Story: A Howl in The Night/Twilight (chapter 5)

Authors: ikotsuke

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5: Blondes...

[Author's notes:

I totally changed the whole direction of this story!!! I hope you like it!




"It’s...It’s so cold. Mother? What are they going to do to us? Mother...don’t cry...mama!"

"It will all be over soon, way or another."

"Please sir, don’t hurt my family...It’s ok if you hurt me...but leave them alone."

"If only your father had half the valor you do child...well, it looks like his time is up."

"Ryn-chan...are they gonna hurt daddy?"

"Don’t hurt daddy!"

"We don’t plan to....*click* I’m sorry...Ryn-chan. If only your father....wasn’t a foolish, selfish, coward.
Goodbye, ma’am. *gunshots* *splat.*

" Mommy....mommy?! MOMMY?!

" Be quiet, child." *footsteps* "Hey both of you grab a kid!’s time to go."

"NO! Mommy wake up! Wake up...please...PLEASE!!!



"Wake up...Wake up, love." Hands ran through Adrienne’s hair gently as something soft was pressed against her head repeatedly.

‘Lips.’ Adrienne realized as the fog lifted from her mind. ‘Neko-chan.’ she thought warmly as she pulled the covers up over herself. "Good morning." It was Tuesday. Adrienne had once again drifted off to sleep in her best friend’s, Daijikin, room. She sat up and looked at the clock and frowned. ‘No time for a jog today, time for school.’ She laid back down on the bed, propped up on her elbow. "How goes it?" she said with a huge grin.

"It goes," Daijikin said, planting a chaste kiss on Adrienne’s cheek before getting up to change. She flicked the hair off her face before rising to get ready for school. She went inside the closet and picked up her usual school uniform and undressed in Adrienne’s sight. It didn’t matter, Adrienne had seen so very much of her already.

Adrienne’s face became sullen as she looked up at the ceiling. ‘Revenge. How dare they take away my sister and brother! Revenge. Mother... Revenge. Father what ever happened to you...did they kill you too? Revenge. Or did you even try to save us...did you run away? Revenge. When I find the people responsible for this...,’ her mind whirled about with these thoughts and she felt herself changing and didn’t care. That was what made her change in the first place. Her hair began to become streaked with scarlet, her eyes became crimson red. Fangs and long, sharp nails followed. Her skin paled a bit and from her back emerged twin crimson wings that were not visibly connected to her but floated in the same place behind her. They were small and adorable at this stage, but only because she had not called on them to expand. Tiny horns appeared on her head also. This kind of thing was VERY rare. Only two people in the entire world could change forms without an animal spirit in control of it...and she was one of them. One of the two Contrasts, a living breathing anomaly. The powers of darkness and light resided in her...and with darkness came a dark side...the form that she was currently in. Adrienne floated over to Daiji and held her close.

"You memories?" Daiji asked softly as she stroked Adrienne’s back. Adrienne nodded and just held onto Daiji who had begun to sing softly into her ear.

‘Daiji... I don’t know if I could make it without you.’ Adrienne admitted to herself once again as she began to tear up. Adrienne smiled faintly and reverted to her usual state. She kissed Daiji slowly, it was not a kiss of passion but of overwhelming gratitude and love. Adrienne moved away reluctantly as she opened the door to Daiji’s room. She broke out into another huge grin and flashed it at Daijikin and then headed straight to the elevator. ‘No time to cry...’ Adrienne thought as a reprimand to herself as she exited the elevator and made a beeline for her room.




It was lunch time. Adrienne and Daijikin had decided to meet up in about 20 minutes at their favorite Japanese restaurant a couple of miles from the school because Adrienne to attend to.

‘She probably won’t even remember me...’ Adrienne thought as she had began to doubt herself. Just yesterday she had met Aurora, a mysterious white and blue haired girl, and stolen her clothes; so that landed her at Aurora’s door that day to return them. Even though it had been just the day before, Adrienne doubted that a girl such as Aurora would remember her...she was so...- The door suddenly opened up. Adrienne had been so caught up in self-doubt that she didn’t even remember knocking.

"Hello," a petite brown haired girl said as she smiled at Adrienne. "Do I...know you?" That was a very valid question. She had never seen Adrienne before, but she was enjoying seeing her now.

"Um...I don’t think so," Adrienne scratched her head. She just knew that she had remembered the correct room number; it was practically burned into her mind. "Does Aurora stay in this room?"

"Oh! I didn’t realize she had any friends. Um...," she tapped her chin and then for a moment, Adrienne thought she saw a flash of disappointment in the girl’s eyes. "She left the school," she said casually as she leaned against the door post.

"Oh...thanks," she nodded towards the girl and walked away. ‘Oh well, I tried.’ With that she broke out into a run; Daijikin was waiting for her.


Adrienne enjoyed the bustle of the city that day, nothing could really bother her now. ‘Daiji...Daiji....Daiji...’ Adrienne entered the little restaurant and scanned the tables for Daijikin before spotting her sitting at their usual table reading a book. Adrienne sauntered over to the table and sat sown. "Hey!" she said with a smirk as she flicked Daiji on the forehead. Daiji looked up at her with a mischievous leer and was about to reply when their waitress arrived. Adrienne was always the first to order and looked up at the waitress to shoot her one of her dazzling smiles. Her smile faltered as she recognized the eyes, that weird blonde hair...that cocky smirk... "You!!" Adrienne exclaimed as she blushed cherry red and her eyebrow twitched frantically. She pointed at her and stood up as she began to poke the girl in the tummy. The blonde sweatdropped with a sigh as she shook her head.

"Am I missing something here?" Daiji asked as she alternated her glance from one girl to the other. Adrienne waved her hands in the air, pointed some more, jumped up and down...well, she spazzed as she rambled in gibberish. She was too flabbergasted to even convey what she was trying to say...efficiently. However, somehow Daiji figured it out. "The girl that kissed you and grabbed your ass!!! This is her?!"

Adrienne panted from effort and nodded, "I thought I made that plenty clear..." she muttered and sat down again. Then just as suddenly as the girl appeared she drew two guns from underneath her apron and pointed them at the middle of both girl’s foreheads. Adrienne just as quickly had summoned her twin swords, the Yugure` (twilight) and had one pointed at the blonde’s chest and the other shoved up the barrel of the gun that was pointed at Daiji.

"Adrienne Rynekia Ustukashii..." the blonde began with an impressed, vibrant smile, " It’s time to meet your father."

[End notes:

Tell me if you like it and what always make my day!!


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