Story: A Howl in The Night/Twilight (chapter 1)

Authors: ikotsuke

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1: Sleepless nights/Shared dreams

[Author's notes: It's a bit forward...but I like it that way! ENJOY!]

Their was silence. Complete silence. She stood there, her purple-blue eyes listlessly staring off into the intense darkness. Her pitch black hair fell in a unruly fashion, cascading down her back. It cupped her face, brushing occasionally over her pale skin. She was standing up. Her clothes showed her well-endowed body even in their bagginess. Her pert, rounded breasts jutted out under her black night shirt. Her firm bottom sensual even as she stood straight up. She was tall for a girl her age, and lithely from hours of training. She continued to look forward. The expanse in front of her was now slowly brightening...and as it brightened, so did her clothes. Soon she was surrounded by light. Brilliant light. Her clothes were the same. The light and darkness began to ebb and flow more rapidly, only to stop in the very middle. Grey. An aura began to glow in front of her and it slowly materialized into an animal....a wolf? This wolf had yellow eyes full of emotion. It stepped forward and stopped in front of the girl. It smiled and in a flash of light she became a human...or at least a half-human. She was the spitting image of the girl in front of her except she had straight silver hair and wolf ears on the top of her head. She also had long fingernails, sharpened to a point...just like her fangs. She stepped even closer to the girl in front of her, closing the distance between them.


"Who are you?" she asked brushing her lips against those of the girl opposite her.

"Adrienne Rynekia Utsukashii." she said still looking past the naked girl.

"Really? What do you want?" the meta-human said sliding her hand under the girl’s shirt, stroking the muscled core, finally resting on the supple breasts. She cupped them and skimmed her thumb over the hardening nipple.

"Power," she breathed, her body becoming rigid under the touch.

"Why?" the wolf-girl pulled the shirt up, now licking and sucking the other girl’s breasts wantonly.

"For- ahaaaaa!" she was now panting as the other girl now also had a hand in her undies, touching her velvety folds lightly. "For...revenge, to aaaa....avenge my mother’s death."

"I see." she was now fingering Adrienne’s throbbing clit while nipping at her throat. "Who do you need to achieve that?"

"You!" she exclaimed now enveloped in ecstacy.

"Who do you know only has your best interests at heart?" wolfy asked licking the girl’s face possessively as she increased the speed of her fondling.

"YOU!" she was even louder now as she bucked her hips spasmodically against the fingers. She had now wrapped both arms around the she-wolf, pulling her in closer. The she-wolf’s rock-hard nipples causing even more pleasuring friction.



"And to whom do you belong?" she asked as she finally brought the girl to her breaking point as she entered her, tickling her spot deep inside with her fingernail. The girl cried out loudly with no fear of being heard. Adrienne then removed herself and allowed herself to be pushed down till she was on her knees in front of the wolf girl’s crotch. She submissively began to lick at the inner folds with great care, attentively lapping up all the sweet desire she could find.

"You..." she said meekly as she continued her work. The she-wolf then brought Adrienne’s face closer to her as she began to ride the girl’s face.

"Good girl," she said letting out a sigh. "You are mine."

Adrienne awoke with a start, to find herself in her dormitory, sweating profusely. The wolf girl was straddling her, and she was now translucent and her touches were feather-soft. "Mine forever..." she said as she disappeared completely.

Adrienne got up from her bed and punched the wall in anger, leaving a large hole...among many others; which had either been taped over, repaired, or left the way it FUCKING was. (Adrienne’s words) "Inuke`...stop doing that! I am not your sex slave and I don’t belong to you! I am your master, you literal bitch! Inuke` chuckles lightly.

‘One can dream, can’t she?’ the voice echoed in her head. Inuke` was the spirit of a wolf. A legendary wolf, who only appeared in the Utsukashii lineage each 1000 years. It had chosen poor Rynekia as her new host and master. She was known for sexually charged behavior.

"Great..."she said aloud, looking over at the clock. It read 5:32; time for her morning jog. " least that can take my mind off of your crap..." she quickly pulled on a sleeveless undershirt and some jogging shorts, and left the room.

[End notes:      Well there you go. Its short but the next chapters will be longer...probably. Please R&R!]

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