Story: Inside Box (chapter 4)

Authors: Omok

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Chapter 4

[Author's notes: “I hate this life…-turns- Ohhhh lookie! There’s a bird out side..!” - Omok]

They’re going on a date today. I’m invited.

How come Sam is so stupid? For god sakes, it’s a DATE for TWO people. Why add the 3rd wheel?

I was thinking that the whole way to the mall to meet up with them, I was complaining to her about it 24/7 when I saw her. Of course I never said straight away “Don’t ask me to go on your stupid dates”, I can’t say that, because I actually want to go and watch them so they don’t get out of hand…though it was still painful.

We decided to go to the movies and watch a movie. There was also an arcade inside the movie place thingy.

Did I forget to mention I had a boyfriend too? I didn’t? Oh, my bad. He’s this big Jewish guy, I don’t have a problem with him being Jewish. Just…Had a little problem with him being a guy. That’s all. He is a really sweet guy, I liked him, but just not in the way a girlfriend should like a guy. That wasn’t a big problem right? After all, I could pretend and he gave me pretty things…-walks slowly away-

Well, with my boyfriend there, and with Sam’s boy friend, I guess she had a reason after all to ask me to go on the Date even if she KNEW I DIDN’T want to go at all.

It was a double date.

Before the movie, we played around the arcade and I spent over 20 dollars that day. I lied, my boyfriend paid for everything. He asked, it wasn’t my fault…Free money, who would pass on that? And since I’m so cheap in nature, I guess I just accepted.

I end up playing Air Hockey with Sam's boyfriend. Considering Sam doesn’t want to play, and my boyfriend…bleh, I already played three games with him and I won 2/3.

During the games with Kyle(AKA: The Jerk) I decided to watch Sam closely seeing who she was cheering for…

“Go Kyle go!” Sam screamed right when I wanted to tell her to cheer for me.

“Boo! Cheer for me! I’m your best friend!” I whined, what else was I suppose to do?

“No.” She replied, without a second though. Gosh, don’t this woman think anything through at least two times before replying? Wait, she does, just not to me. Cruel.

“You’re a cold blooded reptile.”

“Whatever...Go Kyle go!”

“Jamie you’re going down!” Kyle added in, just like adding oil in fire. How nice of him?

“Shut up!” At this moment I caught the Plate with my hands and ran over the Kyle, sneaking up on him and threw the Plate in the Goal and it went in.

“I won!!” I can’t wait to see his reaction

“No you didn’t. The game isn’t over.” Before I could turn around…That jerk picked up the plate and threw it inside the goal. He now won.

“Darn it…”Why does that guy have to win at nearly everything? He won Sam, he won the games. Hes' even taller than me now!

“The movie is about to start in ten minutes, want to go in now?” My boyfriend, told us right after the game ended so we could go and watch the movie.

“What movie is it again?” I asked slowly. Though I had a feeling they picked a horror movie, I'm praying that they didn't, because I'm scared of them. Badly too.

“The Reaping.” Kyle answered me as if it wasn't a big deal.

“That doesn’t sound so good…” Okay I’m 90 positive that it’s a horror movie.

“It’s a Comedy.” And Sam decided to lie to me like normal in tricking me in to watching the movie. Even if she didn't need to. Because horror movies or not I don’t have a choice on what to watch. Sam does, and Sam lets Kyle choose, and Kyle likes torturing me.

Yup it was a horror movie. Yup my boyfriend loved it. Why? Because I was glued to him during the whole movie, it was really scary. And his the biggest and strongest guy there. To tip it off he happen to be my boyfriend. Though the most important reason of all is Sam is wouldn’t let me hold on to her.

It was horrible during the movie, Sam was glued to Kyle. I could only them. I was watching them kissing, hugging, cuddling each other right next to me. As for me, I was stuck doing the same. Other than I’m gay and I actually don’t like my boyfriend that way. I just followed along. I had not much of a choice. Though we didn't kiss.

As for the movie, it was scary. It had a great plot though, but I couldn’t walk properly after finishing that movie. I’m still scared of it.

After the movies, we just walked around the mall and ate fast food. But because I hated Kyle, I don’t even know how. But we ended up arguing and fighting. In the end I was throwing spitballs at his face…And he got pissed, and decided to do the same back. It was a pretty funny show for Sam which I end up running to the girls washroom before he try to throw the tissue that he was licking at me.

It was a pretty fun day. We ran up and down the mall, ate most of the junk food that can filled our tummy. Though only if the boys aren't there; that would have been great. But it was cruel too, I had to endure and watch Sam and Kyle do all of those couple crap right in front of me.

Later that night Sam and I were talking on the phone. Its kind of like our habit where we call each other once every two night just to talk about random things.

“What would you do when you grow up?” I asked, I'm a very random person, I can talk about food right now and the next thing you know I’d be talking about school.

“Humm…I don’t know..” As far as I know it, she'll probably have a bright future. She an A student. Unlike me whose always a B- average student.

“Why don’t you know?” I often wonder, if there’s a reason for everything? And if you're trying hard enough can you find the answer to everything? To both questions I answered yes. I have yet to think of something that doesn't have an answer. (philosophy wise.)

“I just don’t.” The dark haired dummy replied me with a low tone as if this conversation is getting boring.

“And Why is that? Also, why am I always the one doing the most talking? Why can't you talk more?” I paused to see if she would give me a reply, instead I can hear her typing in the back ground. “SAM KWOK! ANSWER ME!! STOP AND GET OFF THE STUPID COMPUTER!”

“Eh what? What did you say?”


“Sorry. What did you say? I wasn’t paying attention.” Her tone, it sounded like she tried to make it sound completely innocent. Which she isn't.

“Sigh…I said, DON’T IGNORE ME.” I’m annoyed, she’s always like this, getting me annoyed at one point or another knowing fully I can’t do anything about it.

“Oh I’m not ignoring you. Just busy.”

“Busy? Busy doing what?”

“Talking to Kyle, duh.” She replied like it was no big deal.

“Stop talking to that jerk damn it! You know I hate him. And you know I like you.” I’m a little pissed off, I wonder what magic did that moron used on Sam. Correction, I’m not a “Little Pissed” I’m “very” pissed. That guy gets on my nerves, even if its merely talking about him.

“Yeah I know. but I don’t like you.”

“What ever, I love you.”

“I don’t.”

“Too bad too sad isn’t it? You’re stuck with me for life, I know where you live and I know your whole family. I can stalk you.” I replied pretending to be evil.

“And I know your whole family, and I know where YOU live too.” Woops, I forgot she knew the same thing about me.

“Well, I even know your PHONE number! And E-mail!”

“I know yours TOO, even better than YOU, since you don’t know your own phone number.”

“Shush, its hard, I mean like, what are the odds of me ever calling my self at home? None. So its not hard that I don’t know it. Plus I have you around so I can always ask you.”

“Psh.” And here it goes again, the typing sounds.

“Get off the stupid computer damn it, I got off the computer for you, so why can’t you do the same to me?”

“Umhum.” Her reply was so enthusiastic, I couldn’t even sense it!

“Marry me?” I just said that out of random. I’m hoping that she wouldn’t notice and reply an “umhum” again. It happened before, I wonder if this trick would work again.

“No.” Dang it, she noticed. How come she knows when I’m saying something that she doesn’t like, and when ever I say something she wants to ignore or can be ignored she just ignores it?

“What ever. I’m going to go, since you don’t pay attention to me anyways. Have fun with your ‘Kyle’ the biggest jerk in the whole school.”

“Fine, bye.” Can’t she even try and make me talk a little longer? I guess not, Sam have too much pride to do that. She’ll never let me have things my way, or she doesn't care at all like normally.


Why is woman so stubborn? I was wondering that before I go to sleep. With one of my many thoughts. Would I make such a horrible Lover? I’m caring, I’m nice, I’m a great friend. The mysteries of Woman shall never be understood by a mere human like my self. Such a mystery.

Sam kept me a woke for two hours that night because I coudln't stop thinking about every little thing, I remember asking her once that if I were a guy would I have had a chance of being her boy friend? And she answered yes. Is there more meaning behind that? Or was I thinking too much?

I don’t like this one bit. At least on the up side is that the school year is about to be over. High school here I come! In two months.

Great, high school. Home work. People.


[End notes:

Author’s notes:

Well, I’d like to point out that all of these things happened in my grade eight year. Though I’m planning to let this story go on to probably the end of high school. Who knows. (of course, I’m still in high school, so the things that WILL happen in the future chapters are probably going to be the things I WANT and DON’T want to happen.)

Hopefully I would have more reviews (I was reading the review in Computer Class…It was funny. =P “Sam” was right next to me and she was nagging)

What happened:

Me: Oh my god! Two reviews for my story! Yay!

Sam: -glances- You know, I’m not blind…I know what you wrote.

Me: Psh, wifey, you know I loveeee you.

Sam: and I don’t.

Me: isn’t our love story great?

Sam: its your one-sided love, I’ll never love you, you know.

Me: You’re mean. Want to read it? (I asked kind of hopefully)

Sam: no.

Me: What ever, you know what happens anyways. ( it was expected that she wasn’t gona read it, if she did, I’d be killed in school by her other words, she’d get mad at me. Lol)


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