Story: A Howl in The Night/Twilight (chapter 4)

Authors: ikotsuke

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4: Sleep is good for you

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Adrienne looked over at her sleeping friend as she put her hand on her face and propped herself up on the bed. She had stayed in Daijikin’s room for most of the weekend usual. Of course, they went out to train together or whatever they wanted to do but, she had woke up next to her and fell asleep each morning. Adrienne smiled at her friends’s sleeping form. Daijikin’s hair fell in her face as she breathed softly, with her lips parted slightly. Her chest rose and fell and she had her arms wrapped around her pillow as if it was a teddy bear, she looked extremely adorable as she lay there, silently beautiful. She kissed the girl on the head before rising and leaving for her room, padding in a way that was even more stealthy than usual so that she would not disturb Daiji. Creeping silently, she left the room and closed the door softly. She ambled about the hall in a confused trance because of how sleepy she still was. Naturally as she rounded a corner to the elevator, she ran smack into the wall. "Ooooh..." she groaned as she clutched her head and somehow made it into the elevator in one piece. She pushed the button that she thought was her floor and wacked herself repeatedly in a vain attempt to fully awaken as she waited for the elevator to reach its destination. Once the doors opened up, Adrienne walked over to what would have been her dorm had she been on the correct floor...but it wasn’t. She nonchalantly opened the door with a sigh and stepped inside. It did not register how different the room looked as she bypassed it to get to the closet, she wanted to pull on some clothes so she could sleep a bit longer and then just head down to her classes. She looked about the closet with a glazed look in her eye as she peered at the clothes. "Something’s off," she muttered before shrugging and pulling out a uniform, "Since when did I ditch all my skirts for pants?" She disregarded it and took off her t-shirt and shorts and grabbing a pair of pants. She had them on all the way when she noticed that they were about 2 or 3 inches longer than they needed to be and once again paid it no attention. Suddenly she was met with a kunai knife at her neck and the person holding it was met with a shoe pointed at their chest. Adrienne engaged the girl holding the kunai in a glaring contest, her half-lidded stare wasn’t phased at all...until she began to take notice of the girl. She had fair skin that was a shade lighter than hers, and a femininely handsome face. Her eyes were an icy blue and were so intense that Adrienne could almost fill an arctic chill pass through her, and she had white hair that was streaked with light blue strands which was parted slightly off to the side and fell on both sides of her face and ended at about an inch below her chin in the front while in the back it was cut boyishly short. She was, in fact, about 2 or 3 inches taller than Adrienne and more defined in muscle, with breasts that appeared to be a bit larger than Adrienne’s and a bit denser. Her obviously athletic, hard body was easy to see because she was only wearing a sports bra and girl briefs. Adrienne had been blatantly looking the girl over with the same half-lidded stare for about 3 minutes before the girl spoke up.

"What the fuck are you doing in my room?" The white haired girl asked flatly with a voice that was smooth like water running down a glacier. She wasn’t totally angry...actually she was a tad amused. Here was a half naked girl, obviously in a sleep-induced trance, threatening her with a shoe. Adrienne withdrew her "weapon" and found a shirt which she slipped on before walking past the now extremely pissed owner of the room. She collapsed onto the bed carelessly and quickly drifted off to sleep.





About 20 minutes later, there was a knock on the white-haired girl’s door...well more like an incessant banging. "Open up! I know Adrienne is in there!" shouted a voice in a hardly controlled fit of rage. The girl was now very tired of all these unwanted visitors, she glanced over at this "Adrienne" person who had fallen asleep on her bed and then looked at the door. She sauntered over to the door in annoyance and breathed deeply before opening it.

"How dare you!"yelled a very miffed Daiji as she attempted to hit the taller girl who stood at the doorway leaned against the post, dressed only in a white wife beater and her black school pants. The girl caught Daiji’s hand and with a flick of the wrist, threw her into the wall behind her. Daiji growled and planted her feet on the wall when she made contact with it (cats always land on their feet, right?) and pushed off in the girl’s direction. Daiji twisted in midair and her kick came at an almost impossible speed toward the pale girl’s face. She dodged it deftly and leaned back, catching herself on her hands and then pushing off to catch Daijikin in midair with both her feet. Daiji twirled her body out of the way at the last minute and landed, rolling as not to hurt herself. The other girl caught herself in barely enough time to backflip her way out of the way of Daiji’s oncoming dropkick. They both landed with a slide in opposite directions, turning to stare the other one down spitefully. Then just as they were about to charge yet again, Adrienne emerged from the girl’s room wiping her eyes groggily.

Adrienne looked at the white haired girl and smiled sheepishly while her face became red. "Thank you for letting me borrow your...stuff," she said meekly as she grabbed Daiji and turned to face her again. "...So...what’s your name?" Adrienne asked as the meekness in her actions faded. Daiji huffed and turned away, pouting like a child. "Who the fuck cares?" she thought bitterly.

"Aurora," she grated out as she noticed Daiji’s reaction. "By the way, I guess you an keep my clothes and return them later...or whatever." She paused and then turned around to face Adrienne again. "I’ll be waiting," she said almost pleasantly as the corners of her mouth turned up somewhat and she walked back into her room.

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