfriends as well” Narrisha giggled at Chinyi, clearly knowing that the pink-haired girl would most likely be eager to seduce them.

“Dang it! That’s some pretty goodies we’re missing out” Hiroi joked; however, a sudden roar caught the laughing girls off-guard, as Rhanar had given off his draconic roar to catch the audience’s attention, not that it by any means were really necessary.

As the group now began lining up to play, Shica’s drumming were the first to catch the attention, followed by Jiki and Kiro’s work on their basses; as they song now began, Rhanar concentrated, sending missiles of his Mystic Magic into the sky from the palms of his hands, his heavy spiked adamantine armour clinging as he moved, and his cloak blew in the wind as he started singing.

“Hey, he sings kinda nice for a...what was it? 'Draconoid'?” Faris commented.

“Yeah, I thought it’d be kinda all roaring and no tact” Minyoki shoke her head.

As the song reached the chorus, Rhanar made way for Jiki and Kiro to stand beside him as they provided an excellent, light-voiced choir, one that the girls instantly felt the back of their hair stir at.

“Uhmm, what’s the ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ about?” Ukuni asked.

“He’s a zealot; I don't really know what it's all about...” Narrisha shrugged, really liking how the sound of Jiki and Kiro’s voices and the rhythm of the song appealed to her.

As the tune ‘wings on my back...’ started, the girls were rather shocked the see Rhanar transform into his draconic form, his horns, claws and wings sprouting from his back, forehead and fingers; understanding now why he was described as a monster, they could see his eyes glowing dark purple as he now started the last of the choruses.

Meanwhile, in Allisia’s room, her, Shica and Jiraz were fighting fiercely like raging lionesses, despite the fact that none of them seemed too eager to win, but rather just enjoy the fight.

“I must say that you fight well...considered your swinging to be like that of a loose scythe over a wheat field” Allisa partly mocked, partly teased, as Shica’s katana slowly slid over Allisia’s steel gauntlet; Silvarciraian steel was extremely strong, and despite using nearly all her strength, Shica’s blows simply ended up weakening her instead of gaining on the Dragon Knight.

“Yo Allisia; how’s this for you?” Jiraz now taunted, as she smilingly struck out with her own weapon; a long shin’idun steel spear, which got through Allisia’s parry, but even elven steel combined with Jiraz’s demonic strength could not do anything to Allisia’s armour; it simply made a low-pitched ‘cling!’

As they continued fighting, Allisia had to admire the two girls’ eagerness and courage to face off against her; only her, alone, clad in her heavy steel armour, wielding her sword against those crazy little girls, clad in nothing but slightly non-protective latex suits...

Suddenly, Allisia snapped; her guard was lowered, but she did not even notice the soft blow Shica’s katana made over her left shoulder plate; to her embarrassment, her mind became blurry, showing her Mirinda, Narrisha and all the other girls of Nightwind Manor, leaning towards her, lusty smiles on their lips and baring themselves to her, intending on frolicking with her; none of them wore anything but very loosely placed steel armour in fantastically complex and alluring designs, baring both their nether lips and bosoms...

Clinging, Allisia’s sword fall to the ground, as she felt as if a dragon’s fire had begun its raging through her body; the small, thin blue skirt below her waist, carrying the symbol of the golden dragon, felt frustratingly in the way, and as she fought a mental battle that she knew she would lose, she opened the visor of her helmet and let out a long moan.

“...O...K; what’s gotten her horny?” Jiraz asked Shica, who merely giggled at Allisia’s attempt to avoid letting her hands get too close to her chest or waist.

“Hang on, I think I might what’s gotten her all heated up” Shica now smirked as a thought hit her; standing very close and leaning in on Allisia’s head, she whispered in her ear; “you turn on duelling hot chicks until they become exhausted enough to screw around with?”

Allisia could not speak the answer, but Shica could clearly see that she had hit right through both Allisia’s armour and any hint of denial.

“I...I can’t lie about it; I just think it’s so...” Allisia now panted as if she had been running a marathon.

“Exciting to watch hot girls clad in steel testing you and then fucking you until you faint?” Jiraz joked.

“...Yes, that I do; I...I know it’s wrong, but...” Allisia began, but Shica cut her off with a clearly fake frown of annoyance.

“’Wrong’?! Heck, mine and Jiraz’s fetish are extreme bondage that’d make you and your knightly honour and morale run around in circles, screaming and praying Tanrisa for salvation!” she jested, clearly hearing the bump of Jiraz falling to the ground in laughing.

“But...I’m a knight; knights are not supposed to...” Allisia tried again, but her voice died out.

“Allisia, listen to us” Jiraz now spoke, her voice clearly stating the seriousness; “if you want or desire something, you should not deny it; go ahead and take it, just as long as you do not hurt the one you want it from.”

By that, Allisia began to concern the morality of what the succubus told her, but on the other hand, she knew that Jiraz and Shica, being two of the most lustful and physically active girls she had ever met, were still very happy for each other, if not in real love; if you could frolic so much with a loved one without hurting them, then why did she keep blaming herself for lack of sensible judgement?

“I’m grateful, Jiraz, but I fear that my discipline has too deep roots in my being; I fear that I’d might hurt more than I may please...” she sighed.

“Don’t worry about that; we’ll have plenty of time for that tonight” Shica winked suggestively at Allisia.

“I fear so...” Allisia sighed once again, but to her own surprise, a small smile crept over her lips.

Chapter 8

Title: Chapter VIII - The Dark Damsel in Distress

[Author's notes: j]

“So, let’s get to it!” Mirinda smirked, beholding her latest ‘victim’; in the dark dungeons under the manor, although kept spotlessly clean and useable by the maids, it was still a quite scary place for those new to the manor.

Which in this case were none other than Vinya, lying on a polished stone table, her ankles and wrists locked with steel shackles.

“What’s going on? I thought you said you’d be gentle!” she exclaimed in a clearly panicking voice; around her, the sounds of giggles from what she saw to be dark silhouettes did nothing to calm her.

“I did, but I did not say for how long” Mirinda now menacingly replied.

“Uhmm, actually you said five minutes” Vinya reminded her; following that, the giggles turned to outright laughs, and Mirinda herself took part in them.

“Eheheheh; sorry, I think I forgot that” she apologised, knowing that she preferred her victims willing and in a desperate need and desire for her to make love to, not to be in a state of utter horror.

“But still, what are you going to do to me??” Vinya asked, although she already knew and dreaded the answer.

“Well, I’m going to ravish you, of course, but as promised I will spare your virtue for the fortunate girl you will one day call your true lover” Mirinda said, adjusting her black PVC latex gloves a bit as well as her mask; she loved the feeling the black PVC latex outfit as a whole gave her, and the riding crop sturdy, black leather in her hand was exactly small enough to really leave some marks on Vinya’s butt if she so choose it.

“Mistress, are you going down on her soon?” an eager and young voice that Vinya recognized as Chinyi’s at once were heard from the shadows.

“Chinyi! Why are you here! Help me out of this!” Vinya began calling her in hopes of having the human girl help untie her.

Stepping out from the shadows, Chinyi approached Vinya, looking at Mirinda, receiving a nod from her; smiling she began softly stroking Vinya’s bared stomach.

“It’’s tickling, Chinyi...” Vinya mumbled, surprised to find herself giggling.

“Mistress Mirinda will take good care of you, Vinya” she leaned towards Vinya’s head, whispering playfully; “don’t worry, she’s just playing with you; you should know what she once did to me.”

“What did she do?” Vinya whispered back.

“Well, let’s just say that I began to get horny simply hearing the letter ‘M’” Chinyi said, trying not to laugh at the hot memory.

“Enough whispering!” a strict voice now echoed in the room; cracking the crop, Mirinda lightly hit Chinyi’s right buttock, making her let out a small yelp.

“Girls, ready my love toy for me!” Mirinda snapped, the shadows around the sides of the room taking form of the girls of the manor; apart from Vinya, who wore her standard maid uniform, they were all clad in very revealing black latex outfits, all carrying a small and barely visible ‘M’ on their gloves, and all of them very much as beautiful and alluring as Mirinda.

“These are my slave girls, and soon, so shall you be!” Mirinda now smiled, letting out a long and evil laugh.

Horrified, Vinya found one of the girls to lean to her head, whispering to her; “it’s just role-play; we’re not really gonna hurt you.”

“T-then why are you...?” Vinya began, only to see the other girls slowly and carefully undressing her, leaving her naked expect from the boots, which still sat locked in the shackles.

“My, what a lovely, white flower this shin’saras girl has” Mirinda smiled, licking her fingers in a most suggestive way; Vinya, knowing full well what the crazy shin’idun witch might do to her, simply tried her best to calm down, remembering her first lovemaking with her mistress Shica.

Filling her lungs with air and slowly breathing out again, Vinya accepted what was to be done to her, and finding strength and trust in the girls’ promises not to harm her, she managed a smile, her sense of uncertainty and dread vanishing.

“Your smile tells me you have accepted your fate; very good” Mirinda winked at Vinya, her slave girls clearly eager to go ahead of their mistress and molest Vinya.

As if she had read the shin’saras girl’s mind, Mirinda walked towards her, gently stroking her face and smiled; “accepting to be made love to and enjoying it does not make you a slut; if I, in my coming ecstasy, are to call you that, you’ll have to know that I mean no other ill then simply to enjoy your gifts.”

Feeling herself getting excited, Vinya smiled gratefully at Mirinda’s assuring words; she trusted her skills now, as well as her intentions.

Falling back into the role of dominatrix, Mirinda leaned back, and with a seductive look on her face, she began dancing and posing in the most erotic ways she could think of; some of her girls, including Chinyi, turned their eyes from Vinya, finding their mistress very attractive by now.

“Uhmmm...” Vinya mumbled to herself, feeling her fingers fold and unfold, her boots moving as much as they could in their shackles, and her naked body rolling on and about in rhythm with her head; a small white substance could nearly be spotted between her legs, and she felt a great urge to break her bonds and throw herself hungrily over the dancing seductress.

“Oh? Already excited?” Mirinda now said with a seductive giggle, pausing her dance and went towards Vinya, who felt her heartbeat rise, her blood nearly boil and her nether lips getting moist.

“Hihihihih! Oh, this is truly one of life’s greatest joys!” Mirinda smiled, leaning slowly down towards Vinya, letting her fingers run delicately and lightly over her stomach.

“Now, my little love toy...” Mirinda said in a sugar-sweet voice; “I’ll teach you all the pleasures your body will ever know of!”

While not too nervous, Vinya felt the excitement heighten as Mirinda proceeded to lightly touch all over her stomach; suddenly, though, she saw her nipples, very slowly, shallow up.

“W-what’s this feeling? I’m getting dizzy and...!” she nervously asked Mirinda, who simply smiled at her, her golden hair and blue eyes making her look like that of a goddess descending down upon Vinya.

“You’re liking it, and your body replies to me; it wants me to suck and molest your breasts, silly” she teased, now holding her hands barely above Vinya’s breasts.

“But they’re so small!’s really not worth the effort!” Vinya tried and excuse herself, but she felt like she was partly joking; behind them, Mirinda’s girls began laughing at her, calling her a ‘silly sweetie’.

Smiling, Mirinda let a finger touch the tip of Vinya’s left nipple, causing a rush of excitement through Vinya’s body; moaning, Vinya knew that it was no use fighting what appeared to be her own desires; however, deep inside her own heart, she felt like letting herself go wild for one time’s sake, and enjoy the pleasure Mirinda would give her.

“Mi-...mistress Mirinda...” she spoke through her moaning as Mirinda playfully twirled her nipple around with her finger; “...I can’t deny the truth! I want you to make love to me, Mirinda!”

Hearing that, Mirinda near beamed; she loved the fact that Vinya had realised what pleasure she could have, and opened her heart to Mirinda and the girls of Nightwind Manor; whistling lowly, Mirinda called one of the girls up besides her, asking her to remove the shackles.

The other girls now stopped laughing, and eagerly looked forward to the real love-making.

As Vinya was untied, she did not bother to rise up, and instead kept down, needing to catch her excited breath; Mirinda had barely touched her, and yet she felt like she was in heat for the shin’idun’s girl’s gifts to her.

Leaning down over her, Mirinda’s face was but a half meter from Vinya’s, the two girls smiling at each other in expectancy.

“Pretty girl...” Mirinda purred lovingly at Vinya, rising up again and stepping down from the stone table.

“I’d better relieve myself of this” she winked at Vinya, who, amongst Mirinda’s slave girls, bore witness to the shin’idun girl’s unbuttoning of her latex bra, her plump breasts bouncing out.

“Hihihih! It’s such fun to make cute girls cum; I’d better be a little more appealing to you” Mirinda teased, unfastening her skimpy latex thong as well; as it fell to the ground, a small, neatly trimmed and shaved bush of golden hair hid Mirinda’s nether lips, much to the now panting Vinya’s appreciation, as her own wish to bolt up and molest the buxom elf girl increased dramatically.

“Aw, so cute; as shy as a little schoolgirl at her first time being molested by the head cheerleader...” Mirinda teased, Vinya now clearly blushing.

“Don’t worry, I won’t take your virtue, unlike what I did to the other girls...” Mirinda chuckled; “...but then again, they were even begging me to rid them of it.”

“ love virgins like me...?” Vinya asked carefully.

“Of course, just as much as I love any cute little girl...or the closest, hot, experienced leather-clad redhead that’ll fuck me until sunrise!” Mirinda now licked her lips, feeling good from the mental image of having Faris and her Night Guard girlies going bondage on her.

Suddenly, as Mirinda was slightly drifted away in her daydreams, Vinya found her own hand slowly run along her thighs, approaching her own small bush; surprised as she was, Mirinda chuckled and leaned down over her, Vinya’s mental state now ablaze with anticipation as she fought desperately for not to reach out, grab one of Mirinda’s busty breasts and put it in her drooling mouth.

“You’ve never masturbated before?” Mirinda asked her as she awoke from her daydream.

“I...I’ve been touched by my mistress, yet...she seems far away in my mind...” Vinya answered, her lustful ecstasy cooling somewhat down at the thought of if she had not enjoyed Shica’s touch back then.

“Maybe it’s because you turn on this” Mirinda suggested, Vinya’s curiosity getting the better of her lust, although she still felt as if liquid fire burned inside her from below and above.

“’T-turn on’?” she asked confused.

“Yes, your deepest and best erotic fantasy, the thing you’d like the most to be done to you” Mirinda smiled, now lowering her voice to near a whisper; “personally, my turn on, or fetish more popularly called, is to simply have all the girls of the manor licking, kissing and molesting me from every single direction, making me climax over and over again, soiling my latex suit and leaving me to rest in a puddle of our cum.”

As Vinya mentally imagined Mirinda screaming her lust out as hundreds of girls kinkily threw themselves over her, she let out a small shriek of excitement, as she could not help but to think of how that might feel to herself; opening her eyes, she saw a grinning Mirinda point her gloved finger at her nose, a slightly transparent liquid with a bluish hue dripping from it.

“Wha-what’s that?” Vinya asked, but Mirinda merely winked, leaned back from her and sucked and licked the fluid off her gloves in her own, seductive way; letting herself lie on the table slightly in front of Vinya, their boots touching each other, she made a short laugh.

“It’s your cum, silly; it’s the thing that makes you feel so good when you feel kinky and after you have your orgasm” she nodded, Vinya now understanding that as she thought of those girls all over her, she had been cumming lightly without knowing, lost in her lust as she was.

“But don’t worry; we girls can cum a lot more...” Mirinda assured seductively; rising up, she grabbed Vinya’s wrists lightly, helping her up in a sitting position.

“Now I’ve got a little pleasantry for you” Mirinda said, Vinya eagerly listening, although the girls still haunted her mind; “move your hand down your thighs to your vagina and begin touching it gently.”

While confused, Vinya did as she was told, but as she touched, she could feel a warm fluid even through her white leather gloves; it felt warm and smelled nicely both sour and sweet; as she decided to go ahead, Vinya began making suggestive at moves to Mirinda by letting her teeth bite the fingers of the glove, sucking the fluid off and pulling off the glove, as she proceeded to the other hand.

“You learn quickly; Chinyi, will you go ahead and explain the more intimate, please?” she asked the pink-haired girl, but it appeared that all she could utter was moans alongside the other girls.

Vinya now began letting her bared fingers over her vagina; while she only touched it lightly, it felt quite wet, as if it had been hit with water; however, according what Mirinda had told her, her lustful feelings had taken a physical form by making her feel as if set on fire, dizzy and wet between her thighs.

Not hesitating, Vinya smiled due to her growing experience in the arts of ‘forbidden love’, and dared touch herself more firmly, while letting her other hand reach her breasts, rubbing the right one’s nipple just as Mirinda had done; however, a fiery explosion of nerves began in her nether lips at the thought of having hundreds of tightly-clad, PVC-wearing attractive girls descend upon her, bend on her ultimate pleasure as well as their own.

“UHMMMM...!” Vinya groaned as she let the hot fluids hit her fingers; it felt so warm and good, and the girls in her mind fuelled her lust; how she wanted them...!
Amused, Mirinda leaned over Vinya, who barely noticed her presence until the teasing shin’idun girl let her breasts’ nipples hit Vinya’s; as her mental image changed to that of Mirinda all in the middle of her sex play, Vinya found the attractive seductress irresistible by now:

With a small groan, she grabbed the shin’idun girl’s light and busty breasts, feasting, sucking and licking on her pink nipples; feeling her naughty side flush all out, Vinya forced the rather willing Mirinda down on her, feeling the weight of their breasts and nipples against each other.

She wanted this; she wanted this crazy and beautiful shin’idun girl to molest, ravage her and cover her body in kisses and other acts of this irresistible and naughty love play; she kept moaning, gasping and muttering lines in a dirty language, her desires for every single girl in the manor to make love to her, wanting to feel the tight latex and leather all over her body, then the warm skin from those she-wolves in heat.

“You’re catching on quickly!” Mirinda chuckled between her own moans; her tongue were already hanging of her mouth in unbridled pleasure, and drooling fell from it down on her lovely Vinya’s breasts.

“Well girls; it’s time to teach young Miss Vinya about sharing the love!” Mirinda now smirked at the girls around them, all of them in the same kind of heat as they approached with naughty intentions shining out of their eyes and lustful smiles on their lips.

“Blessed be thee, Lady Shinris!” Vinya weakly mumbled as the pleasure did not seize its grip on her; the Goddess of Love had truly blessed her on this greatest of all days...

Meanwhile, back at Jiraz, Shica and Allisia in her room, the azure-haired girl were carefully polishing her sword, armour and belts; as she sat in nothing but a loose kimono, Shica and Jiraz commented openly about the Dragon Knight’s very alluring attitude.

“What is up with my attitude, then?” Allisia finally asked, rather bored with their whispers.

“Well, it’s just those ‘high moral’ girls like you are kinda fun trying to seduce” Shica explained, Jiraz sending her a flirty look.

“So you believe that I’m to expect to be caught off-guard, drugged with wine and then taken to the dungeon serving as the maids’ play toy?” Allisia asked, although the thought of it neither seemed as surprising or terrifying to her as she had thought.

“I dunno, but we’d love to watch that!” Jiraz teased, Shica letting her head fall to the succubus’ lap, relaxing pleasantly.

“I must confess something” Allisia now turned slowly around from her sitting position, her fingers lightly greased from the oil she was using on her sword; “I...I am rather scared; I mean, I’m a Dragon Knight; I should not fall this easily.”

“Allisia...” Shica now mumbled from underneath Jiraz’s lap; “to simply have fun with some girls you both like and find rather attractive doesn’t make you a mindless slut, if that’s what you’re afraid of.”

“The girls won’t start disrespecting you as a knight; they’d rather go about whispering ‘if she’s as good with her sword as she is in humping in the bed, I’m in for it all night long, baby!’” Jiraz commented, her last statement causing Allisia to blush.

“ is OK for me to have...uhmmm...” she stopped dead, not really daring to say it.

“Oh, for the love of...!” Shica now sighed, irritated with Allisia’s stubbornness; as she rose up, Jiraz sitting back with and chuckling, Shica walked right towards Allisia, grabbed her kimono and molested her breasts through the thin silk.

“It’s called sex! S-e-x! Sex! You can have the best girl-on-girl fucking you’ll ever have, baby, so start getting in the mood! Pull your boobs together, for Shinris’ sake!” Shica now clearly imitated to be angry; as Allisia neither could or would resist her groping, she simply stood by, letting Shica have her way with her as a matter of studying what the shin’saras girl could ‘teach’ her; with the thoughts of morality and honour gone, she let out a small groan, finally ‘letting the sword back in the scabbard’.

As Shica stood back, Allisia looked down on her breasts; to her surprise, she experienced something truly new; from the excitement she had felt when Shica touched her, her nipples were clearly extending.

“What is this? Is this...?” she asked, confused to see her body react in this way; then, as a lightning fast strike, the images of the barely armoured girls with the lust for her shining in their eyes returned to her mind; she caught herself moaning, the heat now working its way through her whole body.

Chapter 9

Title: Chapter IX - A Match of Minds

“Oh! Oh my Gods!” Vinya was shrieking as Mirinda sat on her breasts, her bared nether lips sitting right in front of Vinya’s face.

“Oh, such a cute blushing; are you really ready for this...” Mirinda made a suggestive pose as she stuck a finger in her mouth, letting her tongue all over it and then taking her finger out again and holding it not five centimetres from Vinya’s face; “...or are you going shy on me already?”

Vinya replied by snapping out for the finger in hopes of catching it in her mouth, but Mirinda proved faster as she now smiled, bend down and kissed Vinya hotly; as their tongues met, Vinya saw their drool flowing down each other’s chins and onto the table, but she simply felt satisfied; after all, this experience was a paradise to her; she had never yet to feel so horny thanks to Mirinda, and she decided she should ‘thank’ the shin’idun girl for it later on.

As she kept tongue-kissing Vinya, Mirinda silently let her hand down towards Vinya’s nether lips, spreading them apart and sticking her fingers deep inside the shin’saras girl’s channel of innocence.

“Uhmm?! UHM UHM!” was all the still tongue-locked Vinya could reply as she felt herself getting even hotter.

“Hihihihih! Oh, it’s good to play the bad girl, you know?” Mirinda now teased as she pulled her tongue-licking back, seeing Vinya lie panting in heat in front of her.

Suddenly, a devious smile crept over her mouth, and Vinya now mustered her remaining energy in jumping on Mirinda, surprising the shin’idun girl as she began molesting and groping Mirinda’s breasts and to suck her nipples.

“Oh! Hey, first-timers can’t...oh! Uhmm, ye-e-e-e-e-es-s-s-s-s-s-s...!” Mirinda now hissed as she felt the younger girl all over her, rubbing herself against Mirinda, never letting go of her breasts.

Vinya outright chuckled, she borrowed her face between Mirinda’s breasts, sucking on them and her nipples, pinching them teasingly.

“Oh! Uhmm...!” Mirinda moaned, feeling clearly that it was time to take her ‘game’ to the next stage; calmly stroking Vinya’s head, she let the happy shin’saras girl have her way with her in order to gain her trust...and the fact that it felt as good as it did to Mirinda.

However, as two of the other girls snuck closer, Vinya caught eye on them and tried a rather sheepish smile to no avail; in a matter of seconds she found herself, Mirinda and the two other girls playing about, the two of them rather obsessed with tickling Vinya.

“N-no-O-O-O-O-OH! N-not there...!” Vinya shrieked as she tried and mask her hysterical giggles as the girls now tickled her under her armpits, while Mirinda were licking at her neck and caressing her butt.

“Hihih! It’s kinda funny; you always yell out ‘no’ when you really mean ‘yes’, right?” Mirinda asked as she stuck two fingers in Vinya’s mouth, the shin’saras girl sucking hungrily on them.

“OK girls; let’s finish her off nice and gently!” Mirinda now winked, her girls stopping their tickling of Vinya; as she looked, she saw how the girls began rubbing against each other, moaning and making suggestive gestures...

That, combined with Mirinda’s sudden molesting of her breasts, made Vinya let out a high-pitched shriek as she came; as her cum slowly flew out, Mirinda could clearly see that Vinya had a lot to learn as for lovemaking; however, as she looked at her, Mirinda was rather touched to see the shin’saras girl simply beam and smile at her; as she soon as her strength had returned, she threw herself over Mirinda, laughing down in between her breasts to her heart’s content.

“Oh, Mirinda! I’m glad it felt so good! Thank you, girls” she now sat up, tears of happiness in her eyes.

The girls stopped their moaning and turned to face her, smiling as they knew how it must have felt for Vinya.

“You’re kinda cute when ye blush, you little darkling” one of them teasingly rustled Vinya’s hair, making them exchange giggles.

“So...” Vinya asked, a clearly fake innocence in her voice; “would you mind teaching me some more tonight?”

“Oh, we will see it as quite the pleasure if we may” Mirinda winked, kissing Vinya’s cheek as thanks for her patience and partaking; after the banquet she would let Vinya have the time of her life.

“So...I accept” Allisia said meanwhile back at her room; “you will help me at this ‘orgy’ my mistress has planned for tonight, and in return...”

“...You’ll show us some cool moves and a little skin!” Jiraz finished, her and Shica sitting on the floor in front of Allisia.

“Can you show us some fighting moves?” Shica asked, perplexing Allisia as she had always trained while she was fully armoured; she had no idea how her techniques might look when she wore nothing but a simple, loose kimono.

“...I suppose so” she nodded, took a deep breath and started demonstrating her abilities; as Shica and Jiraz enjoyed the sight of the warrior girl training, they found themselves to sit closer to each other and having moved their hands towards each other’s crotch, making them exchange challenging smiles.

After a while, after having shown her most basic combat techniques, Allisia stopped, facing Jiraz and Shica again, both of them applauding.

“That was some sweet-ass moves; I wouldn’t get too near if I were one of your targets” Jiraz commented, Allisia nodding slightly in acknowledgment.

“ you wanted to see me naked...?” Allisia asked, finding herself not to mind it after all her training, as her skin was warm and sweaty by now.

“Sure, we’d love to!” Shica smiled at her, sitting down, spreading her legs and lying in between Jiraz’s thighs, her girlfriend rustling her hair.

While it was not her strongest desire, Allisia let her kimono fall to the ground, much to Jiraz and Shica’s amusement.

“Wow, that’s quite some boobies; careful you don’t end up having that little cutie Chinyi suffocating in there” Shica teased as she and Jiraz studied Allisia; as she felt rather embarrassed, they told that it was perfectly fine, and that she did not need to show off more than she wanted to.

The day passed, and besides from Breeze’s visit to the kitchen, nothing truly particular happened to delay the banquet; however, the maids in the kitchen found the griffon rather helpful at carrying plates and cutlery to the dining hall on her back and in her beak, as well as on her hind legs; one of the maids even used a spare moment to stroke the purring griffon under her massive, golden beak.

“I’d say, you Nightwind gals are rather the pleasant company” she at a time spoke to Minyoki on her way to her room.

“Yeah, you’re kinda right...” Minyoki nodded, still not really used to talk openly to a creature that barely reached her waist while walking on four legs.

“I confess, I feel very much at home here; it’s not like my mistresses’ home, but still” Breeze nodded, walking down the corridor; however selfish it would be, she needed to ask the maids at the kitchen if they planned on making any chicken wings for the night’s banquet; Breeze chuckled with the sound of an owl hooting at the silly thought that she might be eating a distant relative to griffons.

Climbing down the stairs to the entrance hall, she saw a smiling and giggling Chinyi walk up from the dungeons, a rather blushing, yet eagerly discussing Vinya walking besides her, dressed in with appeared to be a simple white night gown.

“What weird humans those girls are...” Breeze shoke her head, her golden eyes now finding the door to the kitchen; inside the white-marbled room, ovens and other furniture suited for a typical kitchen were already preoccupied by the maids, as they exchanged jokes, talked and prepared the banquet, all the while soups bobbling, meat simmering and potato slices floating in their searing, hot water.

“Oh, hallo Breeze” a maid greeted the griffon pleasantly; as she stretched out her hand in a formal greeting, Breeze tried her best not to let the claws on her left foreleg scratch the girl’s hand.

“Uhmm, it may seem odd to ask, but...” Breeze began, but the girl simply winked and held up her hand in a gesture likely to mean ‘it doesn’t matter’.

“You’d like to know what’s to be served tonight?” she teased Breeze, who were simply amazed and perplexed at the same time.

“How would you know?” the griffon asked.

“Hihihih; Mirinda once borrowed me a book about magical creatures, and I read that griffons are quite picky with their food” the girl giggled; “and don’t you worry, birdie; there’s some good meat included tonight.”

Hearing that, Breeze tried her best to mask her slurping tongue at the thought of all the meat she would have, even if it were to be remains and leftovers.

“Girls of Nightwind Manor...” Narrisha formally announced from her throne at the end of the large dining table; “let the banquet begin!”

As the girls now began eating, Jiraz helped herself to pierce a roasted sausage with a claw, making Allisia, who sat next to her, clearly lift an eyebrow.

“What? It spares you the fork” Jiraz teasingly winked, swallowing the sausage whole.

Sitting right over in front of her, Shica helped herself to some elven wine, looking rather pleased as she had already emptied about two other glasses.

Shaking her head and smiling, Jiraz rather hoped that Shica would be well drunk later in the evening; as it was known to her, Shica were even wilder, if it was physically possible, when she was drunk.

“Hey, Jiraz, can you pass me some deer?” Chinyi now asked a few chairs from her; nodding, Jiraz stretched out and handed Chinyi the plate with deer meat; as she received it, she saw her sister sitting with a rather awkward look on her face.

“What’s wrong, sis?” Chinyi asked.

“There’s something under the table...!” Minyoki mumbled, trying not to laugh; as she lifted the cloth, Chinyi could see Breeze sneak about in search of dropped leftovers or meaty remains.

“Seems like we’ve got ourselves a hungry griffon lurking about” Minyoki now chuckled as she saw Breeze’s beak accidently stroke the inner of one of Hiroi’s thighs, making the blue-haired girl let out a small yelp.

“What in the fu-...!” she began, but soon found the griffon to just lurk about for some food.

“Here ye go, you skirt-chasing birdie!” she snapped at Breeze, handing the griffon a small piece of wild boar; not as soon as her hand reached down with the food, a quick snap from the solid beak told that that piece of boar meat was gone for good.

As the feast was nearing its end, Narrisha stood up from her throne, gaining everyone’s attention.

“Girls, I am glad you joined me for this wonderful banquet, and let us thank our kitchen staff for a good meal...” Narrisha now gestured to a small group of maids; applauses were heard, and Shica and Jiraz took part and saw the maids lightly blush and nod in thanks; “and, of course, our dear guests, for their arrival.”

As the applause were now heard again, Jiraz and Shica smiled and nodded; comically, Breeze now popped up from under the table, a small chicken wing still dangling from her beak, making many of the girls laugh at her.

“As we are about to reach the main event of this fine evening, I will ask everyone to go and prepare themselves; an hour from now, I ask you to meet me in the entrance hall; you may now leave, and thanks for a good dinner.”

As the chairs now scrambled as the girls rose up, everyone took up cutlery, pans and other things they had used and went for the kitchen; the kitchen staff, being the ones to clean up, did not seem too worried about making it to meet their mistress in an hour, and were whistling and giggling with each other as they began washing and cleaning up.

“Jiraz, when I get older, I’ll ask my mom if we can move in here” Shica smiled as she were carrying out her plate, Jiraz following behind.

“How come?” Jiraz asked for fun, already knowing the answer.

“Honey, this is like a lesbian playgirl mansion! Imagine: We can just about grab a little maid for a few 10 minutes for some fun, and then proceed to have Mirinda dominate us for doing something bad” Shica laughed, Jiraz joining in; around them, the girls could not help but smile, almost hoping Shica and Jiraz would really move in; a somewhat slutty shin’saras girl and a seductive succubus humping each other all night would not really be a problem.

“Mistress, may I have a word with you?” Vinya now appeared behind Shica, looking rather nervous.

“Why, sure; c’mon Jiraz” Shica nodded, the three of them sneaking slowly out of the dining hall and entered a dank corridor.

“I, uhmm, I have a confession, mistress...” Vinya now tried, her false mask of nervousness hiding her eagerness of what had occoured to her still working.

“Really?” Shica asked, having already figured out Vinya’s intentions by her stance; seeing so as well, Jiraz swallowed a chuckle as she had a feeling this would be good.

“You see, Shica...” Vinya now took a slight step forward, slowly approaching Shica; “I was with Mirinda and some of her girls a while ago, and...”

“...And you wanted to say you liked it? Did it feel good?” Shica now teased, Vinya trying not to look too perplexed.

“Oh! Uhmmm...” Vinya began, but as she found that her message could be given more simply, she took the risk, lounged forward towards Shica, her mouth ready to kiss her...

However, her mistress’ giggling face were sooner in range than Vinya had thought, for Shica had reached out and seized Vinya’s arms, forcing her maid slowly to the floor, who, in her surprise, forgot to resist; not a few seconds after, Shica placed an extremely passionate and erotic kiss on Vinya’s mouth, causing her to drop her guard completely, letting out a long moan.

“Mhmmm...” Shica simply commented, standing up after having departed her lips slowly from Vinya’s.

“Don’t you get me jealous!” Jiraz now joked and smiled at Shica, who simply chuckled as the succubus delivered the same, if not rather more wet kiss to Shica, who in turn embraced her girlfriend passionately.

Confused, Vinya stood up, Jiraz and Shica turning their attention to her.

“We’ve got it on tape, you silly little girlie!” Jiraz said, a strap with a small cassette attached to it swinging around her claw.

“But, but how?!” Vinya now started to worry, but Shica simply kissed her cheek.

“Don’t worry; even if we told anyone, you wouldn’t be a bad person; all of these maid cuties want into each other’s panties” Shica explained with a teasing wink.

“But what did you tape??” Vinya asked, although her worry was decreasing as she already knew she would not be looked down upon.

“Lemme show you” Jiraz winked at her, pressing a bottom on the cassette:

“Oh! Oh my Gods!” Vinya heard herself shrieking, remembering her love-making with Mirinda, whose voice were heard next; “Oh, such a cute blushing; are you really ready for this, or are you going shy on me already?”

“I kinda like that part; it sounds cute” Jiraz said, pressing another bottom, stopping the recording.

“ recorded me making love with Mistress Mirinda...?” Vinya asked; somehow, this daring act did not feel wrong to her, as she did not think that her mistress and her girlfriend would blackmail her.

“Uhmm, yeah; I kinda wanted to see if I had ‘trained’ you well enough” Shica joked, embracing Vinya as she felt a strong urge to either yell back at her mistress and Jiraz, or start laughing.

“ was OK that I...” Vinya now looked rather confused; sighing, she decided to end the question; “it was OK I was frolicking with Mistress Mirinda?”

“Hell, if I weren’t already set on fucking Shica all night long, I would’ve chosen Mirinda” Jiraz smiled at Vinya, stroking under Shica’s throat, much to the shin’saras girl’s enjoyment as she began to purr.

“What’s going on here, if I may ask?” Allisia now suddenly appear behind a pillar, wearing a tight blue leather bodysuit, black leather gloves and boots, and her sword strapped in its belt and scabbard around her waist.

“We’re just having a little fun with Vinya, that’s all” Jiraz said in a rather failing attempt to sound innocent; although she still looked strictly at them, Allisia allowed herself an understandable smile.

“Still, I would suggest you wait until we head down for the dungeons; Vinya, would you please follow me? I have a favour to ask of you” Allisia now nodded at Vinya, the shin’saras girl hurrying over to her.

“Way to go, Mrs. Killjoy” Shica mumbled teasingly under her breath at Allisia.

“Worry not, I will not do anything to her that you would not do, yourselves” Allisia joked, making Shica and Jiraz laugh as Allisia and Vinya made their way down towards the entrance hall.

“I have a question for you, first of all, Vinya” Allisia said.

“Uhmm, what’s that?” Vinya asked.

“Do you feel insecure here, away from your mother and living in a manor of girls that pretty much seeks to frolic with you daily?” Allisia asked her.

“Oh? Well, not really, they’re all pretty nice to me...and I don’t really mind their flirting...” Vinya said, feeling herself blush at her last statement.

“So you would not mind if, say, I, personally were to be one of those frolicking she-wolves?” Allisia asked again, stating her point more firmly as she laid a hand on Vinya’s shoulder as they walked.

“No, not really; I mean, you’re a knight, you know how to treat a lady” Vinya joked, she and Allisia exchanging a short laugh.

“I’m glad you are not, well, afraid of us and our directness; although it may just seem like a mere excuse to make out with other girls, the maids here also share other things than their bodies with each other” Allisia told Vinya.

“Like what?” Vinya asked curiously.

“Well, personal matters, fashion tips, all sorts of information, and in rare cases, they also help to solve eventual fights” Allisia said.

“Uhmm, fights? As in who screws Hiroi first?” Vinya partly joked, knowing fully well of the ‘biker babe’s later ‘punishment’ by Jiraz and Shica in the dungeon.

“Somewhat, yes, but also those of real feelings; they are not simple, brainless frolicking flesh golems” Allisia said, a sense of strictness in her voice making Vinya feel ashamed.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to-...” Vinya began, but Allisia cut her off.

“It’s alright; you didn’t know, as you are quite a newcomer, but you will know it eventually” she comforted Vinya by teasingly rustling her pink hair, making her smile.

After an hour’s time, the girls headed down towards the dungeons, eagerly discussing the coming party; Jiraz and Shica were the first to step into the room that was to serve as tonight’s entertainment:

A stone platform of about a half metre’s height served as scene for what was to be Christy’s strip show, and red velvet curtains hid what one could only assume was a dressing room behind it; the floor of the scene were covered by red velvet as well, and projectors emanating a mix of pink and red lights shun over the scene, giving it an alluring, yet cosy look.

The rest of the room consisted of a few dozen round table with matching chairs, a small bar, a pool opposite the stage, a sweet scent coming from it; comfortable beds around in circles around the four round corners of the room, and what appeared to be some form of arena in the middle of the room; it was sunk a few centimetres down into the floor and oval in form, and covered about 7 metres all the way around in height and length.

“Hmm I like the atmosphere down here” Jiraz commented, sniffing heavily to try and trace the source of the sweet scent from the pool.

“It’s ‘Swift Seduction’; my mom’s uses it when she and her Scarlet Sisters plays around” Shica explained, winking suggestively at Jiraz.

“Now that’s just a nice title, ‘cause it kinda works, already” Jiraz said, feeling the thin, white dress she wore somewhat unable to contain her need to jump up and make passionate love to Shica...

“Uhmm...!” Jiraz found herself moaning, Shica chuckling at seeing her girlfriend struggle so hard not to go ahead and molest her.

“I wonder what that circle in the middle is for” Allisia said, having appeared behind them; she wore an elegant, dark-blue knee-length silk dress with silver trims, elbow-long matching gloves, and, surprising, her steel-armoured black leather boots.

“I dunno, but I kinda hope it’s for something really special” Shica winked at Allisia, who simply sighed.

“I gotta admit I look forward to molest Hiroi; she seems like that kinda biker babe who’s got it all in her mouth” Jiraz commented, Shica sending her an equally eager look.

“Yeah, it’ll be a good threesome, but remember, Jiraz; she’s a virgin, so we gotta move fast, swiftly and carefully.”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it...oh, and that thing about her being afraid of strap-ons? I dunno what’s to worry about with those things!” Jiraz chuckled, remembering all the times her and Shica had used them, themselves.

“Yo, what’s up, girls?” Minyoki now came down the stairs, clad in an elegant, knee-high pink dress with silvery trims around the neck.

“Heh, that’s kinda a stylish dress you’ve gotten yourself there” Jiraz commented, liking how the dress was light and transparent for her to see that Minyoki wore no other underwear than white panties.

“Yeah, Christy helped out a bit with selecting colours; she said it’d match the hair” Minyoki said, adjusting the neck of the dress.

“You look very elegant in it, Minyoki” Allisia said, Minyoki sending her a thankful smile.

“Thanks, yours are not too bad either; goes well with the hair” she nodded, Allisia nodding in reply.

After a few minutes the rest of the girls arrived, eagerly discussing the coming night’s events; some of the last to arrive was Chinyi, who complained about having difficulties in fitting into her uniform; as she was dress as an anime schoolgirl, with a traditional blue and white uniform, white stockings and black leather boots, quite a few eyes turned towards her, as well as a few lusty grins from Fars and Hiroi.

The last one to arrive was Siriki, an ice-haired girl wearing what could only be described as a right out cosplay costume of Joanna Dark’s blue leather bodysuit, with the slight alteration that Siriki had replaced the blue colour with a more bluish tone to match her hair; as she made her way down the stairs, Shica noticed a small, hand-held camera in her right hand.

“She’s gonna film the whole thing, isn’t she?” Shica asked Jiraz, the succubus sending her a suggestive wink; “yep; once she starts filming us, though, they’ll run outta dry panties and start using toilet paper!”

“...And now; let the entertainment begin!” Narrisha finished a short speech from atop the scene, the different girls now finding themselves in different groups, while Allisia seemed rather curious as to know what the mysterious, circular spot in the middle of the room was.

“Should we reveal it now? That knight chick’s gonna be loving it, anyway” Faris whispered in Narrisha’s ear, the vampire girl grinning and pressing a small, red bottom on her throne-like chair in the room’s eastern corner.

As Allisia, alert as she was, jumped back as the circular spot began slowly rotating, she and the other girls standing around it witnessed a rather alerting yet, to her own surprise, alluring sight:

As the platform has sunk about a quarter of a meter into the ground, a brown liquid were emerging to the surface; leaning down by her sword, Allisia removed her right glove and stuck a finger into the substance...

“Oh my Gods!” Jiraz smiled as her eyes switched from the circle to Shica between seconds; “it’s a freaking...-“

“Mud Wrestling Pit; you guessed it, succu-smart” Shica now teased Jiraz, not really minding the idea of having a go down in the pit with Jiraz; however, Narrisha, followed by Faris and Mirinda, now approached Allisia, Faris at one time stepping over and smiling at two girls locked in a passionate and wild kissing.

“I know of all your moralities, Allisia, so I’ve set up this little surprise for you” Narrisha now approached the lady knight; a look of confusion and curiosity were clearly marked on her face, and she sent Narrisha a questioning look.

“Why, you’re to fight some of those girls around here, of course! Nothing lethal, though, as if you’d flip a warrior on them” Narrisha continued, Allisia seeing Faris’ already broad grin widening.

“And I can choose whom I am to fight, myself?” Allisia asked, although neither enjoying or despising the idea of wrestling and rumbling about in a mud pit with an over-eager, silly little girl.

“Oh yes; it’d not be really fair if you were forced the fight someone you’d not wanna fight” Narrisha explained, her smile spreading further over her lips; “but personally, I’d prefer if you’ll be quick about; I kinda wanna wrestle Faris.”

Faris’ smile faded and her face assumed a sunset-bright blushing; at that sight, Allisia found herself letting out a small giggle.

“Oh, uhmm, very well, then...” she now said, her self-control returning; as she had chosen the ones she would fight, for the sake of ridding her mind of them as being petite and too immature, she said; “I wish to fight Chinyi and Siriki.”

“So it’s the Lady Knight against the Prankster Punks? Ah, nice combination...” Narrisha said, asking Allisia to wait behind, her and Faris trying to find Chinyi and Siriki in the room, which were, by now, filled with love-making, screaming and moaning girls.

“You have no need to fear this wrestling, Allisia” Mirinda pointed out, Allisia raising an eyebrow in interest; “to get dirtied by simple mud is not a sin or break of any morality code you might have” Mirinda said, reaching down, dipping a PVC-clad finger into the pit, smearing the fresh mud over Allisia’s unguarded left chin.

“I must confess...” Allisia said as she wiped the mud off with her palm; “...that I begin to think I should...well, cut myself more loose and enjoy myself some more...”

“That’s exactly what this match is all about! You’re gonna need to cut loose from all your thoughts of morale and codes of honour and just enjoy; heck, your greatest worry should be those two little teasers...” Mirinda said, smiling seductively at the more relaxed look on Allisia’s face; “so...can I help you out of your suit? You’re not gonna fight them fully clothed, are you?”

“Well, no, not really, but I’ve come prepared for an occasion like this” Allisia said, slowly slipping out of her elegant, blue dress; as she folded it neatly together and placed the shawl around the pile, she revealed that she had been wearing a bikini and a set of bandeaus underneath her dress alongside her steel-armoured boots.

“Uhmm, Mirinda...?” Allisia now asked, rather uncomfortable with Mirinda’s sudden starring and ogling at her.

“Huh? Oh! Oh, sorry, Allisia; it’s’s just the first time I’ve seen you without that platemail armour on...” Mirinda now smiled sheepishly, not aware of what she said next; “I’ve always thought you’d wear that suit to compensate for your boobies being small.”

At that, Allisia outright laughed at Mirinda, and not a simply polite, short one; the joke in itself were hilarious, and Allisia's newfound playfulness had, for the first time since her arrival at the manor, sparked her 'inner lioness' as she looked lustfully at Mirinda, still trying to catch her slightly gasping breathe.

“Hiya, Allisia! You wanted to fight us, huh??” a voice suddenly rang, Chinyi waving at Allisia, walking besides Siriki, who had apparently forsaken her camera and joined in the games.

“Where’s Faris and Narrisha?” Allisia asked, not seeing the two older girls behind Siriki and Chinyi.

“Well, they stayed behind to seduce Gloris; they’re getting in heat over there at the pool” Siriki pointed out, Allisia clearly seeing the pool at the other end of the room, three figures moving wildly about in the light of the dim-lighted room.

“Are you ready to face me, youngsters?” Allisia now asked, heading towards the pit; as she mentally and physically prepared herself, a new feeling of outright anticipation coursed through her mind, making her smile to herself.

“Sure! We’re gonna kick your ass, missy!” Siriki smirked, her and Chinyi giving each other a thumbs up and smiling at each other.

“I will just stay here as audience” Mirinda said, sitting down on a small, velvet-covered bench outside the pit; however, she was soon joined by a panting Ukuni, dragging herself up t a sitting position, exchanging a wave and smile with Christy, the stripper now walking up towards her scene, a small group of eager fangirls waiting for her.

“I’m...never gonna...ask her to suck on my nipples...ever...again...!” Ukuni panted out, still smiling happily as she licked around her mouth and lips.

“How come? Did she bite them too hardly?” Mirinda partly asked, partly teased her.

“She’s just...too, fucking...good...” Ukuni giggled, enjoying herself as she openly masturbated in direction of the scene, where Christy, at the united cheers of her fangirls, began sliding up and down her dancing pole.

“I don’t hope you mind that I take your mind off her a moment...” Mirinda now smiled, leaning over Ukuni like a right out sexual predator.

“Oh, shi-...!” Ukuni barely managed to say, before she with a small shriek and giggle found Mirinda licking all over her face, tongue-kissing her and stroking her chins.

Chapter 10

Title: Chapter X - The Retribution

“So, let’s get going” Allisia said, standing in front of Siriki and Chinyi, both of them looking both battle-ready and adorable at the same time.

“KIYA-A-A-AH!” Siriki now recklessly threw herself against Allisia, who simply took a step to the side, grabbing the string of Siriki’s panties and holding her.

“H-hey! I thought you’d not fight dirty or something! It’s no fair!” Siriki now tried and struggle in vain to rid herself of Allisia’s grip around her waist.

“Oh, but I ‘do’ fight with honour...” Allisia stated, Siriki looking confused at her; “...I just choose to fight you on your own terms.”

By that, Allisia tossed Siriki away from her, sending her about a meter away, landing with a splat.

“My suit! Oh, you’re ‘so’ dead...!” Siriki now tried her luck again, although only imitating to be infuriated; seeing her fellow prankster rush blindly towards Allisia, who were not at all questioned to be a trained warrior, Chinyi nevertheless ran up besides Siriki, intending on rushing two on one.

“This is gonna get re-e-e-eally dirty...!” a voice were now heard outside the circle, as it turned it Christy and a few other girls now stood by and watched the wrestling match; however, As Chinyi and Siriki charged blindly against Allisia, she simply took a step to the left, held up her leg, causing the two girls to fall on top of each other in the pit.

“You will need a better tactic if you plan on standing a chance” Allisia commented, sitting down on hook to help the girls up; besides from their now slightly muddy underwear, none of them seemed to suffer from any broken bones or scars.

“Big mistake, silly!” Chinyi now tried her luck and threw herself against Allisia; caught off guard, Allisia reached out her arms as per instinct in order to guard herself...

As the silence now began to worry Allisia, she looked up; caught in her steel grip was nothing more than a mud-soaked bra; underneath it, though, Chinyi fell with a bump into the mud pit once again, half her underwear now missing.

“Wow, Allisia; that’s kinda pervy!” Chinyi now giggled from underneath the mud as Allisia stood perplexed with the dirty bra; not really understanding how her reflexes had worked, she simply tossed the bra over her shoulder, where it sunk into the knee-deep mud.

“We just can’t rush her, Chinyi; we gotta...” Siriki now stood up besides Chinyi, although she still had her troubles to avoid chuckling at Chinyi’s accidental loss; whispering in her ear, the two girls began planning their next attack, while Allisia found herself to like this form of exercise, although she would have preferred more mature opponents.

However, as she was thinking if Faris of Christy could prove to be a challenge for her, she suddenly felt a forcible push in her back; closing her eyes, she felt as she landed softly in the mud, rising up again not a few moments later; grinning at her, Chinyi and Siriki turned out to have simply pushed her from behind, the silly and old trick actually working on the warrior girl.

“So...” Allisia said as she rose up; her underwear was dirtied by the mud, and she could feel it soaking in her boots; bowing down, she balanced on each foot in order to remove them, as well as her underwear, leading to a great deal of whistles and adoring shrieks from outside the circle.

“Those who fight with honour fight without shame” Allisia said, stepping slowly towards Chinyi and Siriki, who found themselves frozen mentally at the first sight they had ever had of a naked Allisia; however, that exact same Allisia suddenly stood behind Siriki, having moved with a speed that only a warrior like her could boast of.

“I know of your tricks and frolicking in the night...” she now whispered in Siriki’s ear, deciding to play the very same game she had been ever so uncomfortable with since her arrival at the manor; now, however, she knew that the girls would still respect her and, as a small glimmer of hope in her heart, love her for what she was: A warrior girl.

“This is for your punishment” Allisia now spoke as seductively as she could into Siriki’s ear; hearing that, Siriki had difficulty in believing that Allisia might actually she just how skilled she could be besides from her skills at combat.

However, her mind spun nearly out of control when a hot tongue licked against her earflap, the warm breathe causing her shivers; as she instantly giggled, she could hear Allisia’s chuckling from behind her.

“And I who feared I would lose my honour over are but prey to a roaring beast in heat, Siriki...” she now heard Allisia whisper in her seductive voice; “...and the predator now demands its price!”

By that, Allisia unfastened Siriki’s bra and gave her panties a slightly rough wedgies; Siriki’s pleasurable shriek caught the still grinning Chinyi’s attention, but she enjoyed seeing her best friend and rival being a little humiliated.

Before Siriki either wanted or could react, she found Allisia’s rough, muddy hands on her breasts, Allisia’s inexperience in the arts of love all too clear; however, the roughness of the warrior girl excited Siriki, and despite Allisia’s steel grip, she managed to turn around, comforting the unsure-looking Allisia with a wink and a slightly outstretched tongue.

“Chinyi! Get her!” Siriki now signalled Chinyi, who were not late to grip Allisia from behind; as the warrior girl felt the two younger girls’ excitement as if it was the very air she breathed, she smiled slightly as she felt Chinyi move away under her as she fell into the mud.

“Now...” Siriki looked at the ‘fallen’ warrior girl, her and Chinyi circling around her; “how do you want it, Allisia? Not that it matters!” Siriki grinned, sitting down besides Chinyi, clearly knowing Siriki’s intentions; “we’re gonna excite you...before we molest you!”

“So, Minyoki...” Christy turned her blonde head around to look at the pinkette; “’re gonna show us how you treat your sister?”

As they were lying naked on their stomachs, having two skimpily and giggling nurses smearing lotion on their exhausted bodies, Minyoki simply gave Christy a mysterious smile.

“I dunno, I think she’s gotta get cleaned up first” she said, looking over the circle; somehow, she felt herself happy that her sister went along so well with the other girls, although it was no real wonder; everyone, after all, got along at Nightwind Manor.

“Yes, I kinda agree; I mean, I’d love a mud bath, myself, but against that freaking femme fatale...?” Christy grinned, pointing at Allisia, who were currently finding herself observing and even enjoy as Siriki and Chinyi took turns covering each other in mud and licking it off.

“She’s not so bad, just don’t disturb her in the evening” Minyoki advised.

“Why’s that? She, ya know, masturbates in secret to the thought of me?” Christy joked, the girls sharing a long laugh; inspired, one of the nurses teased Christy as she slightly slapped her left buttock.

“Hey! Don’t you make me come and bend you over, missy!” Christy snapped jokingly back the nurse, who simply giggled and stuck out her tongue at her.

“That’s not what I meant, by the way” Minyoki now returned the topic; “I meant that she’s mostly practising in the evenings; she once told me that she’s considering melting her sword down and re-forge it as a katana.”

“But isn’t it, well, you know, her symbol, or something? Like, her icon for all her sense of honour and all that stuff?” Christy asked.

“Yeah, it is, but she’s considering just to re-forge her weapon and armour as a whole; she wanna quit the Golden Dragon Order and start out as a Gray Knight” Minyoki told Christy, glad that she had been borrowing some books of Silvarciraian history from Mirinda...apart from her X-rated home DVDs consisting of her best times with the girls in her dungeons.

“’Gray Knight’? Sounds kinda silly...” Christy said, sighed pleasantly and turned around, facing her head upwards; by that, the nurses seemed far more interested in smearing oil of her flourished, tan skin, amusing Christy as she let out a small chuckle.

“Look, Christy; either you gotta play some more RPGs, or else you’re gonna have to start reading” Minyoki sighed, turning around as well; sending the nurses a smile, she turned her attention to Christy; “a Gray Knight is a knight with no master, lord, lady or authority other than what her home town or village entitles her to, so for short: She’s quitting the big, fleshly, ‘high-in-Heaven’ glamour club and coming down to us!”

“So I’ll have to worry about a battle-trained girl Gray Knight going about and after my panties, as well?” Christy asked; as response, Minyoki gave her a teasing lick on the nose, the two girls giggling as they started kissing; not to their surprise, the nurses followed the example, their self-control waning.

“Alright girls, listen up” Narrisha’s voice now sounded all over the room through unknown means; before Jiraz and Shica’s gonna show us how naughty you just can get, I’ve got another little trick up my sleeves for you.”

By that, the projectors in the ceiling went out as if commanded; leaving the room in darkness, all apart from the small, blue orb of Mystic Magic in Narrisha’s outstretched hand, she now spoke again, much to the shock from the slightly more aware girls.

“It’s a simple game of hide and seek, only that you’re gonna molest the one you’ve chased down” Narrisha said, the silent giggles and chuckles from the girls not surprising her.

“Oh, and if you wanna, it was Shica’s idea” Narrisha chuckled, pointing to Shica and Jiraz standing a few meters from her; an applause were followed, causing them both to blush, in Jiraz’s case enough to light her eyes up in flames, casting a more comfortable glow over the room.

“Uhmm, excuse me...” a voice was now heard underneath the stage were Narrisha stood.

“Yes, Vinya?” Narrisha asked.

“Uhmm...I’m not...I’m not really comfortable in the dark, so please...” Vinya blushed embarrassingly; “...could you avoid scaring me too much?”

At that point, the chuckles were heard slightly louder, followed by the girls’ assuring that Vinya would not suffer trauma for the rest of her life.

“Oh, and by the way, when I say ‘go’...” Narrisha now said, catching everyone’s attention as she giggled; “...when I say ‘go’, the first to molest both Siriki and Chinyi gets to molest me!”

As the joke had a wide-spread effect of laughs, Chinyi and Siriki joined in; still covered in mud from their mud bath, they were lucky no-one could really see them.

“And now...” Narrisha spoke slightly loudly and dramatically; “...let the Midnight Molesting...begin! GO!”

Stumbling around in darkness with a risk of having a group of girls reaching out for her might have been one of Chinyi’s favourite daydreams, although it turned out to instead lead her to, mostly in experimentation, to jump on Gloris from behind, the ‘Beach Babe’ not minding the eager and pink-haired younger girl’s molesting of her; however, as she got to be the dominative, she submitted Chinyi to a pleasant torture in the form of tickling her.

“No-nohohohohohohoh! No-not there!” Chinyi giggled, her happy laughter enough to make Gloris give into her temptation, leaning down planting a passionate, wet kiss on Chinyi’s lips.

“Chinyi, you’re just ‘so’, fucking adorable when you giggle!” Gloris chuckled at her, Chinyi smiling and purring at her.

“Maybe, but she’s got competition!” a voice were now heard behind Gloris and Chinyi, follow by an all too familiar; “Gotcha!”

As it turned out, Chinyi’s pleasant frolicking with Gloris had attracted the attention of Siriki, jumping on her from behind and molesting her breasts under wild giggles; turning into yet another of her life’s greater experiences, Gloris enjoyed being pleased by nearly all means by the two cutest girls of Nightwind Manor, she at a time yelled happily to the ceiling a line that could only sound along the lines of ‘Fuck! I love my life!’

Hearing that, the other girls, Chinyi included, began to laugh out loud in joy, ending up with them all three kissing as Gloris watched, quickly finding her hand’s way into her panties.

However, Chinyi’s giggles proved her undoing as she was the first to collapse from her orgasm; having Siriki licking all over her body, though, was surely a price worth paying with her orgasm for; her whole body screamed for the passion and heat...

“YA-A-A-A-A-A-A-ARGH!” was the wailing Innoki’s shriek as her never-resting ‘tormentor’ Hiroi once again had put her rough lovemaking style to good use; before them lay Faris, Hiroi’s first ‘victim’, still panting from the biker babe’s apparently limitless resolve when it came to lovemaking.

“Uhmm, it feels good to cum, right? That’s right, you really love being naughty, right Innoki...?” Hiroi teased and taunted, making the younger girl wail out one more time as Hiroi let her tongue caress her neck.

“Alright, girls; lights on!” Narrisha’s voice were now heard through the darkness, the projectors now once again bathing the room in pink and red light; however, as the girls found themselves in rather awkward positions as for their lovemaking, a lot of laughs were shared.

“The time has come...” Narrisha’s voice were now heard again, this time in a serious enough manner to catch everyone’s attention; “ let Hiroi meet the end of her virginity!”

Hearing that, Hiroi quickly stared at Jiraz and Shica, who, surprisingly, simply sat in two chairs near the scene, showing all signs that they were waiting.
“Jiraz, Shica; will you be the ones to ravish Hiroi?” Narrisha asked, Shica and Jiraz smiling at her and exchanging giggles.

“Actually...” Jiraz said, rising up alongside Shica; “...we’ve got an even better idea.”

“However, you’ll still get to see me and Jiraz fuck each other, of course” Shica quickly assured as the mutters of disappointment were spreading amongst the girls.
“And...what will your idea be, then?” Narrisha asked, surprised at her two friends’ decision.

“Well, it’s simple; Hiroi’s a rebellious, little slut as far as we’ve seen, and there’s only one girlie in here with the guts to take her on...” Jiraz said, pointing a claw in the direction of...

“Me??” a confused Allisia asked, seeing everyone’s eyes lie on her; almost opposite her, Hiroi made a taunting frown and made her trademark ‘badass’ smile.

Allisia sighed; were she to steal Hiroi’s virginity in order to save her own honour??

“You can always back down; no-one’s gonna blame ye” Jiraz assured, although her tone still betrayed a hint of disappointment at seeing a warrior girl and a biker babe molesting each other.

“I...if my mistress commands it, I’ll...-“ Allisia began, but was cut off by Mirinda and Charlene who stood beside her.

“Honestly, Allisia; all your worth of honour is fine, but try thinking for yourself” Mirinda said strictly, maybe even more than she wished for, as she muttered a silent apology.

“Allisia, what do ‘you’ want to?” Charlene asked, gesturing towards Hiroi, who simply stood and waited for her judgement, not thinking that even the ‘Curvious Cavalier’ could stand against her.

“I...” Allisia said uncertainly, but a flicker of that exact determination and assurance of her actions to be just now filled her mind; Hiroi had always been the one in charge, always preying upon the ‘weaker’ girls...

“I will do it! Hiroi, you have endlessly hunted these girls, never to allow them to be done to you what you did to them!” Allisia spoke, an almost inspiring tone ringing in it; as she stepped closer, she quickly, and even without Hiroi reacting, grabbed her cheeks in her right hand, forcing a quick and passionate kiss on her.

“Your body shall be my battlefield...” Allisia now spoke in Hiroi’s ear; “...and I have yet to lose a fight...!”

Hearing that, Narrisha chuckled in amusement; on a gesture from her, black-hooded and robbed girls stepped from the ring of girls around Allisia and Hiroi, seizing her wrists, ankles and upper body.

“HEY! What the fuck are you...let go of me, you sluts!” Hiroi now barked out, now facing Allisia in what she taunted the warrior girl with, ‘sexual combat’.

“I can assure you; you’ll surely see that I master other skills than with my weapons...” Allisia said, her cool and collected attitude leading to many adoring moans from the girls around her.

As Hiroi soon found herself locked on a large steel table, the shackles over her arms and over her waist rendering her unable to flee, she laughed in taunt at Allisia as the naked warrior girl stepped up towards the table.

“You think you’re tough, huh? You might have killed alotta monsters, but I’ve fucked nearly every girl in this manor until they begged me for more!” Hiroi now grinned, but was surprised to see Allisia chuckle as well.

“ wish for a soft, schoolgirl-like body over a firm, well-fitting...” Allisia now tried her first hand at seduction; “...well-shaped, curvious body of a born warrior...?”

As Hiroi did raise an eyebrow, she had not imagined the warrior girl to have a hint of an understanding to seduction.

“So if you want a passion that equals your own...” Allisia proceeded, now climbing unto the steel table; “...then let us ravish each other like our inner spirits tells us; the adrenaline in battle, the rush of yours to have!”

By that, Allisia unlocked the shackles over Hiroi’s waist and arms, the heavy steel swinging down to the left and right sides of the table; seeing herself with no other alternative, Hiroi quickly got hold of Allisia, pinning her down unto her stomach by pressing her legs and boots against the warrior girl’s back.

“Hah! You’ll never even get my suit off, missy! I’m the one that fuck girls on a daily basis, baby!” Hiroi taunted, smiling as she thought Allisia to have long given up.

“ what you believe...!” Allisia now reappeared, Hiroi suddenly feeling the warrior girl grabbing her jacket and vest with a force unknown to Hiroi; as Allisia got a better hold, she suddenly stopped up and asked Hiroi; “I take it you have spare suits like this one?”

“Why, sure; why’d you wanna ask tha...-“ Hiroi asked confused, only to see her vest and jacket being forcibly removed from her by a single pull from the warrior girl; as it fell to the floor, Allisia’s hand were now heading straight for underneath Hiroi’s leather pants.

“WA-A-A-ARGH! WHAT IN THE FUCK?! ARGH! You sick bitch!!! I’m gonna fu-...!” Hiroi now bolted up, trying to wiggle herself loose from the shackles that still held her arms; however, another sudden and raw kiss from Allisia surprised herself as it kept her down, finding herself moaning in enjoyment.

“You speak of this ‘fucking’ as if it is something bad; very well...” Allisia said, now focused on Hiroi’s breasts; “let us see how bad a former knight can be to a little rogue like yourself!”

“I can’t believe this; Allisia, our virtuous Allisia...” Minyoki smiled with her mouth agape, her little sister Chinyi finishing the sentence with a wink at her sister; “...molesting the greatest, skirt-chasing brat since Mirinda arrived at the manor?”

“Oh, have no worries there, little Chinyi; I still hold the mantle as Grand Mistress of Bondage!” Mirinda assured, feeling herself delighted at seeing the long-time, foul-mouthed Hiroi being taught a lesson.

“You just made that title up, right?” Shica teased Mirinda, sitting besides Jiraz and watching the show; as it was but natural to them, they helped each other masturbate at it, imagining it to be themselves.

“So, Hiroi...” Allisia now whispered, climbing slightly down from Hiroi; “...what will make you feel good? Aside from your coming molesting, that is.”

“I don’t wanna...!” Hiroi started out, but the solid steel shackles told her otherwise; sighing she gave Allisia a rather sarcastic smile; “if you wanna play seductress, you gotta figure out a real nice idea to molest me in!”

Allisia stepped down from the table, standing besides it in deep thoughts; however, after a few seconds, she snapped her fingers, an idea coming to her mind.

“What in the fuck?! Is this your idea of-...!” Hiroi now barked out as she hang from the ceiling in a lowered rope; tightened around her were dozens of other ropes, several knots tied here and there on them; as Allisia placed a black cloth as blindfold over Hiroi’s eyes, the barking biker girl somehow ceased her yelling and began smiling.

“So you’re gonna try bondage! Damn it, silly, I’ve seen it dozens of times before!” she taunted, Allisia merely sending an evil smile at the blindfolded girl.

“Yes, but remember; you cannot see anything, which gives me an advantage...” she partly chuckled, receiving an object from one of the robed and hooded girls; “...first, I’m going to play tag with your senses; after that, I shall ravish you.”

“Hey! You can’t do that! Uhmm...wha-what about all your knightly honour crap?!” Hiroi now asked, Allisia enjoying her panicking voice.

“I do still have my honour as a knight, but you have your sins to pay for, miss Hiroi; the molesting, though in the end not evil-minded, of dozens of innocent girls stains your soul, and I ought to clean it.”

“I only did what I thought they’d wanna do! You can’t blame me for them being horny and in need of fu-...!” Hiroi now barked out again, but soon heard the clicking sound of the lights being turned off.

“My ladies and girls; tonight, we shall witness as Hiroi’s virtue is taken by the hand of our topmost elite warrior, Allisia” Narrisha announced comfortably from her throne, the girls chuckling in expectation; Allisia, on the other hand, felt a warmth in her heart at the encouraging word ‘elite warrior’; how she truly appreciated it...

However, Shica and Jiraz looked rather more bored.

“This is gonna take a...a...a...a-a-a-a-ag-ages...” Jiraz yawned as silently as she could; while looking forward to Hiroi’s molesting, she was nearly over-eager to show off to the Nightwind girls how she would molest her girlfriend.

“Take it easy, Jiraz; you can always learn something new” Shica said, patting Jiraz on the head and her right wing; the demon girl purred happily, thinking about all her possibilities with Shica.

“Honey, I’ve got over 11 ways to make you yell out in complete bliss even before I get to fuck you for real” Jiraz informed, making Shica chuckle silently as Chinyi, standing not two meters from them, could not help but giggle.

“So you refuse giving over the dominant role? You deny yourself the pleasures these girls can give you, yourself? And you would rather play the dominatrix card than to allow them to ravish you?” Allisia asked as she was slowly stroking Hiroi’s left breast, not able but to feel amused and smile as she began to play around with the nipple as it extended.

“I’m...I just don’t wanna go down without a fight! FUCK! Will you...urgh, you fucking bitch! I’ll kick your ass for this, you-...!” Hiroi began barking out, but soon found a soft hand to touch her chin.

“Hiroi, there is no shame or dishonour in thinking of yourself and your own desires; tell me...” Allisia spoke, feeling a little pity with her captive; “...what desire burns strongest in your heart? Which kind of thing would you like mostly to be done to you?”

“’s none of your damn business, you-...!” Hiroi snarled, but surrendered her verbal attacks, sighed and let out with a small sob; “...pirates; I’d want my fucking virginity taken by a bunch of pirate whores fucking my pussy until it bleeds.”

As Hiroi sobbed, Allisia moved in closer, caressing her face and whipping off the tears with her thumbs.

“There, there, Hiroi; it’s not shameful at all; anyone saying that it is are but a dishonest liar...” Allisia assured Hiroi, who merely sniffed, yet began to smile a bit.

“ you know...I'm not a whore, now?” she asked; although she was grateful for Allisia’s support, she knew a part of her told her that she should seize the chance and have the warrior girl be the one to rid her of her virginity.

“You speak of pirate girls, I understand; I see it only fair to let you have a look” Allisia said, Hiroi hearing a hint of a tease in her voice; as she felt Allisia remove the blindfold, she opened her eyes fully, her sight getting better as the light returned to a sight she could feel her loins react very pleasantly to:

In front of her, having dropped the robes, Innoki, Faris, Narrisha and Christy stood in front of her, all of them dressed as pirate girls, including swashbuckler shirts, tight brown leather skirts and thigh-high boots, as well as, in Faris’ case, a black leather eye-patch.

“You girlies gotta be fucking with me...” Hiroi said as she smilingly found her fetish standing not a meter from her; behind her, as she turned her head, Allisia was equally clad in the brown leather attire, with the addition of a brown leather belt in which there hang...

“This is gonna get messy, isn’t it?” Hiroi joked as she noticed a black leather strap-on dangling from Allisia’s belt.

“I shall be as careful as I can, Hiroi; just don’t you move...” Allisia smirked at her, Hiroi now feeling the rough, brown leather gloves Allisia wore fondle and grope on her breasts; as it was only slightly painful, Hiroi enjoyed herself as the other girls openly started to move themselves closer to her, Faris even lifting up her skirt right in Hiroi’s face, Hiroi discovering that Faris, or as she guessed neither of the other girls, wore anything underneath.

“Take it in, you bitch! Don’t tell me you don’t like the taste of fresh pussy!” Faris now yelped at her as she stuffed her vagina into Hiroi’s mouth, catching her off-guard as she smacked her lips around Faris’ g-spot.

“Oh, ye-e-e-eah...uhmmm, that’s so go-o-o-o-od...” Faris moaned she the other girls began molesting her; Christy from behind on her breasts through the thin shirt, and Narrisha as she snuck underneath her, laying down and masturbating as she looked up towards the now dripping Faris.

“Hiroi...” Innoki now moved in on her, making Hiroi remember something through all the haze that was her fetish scenario.

“Innoki, I’m...I’m sorry I just busted in and began fucking you; it’s OK if you’re mad at me...” Hiroi said as Faris took a break from stuffing her dripping vagina into her mouth; she sat herself down and began scissoring Narrisha, while Christy stuffed her head down in between them and licked with all the eagerness she could muster, all the while openly masturbating with her free hands.

“It’s alright, Hiroi...” Innoki said and stroke Hiroi’s hair; feeling thankful, Hiroi felt a sudden, minor pain as she felt her hair being pulled.

“...But now it’s my turn to drive you crazy!” Innoki smiled at Hiroi as if it was the most natural thing in the world; she drove Hiroi’s head towards her breasts, trapping it there.

“What in the fuck?? Innoki, you’ve seriously got some big tits in here!” Hiroi’s mumbled voice replied happily from beneath Innoki’s breasts, making her chuckle; behind them, though, Allisia approached with the strap-on, the thin instrument now lightly touching Hiroi’s womanhood.

“Hey! This...this is...oh, Gods! Just do me, already!” Hiroi mumbled from her ‘prison’, surrendering her fear of strap-ons; after all, it was what was attached to the other end of the strap-on she had found herself concerned about; however, in this case, Allisia was, should and would be the one to ravish Hiroi’s virginity from her.

“Forgive my inexperience” Allisia simply said, hiding a dominative grin as she was encouraged by the girls cheering around them, to stick the strap-on slowly into Hiroi’s womanhood.

“Uhmm! Uhmmm...!” was all the breast-stuck Hiroi could mumble; however, Innoki now pulled back herself, her breasts included, and presented her own womanhood to Hiroi.

“Here’s something to quell the ‘pain’” she winked at Hiroi, who was not late to extend her tongue and slurp eagerly on Innoki’s vagina, the brown-haired girl letting out a happy shriek.

“I doubt I ought to press any harder...” Allisia said, uncertainly pausing from her thrusting of the strap-on into Hiroi’s womanhood.

“No, don’t stop it, silly; you got to keep up a steady pace, so don’t give her any breaks yet” Mirinda informed from the circle of girls around them.

“She’s right, ye know? kinda feels good...” Hiroi now looked over her shoulder, sending Allisia a wink followed by a teasing smile; “you’re the warrior girl; where’s all your strength got to?”

“If that’s supposed to be a taunt, you’re really aiming your arrow in the wrong direction” Allisia smirked, putting more effort into her thrusting.

“Ouch! H-hey, that’s my! My pussy’s not a blender,, no don’t you...oh nohohohohoh...!” Hiroi began exclaiming as Allisia now used a technique she had once seen Siriki use on Chinyi; she simply tickled Hiroi, resulting in her moving even more wildly about in the ropes, laughing hysterically.

“This...this is just too good...pirate babes, bondage...getting fucked by a hot action babe...just too good...for fuck’s sake...!” Hiroi now wailed out as she kept smiling broadly and laughing in delight, glad that her fears were now long gone, and that she could enjoy being the submissive for once.

“Light of the Nijar! Hiroi, you’re...” Allisia suddenly exclaimed, followed by a slight giggle from her and the rather excited Innoki; underneath Hiroi, her horniness for the situation had visualized has the fluids dripped from her womanhood in a steady stream.

Meanwhile, down on the floor, Christy enjoyed herself by slurping over and over on both Narrisha and Faris’ nipples, hoping to cause their climax that way.

“It’s just great to cum, isn’t it? It feels so hot that you wanna cum over and over again, right little Faris?” Narrisha teased the redhead, getting an outstretched tongue in reply as Faris let out a shriek as she came; as she nearly rolled over Christy, the blonde were quick to leap upon Faris like a primal predator, slurping on Faris’ vagina as the love fluids still flowed out.

“Hey! Leave some for your mistress!” Narrisha now laughed, playfully tackled Christy, jumping on her from behind and molested her as the now giggling blonde turned her head around, tongue-kissing Narrisha.

“Oh...oh, my Gods! Yeah! Oh! Yeah! I’M GONNA...I’M GONNA....FUCK!” Hiroi was still yelling from her position in the knotted ropes as Allisia’s thrusting of the strap-on into Hiroi’s womanhood, blue-haired girl’s orgasm only seconds away by the looks of the dripping fluids flowing from her vagina along with a little blood, a sign telling Allisia that her work was done.

“Now, my dear little Hiroi...” Allisia said as she slowly removed the strap-on, causing Hiroi to tighten her legs around herself, moaning nearly as loudly as Innoki in front of her.

“Now be a nice girl and let yourself go” Allisia said she slowly helped Hiroi out of the ropes, the marks from the knots sitting almost anywhere of her body.

“Oh...oh, no! Allisia, keep it up! I’m...I’m gonna cum...right into their fuck-hungry mouths...!” Hiroi pleaded, yet she now felt the strap-on once again enter her womanhood as Allisia lay herself down in a relaxed position on the floor, folding her arms over her head, and smilingly began thrusting the strap-on into the now sitting Hiroi.

“So good! Such a good fuck! More! MORE! GIMME MORE!” Hiroi now yelled out as she reached out for Innoki’s skirt, catching it and dragging her to the floor, Innoki’s evil smile and laugh even turning Hiroi on.

“I’ve hunted and fucked you all so long! C’MON, GIRLS! REURN THE FAVOUR! C’MON, FUCK ME-E-E-E!” Hiroi now shrieked, seeing all the cosplaying pirate girls move towards her on crawling hands, eagerly slurping at the sight of Hiroi.

“ can’t...!” Hiroi now looked down and noticed a smaller puddle of her cum; seeing this, she did not believe she had survived being this horny.

“Oh, Hiroi-i-i-i-i...” a teasing noise was now heard from behind the crawling girls; as they stepped forward, Siriki and Chinyi had cosplayed as nurses, eagerly fingering each other and sending teasing smiles to Hiroi.

“Uhmmm...Hiroi, can we fuck you? You’d really love some warm little boobies and clits all over you, right?” Siriki now provoked, moving ever so closer to Hiroi, who used all her mental strength to maintain her grip on both sanity and reality.

“Uhmm, miss Siriki, this feels really good...” Chinyi now played along as Siriki and her stood grinningly up on each side of Hiroi, their kisses drooling down on her breasts as they stripped each other of their shirts, pressing their bouncing breasts together.

“OH MY GO-O-O-O-ODS-S-S-S-S!!!” Hiroi now yelled out her loudest scream as of yet, finally cumming as Allisia had seized the opportunity for Hiroi to have all her fetishes all around her.

“FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! OH, KEEP FUCKING, GIRLS! FUCK EACH OTHER! LICK EACH OTHER’S CLITS! DROOL ON EACH OTHER’S BOOBIES! MAKE ME CU-U-U-U-UM!” Hiroi wailed as she now felt her orgasm gushing out; however, as she had been licking Hiroi’s vagina all the while it was stuck on the strap-on, Innoki received a minor tidal wave of Hiroi’s cum, her face now covered with it as she smilingly began licking it off.

“Ah-h-h-h, first-time lesbian fucking; it always warms my heart...” Shica said dramatically, Jiraz giggling at the joke.

“Not too bad, that Hiroi girl; I’ll bet she’s surely over going about and molesting girls at random now” Jiraz chuckled, the hint of sarcasm all too obvious for Shica.

“Now, honey...” Shica said as she folded her arms around Jiraz’s neck, looking seductively and smilingly into her girlfriend’s eyes; “...I wonder if we’re up next; wanna really give them a show?”

“Shica, you know me; with you, I could go on for days...” Jiraz replied, exchanging a giggle with her girlfriend followed by a short, yet fiery kiss.

Chapter 11

Title: Chapter XII - The Virgin's Last Stand

“Our Lady Shinris’ crown! Was...was that just it? I expected something a ritual, or...” Vinya asked herself confusingly as she saw Hiroi being helped down from Allisia, the girls supporting her as she seemed rather weakened.

“Of course, there’s no need for more; right, Hiroi?” Mirinda now asked as Hiroi staggered past them, sending them both a wink as she sat herself down and helped herself to a cold drink.

“ is really not the...not the biggest deal in the world?” Vinya asked, Mirinda now looking rather more uncomfortable.

“It does matter by normal standards, but you cannot really call us normal, now can you?” Charlene now walked up to Vinya, patting the shin’saras girl’s shoulder gently.

“Hihihih, no, not at all; I mean, I haven’t felt so much love and playfulness since-...” Vinya began giggling, but suddenly stopped, blushing heavily.

“She’s getting shy now, isn’t she?” Charlene asked, Mirinda playing a prank as she stepped closer to Vinya, her breasts only a few centimetres from Vinya’s face, causing the younger girl to let out a slight wail in adoration before she tried and reach out for them as in trance.

“Oh my Gods! That’s really adorable...” Charlene smirked at Vinya as Mirinda enjoyed Vinya’s slow molesting of her breasts.

“Do you really want me, Vinya? Am I really to take your virtue?” she asked in her most seductive voice, nipping by the very skin of her teeth at Vinya’s left earflap.

“Please...all these seductions...all this molesting...I wanna join in!” Vinya now nearly pleaded.

“That’s good, my little sweetie; have a whiff of this...” Mirinda chuckled, holding up a small potion bottle, which content gave of a strong aroma of tropical plants.

“It smells so...o-o-o-oh...go-o-o-o-d...” Vinya now caught herself yawning, her head swimming, and with the last, wonderous thought of fooling around with Mirinda, she simply faded out, fast asleep.

“Did you really have to drug her, Mirinda? I don’t think she’ll enjoy it as much if she finds out you carry highly concentrated Sweet Seduction in your pockets...” Charlene mumbled sceptically, Mirinda merely smiling as she got hold of the now sleeping Vinya, fast asleep in her arms.

“Oh, Gods; she’s so cute...” Mirinda warmly looked at Vinya, who merely moaned lightly in her sleep.

“So you’re gonna molest her next?” Chinyi now asked as she came back from Hiroi, who were currently in a very interesting conversation with Ukuni.

“Yeah, and once I’ve taken her virginity, you can play with her, as well” Mirinda smiled, Chinyi leaning her head over Vinya’s, giggling at the shin’saras girl.

“I wonder if I’d look as cute if I were asleep” she pondered, two hands suddenly finding their way to her breasts; surprised, she let out a loud meowing, the girl behind her softly moaning at the sound.

“Don’t turn me on yet, sis! Geez, that meowing; it’s so freaking cute...” Minyoki now said, continuing her molesting of her sister.

“Don’t you and Faris have some strap-on riding to do??” Chinyi teased, Minyoki simply laughing and lightly forcing Chinyi’s head back, the two sisters engaging in a drooling tongue-kissing contest.

“And I just had to leave my camera behind...!” Siriki mumbled, yet still smiled at the scenery.

“Say, Narrisha; don’t you get tired of being submissive?” Gloris smiled at her mistress as she gave her yet another thrust with the strap-on, her mistress moaning ever so lustfully.

“Don’t you worry; I’ll get my turn, you pretty girl...” Narrisha smiled evilly from her floor-level position; she had already climaxed once, but Gloris had yet t be satisfied.

“Aw, c’mon; I’d like a little vampire love for once; here, sit on up” Gloris said, halting her thrusting and instead lay down, the strap-on now facing Narrisha’s pussy.

“Thanks for the offer...” Narrisha said, a clear hint of seduction in her voice as she slowly strapped Gloris of the sex toy, slurping eagerly on it to taste her own cum; “...but I’ll prefer the 69 position for now.”

“Suits me; just don’t lick it inside out...” Gloris smirked as Narrisha grinned at her, sticking her butt towards Gloris’ face as she began slurping on her pussy.

“Uhmmm...! Gods, you surprise me all you time, mistress!” Gloris chuckled as Narrisha decided to tap a bit into her vampiric strength; doing so, her eyes glowed brightly red, and she stuck her abnormal long tongue into Gloris’s pussy, Narrisha’s drooling mouth soon to follow.

“OH, GO-O-O-O-O-ODS! OH, YEAH! Such...intensity! Mistress, you really love pussy, don’t you??” Gloris wailed out as she stuck her two forefingers into Narrisha’s own pussy, the vampire girl groaning and replying grinningly; “yeah, especially those small, cute ones.”

As the game continued on, more and more of the girls had had their first share of the fun, eagerly giggling joking and commenting on each other’s style of lovemaking; helping themselves to a few drinks and other refreshments from the small bar, the still-sleeping Vinya were slowly put on a table, on which she curled herself together, mumbling and moaning in her sleep.

“She’s looking so innocent...oh, I’d love to pinch those cute little ears...” Chinyi smiled dreamingly at Vinya, the shin’saras girl rustling lightly about in her sleep.

“, Chinyi...hmhmhmhm...” Vinya suddenly mumbled in her sleep, a small smile appearing on her lips, a little drool running down from her mouth.

“Oh my Gods! I’m turning her on!” Chinyi mentally cheered; looking over her shoulder, she spotted a small niche in the wall, large enough for Vinya to lie in.

“OK, girls; it’s time for Vinya to see what the Nightwind girls can really do for her!” Narrisha now smirked, Faris and a couple of the other girls following her over to Chinyi and Vinya.

“Now they’re after Vinya, sweetie; say, should we join in? She ‘is’ your servant, after all, and our friend” Jiraz commented, helping herself to her third glass of red wine.

“Well, we kinda should, but I dunno; if she really doesn’t like it we’ll sure break in, but for now...” Shica said as an evil grin appeared on her lips; “...I’d like to see just how much pussy she can take before she climaxes.”

“Uhmmmmmmmm...” Vinya groaned as her eyes slowly began blinking; yawning, she returned to the living world, surprised to see the other Nightwind girls stand in a half-circle around her.

“Uhmm, good evening, girls; uhmmm, wh-why are you d-...d-...dressed like that?” she yawned as she spotted Mirinda to be wearing her...

“Oh, Gods, I forgot...” Vinya sighed, a small smile creeping over her lips; “...I volunteered to have my virginity taken, didn’t I?”

“Indeed, and that’ll not be the only thing we’ll rob you off!” Mirinda smiled her alluring smile, leaning down over Vinya; as she now first realized, Vinya was laying in the niche, which turned out to be larger than what had originally been thought; a ray of silvery moonlight hit her and bathed her in all her shin’saras glory, although she had no idea how the moonlight could enter the dungeon all up from the first floor.

However, she was preoccupied as she found herself to be creaking whenever she moved; looking at herself, she found out she had been put in what looked like a straightjacket, although her arms were free to move, but the small platform she lay on covered her whole body, with the exception from her head, in a black latex suit.

“You like it? I call it a latex carpet; not that it took too long to make, though” Ukuni now smiled rather proudly at Vinya, her arms crossed as she sent the Asian girl a teasing look.

“So now she is to suffer the same fate as Hiroi did?” Allisia now asked, although there was no real seriousness in her tone.

“Take it easy, Allisia...” Vinya now looked at her, grinning; “...I asked them to do this to me this afternoon.”

“Well, in that case I shall of course all but enjoy the show” Allisia said, smirking as she curtsied to Vinya, finding herself a spot amongst the other girls, watching.

“Hold on; before you go ahead, let her missy have a word” Shica now stood up; followed by Jiraz, she walked over to Vinya, who simply looked her mistress in the eyes, feeling slightly guilty.

“Mistress, it’s not because I didn’t like when...well, you know, but...” Vinya started, but soon found Shica’s leather-covered finger to press easily against her lips, hushing her.

“Narrisha, would you and your girls mind if I set her up?” Shica asked, Narrisha looking at her girls.

“Should we? She ‘is’ her mistress, after all” Narrisha asked, the girls agreeing it would only be fair to let Shica set Vinya up for the lovemaking.

“Mirinda, she’s all yours in a few seconds...” Shica said as she walked over to Jiraz, who nodded and handed her a small glass flask.

“Careful you don’t get her to wet herself before Mirinda does” Jiraz teasingly grinned, Shica smilingly giving the succubus’ bared butt a small spank as she took the flask back to Vinya.

“Now then, my little silly servant...” Shica now leaned over Vinya, dropping a few drips of the flask’s content on each her cheeks; “...let’s see how long your panties will remain dry.”

As Vinya now saw Shica take a small gulp of the apparent potion flask, she could smell Shica’s breathe as she approached; as she now stood all but above Vinya, Shica’s head dove with the speed of a crossbow bolt down and began kissing Vinya with such a passion that an eager and excited mumble already spread amongst the girls.

“UHMM?! Uhmm-m-m-m-m-m...!” Vinya tried and resist, but found it all too much more easy to simply let her tongue play along with Shica’s, much to her delight judging by her chuckles.

“Uhmm, your tongue is all hot; you really wanna lick some pussy soon, huh?” Shica teased, sucking on Vinya’s tongue with her own, Vinya now feeling as if her body was burning up inside; around her the girls all but smiled and chuckled at her, and as she caught eyes on Mirinda all set and strapping on a purple-coloured strap-on, her mind were overloaded.

“BY SHINRIS! Mirinda, please; I beg of you! In the Goddess’ name, FUCK ME-E-E-E-E!” Vinya screamed and screamed again and again, her daydream of having Mirinda molest and ravish her now a full reality.

“Let’s give the naughty girl her wish, shall we?” Shica chuckled, giving Vinya a final, hot kiss before she headed back for Jiraz, the succubus smiling as she gave her girlfriend a high-five.

“Indeed we shall, but let’s set up the mood a little more, shall we?” Narrisha said, an evil smile curling over her lips; as she spoke, the niche in which Vinya lay shoke a little, the wall taking a turn around itself along with the girls, just to reveal...

“My Yuri Hentai Dungeon! I’ve got all my best stuff down here in the dungeons” Narrisha explained to the amazed girls, Minyoki’s mouth twisted in a drooling grin.

“ fucking...Gods! You lucky bitch, Narrisha; you have the third volume of ‘Blue’?!” Minyoki exclaimed in awe as she soon spotted a doujin with the name ‘Blue’ on the back of its cover on a shelf.

“Yeah, but now’s not the time to read Yuri Hentai...” Narrisha said, stepping into the room; by quickly using Mystic Magic, she soon revealed the room to also contain a large plasma TV screen at its end; the niche wall, in which the now amazed yet still eager Vinya lay, stood not two meters from the screen, a secondary wall appearing from a secret hole underneath where the niche had stood.

“Vinya...” Mirinda now said as she approached, grinning wickedly as she caressed the strap-on; “I’m gonna fuck you off at whatever Yuri Hentai Narrisha puts on!”

“That’s nice to hear, ‘cause I was kinda lucky and found a Yuri scene in BB” Narrisha pointed out, pointing to a shelf and letting her Mystic Magic pick up a DVD disc, setting it into the recorder and loading the film.

“Bible Black’s got Yuri?? Fuck, I quit trying to find anything of that ages ago...” Minyoki mumbled, sour at the thought that Narrisha could find more Yuri Hentai than herself.

“Is it that one with the green and blue-haired girls? That’s so hot, you know...” Siriki commented, Chinyi taking the chance and teasingly molest Siriki’s breasts from behind her.

“H-hey, stop that! It’s not my turn yet!” Siriki exclaimed in a mix of laughing and moaning.

“Yeah, that’s what she said” Chinyi now joked, pointing at Gloris, who merely took her chance and did her best to look ever so innocent.

By that, Siriki laughed out loud at the classic line of Chinyi’s, which Minyoki seemed to share as the laughing spread to her as well; Vinya, not understanding, merely was busy admiring the tightly latex-clad shin’idun dominatrix Mirinda slowly crawl over her, somewhat blocking her view from the screen as the other girls sat down.

“And before anyone asks, there’s no popcorn for these clips of ours” Narrisha said, Jiraz clearly faking a long, drawn-out ‘aw’.

“Before we get to the feature presentation, I think there’s something on that disc we’ve also saved for Allisia in case of emergency” Minyoki said.

“’We’?” Shica asked.

“Yeah, me and Narrisha share our discs and our ye better get me some good links for some tasty yuri, missy” Minyoki teased Narrisha with a small pinch on her nipple.

“hihihih, sure, silly; but still, what’s that thing you’ve for Allisia?” Narrisha asked.

“Yes, indeed; what have you found for me, and what’s about the ‘emergency’?” Allisia asked curiously.

“Oh, I wouldn’t tell, it’ll ruin the surprise” Minyoki said as the disc now finished loading.

“Let’s watch them on slideshow; I don’t wanna have us go through all the menus over and over” Minyoki suggested, Narrisha nodding as she pressed play.

Flashing to the screen, an intro featuring a red-haired busty anime girl began playing in best Japanese style, the music making some of the girls start to silently sing along as best they could.

“Wh-who is she??” Allisia now asked as she somehow found the fiercely fighting redhead girl extremely alluring; all from her skimpy outfit, her tight platemail top, her sword and her orange bandana to her style of fighting.

As the girls were watching the intro, Vinya saw a few glimpses of it all the while Mirinda were leaning over her, Innoki and Hiroi also having taken an interest in joining up.

“I’ve seen that clip before, anyway” Innoki smirked, helping herself off her shirt with a sigh of relief as her breasts bounced out, Vinya now finding two bared pairs of breasts heading for her.

“Your tits' getting hard yet, silly? Uhmm, I’ll bet they’re all nice and fuckable...” Hiroi now joined in, looking forward to see the little cutie Vinya squirm around in horniness.

“Hiroi, would you care to light her fire a little more?” Mirinda said as she leaned back a little, Hiroi gladly nodding, Vinya not able to decide which of the three to focus on.

“Uhmmm...oh, Vinya, you’ve got no idea how good it feels to be horny...” Hiroi moaned, closing her eyes and slowly reaching down to her pants, unzipping them and pulling down her panties, a small, shaved vagina clearly showing to be slightly dripping.

“That’s nothing, Hiroi; Vinya likes mine all the better” Innoki now tried her own at seducing Vinya, zipping down her leather skirt, a small lightly bushy patch of brown hair covering a slightly moist vagina.

“...Give them to me...” Vinya whispered as lightly as she could.

“Hmm, so the little servant girl wants pussy; should we give her pussy, Mirinda?” Hiroi asked, the blonde dominatrix looking cruelly smiling at Vinya.

“Let her lick you inside out if need be; I want her all horny for her own fuck of her life, babes” Mirinda smiled, reaching out for Innoki and Hiroi’s arms.

“Meanwhile, you can excite me by a little pinching” she said, the two of them gladly molesting Mirinda’s breasts and pinching her nipples, all the while moving their nether lips closer to Vinya’s face.

“You’ve never licked pussy before? That’s OK; go ahead, it’s a real treat in itself” Innoki joked as Vinya felt an urge of shyness overwhelming her.

“I...I can’t; it’s your pus-...” she started, but soon a scream tore through the room from the plasma screen; watching through Mirinda’s outstretched legs, Vinya saw the redhead anime girl being whipped and licked by what appeared to be a vicious-looking yet still big-breasted and horny-looking catgirl.

“Sweet Shinris...i-if they can I!” Vinya now said, a surge of self-confidence racing their her mind, convincing herself that licking Hiroi and Innoki would only prove herself to be mature enough.

As Hiroi’s was most wet of them, Vinya decided to start with her; sticking her tongue out, Vinya for the first time took a slight lick at the biker babe’s vagina; to her complete surprise, she found it to taste wonderfully.

“Oh! Now this is more like it; you’re quite a natural, ye know, Vinya” Hiroi smiled at the shin’saras girl, who could not help but return it.

“It tastes so...raw; like a blooming fruit...all ready to pluck and eat!” Vinya now chuckled to herself, sticking her tongue in again, twirling it around and slurping as hotly as she could muster.

“Holy shi-...! That’s some good tongue you’ve got there, missy! It’s’s almost too good...” Hiroi first grinned, her face twisting in sexual enjoyment.

“Me, too! It’s no fun just watching!” Innoki said, stuffing her own womanhood right in front of Vinya’s face, the pink-haired girl ever so lightly nipping with the tip of her lips on Innoki’s g-spot.

“Oh, Gods! Uhmmm, yeah...Gods, you’re right, Hiroi; she really is a sucker for pussy” Innoki smirked, her and Hiroi sharing a short giggle; as they began tongue-wrestling, Vinya all but doubled her efforts, all the while Mirinda sat on her waist, ravishing her own breasts and getting herself in heat for Vinya.

“Just a little more, sweetie, then I’m ready to give you your life’s first and greatest...” she whispered, leaning herself down and whispering in Vinya’s ear; “...fu-u-u-u-uck; it’s such a dirty word, but it feels so good, right?”

“Uhmm...yeah; it’s fun to fuck with you, Mistress Mirinda...!” Vinya grinned, the light breathing on her ear slightly tickling her; seeing that, Mirinda breathed even heavier, Vinya now letting out small chuckles.

“Girls, we’ve got a new strategy for young Miss Vinya...” Mirinda now said, Innoki and Hiroi concentrating the best they could not to be distracted by Vinya’s continuous slurping of their nether lips.

“Tickle her silly, girls! If she really likes it, you’ll sure know it” Mirinda smiled cruelly, Hiroi and Innoki not late to follow their orders.

“N-nohohohohoh! It’s-...” Vinya tried and master herself, but to not avail; as the two girls slowly got her out of the latex blanket, they stripped of her uniform, not much to Vinya’s concern; soon she was romping about with the girls, her happy giggles only encouraging them.

“And now, Vinya...” Mirinda now broke the playful atmosphere with her dominative voice; “...I want my virgin pussy...!”

By those words, Hiroi and Innoki stood back a bit, Vinya feeling herself being pulled up, her body forced against the stone wall and her right leg being lifted slightly upwards.

“I’m sorry, but I prefer it this way...!” Mirinda snarled with an evil grin, letting the tip of the strap-on lightly touch Vinya’s vagina.

“Oh?! tickles, Mirinda...” Vinya chuckled as the strap-on slightly sunk deeper and deeper in due to Vinya’s already wet womanhood.

“Oh, how I’ll love this...!” Mirinda chuckled; with a quick thrust, she stuck the rest of the strap-on deep into Vinya’s vagina, the shin’saras girl letting out a surprisingly happy scream.

“How is it, then? Being fucked by a blonde shin’idun chick?? Tell me, you little screamer!” Mirinda evilly laughed at Vinya, although she knew Mirinda were but setting her in the mood, not that it was truly needed.

“Oh! Oh, yes! Oh, fuck me! Rape me, mistress! It’s so go-o-o-od...!” Vinya moaned as Mirinda violently, yet carefully pressed herself with all her weight against the shin’saras girl, truthfully raping her again and again, all but to her supreme delight.

“You really like this, huh? You’ve gone about and daydreamed about it since the last time I played with you, right?” Mirinda said, dropping the evil dominatrix act.

“Yeah; I really wanted it to be you, Mirinda” Vinya smiled at her as she turned her head slightly; “you’re so silly, fun, and sexy that I just couldn’t see my virginity taken by any other girl” Vinya said with a grin as Mirinda took a small break.

“Well, then let me fuck and rape you until your virginity is all but gone, sweetheart; after that, well, I promised Chinyi she could molest you” Mirinda said, readying herself for the final push.

“That silly little...oh, you just about know what I like; I’ll show that little human brat that I can molest her as well!” Vinya said, her new confidence in her lovemaking skills making Mirinda, Hiroi and Innoki smile gleefully.

“Well, let’s get back to work...!” Mirinda said as she now resumed her raping of Vinya; leaning down over her back, she whispered in the squealing shin’saras girl’s ear; “let’s see if you can cum as much as last time; here, take it in deep!”

By that, Mirinda started humping Vinya, the two mixed stimulations leading Vinya to let out a happy cry, tears forming in her eyes and drool in her mouth as it ran down the stone wall.

“Fuck me! I’ve been so bad...thinking of you fucking me...! So do me! Do me! Do me! Give it to me, Mistress Mirinda! Give it to me...!” Vinya panted out, Hiroi and Innoki watching as Vinya’s love nectar began dripping from her legs, the transparent liquid all too visible on her black leather boot.

“Damn me...for choosing a double-ended...!” Mirinda mumbled to herself, letting out a long moan as she used one hand to massage her own left breast, the other hand used to molest Vinya’s right breast.

“Mi-Mirinda...I’m cu-...I’m, I’m cumming! I’M GONNA CUM!” Vinya shrieked, close to her wits’ end from all the lovemaking.

“Think of us, Vinya!” Innoki now encouraged, placing herself under Vinya, licking her bared stomach.

“Think of all the Nightwind girls who’d love to fuck and be fucked by you!” Hiroi further encouraged, masturbating at the scene as Vinya all but yelled louder and louder.

“More! More! FOR THE GODDESS’ SAKE, MORE! I, I CAN’T! N-...NO! I’M...! I’M CUMMING!” Vinya wailed out, the last, mental image of all the Nightwind girls playfully molesting her making her smile widely as she at last wailed out; her orgasm poured out as Mirinda removed the strap-on, Vinya gushing her womanly love nectar out again and again, a distant look in her eyes and a perverted smile on her lips as she slowly sank down on the ground.

“Vinya, are you OK?” Mirinda asked, slightly concerned if she had gone too far.

“Well, to be honest...” Vinya said, smiling mysteriously at Mirinda; “...I’d better return the favour!”

By that, Vinya jumped with the speed of a running leopard on Mirinda, slowly forcing the shin’idun blonde down on the floor, ripping her strap-on forcefully off, and borrowed her tongue and half head in the shin’idun girl’s already moist womanhood, slurping ever so lustfully.

“O-O-O-OH! V-Vinya, I’m! Oh, FU-U-U-UCK!” Mirinda yelled as her body tensed up, her love nectar flooding into Vinya’s waiting mouth, the elven musk tasting like sweet fresh apple juices to her.

“Mhmmmm...well...” Vinya said as she sat up, seductively licking Mirinda’s cum off her gloves and sucking t in deeply; “ were just as good as I’ve heard, Mirinda, if not better.”

“You’re one horny little brat, you know that?” Hiroi smiled at Vinya, the girls exchanging giggles as Mirinda rose up again.

“You know what this means, girls...” Mirinda smirked, Innoki nodding and Hiroi grinning as they all three jumped on Vinya like a pack of she-wolves; “...THREE-ON-ONE!!!”

“Wa-a-a-argh! No fair! No! No! No-o-o-o-o-oh...!” Vinya laughed as the girls began tickling her wildly, Vinya’s happy screams and laughing a clear sign of what had happened:

She had been molested by the girls of Nightwind Manor, and by the Gods, if she did not love it.

Chapter 12

Title: Chapter XIII - Visit from Old Friends

“By all of Heaven’s graces...” Allisia caught herself gasping in awe as she saw the anime with this ‘Raidy’ girl on the screen; not only did she allure her, but her personality, her body and her strength as a warrior made Allisia wish ever so desperately that she would be real.

“Hihihihihihih! Oh, girls; get a good look at her, now!” Minyoki laughed as she pointed at the screen, where Raidy had quite the shock when a catgirl she had failed to defeat approached with what looked like a strap-on between her thigh-high furry boots.

“Oh my Gods...this is freaking amazing!” Jiraz chuckled, Shica having already sunk down in her seat from laughing out loud; Siriki, on the other hand, all but licked her lips and found her loose shirt rather uncomfortable, all of a sudden.

“I...hihihihih; I must confess this ‘Raidy’ girl is...well, hilarious...” Allisia tried her normal tone, but found it to crack under her giggles; she both longed for Raidy to be real, but also loved her silliness in her defeat.

“Oh-oh, here it comes...!” Chinyi pointed out as the catgirl, accompanied with Raidy’s loud shriek, stuck the strap-on into Raidy’s nether lips, beginning her molesting of the warrior girl.

“This clip really is awesome! Kinda wish there’d...oh, yeah! Now we’re talking...!” Narrisha began, only to smirk widely as two other girls appeared behind the catgirl and Raidy; one was what looked like a succubus armed with a trident, the other a wolfish-looking and tattooed girl carrying a whip and a set of very loosely covering furs all over her body.

“Oh, my; it seems our dear warrior girl will soon feel the feline fury and the seductive satisfaction” Allisia smiled, enjoying nothing more than these girls-on-girls situation in all their dripping and frisky lovemaking.

“Gotta be one of ye best, Allisia” Jiraz said, grinning and patting the head of Shica as her girlfriend moved closer to her; however, Jiraz was caught off-guard as she felt Shica’s hand slowly move between her legs.

“How long can you hold it, hottie?” Shica teased, Jiraz sending her a challenging and grinning reply; “as long as you can move your hand, sexy.”

“I...I am lost for words; this intensity, this desire...Gods, if only I could...” Allisia began, looking to her right, where Narrisha were busy smiling at the screen while the two other girls joined in the molesting of Raidy.

“Nohohohohohoh! No fair! Break! Break!” Vinya were still shrieking out in enjoyment as Hiroi, Innoki and Mirinda continued to tickle her; finally quitting their game, Vinya lay on the floor, panting and with sweat falling heavily from her body.

“That...that’s gotta be enough...” Vinya said, her face lit up in a broad smile; she had not imagined her virginity be taken so enjoyably.

“C’mon, we’d better see what Narrisha and the others are all laughing at” Hiroi grinned at her, helping Vinya stand up and supported her to the closest seat; all but naked aside from her boots, Vinya felt grateful for the somewhat dark room; she had a feeling the other Nightwind girls would be very much eager to molest a sweating, panting and still somewhat horny shin’saras girl like her.

“Nya-a-a-a-ah! No! NO-O-O-O-OH!” Raidy screamed on the screen as the succubus began pinching her nipples, all the while the wolfgirl and catgirl sat on each side of her, both licking her face and fingering her nether lips teasingly.

“Uhmm, fresh prey; you’re a little spicier than those girls from the village, but no matter...” the wolfgirl smirked as she removed her finger from a moment, slurping and sucking on it and draining it of Raidy’s nectar.

“Uhmmm...” were suddenly heard amongst the Nightwind girls’ giggles and laughs; looking to her left side, Christy found Allisia to be fondling her busty breasts carefully, her gaze fully focused on the screen.

“So; you got a little horny, Allisia?” Christy teased, her voice an immediate return to sense for Allisia; seeing what she was doing, she let go of her breasts quickly and tried to assume a natural look.

“I was just...uhmmm...well...” Allisia began, but apparently Christy had other plans; suddenly grabbing around Allisia’s head, the warrior girl not making it to notice, Christy merely gave her a deep, seductive command; “turn around...”

As Allisia did so, the blonde stripper merely looked at her face for a few seconds, then just as suddenly kissed Allisia with such a passion that it shocked her; she felt Christy’s tongue aggressively twirling around her own in rhythm of her moans; drool flew from Allisia and Christy’s mouths, and the stripper’s giggles were heard as a low echo in the warrior girl’s mouth.

The kiss held on for about ten seconds before Christy’s hands found their way behind Allisia’s head; feeling her hair being slightly tugged and pulled, Allisia felt as Christy pressed her head closer and closer to Christy’s, finally holding Allisia’s head in her complete power.

“Hihihihih! Looks like the warrior chick gets all the babes!” Faris commented as she sat besides Christy; returning her attention to the screen, she now watched as Raidy, with a high-pitched shriek, climaxed, her cum hitting the wolfgirl and catgirl’s faces like a spray of water.

“Uhmm...uhmmm...” Allisia mumbled, her feeling of shock over Christy’s kiss having turned to a pleasant desire; she hugged the stripper tightly, making her let out a surprised, but happy moan.

“ that’s how your tongue will be in bed...” Christy flirted and teased, having released her tongue from Allisia’s, winking playfully at the warrior girl before returning to watch the screen, were Raidy, having gathered her strength, were now leaping over the catgirl, wolfgirl and succubus.

Allisia’s mind was spinning; she had only wanted to try this crazy lovemaking the other girls did to each other, but now she had made the final decision: She would become not only the greatest warrior of Nightwind Manor, but also one of the best lovers.

Smiling to herself, Allisia admitted openly that Christy’s kiss and playful teasing had awakened her ‘inner playgirl’; after a whole life of morality, honour and lethal fighting, she would finally relax.

“Geez, always the same with you Nightwind ladies, isn’t it?” a voice was suddenly heard as the final scene on the screen faded out, Raidy having lost consciousness after making each of the 3 more-than-willing girls cum.

“What in the...?” Narrisha were about to exclaim, only to see the screen turn into...

“Konnichiwa!” was what a smiling, blonde-haired girl greeted them; next to her, giving an equally enthusiastic greeting was a white-haired girl, both of them sitting on a bed in a white and blue-coloured bedroom.

“I’m Jiki” the blonde now winked, the other following the example perfectly; “and I’m Kiro!”

“We’re sorry to interrupt your Yuri Hentai, but we’d figure we would just pop by and say hallo” Jiki answered Narrisha’s unasked question.

“How the heck can you pop outta a freaking plasma TV?? That’s gotta be magic...” Hiroi commented, nonetheless happy to see the two famous ‘angels’; about as cute as she had imagined.

Pointing out towards the girls, causing quite some gasps, Kiro’s finger reached out from the plasma TV in thrice its size as by some unseen force, Kiro smirking slightly at the amazed girls.

“It’s a virtual link we’re having, so we’re actually sitting here, live, at home and by our TV, talking to you!” Kiro explained.

“Oh my Gods! That’s some neat technology they must’ve got!” Minyoki commented, her eyes wide open and her mouth in amazement.

“Aww, they’re even cuter than me!” Chinyi faked a complaining tone and crossing her arms and legs; “I’ve got some tough competition!”

“Thanks, girlie” Kiro nodded at her, as she and Jiki exchanged some hidden smiles; featuring in a film for Narrisha and her girls was a pleasure for them, as long as they did not begin asking too dumb questions.

“To begin with, as we mentioned before, you girl likes quite some games and, ermmm...well, games!” Kiro said unsurely, scratching her back in a rather silly gesture of confusion.

“You betcha sweet little boobies we do!” Hiroi smirked; as Jiki and Kiro looked from one to the other, they giggled and turned their attention to the screen again.

“As that blue-haired girlie were about to mention...” Kiro said, the Nightwind girls eagerly whispering now; “ and Jiki ‘does’ have our fun, but only when we feel like it.”

“Which is about every night...” Jiki mumbled jokingly, making Kiro blush and giggle at her girlfriend’s boldness.

“But, ermm...oh, Gods, who am I kidding??” Kiro dropped her attempts to talk back, shaking her head and throwing herself back over on the bed, her white night attire flowing after her, causing many of the girls to let out some rather obvious whistles.

As Kiro now lay and giggled at herself, Jiki took over, although having some difficulties with the seriousness.

“If you promise to listen, we may let you watch...’something’...provided you also promise not to tell anyone outside the manor” she said, making sure to sound strict at the end.

A united nodding of heads and a low mumble of ‘no, of course not’, as Jiki accepted it as a promise; in the meantime, Kiro had made her way up again, her and Jiki blushing at each other.

“Uhmmm, Kiro sweetie, I promised them that they could-...” Jiki began, but Kiro simply gave her a quick and soft kiss.

“It’s OK, I don’t mind as long as it’s Narrisha’s girls; I think we can trust them” she assured, her and Jiki returning to the topic, although the Nightwind girls all agreed on one, single point: Jiki and Kiro were cute, silly and adorable, much like their own Chinyi Siriki and Vinya, but they were much more intimate than anything they had seen before.

“Right; to cut it a bit shorter, we’ve got some questions for you girls” Kiro now asked.

“What would that be?” Allisia asked as she were still not used to the human technology that Jiki and Kiro was using.

“What’s your...well, interest?” Kiro asked, blushing as Jiki sent her a teasing wink.

“Bondage girls, dominatrix, latex...” Mirinda openly answered, counting on her fingers, much to the girls’ amusement.

“Kinda the same here, just the more the merrier” Faris replied, sending Mirinda a rather proud nod.

“Ehmmm...right; so it’s kinda erotic-themed for you girls?” Jiki asked.

“Hey, it’s Nightwind Manor” Narrisha joked.

“Well, if I can say it...” Jiki said, whispering something in Kiro’s ear, making her smile and whisper something back in Jiki’s ear; “...then you might say that ours, personally, is simply a warm, beautiful sunset, the wind rushing through your hair, and the smell of...”

Before Jiki could continue, Kiro had laid down right besides her, stroking her head against Jiki’s leg and purring while she licked around her mouth; that look, as for Jiki, was enough to make her smile lovingly at her adorable, little girlfriend.

“Awww, that’s so cute...” Ukuni smiled as she watched Jiki placing a soft kiss on Kiro’s lips; those two girls could make even non-erotic girl-to-girl kissing seem hot.

“Well, one the reasons we ask is that we may have a pressie for you girls, then” Jiki said, reaching behind herself and putting into view...

“A silver latex bodysuit with matching black latex boots? Well that’s kinda neat, but I’ve got something like that in my wardrobe” Mirinda smiled politely.

“You misunderstand, girls; see here...” Kiro pointed at some small, near invisible blue lines appearing from time to time on the suit.

“This, girlies...” Jiki nodded, her and Kiro exchanging small giggles; “ a VRDR suit.”

“A VRDR-what?” Siriki asked, not seeing anything special in a simple fetish suit.

“It stands for Virtual Reality Dream Realizer” Jiki explained, Kiro showing them something looking like a headset with a microphone, a stream of bluish light being generated from each side of the headset, forming a blue visor in the middle.

“That’s either high level sorcery...or some kind of technology I don’t understand...” Allisia said, confused as she was.

“You simply put on the suit, adjust the settings on the headset and this armband...” Kiro said, pointing at a small silvery oval attached to the suit on the right wrist; “...and you’re off for your dream scenario!”

“So you can...oh, the possibilities...!” Narrisha now said, her face getting a right out kinky look as she nearly began drooling at the thought of virtually having sex with all the girls of Rumble Roses XX, Dead or Alive Extreme 2, and all other game girls.

“Yep; just the press of a button and you’re off! Kiro nodded, Jiki holding the suit, boots and headset.

“We’ve only made 5 so far, but we’d like to have someone test them” Jiki explained; “we have run every thinkable scanning and simulation on them, and it all checked out well.”

“This could be so epic; you gals really gotta have alotta IQ up in them pretty little heads, eh?” Minyoki partly teased, Jiki and Kiro looking at each other, grinning.

“Mind if we pop in? We’d prefer to observe everything in person” Kiro asked.

“Sure! Step right in, girls” Narrisha smiled broadly, all too happy to have Jiki and Kiro visit her manor.

“Alrighty, then; give us a second to pack the most important; we might stay a week’s time, if it’s OK?” Jiki asked.

“The longer the better” Narrisha smirked, Jiki and Kiro near bolting up from their bedside, quickly collecting some random items of apparent importance.

“So those two famous ‘angels’ are gonna stay here for a week?” Vinya asked, still in awe of the girls’ invention of VRDR.

“Seems so, silly” Shica commented, although neither she nor Jiraz really were concerned; having met Jiki and Kiro before, they knew they were an alright couple, if not a little silly and romance-focused.

“Look out, here we come!” Kiro’s voice were heard from the TV screen, her and Jiki popping out, landing carefully on the stone floor, a large briefcase following suit.

“Now, first of all, where’s our little griffie?” Kiro said, sitting down on hook, whistling; a few moments later, the sound of galloping paws and claws could clearly be heard, Breeze storming happily down the stairs to the dungeon with the speed of whirlwind.

“My mistresses! Oh, I have missed you both!” the griffon purred her greetings as she was but ten meters from Jiki and Kiro now; with a forceful jump, she slowly glided the last meters towards her mistresses on her wings alone, many surrounding girls letting out impressed gasps at the width of the griffon’s wings as she land and folded them neatly on her back.

“We’ve missed you too, Breeze; how’s life been at the manor?” Jiki said, gently rustling the griffon’s head as she purred in reply.

“Well, it’s a wonderous place, indeed, but my ladies...” Breeze began, lowering her voice to a whisper; “...I would watch my back around here, if I were you; these girls are born seductresses! You wouldn’t believe what-...” Breeze now began rambling, Kiro calmly placing a hand on Breeze’s golden beak.

“Thanks, Breeze; I think we’re prepared to take the risk” she nodded at Breeze, smiling at Jiki.

“Yeah, because in case it weren’t obvious...” Jiki said, slightly chuckling as Kiro rose up and stood up besides her; “ and Kiro are girlfriends.”

“Somehow I figured as much” Allisia said, smiling at Jiki and Kiro; “welcome to Nightwind Manor; I’m sorry I am naked, but...well, the circumstances have been rather...wild-minded around here...”

“So the girls are still trying to make you see the light?” Kiro joked, Jiki choking a loud chuckling noise.

“I believe I saw the light...without getting sunburned, that is” Allisia joked, surprised herself how successful it was as Christy and Chinyi had to hold their hands to their mouths for not to laugh out.

“Well, why won’t you be the first one to try or VRDR suit? Such a mighty warrior girl should really test all her limits...” Jiki encouraged, although Allisia could clearly hear a well-meant taunt in them.

“Fine, but I will assure you this...” Allisia said as Jiki reached into the heavy briefcase, handing Allisia a set of suit, headset and boots; “...I am still a Dragon Knight, and I have found my training to have more advantages than I thought.”

As Allisia now began putting on the suit, she found the sleek, body-tight silvery latex to feel really comfortable; it fit perfect with her own body shape, and the black boots were roomy and comfortable, as well; the final piece, the headset, were no difficult to put on either, and she soon saw the little blue visor widen before her eyes.

“Right; we gotta find a comfortable place for her...” Jiki said, looking around for something to use.

“We could go out to the pool; she can lay there as long as she doesn’t fall into the water” Christy suggested.

“Hmm, yeah, but just before we go...” Narrisha said, walking up to her TV screen, shutting down the DVD player and putting everything in place.

“We can always watch yuri hentai tomorrow; right now, I’d say we test this thing out; wanna come, along girls?” Narrisha asked, almost everyone of the other girls agreeing.

Chapter 13

Title: Chapter XIV - The Warrior Reborn

[Author's notes: Guest appearence: Raidy the Lightning Warrior (Lightning Warrior Raidy).]

“So; I’m just to lay here and do nothing?” Allisia asked as she was placed on the hot rocks around the pool in the dungeon, the girls all gathered around to watch the experiment.

“Yeah, that’s all you got to do; Kiro and I will be going in wearing these to monitor your status, but don’t worry; we’re handling the technical stuff while you’re having your fun” Jiki smirked, her and Kiro both having dressed up in two other VRDR suits, Kiro sitting behind a laptop and typing in data.

“Alright; you ready, Allisia?” Kiro asked, looking up from the laptop.

“I am ready” Allisia said, tightening her hands into fists, preparing herself from what this technological wonder could show her.

“Got it; initiate program CC4-WGO” Kiro said, the laptop computer hearing the activation code and beginning to run the program; suddenly Allisia saw the small blue visor widen, now covering her view completely.

"Hey, what does 'CC4-WGO' stand for?" Narrisha asked, Jiki grinning to herself.

"Well, we hoped to test it on Allisia, so we set up a hand-picked scenario for her..." she said, Kiro looking her shoulder to Narrisha; " stands for Chicks in Chainmail, and the number is the version of the scenario; the WGO stands for Warrior Girls Orgy."

"Uh-h-h, kinky..." Narrisha grinned, glad Allisia apprently could not hear them.

“Wha-what is going on here?” Allisia near exclaimed, but suddenly found her view turn pitch-black, then opening her eyes to what appeared to be a bed, her view making it clear to her she lay in it.

“Oh, you’re awake, Lady Allisia!” she heard to her right; looking in that direction, she nearly had a nosebleed as a young girl smiled pleasantly at her: The girl was blonde, tan-skinned and wore a very skimpy bikini and thong of chainmail, a shoulder plate of steel in a square form on each her shoulders, and a shortsword in a scabbard with belt hand around her waist; her arms were covered in elbow-long gloves, as well as knee-high boots, all of it in shiny, brown leather.

“Oh! Uhmmm, good...morning, miss...?” Allisia tried, her eyes now spotting a slight hint of orange light from the curtains opposite her bed.

“Ihihihihih! Oh, you’re playing silly again, mistress; it’s seven ‘o clock in the evening, and we’ve finally caught the intruder!” the girl giggled at her, proudly pounding her fist into the air in a triumphant gesture.

“Oh! Oh, surely, uhmm, thanks, my loyal...” Allisia began, not knowing who in the Saints’ name the girl was.

“Hihihih! Bianca, My Lady; soldier of Yours the Royal Guard!” the girl saluted somewhat respectfully, making Allisia realise the reason for her politeness; in this game, or whatever it was, Allisia was apparently this young girl’s queen.

“We’ve got the intruder trapped in the dungeons and under watch constantly” Bianca said; “would you wish to go speak to her?”

“Indeed I shall, but tell me; what does she look like?” Allisia asked, stepping out of her bed.

“O-o-o-o-oh...” the girl now suddenly began looking hungrily at Allisia, making her realise she was not wearing as much as a thread.

“Oh! Oh, sorry! Sorry, mistress! I meant no disrespect!” Bianca now bowed down again and again, stroking herself against Allisia’s legs.

“Rise up, you silly girl; I’m not going to punish you” Allisia smiled to herself, trying to help the girl up.

“But you must! How else am I to learn my place??” Bianca pleaded, hugging herself to Allisia’s leg.

“ would you want me to punish you, then??” Allisia desperately tried and shake the blonde girl off her feet, finally surrendering.

Looking from left to right as if afraid someone would hear her, a playful and kinky smirk came over Bianca’s lips; “you could spank me.”

“Spank you? Isn’t that a little childish?” Allisia asked, but something in her could not really resist fooling around with this little, sun-bathed Amazon in chain, metal and leather.

“Oh...but I like it so much! Ple-e-e-e-e-ease...???” the girl began slowly begging.

“Alright, have it your way, then” Allisia said, smiling to herself; after all, interrogation of the intruder could wait for a moment, and the little Bianca seemed to have some desires to be satisfied.

“OK; lay down on your stomach” Allisia gestured to the luxurious bed in which she had ‘slept’; looking overjoyed, Bianca let out a small squeal, jumping giggling into the bed, now busy pulling her chainmail thong down.

“Please spank as hard as you can; I was bad to drooling over you...” Bianca mumbled from beneath Allisia’s pillow, Allisia unable but to chuckle at seeing the silly little butt facing her.

“Holy Heaven! This suit really works!” Faris laughed as she watched the situation on Kiro’s laptop, Jiki and her watching with the Nightwind girls, who were eagerly discussing Allisia’s lacks, needs and skills.

“Well, she’s tactful, that’s good, but for Gods’ sake, spank that chick, already!” Siriki said, smiling broadly.

“Like this?” Chinyi asked teasingly as she gave Siriki’s butt a sharp smack.

“Ouch! What was that for?” Siriki asked rather amused.

“You’re a hot chick, so I spanked you” Chinyi giggled, Minyoki smilingly rolling her eyes at her little sister.

“Now, are you ready, my loyal little cutie?” Allisia asked, feeling something moist between her legs as she could not help but be excited at the sight of the sun-tanned, small butt and little vagina sticking out underneath it.

“Yes! Yes, Lady Allisia, spank me!” Bianca near wailed in barely withheld excitement; Allisia could clearly see small drops falling from Bianca’s nether lips, falling lightly on the bed sheets.

“Here comes your punishment, then” Allisia said as she let a light smack hit Bianca’s butt; the following squeal of delight, and the stain of drool on her pillows lead Allisia to conclude that Bianca were indeed a frisky little vixen.

“You thought that to be too much?” Allisia asked, feeling herself getting more and more in the mood; finally, she leaned down towards Bianca, seeing the girl busy rubbing her busty breasts underneath her chainmail bikini, her face one, large smile.

“Well, we better finish you off, then; such a little vixen you are, Bianca” Allisia now gave her cheek a quick, hot kiss, Bianca’s one eye opening and winking at her.

“Have this, then!” Allisia now smacked slightly harder on Bianca’s butt, the girl screaming louder and more cum dripping from her nether lips.

“Mistress Allisia, pussy’s gonna blow! I can’t control my pussy!” Bianca shrieked, the dripping becoming faster and more intense.

“How glad I am not that this is but virtual reality...” Allisia caught herself thinking as she snuck her head under Bianca’s spread legs, her hands still smacking against Bianca’s butt with increased force as Allisia did something she knew would also be done when she got back to reality:

She licked a girl’s pussy, Bianca’s tasting very sweetly to Allisia considering it to be her first time licking; the soft folds of womanly flesh and desirable, musky scent of wild berries and flowers made Allisia lick all but harder.

“MISTRESS! Oh, oh yes! Thank you, mistress! I’ve been bad! I’VE BEEN SO BAD! I love this! I LOVE YOU LICKING ME-E-E-E-E!” Bianca yelled out in delight as she came, her cum falling heavily on Allisia’s breasts, the smell of arousal still hanging sweetly in the warrior girl’s nostrils.

“Oh, my! I’ve messed you up! I’m sorry, mistress!” Bianca apologised as she caught eyes on her cum splashed on Allisia’s breasts.

“Don't worry, Bianca; I just trust you enjoyed your spanking?” Allisia asked, feeling herself almost about to cum as well, but strictly containing herself.

“Oh, I loved it! Hihihihih! Oh, it was really good, mistress!” Bianca smiled and rose up, pulling her chainmail thong and bikini back in place.

“That’s one of the things I love about sex...” she smiled to herself; “’s the thrill you get when you know your ‘opponent’s pussy is about to burst!”

“Right,, can I see the intruder now?” Allisia asked.

“Hihihih! No, not without your royal armour; you can’t expect that little slut to take you serious if you’re not wearing formal garments, can you?” Bianca asked, a slight grin falling over her face.

“Unless you wanna make her a slave girl?? Oh, that’d be so awesome; I could pet her, lick her, molest her, and even fuck her all night, and...” Bianca began excitedly to ramble ideas up, Allisia slightly giggling at the girl’s silliness.

“I’m sorry, mistress; it was a selfish wish...” Bianca apologised, Allisia patting her head.

“It’s alright, little Bianca, but now tell me where I may find my armour” Allisia said.

“Of course, mistress; I’ll find it in no time!” Bianca beamed, zooming through the room in search of it.

“I look ridiculous in this suit...” Allisia thought to herself as she went through the massive, wooden door to her chambers; her breasts were pressed together underneath a skimpy platemail chestplate, and her vagina squeezed under a tight platemail skirt; her thigh-high platemail boots were slightly comfortable, though, and her elbow-long platemail gloves sat well in her hands; her whole set of armour was made of the purest gold, and a long, white cape with golden trims flew behind her.

Stepping out into the long corridor, Allisia saw dozens of other girls like Bianca stand guard with spears in hand, all of them wearing the same ‘uniform’; their appearance, however, varied greatly:

Some were white-skinned, some black-skinned; some had white hair, others had blue or green, but they all shared the same, large or outright busty breasts.

“AH! OH, YEAH! RAVISH ME HARDER! PUSH IT IN DEEPER! SCREW ME, BABY!” Allisia now heard from a nearby room; stopping to look, she could see a brown-haired and a blue-haired girl in a violent, passionate kissing, all the while a vibrating, double-ended dildo hummed loudly between their legs, the large, dark marks on the bed sheets clearly marking that the girls had already climaxed a dozen times.

“Kinky, aren’t they? You just can’t help but adore nurses...” Bianca smiled, slowly fingering beneath her thighs at the view as she snuck up behind Allisia.

“Well, uhmm, we should move on; I have an intruder to deal with, after all” Allisia mastered herself, glad she had already seen a similar scene between Faris and Mirinda at a time back in Nightwind Manor.

“Wow, that’s just plain hot; nurses with vibrating dildos could become popular here as well...” Innoki nodded to herself, sending a nearby nurse a teasing grin, which she replied with a stuck-out tongue and giggle.

“Wait, wait, let’s see her now” Gloris commented, everyone’s eyes now as stuck to the screen as the surroundings changed.

“Make way for Queen Allisia!” a guard announced as she opened the door to the dungeons for Allisia and Bianca; a dark, yet very warm feeling greeted Allisia, as she found the dungeon to be made out of finely polished black stones, not as dirty and dank as she had expected; standing only five meters from her were a large ‘X’ shaped table, surrounded by girls wearing police-like caps and bondage latex outfits, all of them including elbow-long gloves and thigh-high boots, the colours varying from silver to black to red and to blue.

“My lady...” one of the girls stood up in front of Allisia, bowing; “’s the sneaky little slut we found sneaking around the lower floors.”

As Allisia nodded and the girl stepped aside, Allisia was both shocked and amazed to see that the intruder was none other than Raidy from the very anime clip she had enjoyed so much; her clothes were slightly torn, and her left breast were openly bared, and her shirt mostly missing after what most likely seemed to be an extreme catfight; Raidy, herself, looked all but angry and stubborn.

“Let me go! I was just on a quest in here when you witches attacked me!” she yelled at Allisia, still struggling to loosen herself from her steel chains.

“I didn’t mean no harm! Please don’t hurt me! I beg of you!” Raidy still tried and struggle, only leading to the surrounding girls’ chuckles.

“Raidy...” Allisia now said, stepping closer; “ shall have your freedom on one condition.”

“And what would that be? I have nothing of value!” Raidy mumbled sourly, but lightening up nevertheless.
“Raidy...” Allisia said, surrendering herself to the growing lust her heart and loins; “...I want us two, to make hot, passionate love; only then will I let you go.”

“What?! No! No way! No deal at all!” Raidy blushed heavily, shaking her head violently.

“An old text says ‘all is fair in love and war’...” Allisia said, nodding to the nearby guards, gesturing them to remove Raidy from her chains; surprised, Raidy jumped down, standing right in front of Allisia.

“Why would you wanna risk that I run off?” Raidy asked, growing nervous as Allisia stepped closer to her.

“Because...” Allisia said, slowly stripping of her armour and cape; “...for once in this life, I have found a girl with the same heart as I have; a fiery, roaring and proud heart; one that I truly adore, admire...and desire...” Allisia finished her sentence; although she knew Raidy to only be digital data, every muscle of her being burned for her.

“ adore me??” Raidy asked, confused, yet very intimately as Allisia were now not a meter from her.

“Raidy, I want” Allisia tried her best, but lacking the words, she resolved to a more physical matter; placing all bets on one coin, she threw herself over Raidy, falling lightly on the floor, protecting the redhead’s head and body with her own.

“HEY! What are you-...??” Raidy began, but was cut off as Allisia slurped and licked all over her breasts, licking her nipples, molesting her breasts, humping herself against Raidy in a so horny matter even the girls around them could not help but smile to themselves; they had indeed caught their queen a worthy little pet.

“Raidy, I...I’m sorry, but...uhmmm...” Allisia tried and mumbled an apology, but instead borrowed her face in between Raidy’s breasts, the redhead’s screams and moans both amusing and alerting her.

“N-no! You can’t just! No! Let me go! Let me go-o-o-o-oh!” Raidy tried and scream, but found it to no avail; sighing, she took Allisia’s still slurping and licking head into her own eyesight, Allisia’s tongue disappearing as she looked eye-to-eye with her beloved Raidy.

“You really desire me so much? You really love me??” Raidy asked, her voice lightly ringing with hopeful excitement.

“I do! I love you so deeply, Raidy...!” Allisia whispered ever so lightly into Raidy’s ear; suddenly, Allisia felt Raidy’s own tongue lightly touch her throat, then proceeding downwards to her breasts.

“Just testing you, silly” Raidy now clearly chuckled, happily licking on Allisia’s nipples; “why’d you I would let myself be caught by your little girlies here?”

Hearing that, Allisia smiled like never before in her life; enjoying Raidy’s slow licking of her nipples, she soon found herself laying on top of Raidy, humping herself against the now panting and gasping redhead.

“Oh, Allisia! You really know how to fuck a girl!” Raidy grinned at her, her face falling back into its drooling and smiling folds; suddenly a small whistle was heard from one of the girls, Allisia looking up for a moment, catching a long, thin and oblong object in her hand; it felt slightly oily, and it bend in all the directions Allisia folded it in; finally she could only conclude it was...

“A dildo?! What in the name of...” Raidy exclaimed, but Allisia had, with a single look on the now stark naked Raidy, stuck one end of the dildo into herself, the other dangerously close to Raidy’s pussy.

“Come on, then; you know you wanna fuck me blind” Raidy smiled at Allisia, laying her face in seductive tones and sticking her tongue suggestively out, pretending to be licking a nipple.

“Oh, Gods! Come then, Raidy...” Allisia now smiled down at her prey; “...know you shall truly witness my inner lioness!”

By those words, Allisia carefully stuck the dildo into Raidy, the redhead letting out a short squeal.

“Hmm, maybe this will be better for you?” Allisia now withdrew the dildo; not making it to understand, Raidy felt herself being lifted by Allisia with her bare hands, being placed atop the dildo’s one end, Allisia laying underneath her and busy fondling Raidy’s breasts as the redhead lay herself down, a huge smile on her lips.

“Come on then, you bestial little lioness...” Raidy now seductively teased Allisia; “...fuck me!”

And so Allisia did; while fondling Raidy’s breasts and tongue-kissing her, her constant thrusts upwards soon had Raidy in a so horny state she could no longer kiss; as she could do was to lay her head down besides Allisia’s, screaming like crazy as she felt herself move quicker than ever before to her orgasm.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME-E-E-E! Fuck me good, Allisia! Rape me! RAPE ME-E-E-E! OH, ALLISA-A-A-A-A-A-AH!!!” Raidy now yelled out, the dildo simply being forced out of her pussy by the near tidal wave of Raidy’s orgasm; panting for air, Raidy watched happily as she saw her nectar run all the way down hers and Allisia’s thighs, although her leather boots were all but ruined with her sticky cum.

“Oh! Raidy, lick me, quick! I’m cumming, too!” Allisia suddenly exclaimed, feeling her own orgasm approach with a thunderous haste.

“Or, I’ll show you something good...!” Raidy smirked, grinning as she quickly pulled the dildo out of Allisia’s pussy, sticking her tongue as far in as she could, slurping the warrior girl’s nectar with all signs of delight.

“Uhmm...uhmm...uhmm! I’m, I’m there! Raidy, I’m...I’’M CUMMING!” Allisia shrieked, her orgasm catching the eagerly waiting redhead off-guard in its intensity; Raidy were splashed all over her face with Allisia’s cum, the redhead all but laughing playfully.

“My, you really liked that, huh?” Raidy asked in tease as she lay herself down on Allisia’s stomach.

“...Yes...” Allisia slowly panted out a reply, a small smile forming on her lips; “...yes, indeed I did enjoy it...”

“Come here, you...” Raidy giggled at Allisia, locking her lips against Allisia’s in another, passionate kiss; however, Allisia suddenly felt as if Raidy faded out, everything turning black...

“Welcome back, Allisia” Narrisha greeted as the blue visor decreased in size, finally disappearing as Allisia ‘woke up’; feeling herself like a new person, she felt tears in her eyes, and she immediately understood why.

“So that is how it feels to be made love to...” she smirked to herself; sniffing, she caught sight of herself, as a clearly dark stain between her thighs had even shown itself through silvery latex bodysuit.

“Yep, that’s how it feels, indeed” Faris said, helping the grateful Allisia stand up.

Chapter 14

Title: Chapter XV - The Path of Freedom

“Damn me, Allisia; that was some lovin’ you gave that redhead!” Hiroi teased, patting Allisia’s shoulder as if she had won a marathon.

“I...I must say that it sure left a reminder for me...” Allisia said, blushing.

“Alas, dear warrior, your efforts are required once more...” a voice now said, the circle of girls thinning as they stepped aside; Allisia watched as a dark figure appeared from the circle...

“You may wish for your virtue to be taken? Maybe I will fit your fantasies perfectly, my little vixen...” Charlene now chuckled at Allisia; she was clad in thigh-high boots, wrist-long gloves, and fishnet corset of dark-purple leather with steel zippers; a black leather cane could be seen in her right hand, and she moved as seductively as a trained dominatrix towards Allisia.

“Gods...Charlene, what do you intend to-...” Allisia looked in confusion at her, only to be silenced as Charlene placed a desirable kiss on her lips, pinning her slowly down and unzipping the silvery latex bodysuit.

“I mean that it is time...” Charlene spoke with her seductive voice; “ tame the little vixen of a warrior girl!”

By that, Allisia felt herself to be turned around, her suit pulled down, her naked butt facing Charlene as she with a dominant thrill in her eyes lightly began letting her cane rain down Allisia’s butt, small red marks forming all over it.

“Ow! Is this-...ouch...-supposed to make me-...ow...-feel good??” Allisia asked as she received spank after spank.

“Yeah, because it stimulates your nerves so you’ll feel better when we get to the good part” Charlene smiled evilly, raining down another series of jabs.

“Woah, it really works; all from the visuals to the nerve receptors” Jiki looked over Kiro’s shoulder as they analysed the scenario Allisia had been through.

“You designed it all, yourselves?” Jiraz asked, her and Shica having moved over to their old friends as the Nightwind girls had their way with Allisia.

“Yeah, but the most difficult are these” Kiro pointed out, pressing her finger against the laptop screen, a small hologram of a little, circular chip popping up.

“It’s the little device in the wrist, a small Mystic Crystal shard; it powers the suit a hundred times better than electricity, and vanishes after use” Jiki explained.

“Mystic Crystal shards in a high-tech suit? Talk about magic infused in science” Shica joked, Jiraz smirking besides her; “how much charge is there in one of these little glitter-stones?”

“Well, in the sizes like these, one of them can run the suit all by itself for a total of, roughly, 317 hours, or maybe a month if it is set to overpowered” Kiro said, checking the current status for the shard.

“What’s ‘overpowered’?” Jiraz asked confused.

“Well, see, that’s the hitch with the suit; in Allisia’s scenario there were around 12 people, and the more people to digitalize, the more data cost; in Overpowered Mode, the suit can generate over 100 digitalised characters, scenarios and built-in speeches; in Normal Mode, it can only handle up to 20” Jiki told them, seeing on the screen that the shard had of 98% of its power left.

“So it almost lasts forever if you use it thoughtfully?” Jiraz asked, seeing the brilliance in Jiki and Kiro’s suits.

“Yeah, but if we ever get them sold, the cost should cover the expenses of the Mystic Crystals we’ll need to power them...” Kiro said, closing the upper laptop; “ medium-sized Mystic Crystal should provide at least 256 shards in total.”

“You plan on selling them? Gosh, how much will they be?? I gotta get one for me and Shica!” Jiraz giggled, Shica smacking her butt playfully.

“Well, what say you, Kiro? Should we give them friends’ discount?” Jiki joked, Kiro smiling at her; “OK, but let’s see, normal price is 2250 Tanras, minus the discount and currency difference...hmm, make it 220 Ara and its yours.”

“You’ve got it! We’ll take the one Allisia used” Shica smiled, overjoyed to have a kinky silvery latex bodysuit added to her collection, and even one that could let her change kinky fantasies at will.

“We’ll hand over now; you just gotta hand Breeze the 220 Ara and the deal is set” Jiki said, heading over to get Allisia’s suit.

“AW! Oh, Gods! Is this really a part of me feeling good??” Allisia asked as Charlene had sat on her butt, having caught Allisia’s left foot and leg in a wrestler-like grip.

“Kinda, ‘cause I really get the feeling that I’ve got to fight you...” Charlene teased as she leaned her head down in level of Allisia; “...before I fuck you.”

“You wouldn’t have had a chat with Mirinda about that, would you by any chance?” Allisia smirked, Charlene returning it; Mirinda, looking ever so innocent, received a light rustle of her head and hair by a nearby Gloris, making her chuckle in glee.

“You know what this cane is also useful for, Allisia?” Charlene asked as she lay down besides the now moaning warrior girl; “oh Gods, don’t tell must be joking...”

“No jokes here, silly; bend over, girl” Charlene teased as she slowly stuck the first part of the cane’s hilt slowly into Allisia’s womanhood.

“Ow! No, please; can I at this, myself...?” Allisia asked, Charlene looking concerned at her.

“I didn’t really mean for you to be hurt; are you-...” she began, just as Allisia, moving like a waiting crocodile, jumped on Charlene, her bared nether lips only a few centimetres from Charlene’s mouth.

“Thank you for your concern, Charlene...” Allisia now smiled down at her, Charlene giggling as Allisia lovingly caressed her nose against Charlene’s; “...but I think I will be all fine.”

“Allisia, can I...please, can’t I fuck you? You might not know it, but...I’ve honestly always wanted it” Charlene now pleaded, Allisia surprised to see the truth of it almost shine out of her eyes.

“Surely you can; after all, virginity is not of utmost importance at this fine manor...”Allisia nodded, turning to Narrisha; “mistress, I think our dear Charlene will require some sort of sex toy when she is to play with me.”

“On its way; I gotta see this” Narrisha chuckled; concentrating her Mystic Magic, she conjured a strap-on in her hand.

“It’s my favourite, so be careful with it” she giggled, handing it to Charlene; the dildo in the black leather strap-on’s belt was pearl-white with tiny, rubbery spikes and the same shape in the tip of it.

“Oh, Gods!” Allisia just made it to say, before Charlene, with a barely withheld squeal, was over her with the strap-on, not making any effort in slowly inserting it, and instead thrust with all her strength.

“OUCH! Dear Gods, where did you get all that strength from??” Allisia yelped out, looking up at Charlene’s grinning face.

“Gods, you’re already liking it down there? You must really enjoy this” Charlene teased, Allisia nodding at her.

“Finally I can let myself let go of my virtue without having second thoughts...” Allisia sighed pleasantly, gesturing Charlene to stop her thrusting a moment, which she did, but not without a slight concern if she had been too eager for Allisia.

“I made myself a promise once, that my future lover would be the only one to know my full name...” Allisia said, catching the surrounding girls’ attention as they looked at her.

“As all you girls here at Nightwind Manor has always been so good and open-hearted to me, I shall tell it to you, as well as our guests” she gestured at Jiraz, Shica, Jiki and Kiro.

“This’ll be fun; not that I’m gonna tell, though” Jiraz smirked to herself, stroking Shica’s chin with her tail, her girlfriend teasingly grabbing it and caressing it.
“It’s a little dramatic, but who are we to talk?” Kiro said, smiling at Jiki, who returned it and rustled her girlfriend’s hair, making her giggle and stroke herself against Jiki’s chin.

“My full name...” Allisia said, the girls’ ears all open; “ Allisia Lightblade; as long as I remember, my bloodline have always been knights or paladins, especially my aunt, whom I was named after; the difference is that I remain here...” Allisia made a slight pause, the girls gasping; “...she might await me up there.”

Pointing to the ceiling, the girls clearly understood what Allisia meant.

“Uhmm, question: If you’re kinda in family with that famous Lightblade lady, Harbinger of Heaven or whatever, then why aren’t I sneezing and having a hiccup by now?” Jiraz raised her hand and asked.

“My ties to my aunt were limited, so I don’t think I have any holiness in me...” Allisia said, returning to the amazed Charlene, teasingly stroking a lock of her long, purple hair; “...but no matter if I am holy or not; I desire this molesting...and close your mouth; it isn’t time for you to drool yet, Charlene!”

With a giggle, Allisia pushed Charlene in between her breasts, Charlene waking suddenly from the shock of understanding that Allisia were of really noble blood, just like herself.

“Oh! Uhmm...where did I get to...?” Charlene asked in surprise, pulling her head out of Allisia’s breasts, looking down on the blue-haired girl as she pleasantly folded her arms behind her head.

“You were thrusting that sex toy, the dildo, into my vagina, with hopes of taking my virginity, and thus assure me a place in this wondrous manor” Allisia mentioned to Charlene, winking seductively at her.

“You really are a little tease, aren’t you??” Charlene chuckled, returning to her thrusting; soon Allisia’s pleasant moans were heard all over the room, the girls’ mood setting back as they near cheered as Charlene now also began groping Allisia’s breasts.

“I gotta say; these Nightwind girls are right out erotic at times” Jiki commented, looking up from hers and Kiro’s laptop.

“You’re talking, hihihih; how about that night I got you drunk and into that pink latex catgirl outfit?” Kiro teased, Jiki blushing violently and giggled.

“It, it was just because...argh, OK, I admit it; it was fantastic” Jiki said, blushing at Kiro.

“Aww, little kitty...” Kiro teased, stroking Jiki’s hair and hugging her.

“Hey, Kiro; check this out!” Jiki suddenly said, clicking on a link on the laptop.

“Huh? OHOHOHOHOHOH, GO-HOHOHOH-DS...! I still can’t believe we put that up!” Kiro laughed out loud, Jiki joining in as they watched the video Jiki had found.

“Whatcha laughing at, cuties?” Minyoki asked as she walked over to them, bored with the apparently impossible task of Charlene’s to steal Allisia’s virtue.

“Cool, you gals know of Youtu-...hey, wait a sec-...” Minyoki said as she snuck up behind Jiki and Kiro, watching the video.

“OHOHOHOH my Gods! You two did the Caramelldansen on full screen?!?” Minyoki laughed in disbelief and amusement at the screen, where Jiki and Kiro held their hands to their heads, imitating cat ears, and moving their bodies in rhythm of a catchy techno song Minyoki knew all too well.

“Well, yeah; we thought it were kinda funny...” Kiro admitted, looking shyly at Jiki.

“I gotta add that clip to my favourites next time I log in!” Minyoki chuckled, looking at the still dancing Jiki and Kiro.

“You’re kinda good at that stuff; you follow the beat fantastically, ye know” Minyoki nodded, Jiki and Kiro cheering greatly up.

“Thanks! We were just in a little silly mode, so we wanted to do something funny” Kiro smiled, Jiki kissing her cheek, Kiro returning it.

“Ur-r-r-ragh! Damn it! This is almost too much to bear!” Allisia yelled out as Charlene had spent nearly ten minutes thrusting the strap-on into Allisia’s nether lips.

“You’re getting wet, but there’s no cumming...” Charlene said, slightly disappointed; “...don’t I make you feel good?”

“You do! I just don’t think this sex toy thing is what lights my inner fire” Allisia said, feeling Charlene removing the strap-on.

“Hmmm, strap-on’s no use here, it seems...” Charlene pondered, getting an idea; “hey, Faris! Mirinda! Hiroi! Come on over here; maybe a little ‘group therapy’ will set her up!”

Hearing that, Allisia looked rather concerned for a moment; she had never faced more than one of the Nightwind girls before, and four of them sounded almost insane.

“I’m coming, too; after all...” Narrisha now said, the vampire girl shaking her hair elegantly, smiling seductively at Allisia; “...I’ve yet to fail in making a girl cum.”

As they now five girls approached Allisia, she steeled herself for whatever she thought they would do; however, she was caught off-guard as she soon found Faris and Mirinda sucking her breasts, Hiroi and Charlene tickling her toes, and Narrisha sitting behind her, engaging in a tongue-kissing duel with her.

“Uhmm! Uhmmmm...! UHMM! Uhmm...!” was all Allisia could say as she began to enjoy the teasing the girls showed her.

“Mistress, it’s not fair to keep us out...” Siriki now suddenly smirked, she and Chinyi making their way over to the girls, the other Nightwind girls soon following.

“Al’ ‘o ‘em?!” Allisia managed an understandable question, seeing the remaining Nightwind girls move in on her, seeing Innoki eagerly licking her lips.

“We’re gonna make you a real part of this manor, Allisia...” Narrisha now teasingly nipped Allisia’s earflap; “ get ready for a good old Nightwind girl gangbang!”

“So ye basically gotta sign up, pay about a hundred bucks a month and you’re set for epic conquest! Pretty neat, huh?” Minyoki said, winking at Jiki and Kiro.

“Sounds good, but you’re sure this World of Warcraft are really worth it? I mean, 100 ‘bucks’ sounds like a lot...” Jiki asked, not knowing if an online MMORPG was worth all that money.

“We can always look at it later, Jiki; something tells me things are about to get a little wild...” Kiro nodded, pointing in direction of the Nightwind girls, all of them having leaned over Allisia.

“Hey! Fuck, don’t gangbang her without me!” Minyoki yelled out, running towards the girls, stripping herself of clothes while running.

“Shica, either I’m hallucinating, or the Warrior Girl is getting gangbanged by 12 different girls and she hasn’t squealed out yet!” Jiraz said, sounding slightly concerned for Allisia’s lack of reaction.

“They just gotta find her weak spot; heck, if you ask me, she’s got some real tough skin” Shica said, sitting besides Jiraz, examining their new VRDR suit.

“Urgh! Please, but some more...some more your licking...oh, ye-e-e-es...!” Allisia hissed as Narrisha had made her way down to Allisia’s nether lips, licking and sucking them eagerly.

“Ah, you really do like it, huh?” Narrisha said, smiling at Allisia.

Suddenly, something happened in the girls’ sex game; as Faris, in bliss, grabbed Allisia’s hair and gave a slight pull, the Warrior Girl yelped out, moaned and started trembling in what appeared to be pleasure.

“What the fuck...? Hey, girls! She’s a masochist! C’mon, pinch her! Pull her hair! Anything!” Faris yelled out to get her message through all the moaning girls.

“Oh, dear...” Allisia mumbled, smiling slightly as the girls looked at her like wolves look at a slice of ham; not ten seconds later, Allisia felt her skin being pinched, her hair pulled roughly, and the bush at her nether lips being slightly pulled, as well.

“AR-R-R-RGH! Oh, Gods! I’m, I’m enjoying this so much, girls! Ple-please me! In the name of Shinris, do away with me!” Allisia now yelped out, beaming to herself that she would finally become a full Nightwind girl, the girls clearly sensing her happiness as they began giggling at her.

“Hey, Charlene! Use that strap-on again; I think she’d like it now!” Narrisha smiled, Charlene returning it; as the girls let go of Allisia, they sat back, looking at the panting Warrior Girl.

“And now, your virtue shall be mi-i-i-i-ine!” Charlene squealed out, jumping on Allisia, shoving the strap-on into her channel of innocence, a hint of blood slowly seeping down from Allisia’s nether lips.

“ virtue is now lost, I see...” Allisia smiled to herself, leaning upwards, giving Charlene a near spine-breaking hug.

“I am free! Free from the bonds of virginity! Hihihihihihih! Oh, this is such a bliss!” Allisia giggled, Charlene chuckling at the Warrior Girl’s happiness.

“However, you are not done yet, dearest Charlene...” Allisia now grabbed Charlene’s head, slow turning it to look into her own eyes; “...I want you to make me cum; pull my hair, pinch my nipples; give into the passion...” Allisia now smirked, putting weight on her next, seductive words; “”

Squealing, Charlene outright laughed as she did as the Warrior Girl asked; roughly pulling her hair, she clearly saw Allisia’s moonstone-like eyes water in pain, the masochistic girl really enjoying the extremes of Nightwind lovemaking.

“Uhmm! Oh, yes! Do it! Fuck me! Ravish my body! Light my inner fir-r-r-re!” Allisia shrieked out, Charlene gleefully thrusting the strap-on deeper and deeper in, all the while using her left hand to fondle Allisia’s breasts, and using the right one to pull her hair.

“Oh, yeah! Take the pain and love it, you raging lioness! I’m gonna tame you, kitty!” Charlene encouraged.

“OH! OH, DEAREST OF GODS! OH! OH! OH, YE-E-E-E-E-E-ES!!!” Allisia finally yelled out, her cum flooding silently out, Charlene feeling a heat between her own thighs.

“Allisia, I’m gonna...I’m gonna...CU-U-U-U-UM!” Charlene yelled out, cumming as well when she felt her boots and thighs being soaked in cum.

All of a sudden, however, a more solid, white fluid came out of the strap-on’s tip, showing itself as it came out with Allisia’s cum.

“Wha-what is that?!” Allisia and Charlene exclaimed as one, the white fluid still squirting out from the now pulled out strap-on, the fluid spraying all over Allisia’s heated and exhausted body.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Gotcha! Gotcha! I really, really got-cha!” Narrisha laughed out loud at Charlene and Allisia’s perplexed looks.

“It’s a Christmas pressie I got from Jiraz and Shica; they made a bet with Jiki and Kiro if they could make the ultimate strap-on dildo...” Narrisha smirked, looking over her shoulder at Jiki and Kiro, who were laughing out loud as well; “...and they sure as heck did that, the little teasers!”

“Wha-what is this white fluid??” Allisia asked, her whole body covered in it; as it had even hit her fingertips, Allisia dared herself to stuck the finger into her mouth, her eyes widening with surprise.

“It’s...Shinris’ groves, it’s whipped cream!” Allisia found herself laughing out loud, holding her hands over her stomach in suppressed giggling as well.

“Oh my Gods! That’s one, alluring strap-on of yours, Narrisha!” Charlene smiled at Narrisha, the vampire girl beaming with pride.

“And now...” she said, turning around, facing the remaining Nightwind girls, all of them knowing what was to come next; “ a predator of the night, I’d say this vampire girlie here really could use a good, horny little hottie! Oh, wait; make that a dozen hotties!”

By that, Narrisha began a game of playful tag with the girls; as they laughed out, chuckled and had themselves a good time, Jiraz looked at Shica.

“Meh, I could make you squirt out double as much” Shica said, acting unimpressed with Allisia’s orgasm.

“Yeah, you’re properly right...” Jiraz said, acting equally uncaring; however, the mask soon burst open, and Shica and Jiraz soon found themselves laughing out loud at the comical image of Allisia the Warrior Girl all covered in whipped cream.

“Well, I can at least say this...” Allisia said to herself, raising up, looking at Charlene with a smile, heading towards the other Nightwind girls, shaking her head so her cream-smeared hair and face shun in the dim light; “’s a real mess losing your virginity to these little vixens!”

By that, Allisia let out a joyful war-cry, taking part in Narrisha’s tag game with the girls, Charlene joining in, smirking all over her face.

“I can make one conclusion outta this, Kiro...” Jiki noted, her girlfriend clapping the laptop together, rose up and looked at her.

“And that is?” she asked curiously.

“It’s gonna take alotta time before any of them cools down to show us our room!” Jiki smiled, her and Kiro giggling at the joke.

During the next 10 minutes, Allisia were full-heartedly taking part in the girls’ molesting of each other; however, she discovered that many of the girls hesitated in doing their very best for her, maybe afraid she would have a mental flashback and struggle herself free, leaving with an arrogant face and angry feelings at the girls.

“Gods...” she finally sighed, looking down at Faris, who were busy licking her breasts; “look, Faris, I understand if you try and be gentle, but I don’t need that; please do your utmost to please me.”

Looking up, Faris saw Allisia nod at her, her mouth forming into a friendly smile; “after all, you have quite the experience in taking girls from behind, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I kinda have, but...well, could you, you know, try and dress up in some latex clothes? I kinda wanna see you in it...” Faris smirked, blushing at the thought of a latex-clad Allisia, and giggling as she also had trouble believing Allisia would willingly wear fetish outfits.

“Alright, give me a moment” Allisia said, raising up and walking towards one of the wardrobes carefully fit into large holes in the dungeons wall; looking through the inventory, she choose high-heeled thigh-high boots, elbow-long gloves, and a corset of black latex, the corset neither covering her breasts or nether lips.

“Hmm, how smooth this is; no wonder the girls like it...” Allisia mumbled, smiling as she looked down at herself as she put on the boots; the latex clung to her skin, and as she now put on the gloves, she felt as if having gained a secondary sort of skin.

“Oh my Gods! Hey, girls! Look! We’ve got a latex lady coming!” Faris halfway teased, halfway chuckled, yelling to the girls; as they looked up, in Narrisha’s case from under Innoki’s thighs, they saw Allisia gallantly approaching, the tight latex not really bothering the Warrior Girl.

“No wonder you like this material; it’s a real treat to your skin, isn’t it?” Allisia smiled, looking at her hands and down at her butt.

“Yeah, just don’t end up like Ukuni and get addicted” Faris commented, Ukuni blushing violently.

“I’m in no way addicted! I...I could walk around stark naked or in a pyjamas if I want to!” Ukuni exclaimed, although she clearly had trouble not smiling at herself.

“Hmm, so I see you like latex...” Allisia now walked down to Ukuni, leaning over her.

“As if you haven’t noticed that before” Ukuni teased, only to feel Allisia pick of her black hair, sniffing at it.

“Uhmm, whatcha doing?” Ukuni asked confused.

“Well, I am simply taking my prey in eyesight...” Allisia smirked, sitting herself down on hook; “...before I begin my challenge.”

“Huh? What kinda challenge?” Ukuni asked.

“Well, since you shall be the first Nightwind girl to feel my newfound lust...” Allisia said, crawling over Ukuni, Allisia’s moonstone-like eyes alluring her; “...I simply intend to ravish your body ‘till your constitution and near sanity’s very end.”

“In other words, you wanna fuck me blind?” Ukuni asked, Allisia blinking, still not used to speak that rudely.

“Ah, come here! I’ll let you have a head start!” Ukuni chuckled, pressing Allisia’s head in between her red latex-covered breasts.

“I think I’m starting to enjoy this view as a whole...” Allisia smiled to herself, licking her lips and let herself loose in the latex of Ukuni’s suit, her drool running down the sleek material.

“Heck, when I know I haven’t even showed you my tits yet...” Ukuni pleasantly sighed, pulling her suit’s zipper, Allisia jumping on the plumb breasts at first eyesight.

“Hey! HEY! Down, lioness, down! Can someone...oh! Oh, nevermi-I-I-I-N-N-N-ND!” Ukuni exclaimed in hissing pleasure as Allisia now sucked on her nipples, chuckling at the sight of the small, rubbery orbs so easily following the direction of her tongue.

“How wondrous, Ukuni; so Mirinda was right after all...” Allisia smirked to herself, continuing her slurping.
“...Ri-IGHT about wha-WHAT...?” Ukuni asked through her moans.

“Well, I once overheard her talking to Gloris about your nipples being a turn-on to you...” Allisia explained, rubbing her fingers over the nipples now; “...and it sure is no lie; you’re really liking this, are you not?”

“S-sure I’m liking it! Why else would I be shrieking out loud??” Ukuni smirked, regaining control of her voice.

Chapter 15

Title: Chapter XV - Lust Incarnate

[Author's notes: WARNING:
Minyoki/Chinyi 'Incest' Scene (half-sisters counts?)]

After a half hour of intense lovemaking, many of the Nightwind girls found themselves yawning, tired from molesting each other.

“Sis, I think we’d better grab the chance before everyone’s gonna fall asleep” Minyoki smirked, fighting desperately not to laugh at Chinyi, who had fallen asleep during her licking of Siriki’s nether lips, now slumbering between the cyan-haired girl’s thighs.

“Uhmmm...oh-h-h-h-h-h, uhmmm...wha-...what’s up? Oh! Oh yes, you molesting me!” Chinyi yawned and smiled at her sister as she gently shoke her.

“NIGHTWIND GALS! Before you start falling asleep, it’s time for some sister on sister action!” Minyoki yelled out to the others, the girls now rallying around them.

“I don’t really think I wanna until you’re stripped down, Minyoki!” Chinyi said, happily smiling and throwing herself over the older sister with a blissful squeal.

“Argh! Hey, watch the boots! They are fucking expens-...!” Minyoki started to bark out, but soon found herself victim of Chinyi’s teasing; after only a minute’s time, both sisters were giggling and tickling each other, their mouths locked in a raw, passionate kissing.

“OH, SISTER! UHMM! IT FEELS SO GO-O-O-O-OD! Oh! UHMM! UHM!” Chinyi yelled out as she broke free of the kiss, Minyoki kneading her kneecap in between Chinyi’s thighs, Chinyi’s nether lips already starting to get wet.

“It’s not fair! You’re gonna have to cum, too!” Chinyi laughed, pressing her breasts into Minyoki’s face, taking advantage of her sister’s pause to quickly move herself into the 69 position.

“Sweet, girly love juice; uhmm, I’m already getting thristy...!” Minyoki smirked, slurping on Chinyi’s nether lips, sucking on her g-spot and sticking her long nails further into her sister’s vagina.

“Ouch! YI-I-I-A-A-A-A-AO-O-OH!” Chinyi squealed out, feeling herself so close to her climax as she could be, her own licking all but forgotten to her.

“CHINYI, I’M...I’M GONNA CUM SOON!” Minyoki shrieked out, Chinyi’s only thought being to bend down and finish her sister off.

“SISTER! SISTE-E-E-ER! I...I WANNA C-U-U-U-UM!” Chinyi yelled, her climax hitting Minyoki’s tongue, the pink-haired girl happily lick it all up.

“My turn! Keep tongue-fucking me, sis!” Minyoki encouraged, laughing in pleasure as Chinyi’s small, wet tongue slurped all over Minyoki’s equally wet nether lips.

“OH, GO-O-O-O-O-ODS! OH, FUCK!” Minyoki yelled out, climaxing directly into Chinyi’s face, her younger sister all but giggling as she licked up the cum to the last drip.

“Before you turn in, ladies...” a voice were heard behind the Nightwind girls, catching even the still lust-dazed Minyoki and Chinyi’s attention; “’s time we showed you just how good a fuck you can have!”

Following the sound in the now completely dark room, a projector were suddenly activated, focusing on the pit, in which an ‘X’-formed table of steel now stood, Jiraz handcuffed to it in her wrists and ankles, her and Shica both wearing their trademark black latex catsuits with matching elbow-long gloves and thigh-high boots.

“Now let’s get to the fun part, shall we?” Shica asked, approaching the chuckling Jiraz.

“Better heat up that suit of yours a bit!” Shica smirked, beginning to molest Jiraz’s breasts through the latex, the chained succubus chuckling even louder in amusement and moaned in enjoyment.

“Oh, Jiraz; you’ve always liked being submissive, haven’t you?” Shica said teasingly, stroking Jiraz’s chin.

“Yeah, about as much as I like being dominative; it varies, sexy” Jiraz teased back, getting a pleasant reply as Shica sucked on her still latex-clad breasts.

“You’re about to get real wet, Jiraz; I’ll bet you’ll cum within two minutes” Shica giggled, Jiraz moaning and smiling; suddenly, the succubus leaned her head backwards, opening her mouth wide open, a three meters tall flame escaping from her mouth, vanishing as Jiraz closed her mouth.

“ fucking little slut, Jiraz! Gods, I got a shock!” Shica gasped out, looking rather vengefully and seductively at her laughing girlfriend; seeing the flame burst out from Jiraz’s mouth, Shica had been caught off-guard, and had fallen on her butt right on the floor, the pain not too serious, but the lust for vengeance alit.

“Look on the bright side, Shica; I got in real good heat from this” Jiraz said, as she could not stop laughing.

“Very funny, you little imp! Oh, this’ll be good...!” Shica confidently held her arms to her sides, shaking her head and letting some of the mud off; moving towards Jiraz again, she looked deeply into the eyes of the demon girl.

With her catsuit and gloves shining in the red light from the projectors, Shica giggled at the chained and expectantly smiling Jiraz, as her girlfriend’s attitude seemed to be set for the more dominant tonight.

“So...” Shica began, now crawling over and sitting on top of Jiraz, making sure to tease the succubus by letting her breasts hit her face repeatedly under her small chuckles; “...let’s get it on!”

Trying her last ‘defence’ against Shica, Jiraz tried her most innocent look on her evilly smiling girlfriend to no avail; Shica simply began unlocking the cuffs holding Jiraz, the demon girl not late to let out a grateful sigh.

“Jiraz, I swear on my mother’s virtue, that I tonight will give you the biggest fuck you’ve ever had!” she dramatically and still smilingly stated, but suddenly, Jiraz giggled, rose up a bit and violently pulled down the zipper of Shica’s catsuit, baring her breasts and molesting them with an almost unthinkable eagerness.

“Hey, you started ahead!” Shica laughed at her, now humping herself against the chained and blindfolded succubus lying under her.

“Uhmm, yeah! Oh, fuck me! C’mon, you little dark bitch! You wanna fuck me so much my pussy explodes! TAKE ME, YOU LITTLE SLUT!” Jiraz happily encouraged, making Shica clearly feel her loins and pussy beginning to drip at the promise of going crazy on Jiraz.

TAKE ME, YOU HORNY GIRL!” Jiraz happily encouraged, making Shica clearly feel her loins and pussy beginning to drip at the promise of going crazy on Jiraz; she molested, ravished and even light bit the succubus’ red skin gently, Jiraz’s screams and moans enough to make her feel her catsuit soak in the nether regions.

“Oh, my dear Jiraz...uhmmm, you’re so bad; such a little slut...” Shica teased her, Jiraz smiling mentally as she was not late to tease back.

“Uhmm, ye-e-e-eah...ah, that’s so good, Shica; play with me, play with me until I faint!
I want to cum soon...oh, it, go-o-o-od...!” Jiraz now playfully moaned as she felt the comfortable feeling of her latex catsuit getting more and more soaked in the nether regions.

“Uhmmm, ye-e-e-eah...! Take it, you succu-slut! Feel me all over you! You can’t get enough of me, you little hentai hottie!” Shica encouraged as she stroke her body against Jiraz, now sitting right up, letting out a horny scream and opening her suit fully, baring her front and breasts completely.

“Come here!” Jiraz snarled, pulling Shica violently down towards her, using whatever freedom of movement she could muster to hump Shica, who could not but scream as the hot latex of Jiraz’s catsuit pressed against her own, and feeling the succubus’ boots folding over her back and pressing her down.

“Time to let out the heat!” Shica smiled between her moans, unzipping Jiraz’s suit and molesting and nipping the succubus’ busty breasts.

While Jiraz and Shica delivered a more amazing show then anyone could remember, the maids sitting around the stone table on which Jiraz was chained and being fucked by Shica, they suddenly found their thin silk outfits rather soaking between their legs, and a few even gave in and started masturbating to the incredible sex scene taking place in front of them.

“OH MY GODS! Oh, fuck it! Come here, you little darkling!” Jiraz now yelled passionately, grabbing Shica by her breasts and enclosing their mouths in a drooling kiss, in which the drool flew down from their mouths, all over their breasts and onto each others’ bodies; after what seemed like five whole minutes, Shica let go, pulled back and starred happily at Jiraz.

“Oh, how sexy you are to fuck! Your pussy’s sure screaming for me, baby!” she smiled at Jiraz, who returned it.

“You gotta get a new bra soon; they’re growing enormous!” she teased as Shica now looked down her drool-soaking breasts.

“Let’s get outta these and really get to it!” she said, unchained Jiraz and began stripping off her skimpy latex suit; as Jiraz started doing the same, they made sure, both to their own and the surrounding girls’ pleasure, to make as many suggestive poses as possible.

When the suits dropped to the floor, soaked as they were, Shica gave Jiraz a single look, and nearly tackled her as she pinned her back on the table, their lips locked in a fiery passionate kiss as they soon fell off it, not even caring.

As they began rolling around and yelling like wild animals, Narrisha, sitting on her throne in the chamber’s one end, felt herself getting wet by watching her two best friends deliever such a completely awesome sex show for her and her girls.

“By Shinris, they just can’t keep off each other!” Mirinda commented somewhat happily; the ‘noble’ shin’idun girl already stood clad in her dominatrix leather outfit, while Faris, Narrisha’s Night Guard captain stood on the other side, already about to start moaning.

“NYA-A-A-A-A-A-AH! Oh, for fuck’s sake! Fuck me, Shica! Fuck my fucking pussy until I cum all over you!” Jiraz yelled as she and Shica now sat locked in a tribadism, grinding their pussies together as millwheels, their cum filling the pit, both their bodies completely soaked and covered in sweat and drool.

“Go fuck her, girl!” Shica now suddenly heard in what seemed to be a distant place; opening their eyes from their passionate sex game, Shica and Jiraz found the maids cheering for them as for who was to cum first.

“Hahahahahah! Oh, we’re certainly getting popular, huh?” Jiraz smiled at Shica, now leaned over her with a passionate and outright joyful look in her eyes.

“Then let’s see how they’ll like this!” she smiled evilly, once again rubbing her near flooding pussy into Jiraz’s equally wet one, all the while kissing and tickling her armpits.

As Jiraz’s muffed laughs were heard alongside Shica’s moans, the last of the girls around them surrendered to their desires, masturbating at the fiery sex show.

Jiraz did not care; Shica did not care; nor did they care how many times they came over and over again; all they wanted was to feel the latex of their boots and gloves ravaging their legs and breasts, and to feel each others’ hot bodies rubbing and molesting each other.

“OH, FUCK! I’M...I’M CUMMING! OH, SHIT, IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD! I’M...CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!” Shica now yelled, the spasming wave of her climax splashing into Jiraz’s pussy, triggering her orgasm as well as it squirted out, splashing a bit of it over her and Jiraz’s chins.

“OH, FUCK! “ Jiraz screamed, leaning upwards and practically bend Shica down by the use of her legs, now lying atop her, pressing herself even more eagerly against her; as she pressed her pussy even further into Shica, she let out a passionate wail, her boots near flying around in the air from the succubus’ continued molesting.

“I’M...I’M GUSHING IT ALL OUT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT, SHICA! I’M SO FUCKING WE-E-E-E-ET!” Jiraz screamed, her cum now splashing out with Shica’s, both of their cum dripping down their legs, thighs and faces, leaving an increasing puddle on the floor.

As hypnotised, the girls around them could not avert their eyes a second; all of them knew they could never become as skilled or horny as Shica and Jiraz...
After ten whole minutes of splashing cum in the tribadism position, Shica and Jiraz let out a final scream and flood of cum, Jiraz laying down on Shica and tongue-kissing her.

“Now...” she playfully tickled the smiling shin’saras girl’s nipple; “...that was a good warm-up; you remembered the toys, right?”

“Oh my fucking goddess...!” was the shared thought of the jaw-dropping Narrisha, Mirinda and Faris; could those two never get enough?!

“Indeed I did, but I gotta prepare you properly...!” Shica smiled at Jiraz, now letting her gloved hand smoothly over Jiraz’s cum-drenched pussy, a small stream still flowing out.

“Ohohohohohoh, it seems you’re still such a little wet slut hungry for my boobies and pussy...” Shica teased, as Jiraz tried and keep her smile from being too obvious; Shica was, as Jiraz immediately had guessed, going to finger her!

“Can you see it? Oh, you’re still so wet, you little succu-slut; all your lovely juices, and it’s so tempting to just lick it all...uhmmm, oh yeah, I’ll look toward to that!” Shica now giggled menacingly as she withdrew her hand.

“Now my little horny hottie, let’s get your pussy nice and smooth!” she smiled evilly, sticking her hands down into the mud pit, smearing her gloves with it as she returned her focus on Jiraz’s nether lips.

“Hihihihihih! Oh, I know you’re getting real kinky when you get to this!” Jiraz commented smilingly.
“Heh, just be careful I don’t start wrestling you; I’m not afraid to pull your hair!” Shica clearly imitated to sound rough.

“C’mon, Shica; a mud bath’s no good if you haven’t made me cum! You’re wanting it as much as I do!” Jiraz winked as she had to greatly concentrate; her pussy felt as if it was...

With a squirt, a small bit of Jiraz’s cum hit Shica’s approaching face, making the shin’saras girl smile and clearing it off with a wave of her gloved hand, sucking her fingers where it had been.

“How impatient; you’ll not get away with that!” she chuckled, her fingers encroaching Jiraz’s nether lips, teasingly touching them.

“How comes your punishment!” she laughed deviously, quickly and carefully sticking the half of her hands into Jiraz’s pussy, slowly parting the nether lips and fingering them and Jiraz’s g-spot.

“AH-H-H-H-H-H! OH, YEAH! ARGH-H-H! Oh, make me cum again, baby! I want to squirt all over your little pretty face, you perverted princess!” Jiraz yelled as large spasms of her cum did hit Shica’s smiling face, making the smile widen as Shica pleasantly tortured her demonic girlfriend.

“Hihihihihihih! Oh, Jiraz; seeing you so desperate for me to fuck your pussy...” Shica now stood up, the heavily panting and sweating Jiraz not able to control her cumming; “...I think I ought to cut to the chase!”

With that, Shica opened the bag, finding a black leather belt with a blue strap-on attached.

“Oh, shit! It’s that one that...!” Jiraz began, but soon a laughing and playful Shica was over her.

“You gotta earn it; go suck it first, hottie” she evilly smiled and ordered Jiraz, who began sucking on the strap-on.

“N-not so fast! I can feel it inside, Jiraz!” Shica moaned as Jiraz, an evil hint in her eyes, sucked even harder.

“Your pussy’s going impatient, Shica; you’re so wet already...” Jiraz teased as Shica began fondling her own breasts as Jiraz kept sucking; however, mastering herself, she snapped out of her trance-like state, and looked smilingly at Jiraz.

“Now that you’ve made it so soaked and wet...” she chuckled evilly on her way down towards Jiraz; “then let’s get going!”

By that, Shica gently pushed Jiraz’s thighs aside, admiring the beautiful, exotic and cum-dripping pussy she was about to penetrate.

“Don’t make me wait! Fuck me, already!” Jiraz now smiled, Shica deciding to give her girlfriend her final ‘reward’; as she now pressed the strap-on into Jiraz’s pussy, she could clearly hear the gushing sounds and see the cum from Jiraz’s pussy flow out.

“Take it! Take it in deep, Jiraz! You want my strap-on dick! Cum on it! CUM ON IT, BABY!” Shica eagerly exclaimed as Jiraz yelled and yelled out, her face twisted in screaming, laughing and yelling in pleasure.

“FUCK! OH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME, YOU LITTLE SLUT! I...I CAN’T...!” Jiraz yelled as Shica still pressed the strap-on in deeper and deeper, Jiraz’s feet now resting on her back, but slowly sliding down thanks to the sweaty-drenched and cum-covered latex boots.

“THIS IS SO GOOD! I’M...I’M CUMMING! OH, SHI-I-I-I-I-IT!!!” Jiraz yelled as her pussy started to near its orgasm.

“Heheheh, not so fast; this strappie is double-ended, so push back, baby! My pussy’s wet, too!” Shica said, clearly feeling the pressure of the other end of the strap-on in her own pussy, hearing the gushing sounds.

Around them, the maids and girls of Nightwind Manor still masturbated at their sex show, and Christy even began sliding her body up and down her stripping pole, getting horny as well by watching Jiraz and Shica have their crazy bondage sex.

“JI-JIRAZ, I’M...I’M GONNA CUM, TOO! YOU’RE SHOVING IT IN SO DEEP! ARGH!” Shica screamed as she could clearly see her cum falling like heavy rain from both hers and Jiraz’s pussies.

“LET’S...LET’S CUM...TOGETHER!” Jiraz wailed, making Shica lean down for her final ‘assault’: Jiraz’s breasts.

Seeing her girlfriend’s intentions clearly, Jiraz managed a smile, and began molesting and ravaging Shica’s breasts, ending up in them both molesting and kissing each other passionately, their bodies and latex boots and gloves now steaming, soaked in cum and sweat.

“OH, YE-E-E-E-E-E-EAH!” finally they both yelled out, their orgasm pouring and squirting from them like a regular shower; mixed with it was also the strap-on’s hidden function:

A small interior canister had, in both ends, unleashed a substance that could only be identified as whipped cream.

“Heck, as soon as I can move, I’ll lick that cream outta ye, baby!” Jiraz smiled weakly to Shica between her panting and gasping for air.

“Oh, don’t be so sure; I’m gonna lick all ye juices, hottie!” Shica replied, equally eager to start the next phase.

“Damn me! That...shin’saras girl and her girlfriend...they’re even better than me!” Mirinda thought to herself with an obvious smile; she was laying on the floor, fingering herself and masturbating under her tight leather bondage outfit.

“If they keep this up, I’ll need a new wardrobe of fetish outfits!” Narrisha thought to herself besides Mirinda, smiling a perverted grin down at the shin’idun girl; it could be a few minutes before Jiraz and Shica was ready again, and that hot elf girl looked about as horny as she was...

“Now let’s see how you’ll like this!” Jiraz now smirked at Shica, her wings unfolding around her back, the tissue simply melting into the wing-bones as they formed...

“Tentacles?! What in the fuck?!” Minyoki exclaimed, her mouth agape as she watch Jiraz’s tentacles slowly twirling themselves around Shica’s wrists and ankles, the shin’saras girl not seeming to mind it at all; instead, she sent Jiraz a flirty wink, sticking her tongue out at her in tease.

“C’mon, Jiraz; I’m your hot, little hentai girl; I know you wanna fuck me, so get to it, girl!” Shica partly taunted, partly excited Jiraz, although it was barely necessary.

“Uhmmm, I just about think I know what I’m gonna do...” Jiraz smiled, licking her claws and touching her breasts while letting her bushy tail in between her legs, approaching Shica’s nether lips.

“No! No, don’t you dare that, you...oh, you fucking slut!” Shica now yelled in excitement as Jiraz’s tail begin tickling her, the succubus simply enjoying the show as she pleasantly tormented her girlfriend.

“No-nohohohohohoh! S-stop it, Jiraz! It’s not funni-ihihihihih!” Shica began laughing, the bushy tail caressing between her thighs, the tentacles still holding Shica straight out.

“And now; before I fuck you blind...” Jiraz said as she ceased her tickling of Shica; “...then lemme really make you feel good...”

A hint of excitement went through Shica’s mind; as she now expected, Jiraz approached her, the tentacles never once letting go.

“Oh, that’s good; you’re already so wet for me” Jiraz seductively stroke herself against Shica, licking her cheek, hearing the shin’saras girl moan pleasantly at her girlfriend’s teases; “this will be fun!”

By that, Jiraz now descended upon Shica’s pussy, licking it and slurping at the now screaming shin’saras girl’s pleasure; as Shica had already had her excited ideas for what Jiraz would do to her, she was not prepared for what her girlfriend would do next:

She exploited Shica’s favourite turn-on and fetish as she quit her licking, and instead sucked with her full mouth on Shica’s pussy, almost bending the skin inside out in her eager.

“Oh, FU-U-U-U-UCK!!!” was all that the now climaxing Shica could yell, as she felt her strongest orgasm as of yet; forced to pull back, as her girlfriend’s climax had surprised even her, Jiraz looked as Shica came over and over again from her favourite turn-on.

“Jiraz...” she weakly mumbled, a devious smile forming on her lips; “’re so fucking good...”

Chuckling, Jiraz loosened her tentacles’ grip on her girlfriend, carefully dumping her to the floor.

“C-...can we take a break for a moment? My pussy’s tired...” Shica managed to smirk, Jiraz giggling, leaning down and kissing Shica deeply.

“Just kidding!” Shica suddenly exclaimed and laughed, jumping on the succubus, bending her over, her legs kicking uncontrollably in the air as Shica began sucking on Jiraz’s nether lips.

“A-A-A-ARGH! No! No good! No sucking!” Jiraz giggled between her screams and moans, her smile stretching from horn to horn; as her wing-tentacles had already formed back into wings by unfolding the inner tissue, Jiraz let her wings fold over Shica’s back, hearing the disappointed mumblings from the Nightwind girls as they could not see anything.

Chapter 16

Title: Chapter XVI - When Angels Sleeps

As the clock some time later rang midnight from the clockwork upstairs in the dining hall, the girls began collecting their outfits and what else they had brought, all of them yawning sleepily and giving each other hints, thumb ups or simple flirting as they made their way upstairs.

“Hey, Jiki? Kiro?” Chinyi now approached the two partly sleeping girlfriends, Kiro mumbling in her sleep and slowly opening her eyes as Chinyi approached.

“Mhmm...yes, Chinyi?” Kiro asked sleepily.

“We’ve found a room for you; it’s an old guestroom that hasn’t really been used, but I think you’ll like it” Chinyi said, mentally smirking as she knew quite her share of that exact room.

“Ah, goodie! Jiki...? Ji-i-ik-i-i-i-i...? Wakey, wakey, sweetie” Kiro lightly rustled her girlfriend, who woke up and yawningly followed Kiro and Chinyi.

“It’s on the second floor, the last door on the left” Chinyi explained as they climbed the stairs.

After saying goodnight to the Nightwind girls, Jiki and Kiro finally found the room, Chinyi opening the door for them, their eyes opening wide at the sight:

A lavender-blue and pink-coloured room, with a heart-shaped double bed in the far end, it was a paradise for the two young girlfriends.

“Shall I take you to bed?” Jiki asked smilingly at Kiro, a clear hint of seduction in her voice; with a squeal, Kiro tossed herself unto the bed, followed by a chuckling Jiki, their trunks and other stuff left behind by the door, where a giggling Chinyi now saw how Jiki and Kiro began playfully wrestling each other on the bed, turning into a pillow fight.

“Just that you know it, the bathrooms and showers are down the corridor on your left!” Chinyi yelled teasingly at the girls before closing the door, leaving Jiki and Kiro behind to enjoy themselves.

“Uhmm...sweetie, I’m a little hungry; wanna go and have a late night snack?” Jiki asked Kiro after they had settled down, her white-haired girlfriend nodding eagerly, her own hunger heard by a growling stomach, amusing both her and Jiki.

Walking towards the door, it suddenly opened, Narrisha standing outside, taken aback by Jiki and Kiro as they smiled at her.

“Oh! Well, I trust you like your bedroom?” Narrisha asked, barely avoiding a chuckle as she saw Jiki and Kiro’s loose undergarments from their pillow fight.

“Yeah, it’s awesome; it couldn’t have been better arranged” Kiro said, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere in the room.

“You’re kinda wrong there, Kiro; it’s already beginning to get better” Narrisha smirked, walking into the room, flipping a switch over by the left side of the bed; the otherwise dark-lit room were suddenly brightened up, as a disco ball cast its switching blue and pink light over the whole room, bathing it in relaxing colours.

“And there’s more” Narrisha smiled at Jiki and Kiro’s amazed looks; from a hidden panel in the wall, Narrisha pressed a few buttons on what turned out to be a stereo, Jiki and Kiro suddenly hearing the soft music of what they could only conclude to be ‘Every Time We Touch’.

“This...this is just so romantic!” Kiro sniffed, overjoyed at the romantic atmosphere, the music, and her beloved Jiki standing beside her; as Jiki did shed a tear of happiness, herself, she hugged Kiro tightly, the two of them exchanging tender, loving kisses.

“I heard about you needing something to eat...” Narrisha said, giggling at the happy couple; “...I’ll ask if there’s some leftovers from the banquet.”

“Kiro...” Jiki asked pleasantly, lying naked under the bed sheets with Kiro, her girlfriend yawned and answered “...yes?”

“I know we’re only going to stay here for a few days, but I say we do as we always do and don’t mind all that erotic the others’ all about” Jiki said; although she was amused with the Nightwind girls’ silly or outright erotic lovemaking, the best it served was to give her ideas on how to pleasure Kiro; she knew, from the very bottom of her heart and soul, that Kiro was her only one.

“Yes, I think that’s the best to do; still...” Kiro said, hugging Jiki softly, smiling playfully at her; “ was really funny to see Chinyi and Minyoki in action!”

“Hihihih! I’d dare so say; oh Gods, I kinda feel tempted to try that out on you sometime, sweetie” Jiki giggled, Kiro tightening her grip around Jiki’s waist, both of them looking forward to a sweet, romantic night.

However, as there was a knock on the door, Jiki sent Kiro a silent apologising nod, standing up and walking over to see who it was.

“We’ve found a little for you; your pet almost ate it all in front of us!” a smiling maid with green hair winked at Jiki, rolling a trolley with a set of cutlery, plates and glasses; potatoes, chicken wings, ham and a bottle of elven wine were neatly arranged on it, the warm food and cool wine looking quite inviting to Jiki and Kiro.

“Mistresses...” a voice were now heard behind the maid; as she made a little jump in fear, she found it to only be Breeze, the griffon caressing its massive, golden beak against her left leg in a pleasant gesture before heading over to her mistresses.

“If you wouldn’t mind, could I sleep with Miss Narrisha? I’d prefer to know what that vampiric lass is up to...” Breeze asked, Jiki and Kiro exchanging looks, finally nodding at Breeze.

“Sure you can, Breeze; I don’t really think there’d be enough room for you, anyway...” Kiro said, Jiki all but smirking at her girlfriend.

“Should I leave the trolley?” the maid asked, patting Breeze’s feathered head, quite amused at the majestic griffon.

“Sure; we’ll take it down to you first thing in the morning” Kiro said, the maid bowing respectfully as she left, Breeze following her.

“I’ll take you to the mistress’ room, but tell me...” the maid said, smiling playfully at her coming, daring question; “...does your mistresses know to rock each others’ world at night?”

“Oh? Oh! If you mean like you do it here, I’d say that…although it is a bit more romantic…” Breeze said, scratching her head with her front claw.

“Ah, all romantic-like, I see...” the maid said, smiling to herself; “ they never really climax and have real sex? Just a little touching, is that all?”

“Certainly not; as far as I know of female human anatomy, they simply spend a near hour in ‘foreplay’, for then to mostly play around, and finally ‘getting to it’” Breeze explained, although she knew neither feather nor tail of what those words meant aside from what she had read in her mistresses’ YURI HiME magazines.

Unknown as well to Breeze, the maid started an uncontrollable giggle, continuing all the way to the vampire girl’s room; not understanding, Breeze nodded, leaving the now right out laughing maid behind as she went on into Narrisha’s room, using her tail on the doorknob to close it behind her.

“Welcome, Breeze...” Narrisha’s voice greeted her, the vampire girl clad in a slightly transparent, black nightgown of silk; “...I hear you wish to sleep here to observe me and make sure I don’t go on bloody prowls?”

“Uhmm, well, I didn’t intend to insult you, Miss Narrisha; I’ve just read that vam-...” Breeze began explaining, Narrisha cutting her off with a friendly chuckle.

“Look, you silly little birdie...” Narrisha said, kneeling down in eyesight of the griffon, holding her hand under the griffon’s beak; “...the only thing I’ve ever sucked in my life, are my girls’ tits, nipples and pussies; now that’s hardly evil, isn’t it?”

As confused as one can be, Breeze simply shoke and flapped her wings in a clear gesture of a ‘no’, as Narrisha held her beak in a light, but iron-hard grip; releasing, Breeze shoke her beak, seeing no harm done to it.

“Well, let’s get some sleep; I don’t really feel like prowling tonight after that orgy...” Narrisha yawned, smiling to herself as she turned on a lamp by her bedside, opened a drawer by her bed, and pulled out what looked like a small comic book.

“What’s that?” Breeze asked, the front showing a very busty, alluring, glasses-wearing, blonde in a seductive pose, her tight office suit not even nearly covering her breasts.

“Ah, it’s just ‘Teacher’s Pet’; I can’t get a good night’s sleep without a little Yuri Hentai” Narrisha smirked, opening up page one, looking through the comic as Breeze yawned, stretched out her massive wings, folding them back together as she curled herself up on the floor like a cat, honestly enjoying the beginning moans from the vampire girl in the bed.

Chapter 17

Title: Chapter XVII - A Gift from a Goddess?!

[Author's notes: WARNING:
Meeting with a deity!

Lady Illirian
The Black Banshee
The One-Eyed Goddess
Dark Goddess of the Dead
Queen of Nardar
Mistress of the Underworld]

“Of all the things I could forget...” Allisia mumbled angrily at herself as she walked down the stairs in her blue kimono; having forgotten her nightgown down in the dungeons, she was, although unknown to her, followed by the ever teasing Chinyi and Siriki, the two troublemakers smirking as they silently hissed about jokes they would pull on Allisia.

Taking the final steps down into the dungeon, Allisia headed straight for the pit, where her clothes lay by its side; however, as she picked them up, she felt that stone floor slightly colder at the exact spot she had placed her clothes in the first place.

“Hmm, what could this be?” Allisia thought, putting her gown aside and feeling; the air was as cold as a winter morning, and the shivering cut to her bones; however, the stone tile appeared to be a bit loose, as Allisia tried and rustle it a bit.

“Come...come hither to me...I bring thou new life; I bring thou power..." a cold, female voice now suddenly spoke as if from all over the room.

“Wh-who is this? Stand and fight, coward!” Allisia yelled out, a low chuckle now heard all over the dungeon, although it was milder and warmer than the fiendishly cold whisper she had heard.

“Fear not, warrior; just find me...and thou power shall become that from which legends are forged...” the voice spoke again, Allisia feeling the ice-cold air vanishing from the stone tile, her fingers warming up again.

“Bah! You take me for a fool? Such power always comes with double the price, in this case, it might well be my soul you want!” she yelled tauntingly out at the voice.

“That’s it; Allisia’s gone nuts!” Siriki smiled, Chinyi making a teasing gesture by rolling her finger around in circles near her head, her eyes looking to the ceiling.

“Heh, go figure; she’s talking to herself; maybe quitting all her honour-stuff has some side-effects...” Chinyi pondered, sounding a little concerned.

“Look, she’s fought in wars; I think she’s kinda strong mentally” Siriki pointed out, Chinyi nodding.

“Do not be foolish, warrior; you have faced the powers of darkness once in the form of Lady Narrisha, and how did the outcome turn out to affect you?” the voice asked Allisia, not waiting for a reply; “you saw through the black veil your training had blinded you with, cast your prejudices aside and found yourself a new friend; you gained more freedom than you could ever dream of as a Dragon Knight of Silvarcira; all I offer is a gift, a sort of reward, for this self-discovery you underwent.”

“So you intend to reward me? What sort of reward?” Allisia spoke, cursing herself for leaving her sword behind just now.

“Look under the tile; beneath lies an old relic my ‘dear’ brother Kun’Ja once had forged; however, I was smart enough to seize it for myself...” the voice now said, a hint of a chuckle in it; however, Allisia froze in fear, terrified as she realised who she was speaking to.

“I...I am speaking to Death Herself?? To the Dark Lady Illirian?!” Allisia asked in near panic, feeling herself shivering.

“Indeed you do, mortal, yet thou time, nor the time for these girls, have yet to come...” Illirian said, sounding amused; “...I have no power within these walls; neither I nor age can truly exist here; it is a sanctuary, in which the concept of time or space does not mean anything.”

“So...what is this relic you speak of?” Allisia asked, forcing herself to believe in the Dark Lady; as she slowly pulled the stone tile from the floor, she could not see anything in the darkness.

“It is Soul-Cleaver, the twin weapon of the Wraith-Blade; just as powerful, if not more” Illirian said, an evil chuckle coming over her voice; ”I grant you this weapon, Lady Knight, to bring justice upon all those with impurity in their hearts, and those who forsake the advice of my dear brother, Lord Tanrisa.”

Reaching carefully into the small hole under which the tile had sat, Allisia felt something cold and sharp touching her fingers; finally finding what felt as a hilt, she pulled out the weapon:

It was made of pure adamantine, and was silvered around the hand guard’s edges and in the blade’s middle, shin’saras letters running down the blade and glowing in an eerie, purple light of Dark Magic; the skull in the hand guard’s middle had the same, glowing eyes as Allisia had imagined for a relic of dark power, and the hilt of the sword were long enough to be held in two and a half hand, black leather trims swung around it like snakes and giving a good grip.

“For...for an item of Dark Magic...” Allisia said, surprised at how light the sword was; “ surely is light...”

“Indeed; it is a blade which has seen many battles, and lived up to its name on thousands of occasions...” Illirian explained; “...all I ask of you, is to send these souls to me in Nardar, where their final judgement will be decided.”

“So I will only have to fight as I always have?” Allisia asked.

“Indeed, but a knight needs armour along with the weapon to make a whole” Illirian spoke; suddenly, in a flash of dark-purple light, Allisia saw a black and silvery fluid run out of the eyes of the skull, and in the next second, she felt somewhat heavier:

She were now clad in a heavy suit of adamantine armour with silvery steel trims around the edges, spiked skulls forming her shoulder plates and knee plates, while the rest of the armour basically formed a human skeleton; behind it flew a pitch-black cloak, its inside having a dark-purple colour rather than black.

“Both sword and armour? I thank thee for this, Dark Lady” Allisia said and kneeled down, although she was shocked as she heard her voice echo around the room; discovering her head to be inside a helmet, she easily took it off, examining it:

Made of adamantine and trimmed with silvery steel like the armour, it had small thorns running along the forehead, two larger ones at the mouth, and it basically were designed as a salade-form of helmet, although the ghastly face of a human skull meet her eyes, the eye sockets of the skull matching her own eyesight perfectly.

“For now, I shall bid you farewell, Lady Knight; may you choose the path of life you see yourself fit...” Illirian’s voice now disappeared, Allisia feeling the cold slowly wane away.

“Holy Heaven! You saw that, Siriki??” Chinyi whispered, pointing over and over at Allisia, standing not ten meters from them.

“Of course I did! Gods, she were just ‘blessed’ by Death Herself??” Siriki asked herself, going over her recorded video again and again for clues; however, the rattling of heavy armour brought her back to reality as Allisia walked up towards them, the stairs no challenge for the Warrior Girl.

“Well, well, well; two little pranksters on the prowl...” Allisia said, caressing the Soul-Cleaver’s blade, her echoing voice making the hair on Chinyi and Siriki’s necks hair stir; “...still, remember this, my little silly cuties...”

Allisia now leaned slightly down, holding the Soul-Cleaver’s blade downwards, hammering it into the stone floor and removed her helmet, smiling at the girls; “ new armour might be awe-inspiring and cruel-looking, but it’s still me, not some sort of ancient evil.”

Hearing that, Siriki chuckled nervously, while Chinyi looked more closely at the Soul-Cleaver; the dark sword no longer had the cold feeling of evil about it, which Chinyi would not wait a second to bet, was because of Allisia being its new wielder.

“Allisia, I gotta admit you look badass!” Siriki commented, her camera clicking as she took one picture after another as Allisia all but smiled; she felt herself quite comfortable in her new armour, which lacked the creaking and tightness that her steel platemail armour had.

“Girls, I say we turn in, now; we can explain this to the others in the morning” Allisia said, grabbing the hilt of the Soul-Cleaver, pulling it up and holding the blade up towards the roof; not a second later, the same, dark-purple flash of light flashed in the skull’s eyes, Allisia’s armour vanishing in a black and white mix of light and fluids streaming into the eyes once again, leaving her naked.

“I dunno; I kinda like this better, Allisia…” Chinyi joked and flirted, Allisia chuckling as she held her nightgown under her arm, asking Chinyi to carry the Soul-Cleaver, which she happily did as they went upstairs.

Chapter 18

Title: Chapter XVIII - Nightwind's Dreamers

[Author's notes: SPOILER:
A secret is revealed about Jiraz Blackwhip: Her wings' sensivity.]

“Uhm-m-m, that was better; say, should we take a final one?” Shica asked Jiraz as the demon girl all but chuckled at her; still wearing their fetish latex boots, the two girlfriends had spent the time very since being shown their room to continue their passionate lovemaking; a tray of alcohol had helped them a lot, as the both of them by now were right out dead drunk.

“Mmmm, no-o-o-o-o! I’m, I’m sho drunk, Shhh-...shi-...Shica! You’re’ve gotta take advantage of me!” Jiraz mumbled, smiling lustfully, pressing her breasts right into Shica’s face, the shin’saras girl glad alcohol did not affect elves like herself as much and quickly as other beings, like Jiraz.

“Hey, hey, HE-E-EY!” Shica yelped out as Jiraz’s continuous push sent her from the bed to the floor, hitting her elbow.

“Ouch! Hey Jiraz, be careful with that push-...” Shica started, but soon two thighs blocked out all noise, Jiraz’s hand pushing Shica’s head right into the succubus’ nether lips, the shin’saras girl forgetting the little accident as she gladly licked the demon girl, who all but laughed, moaned and held her spare hand to her face in laughing.

“Go, go in... in there, sexy!” Jiraz finally strung the words together, drunkenly smiling at Shica as she now used both hands in pushing Shica’s head into her channel of innocence.

“OH-H-H-H-H! That’s it, Shica!” Jiraz exclaimed in a mix of a scream of lust and a laugh of playfulness; “come play with me!”

Not seconds after, Jiraz flung herself on her back, Shica eagerly following her girlfriend into the bed, where she was once dove against Jiraz’s nether lips, sucking and licking with all the skill her tongue could muster.

“OH-H-H-H! KEEP IT UP! UHM-M-M-M-M...!” Jiraz wailed out, Shica clearly feeling Jiraz’s still boot-clad legs kicking wildly from the bed, her wings twisting upwards and downwards in rhythm of Jiraz’s pleasure.

“Hmm, I kinda wonder...” Shica mumbled to herself, smiling up at Jiraz and kissing her g-spot; “...hang in there; I’ll get back to it.”

Looking partly confused, Jiraz saw Shica take a studying look on her wings; reaching down, Shica put her finger underneath the middle collection of tissue in Jiraz’s wing-claw on her left wing; to her wondrous surprise, Jiraz felt almost as if Shica were molesting her breasts.

“H-how the fuck could you...I can get horny that way, too??” Jiraz sat up, her mouth agape in pleasant surprise.

“Yeah, I think; I read somewhere that succubi has a weak spot right underneath their middle wing-claws” Shica explained, grinning as she now brought her tongue to work on the tissue underneath the wing-claw, Jiraz yelling out loud in pleasure as the sensitive tissue were continuously kissed, sucked on and tickled by the playful Shica.

“OH! OH! No more, please! I, I can’t ta-...OH-H-H-H-H-H!” Jiraz yelled out as Shica stuck her spare hand into Jiraz’s nether lips, forming a fist to grab them together and tightening; the result of that and Shica’s kissing of the equally sensitive wing-claw lead Jiraz to one of her, according to herself, best climaxes as of yet.

“I...I gotta learn how you did that...” Jiraz panted, chuckling at Shica as her girlfriend smiled and laid herself down besides the succubus, who folded her wing protectively over them.

“So, should we get some sleep, or is it an all-night stand?” Shica teased, her and Jiraz agreeing to get some sleep; concentrating, Jiraz retracted her wings back into her spine, disappearing from sight, while Shica dragged the blankets over them.

“Sleep well, Jiraz...” Shica smirked, kissing her girlfriend softly, Jiraz replying with a satisfied purr.

“You too, cutie...” Jiraz said, Shica clearly seeing Jiraz stick her tongue out in tease and winking seductively at her; however, she did not really mind it, neither when she felt the succubus’ furry tail-tip slowly sliding up her thighs...

“Uhm-m-m-m...” Jiki moaned softly as Kiro, laying beside her, were fondling a lock of Jiki’s blonde hair, her other hand caressing Jiki’s shoulder and left breast ever so lightly; under the bed sheets, listening to the soft tunes from ‘My Heart Will Go On’, Jiki and Kiro were shedding many tears of love and happiness, as well as the warm feeling of each other’s company.

“ wonderful...” Jiki mumbled, Kiro looking up at her with a grin; “...who needs Heaven when we’re together?”

“I wouldn’t even define anything as ‘Heaven’ without you in it...” Kiro smiled at Jiki, her girlfriend grinning, leaning down for a soft kiss.

“Hihihih! He-hey! That tickles, Siriki!” Chinyi smiled, having decided to invite Siriki to her room for the night; now laying naked under the bed sheets, Siriki found great pleasure in tickling Chinyi, who simply could not help but love it to her heart’s content.

“It’s always been your turn-on being tickled...aside from cute and busty catgirls, right?” Siriki teased, Chinyi looking behind her to watch Siriki wink and stick her tongue out to kiss her.

“Uhm-m-m-m-m...don’t turn me o-o-o-o-on-n-n-n...!” Chinyi whimpered as innocently as she could, Siriki laughing heartily at her, knowing Chinyi could not resist the thought of catgirls all over her cute, busty body.

“Feli-i-i-i-icia-a-a-a-a from Da-a-a-a-arksta-a-a-a-lkers-s-s-s-s-s...” Siriki now teased again, Chinyi letting out a wail of right out horniness as the thought of the busty, blue-haired catgirl snuck to her mind.

“No-o-o-o-o-o-oh! No fair, Siriki!” Chinyi shrieked out in embarrassment, pressing her head underneath her pillow, blushing like a right out firestorm.

“Ihihihihih! Oh, Chinyi...” Siriki smirked, leaning hungrily over the pink-haired girl; “...I think I’ll have myself a sweet little midnight snack!”

“Uhmm, could you fetch a chicken sandwich for me as well, then?” Chinyi asked, Siriki stopping in her seductive approaching; not a few moments later, she laughed out loud.

“AHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh my Gods! Either that’s the best joke you’ve ever made...” Siriki panted out, jumping on the shrieking Chinyi; “...or maybe I’ll give you something to laugh about!”

“N-no ti-...ih-...ihihihihihihih-...-ckl-hih-hih-hih-hih-hih-hih-hih-ng!” Chinyi exclaimed in a joyful scream, letting the ice-haired Siriki tickle her armpits and throat, Chinyi wiggling under her merciless assault.

“...Shinris’ groves; so this is where they learn all this from...” Allisia mumbled to herself; sitting on her bed, she looked her way through a dozen of Yuri Hentai doujinshis and mangas; she did admit, though, that the sight of ‘innocent’ girls being happily whipped, molested and made passionate love to by a leather-clad dominatrix amused her a bit; the girls did not seem to mind the situation, however, and, after all, justice was served as the girls returned the favour to the comically panicking dominatrix.

Allisia giggled; the look from the dominatrix’s reaction when about three blonde girls threw themselves lustfully over her, was indeed priceless; as Allisia had been lucky enough to get her hands on an English doujinshi, she did raise her eyebrow a bit as for how many times the word ‘oh!’ appeared in the text.

Putting down the doujinshi on her desk, she switched to a new one; Allisia could already feel a slightly tickling feeling beneath her pyjamas, which she simply smiled at; it would not be long before her desire were ablaze like a forging fire, but she just needed the right, mental image...

As luck would have it, the first page of the manga in her hand turned out to be a duel between a tan-skinned human girl and a sun-burned elf girl; the human carried an iron staff as weapon, her outfit being that of a tight, brown leather suit with loosely attached steel plates on shoulders, knees, and slightly covering her massive breasts.

The elf carried two short swords of steel, wore a half-plate of steel covering the shoulders, elbows and equally massive breasts to the human girl; her steel boots were glided with gold, as well as her gauntlets, and she constantly wore a confident smile on her lips.

As Allisia flipped through the pages, she made a sudden stop as the apparent duel between the girls turned into a lovemaking; disarming and stripping the elf of her heavy breast-plate, the human girl cheerfully assaulted and molested her, the elf at first denying furiously.

“Hmm, this might turn out well...” Allisia smiled to herself, licking her lips as she saw the human girl tear off the elf girl’s thong of black leather, invading her channel of innocence and letting her tongue all loose in it; shrieking in pleasure, the elf girl rose up, let out a happy cry and pressed the human girl’s head in closer, the elf girl fondling her own breasts and biting her nipples in lust for the human girl, who were equally eagerly fingering herself at the thought of the elf girl.

“ passionate; such raw lust...and all that strength...” Allisia mumbled to herself, suddenly discovering her hand to move unwillingly down towards the crotch, making its way under her panties.

“Hihihih; I wouldn’t honestly mind joining them, but still...” Allisia chuckled, openly masturbating at the pictures as the girls now were locked in a scissoring position.

“Uhm-m-m-m-m...uhmm, Narrisha...Faris...anyone, please...” Allisia now moaned, mentally imagining the girls of Nightwind Manor cosplaying as the girls in the manga, for then to molest her, as well; “...I...I need to...Gods, just let me do this!”

“Goodnight, Lillian; see you tomorrow!” a maid called into the kitchen, the head maid nodding at her as she closed the door.

“Phew, washing dishes for half an hour; damn it, we’d better get a dishwasher sometimes soon...” the maid sighed, walking down the dark hallway, a Night Guard making a salute at her as she went by.

“Why, hallo there, pretty lady...” a voice came from around the corner, the maid not recognizing it; “ feelin’ a little lonely tonight?”

“Uhm-m-m-m...who is it? It’’s not it?” the maid asked nervously, knowing the biker babe to normally assault maids wandering around at night.

“Nope, little girlie; she’s still having fun with Innoki...” the voice said, a shadow appearing from the dimly lit hallway; “...but no worries; what she can do, I can do much better...!”

Stepping out from the shadows, the maid found the mysterious voice to belong to Faris, the Captain of the Night Guard; the redhead looked almost hungrily at the younger maid, who suddenly felt herself very naked standing face to face with the leather-clad seductress.

“Mi-...Miss Faris! I...I trust the dinner tasted you well?” the maid asked, speaking the first that came to her now rather embarrassed mind.

“Yeah, it tasted really nice, but you see...” Faris said, stepping closer to the maid, kneeling down in eyesight with her; “...I got an offer for you.”

“An offer? For what?” the maid asked, now really seeing the redhead’s soft, velvet-like lips move closer to hers.

“You remember Lady Allisia, right? The Knight Lady at the orgy tonight?” Faris asked, the maid blushing.

“Yes, the Warrior Girl! Hihihihih, she looked really funny there with Charlene...” the maid chuckled, Faris smiling at her.

“Oh, you like the tough and badass girls, don’t you?” Faris asked somewhat in tease, the maid slowly nodding.

“Well, then...” Faris now rose up, gesturing the maid to follow her; “come here...”

“Uhm-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m...!!!” Allisia mumbled to herself, the Yuri Hentai manga laying on her head; having had her climax about 4 times, she could not understand why her body wished so much more for a gentle, womanly touch.

“This manga does nothing to satisfy me in the long shoot...!” she mumbled irritated, putting the manga down besides herself; however, she could not help but smirk at her own handiwork, holding up her lightly cum-covered fingers.

“Gods...if only I had-...” Allisia shoke her head and sighed, but was interrupted as she heard a knock at the door.

“Oh! Uhm-m-m, wait a moment!” she said, jumping out of the bed, quickly finding a blue housecoat and tightening the belt; opening the door, she found it to be Faris and a young, silver-haired maid, who looked adoringly at her.

“Allisia...” Faris said, nodding at the Warrior Girl; “’ve got a little fangirl visiting you.”

By that, Faris bend down and kissed the maid’s cheek, not much to her dislike; as Faris closed the door after herself, chuckling, Allisia now looked at the younger girl.

“Can I get you something?” Allisia asked, knowing her duty as a host in her own room.

“Oh! have drakegold?” the maid asked, Allisia smiling at her.

“Have a seat while I get it” Allisia said, nodding in the direction of a chair near the bed.

As the maid smiled and headed for the chair, Allisia went over to a small cupboard at the farthest end of her room, putting out a rather dusty but still fresh bottle of the sweet alcoholic brewage drakegold.

“So...” Allisia said as she sat down by her bed after handing the maid the bottle and a glass, helping herself to a drink, as well; “...Faris says you are a fangirl of mine; how can that be?”

“Well, it’s just...” the maid said, her boots dangling lightly from the chair as she took a small gulp from her glass; “’re a Dragon Knight! You’ve fought in wars and all kinda stuff! Kicked bad guys’ butts and saved whole kingdoms!”

“Now, now, young lady; I might be a knight, but the first thing you learn, is that wars are not just for the fun of it...” Allisia explained patiently; “ old saying goes; ‘the one to lift the sword faces the same tenfold’.”

“Uhm-m-m, I dunno what that means, Miss Allisia...” the maid blushed.

“It means that as soon as your sword is unsheathed from its scabbard, you have thrown reason and diplomacy to the side, choosing primitive force and violence over common sense; unless, of course, it is in self-defence...” Allisia said, correcting herself at the end as she took a sip from her glass.

“Oh, I see...but you’re still awesome, Miss Allisia!” the maid smiled happily at her, making Allisia let out a small laugh.

“Now I think of it; are you not one of the newest maids here at the manor, little one?” Allisia asked.
“Oh, uhm-m-m, yes, I think I am; I decided to work here only last week” the maid said.

“And what would your name and age be, then?” Allisia asked again.

“My name’s Narru; I’m 17” the girl smiled.

“A real little ‘cutie pie’ as our dear Mirinda calls you...” Allisia smiled back.

“But, Miss Allisia...I...I kinda wanna ask you something...” the maid said as she now put the glass on the table by the chair, sitting up on the bed besides Allisia.

“Go ahead; ask away” Allisia said, although a careful observation of the girl gave it away for miles that she had a burning lust for her.

“Could I-...” Narru tried and ask; smiling mentally at herself, Allisia laid down on the bed, pretending to be yawning and stretching out.

“Well, I am a bit tired, so can you please tell me soon?” Allisia asked, hoping for Narru to understand her gesture.

“OH! Uhm-m-m...I...I wanna...I want know....I-...” Narru tried her best to put her sentences together, but all too late; as Allisia reached out her hand, she gently seized the maid by her wrists, making her let out a small shriek of excitement.

“Yes, I do know what you want...” Allisia smiled at Narru, the maid blushing deeply; “...just give me a moment...”

By that Allisia loosened her belt and pulled off her housecoat, lying naked in front of the almost drooling and red-hot blushing Narru.

“I’m sorry for the slight mess; I was having a good read before you came in...” Allisia now teased by handing Narru the yuri hentai manga she had just been reading.

“Wha-what?! Ca-can two girls re-...really do that??” Narru asked in awe, seeing the elf girl violently and passionately grope the joyfully screaming human girl’s breasts.

“Let’s just say that this little scenario in the yuri manga...” Allisia said, slowly taking the manga out of Narru’s hands, leaning over and forcing the maid down on the bed by sheer force of will; “ nothing compared to what we two can conjure up.”

Hearing that, Narru chuckled nervously, looking at Allisia’s breasts.

“My Gods, Miss Allisia; you gotta be at least a D-cup!” Narru exclaimed in an excited wail; before she knew it, she tossed herself over Allisia, forcing her downwards, humping herself against the Warrior Girl.

“Oh, do hold on, please!” Allisia now said mildly irritated; looking worried, Narru backed down, feeling ashamed of herself.

“First of all...” Allisia said as she gallantly rose up; “...when we make love...” she said, walking up behind Narru, forcibly pushing her unto the bed; “...then we get naked first!”

“Wa-a-a-a-argh! Miss Allisia, what are you...oh, no-o-o-o-oh!” Narru wailed out as she felt Allisia slowly but violently take off Narru’s uniform; soon stripped down to all but her white wrist-long gloves and ankle-high boots, Narru looked up behind her, seeing Allisia sending her a pleasant grin.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you...” Allisia said, leaning over Narru’s back; “...I will merely school you on how to love your fellow Nightwind girls!”

“I...I’ve got a confession first...!” Narru shrieked out between her closed teeth, feeling Allisia’s heavy, round breasts on her naked back; “...I’ve...I’ve never had sex before! I didn’t join the party tonight because I wanna save it for when I’m ready to be molested!”

“Ah, so you are waiting for the right moment? Not a bad idea, little Narru...” Allisia said, smiling and patting Narru’s head.

“I’m not a little kid, you know!” Narru snarled at Allisia, who simply grinned and held up her hand to cover her mouth.

“Oh-h-h-h-h...this is so embarrassing...” Narru mumbled, looking at herself naked in front of Allisia.

“Narru, the woman’s body is gorgeous! I cannot find a flaw in yours” Allisia said honestly, standing up and stroking Narru’s back.

“But...but I haven’t even got D-cup breasts! They’re so damn small...!” Narrus said sourly, looking angrily at her breasts, Allisia smiling at her.

“They’ll grow in time; for now, my main reason for wishing to molest you is simple...” Allisia said, gesturing Narru to lie down on the bed, which she did willingly; “...I find your personality, your looks and your passion for me both alluring and attractive; that’s why I want to, well, as Faris says it, fuck you.”

“But...but my virginity...” Narru said worriedly, holding her hands above her nether lips in a defensive gesture.

“Don’t you worry; I will leave it for you to decide which of these loveable Nightwind sweethearts is to take it” Allisia said, sitting by the bedside next to Narru.

“Oh! won’t use a dildo or strap-on on me...?” Narru asked in surprise.

“No, you don’t need sex toys just to have your fun, but tell me...” Allisia said, leaning over by Narru, now in eyesight of her; “...for a virgin, who has never had sex, you really know a lot about it, don’t you?”

“Oh! Oh, uhm-m-m...I kinda looked through Minyoki’s yuri hentai at a time...” Narru smirked and blushed.

“You silver-haired little she-devil, you...!” Allisia smirked, playfully rubbing Narru’s stomach and tickling under her armpits, causing her to laugh out loud and curl herself together.

“Stop! No! N-nohohohoho-oh tih-hih-hih-hih-ckling!” Narru laughed, Allisia pausing the tickling, Narru looking happily at her.

“So...let’s do it, then” Narru said, surprising Allisia by grabbing her wrist and dragging her towards herself.
“So, you don’t mind having sex with me?” Allisia asked in tease, Narru simply shaking her head and hugging Allisia tightly.

“Just play with me a little...” Narru smiled, letting out a long sigh as Allisia’s light and warm breathe reached her right breast...

“You will need to learn...” Allisia said, suddenly sucking violently on Narru’s nipple, the surprised maid letting out a shriek of shyness and excitement; “...that I can be both a passionate...” Allisia continued, placing a soft kiss on Narru’s lips, the silver-haired girl not able to suppress her moaning and slight giggle as Allisia broke free of the kiss, smirking at Narru; “...and a gentle lover.”

“So...can I be a little rough, too?” Narru asked, blushing.

“My sweet little Narru...” Allisia said, sitting down in eyesight of Narru, holding her hand up and holding it under Narru’s chin; “...that is a request I am more than willing to answer yes to, but...” Allisia said, releasing her grip as she chuckled; “...I’d advise you start from above.”

“You’ve got it, Allisia! Gods...this is really happening...!” Narru said, beaming with eagerness and folding her hands into fists in excitement; somehow, Allisia felt as if having let a crazed catgirl out of her box.

“INCOMI-I-I-I-ING!” Narru laughed and cheered as she performed a near skydive in between Allisia’s breasts, Allisia not capable of resisting a heartily laugh as she saw the silver-haired maid working her tongue so eagerly on her.

“Well, not the one to back out, are you?” Allisia asked, getting no reply as Narru’s tongue worked on her right breast without any hint of pause.

“Uhm-m-m-m-m…say, this feels really good…” Allisia smiled at Narru; laying down on the bed, Allisia smirked and let out a happy sigh, looking at Narru as she took a pause from her licking; “...let’s see if you can make me feel good just by licking me there.”

[End notes: Facts about drakegold:
A sweet drink brewed by the lich Vlad'Darsa; ingredients include sugar, coffein, ale, water and a few sparkles of concentrated Mystic essence for an uplifting feeling during consumation.]

Chapter 19

Title: Chapter XIX - Who needs 'Virtual' Reality?

“Lay still!” Faris said sharply, the sound of a dominatrix in her voice; before her, a sweating and gasping Minyoki lay on Faris’ bed, eagerly pleasing herself by tilting her breasts and letting out her tongue; on the floor lay her corset and shirt of black leather, and her skimpy white shirt lay on the top, leaving Minyoki with her boots as the only remaining clothes she wore.

“So, what’s it gonna be tonight, huh? It’s time you had the real deal, not just screwing off at WoW babes on your computer…” Faris asked, Minyoki clearly hearing the silent chuckles from the darkness in Faris’ room; her Night Guards, dressed in the same, tight, black leather bodysuit as Faris, were looking forward to their captain’s molesting of Minyoki.

“Faris, do you always need your little leather ladies around when you wanna make out?” Minyoki provoked teasingly, knowing hers and Faris’ exchange on insults they always did before making love.

“Don’t you have the tits to do it? All these ladies compensating for something, eh? Maybe your tits’ gone all small behind that leather suit…” Minyoki smiled and giggled playfully.

Snorting with chuckles at Faris’ clearly acted up anger increase, Minyoki did nothing but laugh at her as Faris now ubottoned her belt, the steel rapier in its scabbard falling clinging to the floor, she marched towards Minyoki, soon placing her high-heeled boot on Minyoki’s stomach, the pink-haired girl not minding it at all.

“Now listen here, you little, tight-ass pink-hair bitch…” Faris said in clearly fake, threatening voice; “…one more word from you, and I’m gonna fuck you inside out until you’ll start showing me the proper manners; got it?!”

As she knew Faris was just joking, Minyoki could not keep up her acting, and began giggling at Faris’ red-hot, furious facial expression; sighing, Faris shoke her head, grinning at Minyoki.

“I’m no good at playing the ‘bad girl’ card, am I?” she asked, Minyoki all but continuing her giggling.

“Nope, but you’re a real hottie in heat under that suit, I’d bet” Minyoki teased, Faris throwing her coat to the side, pulling down her suit’s zipper and leaning over Minyoki.

“You’d like this, huh??” she asked, pressing her still leather-covered breasts towards Minyoki’s face.

“Aw-w-w, c’mo-o-o-on; I want you all hot and naked, not in some sexy leather bodysuit!” Minyoki ‘complained’, Faris smirking and pulling the zipper fully down, dropping her suit, boots and gloves, soon standing fully naked and facing the satisfied Minyoki.

“Uhm-m-m, all red-hot and good in bed…” Minyoki said, rising up to kiss Faris; suddenly, however, Faris threw herself over Minyoki, the pink-haired girl feeling the redhead pressing her down into the bed, the surrounding Night Guard girls all but smirking and mumbling in amusement.

“Don’t you have a Shoujo Sect anime to bounce off your titties at??” Minyoki cried out in taunt, a united ‘nope’ answering her.

“Why would they? It’s always better with a real life threesome” Faris chuckled, sitting on Minyoki’s breasts as she had to catch her breathe.

“’Threesome’? Learn to count, geez; we’re only two in he-…” Minyoki began, only to see two Night Guards stand aside, a smaller figure appearing before her:

Wearing basically a normal maid uniform, Gloris stood smilingly in front of her; as Minyoki looked closely, she found the uniform to be made purely of black latex, as well as the see-through stockings, clearly visible and skimpy thong, and the ankle-high boots.

“Hiya, Miss Minyoki; Mistress Faris requested I’d be here to fuck you good, so here I am!” Gloris simply chuckled, smiled and walked towards the bed; to Minyoki’s pleasant, yet sudden surprise, Gloris pressed what sounded like a small bottom underneath her skirt, a black latex strap-on popping into view, its machinery springing to life as it started humming.

“Oh, fuck! Geez, have mercy, Faris! I’m not kidding; I can’t have that thing up my-…” Minyoki began, but soon found Gloris gripping her wrists, the exotic girl forcing her down by pressing her breasts right into Minyoki’s face, combined with her precise handling of her wrists.

“Will you just stop resisting, Minyoki? You use a vibrator dildo every night at those Rumble Roses girls, for crying out loud” Faris smiled tauntingly at her, Minyoki all but blushing heavily.

“None of your fucking-…” she was about to snarl, but facing both Faris and Gloris alone sparked her playfulness and lustful thinking of the two of them in a threesome with her.

“Alas, I surrender; tell Allisia and Narrisha…that I fell, defending my virtue to the last…” Minyoki joked, making herself sound about as melodramatic as she could.

“That…that won’t be…Gods…” Faris tried and put a sentence together, but found herself all but laughing as Minyoki held her hand dramatically to her head, Gloris already rolling around on the bed, holding her hands over her stomach, sometimes to hammer her fist into the bed sheets in her hysterical fit of laughing.

“Alas, alas; my virtue now will pass; for thou I knew, and to thou I swear: Lustful looks seen from ou girls everwhere” Minyoki added, Faris holding her hand over Minyoki’s to make her stop, Minyoki already busy laughing at herself.

“Where…where did you learn that….?” Faris asked between her pants and gasping.

“From Mirinda; she once sang it before fucking two maids down in her dungeon for ‘not to set the furniture correctly’” Minyoki explained, Faris letting out a noise that sounded like a mix of a grunt and a giggle.

“I’d never thought this could actually work!” Siriki grinned, holding her camera up and filming the still panting, now masturbating Chinyi in all her glory; the pink-haired girl looked up at the camera, smiling and winking at it.

“Hiya, girls; I’m kinda hoping you will enjoy this as much as I do when you see this…” Chinyi smirked to herself, baring her nether lips as Siriki zoomed in on the camera; “…it’s some good inspiration for those lonely nights, right?”

“Gods, she sounds so cute and hot when she fingers herself like that!” Siriki grinned to heself, enjoying Chinyi’s self-lovemaking enough for her to reach beneath her waist and thighs.

“Hey! You’re supposed to film me masturbating, not getting yourself off at me!” Chinyi joked at Siriki, the cyan-haired girl all but giggling, putting the camera down on a desk, where it still recorded as Siriki headed towards Chinyi.

“Hey, we can double it up; I watch you masturbate, you watch me masturbate” Siriki proposed with a laugh, Chinyi blushing, but nevertheless nodded eagerly.

“Dear...Gods…Miss Allisia, you’re incredible!” Narru beamed at her idol and, newly added as well as the other Nightwind girls, lover; after five minutes of sucking, slurping and licking on Allisia’s nipples, the Warrior Girl had finally had her mild, yet very satisfied climax; quickly recovering, she had thrown herself over Narru, who now faced a similar situation.

“The credit goes to you, little Narru; who would have fought you to have such a talent for lovemaking and sex” Allisia said, sitting up from her licking of the silver-haired maid; facing Allisia, Narru could spot an almost proud smile on her lips.

“With any luck, I might fare just as well now that I’ll have my turn…” Allisia nodded at her, slowly leaning down on Narru once again, this time focusing solely on her mouth, which she kissed deeply and unfold her tongue into it, Narru’s eager tongue all to happy to reply in kind.

“You…you’ve gotta be kidding me…??” Minyoki yelped out, Gloris joyfully hammering the strap-on into Minyoki’s nether lips, the pink-haired girl biting into the bed sheets from raw pleasure.

“I think that does it, Gloris; she’s ready for your finishing move now” Faris commented from the end of the bed, chuckling happily as Minyoki grinned at Gloris.

“It’s not wonder you’re infamous, sexy; you’re one heck of a wildcat in bed!” Minyoki teased, Gloris sitting up and replying with a wink; pressing a button, the strap-on slowly losing its volume as Gloris took it out of her and Minyoki’s nether regions.

“I’m…I’m not quite done yet, Minyoki…!” Gloris smiled, Minyoki suddenly feeling her head to be seized forcefully, yet gently pushed towards Gloris’ damp and moist nether lips, the black-haired maid busy removing her latex uniform.

“Oh, a classic little pussy-licking; sounds fine to me” Minyoki commented, giggling as she helped herself to lick Gloris’ g-spot.

“O-O-O-O-OH!” glories yelled out, grabbing some of Minyoki’s hair and pulling her head deeper in.

“Hey, no hair-pulling; otherwise I can’t lick properly!” Minyoki joked, Gloris smiling at Minyoki.

“Oh, I’ve gotta take advantage of this…” Faris grinned, placing herself with her head right under Minyoki’s nether lips, Faris’ legs resting on the floor.

“I told you…” Faris teased, beginning her licking; “…I said a threesome, so I’ll get my threesome…!”

“…’Please be gentle…’, ‘oh, you’re so cute…’” Narrisha read to herself, looking as the girls from her yuri doujinshi were intertwined in a tribadism lock, a latex-clad dominatrix in red boots, gloves and collar of red latex.

“So…basically, she’s trying to make her partner ‘cum’, which means she gets an orgasm?” the ever-curious Breeze asked, the griffon resting her head on Narrisha’s shoulder and observing.

“Yeah, cumming is a great thing at the end of sex where your pussy overflows so much it leaks out womanly love juice” Narrisha explained, licking her lips and fangs at the thought.

“And this ‘love juice’ is part of an ingredient for an elixir to make one immortal?” Breeze asked once again.

“You seriously didn’t believe I told you that, did you??” Narrisha laughed as she closed the doujinshi, Breeze rustling her wings and curling her tail, looking a little upset.

“I did in fact; now I just see how stupid it would be…” she mumbled sourly, clapping her beak.

“Sorry ‘bout that, Breeze; uhm-m-m, mind jumping down about now? I gotta get myself off before I go to sleep” Narrisha asked, the griffon nodding and jumping down in a single, graceful move.

“Thanks, Breeze; sleep well” Narrisha said, smirking and opening her doujinshi once again, moving her hand below the bed sheets and fingering her already rather wet nether lips, teasing herself as she imagined the two girls in the doujinshi to be licking her.

“Gods, what the Hell am I thinking?! Why read when you can feel?” Narrisha suddenly laughed at herself, closing the doujinshi, bending down and reaching for something under her bed.

“Damn! Must’ve thrown it too far in; hey, Breeze, can you be a dear and go get that catsuit out of there for me?” Narrisha asked the griffon.

“Hmm, the glittering, silvery fetish suit in there? Or-r-r-rkh, let me see...” Breeze nodded, stretching her long, massive front eagle leg under the bed, the griffon extending its sharp claws.

“That...should do it!” Breeze said, grabbing hold of the sleek catsuit; dragging it carefully out from under the bed, Breeze handed it to Narrisha, who was happy to see that not as much as a scratch was on it after its meeting with griffon claws.

“Thanks, Breeze; now to turn on the power...” Narrisha nodded at the griffon, busily trying to find and activation button.

“Say, how did you get hold of that suit? My mistresses only made five...” Breeze asked sceptically.

“I borrowed it; the only condition was...well that I didn’t mess it up too much...” Narrisha blushed, smirking to herself.

Chapter 20

Title: Chapter XXI - The Night without an End

[Author's notes: Including: The Warrior Ladies Meet (Allisia V.R.D.R Suit Scenario).]

“Come in!” Vinya called, sitting by her cosmetics desk, brushing her newly white, spiky and purple dyed and tinted hair; as she had cut her normally pink-dyed, waist-long hair, she had decided it was time for her to try a new look.

“Thanks, Vinya; I’ve just got to borrow your...-“ Charlene now walked in, amazed at Vinya’s new look, as it was far more frisky and wild-looking than her old, gallant pink mane of hair.

“Goddess, Vinya! It’s wicked cool!” Charlene gasped in awe, not able to hold back an excited, happy shriek, Vinya smiling back at her.

“I’ve been thinking about getting a new look since I got here; I think I’d fit better in that way” Vinya explained, Charlene smirking at her.

“Just remember not just to change yourself because you think we’ll like it; change it to what you’d like to see in yourself” Charlene said, Vinya looking with a mix of curiosity and confusion at her.

“It’s something I’ve read about in a book of Mirinda’s” Charlene explained, blushing a little.

“You lent a book? Heh, before or after you hid a volume of Shoujo Sect in it?” Vinya teased.

“Hey! Don’t make fun of the best anime ever made!” Charlene acted as if she was angry, while she really could not hide her giggling.

“I’ve never really read it before; is it really about a school for girls only, where most of the students almost have daily sex with each other between classes?” Vinya asked as innocently as she could.

“You’ve discovered the power of the Internet, huh?” Charlene teased back, Vinya making an agreeing nod followed by a wink.

“OK! Let’s role, roses!” Narrisha grinned, Breeze all but shaking her head, opening her golden beak and yawningly falling asleep.

Laying on the bed, Narrisha had put on the VRDR Suit, using the small interface under the suit’s left wrist to determine her scenario; flickering through Narrisha’s mind from the headset she wore, she felt as if the whole bedroom turned slowly into a large, fangirl-packed wrestling arena, before her still waking eyes, two well-known wrestlers already making it worthwhile for Narrisha to watch:

Sitting atop a wildly shrieking Candy Cane, Mistress Spencer giggled as she let down spank after spank from her crop, her busty breasts bared as she had pulled down her already skimpy corset.

“That’s what you get when you’re acting like a slutty brat, Miss Welsh! You deserve all this punishment for keeping me waiting!” the dominatrix chuckled in a surprisingly playful way; “you didn’t honestly think I’d spare you this little humiliation?”

“Teach, you’re fucked up! You’re always the dominant in this! When’s it my turn?!” Candy Cane yelled out, for only to have the dominatrix step down from her, pushing her over and sitting herself down with her legs on each side of Candy Cane’s head, the mistress leaning smilingly down as she began to remove Candy Cane’s shirt.

“QUIT THE TALKING! GET TO THE FUCKING!” Narrisha was surprised, and more than mildly shocked, to see a girl beside her cheer wildly at Mistress Spencer; she was slightly gothic in her appearance, black-haired with spiky, red points sticking out, and wore a black tee-shirt and black leather pants, a hint of a white thong all too visible.

“I think I’m gonna love it here...” Narrisha smiled to herself, sitting down besides the black-haired girl, who looked pleasantly surprised to see a new girl join the crowd.

“Yo, Wassup, sis? You here to watch ‘em get beaten soft and fucked good?” she asked, Narrisha sending her a happy grin.

“Indeed I am...” she said, shaking her head and hair a bit, leaning down for a better view, as a shriek of pleasure from Candy Cane had reached the audience; “...I think I’m gonna stay for a while...”

“Uhmm...! Uhm-m-m-m...!” Vinya moaned, Charlene caressing her breasts lightly, tickling the nipples.

“Is it really true shin’sari girls are wild lovers? C’mon let me see some of the passionate fire...!” Charlene teased her, slurping on Vinya’s right nipple, making her giggle.

“I’m...I’m very new to all this...real lovemaking stuff...but yeah; just you look at Mistress Shica!” Vinya smirked, Charlene smiling at her.

“Hey, your mistress must be really good to have that loveable little demon girl as girlfriend...” Charlene caught herself laughing; “...I bet they’re neither of them are virgins anymore!”

“No, they aren’t; they took each other’s the first night they made love” Vinya said, sighing pleasantly at the thought of how sweet lovemaking with these Nightwind girls really was.

“M-m-m-m...” Shica mumbled in her sleep, Jiraz silently sneaking out of bed, finding her stomach growling.

“W...where are going, Jiraz...?” Shica yawned, Jiraz freezing on the spot; she had forgotten how good ears an elf had.

“Well, I was kinda going for a late night snack; my stomach’s killing me...” Jiraz admitted, looking innocently at Shica.

“Meh, I’m a little hungry, too; let’s go” Shica said, jumping out of bed, landing gallantly and silently besides Jiraz.

“I gotta learn that” Jiraz smirked, Shica patting her girlfriend’s shoulder smilingly.

“It’s too bad she missed out, but heck; you can’t screw when you’re unconscious” Hiroi spoke to a nurse in the hospital wing of the manor, standing over Raicha’s bed; the blonde-haired girl was slowly waking up, the nurse stating that the effects of her failed prank at Narrisha were all gone.

“Great thing...geez, my head feels like a freaking drum set...!” Raicha moaned, holding a hand to her head, looking at Hiroi; “say there, Hiroi babe; can’t you run along to the kitchen and get me a coke?”

“I’m on it; you just take it easy and get yourself together” Hiroi assured, heading for the door.

“So, is it true? Did our mighty Amazon of a Warrior Girl Allisia finally fuck a little girlie?” Raicha now asked a nearby nurse, who nodded and looked very curiously at Raicha.

“The truth is...” she said, sitting on the side of Raicha’s bed, smiling seductively; “...we weren’t really honest about there being no side-effects...”

“You’ve got to get your body in some heat, or it’ll go into a cold and you might catch a flue” another nurse said, sitting down on the other side, dropping her glasses on a nearby desk, winking at Raicha.

“Babes, the Bombshell Blonde is back...” Raicha smirked, understanding the nurses’ intentions fully as she quickly reached out, her hands groping on the nurses’ breasts through their uniforms; “...and she’s in need of a little lady love!”

Chapter 21

Title: Chapter XXII - Appeal and Attraction

[Author's notes: Landscape from: The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
Amazons from: Fictional origin.
Gueast appearence: Isabella 'Ivy' Valentine (Soul Calibur).]

“Uhm-m-m-m...this is really Heaven, isn’t it?” Jiki asked, Kiro rubbing herself softly against her girlfriend, the two of them slowly enjoying their embrace, sometimes to tickle or nip and each other’s breasts in tease.

“It’s divine enough to be that...” Kiro sighed happily, the moonlight shining through the window, the now darkened room fully allowing the moon’s glow to dance over the two girlfriends under the bed sheets.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! UHMM, YEAH!” Chinyi shrieked out, Siriki mercilessly groping her breasts and humping herself up and down Chinyi’s back.

“C’mon! Cum for me! I wanna watch you cum!” Siriki whispered excitedly into Chinyi’s ear, the pink-haired girl’s smile broadening.

“Hihhihihih! You’re, you’re awesome, Siriki! I didn’t really know you also went for humping!” Chinyi smirked, rolling on her back, facing Siriki as the cyan-haired girl began groping her breasts once again and burrowed her head between Chinyi’s legs.

“I can be very persuasive to make such cuties like you cum...” Siriki grinned at Chinyi, who returned it.

“Phew! All those years of fighting really pays off when you make out, huh?” Narru teased, Allisia fondling her hair and smiling at her silver-haired little fangirl.

“Had I known by that time I would be spending the rest of my life alongside such fabulous and cute girls...” Allisia said, stroking Narru’s chin; “...I would really have doubled my efforts; you really take the breath out of and all this new lovemaking...”

“You’re worried about it?” Narru asked, slightly worried.

“Well, I hope I can live up to the other girls’ expectations...” Allisia said, nodding to herself.

“If you make out half as good as you fight, they’ll never know what screwed them before they’re in ecstasy!” Narru grinned, Allisia smiling at the joke.

“Thanks, Narru; I really appreciate the support...” she smirked, rising up from the bed and heading for the glasses and the bottle of drakegold; “...but I’m a little tired, so we’ll see each other again in the morning, alright?”

“Oh, OK! I’ll see if I can get some sleep!” Narru smiled at Allisia, mentally chuckling to herself that she had finally been intimate and in bed with her lifelong idol:

The famous Dragon Knight, Lady Allisia Lightblade.

“Now, how does this...suit work, anyway?” Allisia asked herself, pulling on the VRDR Suit she had borrowed earlier from Jiki and Kiro.

A smile went over her lips; the two of them had really been a joy to meet, and Allisia had clearly felt how much they were in love with each other.

“OK, let me see here...” she said to herself, looking through the options and menus appearing on the small screen at the suit’s left wrist.

“’Project X: Allisia’? What kind of trickery are they planning for me, I wonder...?” Allisia smirked, pressing the display button as the visor in her headset began loading the data.

“Let’s see about this, now” she nodded to herself, lying down on the bed, closing her eyes.

As Allisia opened her eyes, a beautiful countryside with wild fields and trees in the far distance met her; the wind blew lightly through her hair, as a golden sun were setting in the west behind majestic mountains.

“This is wondrous! They must have looked through some of their data to copy Silvarcira for me!” Allisia exclaimed in happiness, the joy of seeing her country in such beauty nearly taking away her breath.

“Hmm? W-what is this...??” Allisia asked herself, discovering herself to be wearing the exact suit of armour that her Soul-Cleaver had given her; as another surprise, the exact weapon hang in a scabbard by her side, giving off its usual aura of controlled, Dark Magic.

“Curious...oh well; not all mysteries need an answer...” she said, walking towards what appeared to be a small settlement.

“Hmmm...” Allisia said as she got closer, looking at what appeared to be large tents made of tough, hardened leather with thick ropes; “...a simple yet handy campsite; the ones living here knows their technique...”

“...And then the deer came springing into view, so I aimed my arrow right ahead, and-...” Allisia now heard a light female voice speaking; deciding to keep herself hidden, she crawled into one of the tents, finding it surprisingly roomy; the floor were covered in warm furs, and two beds, made almost out of finely polished bones, were placed in each side of the tent, the middle consisting of a tall pillar to keep the tent up.

“...So you shot it right dead? Wow! That’s one kind of achievement! Not even the chief can aim that well!” another female voice spoke, the first one now giggling.

“Well, the chief’s good for many things; I mean, you saw her in the ring yesterday? That blonde didn’t even make it to make a move before she got down and dirty!” the first one said, the two of them laughing as Allisia heard them step closer.

“Anyway, you think today’s really the day? The day that so-called ‘Dark Goddess’ will come and-...” one of them said, Allisia not hearing which because of their whispering.

“...And ravish the chief and steal her virtue? Heck, I kinda hope it; she’s so hot, but the tribe’s law forbids anyone but this ‘Dark Goddess’ to ‘violate’ her; I’ll be glad when that day happens so we can see just how good she is...!” one of them said, the two of them giggling silently.

“So you wish for a ‘Dark Goddess’, I see? Well, this is my scenario, so I’d better play my part...” Allisia thought to herself, rising up, her armour clinging loudly.

“Wha-what was that?? Someone’s in the tent??” one of the girl’s voice was heard, the other either too scared to answer or not bothering to.

As Allisia stepped out of the tent, she prepared herself to be as dramatic as she could...

However, the first she caught her eyes on was far too much for her mind to take:

Two black-haired girls, tan-skinned, sweaty and lightly covered in white, tribal tattoos and armed with hunting spears stood in front of her; their outfits consisted of thongs, bras, collars and knee-high boots of polished, brown leather, a few white feathers sitting in their hair.

Allisia right out found herself drooling, unable to live up to her dark, dramatic entre; as the girls’ confused looks turned to smiles, Allisia somehow felt the desire to throw herself over them, tear of their clothes and make animalistic, passionate love to them.

“Well, if ‘goddess’ means as in dark, tall and looking good, I think she’s the one!” one of the girls said, her friend nodding, approaching Allisia.

“My, how’d fit in all that armour? Can you even move?” she asked, sounding a little worried.

Allisia never got to answer, for suddenly, her mind either went black, or the visor over her eyes faded out; nonetheless, after a brief silence, the screen flashed back to life, Allisia finding herself laying in a tent with a roaring fire in front of her.

“Uhm-m-m-m...goddess, where am I now...?” she groaned, rising up slowly, greatly challenged by her armour.

“Hey, everyone! The goddess’ awake now!” she heard outside, the familiar, light female voice making her smile; according to this Amazon tribe’s prophecies, she was apparently to make love to their chieftain; however, Allisia had no real idea who the chieftain could be, which only sparked her curiosity.

She stood up, heading out of the tent, where her menacing appearance in black armour with spikes made many of the surrounding girls either scream or back away; understanding now that she had been wearing her helmet, Allisia reached for it, removing it from her head and putting it to the ground:

Around her a couple of dozen small, yet fully grown teenage girls could be seen coming out of their tents, their hairstyles and hair colours varying like a rainbow, but all of them clad in the tight leather attire Allisia found herself tempted to rip off and ravish the girls.

“Almighty goddess; we thank You for visiting us lowly servants and blessing us with your presence!” one of them now exclaimed dramatically, two claw-like white tattoos covering her eyes.

“Bah! You still believe in your ‘divine prophecies’’? How absurd...” a cold, almost cruel female voice was heard; stepping out of a nearby tent, a woman with pale purple hair, purple leather attire and golden half-plate armour appeared, sending Allisia a surprised, if even hungry look.

“My, if this is what you make of ‘divine’, it really does this one justice...” the woman smirked to herself, stepping over to Allisia, who found the pale-haired woman not only attractive, but right out ravishing.

“So you are these little girls’ so-called ‘goddess’? Hmmm, quite a title for someone so...” the woman taunted, letting a strange longsword run over Allisia’s armoured knee; “...predictably virtuous.”

“Virtue is not a sin, and neither is lust, woman...” Allisia now spoke in her most formal tone, although she found herself unable to avert her eyes from the pale-haired woman’s enormous breasts covered very tightly and sparingly under her suit.

“Oh my, a formal one, too; and you are supposed to bring about the end of the chieftain’s virtue?” the woman now said, patting Allisia’s cheek in a tauntingly childish way; “you could hardly even touch her with all that virtuous glory you proud yourself of.”

“You very much wish to provoke me, don’t you?” Allisia sent the woman a challenging smile, making her silently chuckle.

“You’re dancing with the devil, little girl, and she’s really fond of all these loveable ladies...” the woman asked, gesturing to the surrounding girls.

“What is your name, then?” Allisia asked as formally as she could, finding it difficult to decide either to land a punch in that provoking little slut’s face, or rip apart her tight suit and molest her.

“Ivy, Ivy Valentine” the woman bowed, a strange mechanism in her sword causing it to unleash itself in a long wire of steel thread and blade parts, twirling around the woman.

“I’m Allisia, and that is about all there is to know of me...” Allisia said, switching to a rougher tone.

“Now, now; where are your manners?” Ivy taunted once again.

“They ran away alongside my view on you as a great warrior” Allisia now taunted smilingly; “were you truly as great in battle as you are in your appeal, I might even feel anything near fear.”

“Oh! Why, you...!” Ivy now found herself unprepared for that kind of compliment and insult at one time, her focus over her weapon collapsing as it fell to the ground.

“Miss Ivy, she ‘is’ the goddess! There can be no doubt...” the claw-tattooed girl said, somewhat strictly.

“She is no goddess, let alone divine! I challenge this impudent brat to a duel! She will pay for her cheap little insults with her body!” Ivy now loudly declared, the surrounding girls uniting in cheer.

“So we are to fight each other and spill our precious blood over something so little? Over do you have something else in mind...?” Allisia asked tauntingly, crossing her arms.

“Ah, not much for the lethal part, are you? Very well...” Ivy said, winking flirtingly at Allisia and turned on her heels; “...I shall see you at the pit in an hour!”

Chapter 22

Title: Chapter XXIII - The Pit Fight

[Author's notes: Continuation: The Warrior Ladies Meet (Allisia V.R.D.R Suit Scenario).]

“So...this is this pit she spoke of...?” Allisia asked herself, looking at the circle of girls sitting around the edge of a large, swallow mud pit; it was apparently these Amazons’ way of fighting over either injustice or just for the fun of it.

“Mighty goddess, shall we remove Your armour? Lady Ivy will stand too great a chance to push You down with its weight on your shoulders” the white-tattooed girl asked, Allisia nodding silently.

“Thank goodness I made sure to wear something underneath...” she thought to herself, smirking at the look of the girls; even if she was to lose the duel, she would not mind even losing her honour if only the girls would still allow her to make love to them; much to her pleasant surprise as she looked up, many of the girls began whistling and smiling at her now bra and panties-covered body, Allisia allowing herself a grin at them.

“Are you trying to win favour so cheaply? I thought that was below a ‘goddess’...” Ivy now said, standing up besides her; all she had left behind on the ground was her armoured shoulder plate, gauntlet and sword; smiling evilly at Allisia, she whispered in her ear; “...although I confess, you’re not that much of a disappointment under all that armour...”

“Why thank you, Miss Ivy; should we be about our business?” Allisia asked, politely gesturing at the pit, Ivy giving a single nod and gallantly headed towards it.

“Gods...that girl should just about be put in her place!” Allisia thought to herself, finding herself irritated at Ivy’s obnoxious arrogance; “you won’t even see me from all the mud you’ll be covered in!”

“Lady Ivy! Mighty Allisia! Prepare to battle!” the white-tattooed girl yelled, a nearby girl beating a small hammer against a gong, its ringing clearly marking the beginning of the fight.

“You should save yourself the humiliation and surrender already; you have no idea how many others have challenged me...!” Ivy warned Allisia, the pale-haired woman raising her fists for battle.

“I don’t really want to hurt you, however stuck-up or arrogant you may be...” Allisia said, her arms locked in a defensive shield over her body.

“Arrogance, you say? Oh, no, my little ‘goddess’...” Ivy smirked to herself; “...I speak from experience and facts; none, and I repeat, none, has ever bested me in hand-to-hand combat before!”

“That’s a real shame, because I plan on dragging you squirming body all over this pit and have my way with you; truth is...I find you quite attractive...” Allisia said, finding herself blushing.

“I...I didn’t know you did...” Ivy now said, lowering her fists; “...well, I am bound by honour to fight, but at least we may fight as friends rather than rivals.”

“You said it, Ivy...!” Allisia smirked, nodding at Ivy as she began circling around her, careful not to slip.

“YA-A-A-ARGH!” Ivy suddenly roared, throwing herself at Allisia; however, instead of falling back, as Ivy had thought and hoped, Allisia stood fast, took the punch from Ivy’s fist in her open palms, and, concentrating her strength, tossed the older woman over her shoulders, landing with a splat on her buttocks in the pit.

“What the...!” Ivy snarled, caught off-guard as Allisia had grabbed around her shoulders, trying to force Ivy downwards.

“Not on your life, little friend!” Ivy yelled back, tossing her head backwards, nearly hitting Allisia’s chest; as it was now Allisia’s turn to be caught off-guard, Ivy’s long legs soon found their way over Ivy’s head, locking around Allisia’s neck, forcing her to stand down, as she could not remove them no matter what force she used.

“Do you surrender?? A simply nod will suffice!” Ivy taunted, Allisia feeling her breathe getting harder.

“N-...not just yet!” Allisia said, deciding to lower her standards of normal combat and instead try out something she had been pondering over:

With Ivy’s legs and lower body un-guarded, Allisia found herself mentally smiling in expectation as she leaned herself forward, sliding over Ivy’s head, through her legs, and landing her upper body right on Ivy’s lower body, the two of them now caught in a 69 position.

“Huh?! What do you think you’re doing?! Snap out of it!” Ivy yelled, although the view of a set of white panties in front of her were not at all a disappointing view.

“You forced my tongue, Miss Ivy” Allisia now both partly joked and partly warned as she dug her tongue between Ivy’s thighs, the white-haired woman moaning as she felt the moist, warm tongue run over her skimpy leather suit.

“ can’t turn me on unless I wish to be! I can’t be so attracted to a dirty little blue-haired-...!” Ivy began, suddenly feeling Allisia removing the thong of Ivy’s outfit and sticking her tongue inside her channel of innocence.

“OH! Ge-get your tongue out of there...!” Ivy at first angrily yelled, but soon began enjoying the Warrior Girl’s slow, easy rhythm as her tongue went deeper and deeper in; squirming around in the mud under Allisia, Ivy could not bring herself to push Allisia aside and ruin such a good opportunity for yet even more lady love.

“My, being a warrior really does have its benefits; you’re great at resisting it, Miss Ivy” Allisia nodded, impressed as she was.

“And that’s...that’s supposed to be a compliment?” Ivy asked.

“Indeed, although you do taste a bit...well, metallic...” Allisia shrugged, hiding a smile and continued her slurping.

“ many girls have you just made love to?? You can’t be a beginner...” Ivy asked, frustrated with how easy she felt the pleasure coursing through her body.

“Well, quite a few; they seem to be attracted to lady warriors; do not ask me why” Allisia said, this time not hiding a short, polite giggle.

“You want a warrior? I’ll show you just how much skill my own tongue has!” Ivy smirked at herself, feeling proud at the thought of many willing and cute Amazon girls she had raped with all but her talent and taste for younger girls, as well as her fiercly dominant nature.

“You really do like talking, don’t you?” Allisia slightly taunted, Ivy letting out what sounded like a chuckle, sticking her tongue into Allisia’s channel of innocence, enjoying her newest lover’s taste.

“Miss Ivy and Lady Allisia are doing well! They’re embracing in primal, passionate lovemaking!” one of the Amazon girls smiled, letting out a happy sigh.

“I...I kinda feel like we should pay our respect to them; you know, join in the fun” another said, her hands already removing her gloves and skirt.

“You say we make an orgy in honour of the goddess and Miss Ivy?” the white-tattooed girl asked, the two Amazons nodding eagerly.

“Let it be so! Sisters, share your love with the goddesses and each other!” the tattooed girl proclaimed, looking at the girl closest to her, who looked up and smiled seductively at the tattooed girl, making her return it.

“Yes! Uhm-m-m-m-m...!” two girls were already moaning , hugging each other and kissing wildly as they began kneeling down, finding themselves slowly sliding down the muddy sides of the pit, soon landing and fully submerged in it, the kiss never breaking once.

“Either my eyes deceive me...” Ivy noted, stopping her moaning a moment; “...or our little worshippers are falling down to us from above.”

“We should really love the irony; we are highly respected by them, they see us as goddesses, and then they descend upon us” Allisia found herself smiling, licking her lips free of Ivy’s cum; the white-haired woman had finally given in, and had managed to keep her orgasm at bay for almost three seconds before she gave in, Allisia not even wanting to think of how messy her face would be.

“Well, I suppose it’s my turn now, ‘Lady’ Allisia...” Ivy grinned menacingly at her, Allisia steeling herself for whatever was to come; “...I shall enjoy showing you a new dimension of pleasure!”

By that, Ivy stood up, shaking her hair and looking down at Allisia.

“How appealing you are not, lying down there before me...” Ivy snarled, but let out a small giggle; “...consider me merciful that I won’t unleash myself fully upon you.”

“I have faced dozens of skilled girls and seductresses, Miss Ivy; please...” Allisia said, leaning herself slowly back, using her fingers and opening up her channel of innocence to Ivy’s view; “ your very best to sate my lust for you.”

“As you wish, my mud-stained little vixen...!” Ivy nodded at her, Allisia just barely able to see Ivy’s shape dive down on her, her tongue already inside Allisia, the blue-haired girl finding her mouth to be breathing and moaning heavily under the mud.

“Hmm, you do love having a seductress’ tongue in between your nether lips, don’t you little goddess?” Ivy teased, now using her muddy fingers on Allisia’s g-spot, making her stiffen and hold her breath for not to allow any moans to escape.

“OH! OH, GODS, MO-O-O-O-O-ORE!” Shica were wailing out and smirking in lust as Jiraz almost hammered her tail tip into the shin’saras’ girl’s nether lips.

“Take it in deep! You really like my tail, don’t you?? It’s so good to fuck you, Shica!” Jiraz encouraged above her, feeling pressed down by Shica’s feet as she continued her lovemaking; having returned from the kitchen with a few handfuls of sweets and a few cokes, it stood waiting on their desk, as both of them had decided to have the night’s last ‘game’ before eating and turning in for real.

“UHM-M-M-M!” Shica moaned, licking her lips and letting her tongue out in ecstasy, looking lustfully at Jiraz; “you fuck me so good, Jiraz! You’ve never failed in that!”

“And I don’t plan to, sweetheart; you’re just about to go down for real!” Jiraz smiled, reaching her hands down with a primal growl over Shica’s breasts, the demon girl passionately slurping and groping on them; as Shica wailed out once again, Jiraz looked to the wall for a moment, the digital watch on it clearly lightening up that it was around one o’ clock at night.

“You know, maybe we should let Jisha visit this place; maybe she’ll like it” Jiraz suggested, Shica panting but managing a nod.

“We...we could try and ask her if she’ll come visit us...but let’s...let’s leave it for now; I’m about to cum, Jiraz!”

“Oh, you don’t say so, huh? Well, let’s get you cumming, then!” Jiraz said, chuckling at her girlfriend’s lustful ecstasy; pulling her now soaked tail out of Shica’s nether lips, Jiraz headed for them with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, slurping on the folds of Shica’s nether lips, the shin’saras girl wailing and at least giving into her orgasm.

“Umm, you taste so good no matter how and when we fuck; how can you taste so well?? Tell me, you little...!” Jiraz smiled at Shica, engaging in a playful wrestling match with her, Shica laughing and spanking Jiraz and kissing her throat.

“I just can’t describe how good you are, Jiraz! It always feels fantastic when you lick me, grope me, and...oh, great; now I’m going horny again...” Shica smiled, making a long sigh, Jiraz smiling at her and licking her lips.

“What say you about Jisha, then? Should we send her an invitation?” Jiraz asked.

“Yeah, I think this place might do her good; I mean, she’d sure love being here with all the girls, and she’s on holiday from school, after all” Shica said, Jiraz nodding at her girlfriend.

“Let’s see now; water, fanta, wine, dragongold...ah! There we go; coke!” Hiroi scanned through the kitchen fridge, picking up a small can of coke and closing the fridge door.

“I’d be really dumb to use this...!” she chuckled to herself, wildly rustling the can, hoping that when Raicha would open it, the content would pour over her.

“...You eat even more than Jisha, Jiraz!” Hiroi now heard footsteps, Shica and Jiraz’s flirty conversations not something easily overheard.

“Don’t you start there! I’m her mom as well, so I kinda need to set an example there!” Jiraz giggled, Hiroi’s mind almost snapping at the word ‘mom’.

“Holy mother of fuck! They...they’ve got a daughter!?” Hiroi caught herself thinking, hiding behind a nearby stove, needing to hear more of the conversation.

“Bah, stop being so holy, Jiraz; I carried her from birth, so I kinda know something about hunger! Hell, all those months since you fucked me I couldn’t really think of anything else!” Shica gave back, although she grinned at herself.

“Hey, it’s not my fault alone; we decided to get a nice little daughter, and when magic’s so multi-universal...heck, we did it good, I’d say...” Jiraz laughed, her and Shica now entering the kitchen.

“YOU’VE GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” Hiroi now jumped from her hiding place, yelling at Jiraz and Shica in a mix of confusion and happiness for them both; “you two got a kid?! I...that’s right out wicked...!”

“Oh, I see; it’s not jealousy pounding on her doors...” Jiraz nodded at Shica, the shin’saras girl returning the nod; “...she just doesn’t think we’ve got what it takes to be parents.”

“NO! It’s not that! It’s could you get a kid?! I mean, you haven’t exactly got the genitals for it, so how-...?” Hiroi burst her question out, Shica smirking at Jiraz.

“Well, let’s just say our dear goddess Shinris would be pissed if she knew what the essence of life can do...” she smirked, Jiraz winking at her:

“We used a bit of Nature Magic when we decided to have a daughter, and manipulating it a bit with Mystic Magic...well, my tail got some other qualities...” Jiraz blushed.

“You became a dick-girl, fucked your girlfriend hard, and then had a kid?!” Hiroi asked in astonishment, trying to put two and two together.

“Yep, but I kinda discarded the spell afterwards; I prefer my own pussy any day!” Jiraz nodded, Shica sending her a challenging look.

“Are you saying mine’s not good enough??” she asked demandingly, Jiraz giggling and kissing Shica’s forehead, the shin’saras girl beaming at her; “now that’s better.”

Chapter 23

Title: Chapter XXIV - New Arrivals

[Author's notes: Introducing: Jisha Narra-Jar, daughter of Shica Narra-Jar and Jiraz Blackwhip.
Her birth is the result of Nature Magic, Mystic Magic...and 'the usual' from Jiraz and Shica.

Also introducing: Lady Dracaia, former lieutenant of Laracris the Golden Dragon.
A renegade dragon, Dracaia has turned herself over to her inner desires: Gold, girls and glorious fame.]

“Quite boring tonight, isn’t it?” a Night Guard standing by the main door asked a passing other Night Guard, getting a nod in reply as the other leaned up against a wall, yawning and adjusting her gloves.

“Hey, it was one Hell of a party; it’s almost as good as the time Christy came here” she commented, the other guard smirking.

“You really have your eyes on her; wanna go ask her for a pair of panties with a signed autograph?” the first guard teased, the other one blushing at her.

“What?? No! No, of course not...I’ll prefer enjoying the sight of her on stage...” she found herself smiling, the other guard leaning towards her.

“Say...” she asked, now fully leaning over her shoulder, smirking at her; “...why don’t we go and hit the sack? I’ve got proof that I’m good at fingering...”

“Oh! Well, yeah, but let’s wait for a mo-...” the other guard blushed and smiled, suddenly hearing a knock at the door.

“Someone’s knocking on the door at 1 o’ clock at night? That’s kinda weird...” one of the guards said, grabbing her spear, gesturing the other guard to open the door; unlocking the door and opening it, the two guards found two smaller figures standing outside in the moonlight, one of them with a pulled-up hood.

“Hiya, there; can we come in, or are you gonna interrogate us first?” one of the asked, its voice making it clear it was a girl of around the sixteen years.

“Let us in, please; the weather’s colder than you would expect...” the other said, its voice sounding slightly older and more mature.

“Oh, uhmm, certainly; come on in...” one of the guards gestured, the two figures stepping in, standing in the light:

One of them had shin’saras black skin and the forms of an elf, with a wild mane of spiky red hair, purple, feline eyes and small, white horns hidden under her hair.

The other were black-haired, had a tan skin, and deep, golden eyes of a like neither of the guards had seen before; they were both amazed, yet fearful of the strange girl at the same time.

“No! No more, please! Enough is enough, Vinya!” Charlene smirked, the shin’saras girl happily hugging her and humping her at the same time.

“Aww, ple-e-e-ease; otherwise I won’t ever find out how to be a great lover for the mistress and the girls...” Vinya pleaded in a sugar-sweet voice, Charlene chuckling at the younger girl.

“I can’t teach you anything if I can’t move, Vinya; however...” Charlene said, leaning up and patting Vinya’s head with a smile; “...I could use one, final groping before I turn in for tonight...?"

“Oh, yes, Miss Charlene; I’d love to!” Vinya smiled happily, feeling herself blessed that she could now freely let herself loose with all her heart since her molesting by Mirinda; letting her hands over Charlene’s breasts, the purple-haired girl moaned delightfully, smiling at her young, eager lover for tonight.

“I sometimes forget how complex mortals are to understand; this manor is a perfect example...” the black-haired girl said, following the red-haired one as they were lead by the two guards, both of them growing tired of the red-haired girl’s constant starring and studying of their butts and breasts, as every time they turned, she faked an innocent smile and whimpered an apology.

“The mistress will be waiting for you in he-...” one of them said, gesturing at a door, her sentence cut short by a passionate yelling coming from the room.

“So the rumours hold true...” the black-haired girl said, putting her arms over cross and smiling slightly; “...the mistress of this manor have quite her taste for her maids, I see.”

“Duh, there’s no-one in there, silly! Otherwise we’d be hearing moans in reply” the red-haired girl corrected as if it was common knowledge.

“Let me have a look...” one of the guards said, setting her spear up against the wall, knocking on the door; there were no response.

“It’s unlocked; I will back in a moment” she said over her shoulder, walking in, finding her mistress roll around on the bed in ecstasy, wearing a VRDR Suit with an activated visor, wildly yelling in pleasure as she played with herself; besides the bed, Breeze had folded her wings over her head, her claws scrapping at the carpet in frustration.

“OH YES, REIKO! FUCK ME RIGHT THERE! STICK YOUR PUSSY INTO IT! OH! OH, GIRLS! FUCK ME! I WANT YOU ALL TO FU-U-U-UCK ME-E-E-E-E-E!” Narrisha was wailing out in pleasure, pinching her nipples and fingering herself through the silvery latex suit, tensing up and raising her legs up high as she reached her climax.

“Uhm-m-m-m...I, I guess the mistress can meet you now...” the guard said, perplexed as she was at the awkward situation as she opened the door to the girls.

“Oh my Gods! Now I better understand why my moms love this place!” the red-haired girl said, beginning to smile at the heavily panting Narrisha.

“It seems she has quite a passion for girls; so do you all, in fact...” the black-haired girl let a scanning look over the red-haired girl, the guards and finally Narrisha, hiding a smirk; “...if I had not already read of this, I would be worried for you mistress’ mental state.”

“Don’t deny yourself it, silly; I’ve already shown you all about it” the red-haired girl teased, giving the black-haired girl a small spank as she passed by her through the door.

“Uhmm, Miss Narrisha, is it? Can you hear me?” she asked, slowly approaching Narrisha as silently as she could; getting no response, she leaned over the panting girl, lightly poking her breasts for any reaction.

“She’s in right out heat! Hihihih, she’s breathing real hard, as if she’s been in some sort of-...” the red-haired girl noted and chuckled, suddenly finding her arm caught in a grip; seeing the blue visor slowly disappearing like vaporising bits of data, the girl’s red, feline eyes meet hers, the grip loosening.

“Why, hallo there, my pretty! To what do I owe the ho-...oh, wait a second, I’m sorry...” Narrisha said smilingly, suddenly realizing her mess; excusing herself, the quickly put down the suit along with the visor, shoke her head and brushed the bed sheets as clean of her climax as she could, patting it in a gesture for the red-haired girl to sit down.

“So you’re that Narrisha girl my moms’ been telling me about??” the red-haired girl asked, Narrisha looking suddenly perplexed.

“Your...I’m sorry, your ‘moms’??” she asked bewildered.

“Yeah, Jiraz and Shica; geez, incredible what magic does these days, huh?” the red-haired girl smirked at Narrisha, folding her legs and putting her head to rest on her knees; “I think that makes you my aunt, since you’re such good friends with them and stuff.”

“So...Jiraz and Shica...used get a kid? Why haven’t they told me??” Narrisha asked, more in amusement than shock.

“They wanted to keep it a surprise, I guess, but that’s OK; I’m proud of what I am!” the red-haired girl chuckled, flexing her muscles.

“So, what’s your name, then?” Narrisha asked, telling herself mentally to talk to Jiraz and Shica first thing in the morning.

“My name’s Jisha, after both of my moms if it isn’t obvious” Jisha nodded, patting Narrisha’s shoulder; “and no worries, auntie; I’m as much of a girl-lover as you are.”

By that Narrisha caught herself laughing, rustling Jisha’s hair, really liking the girl.

“And who’s your little friend over there?” she asked, pointing at the black-haired girl.

“I am Dracaia, my lady” the girl curtsied, Narrisha smiling at her.

“And before you ask, she’s a girl-lover, too” Jisha joked, a mildly amused smirk coming over Dracaia’s lips.

“Still, Dracaia’s not really a common...sorry cutie, but is there a special meaning behind the name?” Narrisha asked, hoping she did not sound too rude.

“Well, there is kinda a reason, she’s a dragon” Jisha said, Narrisha catching herself snorting in attempt to hide a giggle.

“I think you mean draconoid; you know, as in dragon-born and that...” Narrisha said, stopping as she saw the black-haired girl walking towards her, her golden eyes glowing with a weak, but sharp blue light.

“Oh, but I am a dragon indeed, Lady Nightwind...” Dracaia said, smiling at the look of right out surprise in Narrisha’s face; “...I simply choose this other immortal shin’idun form to better blend in with other races.”

“And to follow me on vacation and get laid by the Nightwind girls, right?” Jisha teased, Dracaia sending her a strict look, which she giggled at.

“If you will allow it, Lady Nightwind, I prefer having a tour of the manor tomorrow; I do hope there are some available sleeping quarters around for us...?” Dracaia asked, Narrisha hearing a slight tease in her voice.

“Indeed there is; guards, escort these ladies to the empty room in the western wing; make sure they feel at home...” Narrisha said, giving the two guards a suggestive wink, both of them saluting her and doing their best to mask their smiles.

Chapter 24

Title: Chapter XXV - Welcome to the Manor

“How fucking dumb do you think I am, you little slut?? It was so damn obvious you’d get me to get coke all over myself!” Raicha asked Hiroi, the blue-haired girl lying naked on Raicha’s hospital bed, two nurses lying on the floor with torn panties, uneven uniforms and drool coming from their mouths as they were panting out from Raicha’s molesting of them.

“I, I just did it for fun, Raicha! Chill out!” Hiroi tried and explain, the look of seriousness on the other biker babe’s face turning into an evil grin.

“Oh, I’ll make you feel sorry, alright! Stay put! I’m gonna get my stuff and then we’re outta here!”

As Raicha stood up, Hiroi began having serious doubts about her joke, going as far as to try and bring herself to apologize to Raicha.

“Hey, babes; thanks for before; you held on really well! Heheheh...” Raicha said, sat down on her knees and grinned at the two nurses, rustling the closest one’s hair.

“M...Miss Raicha, I...I do hope you’ll come again...” she said, a happy smile spreading on her lips at the look of the gorgeous blonde.

“I sure will, hottie; call me next time you need a quick, little fuck; yeah, I know, my fingers are that good, as well as the rest of me...” Raicha teased, standing up and heading for a nearby locker, opening it and beginning to pull out her clothes:

Her entire outfit made of black latex, it included tight pants, wrist-long gloves, thigh-high heeled boots, small jacket with a fishnet stocking blocking her breasts, and finally a black leather belt with small steel studs and a human skull in front.

“’s been a while since last...” Raicha smiled at herself, stretching out, looking at Hiroi; "...alright, you little prankster punk, we’re leaving” Raicha said, a saddened Hiroi raising up slowly from the bed, following Raicha out the door of the hospital and down the hallways and corridors.

“I...I...” Hiroi tried and bring herself to apologize, but judging by Raicha’s fast footsteps and her body language, she still seemed angry at her.

“Get in there and close your eyes!” she commanded at a time, Hiroi opening up a door and heading in, followed by Raicha.

“Get your clothes off and keep your eyes closed” Raicha ordered, Hiroi obeying silently.

“Now...” Raicha said, Hiroi hearing the noise of a door being shut and locked, as well as the sound when she heard Raicha beginning to undress; “...stand right there, and don’t you move as much as a muscle!”

To Raicha, it was all put a part of a prank she was pulling on Hiroi, and coincidently enough, she spotted Chinyi and Siriki in the room’s other end, eagerly wrestling and humping each other under low giggles, Siriki breaking free and readying her ever-trusty camera while Chinyi was watching behind her.

“Now, start walking straight ahead, and don’t you stop for anything!” Raicha ordered Hiroi, who found herself feeling shameful for her attempt at pranking Raicha.

“Damn it! I should’ve known than to use such a bad joke! No wonder Raicha’s angry at me; that’s below her to fall for such a lame prank...” Hiroi thought to herself, but finding her mind almost snap as the floor suddenly disappeared under her feet; barely managing a short shriek, she felt as her naked body hit the surface of the manor’s warm, indoor pool.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh, I gotta have a copy of that record, Siriki!” Raicha laughed, holding her stomach with both arms, Chinyi and Siriki partaking in the laughing.

“BENZAI!” Raicha yelled, jumping into the water as well, Hiroi’s head popping up near her.

“Did you really think I’d be mad at you for just a small prank? Gods, you’re such a silly sometimes, Hiroi...” Raicha smiled lovingly at Hiroi, who felt as if her heart began pounding again since she had ‘angered’ Raicha.

“ was all a prank??” Hiroi asked, perplexed as she was.

“Yeah, and no, I didn’t mean all those nasty things I said...” Raicha said, her smile disappearing as she swam up to Hiroi, sending her a look of pity; “...can you forgive me?”

“After making me feel like the worst girl ever to walk Varran...??” Hiroi said, as it was now her turn to act angry.

“I, I didn’t know it’d hurt you that deeply, Hi-...” Raicha began in a sad voice, but soon finding a wave of water hitting her face, Hiroi laughing at her.

“HIROI! I’m getting too old and hot for this childish playing!” Raicha yelled out, but found herself giggling as Hiroi was almost laughing her heart out.

“I can play games, too, silly! Catch me if you can!” Hiroi sang teasingly as she dove right under Raicha’s legs, the older girl not making any effort to stop her.

“You’re really in for this, you little...!” Raicha chuckled, diving under the water, trying to catch Hiroi, who was swimming towards Chinyi and Siriki.

“Put that camera down; let’s join in!” Chinyi smiled eagerly at Siriki, who shrugged and chuckled at Chinyi.

“Well, it’ll be both a water fight and a foursome! I’ve always wondered how water sex feels...” Siriki said partly to herself, finding Chinyi to laughing and push her into the water; resurfacing quickly, Siriki smiled at Chinyi, her fellow prankster striking a seductive, kneeling pose and closing her eyes halfway, her tongue sticking out in a teasing grin.

“C’mon in here, you...!” Siriki joked, grabbing Chinyi’s legs, pulling the playfully shrieking girl into the water, soon to grope her continuously.

“HEY! LOOK OUT!” Hiroi warned as she resurfaced, Raicha right behind her, the older girl popping her head out of the water right behind Hiroi, her fingers moving towards Hiroi’s nether lips.

“So, girls...” Raicha said, winking at Chinyi and Siriki; “...wanna start our foursome with a little lady love for Hiroi here?”

“Just try and stop us!” Chinyi smirked, Siriki following suit as her, Raicha and Chinyi began molesting Hiroi, the blue-haired girl wailing out and laughing to her heart’s content.

“This manor sure has its various, delicate tastes...” Dracaia mumbled to herself; having walked past a partly closed door, the screaming and moaning Faris, Minyoki and Gloris now having found themselves joined by the Night Guards, the other girls soon stepping partly out of their leather uniforms and engaging in the lovemaking.

“Don’t be such a killjoy, Dracaia; heck, you had no problems when I bend you over, so do you-...” Jisha began in a correcting tone, Dracaia turning around and facing the surprised demon girl; she had already sent their guards on their way, and now faced the dragon girl nervously.

“First of all, I am, in all honesty, barely able to control myself for not to go and join in these girls’ fornication...” Dracaia said, a smile running over her lips; “...secondly, I am about so impressed with the whole mood and setup of this manor that I consider moving in.”

“So, you’re going all sour and killjoy over it...?” Jisha asked, Dracaia smirking at her.

“Does the obvious escape you so easily?? I love this place! The girls, the hallways, the pleasant atmosphere...the girls, and-...” Dracaia began, giggling at herself; “...I really do enjoy being in this form; it sure is better than my dragon form.”

“And, why is that?” Jisha asked, although knew the answer already.

“Because, you little tit, that I can go about and romp around with this manor’s girls if they so choose to accept me” Dracaia said, suddenly hearing splashing noises from a locked door.

“OH-H-H-H! RIGHT THERE, LADIES! NO, NO, CHINYI! Don’t stick your tongue in there! ARGH! OH, I’M, I’M-...!” the noise said, Dracaia clearly understanding a group of the girls were having a quite different sort of midnight exercise.

“Hmm, while I would not normally listen to conversations behind closed doors...” Dracaia said, a devious smile rolling over her lips; “...then I’d prefer to know what is going on here.”

By that, she knocked on the wooden door, a short pause in the moans concluding that whoever was behind it had heard her.

“Go and get the door, Siriki, but hurry back” a voice was now heard, followed by a couple of giggles; hearing the door unlock, Dracaia caught an eye of Siriki.

“Oh! Uhmm, who are you, miss...?” Siriki asked, looking from Dracaia to Jisha.

“We are guests of your mistress and are to stay for a week’s time; I am Dracaia, and this is Jisha Narra-Jar.”

By that, Siriki looked uncertain, but nevertheless opened the door; Dracaia immediately caught sight of Raicha, Hiroi and Chinyi, who were eagerly continuing their sex romp in the pool.

“Oh my! A newcomer; make yourself at home!” Raicha yelled and waved at Dracaia, the other girls giggling at her, Hiroi now groping Raicha’s breasts even more firmly.

“I’ll have to watch this...provided that I may...?” Dracaia asked Siriki, sitting down by the pool, crossing her legs.

“Sure thing; what about you, Miss Jisha?” Siriki asked, the red-haired girl smiling teasingly at her.

“How much I’d love to stay and watch some hot water sex play, I gotta tell my moms I’ve arrived” Jisha said, giving the awestruck Siriki a flirty wink.

“Her mothers?? Who’s her mothers??” Siriki asked perplexed.

“Through magic, of both Nature and Mystic, Jiraz Blackwhip and Shica Narra-Jar joined forces to create their child, Jisha; Shica carried her, and now, after 7 of your mortal years, Jisha has grown out to be a young teenage demon girl...” Dracaia explained, clearly bored with constantly having to explain Jisha’s life story to every girl she introduced her to.

“So she’s their child? Their daughter?? Oh my Gods!” Siriki said, squealing happily.

“Not to interrupt you going chibi up there, Siriki, but Raicha needs her orgasm; we need help down here” Chinyi joked at her, Siriki turning around and quickly jumping in the pool, Dracaia discovering too late as a small splash of water hit her richly decorated leather attire.

“Now...that was hardly very nice, now was it...?” she hissed, dropping her outfit completely, slowly descending into the pool, shaking her head and rustling her hair, the other girls look amused at Dracaia’s firm, round breasts.

“Hey, when we’re done, can we...well, can we play with you?” Hiroi asked, the girls surprised to hear Dracaia laugh out heartily.

“After a bath a girl can handle just about anything, I hear, my young ladies...” Dracaia smiled at them, splashing her face with water, rustling her hair yet one more time, slowly swimming towards the girls; “...I’d prefer watching this as close up as I can get.”

Chapter 25

Title: Chapter XXVI - A Proud Bastion of Lesbism

[Author's notes: Ending: The Warrior Ladies Meet (Allisia V.R.D.R Suit Scenario).]

“Jiraz! Shica!” Jisha shrieked out happily, her mothers smiling and chuckling at her as they each gave her a hug, kissing her cheeks.

“We’ve just been thinking of inviting you, and then you pop in right the second after we’ve thought it through!” Shica smiled, Jisha shrugging at winking and her mothers.

“So this is where you hang out when you’re in orgy mood; damn it, it sure is the right place for some fresh pu-...” Jisha said, but seeing Jiraz’s look turning strict, she closed her mouth with a light snap, leaving the sentence in the air.

“You gotta show respect, first of all” Jiraz said strictly, Jisha nodding her head up and down and shyly saying; “yes mommy.”

“So, how’s school?” Shica asked, Jisha smiling at her.

“On the academic part, doing pretty good; my math’s getting better, I’m still one of the best at sports, and I got the leader of our swimming club in for a one-night romp” Jisha smirked.

“Was she any good?” Jiraz asked.

“Gods, she was amazing! I didn’t even know she’d been with other girls before, so I wanna about to explain fingering to her, and then, wham! Down on the bed I go!” Jisha smiled, remembering how her partner for that night’s lovemaking being one of her best experiences.

Looking at each other, Jiraz and Shica smiled; they had indeed raised their daughter well: Good grades, sports and gentle lady love was the right way for them to raise a child as Jisha, and she did not really seem too traumatized to them.

“Hmm, let me get this right; you lick the nipple to excite me, and then you grope my breasts to further excite me, and finally you bow down and lick on my nether lips to make me climax in orgasm and sexual pleasure?” Dracaia asked the girls at the pool, all of them either nodding, giggling or moving closer towards her.

“Ah, I see; that’d explain what Jisha did some nights ago...yes, young ladies, a dragon like me does need a small reprieve from our role as ancient guardians of Varran” Dracaia said, smirking at herself and grabbing her back head, scratching it.

“If you know all about hot lesbian sex, why don’t you return it, then?” Siriki asked.

“Well, I have the tendency to judge if my lover proves worthy; if she does, I will l myself loose on her and accept all her gifts” Dracaia explained, moving closer to Chinyi and Siriki.

“But I feel quite attracted to you two, especially; your youth, your energy, your silly playfulness...” Dracaia smiled, chuckling a bit; “...I can’t help but adore it...”

“Aww, that’s such a nice thing to say...” Siriki said, her and Chinyi feeling themselves blushing.

“What about us? Don’t we appeal to you at all??” Hiroi asked, tilting her breasts and licking her nipples; “look at me! My boobs are so big! I can have your whole head in here!”

“Hahahahahahahah! Oh, you frisky vixens...” Dracaia suddenly laughed out loud, sighing and leaning herself back, floating on the water’s surface, crossing her arms over her head; “...I pretty much love nearly all girls, and you and this proud Bastion of Lesbism has such opportunities to offer me; I did plan on telling you this in the morning, but I plan on moving in here...with your mistress’ blessing, of course.”

Looking at each other, the girls snuggled together, eager over the fact that they might very well soon have a real dragon living under their roof.

“MISS IVY! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” a blonde-haired Amazon girl shrieked out in pleasure, the white-haired woman standing above her, her fingers playing with the Amazon’s nether lips.

“You dirty little girl; losing yourself to a simple, little fingering?” Ivy slightly taunted, the girl whimpering, her face sinking under the mud.

“You do not really encourage her that way, Ivy” Allisia said, rising up and walking away from a smiling girl she had just made love to; sinking herself down in the mud, the girl let out a long sigh of happiness, glad that her orgasm had been so rough and wild when Allisia had groped her breasts.

“And how would you suggest I do it, then?” Ivy asked, stepping away from the girl; as she turned around to face Allisia, she wiped some of the mud out of her eyes, facing the formerly blue-haired warrior girl, her whole body now covered in mud.

“Let me show you a little pleasure, my dear...” Allisia said, leaning down and beginning to rub her hands lightly over the girl’s tummy, making her giggle.

“Ivy, please grope her breasts lightly; don’t do it too hard until I tell you so” Allisia asked, Ivy letting out a short snort, not enjoying to be ordered around by Allisia; nevertheless, she leaned down over the girl, letting her hands grope her breasts, the girl whimpering in pleasure.

“In this case, it is better to have her have both a gentle and a passionate lover...” Allisia said, remembering the time Charlene had rid her of her own virtue; looking at Ivy, she gave her a nod, the white-haired woman taking it as a sign for her to start groping the Amazon girl harder.

“And now, to finish off this adorable little vixen...” Allisia smiled friendly at the girl, squirming under Ivy’s pinching and groping of her breasts; meanwhile, Allisia leaned herself down on the girl’s nether lips, licking off the mud, and diving her tongue slowly and carefully in.

“UHMM! OH-H-H-H...! This...this pleasure...I haven’t felt so good for such a long time...ARGH! MORE!” the girl whimpered, her legs accidently smacking around Allisia’s shoulders, although not bothering her as the girl stiffened herself in pleasure, her orgasm flowing out of her nether lips in sharp contrast to her mud-soaked skin.

“Allisia...” Ivy suddenly said, Allisia rising up, rustling the Amazon girl’s hair lightly as she lay chuckling in the mud after her orgasm.

“Yes, Ivy?” Allisia asked, suddenly finding Ivy to forcefully force her way between Allisia’s breasts, Allisia losing her balance and the both of them falling in the mud pit.

“I...I was wrong about you, Allisia; you’re not selfish goddess, you’re a good warrior, a damned fine warrior, and...” Ivy now stopped, feeling herself almost sobbing; “...and I’d love to have you make love to me again...”

“Ah, it was nothing; I am always happy to help out ladies in need, Miss Ivy” Allisia patted Ivy’s head, Ivy diving under the mud and beginning to lick Allisia’s nether lips, the warrior girl laying herself back and relaxed as she let the pleasure course through her.

“What have you been doing with these things?! Used them as hatchets??” Christy asked in disbelief, examining Dracaia’s short, black claws.

“Not really, I just didn’t think that-...” Dracaia began, Christy stopping her with a hush; the blonde girl sat with Dracaia on her bed, as Dracaia had decided to wait with the lovemaking for the next evening, as they clock was almost 1 o’ clock at night.

“Hmm, they need some glitter, these things, and a little bit of polishing; more natural-looking and fashionable” Christy concluded, happy to help out the dragon girl with her cosmetic, as she believed it to be her girly duty to the newcomer at the manor.

“If you insist, I suppose” Dracaia sighed, not understanding why this blonde worried for something as simple as her claws.

”I can only be glad you haven’t seen them when I am in my true form; I doubt any of your polish would do anything for it” Dracaia said, Christy smiling at her.

”I know, but while you’re here, down to earth with us, I should try and freshen you up a bit” she said, Dracaia nodding, as she began to see the blonde girl’s point.

Chapter 26

Title: Chapter XXVI - Reporting for Duties

The next day, breakfast was served at ten o’ clock precisely, as Lillian, being the head maid, had started the day by unlocking the kitchen, sports hall and every other facility at the manor; at some points, though, she found the girls in somewhat awkward positions; in the kitchen, Ukuni had fallen asleep with her head resting beneath Faris’ thighs, the redhead snoring loudly as her head rolled from side to side on the stone floor.

”Pardon me, but we’ve got work to do” Lillian said, kneeling down and rustling the two of them awake; finding themselves embarrased that they had ended up falling asleep, Lillian assigned Ukuni to help with breakfast, while Faris headed sleepily towards the sports hall.

”Why do I have to help out when she doesn’t have to??” Ukuni said sourly, stripping herself of her red PVC outfit.

”Do you think you've got it harder than her? She’s the Captain of the Night Guard, after all” Lillian said, arranging plates and cutlery.

”The Night Guard, yeah, so what’s to do in broad daylight?” Ukuni asked again, heading for the door to go upstairs to her room and get her maid uniform.

”Have you ever seen Faris around at daytime? Well, she also works as a maid, but outside in the gardens” Lillian informed, ukuni stopping in one of her steps.

”What?? I thought she was just skipping duty” she asked, Lillian smirking at her.

”I keep control over all my girls, little Ukuni” she said, pointing at the largest stone table in the middle of the kitchen; ”go and have a look; you just read the list and look into the crystal.”

Walking towards the table, Ukuni found a list of every girl’s name along with a list of duties; next to the papers lay a small Mystic Crystal, Ukuni picking it up.

”You just need to say their names, and they will appear in it” Lillian explained, Ukuni speaking into the crystal, although feeling quite stupid to speak to a non-living object; ”Narrisha?”

Within seconds, a small, blue spark appeared as if inside the crystal, Ukuni watching from bird’s perspective the snoring Narrisha laying under her bed sheets, Breeze the griffon snoozing as well, her tail swinging back and forth.

”That’s quite some survaliance system you’ve got here, Lillian!” Ukuni laughed, Lillian smiling to herself; she had often needed that crystal to find her maids, as they had a tendency to slip away as soon as their duties were done.

”Uhm-m-m-m-m…” Jiki mumbled, feeling something weird in her mouth; opening her eyes, she found out the reasonw as that she was locked in a kiss with Kiro, her girlfriend still snoring softly and happily.

”Gods, she’s so adorable…” Jiki smiled to herself, closing her eyes and hugging Kiro tightly; at that, Kiro began mumbling and slowly opening her eyes, seeing herself and her girlfriend locked in in a soft kiss before they had fallen asleep.

”She’s so cute when she sleeps…” Kiro giggled to herself, Jiki pulling a prank on Kiro by suddenly opening her eyes, wide awake.

”Oh! You weren’t sleeping?” Kiro asked, Jiki snuggling herself in closer, Kiro smirking and tightening her embrace with Jiki.

"I just woke up; uhmm, what time is it?” Jiki asked, Kiro tilting her head and looking at the watch.

”It’s nine o’ clock in the morning, more or less” she yawned, looking back at Jiki; should we snuggle a little more before we bring the trolley back to the kitchen?”

”You read my mind, sweetie…” Jiki smiled, kissing Kiro softly, the white-haired girl returning it with equal enthusiasm.

”Uhm-m-m-m-m…thanks for letting me stay, Christy” Dracaia said, stretching out, her arms almost reaching the top of the blonde’s door; she had fallen asleep besides Christy, and, showing her respect, Christy had not pulled through with her plan of molesting Dracaia.

”It was nothing; say, what are you, like, going to do now? It’s an hour to breakfast, and I’ve got my plans for today” Christy asked.

”I was thinking of waking the others; the entrance hall is just down the corridor on my right, right?” Dracaia asked, Christy rustling her hair.

”Yeah, I think so, but how are you gonna wake them that way?” Christy asked, Dracaia smirking at her.

”Oh, do trust me on this; you’ll see…” she said mysteriously, heading for the entrance hall.

”Now will be a good time to stretch the wings…” Dracaia smiled to herself, sniffing in the fresh morning air and sighing pleasently; ”…the skies are clear, the wind’s blowing quite nicely, and the grass’ all comfortable…” she said to herself, excited and eager to turn back into her dragon form; she had dropped her leather attire, and stood with her arms outstretched, Mystic Magic forming in her hands.

In the next seconds, Dracaia first grew larger, a tail appeared from her back waist, wings sprouted from her back, her teeth replaced with fangs, her eyes glowing even more powerfully than before…

Finally, after only a few moments, Dracaia let out an ear-deafening roar, her golden body with black horns, claws and spikes on her tail and wings glittering in the morning light; in her natural dragon form, she stood about eighty meters tall, reaching far above Nightwind Manor.

”Ah, that felt good; now to wake up these little cuties…” Dracaia smirked to herself, her voice far deeper, but still having a feminine tone to it as she walked on four legs towards the manor.

”I swear, this is the last time I nearly sleep half the day because of a machine…” Allisia angrily scolded herself; her mud bathing scenario with Ivy had been a rush of lust, but now, as any good thing, it had come to an end, Allisia busy finding underwear, pants, tunics, shirts, boots and dresses in her closests and wardrobes.

Suddenly, however, a glitter of gold caught her attention; running towards her window where the glimmer had come from, she saw a large, golden dragon walk around outside the manor, starring in awe at the mighty creature.

”Ah, good morning, lady Allisia” Dracaia suddenly stopped up, her keen dragon eyes easily spotting the Warrior Girl at her window, starring in amazement at the golden dragon.

”Well, it is not ideal for lovemaking, but we dragons need to assume our true form from time to time” Dracaia shrugged, her scales almost blinding Allisia in the sunlight.

”…A…a golden dragon…?? W-what is Thy name, great one?” Allisia asked in her perplexion, kneeling down and looking up at Dracaia.

”You are not unknown to me, Lady Knight; I am Dracaia, the new arrival seeking to make my home at Nightwind Manor” Dracaia said, Allisia feeling herself honoured that a real dragon would make her home at the manor.

”Lady Dracaia, it fills me with true pride and joy that you wish to stay at the manor! But…” Allisia began, soon finding Dracaia’s head and eyes leaning down in height of her own.

”I know of this manor being a bastion and proud example of blessed lesbism, dear Allisia; I am, in fact, a lesbian, myself, as I tire of my role as guardian of Silvarcira; I seek a new and brighter life than a simple…ermm, watch-wyrm, if you will…” Dracaia joked, Allisia polite enough not to giggle, despite finding the joke humourous.

”However, my dear Warrior Girl, I will be back in ten minutes’ time; I'd love to meet you down at the entrance hall if you wish to see my more pleasent self” Dracaia said, nodding towards Allisia in the window with her massive head.

”I surely will! Gods, to know that a dragon girl…oh, uhmm, dragon, will be staying at us…” Allisia said, standing up, not able to hide her smile.

”I also do look forward to see your little beauty from all angles, my dear Allisia; rumours has it that you are quite a passionate lover…” Dracaia teased, her throat echoing with small chuckles as Allisia blushed at the dragon.

”I, I will meet you downstairs in ten minutes, Lady Dracaia; I just have to clean my room” Allisia said, an old habit taking over and saluting the dragon; nodding in amusement, Dracaia stepped away from the window and out onto the open grasslands, flapping her huge wings and set off into the sky.

”…Well, that was…awesome…” Allisia said, smiling at herself, and looking towards her bed; under it, the Soul-Cleaver still lay, and as she had thought of showing it off to the other girls, she whistled happily, leaning down on all four and reaching in for it.
However, just as she reached the tip of the sword’s hilt, there was a knock on the door…

Chapter 27

Title: Chapter XXVII - Visit from a Dead Friend

[Author's notes: Introducing: Lord Vlad'Darsa the Lich, Archmage Extraordinare and Chief Researcher of the Sapphire Circle.]

”So you’re saying we’re out of shards, already? Maybe we shouldn’t have lent all the suits out…” Jiki said as she and Kiro were rolling the trolley down the stairs to the kitchen.

”Well, we’ve run out of them, and we can’t expect these girls to just know all about crystal channalizing, can we?” Kiro asked, Jiki smiling sheepishly.

”Well, we could give Vlad a call; maybe he’s got something stocked up” Jiki said, Kiro nodding at her; ”we still have that crystal he gave us.”

”Who’s this ’Vlad’ dude you’re talking about, ladies?” Christy asked, the blonde girl stopping by on her way to the showers.

”Lord Vlad’Darsa, not really your stereotypical kind of lich” Kiro said, giggling at Christy’s look of horror.

”A…a lich?! A lich as in, like, an evil spellcaster returned from the dead? A bony skeletal undead? A monster only wanting to destroy all life?!”

”…Uhmm, you were right on the ’bony skeletal undead’ and ’monster’, but he’s a not really evil; he’s an archmage of the Sapphire Circle” Jiki explained, Christy growing even more perplexed.

”Here, we’ll show you him, shall we?” Kiro said, finding a small Mystic Crystal in her pocket, putting it on the floor; stepping back, her and Jiki both spoke; ”we wish to speak to Lord Vlad’Darsa.”

In the next moment, a large figure formed in a faint aura of bluish Mystic Magic, taking the shape of a human skeleton with glowing, blue eyes and wearing a dark-blue and gold-trimmed robe, holding a white staff with a large Mystic Crystal on its tip.

”Ah, you beseech me, I see; quite a pleasant reprieve over gardening and writing scrolls” the skeleton said, its voice hoarse, old and somewhat sounding as if it came from all over the manor.

”What in the fuck is this?!” Christy shrieked, hiding under the trolley, Jiki and Kiro laughing at her and Vlad’Darsa shaking his skull.

”I’m not really present to you, my girl; I am, in fact, sitting in my tower right now, as you interrupted my studies…” Vlad’Darsa said, turning his head to Jiki and Kiro; ”…and I suppose there is a reason for the interruption?”

”Well, there is, Darsa, ’cause we’ve kinda…” Jiki said, feeling a bit embarrassed over having already used up one amount of crystal shards.

”You used up the shards’ magic, and now you want some new ones?” Vlad’Darsa said, letting out a voice that sounded like a sigh; ”this is what I get for my mastership of Mystic Magic; two little girls near constantly asking for powerful artefacts and items!”

Angrily mumbling, Vlad’s head turned to Christy, whose eyes were peeking from under the trolley; ”and you; would you, by any chance, wish for some magical items or trinkets?”

”Oh! Well, I uhmm…could you get…no, sorry, what the heck am I saying?! I’m talking to a transparent, ghostly freaky skeleton in fancy robes!” Christy shrieked, her fear overcoming her curiosity.

”You don’t think that I can?? Gods’ blood; I’ve only been dead for twenty-four years, and now people start thinking I have lost my abilities??” Vlad’Darsa asked, putting his bony claws together in what sounded like a snap, Mystic sparks forming into…

”A…an evening dress??” Christy said perplexed, the dress materializing and slowly swooping towards her, landing softly on the floor besides her.

”It’s the latest Silvarciraian fashion; have you any idea how many Ara you can earn just sewing and enchanting these for the nobility?” Vlad’Darsa asked, Christy having picked up a fork from the trolley and poking the dress as if it was going to jump on her.

”Oh, please…” Vlad’Darsa sighed, clapping his bony claws to his skull, Jiki and Kiro giggling hysterically at Christy; ”…I have not cursed it, you silly lass! It is a gift, not a cursed piece of galla attire!”

”Wow….uhmm, thanks…creepy, undead, transparent…dude…” Christy said, uncertain as she was.

”Have no worries, I’ve got no intention of hanging around; I have better things to do than to keep up this mirror spell” Vlad’Darsa said, turning to face Jiki and Kiro; ”and it was a sack of Mystic Crystal shards for the two of you, was it not?”

”Yep, it sure was” Kiro teased, Vlad’Darsa nodding at her; ”could I interest you in some experimental brews? I have made some experiments, but I need a field test of my potions.”

“Sure, Vlad; it’s the least we can do” Jiki nodded, Vlad nodding his head eagerly.

“Uhmm, Vladdie-dude...?” Christy suddenly asked, Vlad’Darsa’s head turning to her; “yes, what is it, girl?”

“Uhmm...are you that fellow...who’s made that drakegold thing...?” Christy carefully asked, hearing Vlad’Darsa chuckle in reply.

“Indeed I have! My first and best brew ever! The local inns have been begging me for the recipe ever since!” Vlad said, sounding amused; “say there, little lass; you can have a barrel of that sweet little drink on me; since you, presumably, like it so much; I consider it nothing more than my...well, civic duty, if the dead have such a thing.”

“Hey, thanks, Vladdie; you’re kinda cool for a dead guy” Christy said, mentally noting herself that while she, as well as all Nightwind girls, despised men, Vlad’Darsa could not possibly be interested in them, since he was already dead´, making him the first ‘man’ she had ever had an intelligent conversation with.

“Hmm? Hold on a moment...” Vlad’Darsa suddenly said, holding his staff up, the crystal in it shining brightly.

“I sense an object of great magic moving towards is Dark Magic, but it’s been tamed, controlled...its wielder must be a good-hearted one, indeed...” Vlad mumbled, the girls hearing what sounded like Allisia in conversation with one of the maids.

“Will you pardon me if I use a bit of magic, my ladies?” Vlad’Darsa asked, Christy hesitantly shaking her head, Jiki and Kiro simply sitting down on the floor, Vlad’Darsa making a gesture with his claws, Mystic Magic shining from them; soon after, his eyes closed in concentration.

“You, Christy; please go and ask this Lady Allisia to show herself; she might carry a power greater than she realize” Vlad’Darsa asked, Christy nodding, yelling over her shoulder; “hey, Allisia! Come over here a second!”

“What is it, Christy?” Allisia asked, perplexed to see the image of Vlad’Darsa floating a few centimetres over the floor.

“My Lady, I trust You realize you carry the Soul-Cleaver by your belt; an old, incredibly powerful weapon of Dark Magic...?” Vlad’Darsa asked, Allisia looking to her side, the Soul-Cleaver resting in its scabbard.

“This blade was given to me by Illirian, the Goddess of the Dead some time ago; I was told I had earned the right to wield it” Allisia spoke as calmly as she could.

“The One-Eyed gave you that blade? Hmm...very curious...” Vlad’Darsa mumbled; “may I have a look at it?”

“How can I trust you?” Allisia asked sharply, Vlad’Darsa nodding in amusement.

“You have my word as archmage on it” Vlad’Drasa bowed, Allisia uncertainly unsheathing the Soul-Cleaver, mentally smirking to herself that even if the lich would lie to her, she could at least stab the dark weapon through him, claiming his undead soul.

“Let me see...” Vlad’Darsa mumbled, gesturing towards the sword, but was surprised as his magic did nothing, as Allisia still held the Soul-Cleaver in her hands.

“Very curious; it seems to have been bound to you, so I cannot touch it...” Vlad’Darsa said Allisia stepping closer, ready to gut Vlad’Darsa at the slightest sign of danger.

“Vladdie, is it really that big a deal? I mean, it just looks like a fancy blade...” Jiki asked, Kiro nodding at her girlfriend.

“It 'is' a ‘big deal’, indeed! Judging by the text and inscriptions on the blade, it seems to be...Gods’ blood, it ‘is’ the Soul-Cleaver!” Vlad’Darsa exclaimed in something sounding like triumph; seeing Allisia’s concerned look, however, he added; “this blade is neither cursed nor meant to draw harm to the wielder, my lady; rest assured an archmage of the Sapphire Circle is worth his word, dead or not.”

“You speak very formally and you know your craft, mage...” Allisia said, studying the Soul-Cleaver, looking at Vlad’Darsa; “...I trust you on your word, lich, and for that I shall not strike at you.”

“You make a clever warrior, my lady; not all undead who walks Varran means it harm...but you must excuse me, there is someone at the other end...” Vlad’Darsa said, the bluish aura slowly fading away, Vlad’Darsa disappearing.

“Uhmm, what about the stuff you promised??” Christy asked quickly, Vlad’Darsa’s skull popping up in the air, making her let out a frightened shriek.

“Oh yes, thank you for reminding me...” Vlad’Darsa’s head said, gesturing his hand at the floor, where a heavy, wooden barrel and two clinging brown sacks materialized on the floor.

“...OK, that dude was a little weird, but at least we got some goods from him...” Christy shrugged, looking closely at the barrel; it seemed all too heavy to carry by herself...

“Oh, Allisia-a-a-a-a....?” Christy now used her most seductive and sugar-sweet voice; “...this barrel is way too heavy for sweet, lil' me; I need a big, strong Amazon like you to carry it to the kitchen; won’t you help out?”

“Uhmm...well, I need to head downstairs, anyway...” Allisia said, smiling shyly as Christy began to fondle her breasts through her tunic, the blonde smiling happily at her.

“Really?? Oh thankies, Allisia! You’re a dear!” Christy smiled happily, mentally about to laugh at herself for trying something so childish and silly.

“Right then...” Allisia said, took a deep breath, and took barrel with both hands, truly feeling it to be way heavier than she had thought.

“Urgh...! Jiki, Kiro, please move your items out of the way...!” Allisia groaned, the two girlfriends quickly snatching the two bags, Allisia nodding thankfully.

“Are you sure you can handle it?” Jiki asked as Allisia approached the stairs.

“Sure, I know the manor well enough...” Allisia assured them, really showing it when she made a small jump, landing on the first step of the stairs.

Chapter 28

Title: Chapter XXVIII - Blondes have the Most Fun

“Hihihihih! Oh, I gotta try that again! Who says Chinyi and Siriki are the only cuties around here?” Christy smirked at herself, laughing at the thought of getting Allisia to carry her barrel for her using only her, to herself, incredible appeal.

“You really pride yourself of that, don’t you?” Christy now heard a voice, hearing her door smacking shut and being locked.

“Huh?? Who’s there??” Christy asked, her room having its lights turned off, so she could not see who spoke from the dark.

“Who else than me, of course” the voice now said; in the next second, Christy felt herself being grabbed by her breasts, hearing a chuckling moan behind her; in desperation, she reached out and turned on the lights on her cosmetics desk, looking over her shoulder.

“Mirinda! Fuck, you scared the shit outta me!” Christy exclaimed, the blonde elf girl stepping back, chuckling at Christy; she was wearing elbow-long gloves, thigh-high heeled boots, corset and panties of black latex, a strap-on dangling from her waist.

“What is it with you and fucking early in the morning??” Christy exclaimed, Mirinda beginning to chase the shrieking blonde around the room, Christy finding herself laughing as she fell on her bed, Mirinda following the example as they both began laughing at each other.

“I just can’t help it; I think I’m beginning to become a little nymphomanic, just like our dear mistress...” Mirinda said, her fingers moving towards her crotch as she looked at Christy’s dim-litted form on the bed.

“Uhmm, I’ve got to report for work in an hour, Mirinda; I’m not sure I can-...” Christy smiled sheepishly, suddenly finding Mirinda to quickly pull down her latex bra, slurping on Christy’s breasts, all the while fingering herself and moaning out loud.

“Hmm, you seem so restraint, Christy; we need something to get you in the mood...” Mirinda said, Christy feeling slightly disappointed when the elf girl turned away from her, walking towards her stereo.

“Hey, hey! Don’t you go...” Christy said, Mirinda simply chuckling and looking at a CD she had picked up.

“’Lovin’ in the Dark’? Ah, fancy title...” Mirinda smirked, turning on the stereo and putting the CD in, looking at the cover’s playlist.

“’Never say No’, ‘She was just a Schoolgirl’, ‘Love, Love Wild’; this CD really have some kinky songs...” Mirinda said, Christy walking up to her, sighing as she smiled at Mirinda; “you are one naughty little strumpet, Mirinda...”

“Thanks, you too” Mirinda teased, nipping at Christy’s ear; “the author, this Zyraa, really does look like she knows what shes singing about” Mirinda commented, the front of the cover shown to be a shin’saras girl with light gray skin, teal eyes, and a kinky smile, wearing mini-skirt, jacket and knee-high boots of black latex, laying in a seductive pose.

“Yeah, I listen to her a lot; she’s a real little...oh-h-h-h, I just feel like humping he-e-e-er...!” Christy squealed out, Mirinds laughing as Christy went totally fangirl over Zyrah.

“She’s a famous singer down in Shacar-Jarcu, and I’d love to hear her sing live, but...” Christy sighed, Mirinda patting her shoulder.

“I know, the trip would be too long and dangerous...” Mirinda said, Christy glad that the shin’idun girl understood her.

“So...although you can’t go hump your idol, my little stripper...” Mirinda smirked, Christy grinning at her as she knew where the elf girl was going; “...wanna go and try to hump me, instead?”

“Sure, it’s not like you should wear that kinky outfit without getting a little heated in it!” Christy joked, Mirinda winking at her and pressing the play button on the stereo.

“Which one did you choose?” Christy asked, Mirinda smirking and following Christy back to the bed; “’Lover in Leather’; it sounded like a fitting song.”

“Damn it, I’m gonna run late if-...” Vinya scolded herself, setting her uniform right and adjusting her boots; as she had spent most of the night with Charlene, she had insisted that Vinya could use one of her spare uniforms.

“No worries, dear Vinya; you’ll make it in time; most of the girls are busy snuggling with each other in the morning, anyway...” Charlene smiled at her, Vinya sending her a grateful nod; Charlene was sitting in a very transparent night gown, drinking coffee and reading a small scroll.

“Well, I’m off now; bye for now, Charlene!” Vinya cheered on her way out of the door, Charlene smirking and waving at her as the door closed behind Vinya.

“That girl truly is adorable...hihihih, Siriki and Chinyi really got themselves a rival...” Charlene sighed pleasently, taking another sip from her cup.

“I can’t believe we fell asleep at the pool!” Chinyi scolded herself, her and Siriki sitting in her room, dressing up in their uniforms for the day’s duties.

“Relax, there’s still an hour left; Lillian’s not that strict” Siriki said, resting her feet on a chair and relaxing as she was already done.

“Hey, have you been outdoors with those boots? I don’t really feel like cleaning my own wardrobe as well...” Chinyi hissed, Siriki simply grinning and taking her feet down, walking towards Chinyi.

“Take it easy, little Chinyi...” Siriki teased, reaching her hands to Chinyi’s breasts, the pink-haired girl caught off-guard and letting out a surprised shriek, moaning as Siriki groped her.

“Oh, no fair! You know how sensitive my boobs are, Siriki!” Chinyi whimpered, Siriki grinning at her.

“C’mon, give me a smile instead of that sour mood, Chinyi” Siriki said, Chinyi grinning at her.

“OK, OK, I’m happy, so please let go! I don’t want to soil my uniform so soon in the morning!” Chinyi whimpered, Siriki letting go, Chinyi looking at her over her shoulder.

“You’re such a meanie, Siriki...” she smiled, Siriki grinning at her; “hey, it helped on the mood, didn’t it?”

“You little...!” Chinyi smirked in reply, catching Siriki in a headlock and nudged her head lightly, the ice-haired girl both grinning and whimpering.

“Oh, hey Allisia; what’s that you’re carrying?” Vinya stopped up before Allisia, the Warrior Girl slowly walking with the barrel of drakegold.

“Just some drakegold, Vinya; can...can you help me out here...?” Allisia asked, the shin’saras girl nodding eagerly and stood up behind Allisia.

“Now, you’ll take the one end, I’ll take the other, and no worries; I’ll be both our eyes” Allisia assured, Vinya nodding in reply.

“There we go, one step at a time; goddess, this thing weights a ton...!” Allisia cursed through her teeth.

Chapter 29

Title: Chapter XXIX - New Looks = New Appeal

“OH! Hey, you little...!” Christy smiled as Mirinda began humping her, Christy having removed Mirinda’s latex thong and was now fingering the elf girl, making her moan out loud.

“You meanie! Fingering’s no good against me!” Mirinda grinned, opening her mouth wide and sucking greedily on Christy’s left breast, the blonde whimpering and moaning louder and louder; seeing that, Mirinda laughed as she rolled Christy over, the blonde finding her head facing her pillows, the elf girl humping her wildly above her.

“! It’!!!” Mirinda yelled out, Christy feeling the dominative shin’idun girl’s fingers slip under her and pinch her nipples.

“Mirinda, wait! I can’t cum in my pants! Get, get them off me, first!” Christy asked, Mirinda chuckling, sitting down and slowly pull the blonde’s pants down, Christy kicking them off, purring at Mirinda and jumping on the elf girl, the two of them embracing each other as Christy hungrily kissed Mirinda.

“’s no wonder I love horny little blondes...” Mirinda teased, Christy relpying by licking her throat and neck.

“Hey, Mirinda; what say we go 69 for a while...?” Christy suggested, Mirinda nodding gladly as the blonde now sat up, turned around and letting her butt face Mirinda’s head, Christy leaning herself down between Mirinda’s thighs.

“Oh, this sure is a sight blessed by Shinris Herself...” Mirinda chuckled, her latex-clad fingers efficiently spreading Christy’s thighs even futher apart as she stuck her tongue inside Christy’s nether lips.

“You really like pussy, don’t you?” Christy teased, beginning her own work on the shin’idun girl’s channel of innocence.

“Ah! Oh, yes! I admit it, I love pussy! I can’t...I can’t have enough of it!” Mirinda whimpered, Christy suddenly feeling Mirinda’s tongue increase in speed, making the blonde girl pant out in exhaustion from her excited breath.

“I want you to cum! You gotta cum for me! I wanna taste you!” Mirinda barked out, now using her fingers as well, her mouth sucking on Christy’s nether lips, almost turning them inside out in her eager.

“HOLY SHIT! Does your mouth work as a vacuum cleaner now??” Christy teased, Mirinda looking up, smirking at the blonde despite her panting.

“My, you’re really not in the mood yet, are you?” Mirinda asked, snuggling out of Christy’s embrace to the blonde’s surprise; standing up, Mirinda giggled at Christy, heading towards her stereo and shutting it down, grabbing her TV remote for the impressive wide-screen plasma TV hanging above the stereo and in direct view from the bed.

“Let me see if there’s some inspiration for us now...” Mirinda grinned evilly, finding a DvD case with a a clearly suggestive cover.

“’Hentai Hotties in Heat #2’? Well, sounds as good as it gets! Lemme see...all yuri...perfect!” Mirinda nodded to herself inserting the disc, pressing play on the TV remote as the disc loaded.

“Hey! That’s my-...!” Christy began yelling, but looking over her back, just in time to see two latex-clad blonde girls happily molesting each other, Mirinda merely smiled at Christy, tossing herself towards her with a squeal.

“Gods, Mirinda; how horny are you just??” Christy exclaimed, although it was more in amusement than frustration; as response, Mirinda chuckled between the blonde’s breasts.

“Alright girls, listen up! Gloris, Chinyi, Siriki, Ukuni and Vinya, you’re gardening today; Raicha, Innoki, Hiroi, Narru and Minyoki, you’re up for cleaning up the dungeons from yesterday; now get going!” Lillian read up, the maids holding their sighing and complaining until they left, knowing that Lillian was a strict mistress.

“See you in the afternoon, sis!” Minyoki yelled over her shoulder, Chinyi waving and smiling at her.

“I have to admit, I think your sister’s pretty hot” Vinya shyly smirked, Chinyi sending her a teasing grin.

“Have you any idea of how much appeal she can have?” Chinyi whispered in Vinya’s ear, the naive shin’saras girl all ears; “she’s got so much that if you’ll ever see her in leather or latex, your nosebleed would flood the entire manor!”

“Don’t teach the kid those stories, Chinyi; your sister’s hot, but I’m sex appeal incarnate, baby!” Raicha grinned, striking a seductive pose, well helped by her maid uniform.

“Nonsense! I’m the most appealing ‘cause I can make the latex outfit of your dreams and make you wet yourself soaked in it!” Ukuni smirked confidently, Vinya blushing at her.

“Erhmm...can...can I talk to you for a moment, Ukuni? Alone?” Vinya asked, the black-haired girl nodding and stepping out of the line of maids heading for the gardens and the dungeons.

“Can you really make any kind of latex fetish outfits??” Vinya asked in awe, Ukuni chuckling at the adoring look Vinya gave her.

“Cutie, I can make just your kinda dream latex suit, but we should also talk daily wear; I’m pretty much one of the only ones to wear latex all the time” Ukuni smiled, patting Vinya’s head gently.

“So, if you want both a fetish latex outfit and some nice normal clothes, I’ll need your measurements and, shall we know what, does 325 Ara sound fair to you?” Ukuni asked, Vinya standing perplexed at the ridiculously low price.

“S-sure! I’ll just need to look in my wallet and see what I have!” Vinya said, almost beaming at herself for the opportunity to get a real latex suit and daily wear clothes to boot.

“Hey, you two! Get a move one; nymphs won’t pop out of the trees and do the gardening for you!” Lillian strictly said, having stepped up behind the girls without their notice.

“Oh, sorry! Sorry! Sorry, Mistress Lillian! We’re on our way!” Vinya panicked, bowed over three times and grabbed Ukuni’s arm, speeding out the door, the black-haired girl almost flapping behind her; back at the entrance hall, as soon as the doors closed, Lillian burst into laughing, joined in by the surrounding Night Guards.

Chapter 30

Title: Chapter XXX - Wisdom is a Pleasent Mistress

“Uhmm, Allisia, why aren’t you off for duty today?” Jiki asked, the Warrior Girl shrugging and nodding at her and Kiro as they entered the showers; “Faris, Mirinda, Christy and I don’t have work today, but we’ve got something up tomorrow, I heard.”

“So you’re working shifts?” Kiro asked, Jiki beginning to strip off her clothes and heading for the showers, Kiro smiling over her shoulder at her, Allisia smirking at the two of them.

“You really are cute, the two of you...” she sighed pleasantly, stepping out of her own clothes and heading for the showers, where Jiki were humming softly to the tunes of one of those songs her and Kiro had listened to the last night.

“M-more...! You can’t stop now..!” Mirinda pleaded, Christy grinning seductively at the shin’idun dominatrix.

“What’s the magic word, little miss latex?” Christy teased in a little-girlish way, Mirinda smiling weakly; “please...please keep fucking me...I want you to fuck me the whole morning!”

“Ah, that’s better; now let’s see here...” Christy smirked, sitting herself down, Mirinda rolling on top of her, both of them now sitting and facing the TV, where a dominatrix were licking a blue-haired catgirl’s nether lips.

“Just think of me doing that to feels good, doesn’t it?” Christy smiled behind Mirinda, the shin’idun girl’s eyes constantly watching the screen, feeling herself ready to climax again any moment.

“Uhmm, it really feels good; I feel so horny...” Mirinda whimpered, Christy beaming in delight, taking her chance and groping Mirinda’s massive, firm breasts.

“You’re still holding the record, Mirinda...though I kinda think Allisia’s a competitor, too” Christy teased, her grip becoming firmer as Mirinda moaned out loud.

“Oh, it’s so good! I’m, I’m getting molested by a blonde babe...watching yuri hentai...oh, I love my life...” Mirinda smiled broadly, feeling happy that all her desires were satisfied so incredibly.

“OH! Oh, yes-s-s-s-s-s...!” Mirinda groaned, Christy hearing Mirinda’s nether lips letting out small amounts of her womanly cum, the dominatrix on the screen now letting her fingers loose on the catgirl’s nether lips, the wildly moaning and purring girl mischiviously smirking at her mistress.

“I’m getting so turned on! I...Christy, get your fingers in me! I want to cum! I WANNA CUM NOW!” Mirinda wailed out, the blonde stripper eagerly sticking all her latex-clad fingers into Mirinda’s channel of innocence, the shin’idun girl shrieking joyfully.

“Fuck me, Christy! I want to feel you inside me!” Mirinda yelped out, the blonde giggling as she gladly began letting her fingers play with Mirinda’s g-spot, the elf girl tensing up, letting out a loud wail of pleasure, and falling back down unto Christy.

“FUCK! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! FUCK ME GOOD, CHRISTY! I’M SO HORNY I DESERVE TO CUM! OH GODS, I’M CUMMI-I-I-ING!” Mirinda yelled out her head thrown back in pleasure, Christy quickly seizing the opportunity, embracing Mirinda’s head, eagerly kissing her passionately as the shin’idun girl let out wave of wave of her orgasm.

“OH, GODS! Christy, I want your pussy, too! I want to taste you!” Mirinda pleaded, the blonde stripper grinning at her as she backed down and spread her legs wide, the shin’idun dominatrix throwing herself right unto Christy’s nether lips, her whole mouth sucking and licking with an energy that Christy found herself more than amused at.

“I...want...pussy! I want all your love juices! CUM FOR ME! I COMMAND YOU TO CUM, LITTLE SLUT!” Mirinda yelled out in lustful bliss, Christy taking no offense it, and instead laughed as she pressed herself towards Mirinda, the sounds of her slurping making Christy rub her breasts, suck on her finger and moan even louder than Mirinda.

“So what do you normally do when you train?” Jiki asked Allisia as Kiro splashed water on Jiki’s back, the two girlfriends giggling playfully at each other.

“Well, I start with material arts, then move on to swords, and finally training in full armour” Allisia explained, glad to share her personal interests with these two new girls; however, she caught herself often looking at their, in her mind, medium-sized breasts.

“Don’t feel bad, I’m not that shy” Kiro grinned at Allisia as she was well aware of the Warrior Girl’s starring.

“Oh! Oh, I’m sorry, I meant no disrespect...” Allisia quickly apoligised, blushing at Kiro, the white-haired girl shaking her head and smiling at her.

“You know, it’s quite nice that the manor’s got a knight like you to keep the girls in line” Kiro nodded at Allisia, the Warrior Girl smiling and making a small bow.

“I am but doing my duty to my mistress” she said, following the girls under the showers, the hot water soon making her mind comfortably dizzy.

“So you take a break from sex, and you spend it on sorting books??” Jisha asked as her mothers went through Nightwind Manor’s surprisingly large library.

“We’re looking for some spellbooks; I promised Rhanar to see if I could find something” Shica said over her shoulder, almost knee-deep and buried in old books, scrolls and tomes.

“Hey, maybe there’s something here” Jiraz pointed out, hovering a few meters above ground to get a better view and perspective of the bookshelves; as Jisha reached for the book her mother pointed out, she let out a bored sigh, not really finding ‘Theories of Mysticism’ quite interesting.

“Well, it’s about Mystic Magic, and uncle Rhannie studies that stuff, so...” Jisha shrugged, tossing the book over her shoulder, Jiraz easily catching it.

“Hey, Jisha! I think this one sounds like something for you!” Shica grinned, having found a thin book of black leather in a hidden panel.

“What’s it named, mom?” Jisha asked, Jiraz landing besides Shica, both of them grinning at Jisha.

“’And she roughly pulled down her panties, tongue-raped her, the girl screaming and screaming in desire and wish to be fucked...’” Jiraz read up, Shica using the opportunity to nip her girlfriend’s ear, much to her amusement.

“Oh, I think I know that one! ‘Xtreme Lez Lust’! Fuck, I remember reading the last chapter; I kinda ruined it...” Jisha smiled shyly, embarrassed at the memory that she had used the book’s pages to cover for her climax not hitting her bed sheets.

“Well, you could borrow it...just as well as this!” Jiraz said, teasing her daughter by holding up a book in blue leather and with the Mystic Star on its cover; its title was ‘Mystical Summonings for Beginners: A Guide for Conjuration’.

“Hell, it’d love to see the day where our little daughter summons a cute little catgirl pet” Jiraz smirked at Jisha, smiling blushingly at her mother.

“Mom! It’s not fair! I shoudn’t have told you that-...!” Jisha responded, suddenly stopping herself out of embarrassment.

“...That pure, lovely magic turns you on? Oh, the shapes it can take; catgirls, biker babes, harem lovers, Amazon babes, oil-wrestling in the sunset...” Jiraz teased, counting on her fingers, Shica barely able to hold back her giggling at her daughter’s embarrassed look.

“Stop it! I don’t wanna...oh, fuck, I soiled my panties...” Jisha whimpered, smiling smugly at herself; “mom, can you hand me those books? I gotta find an empty room and some cool air.”

“Sure, here you go” Jiraz said, walking over and handing her daughter the books, Jisha speeding down the library, heading out the door, leaving her mothers leaning against each other in laughter.

“’re really cruel to the kid, Jiraz!” Shica panted between her laughing, her girlfriend smiling broadly; “aw, c’mon; the library’s got loads of those volumes, and Jisha’s properly not masturbated in weeks!”

“Oh, oh yeah, I can follow you there; she needs practice before facing the Nightwind girls” Shica said, nodded with a smirk, Jiraz giving her a grinning thumbs up.

Chapter 31

Title: Chapter XXXI - Size Matters Not

“Lady Dracaia...” Allisia knelt down on the grass, the mighty golden dragon looking down at her.

“You better step back a little; I need some space to turn back into a smaller form” Dracaia warned, Allisia rising up and quickly backing away.

Concentrating, Dracaia’s eyes closed, her wings unfolded in their full width, and she let out an ear-deafening roar as she slowly began to shrink, her scales almost being peeled off her, her horns, fangs and claws vapourizing and her wings simply disappearing.

“ always a pain up a certain place...” Dracaia mumbled to herself, feeling dizzy as she now stood in her elven form, stark naked.

“OH! Oh, uhmm, Lady Dracaia...” Allisia tried and point out, blushing at the dragon girl.

“I know, Lady Allisia, I know...” Dracaia said, walking slowly towards Allisia, her long, raven-black hair flowing in the wind, her horns and eyes glowing in the sunlight.

“...And I plan to take full advantage of this firm body, as I wish to conquer a certain little Warrior Girl...” Dracaia smiled pleasantly at Allisia, the Warrior Girl feeling her blushing again.

“All kinda fancy spells, but nothing that’s good for-...” Jiraz mumbled, slamming shut another spellbook, while Shica sat behind her, reading a Yuri HiME magazine.

“Hey, Shica, I just got an idea!” Jiraz exclaimed, Shica looking up from the magazine.

“I’ve read a bit about all these shapeshifter powers I’ve got, and guess what...” Jiraz said, seductively leaning over Shica; “...did you know I can change size as well?”

“Nope, not until you told me it, but how does that give off more sex appeal...not that you need it” Shica grinned at Jiraz, the demon girl smirking at her.

“Well, since the library’s so roomy, and you like being in the mood...” Jiraz giggled, Shica putting down the magazine and beginning to touch herself as Jiraz struck one seductive pose after another; “...then let me show you a little thing I’ve read I can do!”

By that, Jiraz unfolded her wings fully, stretched out her clawed nails and opened her eyes wide; using her shapeshifting, Jiraz felt as she rose and rose...

“What the heck?? Oh my Gods, Jiraz, you’re...!” Shica exclaimed in a mix of yelling and cheerfulness, Jiraz now standing about 9 meters tall, halfway reaching the library’s roof.

“And now on with the show...” Jiraz grinned, violently and passionately ridding herself of all her tight-sitting latex clothes, Shica doing the same.

“Let’s see now...” Jiraz said, bending down and holding her hand towards Shica, who, awkwardly as it might feel for her, stood up onto her girlfriend’s hand, feeling herself being lifted up into Jiraz’s eyesight.

“So now we take our sex life to a new level, little hottie...” Jiraz said, the two girlfriends smiling at each other as Jiraz slowly leaned down, her wings retracting into her back as she laid her head to rest.

“I kinda feel like I’m going to enjoy this” Shica said, chuckling as Jiraz licked her lips, Shica sitting down on all four in Jiraz’s hand, the demon girl slowly bring her hand closer to her mouth.

“Oh, you’ve always had that cute, little pink pussy, sweetie...” Jiraz grinned, a streak of excitement making Shica let out a small shriek; “...and today’s the day where I give that pussy of yours its greatest tongue-fucking!”

Following that, Shica felt as Jiraz’s hot tongue began licking between her legs, making her whimper in anticipation.

Chapter 32

Title: Chapter XXXII - Shin'saras Superstar

[Author's notes: Introducing: Zyrah Stardust.
Shin'saras pop/rockstar, known to use a great deal of Mystic Magic and her, rightly named, heavenly singing voice at concerts in Shacar-Jarcu.
Good friend of Shica and Jiraz.]

“Hey, pass me that watering can, please; these ones looks like they’re dying” Chinyi asked Siriki, handing the pink-haired girl the watering can.

“I’ve done this a million times, and still I don’t get how they thrist so quickly!” Siriki mumbled, watering her own patch of plants.

“Just think of them as Mistress Narrisha’s need for sex; they can’t get enough!” Chinyi joked, Siriki laughing at her.

“Sweet Shinris...I feel like I’ve been humped by a flock of catgirls...” Christy moaned and groaned to herself, Mirinda lying fast asleep on her bed, both of them having spent a total of near two hours of intense lovemaking and watching yuri hentai.

“Well, I guess I should be doing this...” Christy sighed, deciding to go through with the plan she had made: Having borrowed the Mystic Crystal from Jiki and Kiro, Christy would contact Vlad’Darasa and ask if he, by whatever powers he had, could ask Zyrah, Christy’s idol, to come to Nightwind Manor.

“Why, if you weren’t horny...” Christy chuckled at Mirinda, the shin’idun girl sleeping with a perverted smile on her lips, her latex outfit drenched in sweat and cum.

“Not that I’m a beauty queen myself, right now...” Christy sighed, standing stark naked, her pants, bra and boots thrown across the room.

“Let’s see, now...” Christy mumbled to herself, stepping over to her cosmetics desk; picking up the small, blue crystal, she held it to her breasts, whipering to it; “I want to speak to Lord Vlad’Darsa.”

In the next moment, the ghostly lich appeared as he had the first time Christy had seen him.

“Gods’ blood! What is it now??” the lich mumbled sourly, his sight falling on the naked Christy.

“Well, uhmm, I’m sorry, but I was just writing an important scroll, and...” Vlad’Darsa tried and put together an excuse as his orb-like eyes soared up and down as if scanning Christy.

“Listen Vladdie, I’ve got something to ask of you, if you can even keep those robes on” Christy said, mildly irritated at Vlad’Darsa’s looking.

“I’m sorry Miss Christy, but rest assured I can control myself” Vlad’Darsa now said, apparently sitting down on something Christy could not see.

“Now, what can I do for you?” Vlad’Darsa asked, Christy blushing.

“Well, you’re a mage, aren’t you?” she asked, Vlad’Darsa shaking his skull; “correction: Archmage, but yes, I am a spellslinger, if that is what you mean.”

“Well, you have alotta power, so I would ask a favour of you” Christy said, careful not to sound too eager.

“I indeed have, but what is it that you may need?” Vlad’Darsa asked, Christy clearly hearing his undertone suggesting he was getting impatient.

“Do you know...Zyrah Stardust ?” Christy asked carefully, surprised to hear Vlad’Darsa laugh, a cold, bone-chilling one, that was.

“If I know her! I was a friend of her mother back when she was but a youngster; I doubt I need my magic to understand what you intend to ask of me...?” Vlad’Darsa said, Christy feeling that he was partly teasing her.

“Well, yeah; I was wondering if you could-...” Christy began, Vlad’Darsa holding his claw up, interrupting her.

“-...If I could arrange for her to stay at the manor for a while? Well, as Lanadon so well plays His dice, she has heard of your own reputation, and, at my humble request, is on her way to your mistress’ manor as we speak...although I think I ruined the surprise for you by telling you of it.”

“This...this is so fucking awesome! When will she be here?? A week?” Christy asked, Vlad’Darsa leaning his skull to his staff, laughing heartily.

“She will be at your mistress’ manor by noon; she is escorted by some of the Imperial Scarlet Sisterhood, so look for their banners on the horizon” Vlad’Darsa nodded, Christy feeling herself almost fainting from built-up fangirlyness.

“Vlad, you’re freaking awesome for a dead dude! Thanks a lot, but I gotta go!” Christy nodded happily, Vlad’Darsa tapping his bony claw on what sounded like a stone chair.

“The pleasure was mine, Miss Christy, but run along now; I have scrolls to finish and arrange” he said, waving his hand in a strange gesture, disappearing from view.

“Oh Zyrah...!” Christy began moaning, her posters of the shin’saras girl as well as the still playing hentai yuri scene encouraging her to prepare herself for her idol’s arrival.

“SHICA-A-A-A-A-A! THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD! I’M HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!” Jiraz shrieked out in pleasure, Shica gleefully licking Jiraz’s g-spot, now at the size of her own fist.

“I...I WANNA FEEL YOU INSIDE ME-E-E-E!” Shica wailed out in pleasure, placing her nether lips on Jiraz’s g-spot, the enlarged demon girl having enjoyed lifting up Shica by her legs, hungrily sucking on her girlfriend’s nether lips, Shica on the brink of insanity as she had cum more times than she could remember.

“OH, FU-U-U-U-U-U-U-UCK!” Jiraz yelled out as she came again, Shica massaging and groping the g-spot, licking it as small squirts of Jiraz’s cum, gushed out.

“I wanna boobie-fuck now!” Shica grinned, running up towards Jiraz’s breasts, almost at the size of smaller hills to Shica by now.

“After that, please lick me again; your little tongue’s so cute and good...” Jiraz panted out, Shica loving this new way of having sex with Jiraz; on that accord, her and Jiraz were, much to their pride, supremely skilled in making each other cum, their soon 6 years relationship bearing ripe fruit.

“Chinyi, can I speak to you a moment?” Vinya asked carefully, Chinyi smiling at her and following Vinya and the rest of the maids to the manor; after a whole morning’s hard gardening work under a hot sun, Vinya knew that she very much needed a bath.

“Uhmm, after being accepted into the manor and all that, I kind of wondered if know...” Vinya mumbled, running her neck in embarrassment, Chinyi chuckling heartily at her.

“You thought if I would want to have a little romp with you, didn’t you?” Chinyi teased, Vinya feeling the pink-haired girl’s fingers crawl like spider legs over her shoulders.

“Yes, I kinda feel that...that I would like to try something...ihihihihih, softcore than the older girls...” Vinya blushed, Chinyi grinning at her.

“You really are a naughty little elf, aren’t you? It’s what makes you so adorable!” Chinyi giggled, suddenly and playfully kissing the shin’saras girl fully on the lips, folding her arms around her neck, Vinya enjoying it fully as her eyes closed and she let out a low moan; around them, some of the maids stopped up, grinning at them.

“They’re just jealous ‘cause they haven’t been in your panties yet; for that, I’d love to be the first!” Chinyi smiled as she broke the kiss, Vinya smirking at her.

“Technically Mirinda took me first, but...but being here, with all you girls...” Vinya said, gesturing towards the other girls, her voice quacking from her emotions; “...I don’t really concern virginity so damn important anymore...I freaking love all of you!”

At that, Chinyi hugged Vinya tightly, the shin’saras girl returning it, the two of them loving each other’s embrace.

“I’m gonna look forward ‘till later” a nearby Siriki smirked, mentally smiling at the thought of her video camera lying back on her desk in her room, ready to be used to film Vina and Chinyi’s lovemaking.

“The manor is in sight now, Miss Stardust” a mounted Scarlet Sister announced, her raptor sniffing in the air as if it had caught a smell.

“I trust it you remember yourself while visting these girls, Zyrah; their punishments, as for their maids, tends to be slightly more...diffrent than in Shacar-Jarcu...” Vlad’Darsa noted, the lich riding behind the group on the skeleton of a horse.

“Don’t worry, dude; I’m not one of those kinda divas who’s gonna let my fame spoil my social life” Zyrah assured him; she was a teal-eyed, light gray-skinned shin’saras girl, and her white hair was set up in an impressive ponytail; her whole attire was made of leather, and she wore a heavy travelling cloak with a hood.

“I don't doubt your judgement, Zyrah, but...well, these gals are wild, to put it mildly; they gorge themselves in pleasures and love of each other’s flesh” Vlad’Darsa warned, a Scarlet Sister riding up besides him.

“Lord Vlad’Darsa, I must ask You not to worry the young Stardust; she is a fully capable girl, and can easily fend for herself” the sister said, a certain harsh strictness in her voice; like the other Scarlet Sisters, her adamantine armour was coloured in silver and ruby-red, her marking as an officer made clear by red leather kata around her belt.

“I will comply, of course, milady” Vlad’Darsa bowed his skull, although irritated to be spoken to like a common child.

“Say, Vladdie; this Christy chick who’s such a big fan of mine; how does she looks like?” Zyrah suddenly asked, smiling her herself and leaning back in her saddle, imagaining her fan mentally as a blonde girl who would quickly fall before her and let herself seduce.

“Well, she is a blonde, wears rich clothes, and apparently serve the mistress of the manor as a...sorry, I do not remember the word, but she uses a passionate art of dancing to make the other girls throw themselves over her in lust...” Vlad’Darsa explained, angry at himself for knowing almost all there was to know of Mystic Magic, but apparently nothing of Nightwind Manor’s inhabitants.

Chapter 33

Title: Chapter XXXIII - Experience Speaks for Itself

“KIY-A-A-A-AH!” Allisia yelled out in a war-cry, using her new Soul-Cleaver blade to slice dozens upon dozens of training dummies apart, splinters of wood and metal flying in all directions, bouncing off against Allisia’s heavy armour as she showed her material prowess.

“Wow! She’s like some sort of human tornado with that sword of hers!” Kiro commented in amazement, Jiki nodding; having followed Allisia from the showers, they had taken a look at the Warrior Girl’s collection of arms and armour, Jiki taking especial interest in a shin’idun full-plate set of armour, the leaf-like design also appealing to Kiro.

“I...I am done now; you can come out...” Allisia grinned from under her helmet, opening the visor as Jiki and Kiro stepped out from their hiding place behind a wooden pillar; out of generosity, Allisia had let them each pick a set of armour they wanted from her collection:

Kiro had gone for a white, short toga-like robe, with studded and hardened plates of polished brown leather protecting torso, arms and elbows, as well as boots of the same hardened leather, although the interior of it was softer and more comfortable; for a weapon, Kiro had chosen a simple wooden staff with black leather straps on the middle.

Jiki had at first gone and chosen a mix of platemail and scalemail, finding herself to near constantly risk falling, much to Kiro’s and her own amusement; surrendering the heavier armour, she had instead chosen a chainmail and steel vambraces along with a small dwarven steel sword.

“I can’t believe how you can walk in this, Allisia” Kiro said, feeling the vambraces cut slightly into her wrists; while unpleasant, she had a feeling that hardened leather would be a good sort of armour in the short run.

“You’re talking, sweetie; this thing’s way heavier than it looks” Jiki said, feeling the metal rings in her chainmail gnaw into her shoulders.

“Well, think about this; full plate, like mine, is way heavier, and usually even more unfomfortable” Allisia said, putting down her helmet.

“Why isn’t it unformfortable to you, then? You’re used to it after using it so often?” Kiro asked.

“You can never really get used to your armour; the reason it’s not so uncomfortable as steel is because it’s made of adamantine” Allisia explained, sheathing the Soul-Cleaver and heading towards a small cabinet.

“What’s the difference between steel and adamantine? I know adamantine is darker and almost black, but I can’t tell the real difference” Jiki asked, pondering over what it could be.

“I’ll tell you; the shin’sari, or black elves, use adamantine, a material unique to the underground, to forge armour, and use their magic to shape the metal after the warrior it is to be worn by; thus the armour becomes flexible with the wearer’s movements” Allisia explained, sitting down by Jiki and Kiro.

“I gotta admit, it’s nice hearing it from a real fighter” Kiro smiled at Jiki, who returned it; being a Dragon Knight, Allisia was their perfect guide to the many fascinating and gleaming sets of armour and weapons around the room.

“Can someone pass me the shampoo? I can’t see a damn thing!" Gloris said as the maids had gone under the showers; outside in the locker room, Chinyi and Vinya stood in an eager discussion with Ukuni.

“What?! You already made it?? Oh my Gods, you’re awesome, Ukuni!” Vinya cheered, hugging and kissing Ukuni’s cheek, the black-haired girl blushing and smiling at the eager shin’saras girl.

“Easy, easy, silly! I’ve got your daily clothes here...” Ukuni smiled, pointing at a purple t-shirt with shin’saras letters saying ‘cute’ and black leather flare pants with matching ankle-high boots and wrist-long gloves.

“It looks a little frisky, but dead cute” Chinyi blushed at Vinya as she dressed up, loving her new clothes.

“I’m almost done with your more erotic outfit, so I’ll bring that along in a moment” Ukini said, Chinyi beaming in anticipation of seeing Vinya in her most naughty outfit.

“As for the payment, you got the Ara?” Ukuni asked, Vinya nodding eagerly, looking through her maid uniform, finding a small black leather wallet, handing Ukuni a handful of golden coins.

“Hmm...yep, all’s in order, now; I’ll be right up with your outfit...” Ukuni said, whispering to Vinya; “don’t be fooled by her playing innocent; she loves being tickled.”

“Oh, OK” Vinya whispered back, Ukuni dressing up and grabbing her uniform as she went out the door.

“Hey, Gloris...” Siriki whispered in the locker room’s other end, the black-haired girl leaning in to listen to Siriki’s whispering; “...what say you if we follow those two and make a hot little movie outta it?”

“Sounds like a plan to me; just let me get my hands on that sexy little elf...!” Gloris smirked, finding Vinya’s new look very appealing to her.

“Mi-mistress! It’s not very appropriate if the other maids see me like this!” Lillian tried and defend herself, Narrisha licking all over her face, Innoki holding Lillian’s arms locked behind her back, Narrisha’s room completly dark as the curtains blocking out the sun.

“Aw, c’mon; you’re the head maid, but there’s no need to be so strict!” Narrisha teased, Innoki chuckling behind Lillian, enjoying her now very limited resistance.

“Innoki, can you be a dear and help Miss Lillian out of her uniform? We cannot have her all wrapped up when she’s to be molested, now can we?” Narrisha teased, Lillian’s eyes opening wide in a clearly fake shock.

“Mistress Narrisha, you know that I have no control over my-...!” Lillian was about to say, but was interrupted by a low moan from Innoki as she began stripping Lillian carefully of her uniform, the head maid beginning to surrender herself to the amusement; truth to be spoken, she had often thought of how a threesome with the other girls would be, as she was only used to one partner.

“Well, I’m not going to make you cum if you don’t want to” Narrisha said, stopping her molesting as Lillian began to rustle more wildly.

“Oh? Oh, no! I never said I didn’t...mistress, please pet me a little more...” Lillian sighed and smiled at Narrisha, glad that she were always so understanding and could control her need for lovemaking.

“I’ll let Innoki take over a moment; she’s pretty good at fingering, mind you” Narrisha chuckled, Lillian feeling herself to be pulled slowly down by her breasts by Innoki, the brown-haired girl eagerly licking her neck and groping her breasts.

“Please, Innoki; please do satisfy me...” Lillian smiled at the brown-haired girl, who returned it and let her fingers goe below Lillian’s thighs...

Chapter 34

Title: Chapter XXXIV - Mischievious Kitties

[Author's notes: Warning: Extreme WAFF and Catgirl-related silliness in this chapter!
If you only seek hardcore yuri hentai, skip ahead or back the previous or coming chapters; this will only contain erotic ecchi talk and games.]

“Here we are, do come in!” Chinyi smiled, Vinya’s first impression of Chinyi’s room to be quite neatly decortated; around the oval room was several couches, and a large pink bed stood by the end, dozens of magazines spread on the floor.

“I can’t wait to make out! I’m always the submissive one, you know...” Chinyi explained, making her voice as sugar-sweet as she could, looking at Vinya:

Her fetish outfit consisted of elbow-long gloves, corset, g-string and thigh-high boots of black latex; the boots were quite pirate-like in appearance, folded from the top.

“Uhmm, well, you can start with being dominative, I guess...” Vinya said, sitting down on the bed, soon to find out it would be a great mistake.

“BANZA-A-A-A-AI!” Chinyi yelled grinningly, jumping on her bed besides Vinya, forcing the confused shin’saras girl down into the bed sheets under playful wails and giggling; feeling Chinyi press her face into breasts and humping herself against Vinya, she could not hold back a happy laugh.

“You really are a little chibi, aren’t you??” Vinya laughed, Chinyi grinning as she felt that Vinya liked her silliness; as response, she zipped down her shirt, tossed it over shoulder, her surprisingly large breasts bouncing into view of the amazed Vinya.

“Before we get to the fun part...” Vinya now grinned, an evil idea popping to her mind as she pointed at Chinyi; “...I’ve got a little request for you.”

“A request? Well, OK, I think” Chinyi grinned, closed her eyes and sat down in front of Vinya.

“I’d like to watch you masturbate” Vinya giggled, Chinyi blushing wildly.

“Uhmm, I’m not, ihihihih, I’m not much for people watching me do that; I’m afraid they’d think I’m freaky” Chinyi giggled nervously.

“I sure wouldn’t; nothing as cute as you can ever be freaky, Chinyi” Vinya smiled, leaning over and playfully kissing Chinyi’s cheek; “c’mon; I’ll let you nip my ears if you’ll do it.”

“You’ve got such a deal, Vinya!” Chinyi smirked happily, already looking forward to suckle on Vinya’s pointy ears and ravish her breasts; as she zipped down her skirt, Vinya found Chinyi to look right out adorable in nothing but black stockings and white leather boots.

“Just start off as you see fit; I’m gonna enjoy the whole show...” Vinya chuckled, folding her arms under her head, lying down and watching as Chinyi slowly began rubbing her own breasts, sticking her tongue out in teasing gestures at Vinya.

“Oh my Gods, she’s getting hot!” Gloris commented, looking through the small hole into Chinyi’s room; hidden behind the portrait of a green forest, Siriki and herself were busy filming the whole scene, Siriki giggling uncontrollably.

“She just can’t resist elf girls, that cutie; she’s freaking adorable when she goes all chibi-like” Siriki grinned, Gloris finding her tight swimsuit suddenly very uncomfortable.

“If we don’t go in there soon, I’ll take this out on you, Siriki!” Gloris teased, Siriki adjusting the camera’s lens more precisely.

“Hold on, just one more minute...” Siriki assured, wanting some good stuff for her film so she could blackmail Chinyi; although it was always a kind-hearted joke, she wanted to have some sort of evidence of Chinyi’s lovemaking so she could convince the pink-haired girl to go bondage on her.

“Uhm-m-m-m-m...Vinya, won’t you take me soon? I’m getting so hot and horny...!” Chinyi managed a smile at the shin’saras girl, who simply smiled at her, sighed and sat up.

“I know you had hoped to be dominative...” Vinya grinned, Chinyi discovering that Vinya had been playing with herself, as well, as she now leaned hungrily over Chinyi; “...but I just can’t pass up such a good opportunity to fuck you.”

With those words, Vinya fell upon Chinyi, her latex-clad fingers heading right for the pink-haired girl’s channel of innocence, making her let out a horny shriek of pleasure, leading her own soaked finger to Vinya’s nether lips and rubbing them.

“OH, YES! Oh, give me elf love! I want it! I’m getting so wet...!” Chinyi exclaimed happily, her grin stretching from ear to ear as Vinya began humping her, the two of them busy fingering each other and suck each other’s breasts.

“CHI-CHINYI! I’m...I’M GOING TO CUM, SOON!” Vinya warned, Chinyi hugging her with her spare hand, laughing at her; “yes, please! Cum for me! Let’s cum together!”

“CHINYI-I-I-I-I!” Vinya yelled out, climaxing as her whole body shoke from liquid fire in her body, climaxing over and over.

“Vinya! That looked so hot! Come here! Have more sex with me!” Chinyi smiled, Vinya chuckling at her as she now leaned over the pink-haired girl, her head now resting over the bed’s side.

“Oh, GO-O-O-ODS! YE-E-E-ES, I’M GONNA CU-U-U-U-UM!” Chinyi yelled out as she came, Vinya finding her new latex glove completly soaked in cum as Chinyi climaxed just as intensely as herself.

“Don’t stop...I want more...!” Chinyi whimpered, bolting upwards, borrowing her face between Vinya’s breasts, laughing happily.

“I’ve gone and you can’t see me!” she teased, Vinya laughing amused at Chinyi’s childishness, deciding to try out the tip Ukuni had given her; she let her hands under Chinyi’s armpits, tickling the pink-haired girl, who wailed out in giggling and pleasure as Vinya mercilessly tickeled her, rolling around on the bed with Chinyi.

“That’s it, I’m going in now” Gloris said outside the door, Siriki nodding as she stopped the camera recording; heading to the door, they found it unlocked, opening it dramatically.

“SURPRISE!” Siriki cheered, her mind suddenly going blank as she now found Chinyi lying on her back, Vinya sitting on her head, Chinyi’s tongue busy pleasuring Vinya’s nether lips, the two of them suddenly spotting Siriki and Gloris.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh, that’s just priceless!” Gloris laughed, Siriki joining in, partly leaning to each other for not to lose their balance; heading for the bed, Chinyi hid a smile, while Vinya sat a little back, Chinyi’s head popping into view.

“Say there, cuties; we’ve got all your hot lovemaking here on this little tape...” Siriki smirked evilly; “...and unless you’re willing to go for some bondage lovin’, Chinyi, then I’m afraid it can’t remain between the four of us.”

Looking at each other, Vinya and Chinyi nodded, Vinya grinning as she had heard of Siriki’s none-serious, silly blackmail fetish.

“Please don’t tell them! I’m just an innocent little kawaii girl!” Chinyi pretended to plead, Siriki leaning over the bed, a confident smirk on her lips.

“Let’s see; how do you fancy whips, Chinyi? Or are you more into latex like the little Vinya here?” Siriki teasingly taunted, Gloris leaning over as well, Chinyi and Vinya exchanging looks, the same idea forming in their heads.

“Let me see...” Chinyi mumbled, gesturing Siriki closer; as she as she were within a meter’s distance, she chuckled, grabbed her loose white top, grinning; “...I choose a foursome!”

Hearing that, Siriki was not surprised, and was even happily thrown into a harmless wrestling match between her, Chinyi, Gloris and Vinya, the four of them laughing out loud.

“AR-R-RGH! Hey, no fair!” Vinya wailed out, Gloris bending her down and giving Vinya’s g-string thong a frontal wedgies, the shin’saras girl loving it to the fullest.

“OH, SIRIKI! LICK MY CUNT!” Chinyi yelled out beside them, Siriki lying underneath her and between her legs, her mouth sucking on Chinyi’s nether lips, Gloris suckling on her breasts while teasing Vinya.

“Hey girls, I got a little idea...” Gloris suddenly said, Siriki, Chinyi and Vinya stopping up, although slightly disappointed.

“Chinyi, get down on Vinya’s clitoris, me and Siriki show her a little boob-job” Gloris grinned, Siriki smiling at the idea, while Chinyi smirked and winked at the confused Vinya; however, not a few moments later, Vinya found her head stuck between Gloris and Siriki’s breasts, rubbing them against her face, while Chinyi happily licked on her nether lips.

“OH! OH, SO GO-O-OD! I feel so lovely horny now!” Vinya smiled to herself, feeling Gloris and Siriki’s hands move down and rubbing her stomach.

“Hey, you’ve also gotta do your share!” Siriki snarled passionately, grabbing Vinya’s hand and guiding it to her nether lips; “c’mon; finger me silly! Rub your fingers all around my clit!”

“Me too! Do me, too!” Gloris insisted, Vinya gladly nodding, fingering Gloris and Siriki, feeling her own climax approach with Chinyi’s soft and gentle licking.

“OH, CHINYI! Please kiss my clit! Kiss it deep and hot! I CAN’T...I C-CAN’T TAKE IT!” Vinya shrieked out as Chinyi’s tongue went over her g-spot, Chinyi delightfully sucking it.

“OH, GIR-R-R-R-R-R-RLS!!!” Vinya yelled out, her legs locking themselves on Chinyi’s back, pressing her head futher downwards, just in the moment of Vinya’s climax; caught off-guard, Chinyi still grinned after licking the girly nectar off, grinning at Vinya.

“You little harlot, Vinya! You’re gonna pay for that!” she laughed, Vinya’s staggered breath and heaving body far too occupied to notice anything.

“What about us? She hasn’t made us cum yet” Gloris asked, Chinyi smirking as an idea came to her mind; in the next moment, she scissored into the tribadism with Vinya, the surprised shin’saras girl wailing out in happy pleasure.

Gloris, let Vinya lick you; Siriki, come over here, sexy...” Chinyi teased, curling her finger up and down in a gesture for Siriki to come over to her, which the ice-haired girl smilingly did.

“After this, Vinya, I’m gonna use your ears as lollipops!” Chinyi giggled, rubbing herself against Vinya, all the while licking Siriki’s bared, moist nether lips.

“...Please, Gloris...I want to t-...taste pussy...” Vinya pleaded, Gloris looking at the exhausted shin’saras girl’s partly outstretched tongue with a mix of enjoyment and lust.

“Vinya, you can all the pussy you want...” Gloris teased, leaning down for Vinya to lick her; “...but you gotta grope me for it! I like that hot latex on my boobies.”

“Sure!” Vinya replied gladly, reaching her hands up and groping Gloris, the black-haired girl soon feeling her nether lips getting softly licked by Vinya.

“Uhmm! Oh, ye-e-e-e-ah...oh, this is pussy feels so good...!” Siriki mumbled, licking her lips and throwing her head back, rubbing her breasts as Chinyi did everything in her power to make her climax.

“’s good...rub harder...!” Vinya insisted, the pink-haired girl happy to hear right out horniness in the shin’saras girl’s voice.

“Let’s let our pussies kiss each other...” Chinyi grinned, rubbing even harder as Vinya’s moans increased in volume.

“Uhmm...I’m gonna gush out soon, Vinya...lick it deeper...uhm-m-m-m-m...” Gloris mumbled, her tongue sticking out and drooling down on Vinya’s stomach.

“I-I’m gonna cum soon, too! Eat that pussy, Chinyi! I want to feel you inside me!” Siriki exclaimed, cheerfully rubbing her breasts even harder.

“V-Vinya, I’m gonna...I’m gonna cum soon, too!” Chinyi shrieked out, Vinya clearly feeling the bed sheets under them grow wetter and wetter, leading her to make amused smirk at Chinyi.

“You’re not so innocent at all, huh? You little wet catgirl, you...” Vinya teased, Chinyi crying out loud at the mention of her favourite turn-on.

“I’M GONNA DO IT! I, I can’t control it! GIRLS, I’M CUMMING! I’M GONNA-...!” Siriki now wailed out, suddenly finding Gloris to lean over and kiss her hotly, the two of them happily letting their tongues intertwine and drool passionately as they groped each other.

“I’M, I’M CUMMING! I WANNA CUM!” Vinya yelled out, soon joined in by the other girls; as Chinyi had driven Siriki to the brink, the ice-haired girl came heavily during her orgasm, Chinyi gladly licking all the girly nectar; Vinya felt hers and Chinyi’s climaxes almost bolt out of them from the intensity, and Gloris simply yelled to the ceiling.

Exhausted, the four girls fell down on the bed sheets, wet as they were; spending some time recovering, Chinyi rose up and curiously crawled over to Vinya, the shin’saras girl feeling something hot and wet lick at the sensitive ears.

“Oh, Chinyi...” she mumbled to herself, smiling as Gloris and Siriki grinned and chuckled at her; sitting atop her, Chinyi joyfully suckled on Vinya’s pointy ears, much to the girls’ amusement.

“Hey, girls! Shouldn’t we try and gang up on Chinyi in a moment?” Vinya suggested, Siriki and Gloris exchanging evil grins.

“Hey, that’s not fair! We-we could take turns, OK?” Chinyi suggested, having a hard time believing she could handle more than two pleasers at a time.

“Sure, but just you wait, you little elf-lover...” Vinya chuckled, turning her grinning head to Chinyi; “...I’m going to lick your pink, little, petite pussy all outta juices within the hour!”

Chapter 35

Title: Chapter XXXV - Arrival of a Superstar

“Welcome to Nightwind Manor, Miss Stardust” one of the Night Guards politely bowed, the smaller shin’saras girl smiling at the polite greeting.

“Is it true that you’re all serving under some loveable vampire chick? Sounds kinda kinky...” Zyrah could help but to ask, the Night Guard nodding.

“We all serve Mistress Narrisha, but she is no ‘vampire’; she merely has...” she started, snapping her fingers in wonder to find a good word; “...a skin pigmentation complexion.”

“...OK, that’s gotta be a new one” Zyrah grinned; “the Sisters will carry my luggage and bags, so just show them to my room, OK?”

“Certainly” another Night Guard now saluted, stepping towards the Scarlet Sisters, looking sour to be forced to drag the heavy bags all around the manor; however, the Night Guard could almost have sworn that they began looking at her as she stepped up to them.

“So, how many maids, and guard girlies, are actually working here?” Zyrah asked curiously.

“My guess goes around the twenty or more; it all depends of the shifts” the Night Guard escorting Zyrah explained, Zyrah practically beaming.

“Uhmm...well, if that isn’t hot...” Jisha commented smilingly, her and Minyoki sitting her Minyoki’s room by her computer, watching yuri hentai.

“You haven’t seen the best; look now! Look now!” Minyoki pointed at the screen, a skimpy-clad brown-haired girl being pressed against a tree by a dominatrix-like redhead with dark skin; humping her and fingering the brown-haired girl, her outfit consisted of a corset, thong, thigh-high boots, elbow-long gloves and a split cape of dark-red latex.

“! Th-the way she bangs her....! Fuck, this is some hot stuff!” Jisha cheered happily, secretly fingering herself at the scene.

“Look now, it’s getting better!” Minyoki chuckled, the redhead’s intense fingering leading to the brown-haired girl’s climax; panting, she violently forced the surprised redhead against the tree, insisting on having her turn.

“It’s kinky when they use a bit of force” Minyoki smiled dreamingly, the brown-haired girl now, with a speed Minyoki did not really catch, tore off the redhead’s corset and her thong, the steel chain making her belt falling rattling to the ground.

“What the...! Oh, Gods; look at her go!!!” Jisha giggled, the redhead now turned around, baring her nether lips to the brown-haired girl as she leaned down.

“Let’s take a break now; it’s good to build up suspense...” Minyoki teased, pausing the clip, Jisha looking right out disappointed.

“But I wanna watch her get fucked! It’s the hottest scene I’ver ever seen!” she almost yelled in frustration.

“I’ll show you the rest on two conditions...” Minyoki chuckled to herself, standing up; as she leaned towards Jisha, grinning seductively, she had no trouble finding out about at very least one of the conditions.

“First, you let me look at that book you got from your moms...” Minyoki said, Jisha nodding, finding it a fully fair demand.

“And secondly...” Minyoki now said, her voice suddenly getting dangerously demanding; “ let me fuck you blind for at least an hour in hardcore bondage style!”

“Uhmm, eheheheh, I’ve fucked with girls before, really, but never bon-...” Jisha began nervously grinning, Minyoki suddenly kissing her, sucking on her lips forcefully.

“After watching those hot chicks bang each other, you know you wanna...” Minyoki grinned, walking over to her closet; “ close your eyes and don’t you dare open them!”

Doing as she was told, Jisha sat down on Minyoki’s bed, honestly not minding the bondage; after all, she was the daughter of two sexy mistresses of bondage.

“OK, you can look now!” Minyoki called, stepping out from the shadows; her outfit was that of leotard with loose sleeves, wrist-long gloves and thigh-high boots, all of it in dark-red latex.

With her mouth almost agape in amazement, Jisha smiled happily as Minyoki pulled out a black dildo, holding it thoughtfully.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you scared?” Minyoki asked in both tease and wonder.

“No, not really; I just thought that since I’m the daughter of a sexy demon girl and hot shin’saras chick...” Jisha said, beginning to undress herself; “...then I think I have to keep up the family’s most honoured tradition.”

“Uhmm, what’s that?” Minyoki asked in confusing, forgetting her menacing dominatrix appearance.

“To fuck, and be fucked by, all the most hot, sexy, kinky and ravishing girls you can find and get to play with you!” Jisha grinned, finally slipping out of her boots, arranging her outfit on the floor, jumping back into bed, baring her nether lips; “let’s see if you can do better than the girls back at my school!”

“...OK, talk about an open-minded lezzie hottie...” Minyoki said, smiling confidently; “but heck, who in the manor isn’t both open-minded and a cute or hot lezzie?”

“Beats me, but I love this place!” Jisha grinned, Minyoki now leaning down on her.

“You ready to get laid, hottie?” she snarled, Jisha winking at her; “bring it on!”

“I’m not kinda sure this is a good idea, Hiroi” Raicha said uncertainly, Hiroi, followed by Ukuni and Raicha, sneaked around Narrisha’s room, trying to find Breeze.

“It’s gonna be OK; I just wanna see if that birdie can do some magical...” Hiroi assured, soon spotting the still snoozing griffon by Narrisha’s bed.

“Oh my Gods! Look at that!” Hiroi silently giggled, Ukuni and Riacha now seeing a yuri hentai doujinshi lying on the griffon’s golden beak, flipping some of the pages each time Breeze snoozed.

“That’s gotta be the most hilarious I’ve seen in a while” Ukuni chuckled; however, not remembering to silence herself as best she could, Breeze woke up, although keeping her eyes shut, only slightly opened to see the girls whispering in a dark corner.

“Let’s get closer; you know what I’ll do if you don’t dare it Raicha-a-a-a-a...” Hiroi teased, the blonde biting her lower lip; due to a wager, either Raicha was to touch the griffon’s beak, or Hiroi would be permitted to ravish Raicha until she fainted in the showers, fully clothed.

“OK, OK! I’ll touch that fucking beak...!” Raicha angrily gritted her teeth; being fearful of magical creatures, she found no desire to approach the griffon’s beak; as she crawled, sneaked and moved as silently as she could, she was almost a meter from the griffon, when...

“Will you please just touch my beak, then? You’re noisier than that vampiric gal...” Breeze now mumbled, her eyes wide opened; shrieking, Raicha was about to run for her life, but a furry, white tail around her waist kept her in place.

“I see no reason why you’d fear me; I would never harm any of you gals, had you even insulted me” Breeze said correctingly.

“’re not a carnivore...??” Raicha asked hopefully, Breeze laughing with the sound of an owl’s hooting.

“No, no, silly little girl; I do eat some lovely meats, but I prefer, say, an apple or maybe a water melon” Breeze said, Raicha almost shameful that she had once thought griffons, especially, to be maneating monsters.

“Uhmm, OK...will you let go of me?” Raicha asked, Breeze removing her tail.

“Stand back a little...” she asked; doing so, Raicha saw as the griffon stretched out like a cat, her wings stretching fully out in all their might, her tail swinging from side to side, and her beak opening in a large yawn, revealing her long, pink tongue.

“I gotta admit, that’s kind amazing...” Raicha smiled, looking at the majestic, magical creature as she rustled her head.

“Say, what time is, now? I think I’ve overslept...” Breeze asked, Raicha checking her watch.

“Around one o’ clock in the afternoon” she said, Breeze nodding in thanks.

“So, Hiroi; no wet latex boobies groping for you today” Ukuni whispered teasingly from the corner.

“Oh, I dunno about that...” Hiroi’s seductive, alluring voice said, Ukuni’s confident smile replaced with a look of anticipation.

“A-A-A-A-A-AH! Oh, fuck! Had I known...bondage would be so fun...!” Jisha grinned, her drool running down on Minyoki’s bed, the pink-haired girl enjoying herself hammering the strap-on dildo into Jisha’s nether lips.

“Gods, you have a tight pussy; did some of your little schoolgirl friends help you tightening it up?” Minyoki taunted, Jisha’s only reply being a clear ‘yes!’
“You’ve been screaming that the last two minutes; you’re not too creative when it comes to sex, are you?” Minyoki grinned, Jisha joining in.

“Why don’t you quit the doggy style and let me turn around?” Jisha asked, Minyoki not minding it; as she turned around, Minyoki could gladly see that her long thrusting had born fruit in the form of Jisha’s nether lips becoming completly soaked.

“I’ve heard that you turn on magic...” Minyoki said, Jisha’s eyes getting a hopeful spark in them.

“...But I’m not a sorceress, so I can’t use magic on you...” Minyoki said with a sad smile, Jisha looking disaapointed.

“However, I think this might help set your mood a bit” Minyoki grinned, groping Jisha’s breasts; in that instant, Jisha wailed out in horniness, Minyoki smiling in amazement.

“So you also turn on a little boobie groping, huh?” Minyoki now smiled fiendishly, Jisha nodding slowly, her eyes running with tears of pleasure.

“Oh, I’m gonna like this!” Minyoki laughed in triumph, letting her hands grope Jisha’s breasts forcibly; as she yelled out even louder than before, Jisha felt Minyoki sucking on her breasts, only increasing the pleasure to sky-high limits.

Chapter 36

Title: Chapter XXXVI - Old Stories becomes Interesting

“This place totally rocks! I mean, I’ve been to alotta cool places, but this just beats everything!” Zyrah cheered, tossing herself grinningly into her new bed; it had silvery bed sheets, curtains around it, and her room, though simple, were comfortable and warm.

“I’m glad to see you like your chambers, Miss Stardust” a deep, dark voice now came, Zyrah looking up, finding a figure clad in a spiky set of adamantine armour, a scary-looking helmet with glowing, purple eyes, and a fatal-looking sword by its side.

“W-who are you??” Zyrah asked in shock, the menacing figure stepping towards her.

“I am Lady Allisia, and please don’t judge me by my armour alone...” a low chuckle were heard inside the helmet; in the next moment, the figure grabbed around the helmet, taking it off, Allisia’s blue-haired head popping into view.

“Gods, that’s some hot stuff hiding under that metal” Zyrah shamelessly flirted, Allisia not minding it in the least; putting her helmet down, she gestured a handshake to Zyrah, which she quickly accepted.

“I’m glad to meet you, Miss Stardust; I hear you’re quite a talented singer and musician” Allisia said, not able to hide a smile at the thought of Zyrah’s song titles.

“Well, yeah; I rock, I roll, I’m rich and all, but it’s getting a bit old, so I wanted to see about this manor and stuff” Zyrah explained, tossing herself back into her bed, taking off her boots and gloves and lying down, sighing pleasantly.

“The only thing I kinda miss are some of those screaming fangirls...hihihihih...” Zyrah grinned to herself.

“May I approach, Miss Stardust?” Allisia asked, Zyrash surprised to hear such a formal tone.

“Sure you may! Hihih, it’s not like I’m royalty or something; how about you?” Zyrah grinned, leaning over on her elbows and looking at Allisia.

“I’m Allisia Lightblade, former Dragon Knight of the Kingdom of Silvarcira” Allisia answered, saluting.

“A Dragon Knight?! Oh my Gods, you guys are supposed to be, you know, the warrior elite!” Zyrah exclaimed in surprise, although not finding Allisia to look too much like a Dragon Knight.

“Well...I did belong to the ‘elite’, but Silvarcira became too corrupted for me to bear, so I left the order; now I live here at the manor...and I actually have yet to regret it...” Allisia said, smiling a bit at herself.

“Oh, I’m sorry about that, but hey, you’ve got it hot here with all the little cuties; after all that fighting, isn’t a little lady love in order?” Zyrah teased.

“Well, I do prefer more mature warrior women, but I can just as well confess my love for the ones living here...” Allisia chuckled at herself; “...sorry, I forgot my manners, Miss Stardust.”

“It’s alright, I’m not raising charges for that!” Zyrah grinned, Allisia sitting on the bed besides Zyrah.

“About that dragon stuff; is it true what that boney Vlad’Darsa says? That you have a real dragon staying here?” Zyrah asked in awe.

“Well, there is Dracaia, and she is indeed a golden dragon, but she have chosen to use smaller shape in the form of an elf in order to stay here and enjoy herself” Allisia explained.

“And how large is she as a dragon? Twenty, thirty meters tall??” Zyrah asked again, knowing that dragons were huge, majestic creatures.

“Uhmm, no; she is around the eighty meters tall from horn to tail” Allisia said, smiling amused as Zyrah’s mouth once again fell agape.

“Oh my Gods! That’s just so awesome! Having a dragon going around in elf form and such...” Zyrah grinned in amazement, looking Allisia over.

“So, how about the suit? Adamantine’s OK for armour, but it looks kinda mean-looking...and kinda badass, too...” Zyrah asked, Allisia not sure if she was to tell of the origin of her armour.

“Well, being a knight for so long gave me great opportunities for adventures, so I gathered something on my travels; I found this adamantine to suit me better than my old suit of steel full-plate” Allisia said, Zyrah listening eagerly.

“So, have you been ‘conquering’ some of these loveable little ladies, mighty Miss Metal?” she joked, Allisia smiling at her.

“I will say that I have, indeed; however, I’m more of a passive lover, preferring to let others tell me where to go and what to do” Allisia said.

“Well, if I’m ever to see if I can get laid, I come to you if I need some info on the girls I’m about to go down on, OK?” Zyrah asked with a wink.

“I wouldn’t mind it at all, Miss Stardust” Allisia said, rising up from the bed; “if you’ll excuse me, I have some training to attend to; I could send for a guide for you if you wish?”

“Please do; I can’t really find my way around here, I gotta say...” Zyrah said, twirling a finger around her head in a gesture of confussion.

“Wow, that was so sweet!” Vinya grinned at herself, tossing her messy fetish outfit into the corner, tossing herself into bed, chuckling at the thought of the silliness she had just been part of.

“Oh, Minyoki’s going to be so mad at me for fooling around with her sister...” Vinya mumbled to herself; in the next moment, a knock was heard on the door, Vinya quickly moving herself under the bed sheets.

“Come in!” she called, Allisia opening the door and stepping in.

“Uhmm, are you sick Vi-...” Allisia began, only to laugh at herself; “how dumb can I be?? Elves can’t get sick!”

“Hihihihihihih! What gave it away?” Vinya nervously joined in the laughing, Allisia’s face now turning serious again; “Vinya, our guest, Miss Stardust, would like a guide for a tour of the manor.”

“OK, I’m coming in a...uhmm, can we say three minutes...?” Vinya asked carefully.

“You need not play jokes, Vinya; I’ve seen what you’ve left behind...” Allisia shoke her head and chuckled to herself, pointing at the messy fetish outfit in the corner.

“Oh! Oh, yes; I’ll deal with that after the tour, OK?” Vinya asked, Allisia nodding.

“Miss Stardust’s room is just around the corner on your left” Allisia informed, turning on her heel and walking out the door.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to see another black elf at this manor” Zyrah smiled at she saw Vinya walking towards her, finding the slightly younger shin’saras girl quite cute.

“I’m Vinya, Miss Stardust, and I’m your guide around the manor” Vinya politely bowed, Zyrah smiling at her.

“Are there other elves like you here?” she asked.

“Well, there’s also Mirinda, a shin’idun, mind you” Vinya explained, Zyrah’s mouth falling completly agape.

“A shin’idun?! How the heck can you even live under the same roof??” Zyrah spat, Vinya sighing at her.

“Miss Stardust, Mirinda might be a shin’idun, but she’s harmless; she’s not all prejudible and living in the past” Vinya assured.

“Well, what does she then do around here?” Zyrah asked impataintly.

“Well, daily she’s the scholar and librarian at the library, but at night...” Vinya said, blushing a bit.

“What? What does she do at night?” Zyrah asked.

“She...well...she punishes the girls who disobey the rules...” Vinya grinned at herself.

“Tsk, how? Making them write lines on a cupboard?” Zyrah asked again saracstically.

“Uhmm, no...she’s a dominatrix...” Vinya said, blushing again.

“What the...a shin’idun dominatrix?? those all PVC, latex and leather-clad hotties with whips, handcuffs and bondage??” Zyrah asked in amazement.

“Yeah, although I kinda think she sticks to the strap-ons...” Vinya said, laughing at herself.

“What’s so funny?” Zyrah asked in bewilderment.

“Well, to cut it short...I asked her to rape me at a time; virginity’s not so important to us girls at the manor, so she and two other girls got into a foursome with me...” Vinya blushed.

“You’re one, cute little GILF, you know that?” Zyrah now smiled mysteriously.

“Uhmm, ‘GILF’?” Vinya asked.

“Girl I’d Love to Fuck, silly!” Zurah grinned, Vinya blushing.

“But no worries, I’ll wait until after the tour” Zyrah teased, rustling Vinya’s hair, the younger shin’saras chuckling.

“OK, Miss Stardust; we’ll start out in the dining hall, so please follow me...” Vinya informed, Zyrah following her, rubbing her hands in anticipation...

“Uhmm, you coming, Miss Stardust?” Vinya asked.

“Oh? Oh, yeah! Sure! And just call me Zyrah, will you?” Zyrah grinned, following Vinya.

Chapter 37

Title: Chapter XXXVII - Love Thine Fellow Elf

[Author's notes: Spoiler:
Minyoki is the creator of the Everlust series.]

“Now, where to store it...? Allisia thought to herself; having returned to her room and dispelled her armour, she was looking for a good place to store the Soul-Cleaver.

“...Gods, it is about as cliché as it gets...” she sighed at herself, walking towards one of the round corners, finding one of the stones there sitting a bit loose.

“Perfect” Allisia said, moving the stone easily and put the blade down in the small hole, putting the stone over it again.

“And these are the showers, not that there is much to that” Vinya gestured simply, smiling a bit; “it is one of the most popular areas for tricks and games, mind you?”

“And, uhmm, who’s that chick bathing over there?” Zyrah asked, pointing at Gloris sitting and relaxing in a Jacuzzi futher inside the room.

“Ah, that’s Gloris, one of our more exotic inhabitants...” Vinya explained; “she prefers hanging around here, as she is much for baths and hot water.”

“Sort of like, one of those beach babes, just by the showers instead of beaches?” Zyrah asked, Vinya nodding agreeingly.

“Hey, can we wait a moment with continuing the tour? There’s something I wanna try...” Zyrah asked, Vinya thinking for a moment.

“OK, but we’ve got at least two floors more to cover” she said, Zyrah heading into the room, almost sneaking.

“Oh, I’m gonna give her heat, alright...!” she mentally grinned at herself, soon standing right behind the humming and relaxing Gloris.

“I know it’s you, Chinyi; I can hear your heels all over the showers!” Gloris suddenly chuckled, Zyrah feeling her face to be splashed with water, making her giggle.

“Hey! You’re not...Chinyi...” Gloris said as she turned around, facing the shin’saras girl with an impressed look.

“So you’re expecting someone, kiddo?” Zyrah grinned, Gloris catching herself to smile innocently.

“Uhmm, who are you?” Gloris asked, only thinking Vinya and Shica to be the only shin’sari girls to stay at the manor.

“I’m Zyrah Stardust; nice meeting you” Zyrah smiled, offering Gloris and handshake, which she took eagerly.

“You’re that chick Christy always listens to! Gods, you make hot stuff, miss...” Gloris mumbled, blushing.

“And who’s this Christy, then?” Zyrah asked, setting herself down on the edge of the Jacuzzi.

“She’s our stripper and your biggest fan; I...I don’t know if I should say this...” Gloris said, lowering her voice to a whisper; “...but she claims she can’t fall asleep at night before masturbating at the thought of you.”

“Wow! I know I’ve got a lot of fangirls, but being so horny for me? Aww, that’s quite a shame for her...” Zyrah said, feeling pity for Christy.

“Uhmm, Miss Stardust, I’ve got to continue the tour” Vinya said at the entrance to the showers, Zyrah grinning at her and giving her a thumbs up.

“See you around” she grinned at Gloris, kissing her cheek; as she left, Gloris found herself hoping that this famous singer would be staying at them for a long time...

“Hey! That...that kinda hurts!” Innoki shrieked out, Lillan giving her thong one wedgies after another.

“I’m not really merciful to little brats who think they can screw me without sharing the pleasure a bit...” Lillan grinned wickedly, her other hand busy at pulling Innoki’s tongue and pinch her cheeks.

“Look, I’m sorry! Mistress Narrisha told me to do it!” she panicked and shrieked as Lillan now used both her hands and pressing the cloth of Innoki’s thong as deep inside her nether lips as she could.

“You’re really such a little screamer; it’s so cute...” Lillan chuckled to herself, pinching Innoki’s g-spot and sticking her tongue inside her nether lips.

“Why is always me who gets the most rough fucks?!” Innoki yelled to the ceiling, her voice a mix of pain and pleasure.

“Oh, for the Gods’ sake...” Lillan sighed, swinging her legs over Innoki’s head.

“Let’s 69 each other, then; don’t you want a little pussy, yourself?” Lillan asked, Innoki catching herself smiling at the promise of returning the favour to Lillan.

“C’mon! Don’t chicken out now; get your mouth in there!” Lillan encouraged over her shoulder, marking her point by spanking herself on the left buttock.

“And this is Mistress Narrisha’s room; I’m not allowed in there, so we can’t just walk in” Vinya told as Zyrah looked inside the richly decorated room.

“Wow! Just what’s that supposed to be??” she asked as she saw Breeze’s silhouette walking towards them on her way out.

“Oh, that’s just Breeze; she’s Jiki and Kiro’s pet” Vinya told, Zyrah now catching full eye of the majestic creature.

“Ah, a new lass, I see; glad to meet you, young lady” Breeze bowed her head formally, Zyrah amazed to see the great creature speak and wander down the hallway, her tail sweeping from side to side.

“And, uhmm, who are those ‘Jiki’ and ‘Kiro’, then?” Zyrah asked.

“Two girlfriends staying here; the other couple is Jiraz and Shica, but I’m sure you’ll meet them, as well” Vinya said, surprised as Zyrah’s eyes widened.

“Our crown princess, Shica Narra-Jar?? What’s she doing here?” she asked in perplexion.

“Well, she’s here on a little vecation with her girlfriend, Jiraz Blackwhip” Vinya said, Zyrah’s eyes falling back to normal.

“Ah, Blackwhip, that hot demon girl lover of hers? They’re really girlfriends?” Zyrah asked again.

“Yep, although...well, they are the most lustful couple if you ask me; they kinda speak through sex” Vinya grinned nervously at herself, rubbing her head.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of them; they kinda make some noise at the Imperial Palace; I once heard them when I was giving a concert to the empress” Zyrah said, grinning; “fuck, I kinda hope I meet them; it’d be, heh, well, an ‘honour’, if you know what I mean?”

“I think I understand perfectly” Vinya said as she caught sight of a lustful look in Zyrah’s eyes.

“Say, where do you live here?” Zyrah suddenly asked.

“Oh, on the second floor, outer left corridor, second door on the left” Vinya said, smiling at herself for her good memory.

“Well, I didn’t need a guide on how to get there; I’d just like to go back there and be a little...” Zyrah said, smiling seductively; “...’intimate’ before I go meet your sweet little stripper girl.”

“Oh! Uhmm...oh, I’m not kidding anyone, am I?” Vinya sighed, Zyrah grinning at her.

“Well, not me you aren’t...” Zyrah chuckled, Vinya smiling weakly to herself; “oh well, but it’s a bit messy; my outfit’s all moist and I need to get some new bed sheets on.”

“I can help you out; I’m not spoiled if you’re thinking that” Zyrah joked, following Vinya to her room.

Chapter 38

Title: Chapter XXXVIII - Strange Requests

“Gods, for a kinda geek girl you know a lot of making out” Jisha grinned at Minyoki, who were heading towards her computer, setting it on standby.

“And you’re kinda living up the family name; fuck, I saw your moms fuck each other at the party some time ago, and you’re certainly just as hot when you get in heat” Minyoki winked at Jisha, who took it as a compliment.

“Still, I’m actually sorry I couldn’t do some magic things to you, but I just don’t have that...what is it, mana, in me?” Minyoki sighed, Jisha rising up and patting her shoulder.

“There, there; it was fun, anyway...” Jisha said, smirking at Minyoki; “...your little sister’s next!”

“Why, you...!” Minyoki snarled, tossing herself over Jisha, both of them landing on the bed, Jisha’s inhuman strength causing her to grip Minyoki by her waist and let her float above Jisha.

“This is what’s practical about sports...” Jisha teased, stretching her legs up towards the amazed Minyoki’s waist, putting down her arms and letting Minyoki rest on her feet; “ can use your body for so much practical stuff.”

“Uhmm, latex lingerie? I dunno, Charlene; I can make suits and boots and all, but including threads? That’s kinda out of my ability...” Ukuni admitted, Charlene looking not at all disappointed.

“No worries, Ukuni; as long as you can make it black and purple...and maybe just some steel zippers and something like that.”

“Gotcha! Purple and black latex, with steel accessory, got it!” Ukuni saluted in tease, near storming into her room, looking through all her materials.

“I’ll admit that I had never believed that fetish outfits could be just as great a fashion as normal clothes...” Charlene said to herself, Ukuni grinning over her shoulder.

“Miss Stardust, are you sure you’re ready for this? I’m...I’m not that skilled a lover...?” Vinya asked, Zyrah undressing herself, two finely crafted silver bracelets popping into view.

“Wow, they’re just as pretty as you...” Vinya said in awe, realizing her hidden flirt when Zyrah chuckled at her, making her blush.

“Aww, I just can’t keep my paws off you little cuties; c’mere...” Zyrah grinned, sitting down on the bed’s side, sneaking up behind Vinya and grabbing her by her breasts, forcing her to lean down to Zyrah.

“I’ll mess those bed sheets up real good, real fast...” Zyrah grinned, Vinya feeling that Zyrah was a slightly demanding, but very eager lover; moaning, she enjoyed how Zyrah started off easily massaging her breasts, kissing her neck.

“Tell me, are you ticklish?” Zyrah asked, Vinya replying with a quick nod.

“Good, but you see...” Zyrah said, putting Vinya down, looking into her eyes; “ bed, I’m kinda a little bitch; you know, pull hair, spanking, all that bondage stuff; however, I really love the 69 position, if you know that one?”

“Yeah, I know it; I just haven’t really used it yet” Vinya said, a smile running over her lips; “could we try it?”

“Hell yeah! I didn’t really think you’d give in so easily” Zyrah grinned, Vinya smiling mentally, imagining this to be the perfect time to become the dominative one.

“Well, I’ve got respect for your status as a star, Zyrah, but for now...” Vinya grinned at her, Zyrah suddenly feeling herself lightly pushed into the pillows, Vinya crawling over her, her butt facing Zyrah’s face; “...I’m not making you any special privileges in bed.”

By that, Vinya began licking around Zyrah’s still-covered nether lips, her black thong being spared Vinya’s exploring tongue.

“So you’re both dominant and careful? That’s a good thing” Zyrah smiled back in the pillows, admiring Vinya’s lightly shaved nether lips; “I’ve made love to over two dozen girls, and I gotta say it’s nice fucking one of my own species rather than human fangirls; they kinda scream a lot.”

“So tell me, Lady Knight; is this all of your collection?” Dracaia asked, having been invited to Allisia’s room.

“Indeed it is; I’ve picked up a fair deal of artefacts and valuables in my adventures” Allisia said, Dracaia’s eyes falling on a battered steel helmet.

“Whose helmet was this? It sure looks ravaged...” she asked, picking it up; despite the stains and slight rust on it, the solid steel helmet still appeared useful.

“It’s a Silvarciraian helmet, one from the kingdom I served” Allisia told, pointing at the sides of the helmet; “you can tell by the slight bending of the metal, forming protection of the neck; this kind of helmet are usually worn by marksmen and other long-ranged troops.”

“How can you know?” Dracaia asked, quickly discovering the silliness of her question, correcting herself; “I’m sorry, I forget about your status as an elite warrior.”

“Well, you see, melee-focused warriors have a visor over their helmets; that would hardly be practical for an archer, now would it? So instead they designed them for a more open view” Allisia gladly told of her military knowledge, pointing at the ‘T’-formed open on the helmet’s front; the curves around the openings were forged and folded round from the forging process, sparing the soldier the otherwise painfully sharp metal edges it would have formed.

“It there anything special about the Silvarciraian Army? A poem of sorts?” Dracaia asked.

“Well, they have no poem, but they are honourable warriors; they never strike at those fallen to the ground, and I’ve never even heard of them raiding or pillaging hostile settlements” Allisia told, a smile running over her lips; “for a Dragon Knight, an elite, I would say I did my part to keep my own troops in line.”

“You were a strict commander?” Dracaia asked, somewhat in disbelief.

“My soldiers were very loyal and respected me not only as a Dragon Knight, but as for an individual rather than a militant icon; I bestowed that respect back to them” Allisia said, putting the helmet down, smiling at herself; “but my days of fighting is over; this Dragon Knight has settled down after soaring the land of Silvarcira, and I’ll relax the rest of my life resting my wings in these girls’ pleasant company.”

“That was about all the reason I needed; Miss Allisia Lightblade...” Dracaia now formally addressed the surprised Allisia; “...I, Lady Dracaia, offers up to you the chance to make love to me in my new quarters here at Nightwind Manor.”

Smiling amused, Allisia nodded politely; “I’ll be happy to attend to your desires, milady.”

“However, be warned that while I may be in elven form, my voice can still reach that of a dragon’s during lovemaking...” Dracaia said, lowering her voice to an informal, blushing whisper; “...some of my former lovers, cute little lasses, shrieked as they heard my voice; I was hurt, but I understood them.”

“Fear not; I think you’ll find me made of sterner stuff than most” Allisia assured, Dracaia convinced it was more truth than simple bragging.

“I shall go and make myself ready; I shall expect you within ten minutes...” Dracaia said with a worthy nod, an informal grin springing to her lips as she turned and headed for the door; “...I admit I’m quite excited for your performance upon me, Miss Allisia...”

“Hey, can you pass me that one?” Jiki asked, Kiro nodding and passing her a bowl of various fruits, the two of them relaxing with Jiraz and Shica in a bubble bath in the pool area.

“I’ll get her this time!” Shica grinned, holding up a ripe fresh green apple, whistling at the nearby snoozing Breeze; she had, for the last twenty minutes, been trying to splash the griffon with water, but Breeze had proven herself a tad too smart for the shin’saras girl.

“Quit it with that apple trick, Shica; I’d prefer if you’d massage me, instead...” Jiraz said slightly seductively, the shin’saras girl feeling the demon girl’s tail caressing her thighs.

“Why are you always so horny??” Shica whimpered weakly, grinning at Jiraz, who simply smiled; “for the 107th time, hottie; it’s my nature to be that, and it doesn’t help me that this bath’s making me hot...and you being so sexually ripe to ravish...”

As Jiraz began her seduction, Shica willingly and overdramatically falling to it, Jiki and Kiro grinned; they simply saw Jiraz and Shica’s intense lovemaking as humorous, while they preferred their own to be based on deep feelings and heart-to-heart contact in sceneries like a beautiful, setting sunset.

“Wha-...! Huh?? What the-...?! You little witches, get off me!” Breeze suddenly disturbed the mood, as Chinyi and Siriki, swimming in a pool besides the bubble bath, had jumped on the griffon’s back, wailing in joy as Breeze tried and get the slippery naked girls off her back.

“You’ll be combing each and every one of my feathers and fur out, do you hear me??” Breeze hooted in her frustration, the two pranksters simply laughing until Breeze’s sturdy tail got its grip around the two of them.

“You really need to cool down, you two; let us see here...” Breeze chuckled in her owl-like way, heading off with the struggling yet very amused girls.

“Where’s she taking them?” Kiro asked Jiki.
“Beats me, but if I know Breeze right, she’ll-...” Jiki began as a splash followed by two high-pitched shrieks echoed through the pool area.

“YI-I-I-I-IK-E-E-E-ES! COLD! COLD! CO-O-OLD!” they heard Siriki and Chinyi shriek at the same time; in the next second, the two of them came running like possessed, jumping into the pool by the bubble bath; followed behind them was wet, but all out hooting griffon.

The roar of laughter from the bubble bath soon spread to the two pranksters resurfacing in the pool; they had to admit they had deserved it.

“Hey, girls...” Shica suddenly asked Jiki and Kiro; “...wanna have a little competition?”

“What kinda competition?” Jiki asked, Kiro curiously leaning on her shoulder.

“A drinking competition...” Shica smirked, a perverted grin running over Jiraz’s lips; “...c’mon; we’ve always wanted see just how much fun you are when you’re drunk.”

“ want to see us drunken, making out like the two of you do?” Kiro asked, Jiraz and Shica nodding.
“I guess we owe it to them, Kiro; they’ve been patient over the years, so maybe it’s time we tried and acted a little, well...” Jiki grinned to herself, Kiro teasingly nipping her ears; “...perversely.”

“Well, we can ask if we can borrow some of those fetish outfits they have here...if we lose the competition, of course...” Kiro smirked, looking at Jiraz and Shica; “ need to put something at stake, like, hour for the two of you without making out?”

At that, Jiraz looked right out shocked, and Shica looked perplexed, as if the thought had never occurred to them before.

“That’s kinda too high demands, I think...” Jiki grinned, Kiro rustling her hair, looking back at Jiraz and Shica; “well, how about, uhmm...OK, if you lose, we’ll get a fifth of your yuri hentai porn?”

“What?!” Shica exclaimed, partly laughing; besides her, Jiki began laughing out loud, Kiro joining in; Jiraz, on the other hand, looked shocked.

“To part with our most precious?? No way in H-...” she began, Shica gripping her left horn and rubbing it.

“There, there, they can at least look, OK?” Shica smirked, Jiraz sighing relieved and nodded.

“Why are you so interested in their yuri hentai, Kiro?” Jiki asked.

“Well, I admit we are a little too sensitive when we make out...and a bit too inexperienced...” Kiro said, blushing at Jiki; “...I just thought we could learn something from those yuri comics.”

“Why, you dirty little elf-ear!” Jiki teased, tickling under Kiro’s armpits, the white-haired girl submitting as soon as she felt her girlfriend’s loving touches.

“Gods, simply tickling her make her curl up and giggle like a catgirl...” Jiraz sighed, shoke her head, crossed her arms and grinned at Shica; “...even if we lose, they deserve to look at that yuri hentai.”

“Well, they’ll have to win the right, first...or we’ll get to see just how loveable they are when they make out...” Shica grinned at Jiki and Kiro; having been gently pushed under the water, Jiki found Kiro’s nose to rub against her own in a loving caress.

Chapter 39

Title: Chapter XXXIX - Things Gets Draconic...

[Author's notes: Warning:
Lovemaking between Lady Dracaia and Allisia might, in some views, be beastiality, considered that Dracaia is a dragon...
Still, she 'is' in another, more stylish, immortal guise...]

“Enter” Dracaia’s voice was heard from within her chambers, Allisia swallowing nervously, taken a bit aback that she was to make love to Dracaia, a dragon in elven form; the thought alone kept telling her it was quite an honour, and she would not intentionally disappoint such a majestic being.

Stepping inside, Allisia were right our surprised to find the floor covered to knee-height in gold coins, jewels and other precious items; on her luxurious bed, Dracaia lay patiently, clad in a black, satin housecoat with golden trims.

“I’m glad you came; I have been expecting you...” Dracaia greeted, helping herself to an apple from the fruit bowl besides her bed.

“How did you...where does all this treasure come from?” Allisia asked, perplexed and amused at the same time over the huge piles of valuables.

“Well, one of the bags I carried with me are not limited to what can physically be in it; I can, pretty much, take my whole hoard with me if I so desire” Dracaia explained, picking up a handful of golden Ara and letting it slide between her fingers.

“In all honesty, I had always hoped that I’d one day try and make love in this way to a worthy, loveable little heroine like you...” Dracaia nodded, blushing slightly.

“Why, I...I am honoured, Lady Dracaia” Allisia bowed formally, her manners distracted by the revealing features of Dracaia’s suit.

“So...” Dracaia now gestured in a slightly seductive way, lying down on her pillow; “ come over here; you need not stand attention, girl.”

Without further worries, Allisia sat down by Dracaia on her bed, feeling her training suit slightly tight on her all of a sudden; as she looked over Dracaia’s smooth, lightly tanned skin, she could hardly believe that it had been large, golden dragon scales less than an hour ago.

“Do I appeal to you, my little Amazon?” Dracaia asked in a mix of amusement and curiosity.

“I, I have seen a lot of girly lovemaking, and I have felt my share, as well...” Allisia said, starring in amazement as Dracaia flung her hair back a little; “...but I have not felt so happy since I was ridden of my virtue by Charlene.”

“Oh, she used one of those artificial tools that they use for lovemaking on you?” Dracaia asked amused, Allisia almost swearing to see a lusty flame sparkle up in Dracaia’s golden, reptilian eyes.

“Y-yes, they did; I didn’t hold my ground on that frontal assault...” Allisia grinned at herself, amused by her own joke.

“And you feel happier and better now since you’ve experienced these girls’ love for each other as well as you?” Dracaia asked again, letting a black, claw-like nail run over her chin.

“Indeed I do! I mean, I really do...” Allisia grinned happily.

“Thanks, that was all I needed to know...” Dracaia said mysterious, pointing to her forehead.

“Hmm? What’s that supposed to mean?” Allisia asked confused.

“We dragons all have a unique ability; we can defect and tell lies from truths, and my mind tells me that every single word you spoke indeed were as true as can be...” Dracaia explained, reaching out towards Allisia, surprised as Dracaia pushed her off the bed and into the gold heaps.

“With all those years clad in steel armour...” Dracaia smiled, crawling towards the confused Allisia; “ would really think you will understand the symbolic value of this noble metal.”

“I believe I know a lot of values” Allisia simply said, Dracaia now leaning over her, Allisia also intimidated by her powerful eyes and the sudden, long reptilian tongue moving towards her cheeks.

“Well, I ssssssuppose you need no further ssssschooling in the acts of passssssion...” Dracaia hissed, Allisia raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“Hihihihih! Oh, don’t be silly; we dragons do not even speak that way; it was all but a joke, my little precious jewel...” Dracaia grinned, Allisia watching as Dracaia’s hands moved over the top of her loose robe.

“You seek to ravish me, dragon? Then I’m ready to embrace it!” Allisia nodded, Dracaia smiling at her.

“Such an enchanting maiden of metal and steel; I’ll make sure to enjoy all your gifts...” Dracaia said seductively, her hands quickly pushing the upper of Allisia’s robe aside, her plumb breasts exposed to the dragon’s amused view.

“By Shinris Herself; ripe, fresh and so...tempting...” Dracaia said as she was as hypnotized; taking advantage of the situation, Allisia snuck her right leg over Dracaia’s back, the dragon suddenly feeling the added weight of a leg and leather boot pressing her downwards.

“Good choice, precious; a wise, tactical move on this battlefield of passion...” Dracaia gloated; “...however, my experience is superior to yours, or to put it the Nightwind way: I’ve screwed around with and ravished more women over the centuries than you could dream of!”

“Really? Maybe your sense of passion are just as old?” Allisia taunted back, Dracaia well aware of its joking purpose.

“Little mortal! You will know the price to jest with Lady Dracaia!” Dracaia snarled back, descending on Allisia’s left breast, her hand rubbing all over it, the other hand preoccupied with unzipping Dracaia’s own suit.

“I’ll admit, you have some beautiful skin, little one...” Dracaia said, leaning over Allisia, whispering in her ear; “...but I dare say, that so have I!”

“It’s awesome, sis! I really like the bar scene!” Chinyi were grinning from ear to ear, going through her big sister’s latest chapter of her hentai doujinshi; having returned from her cold bath with Siriki, her, Gloris, Jisha, Minyoki and Chinyi herself were relaxing in Minyoki’s room, curious about her newest comic.

“Yeah, you know, I just thought of how I’d start thinking if I was drunk” Minyoki gloated and smiled confidently at herself.

“Don’t you almost get drunk on a regular basis?” Jisha joked, Gloris, Siriki, Chinyi and her joining in the ensuring roar of laughter; after her fun with the human girl, Jisha had suggested they went and visited her sister, Chinyi, as she had already claimed would be next in line for her intimacy with the Nightwind girls.

“Hey, did you, by any chance, get inspired from my moms for this chick?” Jisha asked and pointed at a red-eyed, demonic-looking girl with apparent black latex for skin.

“Well, not really; I just kinda went imaginative...” Minyoki admitted, drawing a few more lines to add a sweat drop falling from a schoolgirl-like girl’s head as the demonic-looking girl approached her.

“Hyracha’s kinda a neat character; you know, closet lesbian, came out when some girls teased her, she screwed them all like crazy and just lost her senses and turned demonic from it” Minyoki explained, silence falling over the room.

“...Either you’ve got one heck of a creative mind...” Gloris began, her mouth agape as she pointed at Minyoki, Siriki adding, equally amazed; “...or maybe you’ve just read way too much of those lezzie parts of The Lounge.”

“Yeah, I love those scenes; they’re steaming hot!” Minyoki grinned, adding a few lines and started drawing a new picture.

“Hey, you really make a living making and selling these things on the Internet??” Jisha asked, now looking through Minyoki’s drawers, where several printed comic-like doujinshi of Minyoki’s work lay.

“Yeah, Everlust’s been selling real well; someone apparently really want some real hardcore yuri and not that bullshit those crap sites keep feeding them” Minyoki said, Jisha’s attention occupied with an unexpected discovery.

“Wow, I didn’t know you could take so much in!” she grinned, finding a messy, tightly wrapped piece of paper; besides it lay one of the largest sex toys Jisha had yet to see.

“Hey! Don’t you-...!” Minyoki looked over her shoulders and warned Jisha, but the giggling demon girl only needed a scratch from her claw-like nails to unfold the paper; inside was the picture of several video game girls in an all-out lesbian orgy with no lack of details.

“Hihihihih! You jerk off at video game babes?? That’s awesome!” Jisha grinned, taking up the sex toy; it turned out to be a shrieking green dildo, almost a half meter long and showing signs of recent use.

“What would you say if I went over and-...!” Minyoki began as she stepped down from her chair, angrily walking towards Jisha.

“Aw c’mon, silly; don’t be such a weeper!” Jisha grinned, Minyoki roaring and throwing herself over her, sending her head on into Chinyi’s bed, the younger girls stepping back and watching curiously.

“You like joking, huh?? How’s this for a joke?!” Minyoki snarled, sticking the dildo into Jisha’s channel of innocence, the demon girl wailing intensely in pleasure as she was not late to yell to the roof for more.

“Too bad Vinya had to go; she’d love seeing this” Chinyi grinned, Siriki and Gloris doing their best not to look too much as the quite appealing demon girl.

“Hmm, you’ve ever tried this before? Some little cheerleader hottie back at your school fucking you some nights?” Minyoki teased and taunted, Jisha nodding eagerly.

“Uhmm...well, you’re really kinda hot, so...fuck! Why did you have to get me horny?!” Minyoki snapped playfully at Jisha, rubbing Jisha’s firm breasts as she began moaning, herself.

“Come on! You’re kidding me?!” Zyrah laughed, Vinya grinning at her; after the romp, Vinya had been telling her some secrets of the manor, much to Zyrah’s amusement.

“And at a time, when Faris began messing around with both Chinyi and Siriki for leaving their clothes all over the place, Allisia started protesting about it, not wanting them sent down to Mirinda” Vinya told, Zyrah all ears.

“Hey, she’s a knight, but what’s she’s gonna do? Order her to stand down??” Zyrah joked.

“Well, when Faris passed her, she...ihihihihih...” Vinya now grinned shyly, Zyrah leaning over the younger shin’saras girl.

“Tell me; what did she do??” Zyrah asked curiously.

“She...she just smacked down the visor of Allisia’s helmet for the fun of it! It was hilarious!” Vinya laughed, tears of laughter forming in her eyes.

“So Miss Metal got her trap shut before she could start mumbling? Hahahahahah! Hilarious!” Zyrah grinned, falling back down on the bed.

“Gods, I really love having sex with another shin’saras girl; humans are OK, but they’re kinda passive, you know what I mean?” Zyrah smiled, Vinya letting herself fall besides Zyrah, stretching out.

“Well, Siriki and Chinyi are quite the pranksters” Vinya smirked, Zyrah looking confused at her.

“Who are those gals?” she asked, Vinya giggling.

“They’re two girls who always make pranks and jokes around here; I’ve messed around with them a bit, and...” she said, blushing heavily.

“They what? Spill the beans, girl! Tell me, ple-e-e-e-ease...?” Zyrah asked, folding her hands and looking pleadingly at Vinya.

“I was in a foursome with them and Gloris you’ve meet some time ago” Vinya said, Zyrah’s eyes opening wide.

“No fucking way! I’ve been a threesome with some goth girls once, but four at the time?! How’d walk away from that??” Zyrah asked in disbelief.

“Oh, it was so much fun; it was almost more like tickling and acting silly rather than real sex” Vinya grinned at herself.

“Oh, I gotta try some of that human girl love, then!” Zyrah joked, rising up, feeling herself sweaty from her intense lovemaking with Vinya.

“Urgh, I think I gotta get a shower, first; you’re one freaking little vixen, you know” she grinned at Vinya, who simply smiled pleasantly back at her.

“Wearing just boots and bracers? Oh, that’s going to be a good view for Faris...” she grinned wickedly.

“Who?” Zyrah asked, making her way to the door.

“The captain of the Night Guard; she hangs around and fools a bit around with us sometimes, and she loves getting her leather ladies up for some gangbanging” Vinya told, Zyrah stopped in her tracks.

“G-gangbang??” she asked.

“Oh yes; she’s one redhead hottie if you ask me; Gods, there wasn’t any panties dry” Vinya said, nodding.

“Uhmm, mind following me to the showers?” Zyrah asked carefully.

“Sure; two semi-naked shain’saras girls really won’t be noticed around here” Vinya joked sarcastically, walking out the door with Zyrah.

Chapter 40

Title: Chapter XL - Loving is Golden...and sometimes scaly...

“Uhmm...oh yes, Zyrah...lick me there; let your tongue into me...oh!” Christy moaned, standing under the showers, the hot water from the water hose flooding into her nether lips; in anticipation of her idol’s arrival, Christy had given into her pleasure and had begun masturbating at the thought of her.

“It’s right in here, Miss Stardust; I think Gloris’ left for now” a well-known voice dragged her back from her daydream; Vinya stepped into the showers, her new latex outfit partly torn off, a mix of sweat and drool covering her.

“Yeah, I’ve been here twice now, silly” another voice rang, Christy looking up; in all her shin’saras glory, Zyrah Stardust stepped in, all naked expect from her fashionable boots and two simple, yet stylish silver bracers.

“...Oh my Gods; who’s this little hottie? She’s real smexy...” Zyrah asked, heading towards the awestruck Christy, smiling at her.

“That’s Christy I told you about, your greatest fan here” Vinya explained.

“So I’ve heard you’ve got quite an interest in me, hmm? Am I really running around so fast in your mind, hottie? Oh, I bet you feel really good at night...” Zyrah flirted teasingly, Christy finding her breath increasing fast.

“Z-Zyrah Stardust? Is it really you??” Christy asked in awe.

“You’re damn well right, hottie; your lifetime idol as I’ve heard I am” Zyrah smirked, sitting down on hook; “mind if I...have a little chat with you...?”

Her mouth agape, Christy panted hotly seeing the drops of water run down Zyrah’s body; glittering like small diamonds, running down her light-gray skin, over the black latex of her steel-trimmed boots...

Somehow, Christy lost it at that point, tossing herself towards with a wild shriek, she borrowed her head between Zyrah’s breasts, licking as best she could, moaning loudly and yelling out loud she fingered herself lustfully.

“ZYRAH! ZYRAH, YOU’RE SO FUCKING HOT! I’VE, I’VE WANTED TO FUCK WITH YOU FOR SO LONG! LET ME FUCK YOU!” Christy yelled out and pleaded, the surprised shin’saras giggling at her uncontrollable fangirl.

“Ohohohoh! There’s someone here who’s been quite the vixen, huh?” Zyrah teased, pressing her breasts at Christy’s head; “they’re nice and big; they really could use a few more licks.”

“OH, YE-E-E-E-E-E-EAH!” Christy cried out, climaxing again and again, her fingers seemingly glued to her nether lips.

“Gods, I’ve never yet seen Christy cum so quickly” Vinya said, feeling herself slightly excited at the scene.

“Say, Christy...” Zyrah chuckled, patting the blonde’s head; “ mind a little threesome?”

“Ma-maybe in a moment, Zyrah; I just want to fuck with you right now...” Christy panted, putting herself down, tears of happiness in her eyes as she lay down, opening her thighs and gesturing Zyrah to come closer.

“Please lick me; I want to be so wet and horny I’ll go insane!” she cheered, Zyrah happily answering to her request, Vinya grinning to herself, sitting down, thinking she could just as well mess her outfit fully up by exciting herself at the scene taking place before her.

“So we’re to drink this whole tray...” Jiki asked, looking over all the bottles of alcohol for her and Kiro; “ order to win the contest?”

“You’ve got it right; we’ll need to empty this one” Shica smirked, pointing at an equally well-supplied tray.

“And then we’ll see who’s the one left standing?” Kiro asked, Jiki nodding at her.

“Is it timed?” Jiraz suddenly asked.

“Nope, we’ll just take it slow and easy...” Shica teased.

“That’s so much not what you’re like in bed; fuck hard and fuck good” Jiraz grinned, Shica grinning back at her.

“I believe this kind of activity should be put under my observation, my ladies...” Allisia now said as she entered Jiraz and Shica’s room, clad in a blue kimono.

“Aw, c’mon; it can’t really hurt with a bit of wine and other lovely juices” Shica grinned, Jiraz rustling her girlfriend’s hair playfully.

“Nevertheless...” Allisia said, turning her head to Jiki and Kiro, smiling; “...let me know how it turns out; for now, I’d say I would flip the coin, but Jiraz and Shica has more experience, so maybe they will win.”

“We’ll see about that” Jiki said as Allisia walked out and closed the door behind her.

“I must admit, my dear Allisia...” Dracaia said, handing Allisia a glass of wine; “ have stirred my curiosity; I’ll look forward to continue our little fooling around.”

“Thank you, Dracaia; I’m just glad I could control myself” Allisia smirked; having quit her fondling of Allisia’s breasts, the dragon had asked if she could have herself a drink first to calm herself before truly giving in to her passions.

“Well, are we to continue?” Allisia asked, Dracaia not late to smile and lean down on Allisia.

“Those boots makes you look so dominant, so rough...” Dracaia said as she looked over her shoulders, Allisia jokingly moving her feet into view and waving them up and down.

“As long as it applies to the appeal, I suppose” Allisia teased, the dragon now using both her hands to rub Allisia’s breasts.

“You really excite me, Allisia; so strong, so dedicated to Nightwind Manor honour your fellow little loveable ladies, my precious...” Dracaia grinned, letting her long tongue out on Allisia’s breasts, tickling the nipples with its snake-like movements.

“Please...I fear I’m ticklish there...” Allisia chuckled softly.

“You just delivered the information I desired, silly” Dracaia grinned, licking and slurping on Allisia’s nipples, near groping her busty breasts like dough.

“I am impressed, Allisia; I am forced to draw upon unusually early methods and you haven’t whimpered a thing or breathed out a moan” Dracaia smiled, truly amazed by the warrior girl’s admirable self-control and restraint.

“I possess some strength, as I know that what I do from now on is right...” Allisia said, smiling weakly with her eyes closed; “ thus, I also have the courage to take on a dragon!”

Rising up like a mummy, Allisia opened her eyes, nodding at the pile of gold under Dracaia, gesturing her to lie down; doing so, Dracaia felt Allisia softly pet her breasts softly.

“Your hands really must feel better handling a woman’s breasts than a sword, Allisia” Dracaia chuckled, Allisia smilingly nodding.

“Hey, excuse me, but the door was o-...” Charlene now said, entering the unlocked door, seeing Allisia and Dracaia down on the floor in the gold hoard.

“Oh my Gods! This...this is incredible! Allisia, you’re really...c-can I, uhmm...” Charlene asked, having lost trace of what she was doing in Dracaia’s room after all.

“Hmm, two lovers? A noble lady and a former knight?” Dracaia looked from one to the other, finally laughing mildly; “surely! As the old saying goes, ‘the more, the merrier’.”

“Gods, this is incredible; I am going to make love to a lady dragon!” Charlene squealed mentally, unaware of the depth of the gold hoard, as she slipped in some of it, falling on the glittering, cold metal.

“Lady Dracaia, when I know, climax during our lovemaking, won’t you be angry if-...” Charlene began to ask, Dracaia simply holding up her right hand.

“None of my treasures compares to the two of you; I would have given a quarter of it for a mere five minutes of you Nightwind gals’ exceptional handling of my body...” Dracaia smirked, Charlene stepping out of her loose housecoat.

“Ah, another little treasure, I see” Dracaia grinned, Charlene sitting down besides Allisia.

“Say, my ladies; mind if I sit back and you put on a little show for me?” Dracaia asked, curling up and lying like a cat watching two mice.

“May I, Charlene?” Allisia asked, Charlene replying with a wink as she lay down, baring herself fully.

Chapter 41

Title: Chapter XLI - Love VS Lust

[Author's notes: Jiki and Kiro
Shica and Jiraz]

“OH-H-H-H! UHM-M-M-M-M-M!” Jisha whimpered as she came for around the fourth time, the girls having teamed up for exact purpose.

“It’s incredible! As soon as she’s cum, she is all wet again!” Minyoki grinned, placing herself expectantly under Jisha’s spread thighs, continuing her licking and fingering.

“I, I love to cum! I want more! I want some boobies!” Jisha grinned, Siriki and Rachel happy to press their at the demon girl’s face.

“Here, eat me, now! C’mon, you know you want a sweet little kitty like me!” Chinyi teased, pulling down her panties, sticking her tongue out in tease at Jisha.

“YE-E-E-E-E-EAH! Oh, I want that pussy! I wanna see that cute little look on your face when I tongue-fuck you ‘till you can’t stop screaming!” Jisha yelled out, climaxing and heading with almost carnal lust at Chinyi, sucking violently and hungrily on the pink-haired girl’s nether lips.

“MINYOKI-I-I-I! She’s gone nu-...! Oh! Oh, wait! Keep going...!” Chinyi smirked after her outburst, biting her teeth together in a vague attempt to quell the intense pleasure.

“S...sho you givin’ up now, huh??” Jiraz said, standing on her toes and massaging her breasts; “c-come on, ye little angel chicks; look at my tits! It’s getting you real hot!”

“I...I mean kinda dizzy...oh, my head...” Jiki whimpered, Kiro patting her forehead; still, having consumed quite their own share of alcohol, even beer, they felt a bit funny and had begun nipping at each other.

“S-shouldn’t we just gi...give in, Jiki? It’s not like it’s a bad thin’ to doh...” Kiro asked, her face one large, drunken grin.

“Bu-but then ye wo-...we won’t get no yuri hentai...” Jiki said, Kiro’s lazy eyes opening up.

“You’re right, but...” Kiro began, grinning at Jiki; “hihihih! You look funny without any clothes!”

“Lo-look who’s talking, princess!” Jiki replied in kind, the two of them grinning; before the contest, Shica, Jiraz, Jiki and Kiro had all agreed to undress before the contest began.

“It’s a luck e-elves aren’t so affected by alcohol, huh?” Shica smirked drunkenly at Jiraz, her demonic girlfriend grinning wildly back and slung her arms around her.

“Maybe, but it got me in heat for you!” Jiraz grinned, grabbing a beer can, opening it with a slice of her claws, and poured the content all over Shica.

“Eeeeek! It’s cold, you damn-...!” Shica began smiling drunkenly, Jiraz tossing herself hungrily over Shica, her tongue lashing out everywhere, grabbing can after can of beer and emptying it on Shica.

“OH! Fuck, I’m getting real wet...!” Shica whimpered, clear spotting hints of cum already dripping from her nether lips and drool from her mouth.

“I WANT YOUR TITS, BABY!” Jiraz yelled as she humped herself against Shica, the hot and naked bodies soon smeared in beer, passionately forgetting all about Jiki and Kiro and rolling around on the floor, never once stopping their moaning.

“K-Kiro; looking at those two...” Jiki smiled to herself, Kiro pleasantly leaning her head on Jiki’s right breast; “...I don’t think there’d be any harm in being a little wilder.”

“You read my mind, pretty...” Kiro sighed happily, her tongue licking softly over Jiki’s nipple, the blonde girl whimpering lightly in pleasure from her sweetheart, Kiro.

“We might be ‘angels’, but even we can let our wings down, sometimes...” Jiki grinned, leaning herself against Kiro; however, the force of which she leaned with was too much for Kiro, and she fell on the floor, Jiki following her as she landed with her face on Kiro’s back.

“Let’s just try it, then...” Kiro mumbled softly, Jiki kissing her left ear teasingly, her hands moving towards Kiro’s breasts...

“23 times in a row?! You have got to be fooling around with me...!” Narrisha said in awe, having found a liking to visit Minyoki and her sister; right now, she saw the panting Jisha lay on the bed, covered in cum, sweat and drool, the daughter of her two best friends clearly in a state of ecstasy.

“Either you’ve done pretty damn well in raping the little vixen...” Narrisha smirked, turning to Chinyi; “...or maybe she’s just like this each time she sees yuri hentai?”

“That could very well be, but the point is that she’s just as hot as her moms and a real little pro in the bed!” Minyoki grinned.

“I heard Jiraz and Shica tell me she liked magic?” Narrisha asked, Jisha eagerly nodding.

“Well, for the sake of experimentation...” Narrisha said, holding up her hand; “...I promise you, this will not hurt.”

Firing a small spark of mystic Magic at Jisha from her fingertips, Narrisha watched as the demon girl stiffened for a moment.

“O-O-O-O-O-O-OH! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! SOMEONE FUCK ME! GIRLS!” Jisha apparently lost it, dragging both Rachel and Chinyi towards her, thrusting Minyoki’s head down to her moist nether lips.

“FUCKFUCKFUCK! GET TO THE FUCKING! I WANNA CUM!” Jisha yelled out again, Narrisha amazed by looking at Jisha; never, all apart from Jiraz and Shica, had she seen such an unbridled lust and excitement.

“CUMMI-I-I-I-I-ING! DRINK MY CUM! SWALLOW IT ALL!” Jisha yelled out as she came, Minyoki happily slurping on her nether lips, but found resisting the demon girl’s climax all too much.

“Holy Heaven! She’s going crazy!” Minyoki yelled out, grinning as she moved herself into a scissoring position with Jisha, wanting to feel just how excited the demon girl was.

“UHM-M-M-M! I LOVE PUSSY AND TITS! I WANT THEM! GIVE THEM TO ME-E-E-E-E!” Jisha pleaded, Rachel and Chinyi grinning as they both offered themselves to Jisha, surprised to find the demon girl so experienced.

“H-how can you fuck me so good??” Rachel whimpered in pleasure, Narrisha grinning at her maids.

“She’s been having her fun with quite a lot of schoolgirls; you’re next on the list” she grinned, joking as she exclaimed; “hail to the princess of lust, Jisha! Offer up to her your pussies and tits!”

Laughing and moaning from the maids, accompanied with Jisha’s pleasant wails each time she came, filled the room.

“Well, I must be on my way; I have a small errand to run; ta-ta for now” Narrisha grinned, walking out the door, sighing happily at the voice of Jisha’s pleasant, horny screams as they faded into the distance as she went down the corridor.

“Wait for me; I like this new girl, but she’s getting freaky now!” Rachel yelled at Narrisha, hurrying out the door after her mistress, leaving the two sisters and Siriki alone with Jisha...

...And a lot of perverted ideas...

“That...was SO AWESOME! I, I got to make out with Zyrah Stardust! I mean...WOOHOO! IT’S AMAZING!” Christy cheered at herself, almost jumping up and down in cheer, Zyrah sitting on the floor laughing happily at her.

“Of all my fangirls, you’ve got to be the weirdest, hottest and bustiest I’ve ever molested!” Zyrah grinned, leaning back and sighed pleasantly; the warm water still ran down from the showers above her, after having spent half an hour romping about with Christy.

“Hey, where’d Vinya go?” Christy suddenly stopped in the middle of a jump, comically landing on her butt.

“She said she had some stuff to do in the kitchen” Zyrah said, still smiling amazed at Christy, starting to sing; “’the day I saw her, walking down the street, my heart it beat two times in one; heck, I was right on in heat’!”

“Awww, that’s so sweet; it’s ‘She was Just a Schoolgirl’, right?” Christy asked eagerly, Zyrah smirking and nodding.

“...Urgh...oh, Gods...I feel dizzy...” Jiki moaned as Kiro sat over her, gently caressing Jiki’s breasts and stroking her chins.

“You have such a beautiful body, Jiki...” Kiro smiled; “’re a goddess!”

“Make that two, silly; you like so cute...” Jiki grinned, blushing and reaching for Kiro’s head, Kiro leaning down and kissing Jiki passionately.

“The...teh little angels’ getting pretty soft, huh??” Shica grinned uncontrollably, Jiraz joining in.

“Yeah...oh! Hey! Don’t mind them; my tits are getting cold, you slacker!” she exclaimed playfully, pressing Shica’s head against her breasts, the drunk shin’saras girl slurping all she could.

“Le-let me suck yours, too!” Jiraz whimpered pleasantly, groping and sucking on Shica’s breasts; “...I’ll get you to cum just from this!”

“OH! Oh, fuck, I need to cum; my pussy’s dripping!” Shica moaned, Jiraz smacking her left hand into Shica’s channel of innocence, her girlfriend shrieking out loud in pleasure.

“Gods, you’re horny! Ohhhh, such a good little girl...” Jiraz smiled from ear to ear, her tail uncontrollably flipping from side to side, her fingers doing their business in her nether lips, soaked as they now became.

“...Ah...ah...uhmm...oh, Gods...!” Shica whimpered, her teeth shredding against each other, trying to suppress the pleasure her girlfriend gave her.
“H-how rude of ye, silly! Trying ter shallow up all I g-give yeh?? Well, have this!” Jiraz grinned, sucking even harder on Shica’s breasts.

Chapter 42

Title: Chapter XLII - Roles are Reversed

“By the goddess! You...uhmm...” Dracaia found herself moaning, Charlene and Allisia sitting on each side of her, rubbing her breasts eagerly; after having entertained her by various seductive poses and gestures, the two of them had been allowed to continue their molesting of the dragon girl.

“It seems you really have a precious passion, Lady Dracaia...” Allisia said, grinning at her; “...luring two maidens into your room for them to touch and molest you? I’m honoured at your trust in us.”

“True, although I’ll look forward to the moment the favour is returned” Charlene smiled, Dracaia’s head leaning backwards, happy how pleasant this lovemaking felt to her, and cheerful how she had even successfully lured yet another cute lover to her bed and hoard.

“Amazing, really...” Allisia said with a wondrous look in her eyes as she stroke the inner of Dracaia’s thighs; “...before it was all but golden scales, and now it is the softest, sun-tanned skin...”

“I choose a female elf form for its appealing anatomy...” Dracaia said, smirking a bit; “ seems like I was successful in seducing quite some lovers.”

“We’re only happy to bring you happiness; one favour to another, so to say” Allisia said, stroking Dracaia’s forehead; “I am sure you’ll be happy with what we can do.”

Later in the afternoon, the maids preparing for dinner, deep down in the old dungeons of Nightwind Manor, something were rustling about in one of the old cells...

“Uhmm...hmm? ‘Wah teh ‘eck??” Innoki said as a blindfold were removed from her eyes, Narrisha, Faris and Mirinda standing in front of her, Raicha and Hiroi behind her.

“Don’t tell me you don’t feel like this” Narrisha said, leaning over her, her black latex dominatrix outfit shinning in the dim-lit room.

Removing the gag from Innoki’s mouth, Raicha looked at the brown-haired girl hungrily.

“She’s so cute, and there’s five of us...” Raicha grinned, Innoki’s eyes opening slightly wider; “...what say Hiroi and I start ahead?”

“Sure, I don’t mind waiting up, do you?” Mirinda asked Faris.

“Well, I kinda like messing around with her, moaning and all...” Faris smirked, chuckling a bit; “...but I don’t mind the others go ahead.”

“I’d love to ravish her, but let them go first; the more anticipation the better” Mirinda nodded, Narrisha returning her attention to Innoki.

“You might ask why you’re here, all of a sudden? Deep down in the dungeons?” Narrisha asked, stroking Innoki’s chin.

“Y-yes? Why, exactly?” Innoki mumbled, confused as she was.

“Well, we just feel that you’re not really happy when you have sex; I mean, I liked your performance with Hiroi, but I think you ought to be a little more dominant” Narrisha explained.

“I suppose you’re right, but why are we in the dungeons?” Innoki asked again.

“Well, that’s the surprise for you; see...” Narrisha said, snapping her fingers as she walked around Innoki; suddenly, solid steel chains appeared from openings in the walls, entangling themselves slowly around Raicha and Faris, neither of them seeming surprised.

“You see, I understand that you like ‘action babes’, and since Hiroi so willingly let herself rape by Allisia...” Narrisha grinned, Hiroi blushing and secretly smirking under her breath; “...I’ve decided that you, Innoki, are to rape Faris and Raicha.”

“What?! That little petite wimp couldn’t rape a catgirl in a maid uniform!” Raicha barked out, being lifted up by the chains, finding herself, along with Faris, locked up with no means of moving, and with their naked bodies bared.

“You, you mean I am molest them??” Innoki asked in a mix of awe and confusion.

“Indeed; I’ve even taken the freedom and arm you properly” Narrisha joked, gesturing to a small niche in the room; a bullwhip, a suit of black leather with ankle-high boots and several strap-ons and dildos lay in a small bundle on the floor along with a dozen of bottles of water.

“My own fetish suit...?” Innoki asked, tears of happiness in her eyes, having never owned one before.

“Yes; it is time you took a more active approach to your fellow Nightwind girls” Narrisha said, the vampire girl kissing Innoki’s neck, chuckling; “after all, I pride myself of equality among my little maids.”

“And you two don’t mind this?” Innoki asked carefully, Faris replying with a pleasant laughter.

“You silly little kid; since that day in the showers I’ve honesty hoped you’d get back at me!” she grinned, winking at Innoki; “I’d recommend that red dildo; it’s got a vibrating function.”

“As for me, I suppose I should’ve known some of you little ladies would be after my tits...” Raicha sighed, grinning a bit; “ I kinda owe you it...besides, I kinda wanted to try a new kind of fucking, so you fit that bill perfectly.”

“Mistress Narrisha...” Innoki said, her voice quacking a bit.

“Yes, Innoki?” Narrisha asked, a little concerned about Innoki’s quacking voice.

In the next instant, the brown-haired girl pulled Narrisha into a spine-breaking hug, kissing her mistress deeply and happily; amused, Narrisha grinned as she returned the kiss.

Letting go, Innoki stepped back, Narrisha staggering as Mirinda caught her.

“Hihihihih! OK, I gotta admit I loved that” Narrisha giggled, Innoki beaming.

“Girls, I’m gonna show you a real good time!” Innoki cheered, heading over to the fetish items, dressing up.

“How about us? Innoki gets the blonde and the redhead, and we’re no-...” Hiroi began, Narrisha turning around to her and Mirinda, chuckling with her eyes closed shut.

“You just had to ask, didn’t you?” Mirinda joked, uncertainly looking at Narrisha, Hiroi not making it to respond before two quick hands reached out for Hiroi and Mirinda’s breasts, Narrisha forcing them to the floor, chuckling as the two of them squirmed helplessly against their mistress’ advances.

“’Strap on tight, outfit’s right, take her to Heaven; it’s time for flight’” Raicha sang jokingly.

“You’re also listening to that Zyrah Stardust lady?” Faris asked amused.

“Yeah, she’s so hot and all...uhmm, I could eat her up raw!” Raicha grinned, Faris whispering to her; “you know she’s staying at the manor, right?”

“What?! Oh my Gods, I gotta see her! I’d totally wanna hump her if I can get to it! She’s welcome in my panties!” Raicha grinned, a sudden thrust into her nether lips making her let out a small gasp.

“Enough talk!” Innoki now spoke behind them, her voice surprisingly dominative; “bend over, pretty girl...”

Holy Go-oh-oh-oh-oh-ds-s-s-s!!!” Raicha yelled out as Innoki’s strap-on stuck itself into her, Innoki’s wild cheering and breasts caressing up and down Raicha’s back making her smile.

“Hihihih! Oh, I’ve always been such a sucker for lady love...” Raicha sighed pleasantly, Faris looking expectantly and slightly envious at her.

“Don’t worry, Faris...” Innoki suddenly said, smiling perversely at Faris as if she had read her thoughts; “’re certain to get a good, long fuck.”

“R-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-AGH-H-H-H-H-H!!!” Dracaia right out roared to the roof, Allisia and Charlene partly shaken by the dragon girl’s enormous roar as she came, the two of them having taken turns in molesting her breasts and licking her nether lips.

“Goddess’ light...” Charlene partly said, partly whispered, shivering in awe and fear.

“I...I am sorry; I did warn you of my draconic nature, though; I cannot control myself in such a fit of raw passion...” Dracaia said, apologising to Allisia and Charlene.

“You need not worry, Dracaia” Allisia assured, grinning at Charlene’s terrified look.

“That’s easy for you to say, missy! That roar scared me half to death!” Charlene exclaimed, blushing shyly.
“Ah, please; at least you remain amongst the living” Allisia joked, Charlene smirking a bit.

“This...this feels quite good; a li-lil’ more over there...ah, yes; that feels good...” Jiki moaned, Kiro massaging her breasts, pressing herself into Jiki’s embrace; while still sensual and passive in their lovemaking, even when drunk, Jiki and Kiro could hardly hear each other over Jiraz and Shica’s passionate screams she they romped about not two meters besides them.

“C-can I fondle you here, too?” Kiro suddenly asked, smiling drunkenly, sticking her fingers into Jiki’s channel of innocence.

“Need you ask?” Jiki grinned, Kiro lovingly petting girlfriend, Jiki moaning louder and louder, delighted to the fullest.

“Gods, they...they sound like freakin’ vir-virgins, don’t they?? I’d bet their cherries haven’t even popped yet; they don’t even f-fuck each other fer real!” Jiraz now grinned drunkenly, Shica all too busy laughing and moaning as her girlfriend’s massive breasts kept her from speaking.

“They thi-think we’re still virgins, Jiki...” Kiro whimpered, diving her head down in between the surprised Jiki’s legs; “...I, I say we show ‘em something!”

“Ki-Kiro, you naughty little!” Jiki grinned at her girlfriend, slowly patting her head; “say, wanna try scissoring?”

“You said it! I want to love you so much more...!” Kiro almost meowed, sitting herself down in the tribadism position, Jiki and her slowly and easily rubbing themselves together, uncaring if Jiraz and Shica watched them.

“He-hey! Look! Those lil’ angel girlies are fucking for real! It isn’t just some snugly-woggly little kissing, they’re really doing it!” Shica suddenly exclaimed drunkenly, Jiraz lazily letting her breasts fall over Shica’s head again.

“It’s all real good, but where’s my tit-licking, huh??” she partly demanded, partly teased, Shica grinning and returning to her slurping, Jiraz’s breasts already dripping with her drool.

“Here, have some of this...” Jiraz winked seductively, letting a drop of drool fall into Shica’s mouth, her girlfriend eagerly swallowing it all, grinning playfully.

“Urgh, you perverts...” Jiki grinned, her and Kiro moaning and grinning at each other as they were in no hurry to reach their limit; instead they moved slowly, enjoying the mere sight of each other.

“Ye-yeah we are, flappy-wings!” Shica grinned, tongue-kissing Jiraz and rubbing her breasts, squeezing them and practically did everything she could think of to the impressively large pair breasts Jiraz were so blessed with.

“Hey, you aren’t such a tiny tit! C’mon, I want yours, too!” Jiraz laughed; as if she had read her mind, Jiraz fell upon Shica, groping her only slightly smaller breasts, the two of them wailing out, their tongues almost hanging out of their mouths, their faces turning into perverted and happy grins as they moaned out loud.

“So you girls have a whole, freaking dungeon to play in?? Gods, your mistress’ gotta be rich!” Zyrah grinned at herself, Christy following her down into the dungeons.

“I dunno about that, but it’s, like, only once a week some girls come down here for a little fun time” Christy explained, Zyrah amused at her latest fangirl.

“Hmm? What’s this?” Zyrah asked as she saw a small opening to her right, a tiny beam of red light enlightening the stairs they went down from.

“Oh, that’s the disco; we’ve got alotta musical stuff in there; bar, hot barmaid costumes, disco, DDR and some instruments” Christy smirked, counting on her fingers as she mentioned what was in the room.

“That’s awesome! I just gotta ask if we can use that room some time!” Zyrah cheered.

“Well, right now it’s closed; we don’t use so much, ‘cause, you see, no-one really has the guts to try and sing or play instruments...” Christy said, grinning weakly at herself; “...heck, all I can do is strip and show them how much fun a blonde can be.”

“You do that bloody well already, silly!” Zyrah smiled, rustling Christy’s hair; “’s been a while since I’ve had such good lady love.”

“You’ve had before?” Christy asked, Zyrah laughing out loud.

“Have I?! Oh Gods, I think I’ve practically slept with every girl in Shacar-Jarcu!” Zyrah continued to laugh, leaning to the wall as Christy starred at her in awe and admiration.

Chapter 43

Title: Chapter XLIII - The Night is Always Young #1

“Uh-h-h-h, this does it! I can’t even sleep for all this mating around!” Breeze hooted angrily at herself, running as fast as she could downstairs for the dungeons; having taken a nap in the great hall, she had had it with constant interruptions.

“A griffon must also have its rights!” she mumbled to herself, decided to teach the Nightwind ladies that they should at least keep their moaning down, knowing either people or animals were sleeping.

“Hey, Breeze; what’s the hur-...?” a suddenly approaching Christy asked as Breeze simply took a small flap from her mighty wings, elegantly soaring down the rest of the way down the stairs.

“Sorry; I’ll explain later!” Breeze hooted over her left wing, a confused Christy standing behind with an equally confused Zyrah.

“Ah, here it is!” Breeze thought to herself, landing in front of a small, dim-lit door in the large, central dungeon; standing on her hind legs, she used her clumsy eagle claws to open the door, marching in.

“Now we you-...” she started angrily, her beak smacking shut as she saw Innoki fully occupied with Faris and Raicha, the two of them hanging from the roof in steel chains, moaning and screaming their lungs halfway out.

“Is that how you treat your captives??” Breeze asked in shock, Innoki stopping her thrusting, turning around to face the griffon.

“Oh, uhmm, Breeze! Sorry if we woke you, but just...oh, whatever!” Innoki started, perplexed, leaving it for Narrisha to deal with, returning to her raping of Faris and Raicha.

“C-can it wait, Breeze? We’ll try and keep down if that’s the issue, OK?” Narrisha asked, grinning as she appeared from underneath Hiroi, Mirinda’s long, slender arm dragging her quickly back into the threesome.

“Uhmm...well, I can wait...” Breeze mumbled confused, stepping back out, closing the door silently; “...for a few centuries.”

“For Gods’ sake, Breeze; what’s gotten into your tail feathers??” Christy asked in confusion, having run down the stairs with Zyrah right behind her, the two of them now panting for air and holding to their sides.

“Well, I...I was going to complain all that noise you lasses make when you...crescent the bed sheets, so to speak...” Breeze tried and explain, gesturing with twirls of her right front claw; “...because I, for one, really need my fourteen hours’ sleep! You simply make too much noise!”

“Well, sorry, I didn’t know it was that big of an issue” Christy honestly apologised, Breeze’s clapping her beak and rustled her feathers.

“It’s alright, Miss Christy; I just needed to...lighten my feathers...” Breeze made a noise that sounded like a sigh; “...some of the other girls are enjoying themselves in there” she said, pointing with her tail tip at the door she had just entered; “you might go and introduce our little singer to them.”

“Right, Breezie girl; now, can ye be a good griffon and, I dunno, can you flap your wings?” Zyrah asked childishly, sitting on hook, unaware of Breeze’s dislike to being treated like a common house pet.

“I...I can indeed, Miss Stardust...” Breeze said, swallowing her anger, calming herself that this lass was a newcomer; unfolding her wings, she proudly flipped them out in their full width, standing on her hind legs, holding a front claw out to each side in a majestic gesture.

“Wow, you griffies are awesome, really!” Zyrah smiled, impressed by Breeze’s large size and majestic posture.

“Thank you, little lass” Breeze said, kneeling down on all four again; “now, if you’ll excuse me, I smell a good beef from the kitchen...”

With those words, Breeze unfolded her wings once again, flying up the stairs to the kitchen.

“Uhmmm...keep it up; don’t stop now...!” Narrisha moaned, Mirinda and Hiroi having taken the dominant roles, their mistress holding her legs up high, Hiroi leaning down on Narrisha, Mirinda lying in between them, slurping on Hiroi’s nether lips, letting her hair tease Narrisha’s.

“This is fun, but I’d prefer something else...” Narrisha grinned to herself; holding her hand up, she conjured the pearl white-dildo, quickly inserting it into her nether lips, moaning pleasantly.

“And now...” Narrisha smiled, an evil glow in her eyes; caught off-guard, Mirinda found herself grabbed by the vampire girl, being sat down on the other end of the dildo as it penetrated her anus.

“Ar-r-r-r-rgh! It hurts! But it’’s such a good pain...!” Mirinda gasped, trying to catch her breath.

“Ohohohoh, what have we got her? A nice and ripe little elf dominatrix?” Hiroi grinned, Mirinda’s moist nether lips dripping before her eyes.

“It’s so cute! You wet little slut, Mirinda...” Hiroi chuckled, sighing happily as she leaned over Mirinda; “...I’ll make sure you’ll never dry out of cum, you little hottie!”

As Hiroi, Mirinda and Narrisha had their fun, Raicha could feel her skin sweat under her tight latex clothes; as it dripped from her, she felt Innoki’s thrusts weakening, thanking Shinris as she could hardly hold on much longer.

“You’re so fucking lucky, Raicha; finally I can be the dominative bitch!” Innoki laughed out loud, the sound bringing shivers down Raicha’s otherwise heated spine.

“I’m getting hot...just looking at this...” Faris panted, having tried to reach for her own nether lips, but had instead found it much easier to moan and imagine what Innoki would do to her, her leather bodysuit darkening from the sweat of her body, cum assembling in her nether lips and drool falling from her mouth.

“Mi-mistress Narrisha! I can feel you...inside me...!” Mirinda suddenly wailed out, chuckling in delight as she could hardly wait to climax in the ever-skirt chasing Hiroi’s face.

“I, I feel something, too! Some good’s about to happen!” Narrisha grinned, moaning again and again as she began tongue-wrestling Mirinda and groping her breasts, pinching her nipples.

“Oh! Oh, Oh YE-E-E-E-E-EAH!” Mirinda screamed out loud as she came, Hiroi’s face receiving her price as the shin’idun girl came heavily and lastingly.

“I’m gonna cum, too! It’s hot fucking such a tight pussy!” Narrisha grinned, Hiroi’s cum-covered face grinning at her mistress.

“Oh, GO-O-O-O-ODS!” Narrisha yelled out as she came; however, in that instant, a sudden gushing noise was heard, Narrisha feeling something welling up inside her nether lips apart from her own cum; as she heard Mirinda scream in surprise, she saw a transparent fluid burst from the dildo’s end, entering into Mirinda, as well.
“What the Hell was that??” Hiroi asked, partly herself, in disbelief; looking carefully, she saw cum drip down from Mirinda’s anus and Narrisha’s nether lips.

“It’s those two little kitties, it is! Angels, my ass; what sacred being would make sex toys in their free time??” Hiroi grinned, bursting into hysterical fits of laughter at the look on Narrisha and Mirinda’s faces.

“That was...a whole new experience to me...” Mirinda panted out, turning around and grinning at Narrisha; “...did it feel good to you?”

“Hell, as long as it’s with my girls, everything feels good; hollowing out a dildo so we cum into each other...” Narrisha smiled back, Mirinda leaning down and kissing her, the kiss becoming more passionate as the two of them were soon rolling around on the floor, kissing, pulling hair and humping as Hiroi joined in.

“AR-R-R-R-R-R-R-R-RGH! OH, F-U-U-U-UCK!” Shica screamed out, her and Jiraz finally climaxing intensely after their drunken romp; beside them, Jiki and Kiro merely rustled each others’ hair, chuckling as they fingered each other and pinched each other’s nipples.

“You’re such a pervert, Jiki...” Kiro joked, getting a sucking on her left breast in response.

“Oh, ple-e-e-ease; even when drunk they’re not even getting started...!” Shica whined, Jiraz sighing and grinning at her.

“I guess we owe them some yuri porn, after all...” she grinned, Shica smirking at her girlfriend.

“Later; there’s still phase two!” Shica laughed, planting a drooling, slurping kiss on Jiraz’s lips, the two of them rolling around, screaming in passion and lust.

“Ready? Kiro asked Jiki, the two of them giggling as they found the time to have come for them to really give into their desires.

“Yeah!” Jiki winked, Kiro descending on Jiki’s nether lips.

“Ya-a-a-a-argh! Oh, please, don’t...!” Narru shrieked innocently, Rachel simply giggling at her, pressing her downwards.

“Uhmm, you look really cute now, little silly...” Rachel chuckled; having found her way down to another section of the dungeon, she had found Narru sniffing curiously around the mud pit, Rachel already planning for a mud bath; having surprised the silver-haired younger girl, their playfully wrestling had lead them to discard their clothes, humping around in the thick brown mud.

“You’re so mean, Rachel; we can’t go to the showers like this!” Narru whined, Rachel simply licking her nose rid of mud, finding the silver-haired girl simply irresistible.

“Silly, there’s showers right over there” Rachel said, pointing a dripping, muddy finger at a door not ten meters from them.

“Really?” Narru asked, feeling delighted that she might not need to worry; her uniform totally soaked in mud lay outside the pit, and her only remaining clothing, her boots, were filled to their brims with it.

“Yeah, really, you don’t need to worry about cleaning” Rachel said, Narru lightning up in a large grin; in the next moment, she shoke her hair as free of mud as she could, bend Rachel over, sitting atop her as she took off her boots, emptying their content of mud in the laughing Rachel’s face, putting them back on.

“Now it’s my turn, then!” Narru grinned, her tongue entering deeply into Rachel’s mouth, tongue-kissing the equally lustful Rachel; under her, however, Narru felt a great pleasure as Rachel’s careful fingers had begun fingering her.

“I CAME HOW MANY TIMES??” Jisha exclaimed in awe and confusion, Siriki, Chinyi and Minyoki grinning at her.

“About 43, counting from start and until now; you got even hornier when Narrisha gave you a little shock with Mystical lightning bolts” Siriki informed, smirking at the memory of Jisha’s complete ecstasy.

“Oh, Gods! That’s...that’s almost as much as I counted back in first year of my school!” Jisha gasped in awe, grinned and held her hand to her head, laughing at herself.

“Say, Jisha; wanted to see the last of that yuri clip?” Minyoki asked, Jisha bolting up from the bed, sitting down on the chair next to Minyoki’s and Siriki’s; exchanging giggles, the girls watched as Minyoki pressed the ‘play’ button...

“So, Charlene, do tell me...” Dracaia asked, Allisia, her and Charlene enjoying some apples and white wine after their romp; “ say you were ‘reanimated’ as far as I hear; who did reanimate you, then?”

“Shica Narra-Jar, the shin’saras girl with the demonic girlfriend” Charlene replied, Allisia smiling and shaking her head as she took a bite form her apple.

“Hmm? She said something funny?” Dracaia asked, Allisia reminding herself of the dragon girl’s sharp hearing.

“It’s just that word, ‘demonic girlfriend’; I just remember the time when even mentioning the word ‘demon’ would soon had a lynch mob of villagers standing ready with pitchforks and hammers...” Allisia explained, sighing; “...and these days, all I feel for that word is what I feel for Nightwind Manor itself.”

“Which is?” Dracaia and Charlene spoke as one, Charlene smirking a bit.

“Pure, untamed, raw lust, love and passion for each and every one of the people to live there...” Allisia smirked, winking at Charlene; “...I especially enjoy the more mature ones over the little silly girls running about with their pranks.”

“You mean Siriki and Chinyi? Hihihih, they’re harmless, Allisia...” Charlene giggled, turning to Dracaia; “...since you’re new here, Siriki and Chinyi are two younger girls having a good time pulling pranks on us all.”

“What sort of pranks?” Dracaia, sitting up, looking curious.

“Well, buckets of water over the doors, writing ‘suck here’ on our panties and pushing people into water or just randomly groping and humping them” Charlene counted on her fingers, Dracaia chuckling amused.

“Ah, youth; no wonder I felt so attracted to them from starters...” she said, a small grin rolling over her black lips; “...I’ll be certain to see to their deserved punishments.”

“Good luck in that; not even Mistress Narrisha’s powers can topple those two; they will most likely escape” Allisia smiled to herself, taking another sip of her wine.

“Mistress Narrisha! There you are!” Vinya gasped, seeing Narrisha busy molesting Hiroi and Mirinda, all the while Innoki busily ravished Raicha and Faris.

Vinya grinned to herself; such sights were surely worth running halfway over the manor for; having forgotten what Narrisha were to know, she felt herself loving the scene unfolding before her.

“Ah, the new little shin’saras chick?” Raicha managed to gasp, Vinya seeing a small trace of blood falling down to the floor under the chained blonde, Innoki lying exhausted on her back.

“I-Innoki; you’re raping Raicha?!” Vinya asked in a mix of shock and awe, Innoki turning around, her body clad in leather and dripping with sweat, her strap-on dripping with Raicha’s cum as she unstrapped it and licked lustfully on it.

“Oh, little Vinya; such a sweet little girl...” Innoki spoke in a newly awoken seductive voice; “want to help me rape Faris, as well?”

“You, you have her permission for it??” Vinya asked in surprise.

“I’d say she’s got it; I’m just waiting my turn!” Faris responded, Vinya starring in amazement at Faris and Raicha.

“She’s already raped me, cutie; felt kinda good, too...” Raicha grinned, winking at Vinya; “...uhm-m, I could use some little boobies, though; say, wanna fuck? I love girls in leather...”

Perplexed, Vinya grinned nervously, Innoki heading over for Faris, who were preparing herself for the strap-on.

“I...I suppose I could...” Vinya mumbled, Innoki helping Raicha free; the biker babe, now free of her chains, looked up and down Vinya, almost as if scanning her.

“Hmm, good breasts, cute butt, frisky outfit...” she mumbled, stepping closer to Vinya, catching her off-guard as she grabbed her chin, kissing her hotly as she forced her to the floor.

“I’m gonna make you regret you thought of even dressing up!” Raicha grinned, massaging Vinya’s breasts through her shirt, Vinya whimpering pleasantly.

“Love the hair, by the way; you’re just ripe to ravish!” Raicha grinned, happily snuggling her nose against Vinya’s breasts, the shin’saras playfully giggling as she hugged the surprised biker babe.

“Oh, all hugging and loving, huh? Well, what the Hell...” Raicha laughed to herself, replying the hug and humping herself against Vinya’s left leg.

“Are you there, soon?” Jiki asked, her and Kiro having turned to the 69 position, Kiro nodding eagerly; although hard to ignore due to their continuous screams of lovemaking, Jiki and Kiro had turned a deaf ear to Jiraz and Shica, focusing simply on pleasing and comforting each other.

“...Almost...there...!” Kiro whimpered, letting her tongue caress Jiki’s nether lips smoothly; returning the favour, Jiki let her own tongue tickle Kiro’s g-spot, the white-haired girl moaning, quacking, and finally...

“O-o-o-oh!” Kiro whimpered, climaxing as Jiki joined in, Kiro’s tongue having teased her for so long...

“They...they actually came?? Ohohohohoh, naughty angels...!” Jiraz grinned, Shica looking up from her position under Jiraz, smirking at Jiki and Kiro.

“We, we’re done in a minute; you’ll get the yuri porn, then...” she just managed to grin as Jiraz’s tongue dug into her nether lips again, Shica’s g-spot mercilessly teased and tickled as she screamingly in lust returned the favour.

“From me to you, Mistress!” Ukuni gladly handed Narrisha a small plastic case; during her romp with Raicha, Vinya had told Narrisha that Ukuni were asking for her; leaving the slightly disappointed Hiroi and Mirinda behind, Narrisha now observed the case.

“it’s something I think will suit the rest of your fetish wardrobe” Ukuni grinned; “Charlene gave me the idea this afternoon; I hope you’ll like it!”

Giving a grateful smile, Narrisha opened the case, sighing happily at the content: Inside were a long, black cloak of the finest latex, its inside completely dark-blue of the same material.

“We figured that, since almost all vampires in those old movies use capes and cloaks, you could use one, as well” Ukuni nodded, pleased with her work.

Delighted, Narrisha put down the case, dressing herself up in her new cloak; the rubber band in its neck made it flexible, and the latex felt good on Narrisha’s bared arms, the rest of her latex dominatrix outfit matching it perfectly.

“Oh, I love this! It feels so...powerful and complete!” Narrisha cheered; concentrating, she tried making wings out of the cloak, which succeeded as large latex wings folded into form from the cloak, Narrisha setting off and hovering a bit, keeping herself perfectly in the air.

“Oh Gods, Ukuni! I...I need to reward you!” Narrisha gasped out in happiness, Ukuni smirking as she opened her door to her room.

“Come and get me, vampire lady!” she playfully laughed, Narrisha running after her into her room, snarling equally playfully as she cornered Ukuni by her bed, descending down upon her...

“Quite an odd request, this of yours, Allisia...” Dracaia raised an eyebrow; having agreed to have a non-fatal duel with Allisia, she gladly admitted that the warrior girl’s new armour suited her.

“I’m thankful you accepted, Dracaia; how are you over there, Charlene?” Allisia asked, Charlene looking carefully through Allisia’s large selection of armour and weapons; deciding to join Allisia and Charlene’s fight, she thought she would need some light armour for her to keep her mobility.

“Still, your choice...well, eheheh, it surprises me, Dracaia...” Allisia grinned under the helmet; Dracaia had selected an old sindiyan suit of samurai-like armour and a dwarven axe, its heavy blade easy to carry for the dragon girl as she swung her hair to the side, having denied using a helmet.

“So, what are the rules?” Dracaia asked, Charlene stepping cheerfully into view:

She had selected a shin’idun chainmail shirt under a short, white skirt; her shins were covered in shin’idun platemail greaves, the tip of brown leather boots showing her feet, and her wrists and arms partly guarded by gauntlets and brown leather gloves; the whole set, being of shin’idun design, were light, protective and glided all golden.

“What an enchanting suit...” Dracaia gasped, her eyes wandering over Charlene as she rustled her hair, selecting two Silvarciraian shortswords as weapons.

“Uhmm, Dracaia...?” Allisia asked, finding the dragon girl curiously attracted to Charlene and her golden armour.

“Urgh, I fool; I forgot dragons are near obsessed with all things golden or shining...” Allisia smiled at herself, Dracaia snapping out of her trance-like state.

“The rules are simple: First of all, fight honourably, meaning no magic or turning your back to your opponent...” Allisia informed; “...secondly, this might be a duel, but no lethal strikes; we are not out to slay each other, Shinris forbid it...”

“So, this is all the magazines and doujinshis they have...?” Jiki asked herself, Kiro giggling besides her; in a small, transparent plastic case, a smaller hoard of magazines, comics and doujinshis lay ready for them to read, a grinning Shica and Jiraz leaving the room, wishing them good luck.

“Well, we should start somewhere...” Kiro said, opening the case, Jiki sitting down on hook, looking over Kiro’s shoulder as she went through the content.

“Wow, I didn’t even know that one...” Jiki grinned to Kiro, both of them amused with a doujinshi titled ‘Demonic Dykes’; the front page were richly illustrated with two succubi in a heated kissing session, all the while using their wings to keep them floating.

“What is it that’s so attractive about succubi??” Kiro asked, partly to herself.

“It’s their breasts size and perfect body build; it’s irresistible to most people” Jiki said, Kiro looking smilingly at her.

“What do I need that sex appeal for? I have you...” she blew a kiss at Jiki, who blushed lightly and kneeled down, giving Kiro a kiss on the cheek.

“Now, try and find something interesting, kitty...” Jiki said, heading to their bed; “...I’ll make sure to ready this for some romping.”

Chapter 44

Title: Chapter XLIV - The Night is Always Young #2

“Tha-...that was...was so awesome...!” Innoki cheered, having made Raicha climax intensely as the biker babe had cum all over the floor, Innoki exhausted as she bumped down, beginning to giggle.

“What’s up with you?” Raicha asked a bit perplexed.

“I, I’m just glad I could...hihihihih...try and be the bad girl for once...” Innoki smiled at her, Faris look over her shoulder.

“It’s all nice and snugly, but you still have me to fuck! What’s up; you begin favouring blondes over redheads??” Faris teasingly scolded, Raicha giggling as she swung herself over to Faris and giving her a drooling kiss, the redhead chuckling as she responded.
“OK, here I come, Faris...!” Innoki cheered, Faris bracing herself...

“YAH!” Allisia exclaimed, jumping to the side, Dracaia’s axe just gracing her cloak; during the whole duel, Allisia had proven far superior to her and Charlene, who had simply sat herself down, panting heavily in exhaustion, surrendering.

As it now were Dracaia against Allisia, the dragon girl decided to draw upon a bit of her draconic strength; seeing as Allisia could withstand so many blows against her blade, she assumed she could withstand a little more added strength to Dracaia’s blows.

“H-how can you sense my movement like this??” Dracaia exclaimed in sudden surprise as Allisia’s Soul-Cleaver blade found itself all but a meter from her throat; to Dracaia’s even greater surprise, her axe fell to the ground, shattered in small fragments of the otherwise so strong dwarven steel.

“A good sword, a lot of skill as well as a good overview of the situation...” Allisia said, smiling under her helmet; “...and besides, you aim your strikes well, but you put too much strength and time into them.”

Had it not been a Dragon Knight and friend speaking to her, Dracaia would surely have gone furious at that correction; instead, however, she grinned at Allisia.

“How would you fancy if we were to take the rematch outside where I would turn into my true form?” she teasingly mocked, Allisia grinning at the joke, sheathing her sword and opening her visor, a sweaty face greeting Dracaia, her appetite for the warrior girl suddenly flaring up.

“Say...” Dracaia asked slowly, Allisia already knowing where this was going...

“Gods, next time I try out so much screwing at one time, I’m going to need some rest long before that...” Narrisha grinned at herself, tossing herself down on her bed; having left Ukuni panting and smiling happily, she felt satisfied with her efforts for the day, saving her last energy for later in the evening.

“So you’re the...oh, sorry; do I disturb you?” a voice now came from the door; sitting up, Narrisha noticed the rumoured Zyrah Stardust standing in the doorway, eyeing the vampire girl teasingly.

“Oh, you must be Zyrah Stardust; I’m Narrisha Nightwind, mistress of this manor” Narrisha stood up, formally walking towards Zyrah, her cape flowing behind her as Zyrah raised an eyebrow.

“I gotta say, these girls sure know why to obey their mistress...” Zyrah smirked to herself, looking at Narrisha’s outfit, whistling impressed.

“Say, that’s quite some nice outfit you’ve got there; is it handmade or did you buy it?” Zyrah asked, Narrisha nodding, though slightly annoyed by the shin’saras girl’s lack of proper introduction.

“Can you come in a moment?” she asked, Zyrah shrugging and smilingly following Narrisha.

“Oh, and do help yourself to some reading; I will be with you in a few moments...” Narrisha said, gesturing to her bed as Zyrah sat herself down, adjusting the zipper of her vest and began looking through Narrisha’s neatly arranged doujinshis.

“I’ve never really read these Jap-...oh good; it’s normal English!” Zyrah said, swinging herself fully into bed, looking through one of the doujinshis, her feet crossed as she hummed to herself.

“I am ready now, newcomer...” Narrisha’s voice was heard, Zyrah mumbling to herself.

“Already? Heh, that sure was qui-...” Zyrah said, looking up from the doujin, awestruck as the vampire girl stood naked before her, her cape falling to the floor, her eyes glowing red as she headed for the bed.

“I may not thirst for blood...” Narrisha said, chuckling evilly to herself at the look of awe and surprise in Zyrah’s eyes; “...but I really crave some fresh, little lady love all the time...”

“Th-this is quite ironic, really...” Allisia said, Dracaia teasingly kissing her cheek; “...that I fall to my own are one wicked trickster, Dracaia...”

“Keep going, I’m gonna find Siriki so she can film this!”

Charlene grinned, running off as she continued to chuckle; having dropped her armour, Allisia had lent Soul-Cleaver to Dracaia to examine, convinced it was simply to admire the blade; however, the dragon girl had now tricked her and had teasingly overpowered the warrior girl, the hilt of Soul-Cleaver used to enter Allisia’s channel of innocence.

“You’re formidable, really; both in self-control, fighting...” Dracaia said, grinning menacingly at Allisia; “ well as in lovemaking.”

“I just have full control over myself...apart from when it comes to times like this...” Allisia admitted, Dracaia suddenly laughing out loud, Allisia looking confused at her.

“What’s so funny since you laugh...?” Allisia began, suddenly remembering what Dracaia had told her earlier: Apart from their telepathic powers, dragons were also skilled in mentalism, making them able to even read thoughts.

“Let me see if I understood it right...” Dracaia said, grinning as she took a deep breath, beginning to pant intensely, tempted to touch herself by looking at Allisia...

“Wait, you can’t do that! That is right out un-...!” Allisia began in a meek attempt to hide her excitement, Dracaia’s breasts suddenly covering her face.

“’Unfair’, was it?” Dracaia smiled, having read in Allisia’s mind that a fetish of hers might be her imaginative, defeated warrior girl opponents, lying at her feet, panting and pleading her to be made love to.

“You really aren’t so virtuous when it comes to it, are you?” Dracaia teased, Allisia managing a proud, challenging look.

“Bring me an army of amazons...” she hissed, a smile running over her lips; “...and they’ll be defeated, ravished and ridden of their virtue before the sun sets!”

“Of course, if they are willing to do so; trying to defeat you would be quite naughty, wouldn’t it?” Dracaia continued to tease, returning to her panting and rubbing of her breasts into the more than amused warrior girl’s face.

“Uhmm, I don’t really think this will work out, Jiki...” Kiro said sheepishly, finding the position her and Jiki sat in to be right out awkward.

“I have to agree; I feel like I’ve been trying karma sutra for far too long...” Jiki grinned to herself, her and Kiro snuggling themselves out of their position.

“I don’t know, Jiki; that erotic in lovemaking, it just doesn’t appeal to me...” Kiro said, rubbing her head.

“Me neither; the only thing in those magazines I like are the ‘softcore’ ones” Jiki said, blushing slightly.

“Oh, so you would like me...” Kiro grinned teasingly, flipping a magazine open, holding it up towards Jiki’s nose; “ do this?”

The picture of two blondes in the scissoring position had Jiki smile, which broadened as Kiro leaned over her, her fiendish chuckle all too clear to Jiki:

Kiro had her own ways of driving Jiki crazy with passion.

“Hmhmhm; I think I’ll try the same as I did on our date to Mt. Serenity...” Kiro said happily, Jiki giggling.

“For such a kitty, you’ve gone quite naughty right now...” Jiki teased, Kiro issuing a cat-like meow, following Jiki on hands and knees as she climbed into bed.

“Let’s do this the way we like it...” Kiro purred, Jiki stroking her chin; “...not like how the other girls say we should do it.”

“Urgh...holy...oh, I feel as if...” Zyrah said, Narrisha sitting up, smiling satisfied at the shin’saras girl.

“As if what?” she simply asked, Zyrah opening her yes, grinning.

“I’ve been hung in leather ropes and fucked by professional dominatrices; I’ve been gangbanged concert after concert by wailing fangirls storming into my hotel room; made me feel incredible compared to that...”

“It’s my pleasure, Miss Stardust; I pride myself of my abilities...” Narrisha smirked, sucking her forefinger; “...say, pleasing is all good, but would you like to repay me?”

“Let me put it this way...” Zyrah gracefully sat up, rustled her hair and combed it, for then to, with a surprising ease, force the surprised Narrisha into her bed with the head first, the vampire girl smiling under her breath.

“Let me show what I’ve learned from those fangirls of mine...” Zyrah said, giggling; “’s actually nice I’ve found one I can go really crazy with; you’re a real she-wolf in heat!”

“OH! Uhmm! Oh, yes! You’ve sure got that right!” Narrisha laughed as Zyrah lay on Narrisha’s back, rubbing herself against the vampire girl.

“NYA-A-A-AH! NO, SIRIKI! NO FAIR!” Chinyi wailed out, her and Siriki having returned to the pools, Siriki laughing delightfully as she splashed water on Chinyi and licked it off again, obsessed with the pink-haired girl’s busty breasts.

“Uhm-m-m, they’re so, just like marshmallows...” Siriki moaned, Chinyi giggling to no limit.

“Rachel! Anyone! Help me out!” Chinyi grinned as she yelled out, letting herself fall over into Siriki’s embrace.
“Remember last fall when we did this in the garden?”
Chinyi grinned, Siriki smiling at her; “yeah; you went all crazy when I began tickling you!”

“Hey, it was you who wanted to fool around in that mud puddle...” Chinyi winked, Siriki blushing a bit.

“I like it; it’s so naughty and I had you to mess around with...” Siriki winked at Chinyi; “...and the way you screamed when you came; such a thrill...”

“Oh, I scream, do I??” Chinyi playfully launched herself at Siriki, groping the ice-haired girl’s breasts; “I’ll teach you a thing or two about screaming!”

“OH! UHM-M-M-M...! Suck them! Suck harder...!!!” Siriki insisted pleadingly, using her left arm to press Chinyi’s head closer to her breast, Chinyi giggling joyfully as she played with Siriki.

Chapter 45

Title: Chapter XLV - Newcomers: The Babe and the Bookworm

“Why didn’t you tell me before you arrived?? You could have had a more proper welcoming committee than just the two of us” Allisia gasped, a cloaked and hooded girl stepping inside the manor’s great hall, the rain outside pouring down like a waterfall.

“Nah, wouldn’t spoil the surprise, babe” the cloaked girl smirked under the hood, Dracaia looking sceptically at her.

“Why the sour look, hottie?” the girl asked, Dracaia narrowing her reptilian eyes.

“I never trusted people who wore cloaks; nothing personal” Dracaia stated, the girl smiling and dropping her hood; a brown-skinned exotic girl with red-pink hair looked at her with her amber-coloured eyes, Dracaia feeling her awareness melt away, replaced with a certain wish that the girl would drop her skimpy leather and buckled outfit as well as her cloak.

“Name’s Janith; I’m a friend of your little Allisia here...” Janith winked, giving Allisia’s butt a small spank, the warrior girl blushing slightly.

“She...she is an old friend of mine-...” Allisia began, Janith groping her breasts through the thin nightgown.

“Old?? That’s no fun at all, baby; I’ve come here to become a maid, so show some respect for my boobs, OK??” Janith teased, Allisia looking helplessly at Dracaia, the dragon chuckling lowly in amusement.

“Hmm? Hush! I heard something...” she suddenly said, Janith stopping her groping, her and Allisia both aware of one thing: If a dragon told you to hush, you had better listen.

“Allisia, Janith, summon Narrisha; something just broke through the seal of this manor” Dracaia noted grimly, running for the entrance to the dungeons at such a speed that Allisia doubted her feet touched the floor.

“You know the way, girl; show me to that kinky mistress of yours” Janith winked, Allisia rolling her eyes, heading upstairs with Janith right behind her; this was certainly a strange night...

“Blast it! All calculations correct, and I teleport halfway across Varran rather than summon a bowl of fruits!” Vanessa scolded herself, checking her equipment; both glasses, shelves and all other inventory of her former underground lair were intact, yet the surroundings had changed completely; instead of solid rock walls, bricks filled out the walls, assuring her that she had ‘landed’ inside a building.

“Well, that’s one spell I shouldn’t try again...” Vanessa sighed, picking up the scroll she had used, disintegrating it with a spark of mystical magic.

“Let me see; am I whole, then? Legs...upper and lower torso...wings...oh, eheheh, and my tail...” Vanessa grinned to herself, using her tail to brush away some dust from her dress.

“Let me see where I’ve-...” Vanessa began, heading towards what used to be the entrance to her lair, finding it blocked by a girl in black silk nightgown, her glowing golden eyes and mouth formed into a growl, telling her that this was no mere human.

“Oh! A dragon?? My wings, this sure is an honour!” Vanessa smiled happily, reaching out her hand; “I am Vanessa, alchemist extraordinary...alas, until I nearly blew my lair up...”

“I see a demon, but a demon unwilling to harm me?” Dracaia said, her growl fading away; “a nice reprieve.”

As she shoke hands with Vanessa, she saw that the demon was an albino; white skin, tail and wings, her eyes humane, yet blood-red; also, her hair was dark-red, and yet she sensed that this demon was almost half as powerful as herself, which was quite a lot.

“See, I was experimenting on some new scrolls I’d written down, but, my tail, instead of simply summoning a bowl of fruits, I moved halfway across Varran, and now-...” Vanessa began explaining, stopping herself; “ lost track halfway through, right?”

“Not really, but listen...” Dracaia said, gesturing Vanessa to follow her up the stairs; “ are in Nightwind Manor, a sort of haven for dyke girls, so to say, and-...”
“Dykes? As in lesbians? Homosexual women?” Vanessa asked eagerly, Dracaia almost seeing sparks in her eyes.

“Uhmm...yes...” Dracaia began, Vanessa thrusting her fist upwards in a sort of triumphant gesture.

“Alas, it is a sign! After all my time underground with science and magic, I finally visit this ‘Nightwind Manor’, the right place for me to come out!” Vanessa exclaimed cheerfully, Dracaia beginning to wonder how Narrisha would deal with this walking dictionary of a bookworm.

“As far as I’ve read, this manor is run by Narrisha Nightwind, thus named Nightwind Manor; do you think I can meet her?” Vanessa asked, Dracaia pointing upwards; as Vanessa looked up, in front of the entrance to the dungeons, yawning or curious maids dressed in nightgowns looked at her as she headed upwards beside Dracaia.

“And just who are you?” one of them asked, this one clad in a slightly transparent, dark-blue nightgown, Vanessa smiling at her.

“I’m Vanessa, alchemist and formerly dwelling in a lair underground outside Sarrania; I accidently teleported myself here when I was reading through some scrolls” Vanessa explained, Narrisha looking sceptically at her.

“What were you really trying to do, then?” Narrisha asked, Vanessa blushing and curling her tail.

“It’ well as embarrassing...” Vanessa said, Jiraz standing in the middle of the crowd, moaning as she stroke Shica’s hair.

“Can’t you just tell it? Shica’s not through licking my clit yet, so we kinda wanna hit the sack again, soon...” Jiraz shoke her head, Shica grinning at her, Vanessa’s expression practically glowing with excitement.

“Jiraz and Shica! The renegade demon girl, and the empress’ daughter! Oh, you two are famous in the academic world, ladies!” Vanessa grinned, Narrisha looked surprised at her.

“I’m gonna ask again: What did you really intend to do with those spells?” Narrisha asked, Vanessa sighing heavily.

“I was trying to move a bowl of fruits the room...” she said, Shica letting out a loud laughter.

“And you instead teleported your whole, freaking lair into the dungeon of Nightwind Manor?!” she asked, Jiraz rolling her eyes, her and Shica grinningly turning around, heading back for their room, mumbling something alike; “mages...whatcha gonna do...”

“Uhmm, so...would I allowed to stay? I’ve got nowhere else...” Vanessa asked, Narrisha looking at Janith, the newly arrived redhead, smirking.

“Well, the babe roles here are practically filled out, but...” Narrisha said, leaning towards Vanessa; “...we could always use a cute little bookworm...”

“Oh! My tail, I should...why am I not prepared for this?? I’ve read all about-...” Vanessa started, Narrisha giggling at her nervousness, kissing Vanessa passionately.

“My Gods! I...I sure as Hell isn’t going to accept a no, now!” Vanessa gasped, stepping back, feeling a whole new excitement race through her.

“Uhmm...I feel kinda weird...” Narrisha moaned from the kiss, stroking a hand through her hair, a sudden, collective gasp catching her attention; looking at the previously blue-haired Narrisha, the vampire girl’s hair was now turning black with blue tips, reaching her waist, black, feathery wings sprouting from her back.

“Oh, uhmm, Miss Narrisha; I don’t think it was wise kissing me; I...kissing a demon like me might have-...” Vanessa began, Narrisha looking around herself, smiling.

“What’s wrong? I dropped my gown?” she grinned, suddenly feeling her new wings and longer hair, her expression complete surprise.

“OK, you little tit of a virgin...” Faris now approached Vanessa, angrily gritting her teeth; “...if you’ve hurt Narrisha in any way, I’m gonna take a strap-on, shove it up your clit and rape you all the rest of the night!”

“I didn’t do anything! She just kissed me, and I-...” Vanessa began, scared as she was; however, hearing Narrisha chuckle behind her, Faris suddenly felt herself being lifted upwards.

“Whatever she did, it sure felt good” Narrisha smiled, the maids not really minding the change, although a few of them were intimidated with her new wings.

“Wow! You’ve never been this strong, Narrisha!” Faris yelled out, Narrisha holding her up in one arm without any effort.

“I...I feel so much stronger, so much friskier...”

Narrisha said, folding her wings into her back, where they disappeared in a flash of mystical magic.

“Try summoning them back and fly around; I have a theory...” Vanessa said, pondering as she watched every movement Narrisha made as she summoned her wings again without effort.

“I FREAKING LOVE THI-I-I-I-IS! This so much beats having to wear clothes to levitate!” Narrisha yelled out in cheer as she span around the great hall, her maids cheering at her; gracefully, she landed beside Vanessa.

“I’ve got it! When you kissed me, since I’m so used to all sorts of magic, that kiss must have triggered your inner, vampiric powers; not the ‘bloodlust’ kind, but something like flight, hypnotizing and all that”

Vanessa said, Narrisha looking at her hands; she had really become much more powerful, but more importantly to herself...

“Let me see...” she mumbled, opening her nightgown, starring in awe as her breasts were now almost twice as large as before, making her quite busty.

“Vanessa, I’ll welcome any chick who’d increase my sex appeal just by kissing me...” Narrisha grinned, grabbing Vanessa’s arm; “...but I’ll have to...’initiate’ you first...”

With those words, Narrisha took off with the amazed Vanessa, the maids heading back for bed, eagerly discussing these two new arrivals.

Chapter 46

Title: Chapter XLVI - Romping Under the Moonlight

“What’s wrong, cuties? Something wrong with me?” Janith teased, Chinyi, Siriki, Narru and Innoki all nodding, admiring the leader-clad amazon.

“So tell me, you’re the youngest girls at this place?” she asked, the girls nodding or blushing at her.

“See, that’s something I like; you’re younger, but you’d let a babe like me grope you if you’re cool with me?” Janith smiled, stroking Siriki’s chin, making her blush.

“Well, Allisia says she knows you, so if we can trust Allisia, that means we can trust you, too” Chinyi said, Janith almost drooling over the pink-haired, busty little girl in front of her.

“Girls, I’ll promise I’ll not go all hardcore on you, but my cunt’s been dry for almost a month! I haven’t had pussy for so long I swear I could’ve chewed my nails in half...” Janith said, the girls’ eyes opening slightly wider.

“ OK with having sex with us, and all?” Chinyi asked, Janith looking at her in surprise.

“’OK’?? Fuck, as soon as Allisia told me of this place, I almost had to put a cork in my crotch; you girls are the cutest, sexiest and funniest I’ve ever seen so far...” Janith grinned, leaning towards Chinyi; “...and, hey; I’ve heard you’ve got a hot sister...”

“Am I not good enough??” Chinyi teasingly jumped on the surprised Janith, unbuckling her outfit and groping her mercilessly.

“I, I never said you weren’t good enough; I...” Janith smiled at Chinyi, who began smirking as she enjoyed herself.

“I’m a warrior babe; I just considered my options!” Janith laughed, Chinyi kissing her nose, winking at the other girls.

“She’s funny, alright! Let’s have some sex with her, then!” Chinyi grinned, Narru and Innoki hesitantly following Siriki as they discarded their clothes.

“If sex is supposed to be fun, as well, we’ll make sure you have the funniest sex of your life!” Chinyi assured, Janith squirming as Siriki mercilessly tickled her, Narru and Innoki doing the same between her thighs.

“H-hey, wait! D-don’t drop the boots, OK? It’s kinda my fetish...” Janith smiled, the girls all nodding at each other.

“Let us welcome her to the manor!” Innoki winked, Narru nodding; while Chinyi and Siriki pleasured Janith’s breasts, Narru and Innoki’s kissing of each other soon had Janith feel herself as if blessed by Lady Shinris.

“So you helped me develop my powers way before time?” Narrisha asked, Vanessa blushing as the vampire girl leaned over her seductively.

“Uhmm, yes, but mind slipping into something more...fitting? I don’t mean to be rude, but, a nightgown...?” Vanessa asked, Narrisha smiling, kissing her forehead and heading for her drawers.

“Why am I tied up, really? I haven’t ever understood why some women like bondage...” Vanessa asked, steeling herself for her first, sexual experience; that it was the mistress of Nightwind Manor meant nothing to her; what did matter was, that it was her future mistress that would tutor her in how to please girls to their hearts’ desire.

“I could tell you...” Narrisha appeared from the shadows ago, Vanessa’s mouth opening in awe; “...or I can make you feel why...”

Narrisha had dressed up in elbow-long gloves, thigh-high boots and very skimpy leotard, all of it shining as it was latex, Narrisha’s favourite fetish wear.

“My Gods! I, I can only conclude you dressed like that to appeal to me?” Vanessa asked, indeed feeling her crotch reacting pleasantly to the sight of the busty vampire girl in the skin-tight latex fetish outfit.

“Indeed, and now, I’ll make sure your first time will be something you will cherish forever...” Narrisha smiled, licking her gloved fingers as she sat down opposite Vanessa on the bed; “...since it is your first time, I’m going to show you how an orgasm looks like.”

“I’ve read about it, but...but seeing it with my own eyes might be better” Vanessa shrugged, smiling; “how do you excite yourself the most, Narrisha?”

“Well, just the thought of my girls screwing me until I can’t cum anymore; I like to take it quickly, but efficiently...” Narrisha smirked, starting to slowly stroke her latex-covered crotch, pulling the thong of the leotard into her nether lips, the faint, gushing sounds not escaping Vanessa’s ears.

“And just what the fuck’s going on here??” Minyoki exclaimed, her arms crossed over her chest, her leather outfit amusing Janith and the other girls, yet Minyoki’s eyes shoot dangerous lightning from behind her glasses.

“Hmm? So it’s the newcomer trying to sneak under the skirts, huh? I thought so...” Minyoki smirked evilly, heading towards the bed, Janith looking at her with a weak smile.

“He-e-ey,, what’s up, girl?” Janith tried grinningly, Minyoki admiring Janith and stroking her chin.

“So, you wanted to get to know my little sister under the sheaths, hmm? Hmhmhmhm...” Minyoki chuckled, Janith looking amused at Minyoki; “but, as you know, it’s no incest we’re having sometimes, she and I; we’re only step-sisters.”

“Girl, I wouldn’t really care if you were full-blood; love’s free in case ye missed that” Janith teased, Minyoki sitting onto the bed, looking at the girls.

“Go ahead and finish, but she’s mine next...” she said, grinning at Janith; “...Allisia’s all too ‘honourable’ for me; at least you still have your feet on the ground.”

“You talk smart, little girlie, but I know what you’re really looking at...” Janith winked, looking at the younger girls; “...say, mind if I play a little with Chinyi’s sister here?”

“Chinyi-i-i-i...” Siriki called behind Chinyi, sneaking up on her as Chinyi pretended to be terrified; “...we’ve got you!”

As Narru and Innoki joined in, the girls began to playfully wrestle, Minyoki sitting on top of Janith’s breasts.

“So, am I good enough for you, little babe?” Minyoki grinned, Janith chuckling at her.

“A girl who’s smart, looks hot in leather, and can fuck my mind inside out until it blows? You sure are appealing, pinkie!” Janith teased, Minyoki smiling as she began groping Janith’s breasts.

“They’re so firm! I can’t even fit them in my hands...” Minyoki smiled, Janith reaching out and kissing Minyoki’s nose.

“You’re both hot and sexy...” she winked, stroking Minyoki’s chin; “...and those glasses are so cute...”

“Is it my outfit or me you’re talking to?” Minyoki grinned, burrowing her face into the laughing Janith’s breasts.

“HOLY HEAVEN! I, I really didn’t know this whole lesbian sex act would be so...passionate...” Vanessa panted out, Narrisha’s climax amazing her as she kept cumming, her cum landing on Vanessa’s one boot.

“Yeah, it sure is; sa-a-ay...” Narrisha smirked, licking her fingers of her cum; “...I suppose you’re lesbian too, right?”

“Ever since I found myself attracted to girls in lingerie, that’s been an obvious fact to me...” Vanessa said, Narrisha almost jumping on top of her, looking hungrily into Vanessa’s surprised eyes.

“You talk too much for this, cutie...” Narrisha snarled playfully, opening Vanessa’s dress, tossing it to the floor.

“Oh, hey! You...oh, now I see; you’re hor-...” Vanessa began, Narrisha chuckling heartily, kissing Vanessa’s throat and sucking it intensely.

“My Gods! are still dripping! Narrisha, you really are wild!” Vanessa grinned to herself, sneaking her tail between Narrisha’s thighs.

“OH? You’re gonna put that in me?? You naughty girl...” Narrisha smiled at Vanessa, using her claws to cut the albino demon’s ropes; “...c’mon, then; shove it inside!”

“Uhmm, if you are certain...” Vanessa carefully inserted her tail into Narrisha’s womanhood, the leotard’s thong so slippery from Narrisha’s first climax that it simply peeled away.

“ feels good; I like it both slow and fast, but in your case, take all the time you want...” Narrisha moaned smilingly, enjoying groping Vanessa’s breasts, seeing as they were quite large.

“OH!” Vanessa suddenly exclaimed as Narrisha’s tongue passed over her horns by accident.

“Hmm? Are you OK?” Narrisha asked.

“Y-yes; it’s just that my horns are just as sensitive as my breasts...” Vanessa blushed.

“You don’t seem sensitive about your tits, though” Narrisha grinned, Vanessa sending her a strange, longing look.

“Because of my lifelong research, I have never had sex! I’ve been left with masturbating at girls in magazines, touching my breasts and labia fanatically! If you really want to see a demon...” Vanessa now slowly rose up, Narrisha crawling back in awe as Vanessa’s wings folded themselves out fully, her eyes glowing red as she chuckled; “...then let me teach you what I read!”

“I’m telling you, I like the doggy style better! It’s faster, kinkier, and you love it, too!” Jiraz argued with Shica, her girlfriend smiling confidently.

“And I’m saying I love the tribadism best! C’mon, what’s better than to feel my pussy grinding into yours?!” Shica asked, Jiraz holding up a finger, searching for an argument; as she could not find one, she sighed deeply, bowing her head down in defeat, Shica smiling at her.

“Hey princess, I agree, but why are we talking about it, really?” Jiraz asked, Shica slowly crawling to her side of the bed, smiling meekly as Jiraz crawled seductively at her.

“Uhmm, good demon girl? Nice little girlie-...!” Shica exclaimed just before Jiraz jumped on her, slurping and sucking desirably on her breasts.

“OH! Jiraz, you’re such a horny bitch, sometimes!” Shica grinned, Jiraz winking at her.

“It’s not my fault you’re a sexy shin’saras girl; your body kinda screams sex appeal!” Jiraz teased, Shica moaning as she once again descended on her breasts.

“Y-you can talk! You’re sex appeal incarnate! You’ve even got bigger boobs!” Shica moaned, Jiraz grinning.

“I’m gonna rub that in your face, young lady!” she teased, Shica soon having her face covered by Jiraz’s breasts, both of them laughing as Shica began sucking Jiraz’s nipples, while Jiraz let her tail deep under Shica’s loose nightgown.

“There should be laws against being so sexy!” Minyoki grinned, having molested Janith’s breasts for over five minutes; feeling herself about to reach her limit, Janith simply smiled at her.

“Girl, you can’t just make me cum by sucking my tits...” she teased, Minyoki’s eyes flashing playfully.

“Wanna bet, bitch?” she smirked, suddenly caressing her fingers over Janith’s bared crotch, sticking them in as deep as she dared to, rubbing intensely.

“OH! Oh, you fucking hottie...” Janith grinned, Minyoki laughing as she simply put her head in between Janith’s breasts, growling playfully and sucking on Janith’s already soaked nipples.

“UM-M-M-M...! Oh, so” Janith moaned pleasantly, grabbing around her breasts and pressing them into Minyoki’s waiting mouth.

“Fuck! How many sluts wouldn’t give their dildos to fuck these babies?! Your tits are so large and fucking busty a girl would lose her way in there!” Minyoki teased, Janith laughing heartily, pressing the grinning Minyoki’s head between her breasts again and again, Janith making slurping sounds and moaned as she loved how kinky Minyoki really were to her.

“Lick them! Lick them, you wet little bitch! You like sticking your head between tits like mine, huh??” Janith teased, rubbing her breasts over Minyoki’s head, the pink-haired girl moaning longingly, Janith feeling a liquid run down her thighs and unto the bed sheets.

“OH! That moon isn’t...really helping me hold myself back...!” Narrisha snarled between her excited moans, a full moon shining through her window as the sky cleared outside after the rain; as a soft, cold breeze blew in from the half-open window, Narrisha smiled to herself as Vanessa’s inexperienced but precise hands groped her breasts, the vampire girl feeling a strong urge to simply bend Vanessa over and completely violate and molest her body.

“The strengthens you, doesn’t it? Heightens your senses, your powers, your desires...” Vanessa smiled at Narrisha, leaning down and kissing her throat softly.

“ really does...” Narrisha moaned slowly, Vanessa patting her cheek, smiling at Narrisha.

“I’ll wait until you’ve had your turn...” she winked at Narrisha; “...I’ve also wondered how latex would feel like on my breasts...”

Not waiting to think or worry about how Vanessa would react, Narrisha threw caution to the side, her wings appearing from her back, looming over her like eerie storm clouds as she threw herself over Vanessa.

“I can feel it! I usually lock myself up when this happens...” Narrisha lowered her eyes, looking shameful; “...I know I’m a horny bitch of a mistress, but if the girls knew I were such a monster bitch, as well-...”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Narrisha! If your maids love you, they’d be sure to accept all sides of you!” Vanessa said strictly, Narrisha looking in surprise at her.

“ sure? I mean, I don’t want to seem mean to them, so...will you mind helping me tell them this later...?” Narrisha carefully asked, Vanessa sending her a smiling wink.

“Of course I will, you sissy!” she nodded, Narrisha sighing relieved, blinking her eyes as she smiled widely, descending on Vanessa, using every ounce of energy she had to please the albino demon.

“It’s really a chill, making love to a vampire girl like you...” Vanessa sighed pleasantly, Narrisha smirking as her eyes glowed red from the energy coursing through her.

“I once read of something called tribadism; can we try it?” Vanessa asked, Narrisha grinning as she locked her thighs into Vanessa’s, rubbing her nether lips into Vanessa’s.

“Yes! YES! Let me screw you until you get hooked, baby!” Narrisha yelled to the ceiling in her passion, Vanessa smiling as she began thrusting, herself.

“Now for something I’ve wondered about...” Vanessa winked at Narrisha, the vampire girl surprised as Vanessa bent over her, letting her hands tickle Narrisha’s armpits.

“No! Nohohohohoh! You, you’re not suppohohoh-sed to tickle your mistress! Bad girl! Down! Hihihihihih!” Narrisha cackled from laughing, biting lower lip and grabbing around a pillow as if to choke the pleasure.

“It’s not really healthy to hide it, mistress...” Vanessa grinned, returning to the tribadism position, much to Narrisha’s relief...until she felt Vanessa’s toes tickle her armpits now.

“No fair! No fair!” Narrisha began laughing again, the added pleasure of Vanessa’s thighs and nether lips into her own almost too much for her.

“OH, YES! Ride me, Vanessa!” Narrisha exclaimed, sitting up and thrusting her own thighs against the demon girl’s, the two of them moaning loudly as Vanessa could not keep up her tickling.

“NA-NARRISHA! I fear I’m going...I’m going to cum! Please let me cum, mistress!” Vanessa almost pleaded, Narrisha revealing her fangs in a triumphant grin.

“Cum, then! You have my blessing to cum! Cum like you’ve never cum before, Vanessa!” Narrisha broke the thrusting as she jumped Vanessa, diving between the surprised demon girl’s thighs, slurping on her nether lips so forcefully both cum and drool fell from her mouth unto the bed.

“DON’T STOP! Oh please, DON’T STOP! AH-H-H-H! OH MY GODS! I’M, I’M CLIMAXING! AH-H-H-H! AH! I...I, I’LL CUM! I’M...I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!” Vanessa pleaded and yelled out, her climax weakly hitting Narrisha’s lips, but satisfying the vampire girl greatly.

“Uhmm, not bad, but I’ll want more...after you’re done returning the favour!” Narrisha chuckled, leaning down and baring her nether lips to Vanessa as she groped herself; “ start soon; you got me excited...”

“Don’t mind if I do, milady!” Vanessa grinned, beginning to laugh; “...this sure is more exciting than reading yuri magazines!”

As she gracefully crawled towards Narrisha, Vanessa jokingly flapped her wings, twirled her tail and let out a playful snarl; amused, Narrisha smiled, leaned over and kissed Vanessa, the demon girl now fully aware that her new mistress really were a frisky little minx.

“Let’s get on with this...!” Vanessa winked, jumping unto Narrisha’s latex-covered breasts, the demon girl squealing lovingly as she fondled them, the vampire girl’s large breasts feeling as warm, inviting and ravishing as the vampire girl they belonged to.

“Now the cat’s really out of the bag, huh? Go on, suck them all you want, Vanessa...” Narrisha smiled, caressing Vanessa’s head as the demon girl did just so, Narrisha moaning lowly in pleasure.

“T-that’s it, girl; enjoy them all you want; my body’s yours to take, baby...” Narrisha moaned happily, her head lying slightly over the bed, Vanessa’s inexperienced but happy groping and teasing of Narrisha’s body making the vampire girl feel ever so wonderfully blessed.

“Hmm? Narrisha, your vagina is starting to get wet; you’re really excited??” Vanessa asked, Narrisha raising her head, smirking at Vanessa.

“Vanessa, you’ve got no idea, really; get your tongue down there” Narrisha teased, Vanessa carefully removing Narrisha’s thong, licking a girl’s nether lips for the first time.

“It’s so salty and moist; you’re really erotic, you minx...” Vanessa smiled, enjoying the taste, wanting more as she dove down again, hearing Narrisha whimper in pleasure.

“You tasted like ripe peaches; when you’re done, I wanna lick you again...” Narrisha smiled, Vanessa continuing her licking.

“I’ve really never felt this way before...I love you, your girls and your manor, Narrisha...” Vanessa sighed happily, stroking Narrisha’s butt, her tail stroking Narrisha’s forehead.

“Oh, do I have surprises for you...” Narrisha chuckled, enjoying her caressing.

“F-for me??” Vanessa asked, touched as she was; Narrisha, smiling proudly at her, were handing her a thick black leather collar with steel rings, Narrisha winking kinkily, Vanessa seeing it as a great welcoming gift.

“And just as something extra, I’ll let you borrow some of my lingerie and lace if you fancy that; I’ll bet it will fit you...” Narrisha winked, pointing her thumb backwards towards her closet.

“Don’t be shy; go over and look through them!” Narrisha smiled, Vanessa politely nodding as she headed for the closet, not much for admitting to Vanessa she had a passion for lace-clad girls.

“Hmm...oh my Gods! What a collection...!” Vanessa gasped as she opened the closet, looking through Narrisha’s clothes; formal gowns, dresses for daily use only filling a quarter of it:

Gloves, boots, corsets, suits, whips and suspicious-looking oblong objects in a dozen of colours filled most of the closet and floor, Vanessa admiring the sleek latex, smirking to herself as one of the suits showed dripping signs of recent use.

“Ah, here we are...” Vanessa dove further into the closet, finding a slightly revealing, but quite ornate lace outfit; carefully slipping it out of the closet, Vanessa headed over to the bed, looking at the smirking Narrisha.

“Right, uhmm...c-can you first help me into this, then?” Vanessa asked, the vampire girl standing up, beginning to dress Vanessa up in her new outfit, small glittering red glass stones inserted in the lace shining like rubies as the moonlight hit Vanessa.

“Does it have to sit so tight?” Vanessa asked, Narrisha chuckling.

“’Tight’? This is an old outfit, and you’re bustier than me, remember?” Narrisha said, Vanessa looking at her halfway revealing breasts.

“B-but then everyone will see me as naked! My nipples are even sticking out!” Vanessa blushed fiercely, covering her breasts with her tail.

“That’s kinda the point with fetish costumes, Vanessa; built up the passion, and then let the girls’ fantasies go wild!” Narrisha chuckled again, amused as the demon girl wiggled and moaned as Narrisha tied the final strings together.

“And now for the payment: A night of tutoring you how to please and to be taught some pleasure...” Narrisha teased, licking Vanessa’s cheek, amused to see Vanessa blush.

“Narrisha, you are such a teaser; I feel like a naughty girl now...” Vanessa mumbled, Narrisha pinching her ear lightly, grinning at Vanessa.

“That’s not the worst in the world to be!” Narrisha smiled, embracing Vanessa, hugging her and letting her tongue caress the albino girl’s neck.

“...After studying underground all those years, why do I hesitate now...?” Vanessa scolded herself, Narrisha winking at her.

“Vanessa, silly; all that time without a cute girl to share your bed; c’mon, let’s have the fun you’ve always dreamed of!” Narrisha encouraged, lightly stroking over Vanessa’s breasts.

“Yes....yes! It’s just like you said, I...I deserve to be pleased...” Vanessa encouraged herself, leaning her head back towards Narrisha, sticking out her tongue as the vampire girl sucked on it.

“N-Narrisha, I...I feel so much better now” Vanessa sighed, slipped out of Narrisha’s embrace and lay herself on the bed, caressing her legs and boots, her wings covering her seductive facial expression; “...please treat me; I long for your pleasant expertise.”

Grinning, Narrisha jumped eagerly on top of Vanessa, who were having second thoughts by feeling the force of which Narrisha began sucking on her nipples and groping her breasts through the thin lace.

“No! No, I...I...wait, keep going! Mistress Narrisha, quickly! Ravish me, Narrisha!” she pleaded her new mistress, Narrisha grinning happily.

Chapter 47

Title: Chapter XLVII - An Amazon Loses Her Virginity

Over the next few days, Vanessa began to understand the daily life of Nightwind Manor, also finding invaluable assistance from the maids for her research; even the most sceptical girls became curious about learning of alchemy, and despite their kinkiness and tendency to fool around, Vanessa had soon purposely set up her lab and whole room with the most shining, mechanical and mysterious objects she possessed.

“Let’s see, sonari crystals, crushed silver shards...” Vanessa went over a small list, checking her repertoire for anything she needed; smiling to herself, she found her lab well-stocked and ready for experiments.

“Gods, that took longer than I’d thought...” Vanessa held a hand to her face, brushing and combing through her hair, heading for her bed; “...girls, make sure to put the crystals back after you’re done with them.”

“Yes, Miss Vanessa!” Raicha and Narru replied, their interest in Vanessa’s many contraptions vanishing as they caught eye on Vanessa as she began taking off her clothes, folding them neatly beside the bed and lying down; as always, she used five minutes before bedtime to practice her meditation, and folding her legs and wings around herself, she closed her eyes, relaxing her muscles...

“Phew! You sure can keep up the fight, huh??” Janice grinned, her katana clashing against Allisia’s Soul-Cleaver, the dark blade not weakening the least.
“No, I can hold my ground on my own just fine...”
Allisia said, smirking teasingly; “...if you did not spend the time jumping from bed to bed with the girls, you might have had some time for training.”

“Girls before anything as I say it, Step-sister Sacred!” Janice mocked and grinned, jumping out of Allisia’s reach.

“See? Sexy leather uniform beats heavy adamantine armour! And you’re supposed to be superior??” Janice grinned, Allisia snarling at the red-haired girl’s teasing; as she went towards her, however, Janice grinned, tossed her katana into a wall, and groped her barely covered breasts in front of Allisia, the warrior girl feeling herself confused, her sword slowly sinking down the side and touching the floor.

“Face it, Allisia; sometimes it’s best to be the bad girl...” Janice grinned, winking at Allisia; “...that new Vanessa babe has been really friendly; wanna guess what she taught me?”

“A spell that lifts skirts?” Allisia teased sarcastically, Janice’s confident smile worrying her.

“Nope, but very close!” Janice said, making some odd gestures in the air, mumbling something unknown; in the next moment, Allisia suddenly felt as the leather straps, bolts and other parts connecting her imposing adamantine armour begin to rustle and creak, the armour falling apart, leaving Allisia all naked apart from the Soul-Cleaver.

“It’s time for the part where I chase the amazon and claim her for a lovely evening!” Janice smirked to herself, surprised to see Allisia do the same.
“Indeed, and let me offer you some advice, you vixen...” she smiled to herself, stepping towards Janice; “ better start running...pretty...freaking...FAST!”

As Allisia started chasing Janice, the dungeons echoed with her screams and laughing, Allisia’s joining in as she chased Janice up the stairs.

“Now I really have seen everything...” Dracaia remarked dryly as Janice and Allisia sped past her, the dragon returning her attention to her book.

“Why do you always read, Dracaia?” Chinyi asked, her and Siriki spending the afternoon with the dragon.

“To learn, little ones, to learn; knowledge is a gift that keeps on giving...” Dracaia said, patting the book.

“Like when Chinyi feels good and blushes?” Siriki teased, Chinyi blushing like a firestorm and hushing the grinning Siriki.

“I saw you run in here, Janice; don’t think I will back out now...” Allisia spoke to the empty dungeon room.

“It wouldn’t be fun if you did, now would it?” Janice’s teasing voice came, Allisia trying to determine the direction.

“I wouldn’t advise you to keep to the dark, Janice...” Allisia warned, smiling knowingly; “ never know what may await you in there...”

“Is that supposed to scare me?” Janice smirked to herself, suddenly feeling something touch her arm; with a shriek, she turned around, only to see a laughing Narrisha try and block her mouth as she giggled hysterically.

“But...but how in” Janice tried and put this puzzling mystery together; how could Narrisha have appeared out of the blue?

“You may leave her to me, Allisia...” Narrisha winked at the warrior girl, who nodded and turned on her heels, although both Narrisha and Janice could have sworn to see her smile.

“It has been, what, three days since your arrival...” Narrisha slowly snuck herself closer to Janice, the warrior babe looking over her shoulder into Narrisha’s passionate, hungry red eyes; “...and I’ve been quite patient with letting my girls get to know you, but finally...”

As Janice felt Narrisha slowly massage her shoulders, she moaned joyfully, Narrisha looking hungrily at Janice’s smooth, shiny brown skin and wild mane of red hair.

“I can’t really wait until we get to my room...” Narrisha chuckled, burrowing her nose into Janice’s neck, the redhead giggling at the tickling feeling from Narrisha’s nostrils.

“C’mon, missy; I’ll bet you have got a great deal to show me, hmm?” Janice teased, Narrisha moaning loudly, Janice feeling Narrisha’s grip tightening.

“So you just take the scroll, roll it out and read the spell up, and it should manifest itself in front of you” Vanessa instructed, Siriki, Chinyi, Narru, Rachel and some other girls eagerly following the albino demon girl’s lessons on magic and enchantments.

“Uhm, so what does crystals have to do with this magic stuff?” Raicha asked, Vanessa handing her a small, oval and transparent crystal.

“It’s basically storage for any form of magic you need, provided its own enchantments are strong enough to hold the energy in...” Vanessa explained; “...if the crystal breaks, though, all the energy from the spell will be unleashed in an non-concentrated mass, resulting almost certainly in destruction of nearby objects.”

“Sounds like a freaking bomb waiting to go off...” Minyoki raised a sceptical eyebrow, Faris looking teasingly at her.

“You mean like after you’ve watched Rumble Roses yuri for an hour?” she teased, Minyoki blushing heavily, Vanessa holding up a hand.

“Actually, that can be a topic worth discussing; if Minyoki really likes these ‘Rumble Roses’ girls, why should we not all give it a go?” Vanessa asked, the small group of girls looking confused at her.

“See, this astral pearl here...” Vanessa explained, holding up a small, oval turquoise crystal with a swirl of colours deep inside the crystal’s core; “...can let me project anything the user have thought or knows into a physical image.”

As Vanessa headed over to Minyoki, she let the crystal slowly touched the surprised girl’s forehead, the crystal shining bright pink.

“And now, let’s see...” Vanessa said, standing in the middle of the room, putting down the crystal, stepping back and lightly touch the crystal with her tail; as a small spark of mystical magic touched the crystal, it began shining bright pink, an image appearing all over the floor.

“NO! Nohohohoh! Stop it, Kitsune! It tickles!” a sound now came as an echo across the room, a clear picture of a clearly younger Minyoki being romping about with three other girls appearing on the floor.

“What the fuck?! I, I.....oh, fuck, it’s so embarrassing!!!” Minyoki covered her face with her hands in embarrassment, the others girls looking amused at her as Vanessa gave her shoulder a small poke.

“You shouldn’t deny it, Minyoki; with all the lovemaking at this manor, what you desire most is no shame...” Vanessa helped Minyoki stand up, gently pushing the surprised girl to the floor right on top of the image of herself.

“You adored them when you were younger, and you still do; these ‘Naru, ‘Kitsune’ and ‘Seras’ caught your fancy enough for you to keep you busy at night...” Vanessa said, smirking at the still blushing Minyoki; “...back then, it was about how cute they are; now, that you’ve become more mature, you think it’s silly and childish.”

“...Kinda, but-...” Minyoki began, Vanessa patting her head.

“But you’d still wish for those three to molest you? Naru is ravishing and gorgeous, Kitsune is a kinky little minx, and Seras’ such an amazon, right?” Vanessa asked, Minyoki looking confused at her.

“Yeah! But how’d know?” Minyoki asked, Vanessa smiling innocently.

“You were not the only one to dream of them; I read yuri, too...” Vanessa explained, letting a hand caress under her waist, Minyoki grinning as she understood the gesture.

“Aw, Minyoki; it’s kinda cute thinking of you as such a little petite cutie, not this sexy gamer girl you’ve become now...” Raicha smiled, teasing Minyoki; “...I’ve heard something about you masturbating with a dildo at night with Joanna Dark’s name written on it; you don’t get any real pussy?”

“You just watch it blondie, or I’m gonna take that dildo out on you, yet!” Minyoki snarled at Raicha, her sour look fading quickly away, replaced with a grin.

“Wow; nice room you’ve got yourself, missy...” Janice whistled impressed as she entered Narrisha’s room, the vampire girl proudly gesturing her inside; having stripped off her clothes all besides her thong, Janice’s naked body tempted Narrisha enormously...

“And now...” Narrisha chuckled, Janice looking over her shoulder as Narrisha smacked the door and turned the key; “...we’re all alone!”

“Hey! What’s with the secre-...?” Janice began in surprise, Narrisha’s look at her making her stop herself, grinning.

“Oh, I’ve been running around in your head for a bit, huh?” Janice teased, licking her gloved fingers; in the next instant, Narrisha sprinted towards her, Janice quickly backing away, letting out a small shriek as she fell on Narrisha’s bed, the vampire girl lifting her legs, licking Janice’s thong vulgarly.

“I’ve fucked with enough girls to know that you’re getting horny for me, little girlie...” Janice chuckled at Narrisha, the vampire girl desirably reaching her hands upward, groping Janice’s breasts.

“Your skin...your hair...your feels as if made for me to molest...” Narrisha panted out, Janice folding her arms behind her head, grinning victoriously.

“And now the mistress of this manor feels her pussy throb when she fucks me; what more could I wish for??” she grinned, Narrisha eyeing her seductively, jumping on Janice with a feral growl, the two girls chuckling as Janice felt herself molested by Narrisha.

“How many girls have you just slept with??” Narrisha asked, Janice pondering at the question.

“Well, I guess quite a dozen, or maybe even hundred; I dunno, I just like when they play innocent and end up screaming for more...” Janice shrugged and smiled, suddenly feeling Narrisha grab her waist, holding her upside down.

“On your knees, please; I wanna try something...” Narrisha asked, Janice obeying expectantly; as she sat up, Narrisha let her fingers over Janice’s thong anew, opening it and fingering her pussy eagerly.

“You might have fucked enough girls to leave you some nice memories...” Narrisha smiled at Janice; “...but I’ve got something they might not have had.”

“What’s that?” Janice asked curiously, Narrisha opening her mouth wide, revealing her quite long tongue to Janice, the redhead taken quite aback at the tongue’s length as it wiggled towards her thong.

“No, no! Don’t you dare! I, I don’t know if I can have all that in me!” Janice panicked, feeling that despite all the sex with other girls she had had, none of their fingers, tongues or toys had been this long and, possibly, so deeply inside her.

“Hmm, you might have had some strappies, but...ohohohoh! Look at that, you’re still a virgin!” Narrisha grinned, Janice looking in shock at her pussy; as they dripped heavily with her cum and Narrisha’s drool, she looked lovingly at the vampire girl.

“Narrisha, please...if anyone’s gonna rape me, it’s you and Allisia! Can’t you get her in here??” Janice pleaded, Narrisha nodding slowly.

“Close your ears a second...” Narrisha suggested, Janice following her advice as Narrisha filled her lungs, yelling; “...ALLISIA-A-A-A-A!!!”

Gasping from her yell, Narrisha looked at the perplexed Janice, the redhead beginning to smile; suddenly outside, heavy footsteps and the sound of metal clinging reached the door, Narrisha pointing a finger at it and using her mystical magic to turn the key.

“MISTRESS NARRISHA! Are you alright?” Allisia stepped in, the Soul-Cleaver drawn and the dark metal shining in the dim light.

“Yeah, I’m fine; I just need a favour of you...” Narrisha smirked, Allisia sighed; she really needed a better way to be summoned in.

“Well...uhm-m-m-m...” Janice tried and speak, but as she blushed, Narrisha explained; “despite her humping with other girls, it turns out Janice is still a virgin!”


The Soul-Cleaver fell to the ground, Allisia holding her arms to her ribs as she near screamed in laughter; her eyes shedding tears from it, she sank on one knee, Narrisha and Janice looking equally surprised.

“Ja-...Janihihihihih-...Janice a virgin?? Is this a joke??” Allisia finally said, Janice crossing her arms, looking embarrassed at Allisia.

“Hey, it’s not my fault those bitches’ dildos didn’t go all the way!” she snapped, Allisia pulling herself together, looking at Narrisha.

“So what was your favour you needed again, mistress?” Allisia asked, Narrisha silently pointing at herself, Janice and Allisia, rubbing her breasts, rolling out her tongue and winking teasingly at Allisia.

“.....So you are saying you’d want us to have a threesome and rid Janice of her virtue meanwhile?” Allisia asked after a short pause, Janice looking smilingly at her.

“Geez, how’d you figure that out?” she teased Allisia, the warrior girl sending her a confident smirk; “oh, it was easy: I speak fluid Bedtongue.”

“’Bedtongue’?? Hihihihih! Good one!” Janice grinned, Allisia unbuckling her belt, sheathing her sword and beginning to undress, neatly folding her clothes; beside her, Narrisha discarded her remaining nightgown.

“Uhm, Narrisha, I heard you like latex, so why don’t-...” Janice started suggesting, but Narrisha simply put two fingers on her lips, hushing her.

“This time, we’ll be fucking all naked and hot, little Janice; your body’s already so hot...” Narrisha smiled, suddenly grinning at Allisia; “...isn’t it fun?? It’s like me being an ‘unholy temptress’ and you being a ‘gallant maiden’ out to sleep with the same damsel in distress!”

“It does sound fun now that you mention it...” Allisia chuckled, looking at Janice; “...I made many promises to you to make your nights unforgettable; it shouldn’t surprise you another such one is coming.”

“Allisia, Narrisha...” Janice stretched herself out on the bed, groping her breasts, pinching her nipples and moaning loudly, smiling seductively; “ tits, my pussy and my honey are all yours! You’ve permission to rape and fuck me any way you wanna!”

“After you, mistress...” Allisia gestured Narrisha towards Janice, winking at the warrior girl.

“Last to make Janice cum is a little pipsqueak!” Narrisha teased, reaching out for Janice’s breasts, the vampire girl squealing as Allisia sat opposite her, grabbing Janice’s left breast carefully, Narrisha gladly sharing her prize.

“I say we prepare her slowly; we mustn’t rush this...” Allisia advised, patting Janice’s firm breast; ...”she’s really the type to laugh at a ‘what’s your favourite number’ joke.”

“Hey, I don’t know that one! What’s it about?” Janice asked curiously, Narrisha giggling uncontrollably, pulling herself together.

“OK, I’ll try: Janice, what’s your favourite number?” Narrisha asked, Janice pondering a moment.

“Uhm, 2, I think” Janice said, Narrisha smiling at her as she leaned over her, Janice smirking as Narrisha licked her lips hungrily.

“Well, mine’s 69, girl!” Narrisha grinned, moving into the 69 position over Janice, the redhead laughing joyfully, Allisia sitting with crossed legs, shaking her head, but nevertheless smiling to herself as she held a hand to her head.

“I will just wait my turn, then; I think you’ll find Narrisha more than capable of keeping you busy...” Allisia said, observing as Janice sent her a teasing look.

“Look, she’s a vampire girl, and heck, I’ve been with more than a dozen girls at a time...” Janice smirked confidently, Allisia raising an eyebrow, her facial expression hardening.

“Willingly, I assume...?” Allisia asked dryly, Janice noticing her serious undertone.

“Sure! I wouldn’t do anything to them if they hadn’t asked!” Janice assured, Allisia relaxing; Hell and its denizens would have to freeze over before she let Janice have her way with an unwilling girl.

“Now, let’s get down to business...” Narrisha spoke from beneath Janice’s legs, the redhead making a surprised face when Narrisha’s nose poked into her thong.

“E-e-ek! What’s the point of teasing me when you’re about to molest me down there??” Janice wailed in surprise, Narrisha simply smirking to herself; she would show Janice just why she was the best seductress the little vixen would ever meet.

“I’m just teasing you, dear; I’ll show you just how enjoyable working for me can be...” Narrisha winked at Janice, who folded her arms behind her head, smirking confidently.

“What?? There’s other...uhm...dragons like you??” Chinyi asked in awe, Siriki and her joined by Narru, Rachel and Vinya as they gathered around Dracaia, smiling at the interest of her stories.

“Yes, there is Liviathara; as her name suggests, she is a sea dragon, and more than thrice my size...” Dracaia explained, flipping through a book, showing a picture to the girls; “...this is her.”

As the girls started to stare, they could read that this ‘Liviathara’ was nearly titanic; in her draconic form, she would stand over 500 meters tall!

“She lives in the middle of the Azure Sea, and sometimes steals young maidens for her palace down there, made of pearls...” Dracaia now said, smiling; “...I have been there, and while she sends them back home, they can at least tell that they’ve been ‘treasured’ by something more than a simple mermaid!”

“O-o-o-oh! Narrisha, stop! I, I can’t hold it in...!” Janice yelled out, Allisia holding her as Narrisha mercilessly licked at Janice’s pussy, her drool and Janice’s fluids dripping unto the bed.

“Cum, already! You’re taking longer than Allisia, you know...” Narrisha teased, Janice grinning as Allisia kissed her cheek.

“Give into it, Janice; reward our mistress for her efforts...” Allisia now let Janice’s head rest on her breasts, the redhead moaning louder and louder.

“She’s, she’s too far in! Her tongue’s sucking me inside out!” Janice yelled to the ceiling, grabbing Allisia’s arms as she gritted her teeth; “our mistress’ fucking my cunt! I’m gonna gush it all out!”

“Why do you have to talk dirty to reach your limit faster?” Allisia asked, deciding to aid Narrisha; without Janice noticing, Allisia bend her head under Janice’s left arm, beginning to suck on her breasts.

“OH-H-H NO-O-O-O! I’m gonna cum!” Janice moaned loudly, Allisia beginning to lose her patience.

“I think I do this for all the other girls you molested yourself, Janice!” Allisia gritted her teeth, freeing her arms and pinching Janice’s nipples, the redhead screaming even louder.

“Oh? Silly me, I forgot where she may like it the most...” Narrisha now suddenly grinned at herself, slurping and sucking on Janice’s g-spot.

“A-H-H-H-H-H-H! Oh, fuck! Lick it! Slurp all over my clitty, Narrisha!” Janice yelled out, pressing Narrisha’s head in deeper.

“Oh no, silly; I’m gonna show you how I once made Mirinda cum...” Narrisha smirked to herself, sticking her tongue inside Janice’s pussy once again, Narrisha chuckling evilly as her vampiric eyes glowed blue in lustfulness...

“Wha-what the fu-...?!” Janice began, but Narrisha’s plans to tame the warrior babe were already set in mention as the vampire girl now extended her tongue for a far as she could, her mouth closing on Janice’s pussy lips as she tongue penetrated itself deep inside Janice, Narrisha licking with all her might.

“F-U-U-U-U-UCK! NARRISHA, YOU FUCKING CU-U-U-U-UNT!!!” Janice yelled out as her cum splashed into Narrisha’s face, the vampire girl pulling out her tongue, swallowing loads of the redhead amazon’s cum, Janice still gushing out one intense orgasm after another, Narrisha drinking the sweet female nectar, tasting to her like sweet peaches as she giggled at Janice’s shocked, yet amused expression.

“...I have to say, I didn’t expect this...” Allisia said, surprised at Janice’s reaction, yet she could not help but grin at Janice’s facial expression; a mix of shock and sheer joy fell over her face as she slowly recovered.

“Holy...N-Narrisha, you bitch! You fucking deep-throated my cunt with that fucking tongue!” Janice yelled out in amusement, grinning as she still saw her orgasm slowly flow.

“Here, there’s a bit!” she smiled, fingering herself as Narrisha eagerly lapped on Janice’s pussy, Allisia looking in awe at Janice; to withstand even a minor mystical spell, all the while being molested...the red-haired amazon friend of hers were really amazing...

“...Alas, somehow, seeing you resist such energy left me to admire you once again, Janice...” Allisia blushed, Janice smiling at her.

“Don’t worry; I’ll cheer your pussy up now!” she winked, jumping on top of the surprised Allisia, Narrisha following suit.

“Two little amazon chicks all in heat for me? Oh, I’m so touched...” Narrisha wiped her eyes, snuggling between Janice and Allisia, the three of them grinning as Narrisha lifted the bed sheets of the bed over them, leaving them in darkness.

“Hmm? What’s that in my eye?” Allisia asked, Narrisha grinning.
“It’s Janice’s tits! She really likes you, Allisia!” she laughed, Janice smirking to herself in the darkness.

“Hey, girls; what say we go have a little strap-on fun? I fuck Allisia while you fuck me, Narrisha” Janice suggested, Narrisha nodding, although none of them could see it.

“Sounds fine to me; Narrisha tends to, well, be too powerful for me...” Allisia mumbled as Narrisha threw the bed sheets aside, giggling at the blushing Allisia.
“Hihihih! Why?” Janice asked, Allisia sighing.

“She’s an immortal, thus stronger than me, and she sure also has her strength below her waist...” Allisia admitted, Janice and Narrisha laughing as they stood up and headed for Narrisha’s closet.

“Already?? Oh, mo-o-o-om...” Shica moaned irritated at the picture of her mother in the crystal orb in front of her, the empress looking strictly at Shica.

“You have spent almost a week at those Nightwind ladies, my young daughter; you are lacking behind in your combat trails, and-...”

“Your highness, please...” Jiraz suddenly interrupted; “...Shica might be a princess of the Shacar-Jarcu Empire, but with all the duties she faces in the future, should she not enjoy her youth?”

“Your idea of ‘enjoy’, Jiraz, is to take my daughter to bed as soon as you set your eyes on her...” the empress looked equally strictly at Jiraz; “...but seeing as you speak the truth...I might heed your wisdom, if...”

“If what, mom?” Shica asked eagerly, the empress failing to suppress a smile.

“Shica, you remind me of myself when I was younger and started the Scarlet Sisterhood; thus, I will not stand as a hypocrite for what you and Jiraz do privately...” the empress spoke; “...however, if the two of you will not be liquidating the bed sheets for ten minutes...I will let you stay another two weeks, provided you will accept a half dozen maids and bodyguards I may be sending.”

“Mom, Jiraz and I can handle ten minu-...” Shica confidently smirked, her mother interrupting.

“And that includes not suggesting such, either, young lady; self-control is something every elf, human or demon should know...” the empress now turned her eyes to Jiraz.

“I understand your nature, but see it as a chance to earn my trust” the empress spoke, Jiraz sighing heavily, looking sadly at Shica, who nodded slowly and equally sadly at her girlfriend.

“We promise, mom...” Shica spoke, the empress slowly clapping her hands together.

“Done; I shall send you your maids over within the hour; as for the young Vinya, tell her that her mother sends her greetings...” the empress said, Shica suddenly noticing something.

“Uhm, mom, why is your dress hanging...oh, ple-e-e-ease...??” Shica giggled as she figured the puzzle out; knowing her mother, Shica knew that Empress Shinris only wore her dress loosely or discarded it when visiting her harem of beautiful and exotic girls.

“Shica, please; I spent the day talking politics; I am allowed some privacy...” the empress said, sending her daughter a knowing wink as the crystal orb faded out into a gray mist.

“Your mother’s a real womanizer” Jiraz grinned, Shica shrugging and smirking.

“Hey, where’d I learned my trade from?” she teased, Jiraz following her as Shica headed for the showers.

“But hey, let’s try doing what she said, for once...” Shica said, Jiraz eyeing her curiously.

“Well, I’d like to, well, have her respect and all, but you’re so yummy!” Jiraz moaned, reaching her arms out like a zombie, Shica giggling as she ran from Jiraz, the demon girl laughing as she chased her girlfriend.

“Hallo; we’re maids sent from Shacar-Jarcu for Princess Shica; have you seen her?” a small shin’saras girl asked Vanessa as she walked by the great hall, her tail stirring.

“Well, if she’s not with Jiraz, well, they might both be in your room, doing what only the Gods may know...” Vanessa turned her eyes upward and smiled.

“We serve only the princess and her lover” the girl said stubbornly, her and the other maids climbing the stairs and heading for upwards for the living quarters.

“All this for me?? But, Narrisha, it’s all too much...” Janice happily felt tears form in her eyes, looking down at herself; having chosen to ‘reward’ Janice, Narrisha had given her one of her spare fetish outfits; gloves, boots, cape, mask and skimpy suit of red latex fit Janice like a glove, the smooth material forming perfectly after her form.

“It’s all fair, Janice; a foxy little chick like you has a reputation to uphold!” Narrisha smiled happily at Janice, admiring the still sweat-covered amazon.

“You look ravishing, Janice; it’s really quite an alluring suit...” Allisia nodded, Janice turning around herself, feeling the short cape caress her barely-covered butt, giggling to herself as she smacked her buttocks towards Allisia.

“Wanna go for another ride, Allisia? I feel all kinky in this...” Janice asked, walking towards Allisia; surprising her, Janice violently pushed the ill-prepared warrior girl into the bed, jumping on her, laughing wildly as she let her latex-covered breasts stroke all over Allisia’s face.

“Don’t deny yourself, Allisia! Have a little fun with me!” Janice winked, Narrisha moving slowly in from behind...

“E-e-e-e-ek!” Janice yelled out in surprise as the tip of a strap-on caressed her butt; seeing Janice’s comical reaction as she removed her breasts, Allisia giggled joyfully at Janice’s humiliation.

“Allisia, get her down! We’ll give her a new kinda threesome...!” Narrisha ordered, a kinky smirk crossing over her lips.

“Wha-...??” Janice began, only to find Allisia slowly, yet firmly, holding her down, Janice moaning expectantly, feeling Narrisha’s strap-on touch her skimpy thong as she lay face upwards, nervously smiling at Allisia’s slightly triumphant smirk.

“Let’s set you up, OK?” Narrisha teased, leaning over the surprised Janice, her feet lifting into the air as Narrisha leaned over her, the strap-on dangling in front of Janice’s face, Janice seeing Narrisha’s intention as she suggestively sucked and slurped on it.

“Your pussy’s next, missy!” she assured smilingly, returning to her licking as Narrisha moaned, rubbing her own breasts.

“Now for my part...” Allisia said, grabbing Janice’s breasts, forcefully molesting them and enjoying Janice’s increased moans; in truth, Allisia loved this with all her heart.

“Wow! Now this is new!” Janice exclaimed joyfully, sucking as hard as she could on the strap-on, Narrisha’s eager moans intensifying.

“Mistress, she is such a vixen for these things...” Allisia said, Narrisha looking surprised as a sinister grin ran over Allisia’s face; “...let me finish her, mistress; I will make this she-wolf bark like no other time in her life!”

“Geez, you sound a little eager, Allisia...” Narrisha smiled, enjoying the sudden kinkiness in the warrior girl, crossing her arms; “...and I like it!”

As Narrisha moved away, the surprised Janice found herself lifted up by Allisia, setting down the redhead on all four on the bed, Allisia’s fingers caressing Janice’s pussy.

“I owe you a lot, Janice; thanks to you, I can finally cut loose for real...” Allisia hissed teasingly in Janice’s ear; “...I’ll show you the very definition of having sex here at the manor! This will be for my mistress, my code, and the girls of Nightwind Manor!”

With those words, Allisia’s tongue let licked into Janice’s ear, the redhead giggling as Allisia’s fingers reached deeply inside her womanhood.

“You wouldn’t want to cum too early, you little harlot!” Allisia snarled, intensifying her efforts, Janice’s moaning increasing as she looked at Allisia.

“That’s what I’m talking about, Allisia! Come on! Talk dirty! Finger me! Let it out, girl!” Janice encouraged Allisia, the warrior girl beginning to hump Janice passionately.

“When I look at you, I want to see all your body turn red with heat and your outfit soaked in our nectars...” Allisia moaned, herself; “...I’ve not felt so passionate for awhile, and I’ll take out on you, you skirt-chasing harpy!”

Behind the two warrior women, Narrisha looked as if enchanted at them, oblivious to the fact that she was masturbating at the scene; sniffing, she wiped a tear off her cheek; those two girls really deserved to be her seconds-in-command.

“Mistress, may I borrow that?” Allisia’s voice suddenly came, Narrisha waking up confused, finding Allisia to point at her strap-on.

“Yeah, sure!” the vampire girl grinned, tossing the strap-on to Allisia.

“You’ve had this coming, Janice...” Allisia said as she turned Janice around, the redhead’s smile almost stretching from cheek to cheek as Allisia went down on her again; “ want me to fuck you, so fuck you I will...and I’ll enjoy every second of it, baby!”

“Hey! Allisia, that’s swearing!” Janice teased and laughed as her legs locked on Allisia’s back, the warrior girl simply giggling at her.

“To Hell with swearing! I’ve been a good girl for so long; this morning, I will be bad for once, and you, and all the willing girls here, will be on the receiving end of that!” Allisia sucked Janice’s right nipple so forcefully Janice wailed out in pleasure.

“I always thought giving truly into this would compromise me, not having you take me serious when need be...” Allisia mumbled, fondling Janice’s hair, sending a warm smile to Narrisha; “...but now, as I did so many months ago, as well...I feel home at Nightwind Manor, and I feel no guilt; I have no reason why not to do this!”

Chapter 48

Title: Chapter XLVIII - No-One Underestimates a Geeky Girl

“Ah, glad to see you again, sweeties!” Shica smiled, hugging her maids, Jiraz looking teasingly at the nervous shin’saras girls.

“We’ve been sent by Your mother-...” the head maid began, Shica hushing her and slowly putting a finger to her mouth, winking at her.

“I know; you should go talk to Vinya by now; I don’t really have anything you can do for me right now” Shica assured, Jiraz grinning at the maids.

“Just watch your asses, girls! Some of these Nightwind chicks would love getting a piece of your panties!” Jiraz teased, Shica spanking her buttock as they left, the two of them chuckling lowly.

“...Why does Mistress Shica’s lover tell us that, miss?” one of the maids asked the head maid; burrowing her face into the palm of her hand, she tried her best not to smile.

“These Nightwind ‘chicks’ are almost exactly like that of Empress Shinris’ Scarlet Sisterhood; we might be their newest ‘victims’, girls...” she said, the maids giggling amongst themselves.

“Hey, if they’re as cute as I’ve heard, I’d totally try hitting on that Chinyi girl!” one of them eagerly squealed, blushing heavily.

“Hey, take it easy, girls; not all of them are just all soft and huggable...” the head maid said strictly; “ Princess Shica just told me, the manor’s filled with warrior women and sorceresses.”

“Magic’s awesome...” a maid mumbled to herself, following the others as they headed for Narrisha’s room; the manor’s mistress and ruler could surely tell them where their living quarters would be.

“Uhm-m-m...Gods, I...I’m-...I’m so tired...” Kiro yawned, leaning to her staff, Jiki smiling at her girlfriend; after an hour in Allisia’s training room, she felt herself a bit tired, as well.

“Let’s hit the showers; I could sleep all afternoon...” Jiki admitted, her and Kiro neatly placing their wooden staves and swords in their racks, beginning to discard their heavy training armour.

“I can’t believe Allisia really made all those...” Kiro nudged her head in direction of a row of mannequins, on which there sat over a dozen different kinds of armour Allisia had forged.

“She knows her stuff, that girl; I wouldn’t be surprised if she examines the plates inch by inch, as well...” Jiki chuckled to herself, imagining Allisia carefully examine a steel ring for rust or impure materials before forging a chainmail.

“You know, maybe she might like to see our old brightsteel armour; I mean, it’s not like we need it anymore...” Kiro suggested, Jiki pondering as she finally got her arm out free of her chainmail sleeve.

“It’s too high tech for her, I think, but...well, we can try showing her it” Jiki mumbled, smiling embarrassed at Kiro; “...uhmm, sweetie, I could use some help; I can’t get my head out.”

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! FUCK, YES! Oh, Allisia!” Janice yelled out, Narrisha starring in awe as Allisia continued to molest Janice’s breasts, the azure-haired warrior girl apparently obsessed with them.

“Narrisha, you can conjure up items; can you conjure me some cuffs?” Allisia asked, Narrisha nodding, smiling as things turned in a kinky direction.

“Thanks; now to tie this little harlot up...!” Allisia smirked, taking the cuffs and chaining Janice up to Narrisha’s bed, the redhead smiling at her.

“Allisia, let’s let Narrisha join in! Her pussy’s so lonely over there...” Janice winked, Narrisha chuckling as she moved in on them both.

“Allisia, we’ll both finger her; I’ll take the left nipple, you’ll take the right” Narrisha instructed, Allisia nodding as they both fingered Janice’s pussy and sucked on her breasts, Allisia running a trial of her drool over Janice’s glove-clad arm to her shoulder.

“This really suits you, Janice; so ravishing and dressed so sexy...” Allisia whispered in Janice’s ear, thrusting her fingers further into her pussy, Janice letting out a moaning wail, kicking her legs to the sides.

“I wanna cum! I want to cum so much! MAKE ME CUM, PLE-E-E-EASE...” Janice pleaded, Narrisha and Allisia doubling their efforts.

“Urgh! Get away! It’s embarrassing!” Minyoki spoke through her gritted teeth, the girls having been joined by Breeze, the griffon curiously looking at the pink-haired Minyoki as she lay on the floor with her shirt opened, the griffon looking curiously on the floor.

“HUH?! What the-...??” Breeze exclaimed with what sounded like the shriek of an eagle, jumping aside as the magical images of Kitsune, Seras, Naru and Minyoki on the floor fell over her claws.

“It’s alright, Breeze; this magic is harmless...” Vanessa mentioned, amused at the mighty griffon; she really were a wondrous beast in her own right.

“Oh, uhm, well, I will sit by...” Breeze mumbled, rustling her feathers, sitting beside Faris, looking at the redhead; “...what exactly is Miss Minyoki doing?”

“Meh, she’s hot for those girls down there, so we kinda convinced her to show us how she feels good...” Faris chuckled, Breeze’s golden eyes blinking confused, but she at least understood one thing:

This Minyoki girl were preparing herself for mating with the girls around her, and thus performing a sort of human mating ritual.

“You human girls really are a good way...” Breeze hooted to herself, her ears suddenly hearing Minyoki scream; turning her head quickly, she now found the Minyoki girl sticking her fingers underneath her skirt, moaning loudly with drool flowing from her mouth.

“...I dunno about you girls, but I’m getting so turned on by this...” Raicha smiled smugly, slowly beginning to crawl towards Chinyi; “...hey, cute stuff; wanna fuck?”

“Uhm, Raicha,’re a bit too wild, I think...” Chinyi grinned nervously, moving away slowly.

“TOO LATE!” Raicha exclaimed teasingly, jumping the pink-haired girl, Chinyi grinning as Raicha let her fingers tickle all over her.

“No-nohohohohoh! No fair! Why do everyone know I’m ticklish??” Chinyi grit her teeth in attempt to choke the pleasure and tickling, Raicha merely grinning and continuing.

“Say, Minyoki...” Vanessa now asked Minyoki on the floor, Minyoki’s eyes slowly focusing on the demon girl; “...really giving into your desires from so long ago; does it feel good?”

“Fuck yeah! I, I don’t give a fuck if people are watching me do this! It’s such a freaking relief...” Minyoki panted out, Breeze walking over to Vanessa, looking down at Minyoki, her golden eyes widening.

“This Minyoki girl is in right out heat! I almost pity the girl about to be mated by her; the fire in her eyes...” Breeze clapped her beak and rustled her feathered head, holding a wing over Minyoki, flapping it; “...I think I should try and cool her down.

At that, both Vanessa and Minyoki laughed, Breeze, as always, never understanding these girls at all...

“There, that should do it!” Vanessa mumbled to herself, having submerged herself amongst the crystal shards and components in her room.

“Uhm, what should do what?” Narru asked, Vanessa turning to face her, holding a dozen of crystals in a myriad of colours.

“With these crystals, the girls can call each other from anywhere in the manor, sort of like a sonic long-distance trinket; each crystal can adjust itself to another’s frequency, and all the user has to do is talk into the crystal after naming which girl she wants to speak to!”

“That’s so cool, Vanessa! How’d make all this stuff??” Narru gasped in awe as Vanessa tossed her a silvery crystal.

“I’m just smart and know how to use my skills; no big deal, really...” Vanessa said, gesturing Narru to come closer; “, can you run around the manor and hand the girls each their crystal?”

“How do I know which to give to who?” Narru asked, Vanessa slapping a hand over her face, smiling.

“Sorry, I forget; simply find the girl with the matching initial...” Vanessa said, Narru seeing a small ‘N’ glowing white from her own crystal.

“I’ll be on my way, then!” Narru cheered, speeding for the door.

“...Uhm? Urgh, come in...” Zyrah mumbled in her sleep as someone knocked on her door.

“Miss Stardust, Vanessa is handing these things out, and-...” Narru began, stopping as she saw Zyrah rustle, yawning and rise from the bed, having slept stark naked, much to Narru’s well-hidden amusement.

“Hmm? Crystals? What’d do?” Zyrah asked, Narru handing her an aquamarine one.

“See, let me show you...” Narru took her own crystal, stepped a little back, talking into the crystal’s blank surface.

“Zyrah, hallo? Can you hear me?” she spoke, Zyrah getting a milder shock as she heard Narru’s voice both beside her and coming from her crystal.

“You can talk through these things now?? Geez, that albino chick’s kinda nerdy, but I gotta give her credit for this baby...” Zyrah grinned, speaking into her own crystal; “...yeah, I can hear you, Narru.”

“Uhm, I can’t hear you in it, Zyrah; you need to say my name first” Narru said, Zyrah raising a surprised elbow.

“Ah, must be some kinda trigger word; OK, then...” Zyrah grinned, speaking into the crystal; “...Narru, can you please give the next crystal to Christy?”

“Sure, I’m on my way!” Narru saluted teasingly, running out Zyrah’s door.

“What’s this? Some kind of new glowing lamp?” Christy grinned, Narru almost feeling intoxicated by all Christy’s perfumes as she entered the blonde’s room.

“No, it’s a new device Vanessa made; you say one of the Nightwind girls’ name into it, and you can talk to them through it!” Narru explained, Christy looking sceptically at the golden crystal.

“Meh, I guess I can try...” Christy shrugged, holding up the crystal, but Narru interrupted her.

“Zyrah said she wanted to talk to you once you got yours” Narru said, heading for the door, leaving a surprised Christy; what could her idol want from her?
“Christy, you and I are gonna work this thing out real well!” Zyrah’s voice suddenly came from the crystal, shocking Christy.

“What that you, Zyrah?” she asked nervously, Zyrah’s giggling voice from the crystal not to be mistaken.

“It sure is, sexy, and I’ve got news for you...” Zyrah’s voice continued, Christy somehow feeling a seductiveness in it; “...this is a booty call; I’ve just woken up, so I kinda wanted some early morning pussy if you aren’t too busy?”

“Hihihih! Well, know I sure it is you, Zyrah...and, eh, well, I got up some time ago so, yeah, I think I can come over...” Christy smirked to herself, thanking Vanessa that her device did not also let Zyrah see her blushing.

“OK, then; come over here in an hour, dress sexy; latex, boots, all that kinky stuff; I’m getting wet for you, honey...” Zyrah’s teasing voice said before the glow of Christy’s crystal vanished.

“Mistress Narrisha? Are you in there?” Narru knocked on Narrisha’s door, suddenly hearing slow steps behind it.

“Oh, hallo Narru...” a clearly exhausted Allisia said, Narru clearly seeing what had exhausted the warrior girl.

“I came here with something for Mistress Narrisha...oh, and you too, really” Narru said, Allisia gesturing her inside.

“Oh! Hihih, been busy introducing Miss Janice, Allisia?” Narru asked grinningly, seeing the now sleeping redhead lie atop Narrisha, the bed they lay on a complete mess.

“Narru, take my word for this: Having sex with these two all night is both wondrous...and exhausting...” Allisia held a hand to her back.

“Well, it’s two gorgeous amazons and against our poor mistress; no wonder you’re so tired...” Narru teased, handing Allisia an azure-blue crystal.

“What is this? Some of Vanessa’s magical trinkets?” Allisia asked, Narru explaining the crystal’s abilities and uses to her, Allisia raising an eyebrow in surprise and admiration.

“Our little alchemist sure concocts a lot of advanced wonders in a short time...” Allisia said, heading over to pick up her sword and clothes, sticking the crystal in her pocket.

“Narru, as you run around and deliever these, can you do me a small favour?” Allisia asked, Narru eagerly nodding.

“When you visit either Raicha or Hiroi...try not to let them capture you; I wouldn’t doubt they are lurking behind walls this morning” Allisia said, partly as a warning, partly as a tease as she walked out the door, heading for her room.

“Here I am, sugar...” Christy slowly walked into Zyrah’s room, the shin’saras girl sitting up from her bed, hearing Christy’s footsteps increase rapidly; dressed in a corset of tight black leather with matching elbow-long gloves and knee-high boots, Christy’s tongue went over her lips, the blonde smirking expectantly.

“Hey, Chr-...” Zyrah were about to smile, only to find the blonde eagerly, and obviously very longingly, force Zyrah down on her bed by the mere force of her body, kissing Zyrah intensely, the shin’saras girl stiffen in surprise, her surprised scream fading into a playful moan.

“You always brag about those lucky chicks who got to bang you first...” Christy moaned as she stopped her kissing of Zyrah, sending the shin’saras girl a vicious grin; “...but I wanna feel you for real! I wanna make you yell my name out loud, Ms. Stardust!”

“Oh, I’ll scream, alright! You give being sexy a new meaning right now, girl!” Zyrah smiled, grinning happily as she forced Christy’s head between her breasts, Zyrah enjoying herself fully as the human girl dove further down between her breasts, fondling them greedily.

“YES! YE-E-ES! Oh, yeah, girl! I wanna feel you, you naughty girl! Work them real good!” Zyrah encouraged, Christy grinning as she enjoyed herself fully.

“I like how you just came in and started fucking; no crappy seduction or anything” Zyrah moaned happily, stretching out and sighing pleasantly.

“Ah! AH! AH! AH! AH! AH-H-H!” Janice yelled out, Allisia and Narrisha enjoying to see the redhead scream her pleasure out, the two of them smiling at Janice as she leaned forward, kissing them both hotly.

“I feel so good! You girls really are a treat!” Janice winked, Narrisha snarling playfully, pressing the redhead down again, licking her cheeks and tickling her, Allisia joining in and tickling Janice’s armpits, the redhead giggling hysterically.

“T-this way I’m gonna cum fast! I wanna cum! Keep tickling and licking me-e-e-e!” Janice yelled out, Narrisha eagerly diving under her legs, leaving the tickling to Allisia.

“So, this is what my genius is used for??” Vanessa snorted, her arms crossed as she looked sourly at the shocked Christy and Zyrah; as half the furniture in Zyrah’s room were floating in midair by Vanessa’s magic, the albino girl seemed less than amused.

“It, it was just for fun, bu-...!” Zyrah began, Vanessa’s eyes looking at her and she stopped.

“Still...” Vanessa said, the furniture slowly falling down, Vanessa putting it back in place; “ only took about an hour to make those crystals; I’ll forgive you, if I may join in?”

“S-sure! I wouldn’t mind at all!” Zyrah grinned nervously, Christy eyeing Vanessa teasingly.

“One problem, Vanessa, you’re still all dressed in that formal dress; don’t you have something-...” Christy began, Vanessa chuckling lowly to herself, snapping her fingers; as energy surrounded her, her dress and clothes vanished, replaced with the lingerie outfit Narrisha had given her.

“I pride myself of my wits and knowledge...” Vanessa spoke seductively, slowly walking towards Christy and Zyrah; “...but now, I will take pride as I entice you and show you what Narrisha has taught me of pleasuring little girls like you!”

“THAT’S IT! YOU HIT MY G-SPOT...I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM REAL GOOD! OH, YE-E-E-ES! AH-H-H-H-H-H-H-H!!!” Janice yelled out, Allisia enjoying seeing the redhead grin and squirm in her pleasure as she had her orgasm, Narrisha’s tongue slurping up the precious juices.

“Um-m-m, you taste so wonderfully, Janice...” Narrisha smiled, kissing Janice and rubbing her breasts, Janice swinging her leg over Narrisha’s back, returning the kiss even more passionately, Allisia, sitting besides the two, smirking amused to herself; Narrisha were indeed quite the lover, and she felt glad that Janice finally got to assume a more submissive role.

“You taste so good, Janice; I could fuck you all night long...” Narrisha whispered hotly, Janice pulling a prank and reach her arm out towards Allisia in a gesture of asking for help.

“What? Are you being stuffed under our mistress’ bosom? I thought you loved finding yourself there...” Allisia joked, Janice smirking at her.

“Hmm? Shh, listen carefully...!” Allisia suddenly hushed, Janice and Narrisha looking confused at her, Allisia pressing her ear to the wall, her eyes closing in concentration.

“...Narrisha, how thick are these walls?” Allisia asked, Narrisha shrugging.

“About a meter; why?” she asked, Allisia’s eyes widening.

“...I can hear what sounds like...” Allisia said, leaning against the wall one more time; “...yes, what sounds like Christy...Zyrah...a-a-a-and Vanessa, having some fun next door.”

“Hihihih, we’re three already; I say we go visit them and have an orgy!” Janice eagerly grinned holding her arm in the air, Narrisha smirking and following the example.

“Aye, OK, but only if we’re not interrupting th-...” Allisia began, Narrisha and Janice bolting out of the bed, heading for the door, opening it and disappearing as they ran down the corridor.

“Oh well, I can’t say I can complain...” Allisia shrugged, smiling weakly as she slowly followed Narrisha and Janice.

“OH-H-H-H-H! I’M GONNA...I’M GONNA....CU-U-U-U-UM!!!” Zyrah yelled out, her legs held upside down as an eager Christy licked her pussy, Vanessa molesting Zyrah’s breasts.

“Uhm, such a lovely taste; I wanna have some more!” Christy grinned, resuming her licking, Zyrah’s left hand falling over her face as she grinned in pleasure.

“Hmm?” Vanessa suddenly heard a knock on the door, standing up and heading for the door to see who it could be.

“Uhm, I am sorry, Vanessa, but can we come in? These two are quite-...” Allisia stood outside the door, Janice and Narrisha standing behind her, looking quite frisky as they went inside Zyrah’s room, Allisia comically finishing her sentence; “...-frisky.”

“Sure, the more the better; let’s see, we are about six now, so-...” Vanessa began calculating, interrupted as Janice roughly groped her, the redhead smiling kinkily.

“All-girl orgy time! First dibs on the albino chick!” she grinned, Vanessa looking at the only slightly smaller human girl.

“My, if you aren’t quite the amazon...” Vanessa slowly smiled, Allisia suddenly feeling Vanessa’s tail roll around her waist, Vanessa’s right arm slowly grabbing around Janice’s waist; “ gorgeous amazon is wondrous, but a gallant one, too?? Oh, do I have pleasure to teach you!”

As she spoke, she slowly let Allisia and Janice down on the floor on their knees and hands, stroking their backs and caressing their breasts, Janice enjoying it fully, while Allisia panted out loud.

“I, I’ll admit I’m getting excited; I’m all bared and she’s...oh, Janice, I need to calm down...!” Allisia pleaded, eagerly kissing the redhead, Janice chuckling at her.

“NIY-A-A-A-A-AH! OH, NARRISHA, YEAH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER, AH-H!” Zyrah now yelled out from the bed, Narrisha’s fingers busy as they entered both Christy and Zyrah’s pussies, the two of them lying beside each other, wildly kissing and groping each other’s breasts.

“ARGH! No, not the-...!!!” Zyrah suddenly yelled out loud, Narrisha surprised as she teasingly licked Zyrah’s ‘g-spot.

“YE-E-E-E-E-ES! Sorry Christy, but Narrisha’s...OH-H-H-H-H-H!” Zyrah yelled out loud, Christy kissing her throat, Narrisha’s tongue approaching Zyrah’s g-spot once again, drooling.

“AR-R-R-R-R-R-RGH! MORE! MOREMOREMOREMOREMOREMO-O-O-ORE!!!” Zyrah screamed as she came, pressing Narrisha’s head into her pussy, the vampire girl enjoying Zyrah’s intense orgasm as it poured out, even hitting Allisia and Janice on the floor.

“I...I can’t remember having cum so hard...for, like, a month...” Zyrah panted out, smiling from ear to ear; “...I’m gonna prolong my stay here, for sure! I’m not leaving anytime soon.”

Giggling, Zyrah gestured Narrisha closer, the vampire girl leaning over Zyrah as the shin’saras girl embraced her, burrowing her face in the vampire girl’s breasts, the two of them giggling happily, Christy leaning back and smiling at them.

“Getting jealous, Christy?” Zyrah asked teasingly, Christy grinning, spanking Zyrah lightly.

“Sure not; your cute ass is mine, as well, little Zyrah!” Christy smiled, licking at Zyrah’s butt, the shin’saras girl giggling as Narrisha began groping her, as well.

“Hallo-o-o-o? Anyone in there?” a knocking were suddenly heard on the door, Allisia looking up, Janice moaning from the floor as neither of them had the energy to move, Vanessa smiling, letting her tail unlock the door, standing up from Janice and Allisia, heading for the bed.

“Mistress Narrisha, you in there?” Chinyi spoke into the dark room, adjusting her new nurse uniform, smiling at the thought of how proudly Ukuni had made it for her especially.

“I’m in here, Chinyi...” Narrisha’s voice came, Chinyi entering, the door closing behind her.

“Meep! OK, this is getting kinda scary...” Chinyi whimpered, the complete darkness surrounding her making her slightly excited at what her mistress might have had in mind for her.

“E-E-E-EK!” Chinyi shrieked, feeling hands from the floor reach out for her; in her confusion, she fell backwards, hitting something soft.

“Why, hallo there!” a voice came, Chinyi hearing a clicking as the lights came back on, Chinyi seeing Allisia, the new bombshell Janice, Vanessa, Allisia, Christy, Narrisha and the gorgeous Zyrah all around her, Chinyi finding herself in Zyrah’s as the other girls watched interested as Zyrah’s mouth formed into a perverted smile.

“Little nurses just dumping in from the dark? All clad in those hot latex uniforms...” Zyrah grinned, Chinyi smiling to herself, not minding that her skimpy thong were shown under her uniform.

“I, I didn’t know that-...” Chinyi grinned nervously, Zyrah’s hands reaching as if in trance out for Chinyi’s breasts, Zyrah chuckling happily as she groped Chinyi, the pink-haired girl moaning happily, her head stroking against Zyrah’s.

“You’re such a little treat! And such lovely, pink hair...” Zyrah blushed, taking a small handful of Chinyi’s hair lightly, licking it softly; as she got a tighter grip on Chinyi’s breasts, she enjoyed as the latex folded with her movements, Zyrah’s grin broadening as she reached her hand down between Chinyi’s thighs and under her dress, fingering the moaning girl.

“I have to look cute when you moan, Chinyi...” Allisia surprised the girls as she spoke, smiling at the pink-haired girl, nodding at her; “...if Zyrah wants your most passionate fire and heat, give her an inferno, Chinyi!”

“Uhm...oh...I, I will Allisia...” Chinyi moaned, Zyrah looking teasingly at Allisia.

“Oh, did you know I found something out about this little vixen, Allisia? It turns out she’s really liking to be...” Zyrah grinned mischievously, Chinyi’s ears stiffening as her mouth formed into a huge grin; “...tickled!”

As Zyrah pressed her fingers under Chinyi’s armpits, the pink-haired girl wailed out in laughter, Zyrah joining in as she enjoyed playing with Chinyi; this little cutie would sure be funny to spend some time with.

“Now, this looks really interesting...” Vanessa smiled to herself, enjoying the sight of Chinyi’s bared panties as she sat down on hook.

“Hm-m, I wonder...” Vanessa pondered, Chinyi looking up at her as the albino girl stretched out her wings, holding them above her like an eerie, white cloud.

“V-Vanessa...that’s kinda scary...” Chinyi whimpered, Vanessa chuckling as she folded her wings onto her back, caressing Chinyi’s cheek.

“Zyrah, mind if I help you out with this little girl? She’s the sort you cannot help but adore, really” Vanessa asked, Zyrah grinning as she licked Chinyi’s cheek hungrily.

“Be my guest; I don’t think she’ll complain a lot!” Zyrah winked, Chinyi smiling at her.

“As if one sexy elf girl wasn’t enough! Now I’ve got a hot demon girl all over me, as well!” Chinyi grinned, her face stiffening as she felt something penetrate through her panties.

“I ask your forgiveness, Chinyi, but...I’m just so thirsty, and it’s so...delightfully tempting...!” Vanessa moaned, licking the fold of Chinyi’s panties, the pink-haired girl whimpering and moaning louder and louder.

“Let’s add to the pleasure, huh?” Zyrah grinned wickedly, groping Chinyi’s breasts, Vanessa’s satisfied slurps heard clearly from under Chinyi’s skirt.

“I should return to business, Janice...!” Allisia said, slowly pushing Janice down on the floor, leaning over her; having had some giggles at Chinyi’s facial expressions, Janice and Allisia could not help but smile at how cute Chinyi had looked.

“Are you getting all horny now, Allisia? I thought that was below you...” Janice teased, Allisia winking at her.

“I sometimes see sex with you girls here as something of a duel, something I like to both win and lose...” Allisia said, touching her nose against Janice’s giving the redhead a quick kiss, smirking; “...and all of you are special to me, but as the latest addition to Nightwind Manor, I’ll have to give you a few, special treats.”

“Hmm? Like what?” Janice grinned, Allisia’s face getting a passionate look.

“To speak plainly, we’re both girls who can kick ass, look good while we do it, and earn a lot of admiration from the other girls...” Allisia said; “...but with that admiration comes responsibilities, so I’ll make it clear...”

Allisia now leaned down, looking deeply into Janice’s eyes; “...if you get, say, Siriki to admire you and want to fool around with you, respect what she wants; don’t just tie her up and hump her all night.”

“You think I’d do something so kinky??” Janice asked, winking teasingly at Allisia; “...don’t worry; I’m sexy, but I’m not a dominatrix.....Mirinda sure looks hot in her leather, though...”

“ saw that...?” Allisia asked, Janice smiling as Allisia blushed.

“’Saw’? Nah; I was on the receiving end of the whip!” Janice joked, Allisia sighing in surrender, smiling weakly at Janice.

“Just...just remember what I said, OK?” Allisia asked, Janice nodding.

“I will, Allisia....” Janice said, her face turning into a grin; “...even if I did, Narrisha would properly kick my ass and shove a dildo into it and fuck me all night...and not in the good way...”

“Is there a difference to you?” Allisia teased, smiling as Janice chuckled, sitting up to kiss Allisia.

Chapter 49

Title: Chapter XLIX - A Few Changes for the Better

“I dunno about you, Shica, but that know-it-all Vanessa is starting to tick me off...!” Jiraz mumbled as she and Shica were showering.

“Oh? You afraid she’s moving in on you as the number one demon girl?” Shica teased, Jiraz sighing.

“I dunno, but it’s just that...I can’t put my finger on it; it’s as if she’s so much superior to me in everything! Boobs, body, powers; I...I feel inferior!” Jiraz sniffed, never believing she would ever feel jealous at anyone.
“Well, there’s one thing she doesn’t have...” Shica smiled, leaned against Jiraz’s back, softly rubbing the demon girl’s breasts.

“You sneaky little...” Jiraz chuckled, turning around to face Shica; “...I’ve got a hot girlfriend who’s always supported me! I...I seriously don’t know if I would have gone on living if you hadn’t been there, Shica...”

“Oh, Jiraz; that’s so sweet of you to say; of course I’ll be with you forever!” Shica moaned happily, kissing Jiraz deeply, the two of them sinking down on the floor, continuing their kissing.

“Uhm-m-m-m-m...” Jiraz moaned, enjoying Shica’s kiss and caressing her hair; suddenly, there was a knock on the door to the showers, Shica pausing her kissing, looking up.

“Hmm? Come in!” Shica called, her maids entering the room, a few of them blushing at the look of their naked mistress and her girlfriend.

“Uhm, Mistress Shica, we didn’t know this room was private, so-...” one of them blushed and apologized, Shica grinning at them, Jiraz sitting up.

“It’s not private, girls; come on in, we won’t bite” Shica teased, the maids beginning to undress and head for the showers.

“Um-m-m...” one of the maids tried nervously to ask, Jiraz moving for another shower, the girl blushing and stepping back quickly.

“Hmm? You’re scared of me?” Jiraz asked, the girl nodding eagerly, Jiraz smirking at her.

“BOH!” she exclaimed teasingly, grinning at the girl as she screamed and fell back down on the floor, Shica helping her up.

“Jiraz’s OK; she’s been my girlfriend for over 7 years, and she hasn’t hurt anyone” Shica assured the girl, who looked in confusion at Jiraz.

“But...she’s a demon; aren’t demons bad?” she asked, Jiraz’s expression looking quite taken aback.

“Yeah, I’m bad, but in the ‘I’m-gonna-steal-your-panties’ kinda way; I don’t wanna kill or conquer the world” Jiraz smirked, Shica kissing her cheek.

“You’re really open...” a maid giggled, blushing as she remembered her manners in her mistress’ presence.

“NYA-A-A-A-A-A-AH! MORE! MORE! Squirt all over me if you wanna! I wanna feel your tongue in me, Siriki-i-i-i-i-i!!!” Chinyi yelled out, her smile stretching from ear to ear as both the newly arrived Siriki, Vanessa and Zyrah enjoyed molesting the pink-haired girl, Vanessa looking in amazement at them all.

“Her vagina tastes so lovely! I’ve never tasted anything this delicious!” Vanessa smirked to herself, standing back and letting Siriki continue her licking of Chinyi’s pussy; having already made the pink-haired Chinyi cum quite some times, Vanessa sighed happily, licking her cum off her claws.

“You want me to climax over you, Chinyi?” she asked as she walked around the bed, soon feeling Chinyi’s gloved fingers enter her pussy, fingering her.

“Hihihihihihih! I like when they cum all over me! I don’t mind wild sex with you girls!” Chinyi winked at Vanessa, the albino girl moaning loudly as Chinyi’s fingers worked expertly on her pussy.

“I’M, I’M GONNA...OH, CHINYI-I-I-I-I-I!!!” Narrisha yelled from the other side of the bed, Chinyi’s fingering causing the vampire girl to climax over her, the pink-haired girl eagerly swallowing her cum and kissing Narrisha wildly as the chuckling vampire girl leaned down to kiss her.

“Stand still, little demon...!” Vanessa suddenly heard behind her, feeling something oblong enter her anus; gritting her teeth to suppress the mix of pain and pleasure, she found Christy to stand behind her, shoving a strap-on into her.

“Huh?? What is this?! I’m being violated both in my vagina and my ass?!” Vanessa exclaimed in surprise, Allisia and Janice, both sitting nearby, enjoying the show.

“I sometimes wonder if anyone of them knows how they could get out of it if they didn’t feel like having sex...” Allisia pondered, Janice looking confused at her.
“I’m not saying there’s a reason they should dislike it; I’m just saying you should know how to fend it off if you want” Allisia explained, Janice grinning at her.

“Allisia, please; these chicks’ got so much control and respect for each others’ limits that you’d hardly need to teach, what, ‘sexual self-defence’...” Janice said, leaning in closer to Allisia; “...hey, all this is hot and all, but let’s hit the showers; I’ve got a debt to pay...!”

“If you mean that time I forced you against a wall and molested you from behind...I can see your point...” Allisia shrugged, smiling smugly at Janice as the two of them gathered their clothes and left.

“AR-R-R-R-R-RGH!!! THAT’S IT! MORE, SIRIKI, MO-O-O-ORE! PLAY WITH ME SOME MORE!” Chinyi yelled out loud in complete bliss, Siriki eagerly kissing her, Zyrah slowly crawling away from her position under Chinyi, standing and grinning at the two younger girls.

“Gods, you chicks are sex kittens!!! There’s not a pussy safe around here if you’d ever get out of your collars, huh?” Zyrah grinned, feeling something stroke lightly against her leg; turning around, she saw Vanessa stand on hands and knees, Christy enjoying herself as she molested the albino girl, Vanessa’s tail swinging back and forth.

“I wonder, that’d just be too weird...” Zyrah pondered a moment, smirking to herself and shrugging, sitting down beside Vanessa, grabbing her tail, licking it.

“AR-R-R-RGH! You, you fiendish little...DON’T SUCK ON I-I-I-IT!!!” Vanessa exclaimed out loud in pleasure, Christy looking surprised at the chuckling Zyrah.

“I once read a yuri hentai with this catgirl getting turned on by having her tail licked...” she winked at Christy; “...say, let me lick her tail, you’ll go tongue-fuck her pussy, OK?”

“Don’t mind if I do!” Christy smirked, grinning wickedly at Vanessa as she discarded the strap-on.

“Umm, you sure got your pussy all hot; you learn kinda quickly, you know...” she nodded at Vanessa as her tongue was licking the albino girl’s pussy.

“I, I’ve’s like a paradise to me, this manor; you girls are, I beg you, lick harder! I want to climax so badly! My vagina feels like molten lava!” Vanessa yelled out, Zyrah pausing her licking of Vanessa’s tail.

“You know, for a kinda bookworm of a cutie, you’re cool at talking dirty” she winked at Vanessa, the albino girl smiling weakly in reply.

“Um-m-m...I can’t believe you really drank all my cum, Chinyi; you really like playing naughty, don’t you?” Narrisha teased, softly stroking her pussy, enjoying herself as Siriki kept licking Chinyi, the two younger girls now wrestling playfully around.

“Yeah, I do! Your cum tastes really good, Narrisha!” Chinyi managed a happy smile before Siriki forced her back onto the bed and groped her breasts.

“I can’t help but think...sometimes tomorrow night, I’ll try and arrange an orgy...” Narrisha smiled, looking teasingly at Siriki and Chinyi; “’ll be you two, Narru, Innoki, Vinya and Rachel against all us older girls; you’ll be tied up for bondage and cosplay; sounds good?”

“Bondage’s OK with me!” Siriki grinned, turning to Chinyi, pinching her nose teasingly; “...and little Chinyi here will properly dress up as a nurse or catgirl!”

“You bet I will! I’ll make you sorry you ever doubted the powers the adorable Chinyi-chan!” Chinyi teased back, raising her arm in a triumphant gesture, Narrisha, Siriki and herself laughing.

“I’ll be joining you two if it’s OK; I can’t keep my eyes off you...” Narrisha chuckled, suddenly seeing Chinyi’s eyes widen in surprise.

“Hey, Narrisha; your eyes’ become all bluish! Weren’t they red?” Chinyi asked, Narrisha looking over her shoulder towards a mirror on the far side of the room; Chinyi were indeed right:

Instead of being red and feline-like, Narrisha’s eyes had become a mix of lavender and light blue, somewhat like faint moonlight.

“ must be a side-effect or something from when Vanessa kissed me...” Narrisha said, smiling comfortably at Chinyi; “’s nothing serious, I can still see and all.”

“You can? OK, how do I look now?” Chinyi teased, leaning her head to the side, sticking out her tongue and narrowing her eyes innards.

“Umm, like you’ll be looking once I’m done licking your boobs?” Narrisha teased back, Chinyi and Siriki sitting up, leaning their heads against each other, smiling at Narrisha.

“Mistress, we’ve been bad; pleas punish us-s-s-s-s...” they both spoke in union, Narrisha giggling at those two little teasers; oh, she would let them punish by her own hands...

“Holy shit, will you look at that?! She’s so far out her wings’ begun to flap up and down!” Zyrah grinned at Christy, the blonde appearing from underneath Vanessa’s outstretched legs, the albino girl hardly able to find the strength to keep standing.

“I’M, I’M SO CLOSE...MORE, PLE-E-E-EASE!” Vanessa pleaded, her wings indeed flapping wildly and her tail stiff as her cum ran down her pussy, Christy eagerly licking it, fingering her own pussy.

“Hey, Vanessa, I’m gonna use your tail a bit here...” Zyrah smirked to herself as she got a mischievous idea; sneaking down towards Christy, she slowly let Vanessa’s tail enter the moaning blonde’s pussy, her wail of surprise making Zyrah giggle hysterically.

“OH! OH-H-H-H NO-O-O-O! DON’T, YOU LITTLE...OH-H-H-H-H, NO-O-O-O-O!!!” Christy screamed in a mix of pleasure and shock, sucking deeply on Vanessa’s pussy and g-spot, believing the albino girl to use her tail of her own accord.

“AR-R-R-R-R-RGH! It, it’s Zyrah! She stuck my tail into you pussy!” Vanessa responded to Christy’s increased eager, the blonde simply smiling to herself.

“I kinda figured; I just wanna taste some demon girl juice!” Christy teased, Vanessa biting her lower lip, painfully shocked as she found it to hurt more than she had thought; licking her tongue around her mouth, she could taste her own blood.

“You’ve got that demon chick so much in heat she’s beginning to hurt herself!” Zyrah raised an eyebrow, grinning mischievously at Christy’s pussy, Zyrah removing Vanessa’s tail from it, beginning to lick Christy’s pussy, herself.

“AR-R-R-RGH! Zyrah, this...OH-H-H-H...!” Christy moaned out, Zyrah putting Vanessa’s tail into her own pussy, moaning pleasantly.

“Um-m-m, so go-o-o-od...Vanessa’s fucking me, I’m fucking Christy and Christy’s fucking Vanessa...” Zyrah moaned, chuckling; “...I’m real creative when it comes to threesomes.”

“Oh! Hallo, Chinyi; you come in to join us?” Allisia asked as Chinyi entered her room, Allisia and Janice lying by the small fireplace in the other end of the room.

“Oh, cat got your tongue, kitty-girl?” Janice teased as Chinyi did not respond, Allisia sitting up a bit, looking worried at Chinyi.

“Are you alright?” she asked, Chinyi now barely four meters from them, walking slowly and with her head bend towards the floor.

“Allisia, I love playing with Siriki and the other girls, but...but...I just feel all hot when I see you and Janice just tease each other...!” Chinyi spoke quickly, Allisia confused as she saw Chinyi look up at her, smiling as her eyes filled with tears; “...I want to be violated by you two, Allisia! I want you cool warrior girlies to molest me, too!”

“Sweet! Don’t mind if I start right away, tots!” Janice grinned, Allisia smiling at Chinyi.

“There, there, Chinyi; you’re good to Siriki and the others, and of course you may join us...” Allisia smirked, opening her arms, a smiling Chinyi cheerfully lying down and embracing Allisia, Janice hugging her, as well.

“You’re so adorably cute, Chinyi!” Janice smiled, sniffing at Chinyi’s ears and hair; “I like such naughty little kitties like you; seeing you smile and grin so much when you were having sex with Vanessa and the others...Gods, I could eat you up raw!”

“Eep! Don’t eat me, ple-e-e-ease...?” Chinyi exclaimed playfully, Allisia and Janice both grinning at her, Allisia kissing her deeply.

“You’ll take the upper lips...” Janice winked at Allisia, touching Chinyi’s butt as she leaned down, pulling her skirt up and fingering her panties; “...I’ll play with her cute little pussy.”

“No-o-o-o-oh! My pussy’s so sensitive! She’ll cum too easily!” Chinyi playfully wailed, Janice chuckling to herself.

“Alright, I know you’re in there, Chinyi!” a voice suddenly came from the door to Allisia’s room, Siriki stepping in, looking worried.

“D-did I do something bad back in Zyrah’s room? I’m sorry if-...” Siriki asked nervously, Chinyi smiling at her, sticking her tongue out.

“It’s not you, Siriki...” Chinyi said, looking teasingly at Allisia; “...I just felt like being molested by our two warrior babes here, so.....I’m sorry if I made you feel bad...”

“It’s OK, Chinyi; just tell me next time you want it more roughly!” Siriki winked, heading towards Allisia and Janice, leaning down besides Chinyi, Janice’s lips starting to fold into a perverse grin.

“Allisia, here we have the cutest, silliest and most innocent-looking girls of Nightwind Manor...” Janice nodded at Allisia, Allisia looking confused as Janice’s expression turned into a right out horny look; “...and I dunno about you, but these chicks...I’m gonna cut loose! I’ll fuck the Hell outta these sex kitties!!!”

As Janice finished her sentence, Chinyi and Siriki suddenly both felt Janice’s fingers insert themselves into their pussy, both of them moaning, beginning to kiss each other and hug each other as Janice kept fingering them.

“Do you like it?? Do you like being fingered by me, huh??” Janice hissed eagerly, Siriki and Chinyi breaking the kiss, looking teasingly up at Janice, lifting their legs over their heads.

“Allisia, Janice; fuck us, please!” Chinyi insisted eagerly, Siriki smiling at her.

“Chinyi’s right; we’re really sex kitties after your tongues in our pussies!” she smiled, leaning back her head, looking at Allisia; “c’mon! Let yourself loose, Allisia! Forget morale for once and fuck us over and over!”

“But, that would not be fair! At least you should have a chance to return the fav-...” Allisia began, Siriki moaning loudly as Janice stuck her finger deeper into her pussy.

“Allisia, cut loose! Give into it! Fuck us! Fuck us, please??” Chinyi pleaded along with Siriki, Allisia looking painfully at Janice.

“...Shinris forgive me...” Allisia mumbled as something of a prayer, looking at Janice again; “...Janice, you’re my witness; today, and today only, I will cut loose...”

As Allisia finished her sentence, she took a deep breath, closing her eyes and relaxing her mind, opening her eyes anew, looking at Siriki and Chinyi’s twisting, half-naked bodies roll around on the floor in sexual delight as Janice fingered them.

“Here...I...go!” Allisia clenched her hand into a fist, descending onto Siriki’s left breast, sucking with all the strength her mouth could muster.

“It really is justified, you two! All your pranks and tricks; today, you’ll pay the price!” Allisia grinned, Siriki smiling as Allisia sucked harder on her breast, her hands reaching towards Chinyi, caressing her stomach and groping her massive breasts.

“Oh...! OH, THIS ISN’T ENOUGH!!!” Allisia suddenly yelled out loud, her face twisting into a perverted grin; chuckling, she dived headlong for Siriki’s right breast, grabbing it with both hands, sucking intensely on it, Siriki wailing and chuckling in delight.

“MORE! ALLISIA, MORE! I WANNA FEEL YOU SUCK ME DRY-Y-Y-Y!” Siriki yelled out happily, Janice and Chinyi grinning as Janice had moved up to Chinyi’s breasts, following Allisia’s example.

As the night went on, most of the Nightwind girls either returned to their rooms, or stayed and slept with each other; as the moon once again shun over the manor, the inhabitants were pleasantly asleep...

Chapter 50

Title: Chapter L - Catgirls and Embarrasing Secrets

“Uhm, Vanessa...just what the heck is this?” Narrisha asked, looking at an old, torn book with blood-red leather cover, Vanessa quickly snatching the book from Narrisha, the vampire girl’s hair still messy since it were still early in the morning.

“ forbidden magic; all about teleportation spells, but the author were found to be a raving lunatic who enjoyed trapping halves of people between dimensions...” Vanessa said, pointing a warning finger at Narrisha; “...even opening it will have catastrophic consequences!”

“Easy, I won’t o-...” Narrisha held her hands up to wave off Vanessa’s finger, accidently knocking the book out of her hands, landing it on the floor, where it began to glow bright red from the cover.

“Narrisha, this is exactly what shouldn’t have happened!” Vanessa yelled as smaller cyclone of chaos magic erupted from the book, a flash of white light blinding both Vanessa and Narrisha, sending them flying through the room as the light faded.

“That wasn’t good; I think you caused it to cast a summoning spell...” Vanessa said, sighing as she rose up, surprised and shocked as something moved from the thick, black smoke around the book.

“My, this sure feels different than back home in the harem...” a light, female voice spoke, another responding.

“Yeah, but I heard someone; she sounded cute...” another female voice responded, Narrisha and Vanessa spotting two pairs of eyes in the smoke; one pairing glittering like purple amethysts, the other’s shining like blue sapphires, both of them with feline forms as creatures appeared behind them.

“So, lemme get this straight: You two cuties are the mistress, and the court sorceress of this little manor? And there’s only hot, cute and sexy girls living here??” one of the creatures asked, the tied-up Vanessa and Narrisha both nodding, finding it best to cooperate.

“AWESOME! New hunting grounds, Sharla!” the girl with the sapphire eyes cheered, the other girl looking curiously at Narrisha and Vanessa.

“So... she said as she stepped towards the two captive girls; “...if you promise not to panic or run away, we’ll cut you loose.”

“We...promise...” Narrisha said, beginning to think these two girls were actually quite attractive; their outfits of black latex were alluring and revealing, both of them dressed as hentai yuri catgirls, which they seemed to enjoy as they moved swiftly around on both two feet and on all four.

“Who are you, really?” Vanessa asked, the purple-eyed girl smiling secretly.

“I’m Sharla the catgirl, and this is Shirli the catgirl, my partner...” she nodded at the blue-eyed girl, who ran towards her, leaning her head on Sharla’s shoulder purring.

“Pleasing women is our business, ladies, whatever you like it or not...” Sharla noted, Vanessa trying to hide her blushing.

“You’re in luck, then; I dare say my manor’s a lesbian haven...” Narrisha confidently looked Sharla directly in the eye, understanding these two girls was clearly demonic, but they seemed harmless.

“How can we trust you, huh? You just came out of one of my spell books” Vanessa sceptically asked, Shirli leaning her head to the side, giggling at Vanessa.

“We’re good girls, so we’ll do everything you say...even if you want us to be bad...” Shirli teased, licking her lips suggestively, moaning as she did so, Narrisha feeling herself getting quite excited at the sight of the busty breasts under both the girls’ skimpy outfits.

“I...I’ll arrange a tour of the manor for you; just, please...” Narrisha tempted a grin; “...tell us where you’re from.”

“From Mistress Hyracha’s harem; our mistress’ a deity, so she let us off to go and explore other dimensions and girls a bit...” Sharla shrugged, Narrisha suddenly feeling afraid.

“H-Hyracha?! Does she not have a servant called Cilistia?” she asked in fear, Sharla nodding, although not understanding why Narrisha seemed so scared.

“It’s OK, Cilistia is properly too busy fucking Hyracha to notice her little ‘huntresses’ has gone off to get some pussy...” Shirli smiled to herself; “’s OK, she’ll not be coming here and start raping your maids; Hyracha would sooner get Cilistia a collar and have her succubi fuck her ‘till she couldn’t even crawl away.”

“Sounds like...your mistress is kinkier than mine...” Vanessa smiled nervously, Shirli and Sharla laughing, Narrisha sending a pleading look at Vanessa, whispering.

“If we just get these two crazy blondes to Mirinda or Raicha we should be OK; they can fuck for hours...” Narrisha whispered; “...we’d better get Chinyi tour around with them; she loves catgirls, after all.”

“Hallo, Rachel! How was breakfast?” Narru asked the exotic girl, who gave her a pleasant smile.

“Delicious, but I need to get back to the showers; there’s a lotion I gotta try...” Rachel mentioned, Narru looking pleadingly at her.

“Uhm, when I’m done with breakfast...may I come up to you?” she asked, Rachel chuckling and hugging the platinum-haired girl, unaware as Narru’s head were stuck in her busty breasts, Narru moaning pleasantly.

“Of course you may!” Rachel kissed Narru on the cheek, heading up the stairs to the showers and baths, Narru standing behind, holding a hand to the cheek Rachel had kissed, Narru smiling happily as she looked forward to bathe with the tan-skinned beauty.

“And this is Vinya, Lady Shica’s former maid; she sort of moved in here...” Chinyi explained to Shirli and Sharla, Vinya turning her head from her mirror, laying down her comb and looking at the group of girls entering her room.

“Oh! Hi there! Welcome to Nightwind Manor!” Vinya greeted friendly, Shirli and Sharla already now feeling quite happy about the manor; it did not have as many girls as they were used to, but those that resided there surely were both friendly and ravishing in their eyes.

“Uhmm, Vinya, by the way...” Chinyi headed towards the shin’saras girl, whispering in her ear; “...sorry if that movie last night weren’t so satisfying...”

“Satisfied? With that little?? No way! I wanna see succubi molest elf girls, alien women descending and making love to amazons, and dominatrices defeating the aliens in the fray of sex!” Vinya teased Chinyi, sticking her tongue out.

“I want something really kinky! But...I really kinda liked that scene with the blonde pleading the succubus, just yelling for more, more and more! She looked so cute!” Vinya grinned at Chinyi, the pink-haired girl returning it as she kissed Vinya, the shin’saras girl not too happy when Chinyi’s lips removed themselves from hers.

“Uhm, Chinyi, would you girls mind...’joining’ me? I’d kinda like someone to...well...cuddle with me” Vinya asked blushingly, Chinyi nodding eagerly.

“Well, sure beats a tour of this manor...” Shirli said, stroking herself against Vinya’s leg, the shin’saras girl smiling at her and Sharla.

“Say, won’t it sound offensive to you two if we started calling you sex kittens?” Vinya asked, Shirli and Sharla both shaking their heads.

“Nah, it’s just about what we are; there’s really nothing better than a few giggles, cute girls and a girly gangbang to make your life feel worthwhile...” Shirli stretched out, letting herself fall onto Vinya’s bed; “...Sharla, should we let them start?”

“It’d be this Chinyi and Vinya against the two of us...” Sharla winked at her, lying down beside her fellow catgirl; “...and Hell, I’d rather enjoy a break here before Hyracha waits at home with the whip.”

“She’s properly really pissed off, but heck, I wouldn’t mind being sexually abused by these Nightwind ladies...” Shirli smiled widely at Chinyi and Vinya, the two of them exchanging suggestive looks.

“OK, let’s get to it! I...I kind of admit hearing about all this girly lovemaking got me excited...” Vinya said as she stood up, blushing as she bowed towards Shirli and Sharla; “...I promise I’ll do everything in my power to satisfy you.”
“That’s it, I’m with Vinya in this!” Chinyi grinned, heading towards the two catgirls along with Vinya.

“Like Allisia would say: Divide and conquer!” Vinya smirked, her and Chinyi moving towards Sharla and Shirli as the two catgirls giggled; they both felt this would be a quite pleasant experience.

“I’m really happy you choose to sleep over, you three...” Allisia smiled at Vanessa, Cassandra and Janice.

“Don’t mention it, tough girl; I’ve always known you were not about some hot little humping with some sexy cutie in the middle of the night...” Janice patted Allisia’s shoulder.

“Wow, Vanessa! That really suits you!” Cassandra exclaimed happily, looking at Vanessa’s deep-red satin nightgown, the albino girl blushing at her.

“I cannot help but really enjoy this...” Allisia smirked to herself; “ three are some of the girls here I admire most, feels kind of like an honour sharing my bed with you.”

“Meh, only makes sense; I’m sexy, Vanessa’s hot, and Cassandra’s got that mysterious goth girl appeal...”

Janice grinned, her new red latex outfit leading Allisia to conclude that Janice really enjoyed wearing it.

“’Goth girl’?? Well, I suppose that’s a good thing...” Cassandra shrugged, Allisia combing her fingers through Cassandra’s hair, kissing her cheek.

“It is; we should try priding ourselves of what we are...” Allisia said, barely avoiding a smile; “...although what I am, at the moment, is simply tired; if you need me just wake me up.”

Heading to her bed, Allisia saw a pretty obvious problem she cursed herself for not remembering; her bed were far too small to be sued by four girls.

“Hmm? Not large enough? Alright” Vanessa noticed Allisia’s concerned look, waving her hand over the bed; immediately, the bed stretched out in width, Vanessa swinging her tail around her waist like a belt as she went into the bed, choosing the spot closest to Allisia’s.

“Hey, I wanted to lay closest to Allisia!” Janice snapped, moving herself over Vanessa, teasingly discarding her cape over the albino girl’s face.

“Sorry, Allisia needs mature girls to sleep beside her, not sex-hungering little amazons...” Vanessa now played along, Cassandra watching as Allisia lifted her head from below her pillow.

“Girls, I’ll just rest a bit, but...feel free to have sex if you want; I don’t mind, really...” Allisia mumbled as she snuck under her bed sheets, letting out a low chuckle at the girls.

“Are you OK, Allisia? Are you having a fever?” Cassandra asked worried as she suddenly lifted Allisia’s bed sheets, the warrior girl blushing at her, not really liking for Cassandra to see her do something so girly.

“No, no worries Cassandra...” Allisia said, surprised as Cassandra leaned in closer.

“I...I don’ know why I haven’t noticed it yet...” Cassandra almost stammered, looking awe at Allisia; “’ve quite some beautiful eyes...”

“Oh, you little...” Allisia smiled at Cassandra, the raven-haired girl tugging herself in deeper under Allisia’s out-stretched bed sheets, Allisia finding Cassandra kissing her eagerly in the darkness.

“I always thought it a good thing you took my virtue, Cassandra...” Allisia spoke softly to Cassandra, kissing her under the bed sheets; “ really opened my eyes to both the manor and the touch of another girl.”

“Hey, hey! No fair to use your tail like that!” Janice laughed as Vanessa’s tail swung around her waist, Vanessa pinning her down on the bed, holding her arms down and using her legs to spread Janice’s.

“Janice, you really are a rare little ruby for this brave sorceress to dig up...” Vanessa joked, Janice smiling as Vanessa nudged her nose against her’s.

“ feels so lovely; much more over the-...ah, ye-e-e-es, that’s right where I want it...!” Shirli smiled broadly, enjoying as Vinya and Chinyi groped her and Sharla’s plumb breasts, having been joined by the passing Narru, Rachel, Siriki and Innoki, the four of them not minding to skip duty for a few minutes...or hours.

“It feels so good! Oh my Gods, it feels so fucking good...!!!” Sharla moaned loudly, Vinya suddenly feeling her hand being grabbed by Sharla, the catgirl leading it down to her pussy.

“SURPI-I-I-I-ISE!!!” a united yelling suddenly scared the girls as they looked towards the source; standing in nothing but their maid uniforms, Shica’s maids were busy undressing, one after the other approaching the Nightwind girls, grinning as they joined the group.

“Shin’saras girls? Cute little elves ladies and catgirls are for me??” Chinyi’s eyes almost shun as she folded her hands, looking towards the sky; “thank you, Lady Shinris, for blessing me so much!”
As some of the maids laughed at her, Shirli and Sharla took this a sign: It was time the Nightwind girls got the receiving end of the molesting.

“Say, Sharla...” Shirli smirked at her partner; “...shouldn’t we try and use our special technique on that cute Vinya girl?”

“’Special technique’?” Vinya pondered, folding her clothes neatly on a nearby chair, shaking her head at the mess the other girls made of her room; love fluids, drool and sweat soaked her bed sheets, but, as she caught herself thinking, seeing all those girls so happy as they molested each other cheeringly, she could not help but giggle.

“Sure, if she feels like she can keep up with us...” Sharla responded to Shirli’s idea, the two catgirls stroking themselves seductively against Vinya as she lay down.

“We’ve ‘entertained’ queens, empresses, noble ladies and finally Mistress Hyracha before we came here, Vinya...” Sharla licked the shin’saras girl’s cheek teasingly; “ we really know how to make a girl go insane in horniness.”

“Oh! But, uhm, I don’t mind that...I’m just not good at being the dominant part, so go ahead...” Vinya said, Sharla sneaking under her, Vinya’s head resting on Sharla’s plumb breasts, Shirli leaning over her and grinning at her.

“I think you’ll like this; at least you can tell the other Nightwind ladies you got fucked by two cute catgirls...” Shirli teased, Vinya blushing and grinning.

“I’ll admit I’m loving this right now...” Vinya sighed out lovingly, nudging her head deeper between Sharla’s breasts, the two catgirls adoring the cute little shin’saras girl.

“Easy now, Vinya; this may hurt a bit at first...” Shirli said, letting her tail under her legs and towards Vinya’s pussy.

“I...I think I’ll manage that; I’m not a virgin anymore, thanks to Mirinda...” Vinya said, Shirli smiling smugly at her.

“So that elf blonde got to the goods before we did? Hihih, such a little tease...” Shirli grinned, Vinya feeling the catgirl’s tail touch her pussy ever so lightly.

“And here comes the second course!” Sharla spoke underneath, inserting her own tail more roughly into Vinya’s anus, the shin’saras girl opening her eyes widely, shrieking out.

“That hu-u-urt...!” she whimpered, Sharla looking more than just amused, although a little guilty, at the shin’saras girl.

“So, Vinya...” Shirli said, nudging her nose against Vinya’s chuckling; “you’re about to be fucked in both pussy and ass by two sexy catgirls...” Shirli teased, Sharla joining in, the two of them asking in the same, teasing union; “...are you all ready, cute stuff?”

“I, I am; just be a little gentle with me...” Vinya blushed, Sharla and Shirli smiling encouragingly at her as they both started slowly thrusting their tails further in.

“E-e-e-ek! Oh, Our Lady Shinris...this feels so...awkward...and good, all at the same time...” Vinya spoke between their thrusts, the two catgirls winking at each other; Vinya seemed like just their type of girl to molest, ravish and keep awake all night.

“AR-R-R-R-RGH! THIS...MORE! I can’t believe I’m being-...!” Chinyi just managed to yell out as another shin’saras maid blocked her voice as she kissed Chinyi, her, Siriki, Rachel and Narru finding themselves loving this turmoil of pleasure; the shin’saras maids, on the other hand, seemed quite nervous, if eager, to do everything as perfectly as possible.

“Mistress Shica taught us all how to please a girl...” a maid now smirked at Siriki and Narru; “...and seeing all you little girls roll around on the bed in the moonlight, pleading us to’s so erotic, and so lovely...”

“I didn’t think you knew something so relaxing, Janice...” Vanessa teased, Janice massaging Vanessa’s shoulder blades, neck and upper wings.

“It’s no good humping a cute little demon girl if she’s all sore...” Janice said, winking at Vanessa; “...besides, I just thought I’d show you what I’ve learned from this Scarlet Sister I know...”

“You’ve meet one of the empress’ elite warriors??” Vanessa asked in awe, mumbling under her breath; “not that I’m so surprised.”

“I take that as a compliment” Janice teased, rustling Vanessa’s mane of red hair.

“Hey, where’d Allisia and Cassandra go, anyway?” Vanessa asked, having not seen or heard the warrior girl for several minutes.

“Properly snuggling under the bed sheets and schooling Cassandra in dinner etiquettes...” Janice sighed, rustled her head, Vanessa spotting something interesting.

“Janice, but...” Vanessa said in surprise, brushing a bit of Janice’s hair aside; “...your ears.”

“Hihih! Yeah, I’m an elf, bright-eyes; I kinda wanted to hide it from Chinyi, that little sex kitty...” Janice smiled, her eyes getting a dreamy flare; “...oh, how I’d love to tie her up and go completely dominatrix on her!”

“Heh, ever thought of how it would go if she got the upper hand and got around to become the dominant?” Vanessa teased, Janice smiling smugly.

“I wouldn’t mind opening my clit to any of these Nightwind chicks; they’re so sexy, hot, naughty...and smart, even...” Janice stroke her gloved hand over Vanessa’s cheek, the albino girl enjoying it in the fullest.

“Ah, come now, Janice; I know what you’re really looking forward to as of the moment...” Vanessa grinned, turning around suddenly, laughing as she sat atop the beaming Janice; “...I know you’re not just interested in massaging my neck; oh, I’ll give you the full treatment for such little minxes such as you...!”

“AR-R-R-R-R-R-RGH! NO MORE! I, I CAN’T CUM ANYMORE! PLEASE, STOP IT!” Christy yelled out loud, Hiroi and Raicha nevertheless continuing their games with the blonde, Christy feeling her dominatrix cap slide over her right eye.

“What are you talking about? You’ve only cum once, so far!” Hiroi teased, enjoying to see the dominatrix-dressed Christy slowly sink to the floor, Hiroi’s strap-on hammering into her pussy, Christy’s body already covered in sweat and Raicha’s cum, the other blonde now pressing Christy’s head into her pussy.

“That’s the disadvantage of stripping at horny girls, baby...” Raicha smirked evilly; “ never know when they’ll start giving you your evening’s greatest fuck!”

“BUT! BUT, I...OH, FUCK! JUST FUCK ME, ALREADY! GO AHEAD! FUCK ME, YOU LITTLE SLUTS!” Christy yelled out again, managing a grin.

“See? I told you she honestly liked it! She’s not backing down from being fucked by chicks like us!” Raicha boasted, Christy teasing her by letting her tongue roll over Raicha’s g-spot, the blonde letting out a surprised scream.

“Get back to licking my clit, you lousy slut!” Raicha snapped, pressing Christy’s head even further into her pussy, Christy chuckling lowly in satisfaction.

“Honestly, Christy...” Raicha now spoke more friendly, stroking the blonde’s hair; “...our cum really looks good on you...and that leather suit; you’re really dressed up to play naughty, huh?”

As all Christy could respond was mumbling from Raicha’s pussy, Raicha could not help but giggle between her moans, Hiroi simply thrusting the strap-on even harder into Christy’s pussy.

“I...I want...Hiroi, lay yourself down and put her on top! I wanna feel that slut’s cum all over my face!” Raicha barked out in what sounded like desperation.

Not hesitating, Christy suddenly found herself removed from Raicha’s pussy, Hiroi pulling her back out, inserting the strap-on into the blonde’s anus, Christy sitting halfway down as Hiroi kept thrusting, the thick ropes tying Christy’s arms together preventing her from resisting.

“Oh, you’re so lovely wet...I can’t help myself...!!!” Raicha exclaimed cheeringly, diving headlong for Christy’s pussy, her tongue penetrating them and exploring every inch of the blonde’s womanhood.

“OH, RAICHA! PLEASE DRINK MY LOVE JUICE! YOUR TONGUE’S SO LOVELY IN MY CUNT!!!” Christy yelled out, Hiroi enjoying to see the blonde stripper squirm under her and Raicha’s molesting.

“She’s almost there! Just look how her legs are kicking!” Hiroi laughed, Christy’s legs and boots almost flying around in the air, Raicha loving the sight.

“C’mon! Let’s see you cum, then! Let’s get our reward for fucking you, you naughty little slut!” Raicha smiled, gritting her teeth in anticipation.

“You can do it, Christy! Raicha wants you to cum! Let yourself go!” Hiroi encouraged under Christy, the blonde’s head rolling back and forth, her tongue hanging out in a horny grin, her eyes shining in lust.

“YES!! YES!! OH, I’M...I’M GONNA CUM! GET READY FOR A SHOWER! AH! AH-H-H-H! AH-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H!!!” Christy shrieked out, her hips thrusting forward towards Raicha, the surprised blonde receiving all of Christy’s orgasm to her face, licking her lips at the lavender-like taste.

“Oh, that sure looks nice...” Raicha licked her fingers, Christy slowly settling down on the floor, panting heavily, Hiroi still groping her breasts.

“Honestly, Christy...” Hiroi joked; “ look so sexy all covered in girly cum.”

“W-when I’ve recovered...let’s see if you’ll look just as sexy...!” Christy smiled, Raicha and Hiroi both leaning down over her, kissing the blonde passionately.

“Oh, and here...” Raicha said, putting Christy’s cap back on after it had fallen off; “...don’t ask me why, but that and the leather just adds more to the appeal.”

“Like I needed any more...but it sure feels fucking good...” Christy joked, the three girls giggling as they began discussing which turn it was.

“OH-H-H-H! GODDESS, PLEASE....AR-R-R-R-R-R-R-RGH...!!!” Vinya yelled out as she climaxed violently, Shirli and Sharla loving to see the shin’saras girl squirm and pant as her orgasm hit both herself and them.

“Wow! I’m kinda impressed...” Sharla teasingly nipped Vinya’s ear; “ lasted over two minutes!”

“T-two minutes?! You, you must-...” Vinya were about to exclaim in awe, Shirli silencing her with a passionate kiss.

“Vinya, even before we joined our mistress’ harem, we knew how to get the ladies to love us...” Shirli smirked at the shin’saras girl; “...we were call girls, hookers, strippers, dancers, almost everything at the parties at our old school...and seeing so many hot chicks get wasted and pour champagne all over your suit kinda makes you wanna bang her to Heaven and back!”

“You little sluts...I mean it a good way, but...I don’t care how many girls like me you’ve fucked! I can’t get over this feeling!” Vinya squirmed back and forth, Shirli looking between Vinya’s legs, chuckling amused.

“Oh-h-h, isn’t that cute? She’s still holding the best in...” Shirli grinned, lapping on Vinya’s pussy; “...come on, this kitty wants her milk!”

“OH-H-H NO-O-O-OH! I’M C-CUMMING AGA-A-A-AI-I-I-IN!” Vinya tried to hold her legs together, her slightly smaller orgasm pouring into the waiting Shirli’s mouth, the catgirl moaning lovingly.

“Hey, what’s going on in here??” a familiar voice suddenly came from the door, Hiroi and Raicha sticking their heads inside, seeing the collection of naked girls playing around.

“Fuck, the little girlies knows to have a good time! Wanna join ‘em, little slutty?” Raicha teased, Christy, crawling on hands and knees, appeared in the doorway, a knot attached to her collar, her dominatrix outfit still soaked as she saw the two new catgirls.

“F-first a hot amazon chick, then a petite bookworm, and now s-sex kittens...?” Christy managed to speak, Shirli and Sharla looking amazed at her.

“Sharla, she’s already in heat! Let’s fuck her, OK?? Ple-e-e-e-ease...??” Shirli pleaded, Sharla chuckling at the other catgirl.

“Christy, was it? Hey, we’ve fucked some cute girls today, and seeing a real dominatrix...” Sharla said, smiling smugly at Christy; “...I was wondering if you could borrow you for a little fucking?”

“To fuck two little catgirls until they meow for mercy? Hihih, I may be horny, but I as sure as fuck wouldn’t pass this up!”

As the flock of girls moved aside for Christy, she tossed herself unto the bed, Shirli and Sharla eagerly swarming over her, considering this an opportunity to really cut loose.

“Such hot leather; you really have a good taste in fetish outfits, you know” Sharla teased Christy, opening her full mouth, sucking on the blonde’s breasts, Shirli slowly inserting more and more of her hands into Christy’s pussy.

“OH! Oh, my goodness! N-not so deep inside me-e-e-e-e...!” Christy grit her teeth, looking around the girls in the room, finding all activity to have stopped, everyone looking at her as she was molested.

“Yes...oh, do me some more, girls! These chicks want to see me cum again and again...” Christy now spoke, her voice light, seductive and honest.

“Siriki, look at her! She’s even hornier than when she fucked Zyrah!” Chinyi giggled, Shirli and Sharla suddenly looking up.

“’Zyrah’? As in Zyrah Stardust? Staying here??” they both eagerly asked, Chinyi nodding.

“We hit the jackpot, sexy! That little cutie’s somewhere in this manor!” Sharla cheered, grinning at Christy.

“Since you’re a stripper, you might a fan of this little Zyrah lady, huh?” Sharla asked Christy, the blonde nodding eagerly.

“Ohohohoh! Sounds like we’re gonna have a foursome later! But, back to business; yours tits are calling for more, hot stuff...” Sharla now began sucking on Christy’s breasts anew.

“...Glorious...absolutely glorious...” Allisia stammered in awe as both Cassandra, Janice and Vanessa bared themselves to her.

“Such an offer...sure makes me feel like a goddess being offered virgin sacrifices...” Allisia joked, Janice chuckling.

“Hmm?” Allisia noticed as she heard a knock on the door; as the girls waited, Allisia got up and headed for the door.

“Jisha? To what do I owe the honour?” Allisia asked, surprised to see the small demonic girl stand nervously outside her door.

“Uhm, is Vanessa here? I kinda need to speak to her” Jisha said, Allisia nodding, gesturing Jisha inside.

“Wow! Who’s that lovely babe with the great tits??” Jisha exclaimed in awe, the girls’ eyes all turning to Janice, making her chuckle.

“I’m Janice, babe, a ‘friend’ of the little girlie here...” Janice smiled, pointing at Allisia.

“I heard you wanted to speak to me?” Vanessa said, chuckling to herself as she spotted the disappointed look in Janice’s eyes; no doubt she had set her eyes on Jisha.

“Oh, well, it’s kinda personal; can you come with me, just a second?” Jisha asked, Vanessa standing up, folding her wings and heading for the door with Jisha.

“I will be back in a moment” she spoke over her shoulder, closing the door behind her as Jisha and her now stood in the hallway outside Allisia’s room.

“Well, uhm, you see, my moms’ going on about me not having ‘realized’ what sort of magic I can do, or if I can even do magic...” Jisha blushed, Vanessa looking carefully at her.

“Mind if I use a spell? I can determine it better using magic” Vanessa asked, taken back as Jisha’s eyes lightened up.

“No! No, please don’t; you see...magic, makes me horny and want to fuck with the first girl I see...!” Jisha grit her teeth in embarrassment.

Chapter 51

Title: Chapter LI - The Magical Girl Chinyi-Chan

“NO-O-O-O-OH! NO, NO MORE! DON’T! NO-O-O-O-OH! OH, STOP! FOR FUCK’S SAKE, STO-O-O-O-O-OP!!!” Christy screamed to the limit of her lungs, her mouth drooling as Sharla joyfully penetrated her pussy with her tail, Shirli groping Christy from behind.

“As soon as she’s cum, you’re next, kitty!” Sharla winked at Shirli, the other catgirl grinning mischievously.

“NO! NO MORE! TAKE IT OUT, PLEASE! I WANNA SQUIRT IN YOUR MOUTH, YOU FUCKING SLUT!” Christy yelled out, Sharla happy for the suggestion, pulling out her tail, descending on Christy’s pussy, sucking again and again, hoping to receive a flood of the blonde’s cum.

“OH! OH, FOR FUCK’S-...OH-H-H-H-H! I’M CUMMI-I-I-I-I-I-ING!!!” Christy came loudly and forcefully, Sharla drinking as much of the blonde’s cum as she could, enjoying as the girly nectar dripped from her face and mask, combing her blonde hair with her fingers.

“I really dunno what’s best after all, Shirli; bathing in water to clean yourself...or be showered with hot chicks’ cum and fuck around in girly orgies with them...” Sharla grinned, Shirli purring teasingly as she rubbed Christy’s shoulder.

“Wanna know what’s crazy?” she teasingly asked Christy.

“W-what...what is?” Christy spoke lowly, beyond exhaustion from experiencing such a long orgasm.

“It’s crazy you’ve still got your cap sitting in place after the fuck we gave you!” Shirli laughed, Sharla joining in, Christy managing a low chuckle; these catgirls went beyond just having sex for fun; they revelled in it like no-one Christy had ever known to.

“So you’re saying she’s sensitive to magic and that she can’t use it, herself?” Shica asked Vanessa, the albino girl carefully observing Jisha as her mothers stood by and watched.

“No, I’m saying that there is a fairly good chance Jisha can use quite powerful magic, but due to her mixed shin’saras and demon blood, it takes some time for her body to become accustomed to those energies...” Vanessa corrected, picking up a can from her shelves.

“Here, try take a sniff at this; we’ll see if I’m correct in my theory” Vanessa now held a can, containing pepper, in front of Jisha’s nose.

“Hey, what’s that gonna-...” Jisha began, slowly beginning to feel her gaze fail, leaning her head backwards.

“Ah...ah...AH...AHCHU-U-U-UH!” Jisha exclaimed violently as she sneezed, Vanessa spotting exactly what she had hoped for; as Jisha sneezed, small ember-like sparks flew from her mouth, Vanessa eagerly writing down something on a notepad.

“As I suspected; Jiraz, Shica, it seems like your daughter’s speciality is to command the very fires of Hell from her mouth, allowing her to breathe a far more powerful flame than even dragons can...” Vanessa kept on writing, noting Jisha’s confused looks and heavy breathing.

“Takes from her mother, doesn’t it?” Jiraz smiled, Shica looking in surprise at Vanessa and her daughter.

“What? She can breathe fire?? Jiraz can do that, too” Shica said, Vanessa standing over by Jisha again.

“Jisha, mind taking off your shirt? I need to see something” Vanessa asked, Jisha blushing slightly.

“If you wanted to see my boobs you should just have said so” she joked, taking off her shirt as she was asked, Vanessa’s eyes opening slightly more than usually.

“Aha! I knew it! See those small, glowing markings on your left arm?” pointed with her pencil on Jisha’s arm, Jisha discovering small, glowing flame-like tattoos on her left forearm.

“Wow! How sweet is this??” Jisha grinned, liking her new tattoos a lot.

“See, try breathing in deeply, as if you were about to submerge under water” Vanessa said, Jisha doing just so.

“Now, see this pile of hay? Breathe in its direction” Vanessa pointed at a small haystack not three meters from Jisha; as she breathed out, red and orange flames engulfed the haystack in an inferno.

“Now, try thinking of yourself as if you were the flame itself; focus on becoming one with the fire” Vanessa said, Jisha trying to imagine herself as a large flame.

“JISHA!” both Jiraz and Shica screamed in panic as their daughter as if vanished in a large flare, emerging from the flame in the haystack.

“And, as I had suspected, she is not harmed by fire; very good...” Vanessa wrote down, looking to Jiraz and Shica; “...while you, Jiraz, can channel fire through your body alone, Jisha can control all forms of fire and merge with them to either move over vast distances, or, well, simply appear at many places at the same time.”

“How sweet is this just, moms? I can go anywhere with this! I knew I had it in me!” Jisha cheered as she stepped unharmed out of the flame, Jiraz and Shica looking in amazement at their daughter.

“Also, when it comes to Shica’s blood in you, I can foresee that you may grow some horns, and be able actually pass barriers sealed off by any magical means...” Vanessa wrote down, Jisha and her mothers looking in amazement at Vanessa.

“What? It was only a simple testing of Jisha’s future abilities...” looked at them; “...I’m glad to have helped, but I have to get back to Allisia and the other girls.”

“Sure! We’ll be talking to Jisha about these new things she’s going through” Shica nodded, Jiraz looking proudly at her girlfriend and their daughter.

“You had these accursed things on you all this time??” Allisia gritted her teeth, Janice surprised at the azure-haired girl’s anger as she held a small leather pouch filled with elfglow leaves.

“But, but they’re really good to use during sex! You become all horny and wet, and-...” Janice tried defending herself, Allisia sighing, allowing herself a sarcastic smile.

“Well, I should not hold a grudge towards something as simple as leaves...” Allisia now headed over towards Janice, Cassandra and Janice both shocked as Allisia pushed Janice into the bed, taking a handful of leaves, putting them into her mouth, leaning down and kissing Janice as passionately as she could, pressing the leaves into Janice’s moaning mouth.

“Let’s see how much of a harlot you’ll become now, little Janice...” Allisia chuckled mockingly, Janice squirming as she swallowed the leaves, already feeling the mint-like taste and the arousal as they entered her system.

“Once you come in heat, there is no telling how we can excite you...” Allisia said, smiling dangerously; “...can you feel it? The helplessness rushing over you?”

“I...I really don’t mind it; as long as it’s you girls I’m sure I’m gonna like it!” Janice grinned, her face twisting as the leaves began to spread their effect.

“Cassandra, would you mind getting Faris and Chinyi...” Allisia said, leaning down at Janice, slowly undressing her and whispering in her ear; “...I think Janice ought to try a mud bath.”

“Geez, I’m so terrified...” Janice snapped back sarcastically, Allisia smiling menacingly.

“I never said how many would join you...” Allisia mentioned, Janice raising an eyebrow.

“Sweet! I’m getting down and dirty with some little cutie or hot bombshell!” she grinned widely, feeling the desire burning in her as both the thought of fooling around with the maids and the elfglow leaves had their effect.

“Oh, how I’d love to stay and watch this...” Faris chuckled heartily, gesturing Chinyi to follow her out of Vinya’s room; “...but I’ve got orders from Allisia to take Chinyi here to the dungeons.”

“Oh? I, I did something bad?” Chinyi wondered, Faris sending her a wicked grin.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there all the time to see you get molested...” she teased, Chinyi following her out of the room.

“Hmm, a few Nightwind girls, a half dozen shin’sari maids, and a wet and willing blonde...” Sharla said as she sat on Christy’s face, pondering; “...hey, girls, mind if we take this to the dungeons, instead?”

“Nope, not at all! I gotta clean my room up, anyway...” Vinya said, Shirli and Sharla looking in pity at her.

“We can help getting that done! Fuck, we’ve just been using your room for a fuck-fest, so it’s only fair to help clean it up” Sharla said, Vinya smiling gratefully.

“I’ll help clean up, but I gotta go after that; I’ve got so much pussy from before that I’m about to collapse...” Siriki managed a smirk, her eyes barely focusing as they kept closing, Siriki feeling dead tired.

“It’s OK, Siriki, go back to your room and get some rest...” Rachel said, rustling Narru’s white-blonde hair; “...I think Narru and I can handle this.”

“Here she is, Chinyi; I think you’ll be happily surprised once I show you her secret...” Allisia said, Chinyi and Faris following her towards Janice, the warrior babe not really capable of moving anywhere.

“You’re such a bitch, Allisia...I kinda like it...” Janice chuckled, Chinyi far too occupied to pay any attention as she looked closer at Janice; as she moved her head a bit, Chinyi saw pointy, slightly up-tight ears under the thick mane of red hair.

“WHAT?? And you didn’t show me before??” Chinyi exclaimed in a mix of awe and confusion, seeing the newly-discovered elf Janice strapped out in arms and legs in steel chains over the mud pit, Chinyi’s fantasy of sucking elf girls’ ears, especially such a gorgeous one, emerging like a roaring desire.

“Hey, if I’d said I was an elf before, you’d had fucked my damn tits off, you cutie-pie...” Janice teased, Faris standing beside Chinyi, chuckling at them both.

“I’d love getting down and dirty with you, Janice...” she winked teasingly at Chinyi; “...also, maybe Chinyi’s too young to really know what a real hot chick wants from her.”

“’Too young’?? That’s it!” Chinyi suddenly smirked confidently, pointing dramatically at Janice.

“TODAY, I, CHINYI-CHAN, WILL PUNISH THE EVIL ELF GIRL AND TAKE HER TO HEAVEN AND BACK AGAIN!” she exclaimed comically, Faris holding herself to her sides, Janice squirming in the chains from laughter.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh my Gods, you’re adorable, Chinyi...” Janice panted out, smirking at the pink-haired girl; “ pussy’s getting all moist for you; I want some of that Chinyi-chan lovin’ you’ve got in store for me!”

“All right, you’ve asked for it!” Chinyi laughed in what she thought to be a seductive way, holding her hands out; blue light began to glow from her palms, her normal outfit suddenly disappearing in a column of white light; as a new sort of outfit began wrapping itself around her, Chinyi now found herself dressed on corset, panties, thigh-boots and elbow-long gloves of shrieking, pink latex, fluffy white silk trims decorating both boots, gloves and the top of the corset.

“Magical Girl Chinyi-Chan set to go!” Chinyi exclaimed happily, cheering as she jumped unto the surprised and still-laughing Janice.

“F-Faris...I need some support; I’m about to bust a gut...!” Allisia held to her side, gasping from her laughing at Chinyi’s silly magical girl role-play; sitting down with the warrior girl, Faris could not help but to grin, herself, Chinyi looking so adorably cute in her new outfit.

Chapter 52

Title: Chapter LIII - Shirli & Sharla: The Irresistable Catgirls

“Wow; quite amazing!” Cassandra gasped in awe, seeing Vanessa’s laboratory in action; having turned on some instruments she had never seen, Vanessa’s knowledge of them amazed Cassandra, the albino girl equipping herself with two solid-looking leather gloves studded with metal plates, walking towards what looked like a forge.

“Breeze, mind handing me that small pouch, please?” Vanessa asked, strapping on two large, solid goggles, Cassandra surprised to see Breeze the griffon walk around, taking a small leather pouch in her beak, putting it on Vanessa’s forge.

“I’ll be going now, Miss Vanessa; I do miss my mistresses...” Breeze bowed her head in respect, Vanessa smiling as the griffon ran for the door, heading upstairs.

“It sure feels kinky, but for fuck’s sake it’s hard to get off...!” Janice snarled as she stood under the shower with Chinyi, the mud falling off them both in cascades.
“It was really funny! Your titties are really big, Janice!” Chinyi chuckled happily, Janice smilingly folding her hands, collecting some water from the showerhead, splashing Chinyi with it.

“What was that? I think you’re still a bit dirty here...” Janice teased Chinyi, letting a finger caress under Chinyi’s armpits, the pink-haired girl beginning to giggle as Janice tickled her.

“Or here? Or-r-r-r here? Oh, wait! It was here!” Janice amused herself by tickling the adorable, crazy little girl, really hoping to have her, Siriki, Rachel and the other younger girls all to herself as soon as possible.

“You are cruel indeed, Faris...” Allisia shoke her head outside the showers, Faris showing Allisia a camera on which she had taken a film during Chinyi and Janice’s romp.

“I’m gonna use this to get off, tonight...” Faris smirked evilly; “...I really can’t decide who’s best; that crazy little kitty, or the big-titted redhead.”

“My, you must enjoy yourself on film, then...” Allisia joked, Faris pondering about the joke for a few moments, Allisia grinning as Faris made it look like her facial expression twisted in awkward forms as she thought.

“...Are you implying I have big tits...??” Faris loudly asked Allisia, the warrior girl not in doubt that it was simply for fun.

“I didn’t imply anything; I stated a fact...” Allisia said, Faris’ fake aggressive face faltering as she giggled.

“Allisia, you don’t know it, but you could make every girl fall for you...” Faris snickered as she headed upstairs, Allisia staying behind, looking into the showers; as Janice and Chinyi were both fooling around, laughing so loudly it echoed in the showers, Allisia closed her eyes, sighed happily, heading for the stairs.

“NO! I CAN’T CUM ANYMORE!” Christy pleaded as Shirli and Sharla had no intention to let go of their prey, their almost freakish obsession with the screaming Christy having made the other girls leave, Shirli and Sharla not minding.

“What are you doing to my stripper??” Narrisha suddenly emerged from a nearby wall, Shirli and Sharla stopping their wild sex game in shock as the vampire girl did not look too amused.

“Mi-mistress, they just won’t quit! I’ve cum, like, sixteen times, and they still don’t quit!” Christy pleaded her mistress, Narrisha’s blue eyes focusing on Shirli and Sharla.

“Sex kittens or not, you should know your limits...” she said slightly strictly, Shirli and Sharla quite nervous, having never been interrupted before.

“Get up and go take a shower, Christy...” Narrisha helped the blonde up, smiling at her; “...we can’t have our little bombshell out of juice, now can we?”

“I’m gonna think of that next time I ram a strap-on in your ass, Narrisha...!” Christy shoke her head, smiling to herself as she headed for the showers, Narrisha looking at Shirli and Sharla.

“If you are to stay here, you need to remember this...” she leaned down on one knee; “...if you’re in such a sexual frenzy as you get, come to me; hey, most of the other girls are humans, they can’t take as much as I can.”

“So we can fuck you, now??” Shirli asked eagerly, she and Sharla sitting politely down at Narrisha’s feet, the vampire girl grinning.

“Shirli and Sharla, you can stay as long as you want and fuck as much you long as you know where the line is drawn..!” Narrisha said strictly, Shirli and Sharla eagerly nodding.

“Now...” Narrisha said, gesturing towards the stair; “...we are off for my private chambers, ladies...”

“Were this what you hoped for, huh? Does it feel good actually getting some pleasure instead of just giving it??” Narrisha teased Shirli and Sharla, both catgirls finding Narrisha to be quite a passionate girl, having thrown them both down on her bed with their butts in the air, Narrisha eagerly caressing their pussies

“UHM! Sharla, this chick’s good! No wonder she’s the mistress!” Shirli smirked, suddenly feeling Narrisha insert her finger deeper into her pussy.

“What was that? Did I say you could speak? All I wanna hear from you two little sex kittens are moans and screams! Now admit it! You love this, don’t you?!” Narrisha snarled strictly, Shirli and Sharla fighting to hold their chuckles back, moaning instead as they really did enjoy it.

“Your little pussies look so small and innocent, but you’re really just two hot, dirty and naughty sluts, aren’t you?” Narrisha smirked to herself, Sharla surprised as she suddenly felt Shirli landing on her back, Narrisha looking seductively at them.

“Turn around, Sharla; your little kitty friend seems like she wants to hump you...” Narrisha teased, Sharla turning around, finding Shirli to look passionately into her eyes, zipping down the top of Sharla’s outfit and slurping on her breasts.

“Here, kitty kitties; this ought to get your set in heat!” Narrisha suddenly exclaimed from behind, Shirli and Sharla finding a strap-on sliding its way up both their thighs, the strap-on rubbing itself against their thongs.

“You figured it, babes; I’m gonna fuck the both of you at the same time...” Narrisha said, winking at them; “...and you can talk now; sorry if I was a little mean before.”

“It’s alright, Miss Narrisha! We’re bad kitties!” Shirli smiled smugly over her shoulder, Narrisha grinning as she saw Sharla’s arm raise up, her thumb facing upward.

“Oh, and I do love punishing bad girls...” Narrisha smiled to herself, beginning to thrust the strap-on between Shirli and Sharla’s thighs, both of them feeling the strap-on rub against their pussies, loving to be molested by this vampire girl.

“OK, what’s this about, Allisia? I was just gonna hump some more with Chinyi...” Janice asked, Allisia and her standing in front of a door on the fifth floor of the manor, Allisia looking forward to show Janice her new room at the manor, as well as her welcoming present.

“Firstly, I wanted to show you your room...” Allisia smiled, gesturing at the door; “...secondly, I’ve prepared something for you...and no, it’s not a willing and lustful maid tied up with ribbons...”

“Dang it!” Janice joked, Allisia opening the door to Janice’s room for her, the redhead gasping girlishly in awe and joy; the room were comfortably dark because of the large velvet curtains, the furniture fashioned from polished dark oak tree, a large double bed on a huge platform filling out an entire wall, the bed sheets looking exactly the same as the velvet curtains; finally, in front of the platform to the bed, a fuzzy brown bear rug lay stretched out, Janice feeling as if her knees shoke in awe.

“Allisia,’s beyond fucking awesome! It’s just...” Janice fought to find the right word, stepping into her room, bursting into laughter in joy, heading up the platform to the bed, throwing herself in, rolling around as she laughed, cuddling one of her pillows.

“I’m glad you like it; the room was large enough, but I added the furniture...” Vanessa suddenly appeared in a glimpse of blue light, holding a long, oblong package in her hands.

“Perfect timing, Vanessa...” Allisia nodded at the albino, the two of them heading up to Janice as she was tripping off her clothes, cuddling herself in her new bed.

“Janice, you and I are both warriors, and I haven’t really seen you wield a weapon yet...” Allisia raised an eyebrow, Janice looking surprised.

“So, I asked Vanessa to get this ‘fixed’ for you; I forged the steel, though...” Allisia said, Vanessa handing the package to Janice as she eagerly grabbed it, smiling as she felt something hard under the brown paper.

“This is kinda promising...” Janice smirked, ripping off the brown paper, revealing a large, oblong, black and red wooden box, with elven carvings clearly cut into the wood.

“Go ahead; open it...” Vanessa encouraged, Janice not needing to hear that twice; as both Vanessa and Allisia were both curious about Janice’s reaction, she lifted the box’s lid.

“OH MY GODS!” Janice exclaimed in amazement, seeing the large falchion Vanessa and Allisia had made for her; most of it were shining as if made of liquid silver, and two rubies, one small sitting in the cross guard, and one larger in the pommel, and polished red leather straps covered the grip.

“I enchanted it to be unbreakable as well as magical; it can cut through solid steel and rock as if it were paper” Vanessa said, Allisia and her both smiling at each other; somehow, they both felt silly about feeling the other had done most of the work.

“But, in basic, it is forged in Valdannian steel” Allisia mentioned, Janice slowly lifting the blade up, feeling to be light and letting her twirl around in small circles as she pleased.

“I’ve got to hand it to you, Allisia; Valdannian steel is rare outside Valdannia” Vanessa said, Allisia smiling satisfied.

“Oh, girls, this baby and I are gonna fit perfectly together! She’s a real beauty...” Janice smiled at her falchion, loving it, and her new room, with all her heart.

“I swear, I’m not just gonna stay here a few weeks, I’m gonna stay here for good!” Janice smiled as she caressed the falchion’s edge carefully; “you girls are not just cute, sexy and sex-appealing as Hell; I really love you girls for all this!”

“Oh-h-h-h, I’m beginning to feel all mushy now...” Vanessa blushed, folding her wings around herself.

“I’ve kinda wondered, Vanessa...” Janice teased; “...don’t those wings get in the way when you’re showering?”

“Not really, I remember to wash them as well as the rest of my body...” Vanessa said, smirking to herself; “...and if there’s a spot I can’t reach, I can fold my tail around the showerhead and clean myself everywhere.”

“Is there a thing your tail can’t do?” Janice giggled, Vanessa pretending to be pondering the question.

“Nothing, really; I think it sort of serves as a third arm...” Vanessa said, stroking her tail gently, tickling the small fins at the tip; “...trouble is, the tip is just as sensitive as my armpits, and I’m sort of...ticklish...”

“Vanessa, for one so smart, that really was not clever to say...” Allisia shoke her head, smiling.

“Why is tha-...?” Vanessa were about to ask, Allisia gesturing with her thumb over towards Janice, the redhead slowly sneaking out of bed and heading for Vanessa.

“I really don’t believe you Jani-...!” Vanessa were about to laugh, suddenly finding the cheering Janice behind her, grabbing around Vanessa’s waist, Vanessa being lifted up and towards the bed, feeling herself blush as Janice crawled over her.

“So, you’re a little ticklish, huh? Well, here’s to you, then!” Janice grinned, letting her fingers under Vanessa’s armpits, the albino girl cuddling herself together as she began to giggle.

“While you two are cuddling a bit, I need to go now; I’ve been neglecting my training a lot...” Allisia smirked, the image of the childishly laughing Janice jumping into her new bed with such cheer as if plastered to Allisia’s mind.

“You’re so boring, Allisia...” Janice snickered, her eyes widening as Vanessa’s clawed hand reached for her mouth, pulling her back into the bed.

“You better make this worth it, little amazon; I’m sacrificing important, scientific studies to pleasure you...” Vanessa teased.

“MORE! MORE! DON’T EVER STOP THI-I-I-I-IS!” Shirli yelled out, her and Sharla finding themselves victims of one of Narrisha’s most devious devices: Steel shackles around their wrists and ankles held them with their heads down from the ceiling of Narrisha’s room, the vampire girl amazed as Shirli and Sharla had cum more times than even the most erotic of the Nightwind girls.

“I know it should be kinky, but...” Narrisha stroke Sharla’s head; “...seeing you so’re just too adorable...”

Glad she wore her latex gloves, Narrisha looked smilingly at Shirli and Sharla; what remained of their outfits lay on Narrisha’s bed, just as soaked in cum as the two catgirls; Narrisha could not help but to try to spot a single piece of their bodies not covered in woman nectars, chuckling as Shirli let out her long tongue to lick her over-flooding breasts of their milk and her cum.

“I still can’t believe you can squirt out milk, as well...” Narrisha said in awe, Shirli simply moaning happily, Sharla squirming as she tried to hold back her orgasm from the vibrator Narrisha had stuck deeply into her vagina.

“I have to hand it to you two; not even at the orgies we have sometimes, I’ve not seen any girl cum this much...” Narrisha said, grinning at the catgirls; “ weren’t kidding when you said you were little sex kittens!”

“Narrisha, c-can you help me cum again? I wanna feel a tongue in me...!” Sharla pleaded as she grit her teeth, small drips of cum landing on Narrisha’s flooded bed.

“Well, I’m just glad Vanessa’s around, otherwise I doubt any maid could clean this up...” Narrisha shrugged, slowly stepping onto her bed, amused to see how Shirli and Sharla’s breasts bounced and the way the two catgirls were simply so cute covered in their own love fluids.

“Hmm, maybe we could try this one...” Narrisha mumbled, snapping her fingers as a dildo appeared in a blue light; “’s really just an experimental toy, but, supposedly, it’s hollowed out so that when I come, I’ll spray my love juice in your horny little faces!”

“So you also feel good when you cum? Oh, I’ve gotta try this!” Shirli smirked, Narrisha laughing amused as Shirli made thrusting movements towards her, swinging back and forth in the shackles.

“I haven’t forgotten you, Sharla...” Narrisha smirked, holding up her hand and thrusting the vibrator further into Sharla’s vagina, the catgirl screaming joyfully.

“YEAH! NARRISHA, FUCK ME LIKE THAT! YEAH! YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH! I LOVE I-I-I-I-I-IT!” Sharla yelled out as she came, Narrisha removing the vibrator, receiving a minor cascade of the catgirl’s cum, tasting its’ honey-like sweetness.

“Really, I cannot help but ask; what would I need these shackles for, anyway?” Narrisha smirked to herself, feeling like showing these two catgirls just how powerful she had become after sharing a kiss with Vanessa.

“Huh?!” Shirli exclaimed in shock as the shackles holding her vanished in thin air along with Sharla’s; expecting to fall, the two catgirls found themselves hanging in the air, Narrisha standing under them with glowing, blue eyes, grinning amused.

“Let’s make this a little more interesting...” Narrisha said, holding up her hand, Shirli feeling herself as if flying towards Narrisha, the vampire girl thrusting the dildo into her pussy.

“Wow! I don’t recall any time we’ve fucked with magic included!” Sharla chuckled, Narrisha winking at her.

“Maybe you can ask your mistress to try it out when you get back home; for now...” Narrisha said, revealing her fangs as she grinned; “...I have a blonde little wench to deal with!”

Looking at Sharla’s exhausted face, Narrisha could not help but chuckle.

“Sharla, let her lick your pussy; Shirli, you’re mine...!” Narrisha hissed in anticipation, thrusting the dildo into Shirli’s pussy, the catgirl moaning lovingly.

“I want to see how you look when you’re drowning in pleasure, little kitty, and don’t you worry...” Narrisha teased, leaning over Shirli and kissing her; “...I know mouth-to-mouth!”

“Things sure got boring when those cat chicks arrived; now every Nightwind girl wanna fuck them...” Jiraz commented, her and Shica sitting in their room, Shica reading a yuri magazine and Jiraz adjusting her guitar.

“You’ll see; soon there will be maids lying panting around every corner...” Shica remarked, smiling under her breathe.

“Yeah, you’re properly right...but I dunno if it’s so wise keeping them here; if their mistress comes along to look after them, Narrisha will have real trouble explaining why they didn’t come home again...” Jiraz mentioned, striking a deep tone in her guitar strings to mark her point.

“You worry too much, sweet stuff...” Shica grinned, putting down the magazine, folding her legs and leaning her head on them, folding her arms around her legs; “...can’t we talk about something else?”

“Well, I got a question for you, actually...” Jiraz said, putting down her guitar; “ that Jisha’s running around trying out her now powers, I had an idea.”

“Hmm? Go ahead; tell me!” Shica said, Jiraz smirking, standing up and heading towards Shica.

“Lie down on the bed and close your eyes...” she asked, Shica smirking as she had the feeling Jiraz had no innocent thoughts for her.

“Now wait just a moment...” Jiraz asked, Shica lying with closed eyes on the bed just as her girlfriend had asked her, Jiraz slowly leaning over her.

“OK, you can look now...” Jiraz snickered, Shica opening her eyes, finding Jiraz lying over her with spread-out wings, her tail caressing Shica’s inner thighs.

“I wanna try and kiss you while you cum; I wanna hear just how much noise you make” Jiraz teased, Shica grinning as their lips closed, Jiraz’s tail descending under Shica’s skirt.

“This is really just the life...” Kiro moaned happily, stretching out as her and Jiki had gone to the pools, relaxing in the warm water, enjoying their fruit drinks.

“Yeah, it feels as if you’re on the beach, and in reality, you’re just inside and feeling the atmosphere...” Jiki said, looking at two maids sitting opposite them, giggling.

“What’s so funny?” Jiki asked, the maids’ giggling growing in volume.

“I think it’s because we’re actually wearing swimsuits...” Kiro could not help but joke, Jiki looking confused at her.

“We shouldn’t bathe naked...should we?” Jiki asked, Kiro looking up at her.

“Jiki, we’re the second couple they have staying here, and besides, Shica and Jiraz are far more ‘interesting’ to them...” Kiro said, winking at Jiki.

“You’ve studied the locals’ culture, huh?” Jiki teased, Kiro responding by turning her back to Jiki, pointing at her swimsuit.

“This can’t be real! N-not there...!” a nurse screamed out loud, the hospital of the manor invaded by the shin’saras maids, the curious elf girls eagerly playing around with the nurses, their pink latex uniforms lying all across the hospital, the nurses interrupted in their daily, boring routine.

“You human girls are so frisky...” a maid snickered as she stuck her head between a green-haired nurse’s breasts, the nurse grinning at her.

“They’re so yummy! It’s like a lovely pillow I can cuddle into!” the maid squealed happily, the nurse pushing her head in further, using the opportunity to reach out, spanking the maid’s butt.

“OK, girls! I think these little elf chicks are OK! Let’s make their night!” the nurse cried out; as the other nurses heard her, they could barely reply, many of them already giving in to the cute elf girls.

“Damn! And I thought I was the only one who wanted some cute nurse pussy!” Minyoki mumbled, hiding under a nearby desk, grinned teasingly as she looked up at the nurse who sat at the desk, Minyoki happily licking her tongue against the folds of the nurse’s panties.

“L-less talk, more fuck! Stick that tongue in again, you little-...!” the nurse desperately hissed, pushing Minyoki’s head in deeper, Minyoki having already given her several minor orgasms, gladly trying to give her another, hopefully larger one.

“HAH! HAH! HAH! OH, FU-U-U-UCK! I, I CAN FEEL YOU...IN MY PUSSY!” Shirli yelled out, grinning as she continued her work on Sharla’s pussy, Narrisha still thrusting the dildo into Shirli’s vagina, slowly putting both of them down on the bed.

“You’re such a little hottie; come here...!” Narrisha whispered at Shirli, leaning over her and greedily sucking on her breasts, finding both Shirli’s and Sharla’s to be at least the size of Mirinda’s.

“I, I can feel you in me, Narrisha; you’re-...!” Shirli tried to smile at the vampire girl, but the pleasure got to her, and she leaned her head back down, screaming in joy.

“Bad kitty! My pussy’s moist for you to lick, Shirli! Get to it, you little whore!” Sharla snarled playfully at Shirli, the other catgirl chuckling as she snatched her lips around Sharla’s pussy, sucking loudly on them, bending the lips outside out in her eager and her fingers held them outside as her tongue assaulted Sharla’s g-spot.

“Concentrate...focus on the stump...” Allisia advised Ukuni, her, Siriki, Chinyi, Narru and Rachel having joined Allisia in her room, joining Allisia in her material arts training, Ukuni having borrowed a sturdy steel sword from Allisia, cleaving stump after stump of wood.

“HI-I-I-I-I-I-I-YA-A-A-A-A-AH!” Ukuni yelled out as she struck out, the metal of the sword cleaving easily through the softer tree stump, Ukuni sweating and panting from concentration and exhaustion from the cut.

“Beautiful; it cut right with the veins this time...” Allisia said as she examined the remains of the stump, feeling more comfortable in her karate-like white uniform than either in her armour or the other girls’ crazy idea as for leather of latex outfits.

“O-O-O-O-O-O-OH!!!” Shirli screamed out loud, Narrisha joining in as the both of them came, feeling each others’ orgasm flow through the hollowed-out dildo, Narrisha pulling quickly back, the small micro-sensors in the dildo attuning to her nerves, her orgasm gushing out into the surprised Shirli’s face, the catgirl grinning as she licked her mouth clean, shaking her head and looking in adoration at Narrisha.

“You came all over me! You’re just as good as Mistress Hyracha, aren’t she, Sharla??” Shirli eagerly purred for Narrisha, Sharla’s response being that of an irritated grunt as Shirli had stopped licking her pussy.

“Hihih, thanks, Shirli; now, I’ll let you two use my bed, and put on a little show for me...” Narrisha grinned from ear to ear, snapping her fingers, Shirli and Sharla feeling as if something loosened from their arms and legs.

“Shirli, you cheating little cunt! My pussy’s about to burst! Get that tongue in me-e-e-e!” Sharla hissed between her gritted teeth, baring her pussy to Shirli, the cheerful catgirl joyfully slurping hungrily on Sharla’s pussy.

“If I were ever lost in a desert with one thing to drink, it’d be pussy...” Shirli chuckled, Sharla grinning at nodding at her.

“Same here...with you and a harem of lovely amazon chicks! Hell, we’d never die of thirst!” Sharla laughed, pressing Shirli’s head further down.

“I kinda like it, although you’re a little passive...” Janice moaned slowly as Vanessa caressed her neck, the albino girl’s lips forming into a smile.

“Little Janice, while you were out fornicating with all the little Nightwind girls, I’m experimenting for the good of the manor; I can’t do two jobs at one time...” Vanessa said, Janice pondering over what Vanessa said.

“But really, you ought to get some real pussy! Mine’s a bit exotic, so maybe...” Janice grinned, her lips forming into a devious grin; “...maybe you should try letting Mirinda or Christy fuck you! Mirinda’s hardcore and funny, and Christy’s a real little teaser...” Janice snickered, Vanessa’s eyes flashing red as she got a devious thought, herself.

“What of those two newcomers, Shirli and Sharla? What do you think of them?” she asked Janice, the redhead moaning as Vanessa’s hands reached down to her thighs.

“They’re both huntresses and sex kittens; they’ve fucked more girls than I’d ever dream of, and fuck, they’ve even been banged senseless by the empress’ Scarlet Sisterhood!” Janice grinned to herself, suddenly feeling Vanessa’s hands stop.

“They...have...what...??” Vanessa’s surprised voice came like a whisper behind Janice, the redhead turning around to see the albino girl sit with her jaw opened slightly, her face filled with misbelieve, Janice laughing loudly at the comical look.

“Yes, they have! You see, I read alotta yuri hentai, and I once found a section with them in it, and it wrote it was based on real events!” Janice said, looking at Vanessa.

“Say, when you decorated my room, did you remember a small red leather briefcase? I’ve got my magazines in it” Janice asked, Vanessa simply nodding, pointing under a nearby table.

“Stay here, I’ll show you!” Janice winked, jumping up from her bed to get the briefcase, spotting it under the desk, opening it and browsing through her neatly sorted yuri magazines.

“AH! There we go!” Janice said, grabbing a magazine and jumping back to the bed, Vanessa finding the name ‘Naughty Lez Kittis Volume 13’ in front of her as Janice beamed like a ray of sunlight.

“Let me see...” Vanessa said, flipping through the pages, seeing various yuri scenes with catgirls, and even well-drawn, stopping at page 43...

“That, that can’t be right...or, can it...?” Vanessa mumbled in wonder, looking through pages, seeing Shirli and Sharla in the company of what seemed like a hundred ravishing, sweating, scantily-armoured shin’sari women, the two catgirls being ravished, molested and right out gangbanged by the horny elf girls, their looks and cries of enjoyment, as well as Shirli and Sharla’s, clearly marked with the text bubbles and exclamations on the page.

“See? I told you they were real sex kittens!” Janice grinned over Vanessa’s shoulder.

“That armour...its, its symbol is that of the Scarlet Sisterhood, Empress Shinris’ Elite Guard! Gods, did they...oh dear...” Vanessa began to look in shock, Janice surprised as she heard Vanessa lowly chuckle.

“So...eheheheh...those little kitties staying here...they’re actually this ‘famous’...? Heheheh! Oh my Gods; they sure are popular with the ladies, huh?” Vanessa could not help herself but laugh, Janice joining in as they both lay down, looking through the magazine.

“MORE! MORE! You’ve always loved an audience, haven’t you?” Shirli teased Sharla, the two catgirls’ almost endless, euphoric lovemaking and near insane lovemaking having broken all self-control Narrisha had, the vampire girl masturbating openly at the catgirls, her cum mixing with their own during their romp.

“ ever cosplayed as anything else than catgirls??” she panted out, Shirli shallowing a bit of Sharla’s cum, winking over to the vampire girl.

“Of course! Nuns, nurses, schoolgirls, all in glorious latex! But we kinda like catgirls the best!” Shirli grinned, returning to business as Sharla pushed Shirli’s head back into her pussy, Sharla’s irises bending upwards in pure ecstasy.

“IT’S...SO...GOOD! She’s like a little, pussy-drinking leech! LICK HARDER, SHIRLI! I’M, I’M GONNA...I’M GONNA CUM! GET READY FOR A PUSSY-SHOWER!” Sharla screamed to the top of her lungs, Shirli’s greedy hands reaching out, groping Sharla’s breasts, Sharla loving the hot feeling of her partner’s latex gloves molesting her breasts so lustfully.

“Seeing as I don’t have my adamantine armour anymore, and that my old suits are starting to gather up dust...” Allisia said to herself, sitting down at her desk, a lamp lit as she drew concepts for a new suit of armour; “...I’d better make this one the best, and only one I’ll need in the future.”

“Wow! It looks like valkyrie armour!” Chinyi gasped in surprise and awe, the girls admiring Allisia’s collection, which seemed like a museum of old arms and armour to them rather than anything that could be used today.

“’Val’-what armour?” Allisia asked, Siriki and Chinyi eagerly telling Allisia of the old stories of the warrior-women that carried the fallen from the world of the living to the afterlife, Rachel claiming to have read about them in a book on old mythologies once.

“Do you have any pictures, by chance?” Allisia asked, Chinyi looking at the other girls.
“I don’t think so; we’d better ask Mirinda” she shrugged, grinning as Allisia almost bolted from her chair, grabbing a house coat and gesturing the girls to follow her.

“I...I admit’ve won; I can’t squirt anymore...” Narrisha smiled at Shirli and Sharla, the two catgirls lying on each side of her on Narrisha’s bed, having given Narrisha what they considered a special honour: To see them without their latex bodysuits and masks, Narrisha finding them both adorable, as well as loving to fondle their massive breasts.

“So we’ve outdone a vampire girl? Hihih! Score one for the blonde kitties, Sharla!” Shirli grinned, Sharla licking Narrisha’s cheek playfully.

“Now we’ve fucked 317 schoolgirls, 242 nurses, 451 random little girlies, 103 shin’sari chicks, and our mistress Hyracha, a demonic deity, over 671 times...” Sharla counted on her fingers, sighing happily; “...and you, little Narrisha Nightwind, you’re the 1730th girl we’ve fucked!”

“D-do you keep a record??” Narrisha panted out in surprise, laughing out, Shirli and Sharla chuckling at her; Narrisha and her Nightwind maids were quite different from their nymphomanic mistress and her horny harem of chicks Shirli and Sharla often had found themselves having near constant sex with.

“But, hey, if we can be serious for a moment, Narrisha...” Sharla now said, Narrisha looking up; “...there’s four girls here that we can’t fuck, right? Those little goody-two-shoes girlfriends Jiki and Kiro, and those hot girlfriends Shica and Jiraz...” Sharla asked, Narrisha nodding.

“It wouldn’t be fair if you fucked with them, you know; I mean, how would you react if some dominatrix came over and began sucking on Sharla’s breasts, all of a sudden?” Narrisha asked, the two catgirls sharing looks, beginning to laugh.

“I’d ask her to move aside and let her fuck us both!” Sharla grinned, rustling the meowing Shirli’s hair.

“That’s not what I meant! Jiraz and Shica loves each other, and so does Jiki and Kiro, and it’s not really fair to risk ruining a relationship because of-...” Narrisha tried to explain, Sharla holding a hand to her mouth, the catgirl winking.

“We get it, Narrisha; don’t worry...” Shirli nodded so eagerly her head almost looked like a comical blurr, Narrisha feeling herself unable to help but smile; maybe these here catgirls were not simply vixens...but really caring vixens.

“You know the price to pay if you want to borrow books, Allisia...” Mirinda teased, the blonde elf girl sitting on her chair, letting her feet rest on the desk as Allisia and the other girls scanned the library.

“I’m aware of it, yes, but I will need to see if you have it, first...” Allisia said over her shoulder, sighing as she found Mirinda’s demand of a ‘payment’ in the form of having the girls suck on her breasts to be quite ridiculous, if not a little funny.

“I found it! I found it!” Narru yelled from under a pile of books, Siriki running over and helping her out, Narru reaching behind her back, scratching it wildly.

“What the heck was there in that book?? It feels like itching powder...!” Narru gritted her teeth in frustration, Chinyi grinning as Siriki and Rachel tried reaching out for Narru to help her.

“Huh? What is it?” Chinyi suddenly noticed, Allisia holding a hand to her mouth, snickering uncontrollably.

“’s just that...I got the image of hiding that powder in Christy’s stage outfits; what a show it would make...!” Allisia tried to keep herself calm, the other girls, with the exception of the still-scratching Narru laughing out loud; when Allisia, although rarely, had a funny idea and joke, it was guaranteed to have the girls howling with laughter.

“Vanessa, what do you mean with ‘enchanted’??” Janice asked in confusion, Vanessa handing her a yuri comic with a theme about a girl being ravished by a succubus at a temple during a bright summer night.

“Oh, you will see...” Vanessa said, trying her best not to grin, Janice looking sourly at the first page of the comic.

“Why’s the main chick all blurred out?” Janice asked, Vanessa holding both hands over her mouth not to laugh.

“OK, let me read it, then...” Janice shrugged, looking through the comic, her eyes widening as she read the text, looking as the main character’s figure took form in the comic, Janice read:

“’Janice turns around, seeing the elf woman crack her whip, tossing Janice unto the bed, jumping on her and starting to molest Janice vulgarly...’” Janice read up, finding it to be an exact copy of herself drawn on the comic’s pages.

“Well, what do you think?” Vanessa asked, Janice unable to decide to yell at Vanessa for including her in a yuri porn, or to hug the albino girl for the exact same reason.

“There’s more...” Vanessa said, gesturing for the comic, flicking her wrist, making the comic fly out of Janice’s hand, Vanessa snapping her finger, a pencil appearing in a flash of blue light as she wrote something in the comic.

“Here you are!” Vanessa grinned, throwing the comic back to Janice, who opened it again, not believing her eyes as she saw another change; instead of a black-haired elf girl, one of her all-time favourite yuri girls had replaced her, Janice reading up, Vanessa noticing that she was drooling:

“’Carrea loves the taste of Janice’s pussy, drinking gallons of it over a few minutes, Janice’s climax approach...’” Janice read up, seeing the aquamarine-haired demon girl in her trademark purple and golden latex outfit rub her pussy into ‘Janice’s own, the two of them screaming at each other for more.

“Vanessa,’ve made a comic that-...!” Janice tried to put words into how she felt, Vanessa folding her legs, shrugging as she caressed her tail and stroke her wings.

“I had a feeling you would like it, I didn’t think you would mind seeing yourself in an erotic yuri comedy...” Vanessa said, Janice starting to grin, her grinning turning to laughter.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Oh, this baby’s going under my pillow, alright! You’re a pearl, Vanessa!” Janice cheered, Vanessa suddenly feeling the redhead descending on her, hugging Vanessa tightly, the two girls laughing at each other as Janice began humping Vanessa, as well.

“Oh, so you want the real me? Why don’t you just write me into the story, hmm?” Vanessa teased, Janice chuckling amused.

Chapter 53

Title: Chapter LIII - Allisia\'s New Armour (Part 1)

“THIS IS IT! Oh, this... this design is...perfect...! I just need to find something strong enough...and to connect this link...” Allisia eagerly went on and about back in her room, the girls seeing as she took out scraps of steel, iron and various other metals, as well as entire sheets of thick leather in various colours, the girls amazed that Allisia could even figure the book’s designs out.

“Hey, can I ask you girls something?” Allisia suddenly asked, taking aback the girls.

“Yeah, sure!” Narru smiled, the other girls giggling at her.

“I need something for the helmet apart from the wings...and something for the waist...” Allisia mumbled, looking at the girls; “...if you can run an errand for me, try and see if you can find some white and, or, blue silk sheets.”

“Sure, but what do you need them for?” Chinyi asked, Allisia pointing on a sketch she had drawn.

“I’ll need something a bit decorative for the skirt, and I kind of like blue and white...” Allisia said, looking carefully at the sketch; “...problem is, I can’t sew.”

“I can! I’ll get that skirt made for you in no time!” Ukuni smirked, holding a thumbs-up to Allisia, who raised an eyebrow.

“You sure? Silk is a bit trickier than leather and latex...” Allisia asked, Ukuni chuckling a bit to herself.

“You’re kidding me? I can make that skirt in less than 10 minutes” Ukuni grinned confidently, looking at Chinyi.

“OK, cute stuff, you’ll find the silks and I’ll sew them for Allisia...” Ukuni said, leaning on Chinyi as she whispered; “...and if you find some pink silks, I’ll make you some panties Siriki and the girls will be drooling over for days!”

“OK! Let’s be off, then!” Chinyi cheered, Ukuni following the pink-haired girl out the door, Allisia and the other girls discussing the sketch and design.

“I couldn’t have done this without you, Vanessa!” Allisia happily hugged Vanessa, Vanessa smirking as they both looked at Allisia’s finished new armour:

Decorated with silk sheets in blue and white around the belt, the armour’s bluish, metallic hue shining like meek moonlight.

“You did good on the suit, yourself” Vanessa mentioned, Allisia taking up one of the gauntlets, admired the finely polished black leather under the armour, glad that only a very few pieces of the armour needed bolts and straps, still remembering Janice’s little prank.

“Tell me, Vanessa, did you teach Janice that spell to pull objects towards her?” Allisia asked, Vanessa nodding.

“Yes, I did; what did she-...o-o-o-oh-h-h, I see...” Vanessa asked, suddenly realizing what Janice might have done.

“Well, she did undo my last suit of armour, but I will enjoy rewarding her this time...” Allisia said, beginning dress up in the bodysuit, the most basic of her outfit, followed by the metal armour plates as they easily fit into place, Vanessa looking in awe as Allisia armoured up.

“You really look like a true warrior, Allisia; it’s so majestic...” Vanessa said adoringly, Allisia smiling at her as she put on the armour’s shoulder plates, enjoying how the round and curvy design felt protective and light.

“That shield we made, are you sure you should not leave it here?” Vanessa asked, looking at the round and decorative shield, that and Allisia’s sword lying on her bed.

“Maybe I should, and if you don’t mind...” Allisia now turned around, giving Vanessa another hug, suddenly feeling Allisia place a loving kiss on her lips; “...thanks for enchanting the sword for me; it’ll really suit my armour.”

“You’re so very welcome, Allisia...” Vanessa smiled; breaking the kiss, she could not help but blush.

“Allisia, on-once you’re done with Janice...c-could I, you know-...” Vanessa tried to ask, Allisia smiling a bit.

“It’s the least I can do...and besides, I sort of owe it to you, so it is my duty to repay you...” Allisia said, nodding at Vanessa as she winked; “...and, as well as to serve Nightwind Manor, is a duty that truly feels good to both the soul and the skin.”

Janice could not help herself; reaching into her drawers, she had found underwear, spare suits of the one she wore, a gallant red latex dress with a high collar, and, just what she had been looking for, a pair of red latex panties, exactly what she needed now.

Looking around her bed, Janice had found herself discarding her other set of panties after her intense masturbation at the comic Vanessa had given her, the red panties looking completely fluid with her cum, Janice smiling to herself as she put on the new pair.

“I sure as hell isn’t going to stop anytime soon!” she grinned to herself, fully dressed up as she moved her gloved fingers between her legs.

“Janice? Are you in there?” a voice came from the door, Janice sighing heavily, standing up to get the door.

“It’s you, Allisia? I thought you were busy with that project of yours...” Janice asked, slowly opening the door; suddenly, a gray sort of smoke appeared in front of her eyes, feeling herself lightheaded...

“Um-m-m-m...” Janice moaned as she woke up, finding herself in Allisia’s room, a low chuckle sounding from the dark.

“You really enjoy yourself here at the manor, don’t you? As many vixens as you can get your hands on and as willing as you would be, yourself...” Allisia’s voice came, Janice finding herself lying on Allisia’s bed.

“Allisia, what’s this about? I was just about to-...” Janice asked, hearing the sound of metal coming from the dark, getting closer.

“I’m afraid you will have to cancel some of your ‘appointments’, Janice; see, you may call me a sort of ‘dominatrix’ in this...” Allisia’s voice came again, as well as the metallic sound getting louder; “...but, after all your teases, I find myself wanting to punish you, Janice; indeed, to punish you in the most sexually brutal ay I can: To basically molest you until you fall unconscious!”

“OK, that’s a lot of strong words there, but what you’re really saying is: I’m hot, and you wanna fuck my cunt inside out, right?” Janice grinned, leaning back comfortably.

“That is exactly what I intend to, and to ensure your obedience, I chose to dress up for the situation this is...” Allisia said, now stepping into the light, her armour shining as she drew her sword, pointing at Janice not two metres away.

“Wow, baby! Now that’s just some neat-ass metal you’ve gotten yourself, Allisia!” Janice could not help but grin, admiring the suit of armour as Allisia opened her visor, sheathing her sword.

“In the name of Nightwind Manor, I claim you as mine, Janice!” Allisia said, both her and Janice finding themselves giggling as they could not help to feel the seriousness really awkward in a matter like this.

“Don’t I have a say in this??” Janice joked, Allisia stepping closer, Janice throwing herself down on the bed, grinning wildly.

“C’mon, Allisia! Fuck me now, please! I want my metal-maiden’s cold fingers in my pussy!” Janice teased, Allisia looking a little more than taken aback.

“You have a funny way of talking dirty, Janice...” Allisia spoke, tapping a gem inserted in her gauntlet, Janice seeing something that looked like mystical magic fold around Allisia’s hand, the warrior girl reaching out for her.

“You have had many good times with women, Janice...” Allisia said, Janice seeing a twisted grin on Allisia’s face; “...but what I will do to you now, will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life!”

“Are...are you OK, Allisia?” Janice asked, smiling nervously, Allisia nodding at her.

“I assure you that I will return you to normal; I just thought I would do something unique for you...” Allisia said, Janice feeling a twitching in her whole body as if it was electrically charged.

“WHAT IN THE FUCK?!?” Janice exclaimed as she found herself as if shrunk to the size of a small hamster, at least happy her clothes had been included.

“You might call it cruelty, but I find it amusing...” Allisia grinned at the confused Janice, reaching out and holding Janice in her hand.

“What’s this all about, Allisia? I’ve never seen you act like this before!” Janice asked, not knowing if she were to be afraid or feel lucky.

“I just enjoy the thought of you being so small and still so ravishing...” Allisia said, putting Janice down, stroking her back, Janice whimpering; “’s a real thrill to see such a busty amazon at this size; sure didn’t change your appeal, Janice.”

Chuckling, Allisia stepped a little back, beginning to take off her armour.

“Allisia, we can’t possibly have sex like this! I’m a fucking midget right now!” Janice said, feeling utterly frustrated.

“Fuck! Now I can’t walk around the manor! The girls will laugh their asses off at me, and I’ll never get laid with any of them again!” Janice spat, throwing herself on her back, pounding her fists into the bed, screaming.

“I hate being so small! It’s not fair!” Janice continued screaming, stopping as she heard Allisia laugh, Janice not having heard her laugh so loudly since the episode in the dungeons.

“...You’re no actress, you know that...?” Allisia smirked, stepping over to the bed, having left her helmet and armoured boots on, Janice looking at her.

“What do you mean with ‘actress’??” she spat, surprised as Allisia leaned down further, Janice finding Allisia’s bared breasts as huge as smaller hills to her.

“There, that might be the right place for you...” Allisia teased, putting Janice into her cleavage, the redhead beginning to smirk.

“OK, OK, maybe being short is not so bad...” Janice laughed, Allisia slowly lying on her back, Janice seeing this as a good opportunity to tease Allisia.

“Hey, you-...” Allisia were about to exclaim, finding Janice sucking joyfully on her nipples, the redhead grinning as she humped herself on Allisia’s breasts.

“If you can hear me under that helmet, your boobies sure are as tasty as I remember them!” Janice teased, Allisia chuckling amused, writhing herself in giggles as Janice groped all over her breasts, her and Allisia both enjoying themselves fully.

“So, you’re coming down to dinner?” Vinya asked, Shirli and Sharla looking hungrily at the shin’saras girl as she had dressed in her maid uniform, heading down for kitchen duty.

“Sure, as long as you’re the dessert; you’ve got some soft little titties...” Shirli teased, Vinya blushing and smiling as she went down the corridor, having to admit that for being ‘sex kittens’, Shirli and Sharla really were also two mischievous teasers.

“I dunno about you Shirli, but I’m planning to spend some time here; I like the sound of that orgy Narrisha mentioned...” Sharla mentioned, Shirli winking teasingly at her.

“I hope they’ve got more of those badass-like girls, you know; I love seeing how much you wail out when some blonde chick sticks a strappie up your ass and you start drooling so much!” Shirli teased, Sharla smiling to herself.

“Let’s not forget that time at the empress’ harem; all of those shin’sari chicks wanted to bang us, and they couldn’t decide who to fuck first!” Sharla grinned, Shirli holding back her laughter with some difficulty.

“Allisia! Have you gone mental?!” Janice shrieked as Allisia slowly stroke her fingers over Janice’s breasts, Allisia grinning uncontrollably, enjoying to sexually ravish and tease Janice, loving to see the redhead moan and squirm around in her hand.

“A-Allisia! I can’t believe I’m...oh-h-h...OK, I admit it; it feels so good...!” Janice whimpered, her face twisted in pleasure as Allisia’s nail carefully rubbed her nipples; “...please...use your tongue...”

“Aren’t you satisfied with just my fingers?” Allisia teased, holding the panting Janice up, facing the voluptuous and exhausted redhead face to face.

“I think this is something I should have done a long time ago, Janice; you’re more obedient when you’re the size of a small ferret” Allisia laughed, Janice smirking a bit.

“OK, OK, I agree; it’s kinda cool being so small, it opens a whole new world of kinkiness!” Janice grinned to herself, Allisia surprised as Janice stood up in her palm, winking at Allisia.

“OK then, tough chick! Do me the best you can! I double dare you!” Janice teased, Allisia licking her lips.

“Well, you had this coming...!” she joked, Janice feeling Allisia putting her down between her legs, Janice feeling her own crotch touch and sit upon Allisia’s.

“Janice, use those sexy boots of yours...” Allisia nodded, Janice amused to see how large Allisia’s vagina were now, and how smoothly it was shaved as she caressed her hand over the pussy lips.

“OK, then; you want a little latex in your pussy? No problem!” Janice grinned, folding her legs and inserting her feet in between the pussy, Allisia moaning faintly.

Chapter 54

Title: Chapter LIV - Allisia\'s New Armour (Part 2)

“Tag! You’re it!” Rachel laughed, Innoki chasing after the black-haired girl, swimming after her in the pool area, Zyrah and Vinya sitting on the pool’s side, grinning at the two other girls.

“I got you! I got you, you little mermaid!” Innoki laughed as she caught the weakly struggling Rachel, both of them kissing each other playfully as they both submerged.

“Oh dear! I hope they can breathe down there!” Narru mentioned anxiously, Vinya’s hand on her shoulder calming her down as the shin’saras girl leaned in closer.

“I swear, Jiki, if we ever want to move away from New Terra, this would be just the place for us!” Kiro mentioned happily, Jiki cuddling her girlfriend softly, enjoying seeing Kiro’s relaxed face and her white hair float on the water; this was really a serene place to relax and enjoy themselves.

“Room for one more, cuties?” a naked Jisha flirted, hopping into the pool, the girls grinning at her as she popped up again, shaking her spiky mane of hair.

“Watch yourself, sweetie! You shouldn’t jump before you think!” Jiraz yelled in tease to her daughter, her and Shica laying on comfortable sun chairs, Shica enjoying a drink, while Jiraz simply lay and admired her girlfriend.

“Come here, cutie, cutie, cutie...!” Jisha grinned wickedly as Narru soon felt her over her back, Narru shrieking in surprise as Jisha began to grope her, Narru honestly not minding it in the slightest.

“Miss’re such a pervert...!” she could not help but smile, Jisha letting her tongue over Narru’s neck, tickling the platinum-haired girl.

“You’re such a perfectly little innocent chick...I’m gonna pluck that innocence away, ‘feather’ by ‘feather’...!” Jisha smirked to herself, Shica looking at Jiraz, Jiraz letting her eyes gesture upwards, Shica smirking; Jisha really needed to learn how to talk dirty if she wanted to be a real womanizer.

“...This has gotta be the greatest heap of bullshit I’ve ever played...!!!” Minyoki gritted her teeth in anger, pausing the game as she stood up, grabbing herself a cola can.

“’Darksiders’...yeah, ri-i-ight; how about...‘Digital Pukefest XX’ or ‘Shitfest 2000’?!” she mumbled to herself, gritting her teeth in frustration, sighing.

“Minyoki, are you in there?” Vanessa’s voice came from the door as she knocked, Minyoki opening the door for her, surprised to see how Vanessa had dressed:

She wore a glittering, ruby-red satin dress, her normal thigh-high boots replaced with red sandals to match the dress, and from what Minyoki could see, Vanessa had also included two small, oval, ornate silver earrings.

“Oh! Oh, come on in, Vanessa...” Minyoki said, forgetting about the game she was playing, Vanessa stepping in.

“So, uhm...what’s with the getup? It looks like you’re going on some kinda date...” Minyoki asked, Vanessa sitting down on Minyoki’s bed, smiling mysteriously.

“Indeed I am; I hope to impress her...” Vanessa said, secretly hoping that Allisia would act as gallantly as she was noble of heart...and then ravish her with storm until Vanessa lay unconscious on her bed from the lovemaking, Vanessa hoping that Minyoki did not notice as she drooled a bit from the excitement.

“Cool! Who’s the lucky chick? You’ve sure got the goods to get any of them...” Minyoki grinned, Vanessa blushing as she looked at her dress, finding her breasts maybe a bit too exposed, Vanessa shyly covering herself with her wings.

“Uhm, I’ll prefer to keep that to myself...but what about you? I heard you yelling...” Vanessa asked Minyoki, who sighed, sat down beside Vanessa, pointing at the screen.

“That...” Minyoki pointed; “...I just found this game in my drawer, and I haven’t honestly played it yet, and I’m still stuck on the first, fucking level...!” Minyoki spat angrily, Vanessa patting her shoulder.

“Maybe I can help? My date’s only after dinner, so I have about two hours to spare” Vanessa asked, Minyoki nodding at her.

“Fuck, you’re the smartest chick here, so maybe you can, really...” Minyoki shrugged, standing up and grabbing her controller, resuming the game.

“Alright, so I’m here at this large motherfucker tossing lava and shit at me, and I can’t move on...” Minyoki pointed out, Vanessa studying as Minyoki used the controller to hop around and dodging the objects being thrown at her.

“It’s obvious, no offense...” Vanessa pointed out; “...when you see a car fall unto the road in front of you, you grab it and toss it against him, and then slash him when he’s weakened.”

“...How the fuck did you figure that out?!” Minyoki asked in awe, Vanessa folding her arms, smiling.

“I read about these kinds of games on the Internet, and this one reminds me of a game named Devil May Cry, and the gameplay seems alike...” she explained; “ I assumed it was the same style, so I am quite certain my theory is correct.”

“OK, you’re the smart girl...” Minyoki said, about to try out Vanessa’s advice, when a devious grin crawled over her face.

“What ‘were’ you looking for with Devil May Cry, huh? The ladies, hm-m-m...?” Minyoki winked, lightly elbowing Vanessa’s side and clicking her tongue twice in a flirty manner.

“Says the one who would use Gloria’s breasts as pillows were she real...” Vanessa gave back, grinning as Minyoki blushed; “...but yes; I find that especial ‘lady’ Gloria to be...unbelievably...uhm-...”

“Hot? Sexy? The kinda chick you’d bang and be banged by until you couldn’t keep check of time?” Minyoki laughed, Vanessa shrugging, winking at Minyoki.

“Seems like we think the same: Gloria is gorgeous...” Vanessa said, Minyoki smiling as she turned to the screen.

“Oh, if she were real, I’d totally make her my bitch, alright...” Minyoki grinned; “...I’d fuck her, kiss her, molest her, go dominatrix on her and ask her to do the same thing to me well...and, maybe, do some kinkier stuff to her, I dunno...”

“Like what? I didn’t think you knew of anything but exposing young Jisha to anal sex for looking at your more intimate collection...” Vanessa teased, Minyoki feeling as if Vanessa had seen right through her as if she was a ghost.

“Don’t worry, Jisha did not say is simply my magical nature to sometimes read a bit about girls’ minds...” Vanessa said mysteriously, Minyoki looking carefully at her.

“...Wow, you’re as goddamn sharp as a fucking katana, Vanessa...” Minyoki said in a mix of awe and tease; “...c’mon, you wanted to help me with this shitty game, right?”

“WA-A-A-A-AH! OH MY GODS! Allisia, have you gone mental?!” Janice screamed out, finding herself inserted halfway into Allisia’s pussy, greatly amusing Allisia as she could not help but smile.

“Too bad you’re not your own size, is it not? If you were, you might be able to stop me...” Allisia mocked and teased; “...but, alas, now you have almost fulfilled your duty.”

“What do you mean?? You’ve used me like a fucking dildo!” Janice could not help herself but grin, Allisia nodding to herself.

“And now, with your lesson learnt, I hope...” Allisia slowly pulled Janice out, Allisia’s cum dripping from Janice’s legs and thighs, Allisia reaching for the small gem on her gauntlet, Janice again feeling the electrical energy coursing through her...

“WOH-YAH! I’m back, baby! Now, to get my revenge...!!!” Janice cheered as she grew back to her normal size, Allisia opening both arms, smiling at Janice under her helmet.

“Come here then, you crazy little minx...” Allisia could not help but giggle, Janice letting out a feral howl as she threw herself over Allisia, planting her face right between her breasts, making munching noises.

“It’ll be half an hour until dinner...we’d better finish up...!” Hiroi winked at Raicha, the two of them having joined the shin’sari maids at the hospital, the nurses greatly amused to see so many cute elf girls, feeling even happier as the ever-playful Chinyi appeared in the doorway, squealing in excitement.

“NURSES!” she grinned, heading inside to join in the fun, suddenly finding someone to grab her feet.

“Come here, you little pipsqueak!” she recognized Vinya’s teasing voice, Chinyi happily hugging and cuddling the smirking shin’saras girl, the two of them kissing passionately, Vinya feeling as she landed herself on a nearby bed, throwing a leg over Chinyi’s back as they still did not break the kiss, Chinyi’s tongue lashing out against her own.

“Let’s get something to eat now, shall we?” Narrisha slowly clapped her hands together, the Nightwind girls sitting by the dinner table, Shirli and Sharla sitting by Narrisha’s chair. Sniffing curiously in the air.

“Sorry I came so late! I had something to do...” Vanessa’s voice now came from the door as she came in, followed by Minyoki and a weird-looking red creature walking besides a hungry-looking Breeze.

“Excuse me, Miss Allisia...” Breeze hooted as she crawled under Allisia’s chair, sneaking herself under the table with her tail slightly visible, most of the girls smiling at the silly griffon.

“Waiting for bites, Breeze?” Jiki and Kiro asked from their seats near Narrisha, suddenly feeling as their griffon quickly crawled over to them, looking up at them with puppy-like eyes.

“I’m sorry I’m late; I had to feed my new little pet...” Vanessa apologized, yet could not help but smile as her ‘pet’ appeared in the light:

Although no smaller than a kitten, a cat-like creature sat on the floor, its fur ruby-red with some small hairs having a colour of slight amber, its long mane of amber-coloured hair making it look like a small lion, but as it meowed with a light, feline voice and leaned forward, the girls could spot soft, red and amber-coloured feathered wings on its back, barely large enough to carry the small creature.

“I call her Scarlet; I got inspired from our two visiting little lovebirds’ pet griffon...” Vanessa shrugged, Scarlet crawling towards its mistress, stroking itself against her hand.

“Uhm, does it do something special?” Siriki asked curiously, Vanessa nodding slowly, winking at Scarlet.

At that gesture, Scarlet span around herself once, blinked her deep-red, feline eyes, and stood up and walked on her two back paws, her front paws used as balance as she unfolded her wings, giving a small swoop as she ascended, keeping herself airborne for just a moment, then landing safely, rolling on her back and meowing at the girls.

“KA-WAI-I-I-II! That’s the cutest kitty kitten I’ve ever seen!!!” Chinyi squealed, unable to hold back an adored smirk, Scarlet quickly crawling under the table, Chinyi letting off a small gasp as she felt the red cat touch her left boot.

“She sure is more colourful...but I feel honoured you were inspired by me, Miss Vanessa...” Breeze nodded worthily, Jiki and Kiro slowly caressing the griffon.

“When Scarlet grows older, she will learn to speak, but she may not grow in size...” Vanessa said, the small kitten jumping into her lap, sniffing at all the food, Vanessa grinning and stroking the purring animal; “...but she’s sure a little vixen...and a greedy one, too, aren’t you, Scarlet?”

As response, Scarlet looked up at Vanessa, meowing as she curiously lunged out with her ivory claws at rings of the albino girl’s collar.

“Can I feed her a piece of chicken, mistress?” Vanessa asked Narrisha, the vampire girl shrugging, smiling as she handed Vanessa the plate with the chicken wings.

“Here, you go, Scarlet...” Vanessa stroke the kitten’s fur, the girls surprised as the kitten snatched the chicken wing with the flexibility of a monkey, its small paws handling the wing as if it were a human hand as the kitten began gnawing the meat off the wing.

“If that cat gets any cleverer, it’ll end walking around on two legs and talking before tomorrow...” Raicha remarked, lowering her sunglasses and looking more closely at Scarlet, smiling; “...but heck, it’s sure a cute little thing.”

“Losing your tough exterior, biker chick?” Chinyi teased, Raicha grinning at the smiling pink-haired girl.

“You know, your big sis doesn’t really complain when I start fucking her up the ass...” Raicha teased back; “...should we see how much it takes for you to give in, kitty girl?”

“Uhm, I...I gotta help Minyoki with her games after dinner; sorry!” Chinyi meekly put up a response, her innocent smile fading away as Raicha stroke the inner of her thighs, Chinyi beginning to blush in playfulness.

“Come on, I won’t go too hardcore, sweet cheeks...” Raicha teased, licking her tongue against Chinyi’s ear, Chinyi giggling as it tickled one of her most sensitive spots.

“Narru, can you pass me the salt, please?” Allisia asked, Narru handing Allisia the salt, the warrior girl’s cloak sliding slightly down, revealing her armour to the surprised Nightwind girls.

“Holy shit! Allisia, that’s some hot metalwork you’ve got there, girl!” Hiroi could not hold back an excited grin, loving the bluish glow from the metal of Allisia’s armour, Allisia smiling at the girls’ awe.

“I owe most of it to Vanessa; she suggested the metal, I forged it and she helped me form it” Allisia mentioned, Vanessa feeling that she could have sworn that Allisia had winked at her.

“I...I’m glad you like the new suit, Allisia...” she babbled, Allisia now obviously smiling, Vanessa almost jokingly scolding Allisia in her mind for being such a tease to her.

“I gotta admit, at first I thought you were all kinda nerdy and know-it-all, but hey...” Jiraz commented after she swallowed a piece of meat; “’re an OK girl, Vanessa.”

“So no more grumbling about how you thought she did better at things than you?” Shica teased, Jiraz blushing and snarling at her girlfriend, Shica giggling at her.

“Shica, you’re going for the camel toe tonight!” Jiraz partially threatened, her made-up anger seeping away as Shica imitated to be scared, her over-dramatic posing making Jiraz laugh, coughing as the piece of meat got stuck in her throat, Shica helping Jiraz out, her panting girlfriend nodding gratefully.

“By Saint Allisia’s sword...” Allisia gasped as she entered Vanessa’s room, looking forward to enjoy herself with the albino girl; however, she was not prepared for the atmosphere Vanessa’s room gave off:

Far above them in the dark, non-lit room, the meek light from the ceiling were shown as stars, glittering like small diamonds exactly as the natural night sky; limited to a quarter of the oval room were Vanessa’s laboratory equipment, Vanessa leading Allisia to a large, oval bed in deep crimson colours, lying herself on the bed, Allisia seeing how her armour shun lightly in the room.

“I normally have the light turned on and the ceiling copying the daylight, but I wanted to try something...well, romantic...” Vanessa said, blushing meekly as Allisia sat down beside her, giving her a smile.

“You sure have a unique sense of desire, Vanessa...” Allisia said; “...I never imagined making love with an albino demon girl under the clear night sky...”

“Well, I could change it if you’d feel more-...” Vanessa began, only to feel as Allisia lightly pinned her down into the bed, Vanessa seeing Allisia’s clear, azure eyes under the helmet’s visor, Allisia lifting it and grinning at Vanessa.

“I have to admit, you do have an appeal to me as a small and innocent little demon girl...” Allisia smirked as she removed her helmet, beginning to undress herself and putting down her armour; “...I think I should not mind a few hours spending them with you.”

“Oh, lady warrior; doth thou like what thou sees?” Vanessa teased, Allisia grinning at her.

“My eyes were opened to such beauty a long time ago; now, come here...” Allisia said as she lay herself besides Vanessa, softly stroking the demon girl’s hair and chins, enjoying the soft, cosmic sounds coming from small speakers hidden over the room, feeling Vanessa’s heartbeat increase, the demon girl clearly nervous.

“I suppose I am the one to break the ice...” Allisia said, stroking Vanessa’s forehead, but suddenly felt the albino girl move to face her, her eyes glowing bright red, Allisia seeing Vanessa panting heavily, the albino girl’s mouth formed in a lusty grin.

“I...I need to cut loose; Allisia, forgive me...!” Vanessa mumbled weakly, Allisia feeling as Vanessa dove between her breasts, moaning intensely as she slurped on Allisia’s left breast, Vanessa using her right hand to try and move herself out of her dress, Allisia slightly amused to see that the albino girl were in right out heat for her.

Chapter 55

Title: Chapter LV - Magical (Mis)Fortune

“MOMMIES-S-S-S-S-S-S!!!” Jisha yelled in panic, having just woken up from a small nap, realizing three things: Firstly, that she had missed dinner; secondly, that something long, slick and weird were caressing her thighs, Jisha looking in shock to see a tail sprout slightly above her butt; and thirdly, something fell from her forehead, something red and thick...

“Jisha! What is it, sweetie?!” Shica’s voice came, her and Jiraz storming into their daughter’s room, Jiraz instantly spotting Jisha’s tail.

“It, it’s just like that Vanessa chick said! She’s getting more demonic-looking...” Shica mentioned, Jiraz searching for a handkerchief or something alike it for Jisha’s head.

“Mommies, it hurts! My head feels like it’s been stabbed...!” Jisha whimpered, tears of pain forming in her eyes, Shica and Jiraz both sitting down, Shica holding Jisha tightly, cuddling her while Jiraz stroke her head, hushing and comforting her daughter.

“There, there...take it easy...” Shica hugged Jisha easily, Jiraz slowly wiping the red substance from Jisha’s forehead: Blood.

“Uhm, honey, there’s news; one, you’ve got a nice tail growing from just above your butt; two, you’ve grown some small horns...”

“HORNS AND TAIL?! Oh, Gods, so then Vanessa was right...!” Jisha began whimpering again; “ all the Nightwind chicks will start pointing fingers at me...”

“Hey, they didn’t at me or Shica...” Jiraz tried to cheer Jisha up, Jisha looking miserably at her mothers.

“But...but will they ever like me again? I-...” Jisha began, suddenly seeing Shica’s eyes look strictly at her.

“Now, now, young lady; Jiraz’s got horns, and that doesn’t bother us when we’re humping around...” Shica informed, giving her daughter a hug; “...horns aren’t really so bad.”

“But it hurts! It feels as if they just popped outta my head like pimples...” Jisha said sadly, feeling the small, sharp point of one of her horns, feeling how roundly it twisted upwards a few centimetres over her forehead.

“You’ll get used to it, and hey, with a tail like that...” Jiraz said, smiling secretly at her daughter; “...I think you’ll be quite popular with both the Nightwind ladies and the girls at your school.”

“Jiraz! She needs to learn how to control it, first!” Shica said strictly, Jiraz giving her girlfriend a naughty wink, sticking her tongue out at her, Jisha smiling at her mothers’ silliness.

“Oh? Hey! Look!” Jisha suddenly exclaimed, feeling as if her nerves registered her tail’s movements, feeling it swing back and forth, and then from left to right.

“She’s already beginning to control it; wait and see, baby; you’ll learn that having a tail ahs many advantages...” Jiraz nodded, Shica looking sarcastically at her girlfriend.

“What, you mean like when you shove it into me, or just using like a third arm?” Shica asked, Jisha blushing as Jiraz could not help but laugh.

“This sure isn’t sunbathing, but it feels so serene...” Kiro mumbled at Jiki, the two girlfriends lying on a sun chair on the balcony of their room, bathed in the moonlight and warmed by the summer air, Jiki enjoying the feeling of hers and Kiro’s naked bodies pressing together softly, their hair blowing slightly in the wind.

I sure wouldn’t have known Nightwind Manor had this kind of view...” Jiki sighed, her and Kiro looking at the stars, enjoying seeing their reflections in each other’s eyes.

“It’s so warm…and that smell…” Kiro silently sighed happily, nudging herself against Jiki, the two of them kissing intimately, Kiro surprised and amused as Jiki’s tongue played around with her own.

“OK, lie down, please; this will only take a moment...” Maya, the head nurse of the hospital wing asked Zyrah, the shin’saras girl wondering why she had not seen the nurse before.

“What’s this all about, sexy? I’m about to find those little catgirls and take ‘em from behind...” Zyrah lay down, crossing her legs and smirking to herself.

“I need you to take this seriously; we can’t have you come unprepared, now can we?” Maya asked, Zyrah raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t recall there being a head nurse as well as a head maid...” Zyrah asked curiously.

“Well, I’m not often running about humping like the others, but when I do...oh, never mind; let’s focus on this...” Maya began, Zyrah seeing Maya lean over her, finally seeing the head nurse in the full light; her platinum-blonde hair and white makeup were a surprise, as well as her dark skin and kinky black and white uniform, but her face was serious as she gave Zyrah what looked like a pill.

“It’s a pill Vanessa asked me to test; we just needed someone resistant enough...” Maya mentioned, Zyrah looking in surprise at her and the pill.

“What’ll this thing do? I won’t start getting allergic, will I? Zyrah asked, Maya surprising her again as she smirked.

“Nope, it’s a kind of aphrodisiac that’s supposed to make the consumer get 5 hours of ecstatic pleasures before the effect wears off, and it’s not addictive unless...hihih, well, unless you’re a little sex kitten like these Shirli and Sharla you mentioned...” Maya informed, Zyrah happy that maybe Maya were not such a boring pencil-pusher, after all.

“Let me tell you; you can give me that if you wanna, but I want to have a little fun, as well...” Zyrah winked; “...and since you’re in such a sexy getup, I kinda wanna feel you down there...”

“Ah, to have sex to test the effect; excellent idea!” Maya nodded, tapping something in on the keyboard of her computer.

“Hey, how else to test it?” Zyrah smiled, Maya shrugging.

“Well, I planned to strap you down and let you watch yuri hentai movies and see how much you climax and examine the quality, but I’m sure glad you think I can help out...” Maya said, standing up from her desk, putting down her glasses.

“Let’s do this properly...” Maya winked at Zyrah, leaning over her, putting the half of the pill in her mouth.

“We’ll take a half each; I haven’t gotten laid since last night...” Maya said, Zyrah grinning as she took her share, snapped it over with her teeth, swallowing the half pill, glad there were no bitter or chemical after-taste.

“Hih-hih, who fucked you?” Zyrah asked, Maya blushing and smiling slightly.

“Faris; she heard me masturbating about her fucking me with a strap-on, so that she did...” Maya winked, feeling the pill begin to take effect.

“So...I hope you shin’sari ladies really are good at fucking girls...’cause I need some fucking soon...!” Maya bit her lips, Zyrah seeing the nurse trying to suppress the excitement rising from inside.

“What a naughty girl!” Zyrah grinned, Maya surprised as Zyrah suddenly reached for her breasts, groping them passionately, slowly turning Maya around, stripping her slowly of her uniform until nothing but her gloves were left.

“Boots on a chick like you are hot, but gloves on you in particular...” Zyrah whispered playfully in Maya’s ear; “ as Hell...!”

“...What in the grandmother of fuck is this shit?! Gods, they really meant those warnings...” Minyoki bit her lower lip, Chinyi having joined her step-sister as she played her games, having turned to another new game taking place in Hell itself.

“Minyoki-i-i-i! This game’s freaking me out!” Chinyi cuddled herself to her older sister, Minyoki caressing her head, Chinyi looking afraid as she did not really like how the game was set in Hell.

“Wha-...what’s that?!” she panicked, pointing at the screen, Minyoki looking equally shocked as a small infant baby rose from its flaming cradle, slowly walking towards Dante with sharp blades swinging from where its arms should have been.

“Were the designers on crack when they thought this up?!” Minyoki gasped, instinctively slashing out against the demonic baby, Chinyi’s eyes still blinking in shock.

“Sh-Shouldn’t we shut down, Minyoki? It’s almost 1 o’ clock at night...” Chinyi whimpered, Minyoki looking in pity as her sister’s eyes looked blank in fear of the game she were playing.

“Aw-w-w, you whimper so easily...” Minyoki could not help but smile, pausing the game and kissing Chinyi’s cheek; “...OK, I’ll tug you in; you can sleep here tonight.”

“Of all the sex I have had with the girls of Nightwind Manor...” Vanessa could not help but grin, Allisia joining in; “...I’ve never felt so awkward.”

As Allisia found herself faced down between Vanessa’s breasts, she felt as Scarlet wandered on her back, the red cat curiously sniffing around, having no clue what was going on besides her mistress and another girl lying on each other, making panting noises.

“Uhm, Vanessa, your cat is starting to use her claws...” Allisia pointed out, Vanessa blinking, barking out sharply at Scarlet.

“No! Bad kitty! Down!” she snapped, Scarlet looking at her mistress, meowing lowly as it leapt down, sitting itself not two meters from Allisia and Vanessa.

“Honestly, Allisia, I’d feel a bit naughty if it was some other girls watching us...” Vanessa chuckled, “...but with my cat watching me, it feels so weird.”

“I say we take the chance...” Allisia leaned herself over Vanessa again, feeling her earrings and slowly pulling down the top of her dress; “...I have a busty albino girl who craves my attention.”

“I crave it, indeed! You’re so strong, so honourable...oh, I could swoon over you any day!” Vanessa said happily, Allisia stroking her hair, kissing the albino girl warmly.
“Kind words...from such a little vixen...” she gave Vanessa’s nose a little pinch, making her giggle girlishly.

“AH-H-H-H-H-H-H! OH, FUCK! I, I sure hope we can use on Hyracha back home!” Shirli cried out, her and Sharla having continued their wild sex games while the other girls ate, the two of them perfectly happy as they had moved from Narrisha’s room back to the dungeons.

“Ohohohoh, I’ll bet she’ll like it! I remember last time she asked us to learn some new stuff to use while she fucked Tirah...” Sharla mentioned, Shirli’s eyes lightening up.

“Hey, maybe she’ll use those magic spells on us again! She’s such a fucking hot little bitch of a witch...” Shirli winked, throwing herself over Sharla, munching on her ripe breasts.

“Or that time the elf chicks banded together and gangbanged Cilistia? Hihih, she’s such a whore; she’ll take anything a girl gives!” Sharla mentioned, Shirli slurping even harder, moving between Sharla’s legs.

“Oh, I’ll make you scream like a whore, alright! How does it feel having your pussy sucked inside out?!” Shirli eagerly sucked on Sharla’s pussy, the other catgirl wailing in lustfulness as Shirli dove deeper and deeper with her tongue into her pussy.

“Get up! You’re gonna get your share, baby!” Shirli smirked, grabbing around Sharla’s waist, holding up her legs over her shoulders, Sharla wailing out loud as she helplessly squirmed around, her face turning into a perverted smile as Shirli’s tongue reached deeper and deeper in...

“OH! Hey, Allisia...not so...rough...!” Vanessa whimpered as Allisia stroke her head against her breasts, enjoying the small, pink nipples on the albino girl, letting her tongue all over them.

“I cannot help it, Vanessa; you are so cute for such a ravishing demon girl...” Allisia blushed slightly at Vanessa, sitting herself with her legs on Vanessa’s stomach, spreading her legs, Vanessa surprised to see the warrior girl’s nectars run from her vagina in a small, slow, glittering stream, Allisia obviously feeling very horny for her.

“You poor thing, Allisia; come, let me deal with that...” Vanessa smirked, sitting up and leaning towards Allisia, kissing the azure-haired girl passionately, Allisia feeling Vanessa’s claws run over her hair, grabbing it in Vanessa’s desire to do away with the warrior girl.

“Vanessa, please, for both our sakes...finish me off; Vanessa, I crave of you to put out this fire in me!” Allisia desperately pleaded, Vanessa grinning amused, beginning to suck on Allisia’s firm breasts, the warrior girl letting out a long-suppressed moan, moaning again and again now, all the time more and more desirably until Vanessa felt Allisia’s arm flex around her head, pressing Vanessa’s face in between Allisia’s breasts.

As Vanessa waved her hand weakly, Allisia were unaware as the albino girl cast a spell, Allisia suddenly feeling weak, silvery light shine on her and Vanessa, barely seeing it out of her eyehook as the moon shun from the ceiling, amused as she enjoyed Vanessa’s licking of her breasts.

“...Huh?!” Allisia suddenly exclaimed in surprise, having leaned back so much that she fell on her back on the bed, a smiling Vanessa leaning over her again, Allisia closing her arms around her head, slowly pulling her down, loving to feel Vanessa’s tongue wrestling with her own for control.

“Next time, maybe we should have Janice join us...” Vanessa winked, Allisia grinning.

“That vixen...that might actually be fun...” Allisia smiled meekly.

“She’s very sex appealing, and as you said, a real vixen; you have the compassion and she has the passion...” Vanessa said, beginning to laugh; “...hih-hih-hih-hih-hih! Kind of funny now I think of it!”

“Someone spoke my name, ladies?” Janice appeared in a flash of blue light, Vanessa and Allisia both looking surprised at her.

“I did a little digging through your books when you weren’t looking, Vanessa; don’t look so surprised...” Janice winked, stretching out, moaning happily as she headed for the bed.

“Do you ever really take off your outfit, Janice?” Allisia could not help herself but to ask.

“Nope, this latex getup suits me; so tight and kinky, and hey, what babe wouldn’t love to dive between these?” Janice grinned, groping her breasts, Vanessa failing to hide an excited blushing.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I’m hot in latex; it kinda feels like it allows me to show the girls who I really am...” Janice sighed happily, letting herself fall unto the bed.

“A red-haired little harlot in heat for women?” Allisia teased, Janice opening her eyes, winking and smiling at Allisia.

“You should talk! I’m there for those chicks who just wants a good, rough, fun fuck; you’re there for those little, intimate hump-a-while goody two-shoes…kinda like Vinya…you done her, yet?” Janice teased back, Allisia and Vanessa exchanging looks, both of them getting the same idea.

“H-Hey?!” Janice gave a small yelp in surprise as Vanessa’s fingers burrowed their way into her thong, soon joined by Allisia’s as the two of them lay themselves besides Janice, both of them leaning their heads on the amazon girl’s breasts, Janice looking very amused as she stroke their heads.

“Wow! I didn’t expect the pompous head maid coming here for the second course!” Zyrah flirted teasingly as Lillian had entered the hospital wing, Maya busy fondling Zyrah’s exposed breasts as Lillian headed towards them.

“You really thought all I cared for was working? Hah! Silly girl...” Lillian proudly stroke her white-purple hair, letting it fly in the air; “...I have done my service to my little maids for a long time, and since we have such an exotic guest staying at us...”

Zyrah barely listened as she were busy drooling over the busty head maid, her outfit of corset, elbow-long gloves, thigh-high heeled boots of black latex and trims and panties of white silk revealing everything Zyrah would love fawning over; noticing her eager, Lillian smirked slightly, looking to Maya.

“Please, move on to lick her; I love the cries from squirming little girls writhing in pleasure...” Lillian said, crossing her arms as Maya obeyed, Zyrah feeling as Maya slowly removed Zyrah’s vest and skirt, the shin’saras girl feeling herself all too willing as she grabbed around Maya’s head, Maya grinning to herself in anticipation.

“Wait...” Lillian suddenly said, fetching something on a nearby trolley; “...try using these; I still can’t believe how much Ukuni liked it last she was ‘examined’.”

“Got it, ma’am” Maya nodded as Lillian handed her something, Zyrah discovering it to be five large strawberries.

“Here we go...” Maya winked at Zyrah, the shin’saras girl looking surprised as the head nurse squished a strawberry just enough to let it let out its rich, light-red fluid, the juices falling around Zyrah’s exposed pussy, Zyrah giggling as she understood Maya’s intentions.

“Ukuni must’ve had a kick from this; I’ve heard she’s into this kinda stuff on the girls...” Zyrah mentioned as Maya squished the last of the strawberries, unable to keep herself from waiting as she dove between Zyrah’s legs, licking intensely around her pussy.

“Yes, the little girlie fancies using food during her romping about...not that any other girl has come to me with complaints...” Lillian mentioned, turning around as she saw Zyrah’s face twist in pleasure, Lillian licking her lips, smiling to herself as she really did enjoy seeing the frisky little elf girl being sexually molested in this way.

“E-enjoying the show, are we?” Zyrah mentioned, looking at Lillian, who blushed slightly, winking in reply.

“I do; you’re such a willing little minx, you’d even let a boring head maid like myself fuck you...?” Lillian stepped closer, Zyrah smiling at the opportunity to be molested by both a head nurse and a head maid.

“I’d love to; I kinda need some real gentle lovin’, ladies...” Zyrah teased, feeling as Lillian forcefully groped her breasts, Zyrah clearly hearing the head maid enjoy herself as she moaned loudly.

“Tomorrow night, at the orgy, I’m gonna ask Narrisha to make you Shirli and Sharla’s first course...” Lillian chuckled wickedly, Zyrah letting out an excited moan at the thought of being ravished and molested beyond belief by the two catgirls.

“Aw-w-w-w, so cute; the little slut gets so excited when I mention those two kitty babes....oh, but you’re not all done with us, little elf...!” Lillian smirked as Maya held up the slightly blushing Zyrah, who felt herself even more excited as she was now put down before Lillian, her and Maya having spent quite some time teasing Zyrah by playing with each other, the elf girl feeling her limit about to be reached.

“Maya, reward her, please...” Lillian smiled wickedly at Zyrah, feeling as a small kind of orb, almost in the shape of an egg, were inserted into her pussy, its meek vibrations making the shin’saras girl yelp out as she tried and suppress the urge to reach her climax.

“Enjoying what you see, little girl? I’ll bet you’re getting pretty thirsty, huh?” Lillian teased as she reached below her corset, undoing her thong and letting it drop to the floor.

“Come on; I love it when girls get on their knees and lick my pussy real good...” Lillian purred, Zyrah not able to resist the soft, fleshy pink folds, her long tongue delving directly in, hearing Lillian let out a small scream of delight, Zyrah feeling her head being pressed harder against Lillian’s pussy, Lillian herself moaning wildly, Maya, more than willingly, groping Lillian’s breasts under her latex corset.

“Oh! No, not so shy; like this!” Lillian moaned, tugging Zyrah’s head in closer, the shin’saras girl supporting herself to Lillian’s legs, the head maid moaning even more loudly as Maya began kissing her neck, having moved behind Lillian, continuing her groping.

“C’mon girls; I’m almost there...!!!” Lillian grit her teeth, Zyrah grinning to herself as she now grabbed around Lillian’s legs as hard as she could, her fingers leaving marks on her latex boots, Zyrah sticking her tongue as far in as she could, closing her lips on Lillian’s pussy, sucking with all her might.

“AR-R-R-RGH! Yeah, that’s it! Do it more! Both of you!” Lillian encouraged, looking over her shoulder to Maya.
“A-...A-...-AR-R-R-R-RGH! I’M, I’M GONNA SQU-U-UIRT! AR-R-R-RGH!” Lillian yelled out, Zyrah having already consumed plenty of the head maid’s cum, yet she wanted more, feeling like a predator claiming its prey.

“Miss Lillian...Miss Lillian...!” Maya panted from behind the head maid, humping herself wildly against Lillian’s back, the head maid’s voice becoming lighter as her self-control waned drastically.

“I...I can’t take this...Zyrah, Maya, you’re just too...oh-h-h-h-h...!” Lillian moaned out loud, Zyrah taking the chance she had been waiting for.

“Here comes the cum-flood, missy!” Zyrah joked, sucking as intensely as she had ever done to any girl on Lillian’s pussy lips, Zyrah further excited as she felt the head maid almost quake, enjoying her screams.

“YE-E-E-E-E-ES! YES! YES! OH, LICK ME, ZYRA-A-A-A-A-A-AH!!!” Lillian screamed as she came, Zyrah finding her face, hair, nostrils and skin dripping with the head maid’s cum as her orgasm squirted out in smaller waves, Zyrah smirking to herself.

“Now I kinda know why Shirli and Sharla love this pussy-licking...” Zyrah smiled; “ tastes so good...”

“Miss Lillian, I wanna be licked by the elf next...” Maya asked in pleading voice, Lillian panting heavily, her body covered in sweat, small drops falling from her hair, Lillian beginning to smile.

“You’ll get your chance tonight, Maya...” she stroke the head nurse’s hair; “...also, Zyrah, after she’s done tonight, I’d like you to do a little boot-licking for me.”

“OK, but if you get too excited I’m gonna finger you...” Zyrah joked, Maya sending the shin’saras girl a flirty wink.

“Watch it, elf girl; I’ll bet your flower’s properly already soaking wet at the moment...” Maya grinned, Zyrah playfully kissing her, excited as the nurse’s tongue eagerly replied.

“OK girls, better get our clothes back on; I’ll be seeing you at the orgy later today...” Lillian noticed them.

“It’s 2 o’ clock at night?! Oh, I got so much to plan, and-...!” Maya suddenly planned as she looked at the clock on her computer, running frantically around, Zyrah and Lillian both giggling at the silly head nurse.

Chapter 56

Title: Chapter LVI - Allisia Changes

“WOW! Easy on my tits, Vanessa!” Janice joked, Vanessa having been licking her breasts for well over seven straight minutes.

“But, but I can’t help myself! Allisia, please...please do me! I don’t care how, just...fuck me, please??” Vanessa pleaded, Allisia letting her fingers softly under Vanessa’s legs, caressing her pussy gently, Allisia feeling how wet Vanessa had become.

“After you are done, Janice is mine for the taking...” Allisia stroke Vanessa’s back, feeling the albino girl’s wings flap lightly, Allisia more than once having felt Vanessa’s tail hit her legs, although not really minding it.

“So you’re still all frisky about my tits...” Janice asked Vanessa, the redhead amazon slowly grabbing the albino girl’s collar; “...I’ve got a news flash for you: You suck and harder, and I’ll cum for you, OK? You better make me feel all horny.”

As if by a command, Vanessa moaned loudly, let out her long, drooling tongue, Janice surprised as it actually whipped its way around her left breast, Vanessa returning to her sucking, Allisia seeing as Vanessa’s tail went between her legs, inserting itself into Vanessa’s dripping pussy, Allisia sitting herself up by Janice, watching as the amazon girl were chuckling amused, Allisia smiling at her as she stroke Janice’s hair, her and Allisia soon kissing aggressively and passionately as Janice folded an arm behind Allisia’s shoulder.

“You know, Allisia, you’ve really cut yourself loose from that stuck-up babe I met the first time in that dungeon...” Janice teased, Allisia blushing slightly, smirking at Janice.

“As have you, with more women around you than ever, and still you remain such a caring little vixen...” Allisia kissed Janice once; “...I’m happy to call you a fellow Nightwind girl.”

“Hey, now you mention it...” Janice winked, smirking suggestively; “ did you lose your own virtue, huh? I thought Nightwind girls gave theirs to their mistress.”

“I gave mine to Cassandra; what choice do you have when a dominatrix comes into play...” Allisia shrugged lightly, grinning at the surprised Janice; “...let us just say I enjoyed it, as I do today.”

“Oh! Uhm, hih-hih, sorry Allisia, but Vanessa’s getting real naughty...” Janice smiled at Allisia and Vanessa, the albino girl panting out loud, her eyes rolling upwards in pleasure as Janice felt something sharp at her breasts; as she were so far out in pleasure, Vanessa’s claws gnawed their way into Janice’s skin, leaving small marks as Vanessa returned to her licking.

“Hmm, let’s finish her off, shall we?” Janice grinned, removing her arm from Allisia’s shoulder, using both hands as she grabbed behind Vanessa’s head, the albino girl surprised as Janice pressed her head between her breasts, Vanessa wailing in joy, Janice and Allisia grinning...

As the night slowly turned into morning, the girls of the manor found themselves waking up to a bright and sunny day, Dracaia’s roar as she turned into her dragon form and flew towards the skies waking most of the girls, not used to be wakened up by the roar of a dragon.

As the sun baked down from a clear sky, the dragon soared around the house, Dracaia loving to sunbathe like this, her golden scales shining like a hundred suns.

“Good morning, sleepyhead...” Kiro softly kissed Jiki, smiling as she lay naked on top of her snoozing girlfriend, the morning sun’s rays bathing them in golden light.

“.....Uhm?’s so early...little teaser...” Jiki mumbled in her sleep, opening her eyes, Kiro nudging her head against Jiki’s, kissing her again and stroking her blonde hair.

“Hmhm, you’re just so cute, Jiki...” Kiro teased, napping lightly at Jiki’s ears, Jiki giggling lowly.
“K-Kiro! It tickles!” Jiki whimpered pleasantly, Kiro tugging herself deeper into Jiki’s arms, the two of them cuddling together.

“...You little minx, Kiro; it’s only 7 o’ clock...” Jiki mumbled as she looked to their watch, Kiro smiling at her and kissing Jiki again.

“Old habits die hard, huh?” Jiki teased back, giving Kiro a long kiss, Kiro as Jiki turned the tables, slowly moving her left leg between Kiro’s, slowly changing their positions, Kiro finding herself lying beside Jiki now.

“.....Um-m-m-m-m...nipple, nipple, hihihihihi-i-i-i...” Chinyi mumbled in her sleep, her hands reaching out in the air, a small smile forming on Chinyi’s lips, Chinyi having found the point of a pillow, munching on it in her sleep.

“Um-m-m....that girl’s really just blissful about titties...” Minyoki sat up, stretching out and looking adoringly on her little step-sister, reaching out for her desk, finding her glasses as she returned her attention to Chinyi.

“It’d really be a pity to spoil this...!” Minyoki snickered to herself, slowly reaching under the bed sheets towards Chinyi’s legs.

“Huh??” she smacked a hand over her mouth, feeling in surprise as she felt the smoothness of Chinyi’s boots, a birthday present from Minyoki, still sitting on the naked Chinyi’s feet.

“Sure didn’t know you slept with the boots on, sissy...” Minyoki smiled to herself; “...heck, maybe Janice’s right; girls in boots are so hot!”

As Minyoki saw Chinyi keep munching on the pillow, her sister’s light, pink hair lay like a protective sheet of silk over her head, Chinyi moaning softly as she began folding her legs inwards, Minyoki feeling herself lucky that she were the only one to ever see the silly Chinyi so early in the morning and squirming so adorably around with a pillow stuck in her mouth, Minyoki looking excited as Chinyi’s tongue appeared, licking intensely on the pillow’s point.

“If she keeps that up, that pillow’s not the only thing going wet here...” Minyoki moaned, licking her lips as she could clearly see the shape Chinyi’s busty breasts took even under the bed sheets, Minyoki letting out a low, longing moan.

“I, I can’t help myself! Sorry, sissy...!” Minyoki mumbled, leaning over Chinyi, licking her hungrily at her neck, Chinyi’s moans growing more and more pleasant, Minyoki almost certain she heard her let out a small chuckle as Chinyi’s smile grew broader.

“You’re just too damned cute...” Minyoki gritted between her teeth, her eyes flashing lovingly and lustfully; “...I’m sure as fuck not gonna miss this one out...!”

As she began panting out in lustfulness, she dived under the bed sheets, found Chinyi’s plumb breasts, swallowing in deeply as she burrowed her face between them, chuckling happily as she felt Chinyi react.

“E-E-E-E-E-E-EP! Minyoki, you dirty pervert!” Chinyi’s wide awake voice came as she found Minyoki’s butt to stick out from her bed sheets, amused as her older step-sister snuggled deeply between her breasts.

“Naughty girl! NAUGHTY GIRL!” Chinyi now grinned mischievously as she let her hand let down spank after spank on Minyoki’s butt, her sister’s muffled, meek chuckles heard under the bed sheets.

“I’m gonna come and get you, sissy!” Chinyi dove under the bed sheets, her and Minyoki wrestling playfully, laughing as they began tickling each other, Chinyi holding up her breasts for Minyoki to suck on, Minyoki letting Chinyi suck on her tongue.

“Wait, sis; I wanna try something!” Chinyi smiled and winked, jumping up from her bed, a confused Minyoki having never understood Chinyi’s crazy sex fantasies, but she nevertheless loved when sere were on the receiving end.

“TA-DA-A-AH! Cosplay sex, sissy!” Chinyi suddenly exclaimed cheerfully behind Minyoki, her sister soon getting over the shock, turning around to look at Chinyi, her mouth starting to drool; Chinyi had put on pink glasses, set her long, pink hair up in pigtails, equipped a pink and white nurse hat, white latex gloves and holding a small, vibrating orb with a short cord in her left hand, a remote controller in the right hand.

Janice moaned lazily and yawned; after the last night’s threesome, she felt her dark tanned body still covered in sweat, chuckling to herself; she loved humping around with these Nightwind girls by now, and including that goody two-shoes Allisia were even better; next to Chinyi and the younger girls, Janice were most amused at teasing, seducing and molest Allisia limitlessly.

However, a strange glow caught her vague attention, Janice discovering it to be Allisia lying on her, her body giving off a strange glow.

“Uhm...oh-h-h-h...O...K...someone just tell me what the fuck’s going on for Allisia...” Janice began to mutter as she slowly woke up, seeing Vanessa moving, as well, the albino girl yawning widely, stretching out her arms, Janice unable but to suppress a giggle as she saw Vanessa’s tail and wings fluttering as she flexed her muscles.

“Oh-h-h...uhm...?? What the-...?!” Vanessa perplexed as she spotted the glow from Allisia’s body, Allisia moaning and rolling over, slowly waking up.

“W-w-w-what is all those noise for...?” Allisia yawned, sitting up, noticing Vanessa and Janice’s looks at her, Vanessa amazed at what she looked at:

Allisia’s eyes had begun glowing slightly light-blue, her blue hair lowing with the same exact same colour as whatever energy went through her as it began to take its effect.

“Allisia, look at yourself” Vanessa muttered, conjuring what looked like a watery orb, revealing itself to be a mirror, Allisia letting out a shocked gasp as she saw her own mirror image.

“Vanessa, you’re a sorceress; what’s happening to me??” Allisia asked, Janice quite shocked as it were heard as if Allisia’s voice echoed slightly.

“Wait, let me think...” Vanessa pondered, looking all over Allisia, finally snapping her fingers.

“It’s almost like when Narrisha evolved when she kissed me the first time; because of your good qualities, I think, and my affinity for magic, I triggered something inside you, like an opposite to that...Calistia woman that spawned from your mind.”

“But...but this feels so much more powerful...” Allisia asked herself, looking as the glow of light-blue energy began spreading through her entire body.

“This energy is angelic; I feel the exact same when I see those two Jiki and Kiro girls together...” Vanessa told, Janice sitting behind her, grinning at Allisia.

“So you’re glowing a bit, big deal; don’t worry, Allisia...” Janice said, failing to suppress a giggle; “ least it’ll be fun to see what colour that glowing turns when you climax!”

“’Very’ funny, Janice...” Allisia crossed her arms, suddenly feeling something in her shoulders; from them, what looked like tendrils formed by the light-blue light and glow as it took form, stretching out, at least six tendrils sprouting from each shoulder, their length stretching out over a dozen meters, illuminating the otherwise dark room as if it were sunlight.

“...OK, did Allisia just grow tentacle wings?! Don’t you think of using them!” Janice backed away, Allisia feeling how she could use her tendrils like wings, the serenity in her body comforting her like a warm, feathery pillow, but looking at the half-naked Janice and the spread legs of Vanessa, Allisia could not help but smile.

“By my new angelic right, I declare both of you at my mercy...” Allisia joked, descending over Janice and Vanessa, the two of them cuddling together, feeling a mix of awe and excitement at Allisia’s new power.

Allisia chuckled to herself, letting her tendrils stroke Vanessa and Janice’s bodies, feeling to them like rays of warm sunlight.

“I will engulf you in the pure flames of my love, and I will set ablaze your desires...” Allisia now spoke, almost as if descending on Vanessa and Janice, the two of them exchanging looks.

“Vanessa, you gotta stop turning every girl you fuck into some kinda super-chick...” Janice joked, Vanessa smirking as Allisia began to stroke both hers and Janice’s heads.

“NARRISHA! Didn’t you feel tha-...?” Dracaia barged headlong into Narrisha’s room, finding her chuckling with Innoki and Siriki, the three girls looking at the perplexed dragon girl as she starred in disbelief.

“Narrisha, a surge of energy, holy energy, just broke through the mystical layers of this manor...” Dracaia said, Narrisha narrowing her eyebrows sceptically, looking at the now quite alert Innoki and Siriki.

“Is it dangerous to us?” Narrisha asked, stroking the two girls’ heads, Dracaia glad to see their mistress cared so much for them.

“No, but it feels weird...never mind; I’m sure we will find out more about it tonight when all are gathered in the dungeons...” Dracaia said, not wanting to worry Narrisha or the girls too much.

“I cannot believe this; it feels as if I have lying unconscious and then just woken up...” Allisia looked at her hand, sensing the enormous energies, sending a teasing look to Janice.

“I wonder if this is something other girls you have slept with can show you...” Allisia said, placing her hand between Janice’s legs, concentrating her energies, feeling a warmth as she touched Janice’s pussy lightly, the redhead giving a surprised yelp, beginning to giggle uncontrollably.

“Noh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh-hoh! You meanie, Allisia! It tickles!” Janice laughed, Allisia feeling a coy pleasure in teasing the redhead, enjoying herself even further when Vanessa began to grope her from behind, sniffing heavily into her hair.

“This’s so pure, and yet we’re making love like crazy...” Vanessa sighed happily, resting her head on Allisia’s shoulders, holding her arms around her neck.

“So tonight’s another orgy night for them Nightwind ladies?” Shica asked, Jiraz letting her tail swing back and forth, shrugging.

“Yeah, but now those two sex kitties’ the stars of the show...” Jiraz mumbled, smiling suggestively at her girlfriend; “...sure felt nice the last time; I don’t remember you fucking me so hard back home at your mom’s palace.”

“Hey, we gotta keep it down back, speaking of home...” Shica mumbled, Jiraz seeing Shica’s infamously evil smile spread on her girlfriend’s lips.

“I’ll ask my maids if they want to join; I mean, who wouldn’t?” Shica grinned, snapping her fingers, one of her maids coming running towards them as fast as she could, looking eagerly at her mistress.

“Yes, Your Highness?” she asked, Shica leaning forward in her chair.

“Go and get the head maid; I need to talk to her about something” Shica nodded, the maid running off after bowing to Shica.

“...Hm-m-m? Shica suddenly felt something sneaking under her dress; looking sourly at Jiraz, the demon girl began whistling loudly and innocently, Shica’s head slowly falling unto the table.

“...What??” Jiraz asked, trying to keep a straight face, although she felt like laughing out loud.

“Jiraz, you’re such a fucking pervert...” Shica’s voice came from the table, Jiraz clearly hearing Shica struggling not to laugh.

“Hey, my tail’s been in your pussy a lot, and she likes it there; so so-o-o-oft... so pi-i-ink, so we-e-e-e-e-et...” Jiraz now leaned over the table, grinning; “...and so-o-o wa-a-a-a-a-a-arm...”

“D-don’t tease me like that! You’re such a...a-...!” Shica fought against her wish to just break down and laugh out loud, or give in to the burning in her nether regions to molest Jiraz.

“Don’t tell me, sugar; I know what you want, remember? All those chicks at that orgy would be all fine and cool to lick and fuck, but I love you, and when we fuck, you feel it do deep...” Jiraz continued to tease Shica, seeing as the shin’saras girl rose her head up, smiling at Jiraz.

“You do, Jiraz! I really love fucking you and having sex with you...” Shica sniffed happily, Jiraz both surprised and touched to see Shica’s eyes water with tears.

“And it’s not just the sex, you’re just...just so fucking good to me!” Shica exclaimed lovingly, suddenly standing up, surprising Jiraz as she stood up, herself, Shica mildly tossing Jiraz into their bed, pulling down her leather pants, humping the more than amused demon girl, moaning longingly and, to Jiraz’s mind, adorably.

“Hih-hih-hih, I love it when you get so romantic, Shica; you’re such a little gem...” Jiraz hugged Shica, the two girlfriends slowly stripping off each other’s clothes, but apart from their usual humping and lovemaking, they took their time giving each other sensitive kisses.

“AR-R-R-R-R-RGH!!! Chinyi, turn it off! I’ve never used these kinda toys!!!” Minyoki yelled out loud, the vibrating orb stuck into her pussy, Chinyi grinning as she kept tuning up and down on the remote so the vibrations increased and decreased rapidly.

“Hih-hih-hih! Liar, liar, your panties’ on fire, sis! You pause your Rumble Roses game all the time to masturbate at the girls, and you use a pretty big dildo for it, so you should be used to this!” Chinyi teased, Minyoki’s eyes starting to water and her drooling increased as her smaller step-sister were so sex-appealing in her cute uniform, her humming and cheerfulness making Minyoki smile; it was no wonder Chinyi were so popular with the other Nightwind girls.

“Uhm, Allisia, you OK?” Janice asked, Allisia blinking her eyes, closing them as she groaned; almost like vapour, her tendrils of light vanished, her hair returned to its normal, azure colour, and, as she opened her eyes, they had returned to normal, as well.

“Hmm, I see; you can only channel your powers when you’re filled with a strong feeling, it seems...” Vanessa concluded; “’s quite simple, really; emotion-activated powers...”

“Yeah, sure looks like it...” Janice commented, actually not minding this lighter side of Allisia.

“I wonder if...” Allisia pondered, standing up from the bed, walking over to the chair her sword sat on, unsheathing the blade.

“...I feel almost angelic again, now; this...this feeling that I’m protecting you girls, and serving Mistress Narrisha’s interests...” Allisia let her sword swing lightly around in the air, enjoying the soft gusts of air it made, sighing happily.

“Hey there, angel girl; shouldn’t you get back in bed? We’ve gotta prepare for tomorrow’s orgy!” Janice smirked,

“It’s actually tonight, Janice; it is 5 o’ clock in the morning...” Vanessa noted, Janice looking in wonder at her.

“Trust me...” Vanessa held up a hand as if to prevent Janice from asking, smirking; “...I’m a geek girl; I know stuff.”

“None of the girls at the orgy will do more than they will...” Allisia said, turning to face Janice, who was almost shocked at Allisia as her eyes were flashing light blue, her voice once again getting that chilling, echoing undertone.

“With these powers...I sense something, as well...” Allisia mumbled to herself, looking directly at Janice.

“Janice, you and I have often teased, toyed and made love to each other, but I think it’s time I showed you just how much passion I have boiling in my veins...!” Allisia stood in front of the bed, reaching her arms out, flexing her muscles as the light returned, Vanessa just as amazed at the sight as before, Janice leaning back into the pillows, smirking.

“Here, birdy, birdy, birdy! C’mon, be a good little show-off and come punish me, alright?” Janice teased, Allisia’s lips curling into a smile as she stepped towards Janice...

“Hey, check that out, Jiki...” Kiro pointed out to her girlfriend, the two of them seeing Rachel slowly massage Narru’s back with an amber-coloured oil, the two of them clearly relaxing and enjoying themselves.

“It’s almost weird; I’m beginning to get used to see them hump each other...” Jiki grinned at Kiro, who smiled at her.

“I know they’re a little...well, erotic, these Nightwind ladies, but I just can’t help but think they’re cute...” Kiro blushed, Jiki stroking her girlfriend’s white hair, chuckling in her ear.

“And because you imagine it was us doing that thing, and that I were smearing your back with oil?” Jiki teased, Kiro blushing heavily.

“You little pervert, Jiki!” she grinned, sighing as Jiki smiled at her.

“...But yeah, it’d actually be nice to try if you’d...uhm, massage me?” Kiro asked, Jiki kissing her girlfriend, gesturing her to lie down.

“YA-A-A-A-A-A-A-ARGH!!! OH, GODS! YEAH-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH-YEAH! FOR FUCK’S SAKE, I CAN’T CUM ANYMO-O-O-O-ORE!!!” Janice yelled to the ceiling from the top of her lungs, Allisia using her newfound powers to put more weight into her groping of her breasts and fingering of Janice’s pussy, the redhead amazon’s face twisted in horniness, Vanessa watching in amusement as she saw how Allisia could now please Janice so well, Vanessa laughing at the comical faces and gestures Janice found herself making, including to grab Allisia’s head and kissing her so hungrily Vanessa could have sworn she were trying to suck Allisia’s lips off.

“It seems the vixen has become the pet...” Allisia could not help but chuckle; “...under that frisky exterior, you have a good heart, Janice; you deserve all those girls who fell under your charm...”

“A-ALLISIA! I...IT’S SO GOOD! I LOVE HOW YOU FUCK ME-E-E!” Janice yelled out, Allisia amused as Janice hugged her, Allisia’s light tendrils slowly and lovingly caressing Janice’s body.

“MAKE ME CUM! I wanna cum...all over your glowing body, baby!!!” Janice shrieked out, Vanessa taking the opportunity to grab Janice’s breasts from behind.
“Huh?! Oh...oh my Gods! Demon girl and angel girl, both?! HELL YEAH! FUCK MORE, YOU TWO! I LOVE THIS! I LO-O-O-O-OVE THI-I-I-I-I-I-I-IS!!!” Janice finally let out a high-pitched scream, Allisia taken aback as Janice’s orgasm came so wildly and uncontrollably that it felt as if a breaking dam, Janice continuing to climax more than seven times in a row, her face formed into a lustful grin as she slowly sank down.

“...Is it me, or do I get the feeling she likes women from both Heaven and Hell?” Vanessa joked, Allisia laughing as she leaned over Janice...the redhead not responding as she lightly poked her shoulder.

“Uhm, Allisia, she passed out...she’ll be out for a few hours...” Vanessa mentioned, Allisia looking to Vanessa, both of them feeling as they began smiling, both of them soon finding themselves laughing out loud, laying back on the bed, not able to stop laughing at the thought of Janice actually meeting her match.

Chapter 57

Title: Chapter LVII - Draconic Passions

“Um-m-m-m-m...a-a-a-a-a-ah, this feels so divine...!” Kiro moaned pleasantly as Jiki smeared her back with oil, massaging her girlfriend by the pools, Kiro’s short, spiky white hair resting over her pleasantly smiling face.

“I heard the girls mention they are having one of their more erotic nights, tonight...” Jiki whispered in Kiro’s ear, teasingly nipping at it; “...should we do as we plan and whip out that little gift we made for Narrisha?”

“Hihihih, she’ll properly like it...” Kiro slowly turned around to face Jiki, her girlfriend kissing her lovingly, neither of them realizing how close to the edge of the pool they had moved.

“Hm? What’s this, girls?” Narrisha asked, Jiki and Kiro handing her a large, square, white box, Narrisha tempted to rustle it to find out.

“It’s a gift we’ve designed for you, and we think you and the rest of your girls will like it...” Kiro explained; “...can we come in and see you open it?”

“Sure! Uhm, well, I’ve just fooled a bit around with Siriki and Innoki, so-...” Narrisha smiled shyly at Jiki and Kiro as they entered Narrisha’s room, Narrisha giggling as she saw Innoki nudging her head against Siriki’s breasts, both girls cuddling together and grinning at each other.

“Now I think of it, they look exactly like us after our first time, eh Kiro?” Jiki teased, Kiro blushing and smiling at Jiki.

“Yeah, except we’re not that busty, not that you complain...” Kiro teased back, Narrisha trying her best not to laugh.

“Girls, Jiki and Kiro’s come with a gift for us! Wanna see it?” Narrisha asked, Innoki and Siriki looking up, seeing the large, white box.

“Hmm? What’s that?” Innoki asked, pinching Siriki’s nipples before she rose up, her and Siriki looking over Narrisha’s shoulder as she sat on her bed with the box.
“Can I open it now?” Narrisha asked, Jiki and Kiro both nodding.

“Hm-m, let’s see...” Narrisha slowly opened the box’s lid, finding a large, square board inside it made of a white, plastic-like material, its surface covered with silvery buttons, a large portion of the board’s middle looking like it was made of class.

“You know that game Allisia likes, chess? We’ve decided to make a sort of...Nightwind version of it...” Kiro shrugged, Jiki pointing at a small, circular button on the board.

“Here’s a little demonstration...” Jiki said, pressing the button; a quick, techno-like tune played, Narrisha seeing the glass-like surface illuminate, small silhouettes appearing on the board, Narrisha seeing a list of text appearing in a small, text-like bubble of a hologram right in front of her.

“’Welcome to Erotic Fantasy Wars; press ‘START’ to initiate play, select user, or play the tutorial’” a female voice spoke from the board, Narrisha’s eyes widening.

“...You made a yuri chessboard game?!” Narrisha gasped, Jiki and Kiro grinning to themselves.

“We had some time to spare, and heck, we’re both scientists” Jiki said, leaning back, gesturing to Narrisha press the advised button.

“’Input desired username, please’” the female voice spoke, Narrisha pressing the letters appearing on the small, circular buttons.

“’Thank you; would you like to play the tutorial?’” the female voice spoke again, Innoki and Siriki now leaning even further in on Narrisha’s shoulders.

“You bet it!” Narrisha smirked, pressing the tutorial button.

“’Thank you; select your starting army, please: Devilish Dominatrices, Sacred Sisters, Elven Amazons, Monster Maidens or Sci-Fi Seductresses’” the voice spoke, Narrisha beginning to drool.

“’Sacred Sisters’, please!” Narrisha pressed the button, a new hologram appearing in mid-air, showing several girls with a more than fitting appearance to a name like ‘Sacred Sisters’.

“’Army of Sacred Sisters chosen; units include Nuns, Priestesses, Paladivas, Angels, Valkyries, Singers and Seraphima...’” the female voice spoke, its voice now sounding less like a machine and instead like a quite eager girl; “’ then, let’s get your army moving!’”

As a new techno tone began, a screen on the board read ‘loading textures’, and a few seconds after, various areas appeared in a select-like menu.

“’Pick your battleground; Dominatrix Dungeon, Sunny Battlefield, Twilight Battlefield and Castle Courtyard are the current ones available’” the voice spoke again, Narrisha selecting the castle courtyard.

“Oh-h-h-h...Allisia, you just went from goody two-shoes to badass dominatrix! Hih-hih-hih!” Janice grinned as she woke up in her room, Allisia and Vanessa having carried her back, tugging her under her bed sheets.

“I’m sorry if I overdid it, Janice...” Allisia said, caressing Janice’s forehead, Janice looking in admiration at Allisia as she had dressed up in her armour once again.

“Allisia, you’re such a fucking angel...” Janice smiled, looking over to Vanessa; “...I can’t wait until you go hardcore on me, you little witch; I kinda wonder what sort of powers I’d get if we fucked hard enough.”

“I think you’ll find out in time, Janice, but now, you need to rest; heck, I’m surprised you woke up all of a sudden…” Vanessa said, kissing Janice’s forehead, her and Allisia heading for the door, Janice smirking to herself, rubbing her knees together under the bed sheets, yawning.

“You damned Nightwind girls...I fucking love you all so much...” Janice gave way to a feeling that had built itself in her heart: Love for the girls at Nightwind Manor; as she tugged her pillow, she felt something wet fall from her eyes...tears of joy.

“Hm-m-m-m...who were I to know that the sunlight is mobile, now?” Dracaia mumbled, enjoying the sunlight rods in the pool area, her naked, tan skin soaking in the light, Dracaia moaning pleasantly as she enjoyed it.

“You’ve got quite the racks for such a mighty dragon, you know?” Minyoki’s voice came, Dracaia opening an eye to see the gamer girl standing above her, smirking teasingly.

“Tell me, dragon lady; what’s to stop me from playing a little with your knockers here?” Minyoki teased, Dracaia’s lips forming into a smirk.

“This, maybe?” she asked, her eyes getting a fiery glow, her open mouth showing sparkles of flames forming inside the mouth, Minyoki’s eyes widening in a mix of awe and shock.

“E-easy there! Geez, I’m just pulling your leg, girl!” Minyoki gasped, Dracaia smiling at her.

“Your language is so vulgar compared to Allisia’s...I wonder just how good a lover you would prove had you put half your effort into the lovemaking, itself...” Dracaia said, gesturing Minyoki closer, the gamer girl hesitantly moving towards the dragon girl.

“See, if you want to feel my touch, be aware that you may not bring me to my own edge; I fear that my roar of ecstasy would shock you...” Dracaia told Minyoki, the gamer girl having already heard that Dracaia were infamous for her draconic side showing itself during her throes of ecstasy.

“...So, what you’re saying is, I can fuck you a bit, but then you’ll fuck me the rest of the time, right?” Minyoki asked, Dracaia nodding, smirking at Minyoki.

“Really, if you fancy yourself with such vulgar language, I should be happy to teach you some manners...!” Dracaia said, gesturing Minyoki to sit beside her, which she did with no hesitation.

“Wow, what have you set the rods to? It feels like a fucking day at the beach...” Minyoki mumbled, suddenly hearing a growling from Dracaia, turning around to find the dragon girl’s eyes glow golden.

“Let me see, such a ripe little courtesan, you are....” Dracaia chuckled, caressing Minyoki’s bared stomach, Dracaia letting her right hand undo Minyoki’s top; “ even dress vulgarly! My, what invitations you make of yourself, little girl...”

“Hey, Faris and those chicks dig it, so why not? Hell, it’s actually practical considering how much I let them bend me over...” Minyoki grinned confidently, Dracaia blinking her eyes.

“You enjoy yourself as a courtesan? Really, if you are not a frisky little lady...”

“You’re talking, missy; last I heard you spent 2 hours fucking with both Allisia and Cassandra...” Minyoki teased; “...I didn’t know you could have threesomes; I kinda thought of you as a beginner...”

“I have been seducing women for a millennium before you were even born, Minyoki...” Dracaia said, Minyoki’s eyes widening in surprise; “...I am a patient being; I do not rush headlong unto the battlefield of passion unprepared.”

“So half the time, at least, you spent on your cave, practising using your tail...hihihihihih, oh that’d be hilarious!” Minyoki teased, Dracaia taking the human girl’s teasing maturely; however, her sharp, claw-like nails moved more eagerly towards the gamer girl’s skirt, Dracaia wanting both to punish Minyoki and reward her for being such an amusing lover.

Chapter 58

Title: Chapter LVIII - Domination, Seductions and Confessions

“Sharla, shouldn’t we go out and find some of those more hardcore chicks? I’d kinda like to get a whiff of their panties before tonight...” Shirli grinned to herself, Sharla sighing to herself, sending Shirli a taunting smile.

“Am I suddenly not good enough for you, huh?” she teased, Shirli purring and stroking herself against Sharla.

“Sharla, we’re awesome together, but-...” Shirli began, Sharla pressing Shirli’s head between her breasts, grinning.

“But you’d rather start drooling over me while some blonde dominatrix is fucking our pussies inside out?” Sharla asked, seeing Shirli do the best she could to nod, Sharla rustling her hair.

“Gods, you’re predictable...” Sharla smiled, falling back unto their bed, Sharla letting Shirli go as the two catgirls continued their lustful humping.

“You shouldn’t go make so much noise, ladies...” a knock were heard from the door, Faris stepping in; “...I could hear you halfway down the corridor.”

“Oh, hey Faris!” Sharla greeted as Shirli kept licking on her massive breasts, Faris feeling her nether regions beginning to react to seeing Shirli’s butt stick right in the air as she molested Sharla.

“Is this real what I read?” Faris now headed for the two catgirls, who stopped their lovemaking as Faris handed them a magazine.

“Vanessa gave me it; you sluts have been gangbanged by that empress Shinris’ Scarlet Sisterhood?? That’s over 100 sizzling, busty hot elf chicks!” Faris could not control her sense of envy and wishing to punish Shirli and Sharla for being so completely erotic with those girls.

“Yep! They really liked us; I had almost 229 orgasms, and Sharla had 227 orgasms!” Shirli grinned, Faris feeling as if her mouth fell agape in awe.

“...And had an orgasm...every…single…time…..??” she carefully asked, Shirli and Sharla grinning to each other.

“Oh, ye-e-e-es; we don’t mind going all the way with those chicks; all that battle training really works up the need for a little lady lovin’...and we sure got some lovely juices to drink...” Sharla said, stroking Shirli’s hair, the two of them licking their lips suggestively.


Before Shirli and Sharla could react, catgirls as they were, Faris sat on top of them both, drool and frowning at them, her eyes looking as if lit ablaze.

“..…FUCK.....ME.....NOW…..!!!” Faris grit her teeth, Shirli and Sharla both smirking to her, the two of them delicately licking and coating Faris’ latex suspenders with drool, their bodies already shining in sweat as they could not help but to think of Faris as indeed being a really hardcore chick.

“Your little Christy could hardly handle us; can you-u-u-u?” Shirli teased, Faris grabbing her head in response, kissing her wildly, Shirli meowing longingly, Faris pulling away from the kiss.

“Hih-hih-hih-hih-hih! You’re just two bad little sluts needing some cunt all the time, huh?” Faris grinned, throwing herself onto the bed.

“C’mon, then, kitty girls! Fuck me as you please!” Faris tugged her cap over her eyes, Shirli and Sharla humping themselves over Faris, the redhead moaning lustfully at them, seeing their long tongues drip with drool and lick her nipples.

“’re really testing my limits, Minyoki...!” Dracaia grit her teeth to try and choke the pleasure the human girl gave her, Minyoki snickering as she molested the dragon girl, enjoying her soft, tanned skin and excited moans.

“Fuck, I can even get a dragon chick hot, now; maybe I should try going dominatrix on you, someday...” Minyoki teased, Dracaia’s golden eyes shining brightly as Minyoki leaned over her.

“But, for now, I wanna fool a little around with you...” Minyoki smirked, gesturing Dracaia to stand up, Dracaia doing so, not noticing the edge of the pool not two meters from her.

“I say we get down and wet a bit; brace for impact!” Minyoki teased as she stepped slowly towards Dracaia, the dragon girl landing in the pool with a small yelp, the warm water comforting her as she resurfaced, just to see the still fully clothed Minyoki jump in, as well, resurfacing and shaking her head, her white shirt completely transparent from the water as she began stripping herself.

“You little wench, Minyoki...” Dracaia sighed to herself, smiling as Minyoki jumped on top of her, the water deep enough for them both to stand in, Minyoki’s excited kisses forcing Dracaia back to a stone bench in the pool, amazed at the human girl’s eagerness.

“I can hardly believe this...” Allisia smiled to herself, enjoying the fact that due to her new weapons and armour, as well as her now angelic strength, she had replaced the normal trunks of wood she used for practice with iron bars, feeling them being cleft just as easily.

“Uhm, Allisia, are you done, soon?” Vanessa asked from Allisia’s bed, having set up a barrier of magical energies around herself in case a splinter of metal was to fly in her direction.

“Just one more bar...” Allisia spoke over her shoulder, grabbing with both hands around her sword, hearing the hiss of wind as she struck, the iron bar cleft perfectly in the middle, Allisia smiling as she sheathed her sword, opening her visor.

“I have to say, Allisia; you’re a woman of many wonders...” Vanessa smirked, enjoying watching her warrior girl practice.

“Thanks, but the armour is getting quite hot; can you take the blue kimono in the closet for me?” Allisia asked, Vanessa sending her a small smile.

“Well, I could, but don’t you want your price first?” she chuckled, Allisia taking off her helmet, putting it on a nearby table as she headed towards Vanessa.

“You really have gotten a liking to the way things happen here at the manor, haven’t you?” Allisia teased, Vanessa responding by rising from the bed, kissing Allisia warmly, the warrior girl chuckling amused as Vanessa let herself fall back on the bed again.

“Oh dear, help me! I’m about to be violated by a valkyrie!” Vanessa grinned at Allisia, the warrior girl leaning over her, letting a finger caress across Vanessa’s dress.

“For such a little scientific bookworm, you surely have a massive bosom...” Allisia flirted, playing with the rings in Vanessa’s collar; “ really are a naughty girl, Vanessa.”

“Naughty, my tail; what woman could resist all you Nightwind gals?” Vanessa grinned, Allisia smiling as she let herself slip besides Vanessa, the demon girl helping Allisia off her armour.

“I honestly didn’t think Janice was so touched with all the girls accepting her that way...” Vanessa mentioned, Allisia sending her a questioning look.

“She were sniffing when we left her room; I think she were so happy she was crying, for now she really has a place I will wager she feels like a home” Vanessa explained, Allisia smiling at her.

“Janice’s a frisky vixen, indeed, and she has her heart at the right place; she deserves it” Allisia said, Vanessa nodding.

“Why are you crying, Janice?” Innoki asked, her and Vinya visiting the redhead’s room, Janice looking smilingly at them as she whipped her eyes.

“It’s just...I feel like I really belong here; no long journeys around Silvarcira to find some half-hearted courtesan, no crossing oceans to feel a little fake lady girls really are real, and you’re there for me...” Janice sniffed; “...I love you girls, and it’s sure as fuck not just for your tits.”

“Aw-w-w-w, I feel so touched, now...” Vinya blushed, crossing her legs and hiding her arms behind her back.
“Janice, you’re such a little minx when you fool around with us, I’ve heard...” Innoki said, Janice’s eyes widening as Innoki began stripping off her uniform; “...and not even Mirinda’s whip is going to stop me from enjoying myself with you...”

“But Innoki, we’re supposed to be in the kitchen in an hour! We’re on the cooking team for tonight...” Vinya tried and speak out, but the sight of the exhausted, exotic human girl Janice had already triggered her complete attention and desire.

“Vinya, I was nervous about crossing my limits, too, but for all it’s worth...” Innoki faced Janice, smiling at her; “...Janice, make it worth our punishment later, OK?”

“You’ve got it, ladies! Come here, you...” Janice smirked, grabbing around Innoki’s waist, licking her stomach as the brown-haired girl continued to strip, Vinya looking curiously between Janice’s legs.

“Our Lady Shinris, you’re already wet, Miss Janice!” Vinya said in surprise, slurping as she reached her tongue into Janice’s bared pussy, surprised by the amazon girl’s honey-like taste.

“Um-m-m! Munch! Munch! Munch! This tastes lovely!” Vinya giggled to Janice, the amazon giggling herself as Innoki sat herself on her stomach, groping her breasts.

“Hihihihih! Oh, this is my kind game, ladies...oh! Oh yes, right the-e-e-ere...oh-h-h-h...!” Janice panted out as Vinya’s tongue reached further inside her, Innoki’s groping and pinching of her nipples filling Janice with complete, lustful bliss.

Chapter 59

Title: Chapter LIX - Narrisha does NOT sparkle!

“O-o-o-o-oh! Vanessa, you-...!” Allisia squirmed as Vanessa began groping her, the albino girl chuckling at Allisia.

“You’re so well-built, such a beauty...and your massive, magical energies sure add to the appeal...” Vanessa teased, nipping at Allisia’s neck.

“You’re a little charmer, are you not?” Allisia smirked, rolling over on top of Vanessa, the albino girl flapping her wings lightly in coyness.

“Oh...h-hey, it’s you again, huh?” Allisia suddenly found something soft stroking against her back, finding it to be Scarlet, the kitten meowing at her, Vanessa sighing at her pet.

“Scarlet, don’t come in here when I’m having a little fun, OK?” she asked the kitten tiredly, Allisia chuckling heartily.

“!!!” Chinyi cheered, as she, along with Narru and Siriki, tried out the new jumping mat Narrisha had set up outside the manor, Chinyi giggling happily as she jumped higher and higher, Narru lying on the mat, enjoying the powerful bumps as the girls landed descended and ascended again and again.

“Now, this is the real thing, indeed...” Dracaia growled comfortably, lying in a sun chair besides Jiki and Kiro, the two of them enjoying soda cans and sunbathing besides the dragon girl.

“Is it right you dragons can affect the weather, Dracaia? Jiki told me once that some dragons can change the weather to their liking...” Kiro asked, Dracaia lazily opening an eye.

“Yes, but only golden, emerald and sapphire dragons can do it; other kinds of dragons have other powers, like shaping mountains and such things...” Dracaia said, yawning as she smacked her lips, curling herself up for a nap, Kiro looking smilingly at Jiki.

“She’s really like Breeze, if you ask me” Kiro said, Jiki smirking as she looked at her and Kiro’s pet, the poor Breeze panting out as the summer heat were turning out to be much hotter than the griffon had expected.

“Mi-Mistresses...I fly a round or two...” Breeze clapped her beak, taking off into the sky, letting out a relieved hoot.

“HUH?! What the-...?!” Breeze suddenly got a shocked surprise as a grinning Chinyi met her in midair, Breeze flapping her wings with all her might, flying backwards as Chinyi realized she had nearly collided with the griffon.

“Whoops! Sorry, Breeze!” Chinyi called as the griffon flew up higher, Breeze beginning to ask herself if Chinyi had been playing around...or really just were that silly.

“It’s alright, Miss Chinyi!” Breeze hooted over her shoulder, the griffon flying further upwards, the cool air feeling good to her hot feathers and fur.

“...You can really please girls, Miss Janice...” Innoki moaned smilingly, her and Vinya having found themselves overwhelmed as Janice took her turn in the dominating role, Janice quickly making them both climax as she teased and fingered their pussies, Vinya still gasping from the intensity of her own orgasm.

“It’s a gift, ladies...” Janice chuckled to herself, combing a hand through her red mane of hair, moaning to herself as she could not help but enjoy teasing these girls; wherever she looked, she found a cute maid or a sexy dominatrix of a blonde elf girl.

“Hih-hih, I really look forward to tonight; I sure hope you’re ready for it...” Janice smirked at Innoki and Vinya, Vinya lazily raising her hand, showing a thumbs-up.

“Well, tonight’s the first night I’ll...well...I was kinda hoping to have Cassandra and Mirinda show me how to act like a real dominatrix...” Innoki blushed, Janice giggling joyfully.

“A little dominatrix aspirant, are we? That’s just adorable...” Janice leaned over Innoki, winking at her; “ got a little too much pleasure from the other girls, and now you want back, eh?”
“H-How could you-...?” Innoki tried asking, Janice holding a finger to her lips, silently hushing her.

“It’s clear as glass, Innoki: You’ve properly spent so much time being molested and never having a chance to give back, and now that you feel you’re ready to take the initiative, you’re hyped for lots of lovely sex...” Janice jokingly pinched Innoki’s cheek; “...if I can give you some advice, remember: If they scream for more, you’re doing a great job.”

“That’s really helping...” Innoki said sarcastically, Janice smiling at her as she pinched Innoki’s left nipple lightly, Innoki whimpering a moment in pain.

“If the girl you’re dominating gets a little stimulation, she’ll be begging for more pleasure, and that’s what you both want...” Janice said, looking a moment at her gloves, smiling as she saw how Innoki’s and Vinya’s cum ran and dripped heavily from them, Janice beginning to bite at the glove’s tip, then pulling the glove off, putting it in her mouth as she started sucking on the latex and cum, Innoki watching in amusement and excitement as Janice lay herself down, fingering herself as she licked the glove more intensely, Vinya rising up, blushing violently as she realized how hot and right out erotic Janice could make the simple act of licking a glove look like.

“...I think it’s my turn to cum; could you be two little sweeties and lick my boots a bit?” Janice asked as she put her glove back on, Innoki looking at the shy Vinya, smiling at her.

“Seems like the mighty amazon girl has a little boot fetish...” Innoki teased Janice, Vinya slowly crawling towards Janice’s legs, Innoki already beginning to lick the latex of Janice’s left boot, Vinya carefully closing her lips onto Janice’s right boot.

“What? Well, uhm, that’s certainly a good try...oh, whom am I kidding?? Hih-hih, it looks good on you, Vanessa...” Allisia could not help but smile, looking at Vanessa as she showed Allisia what she called a ‘protective suit’:
A golden, lightly armoured suit of metal, heavily decorated with mysterious inscriptions, Vanessa showing Allisia a katana of the same material, the blade looking razor-sharp.

“Well, uhm...I thought we could spar a little later...and that, uhm...that you’d think it was a little-...” Vanessa began shyly, surprised to see Allisia slowly rise up, unsheathe her sword from its scabbard, walking towards Vanessa, a simple, light swipe with her sword disarming Vanessa, Allisia reaching for Vanessa’s head, pressing herself towards Vanessa, kissing the amused albino girl.

“Hm-m-m, I think I will take advantage of your soft spot here...” Allisia carefully let her sword caress against Vanessa’s tail; “...and then I will molest you mercilessly with my newfound powers, listening to your moans as if it were angels singing...” Allisia said, smirking to herself as Vanessa grinned at her.

“You talk so much, Allisia...but I hope you keep your promise...” Vanessa lay herself down on the bed, Allisia thrusting her sword into the ground, taking a careful, firm grip around Vanessa’s tail, the albino girl moaning, looking in shock as Allisia knelt down, placing the tail between her breasts, sucking on it.

“I hope this arouses you, Vanessa...” Allisia smiled at the albino girl, Vanessa’s moaning escalating in volume as Allisia sucked harder and harder on the tail tip.

“N-no...! Stop it, Allisia...!” Vanessa whimpered, Allisia sneering passionately at her.

“I’m really tired of this ‘no’ nonsense! Admit it, Vanessa; you not only like it...” Allisia licked the tail tip’s fins, looking happily at Vanessa; “ right out love it!”

“I, I do! My tail’s so sensitive!” Vanessa leaned back down on her wings, Allisia carefully stroking Vanessa’s tail.

“It sure is a smooth tail…was it the one you stuck into my mistress, then?? Hm-m-m, you sneaky little devil…” Allisia could not help but smile as she moved up, kissing Vanessa, the albino girl hugging her warmly as the kiss continued…

“Hm? What are you smiling at, Dracaia?” Narrisha asked, lifting her sunglasses as Dracaia lay in her sun chair, sending quick looks to Narrisha, chuckling.

“’s just that...I’m sorry, Lady Narrisha, but seeing, well, a vampire girl take is like seeing a fish fly, or...or...or something like that...” Dracaia smiled to herself, Narrisha stretching out, examining her left arm happily.

“Yep; I’m one sun-proof, skirt-chasing, seductive dame of the dark, Dracaia...” Narrisha grinned to herself, looking up as she watched Chinyi and the other girls still jumping on the mat, shrugging as she rose up, running towards the mat, jumping onto it.

“Mistress! You’re such a silly!” Chinyi grinned, Narrisha beginning to jump after her, Chinyi’s happy shrieks making the girls laugh out loud, Jiki and Kiro snickering to themselves, Jiki sipping to her soda can.

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