Story: Inside Box (chapter 3)

Authors: Omok

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Chapter 3

[Author's notes: "lalalalala...Will you marry me?" - Omok.]

Chapter Three

I walked in the class room as slowly, and quietly as I can.

I was late…again.

A few people; including the teacher turned around and noticed me. Sam happened to be one of those who turned and looked.


As I gazed around the room while walking to my seat, I noticed her eyes looking at me, the pair of big dark brown gazzy eyes. Those eyes are one of the reasons why I’m so in love with her. And the reason why the stupid boys are all over her.

‘Cuz I was busying looking at those dreamy eyes, my mind was NOT focused on what ever I was doing. I almost tripped; thus creating a “big ban” and got everyone’s attention in the class.

“Jamie, late again?” Mr. Mark asked me with an annoyed face.

Dang it, no duh, what else could I be doing? Walking over the moon?

“Err, yeah…” I just had to do my first reaction; put on a groofy smile.

As I slowly walked to my seat with my mind focused(almost) this time. I was told by stupid Andy who sits right next to me that I was late again, for the forth time, this week. Though I kicked him in the leg in return for that little comment he made, ‘coz it wasn’t any of his business. Though after that little fight with Andy, I noticed Sam was watching the whole thing in her amusement.

What a wonderful way to start the day, embarrass your self in front of you crush.

The class passed by slowly, but I was eager to speak to Sam; but…She rarely speaks to me in our classes.

Though before I know it, (thank the gods), it was already third period (we have eight in a day, and we have straight 4th period lunch) And it was near the end.

I turned around and looked at the clock again, I think it’s the 5th time during the last ten minutes.

Dang it, can’t the stupid time pass any faster? Just three more minutes.

I glanced around the room, completely ignoring everything my science teacher is blabbing on about Cells, I noticed that everyone has packed up. Even Sam.

God I’m so gay, I notice her every single minute now…

At this moment the bell ringed, its now lunch time. I caught up to Sam right before she walked out the science room and decided to walk her to our lockers. (mine was two lockers away from her locker)

“Hey umm, we need to talk…” I asked her slowly while avoiding eye contact.

“So we’re not talking right now?” She’s pretending to have no idea what the heck I’m talking about.

“God, just hang out with me after we finished our lunch. Okay?”

“No.” She told me without even a second though. I often wonder how can and DOES she do that?

“Why not? Is talking to your best friend that horrible?” I’m starting to feel…bad…I didn’t know what exactly I was feeling; it just wasn’t a good feeling.

“Because you’re always eating lunch with the boys and I got better things to do. Even more so, you’re not my best friend.” Even if we both know, by better things to do, she means ‘hanging out with our common friends’ and she’s SO lying, I’m her best friend I tell you! I AM!

“Whatever, we’ll talk; coz I’ll stalk you. And that’s final!”


“Stop being so stubborn damn it! Not like you’ll die if you talk to me.” Okay now I know what I’m feeling, I’m annoyed. Doesn’t she know, and can’t she guess how important this talk will be and IS to me?

“Too bad isn’t it? What can you do about it?”

“Darn you.”

“You suck.”

“You Stink.”

“Oh really?”

“No, not really…” Okay I’ll admit it, her hair smells really nice, and I like that smell…a lot. No I’m not creepy, it just smells nice…

After that, we stopped talking, because we arrived at our lockers. After everything was done, lunch arrived and all…I DID try to talk to her. It merely failed. Bad. That’s all…

I tired everything afterwards to make her talk to me without drifting off to another conversion, or ignoring me, or just pretending something else was up, or being completely unserious when ever I try to talk to her. Everything I have ever tired to make her talk to me seriously, it fails.

Months past by since that day, things changed, for example I got use to calling her mom sometimes, and when we’re in private I sometimes tell her “I love you”.

Though the most important change of all…

She got a boy friend now.

And I hate that guy. I hated him the most in the whole school.

Why do I hate him? No, its not because he was my loves’ boyfriend, okay I lied, but its not ONLY because of that. Its mainly because his a huge jerk. The first time I ever saw him/talked to him, he came up to me screaming and spitted on my jacket. (What a great first impression he gave me ne?)

Though no…Stupid Sam had to have a crush on him. And he just had to return that crush. And now they’re boyfriends and girlfriends.

Worse of all, every single time they go on a date, or hang out.

I’m there.

I’m not with them because I felt like stalking my best friend/crush, I’m with them because Sam drags me with them every single time. So therefore, every single time I have to watch them hold hangs, hug, and…Kiss. And most of the time when they do that, its because I push them together. (according to Sam: “I’m too shy, so help me, please?”)

I don’t know why does she do this to me. She knows that I like her (or am I not clear enough by saying “I love you” to her at least once a day?)

Is it to make me jealous? Get me heart broken? Or just to get my attention? Well, what ever it is that she tired to make me feel, it worked. I was mad, I was sad, I was annoyed, and at one point; I even wished I was a guy so I could be the one in the Jerks’ place.

I can never understand Sam. Though now I do understand why do guys say “Girls are confusing, and hard to understand”…Its funny, how I’m a girl, and I still find girls a huge “mystery”.

Life’s no fair.

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