Story: A Howl in The Night/Twilight (chapter 6)

Authors: ikotsuke

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Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6: So it Begins

[Author's notes:

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"My f-father? He’s...alive?" Adrienne sputtered out as her face swiftly changed from a calm facade to one of startled uneasiness. The blonde haired girl smirked and licked her lips, she enjoyed seeing the girl’s reaction.

"Yes and in better condition than ever." she filed her nails nonchalantly then blew them with an air of palpable arrogance," His family...seemed to have been holding him back." Adrienne withdrew her swords from the barrel of the snobby girl’s guns and placed them in their sheaths. Then with lightning quickness, she grasped the girl’s collar in her hands, wrinkling up the crisp, cotton polo that she wore.

"Then take me to the bastard, so I can show him that how much he was holding me back bitch." she snarled, bearing her fangs, and brought herself almost nose to nose with the fair-haired bitch, one newly sharp nail threatening to slit the girl’s throat.

"My name is Daiis. (Pronounced Die-is) Her breath quickened and a jolt of electricity ran up her spine as Inuke` pressed her up against the wall. She wrapped her legs around the wolf-girl, bringing her closer to her dampening pussy as she shifted to draw it against the well muscled torso. "And you look like a real bitch to me." She brings Inuke`s finger up to her mouth and licks it suggestively..( Is their any other way to lick someone else’s finger?) Inuke` smiles seductively and trails her nails up Daiis’ thigh gently, causing the girl to shiver. Daiis sighed as she bit Inuke`s neck harshly. The coppery taste of blood seeped into her mouth as she relished in this moment.

Inuke` suddenly jerked Daiis’ face up to meet her cold, dark eyes. "This bores me," she growled baring her fangs as she unceremoniously dropped Daiis and walked away. She grabbed Daiji’s hand and pulled her out of the store, only to be met with a swarm of men dressed in dark clothing. Their countenances were masked by their black masks which vaguely resembled the heads of serpents, topping off there grim appearances. They all crowded around the area surrounding the little restaurant, closing in on their prey. However, as a wolf an tigress...prey was something Inuke` and Daijikin were not. Inuke` turned back into Adrienne who drew both her swords quickly as Daiji locked her eyes on the cronies in front of her. Daiji glanced at Adrienne who flashed her a malicious grin before charging into the oncoming minions. Her friend followed her lead, dashing into mix, her fists as her only weapons. Adrienne was the first to land a blow, the hilt of her sword ramming into the chest of one of the many men. She used the man as a human shield into the men running up behind him before tossing him aside and leaping into the air, swords gleaming in the sunlight as she flew over the fools who challenged her. She landed on the shoulders of one such fool and back flipped over him landing a foot squarely in the necks of the men behind him and right on cue, Daijikin sweep kicked them, sending them straight to the ground. Adrienne landed on her feet beside them and Daiji spun out of her kick on her hands into a back hand spring landing right beside Adrienne.


"Who are these freaks, eh?" Daijikin asked watching as the men rushed toward her, obviously angered by there display.

"I’m guessing..."began Adrienne as she dodged a shuriken coming toward her, "They are my father’s freaks. His animal spirit a snake.

"Huh," Daiji sneered as she punched one of her assailants in the chin, shattering his jaw, "How appropriate!"

Adrienne spun on her heels and slit the necks of two men as she continued gracefully striking down the brave men who dared come within her range. "Indeed." she agreed pulling both of her blades from the hearts of her opponents.



Daiis stood poised beside her commander, watching the battle that raged on the streets below them. "Come on...let me join in! I would love to dance the death tango with the raven haired beauty," she whined as she surveyed the scene unfolding beneath her which spoiled the common hustle and bustle of the streets as people ran and escaped the small war, with more than a little resemblance to ants. Ants that Daiis wanted so very badly to squash.


"In due time." the man standing next to her said gently, his voice smooth, but betrayed by the its vicious undertone. His face was covered in bandages and his extremely unruly black hair fell over his right eye, making it impossible to see anything save his left eye, which was truly enough to strike fear into the hearts of the weak minded. It was very narrow and the iris was a bright yellow-green with a black slit for a pupil. Reptilian indeed. "For now we observe...besides...if you kill them...I won’t be able to have my reunion with my little girl. And we can’t have that. No, not at all."

"Aw...alright." the girl conceded with a sigh. She looked over the building they stood on once more. "But one day," she muttered under her breath, "She’ll be mine."



Aurora clutched the amulet around her neck which glowed a bright white. She followed the insistent urging that seemed to emulate from its pendant, which was shaped like a crescent moon. Embedded in the very middle was a diamond which shone radiantly. It seemed she had found what she was looking for.

Meanwhile, at that same instant, Adrienne saw that the chain that was connected to one of her sword’s hilts was glowing a deep black. (Can something glow black? Uh ...Try not to think about it too much.) The pendant was shaped like the sun and embedded in it was also a diamond, from which emanated a darkness she could almost feel. And...she had absolutely no idea what it was for.

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