Story: Inside Box (chapter 5)

Authors: Omok

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Chapter 5

[Author's notes: “Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't.” - Richard Bach]

Such a great day. Great weather, great friends, great everything! Not.

Yes I’m complaining again, yes I’m whining again, and yes I’m forced on a date again. I hate you Sam, I hope you’re happy. Okay, I lied. I hope you die. Okay, I lied again, but I DO hope you would stop torturing me.

Stop what? Oh, stop making me go on stupid double dates after school. It’s the middle of April and it’s freakin’ RAINING today. I mean, really, open your eyes Sam! I can’t see the fun standing out side for two hours with two stupid guys instead of going home, the warm safe home that we both have.

I end up in this state because Sam started to whine and I can’t even remember what the heck she whined about. Well, if I recall correctly...

First we were at our lockers, packing things up ready to “walk home” yes, “Home”. Then the next thing I knew, we were out side, Sam was holding on to my selves and pointing to Kyle and my boyfriend. And Wahla, in a snap of a finger we were all the way in the park 15 minutes walk away from our school.

and it's cold, the temperature is like what? – 2C? Or was it around 1C? I don’t know. Though I do know I’m wearing a T-shirt. So it was freakin’ cold for me .

And because I hate Kyle (even if he claims “I don’t hate you” I know he doesn’t “like” me either) we ended up arguing. Then we got from arguing to “Cat (Me) chase Mouse (him)”. Then we got from that to throwing pine corns at each other.

In the end, the Pine Corn (throwing) fight ended with Sam coming over and telling us to stop. Or more of telling me to stop by kicking me. I swear, I have scars all over my legs from her. I have a bite mark on my hands from her too. (I consider it a “mark of friend ship” though she tells me it was a “mark of pain” because she only bite me that time because I was annoying; she bite me two months ago)

This day just can’t get any better can it? And my stupid best friend just decided to watch, while my boyfriend is making a poor (I mean, a VERY poor) attempt at solving the problem between me and Kyle.

Even if I really don’t remember the problem? I think Kyle probably started to make fun of me on the game that we both played.

Did I mention I hate Kyle? Why? He has everything (some) that I want.


2.Looks (his actually one of the “good” or “better than average” looking guys at our school)

3.Stuff (He have a crap load of money, I think its for college, but still…He got a crap load of money; so thanks to money, he have stuff...)

And the most important reason is...I mean like, really, he got me to hate him in less than ten minutes when we first met, how hard is it to make a good first impression? I don’t find it hard. Even if my impressions on people aren’t so great, they aren’t to the point of hate. And yet he got a good amount of people hating him. For instance me. His probably the guy I hate the most in the country.

We stayed at the park for two hours (school ends at three), it sucked, I was a “wet chicken”. Though thank god the rain wasn’t big, but it was still cold. And once again, I only had a T-shirt on. While stupid Sam had long selves a jacket, and an umbrella too. (She wouldn’t share the umbrella with me; saying I was a pervert. Okay, I was, but still…I stayed till five for her in this stupid weather, and I can’t even share an umbrella as a reward?)

We said our byes and had our share of hugs from each of our boyfriend. With Sam getting a few kisses too...(I turned my back to face them when they kissed. My wonderful "male" boyfriend wanted to kiss me too, but i just kissed him on the cheeks before he made any attempt to my lips; sad to say, hugging him feels very indifferent from hugging a tree, and kissing him feels very indifferent from kissing the wall...I'm so gay...)

We(me and Sam a pair, my boyfriend and Kyle a pair. Note: Sam's boyfriend and mine are best friends) left the park in peace, even if I really wanted to kick Kyle (I never had the chance, when ever I catch him during our “mouse chases” Sam would always stop it before HE gets hurt.)

Oh well, I got to walk home with Sam.

During the middle of our 45 minute walk home, she decided to swing at me with her umbrella.

It's coated with rain; it was the best idea to get me even more soaked without pushing me to the grass/floor,she's evil isn't she? Though it was kind of fun.

Every time she did that, I ran for my life, and when she pauses to swing at me; I would go up to her and invade her personal space. Well, its more of me sneaking up on her and try to hug her or make some kind of body contact (pokes most often)

I guess in the end I deserve the swings/kicks/slaps/punches I get from her; I always (mostly; she does hit me for no reason sometimes) do something stupid to earn it. I’m happy though, I don’t know, but yeah, I am. I think it’s probably the same thing as to why guys annoy the girls they like to get attention from them.

I annoy Sam to get attention from her. It's fun, at least that’s the reason I think I’m annoying her for. I really don’t understand my self at times, correction, most of the times I don’t understand my self. This minute I can be all hyper and jumpy and the next thing you know I’m down and depressed due to some stupid philosophical thought about life popping up in my mind.

During our walk home I tried and made my lovely Sam speak Mandarin. It was FUNNY, it’s a thing that I’ll never forget for my whole life. If I ever get a wife (or hubby; I think I’m bisexual? Doubt it though) I’d make her to try and speak Chinese, if she IS Chinese I’ll make her speak one of the dialects that I know but she doesn’t. (I know three Chinese dialects: Mandarin, Cantonese, and a 3rd one that I don’t know the English name for) It’d be so funny.

I started off by saying “I love you.” In Mandarin, I decided randomly that I wouldn’t stop saying it until Sam stops ignoring me about it.

Then out of the blue, in mandarin she replied “I don’t love you” she’s Cantonese so she spoke that with a Heavy Cantonese ascent. It was the first time I ever heard her speak Mandarin it was CUTE, and FUNNY at the same time.

After she said that I lost self-control and I couldn’t stop laughing and giggling. No matter how much I begged her afterwards to “Say it again” or “say something in Mandarin; anything” I even tried to bribe her(5). All of the tricks that I could think of didn’t work. Even if when she tries to speak Mandarin its Really Cute.

It was the first and last time I ever heard her speak Mandarin in front of me.

I shouldn’t have laughed. Its one of the many things that I regret ever doing.

She got mad at me for that. Even if I could think of millions of reasons that I should be mad at her, she’s the one that always gets mad. Out of stupid things too.

I mean, how bad can it be? I just laughed at her speaking Mandarin; it was reasonable? You should have heard it, it was REALLY funny, at least for me. (I’m a native born Mandarin/Cantonese Mix; so I know both languages really well, they’re my first languages) Plus I said sorry afterwards, actually, I said sorry two minutes after I realized that I was laughing.

So it wasn’t reasonable for her to get mad at me right? Right.

But she did. And for a whole week too.

She wouldn’t answer the phone, she wouldn’t talk to me in class, she wouldn’t talk to me during lunch, and she wouldn’t walk home with me. She cut off all ties she had with me for that whole week.

It was HELL.

When ever I called her, she sisters picks it up and tells me she doesn’t want to talk to me. When ever I try to talk to her in school she pretends I’m not there. When ever I try to talk to her (stalk) her during lunch she’d talk to another friend even if I’m RIGHT there and tell that friend “do you hear that noise?” and that friend (most often its another one of my best friend; they all do this type of things to me) would say “no.” or she would say something like "Isn't that noise behind me annoying" and my other friends would say " Yeah, its annoy."

I think they do that just to get me annoyed and mad and sad. And every horrible emotion I can feel.

It worked, for the whole week all my best friends/good friends would get on her side and play along. Just for fun.

at least it wasn’t to the point of bullying, it was funny that’s all. Even if I knew that they doing this to see my reaction if i don't give them any they would stop,but I cared about it, a lot. I can’t help it but to dig a hole for my self and jump in it. That’s type of person I am, I would often choose to listen to my heart (soul) instead of my brain, even if my brain is the smart one with the EQ/IQ more than 50. and my soul/heart is the stupid one with the EQ/IQ less than 1.

I can’t help it, and my friends take advantage of that. They’re cruel aren’t they? I often imagine that there’s some kind of special service that “people” or “something” can provide and I can buy and SELL my friends for NEW IMPROVED friends who don’t like to see me suffer because of cruel love.

Sad, that kind of program doesn’t exist.

Though after a week she stopped, everything went back to normal. But now she knows I have a phobia of her getting mad at me for stupid things, so she always threatens me with it. "Jamie, if you don't stop poking me I'll get mad at you" When ever she say those type of lines I can't help it but to stop.

She's mean, isn't she? I wonder how will she treat her husband...Oh the mysteries of Females, I shall never understand.

[End notes:

I didn't quote my self this time! Haha, I though it'd be a good idea to start quoting real famous/important(?) people now. I wonder what kind of quote should I put up next time? Gimme some suggestions. (like, the KIND, but not WHICH ones. For example my quote this chapter is "Life" and well...yeah...Request for "Love" "School" "Life" "Age" "Work" (etc) types of quotes, and i'll put up one that I like in the next chapter of that "type")

Enough about quotes though.

Tell me what do you(girls/guys) think about this chapter? I'm trying out a "kinda of" new style of writing, or more of I'm trying to find my own style. I don't have the hang of it yet...Sad.

R/R please everyone. This dumb author here would like/love that very much!


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