Story: A Howl in The Night/Twilight (chapter 3)

Authors: ikotsuke

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3: Withheld info

[Author's notes:

This chapter is strictly info on this story's setting...yeah



Adrienne’s story takes place on the planet of Quari-Glyphia, a planet in a dimension separate from ours. This planet has taken a liking to Earth and keeps tabs on it for their own purposes, and since their technology is more advanced than ours they have not yet been detected. (This explains the music that Adrienne was listening to in the previous chapter.) Adrienne lives on the nation of Naijuko (one of 10), which is much like Japan on Earth. ( This is not a coincidence.) And on this continent there is a country named Kawiishi, where there is a city called Haijiken. Haijiken is the home of a school...Tkoatu Academy for the Gifted.

TAG is a boy’s and girl’s school, but there are two separate facilities for both genders because the founder believed that being together would cause...unnecessary distractions. Both schools then divide their pupils into different sectors to enhance the educational experience. You see aside from the regular classes all students are required to take, there are special classes dedicated to the teaching of Elemental Powers. What are EP’s, exactly? Glad you asked!! You see in the world in which this story takes place, there was a man...a very special man who tapped into the powers of time and space and was the "Founding Father" of all the people on Quari-Glyphia. He instilled the ability to tap into fragments of said powers, into stone. ONE GIANT ELEMENTAL STONE!!!! However, soon afterward the amount of energy kept inside blew it to pieces...leaving many small stones and one huge hollowed out one...a cave of sorts. In it was the very base of each element. The man stood in the very middle and engraved many different incantations and 3 rings around where he stood. Then, feeling as if his work was complete, he allowed his essence to become one with the cave.

Anyway, the people of this planet soon learned by instinct the way the stones and the cave worked. Which brings us back to the different sectors in the school. There is an A section and a B section, the A section was for the more offensively gifted. Those who received powers did such in different ways which led to different power levels, and this led to there being different subsections. A-1 was for those who received their powers by birth or by personally received them. You see, when you go into the Cave in which the elemental bases lie, the Cave makes a judgement as to which power you will receive and then gives it to you...well attempts to anyway. Stones filled with the chosen power cut into your flesh and then into your very soul...and naturally, not everyone can take it, which is why so very few earn their powers this way. If you do manage to survive, you are given supernatural abilities and that is carried into the generations of your family after you. The power received is not always the same in level or type, and it is known to skip around the not everyone gets power. Sector A-2 is for those who had stone fragments embedded into their flesh by their families as children, and their power is not as great as the A-1 students. Lastly, there is the A-3 sector that is populated by those who have special incantations tattooed onto their hands and forearms that activate the power of stones separate from their bodies...they are the weakest of all the A sectors. The B sector is populated by those who cannot use the stones, but have an extremely vast knowledge of the subject. They are like magicians and sages, they know the markings and incantations to recite and such.

Now that I’ve got this boring crap out of the way...we can get on with the story...with you having at least a slight inclination as to what I am talking about.

[End notes: Sorry about least it's over now, right? NOW ON WITH THE STORY!!!]

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