Story: A Howl in The Night/Twilight (chapter 2)

Authors: ikotsuke

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2: Submissive?

[Author's notes:

Chapter 2 for you!



Adrienne walked outside briskly as her mind scrambled over Inuke`'s subliminal messaging. "....such a bitch..."she muttered with a sigh. She knew good and well that it would never stop. She frowned and headed over to the cross-country trail while beating herself up for being...submissive. She turned on her iPod and drowned out her thoughts with evanescence (I hope I spelled that right....dammit.) as she massaged her temples. The sun had not come out yet leaving the sky a dull blue-grey. Around her, luscious greenery sprouted in abundance; the school grounds had always been beautiful, though no one really attended to them. Tulips, and lilies dotted the lush green grass and ancient mighty trees stood tall at the boundaries. Halfway through the trail, her iPod fell out of her absurdly tiny pocket, and slid sown the hill. Adrienne groaned and walked down after it. Then quite suddenly, she tripped over a tree root and was sent stumbling forward. She leaned into the fall deliberately, catching herself with a handstand...right before she was impaled by a low branch. She shook her head and eased herself down gracefully. She then angrily kicked the branch at its base, snapping it like a twig, before sweep kicking the tree itself. It fell over. "Stupid trees..."she mumbled lowering her leg.

‘Someone is here...watching me...’ she thought abruptly, feeling a creeping presence. She continued to walk about forward nonchalantly as she looked for her iPod which had fallen out when she did the handstand. She hummed and ignored the whoever it was, more concerned about hearing her favorite song. Then to her great surprise the whoever it was grabbed her from behind. She spun around quickly to shoot a glare at the evil, incredibly stealthy, powerful- what?! She was looking into the face of a girl about her age, dressed in a hot pink T-shirt and jeans. The girl had shoulder length hair which was parted just off to the right and covered one of her bright, seductive turquoise eyes. Her hair itself was a golden yellow at the top and faded into a very bleach blonde at the tips, and it was cutely asymmetrically. She was about 4 inches shorter than Adrienne, but filled out her clothes very nicely. Her breasts were plump and round and only a bit smaller than Adrienne’s. Her bottom was deliciously pert and though she was not as finely muscular as Adrienne, she was still quite lithely herself. ‘Wow....she is...whoa’ Adrienne was at a loss for words. The girl was quite close to her and was clearly looking her over. The still nameless girl extended her hand to her hand towards Adrienne and was going toward her little jogging shorts. With a deft flick of the wrist, the girl replaced the Adrienne’s iPod into the shorts pocket and smiled. She had noticed the way Adrienne had begun to blush, and how she became relieved when she merely returned the device. She then cupped Adrienne’s face and pulled her in for a kiss. Slowly but passionately, the girl captured Adrienne’s lips with her own, eliciting a soft moan. She broke the kiss reluctantly, but kept Adrienne close and whispered in her ear.

"See you later...more of you, hopefully," she breathed and ran a hand down to Adrienne’s ass and cupped it firmly. Adrienne did not move. She bit her lip, frustrated desire was eating at her. She felt herself becoming wet and almost whimpered when the girl broke their embrace. The girl smiled mischievously and sauntered away with a dangerously seductive grace.

Adrienne sighed and put her earphones back in as she watched the girl walk away. It was playing Onerepublic’s song "Stop and Stare." "How ironic..."she grumbled in annoyance. She had been once again, submissive. Later reports show that a large number of trees were knocked over in what’s being called the ‘Acorn Massacre.’


Adrienne stumbled over to the dormitory, tired and annoyingly horny. She smiled though, as weary as it may have been, because she knew just who to talk to. She walked inside the dorms and got in the elevator, laying her head against the cold, hard steel until she heard the ding signaling that her floor had been reached. She trudged slowly until she was at a door at the very end of the hallway. She once again rested her head, this time against this door while lifting up a hand to knock. There was rustling on the other side of the door, which was suddenly flung open, causing Adrienne to fall into the awaiting arms of the person inside. The bespectacled girl kissed Adrienne’s head softly and grinned...things she never did for anyone else. Her silky, dark orange hair slightly went past where her neck began. It hung in her face like usual, her deep burgundy eyes focused on the person who was now embracing her. As of now, she only wore a black hooded jacket with only her bra under it, a choker Adrienne made her, and some pink little panties. She was about Adrienne’s height, but her development was more compact, but she was by no means flat. She was more defined in muscle and was more slender in build. She pulled her back into the room and kicked the door shut. She was grateful for Saturdays because they meant seeing her Inu-chan. (Inu is Japanese for dog, Adrienne called her Neko-chan in the same respect. Neko means cat. You know what that means right? Like Adrienne, Neko-chan, whose real name is actually Daijikin...has a spirit locked inside of her... a tiger spirit.) They had known each other since childhood and were taken in by Adrienne’s grandfather at the same time. They were like sisters...they were drastically alike but very different. They could communicate without speaking, they were so close. They had even made love...even though it was only technically. Adrienne had walked into her room to talk and both of them were overcome by their animal spirits and the next thing they knew, Adrienne was waking up between Daijikin’s obscenely parted thighs.

"You have a rough morning, love?" Daiji asked as she sat down letting Adrienne settle on her lap. She stroked the girl’s long, somewhat spiky black locks from her face with a grin. Adrienne groaned and sighed as she straddled the Daiji, still annoyed.

"Yeah, this girl sneaked up on me and kissed me...she grabbed my ass too..." she said burying her face in her friend’s shoulder. "She got me all horny...and then she left. It’s really weird because you’re the only other person who has ever turned me on." she finished as she started to blush.

"This must be some girl..."Daiji thought aloud. She sneaked up on you, got you horny, and you are still thinking about her? There are only a handful of people who can achieve any of those things, eh?" she chuckled lightly and slapped Adrienne’s behind playfully. Adrienne bit her on the shoulder mildly and pouted.

"I...I...want to see her again, but I’m worried that I won’t...ever,"Adrian sighed as she leaned back to look Daiji in the eyes. She tilted the girl’s head back and bit her friend’s lower lip gently as she cupped her face. "But at least I have you," she said as a broad grin spread across her face. She was no longer Adrienne...and Daiji was no longer herself either.

Nohike`, (the tiger spirit now in control of Daiji’s body) kissed her lightly on the lips and snaked a hand down into her friend’s pants. "Your still wet I see..."she smiled lustfully and bit Adrienne in the nape of her neck. "It seems as though you’ve made me frustrated too..."she pulled down the girl’s shorts slowly. She put her fingers against her friend’s bulging clit and bit down on her nipple making it harden under her shirt. Inuke` moaned and bucked her hips involuntarily as she wrapped her arms tightly around Nohike’s neck.

"...more," Adrienne begged engaging the meta-human in a fiery kiss. At this point she didn’t even mind being submissive. All she could think about was the electric pulses she felt in her loins, that built in intensity as her friend continued. She snapped with a groan as she realized that Nohike` was teasing her. She pushed Nohike` down onto her bed and impatiently pulled off the girl’s cum soaked panties, as well as her own. She pulled the girl’s wrists above her head and held them down as she kissed her friend fervently, forcing her tongue inside the hot mouth, subduing Nohike’s tongue. She then pulled up the girl’s bra and drew the firm breast into her mouth, sucking and licking. Nohike` was now panting and moaning. She smirked; she loved the way her Inu-chan got when she was horny. Inuke` mounted Nohike` and began grinding into her pussy. She bucked rhythmically against her friend, their slick folds causing amazingly delectable friction. Their nubs clashing, bringing them closer and closer to the edge. Then finally, with cries muffled into each other’s mouths, they came strong and hard with barking ragged breaths, their climaxes causing them both to writhe. Inuke` regained enough composure to continue thrusting her vulva, mashing it into Nohike’s...causing them to cum and orgasm again and again....and again. They both collapsed into each others arms after a while, falling asleep...saving their worries for another day.

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