Story: A Howl in The Night/Twilight (all chapters)

Authors: ikotsuke

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1: Sleepless nights/Shared dreams

[Author's notes: It's a bit forward...but I like it that way! ENJOY!]

Their was silence. Complete silence. She stood there, her purple-blue eyes listlessly staring off into the intense darkness. Her pitch black hair fell in a unruly fashion, cascading down her back. It cupped her face, brushing occasionally over her pale skin. She was standing up. Her clothes showed her well-endowed body even in their bagginess. Her pert, rounded breasts jutted out under her black night shirt. Her firm bottom sensual even as she stood straight up. She was tall for a girl her age, and lithely from hours of training. She continued to look forward. The expanse in front of her was now slowly brightening...and as it brightened, so did her clothes. Soon she was surrounded by light. Brilliant light. Her clothes were the same. The light and darkness began to ebb and flow more rapidly, only to stop in the very middle. Grey. An aura began to glow in front of her and it slowly materialized into an animal....a wolf? This wolf had yellow eyes full of emotion. It stepped forward and stopped in front of the girl. It smiled and in a flash of light she became a human...or at least a half-human. She was the spitting image of the girl in front of her except she had straight silver hair and wolf ears on the top of her head. She also had long fingernails, sharpened to a point...just like her fangs. She stepped even closer to the girl in front of her, closing the distance between them.


"Who are you?" she asked brushing her lips against those of the girl opposite her.

"Adrienne Rynekia Utsukashii." she said still looking past the naked girl.

"Really? What do you want?" the meta-human said sliding her hand under the girl’s shirt, stroking the muscled core, finally resting on the supple breasts. She cupped them and skimmed her thumb over the hardening nipple.

"Power," she breathed, her body becoming rigid under the touch.

"Why?" the wolf-girl pulled the shirt up, now licking and sucking the other girl’s breasts wantonly.

"For- ahaaaaa!" she was now panting as the other girl now also had a hand in her undies, touching her velvety folds lightly. "For...revenge, to aaaa....avenge my mother’s death."

"I see." she was now fingering Adrienne’s throbbing clit while nipping at her throat. "Who do you need to achieve that?"

"You!" she exclaimed now enveloped in ecstacy.

"Who do you know only has your best interests at heart?" wolfy asked licking the girl’s face possessively as she increased the speed of her fondling.

"YOU!" she was even louder now as she bucked her hips spasmodically against the fingers. She had now wrapped both arms around the she-wolf, pulling her in closer. The she-wolf’s rock-hard nipples causing even more pleasuring friction.



"And to whom do you belong?" she asked as she finally brought the girl to her breaking point as she entered her, tickling her spot deep inside with her fingernail. The girl cried out loudly with no fear of being heard. Adrienne then removed herself and allowed herself to be pushed down till she was on her knees in front of the wolf girl’s crotch. She submissively began to lick at the inner folds with great care, attentively lapping up all the sweet desire she could find.

"You..." she said meekly as she continued her work. The she-wolf then brought Adrienne’s face closer to her as she began to ride the girl’s face.

"Good girl," she said letting out a sigh. "You are mine."

Adrienne awoke with a start, to find herself in her dormitory, sweating profusely. The wolf girl was straddling her, and she was now translucent and her touches were feather-soft. "Mine forever..." she said as she disappeared completely.

Adrienne got up from her bed and punched the wall in anger, leaving a large hole...among many others; which had either been taped over, repaired, or left the way it FUCKING was. (Adrienne’s words) "Inuke`...stop doing that! I am not your sex slave and I don’t belong to you! I am your master, you literal bitch! Inuke` chuckles lightly.

‘One can dream, can’t she?’ the voice echoed in her head. Inuke` was the spirit of a wolf. A legendary wolf, who only appeared in the Utsukashii lineage each 1000 years. It had chosen poor Rynekia as her new host and master. She was known for sexually charged behavior.

"Great..."she said aloud, looking over at the clock. It read 5:32; time for her morning jog. " least that can take my mind off of your crap..." she quickly pulled on a sleeveless undershirt and some jogging shorts, and left the room.

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2: Submissive?

[Author's notes:

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Adrienne walked outside briskly as her mind scrambled over Inuke`'s subliminal messaging. "....such a bitch..."she muttered with a sigh. She knew good and well that it would never stop. She frowned and headed over to the cross-country trail while beating herself up for being...submissive. She turned on her iPod and drowned out her thoughts with evanescence (I hope I spelled that right....dammit.) as she massaged her temples. The sun had not come out yet leaving the sky a dull blue-grey. Around her, luscious greenery sprouted in abundance; the school grounds had always been beautiful, though no one really attended to them. Tulips, and lilies dotted the lush green grass and ancient mighty trees stood tall at the boundaries. Halfway through the trail, her iPod fell out of her absurdly tiny pocket, and slid sown the hill. Adrienne groaned and walked down after it. Then quite suddenly, she tripped over a tree root and was sent stumbling forward. She leaned into the fall deliberately, catching herself with a handstand...right before she was impaled by a low branch. She shook her head and eased herself down gracefully. She then angrily kicked the branch at its base, snapping it like a twig, before sweep kicking the tree itself. It fell over. "Stupid trees..."she mumbled lowering her leg.

‘Someone is here...watching me...’ she thought abruptly, feeling a creeping presence. She continued to walk about forward nonchalantly as she looked for her iPod which had fallen out when she did the handstand. She hummed and ignored the whoever it was, more concerned about hearing her favorite song. Then to her great surprise the whoever it was grabbed her from behind. She spun around quickly to shoot a glare at the evil, incredibly stealthy, powerful- what?! She was looking into the face of a girl about her age, dressed in a hot pink T-shirt and jeans. The girl had shoulder length hair which was parted just off to the right and covered one of her bright, seductive turquoise eyes. Her hair itself was a golden yellow at the top and faded into a very bleach blonde at the tips, and it was cutely asymmetrically. She was about 4 inches shorter than Adrienne, but filled out her clothes very nicely. Her breasts were plump and round and only a bit smaller than Adrienne’s. Her bottom was deliciously pert and though she was not as finely muscular as Adrienne, she was still quite lithely herself. ‘Wow....she is...whoa’ Adrienne was at a loss for words. The girl was quite close to her and was clearly looking her over. The still nameless girl extended her hand to her hand towards Adrienne and was going toward her little jogging shorts. With a deft flick of the wrist, the girl replaced the Adrienne’s iPod into the shorts pocket and smiled. She had noticed the way Adrienne had begun to blush, and how she became relieved when she merely returned the device. She then cupped Adrienne’s face and pulled her in for a kiss. Slowly but passionately, the girl captured Adrienne’s lips with her own, eliciting a soft moan. She broke the kiss reluctantly, but kept Adrienne close and whispered in her ear.

"See you later...more of you, hopefully," she breathed and ran a hand down to Adrienne’s ass and cupped it firmly. Adrienne did not move. She bit her lip, frustrated desire was eating at her. She felt herself becoming wet and almost whimpered when the girl broke their embrace. The girl smiled mischievously and sauntered away with a dangerously seductive grace.

Adrienne sighed and put her earphones back in as she watched the girl walk away. It was playing Onerepublic’s song "Stop and Stare." "How ironic..."she grumbled in annoyance. She had been once again, submissive. Later reports show that a large number of trees were knocked over in what’s being called the ‘Acorn Massacre.’


Adrienne stumbled over to the dormitory, tired and annoyingly horny. She smiled though, as weary as it may have been, because she knew just who to talk to. She walked inside the dorms and got in the elevator, laying her head against the cold, hard steel until she heard the ding signaling that her floor had been reached. She trudged slowly until she was at a door at the very end of the hallway. She once again rested her head, this time against this door while lifting up a hand to knock. There was rustling on the other side of the door, which was suddenly flung open, causing Adrienne to fall into the awaiting arms of the person inside. The bespectacled girl kissed Adrienne’s head softly and grinned...things she never did for anyone else. Her silky, dark orange hair slightly went past where her neck began. It hung in her face like usual, her deep burgundy eyes focused on the person who was now embracing her. As of now, she only wore a black hooded jacket with only her bra under it, a choker Adrienne made her, and some pink little panties. She was about Adrienne’s height, but her development was more compact, but she was by no means flat. She was more defined in muscle and was more slender in build. She pulled her back into the room and kicked the door shut. She was grateful for Saturdays because they meant seeing her Inu-chan. (Inu is Japanese for dog, Adrienne called her Neko-chan in the same respect. Neko means cat. You know what that means right? Like Adrienne, Neko-chan, whose real name is actually Daijikin...has a spirit locked inside of her... a tiger spirit.) They had known each other since childhood and were taken in by Adrienne’s grandfather at the same time. They were like sisters...they were drastically alike but very different. They could communicate without speaking, they were so close. They had even made love...even though it was only technically. Adrienne had walked into her room to talk and both of them were overcome by their animal spirits and the next thing they knew, Adrienne was waking up between Daijikin’s obscenely parted thighs.

"You have a rough morning, love?" Daiji asked as she sat down letting Adrienne settle on her lap. She stroked the girl’s long, somewhat spiky black locks from her face with a grin. Adrienne groaned and sighed as she straddled the Daiji, still annoyed.

"Yeah, this girl sneaked up on me and kissed me...she grabbed my ass too..." she said burying her face in her friend’s shoulder. "She got me all horny...and then she left. It’s really weird because you’re the only other person who has ever turned me on." she finished as she started to blush.

"This must be some girl..."Daiji thought aloud. She sneaked up on you, got you horny, and you are still thinking about her? There are only a handful of people who can achieve any of those things, eh?" she chuckled lightly and slapped Adrienne’s behind playfully. Adrienne bit her on the shoulder mildly and pouted.

"I...I...want to see her again, but I’m worried that I won’t...ever,"Adrian sighed as she leaned back to look Daiji in the eyes. She tilted the girl’s head back and bit her friend’s lower lip gently as she cupped her face. "But at least I have you," she said as a broad grin spread across her face. She was no longer Adrienne...and Daiji was no longer herself either.

Nohike`, (the tiger spirit now in control of Daiji’s body) kissed her lightly on the lips and snaked a hand down into her friend’s pants. "Your still wet I see..."she smiled lustfully and bit Adrienne in the nape of her neck. "It seems as though you’ve made me frustrated too..."she pulled down the girl’s shorts slowly. She put her fingers against her friend’s bulging clit and bit down on her nipple making it harden under her shirt. Inuke` moaned and bucked her hips involuntarily as she wrapped her arms tightly around Nohike’s neck.

"...more," Adrienne begged engaging the meta-human in a fiery kiss. At this point she didn’t even mind being submissive. All she could think about was the electric pulses she felt in her loins, that built in intensity as her friend continued. She snapped with a groan as she realized that Nohike` was teasing her. She pushed Nohike` down onto her bed and impatiently pulled off the girl’s cum soaked panties, as well as her own. She pulled the girl’s wrists above her head and held them down as she kissed her friend fervently, forcing her tongue inside the hot mouth, subduing Nohike’s tongue. She then pulled up the girl’s bra and drew the firm breast into her mouth, sucking and licking. Nohike` was now panting and moaning. She smirked; she loved the way her Inu-chan got when she was horny. Inuke` mounted Nohike` and began grinding into her pussy. She bucked rhythmically against her friend, their slick folds causing amazingly delectable friction. Their nubs clashing, bringing them closer and closer to the edge. Then finally, with cries muffled into each other’s mouths, they came strong and hard with barking ragged breaths, their climaxes causing them both to writhe. Inuke` regained enough composure to continue thrusting her vulva, mashing it into Nohike’s...causing them to cum and orgasm again and again....and again. They both collapsed into each others arms after a while, falling asleep...saving their worries for another day.

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3: Withheld info

[Author's notes:

This chapter is strictly info on this story's setting...yeah



Adrienne’s story takes place on the planet of Quari-Glyphia, a planet in a dimension separate from ours. This planet has taken a liking to Earth and keeps tabs on it for their own purposes, and since their technology is more advanced than ours they have not yet been detected. (This explains the music that Adrienne was listening to in the previous chapter.) Adrienne lives on the nation of Naijuko (one of 10), which is much like Japan on Earth. ( This is not a coincidence.) And on this continent there is a country named Kawiishi, where there is a city called Haijiken. Haijiken is the home of a school...Tkoatu Academy for the Gifted.

TAG is a boy’s and girl’s school, but there are two separate facilities for both genders because the founder believed that being together would cause...unnecessary distractions. Both schools then divide their pupils into different sectors to enhance the educational experience. You see aside from the regular classes all students are required to take, there are special classes dedicated to the teaching of Elemental Powers. What are EP’s, exactly? Glad you asked!! You see in the world in which this story takes place, there was a man...a very special man who tapped into the powers of time and space and was the "Founding Father" of all the people on Quari-Glyphia. He instilled the ability to tap into fragments of said powers, into stone. ONE GIANT ELEMENTAL STONE!!!! However, soon afterward the amount of energy kept inside blew it to pieces...leaving many small stones and one huge hollowed out one...a cave of sorts. In it was the very base of each element. The man stood in the very middle and engraved many different incantations and 3 rings around where he stood. Then, feeling as if his work was complete, he allowed his essence to become one with the cave.

Anyway, the people of this planet soon learned by instinct the way the stones and the cave worked. Which brings us back to the different sectors in the school. There is an A section and a B section, the A section was for the more offensively gifted. Those who received powers did such in different ways which led to different power levels, and this led to there being different subsections. A-1 was for those who received their powers by birth or by personally received them. You see, when you go into the Cave in which the elemental bases lie, the Cave makes a judgement as to which power you will receive and then gives it to you...well attempts to anyway. Stones filled with the chosen power cut into your flesh and then into your very soul...and naturally, not everyone can take it, which is why so very few earn their powers this way. If you do manage to survive, you are given supernatural abilities and that is carried into the generations of your family after you. The power received is not always the same in level or type, and it is known to skip around the not everyone gets power. Sector A-2 is for those who had stone fragments embedded into their flesh by their families as children, and their power is not as great as the A-1 students. Lastly, there is the A-3 sector that is populated by those who have special incantations tattooed onto their hands and forearms that activate the power of stones separate from their bodies...they are the weakest of all the A sectors. The B sector is populated by those who cannot use the stones, but have an extremely vast knowledge of the subject. They are like magicians and sages, they know the markings and incantations to recite and such.

Now that I’ve got this boring crap out of the way...we can get on with the story...with you having at least a slight inclination as to what I am talking about.

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4: Sleep is good for you

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Here it is in all its glory...



Adrienne looked over at her sleeping friend as she put her hand on her face and propped herself up on the bed. She had stayed in Daijikin’s room for most of the weekend usual. Of course, they went out to train together or whatever they wanted to do but, she had woke up next to her and fell asleep each morning. Adrienne smiled at her friends’s sleeping form. Daijikin’s hair fell in her face as she breathed softly, with her lips parted slightly. Her chest rose and fell and she had her arms wrapped around her pillow as if it was a teddy bear, she looked extremely adorable as she lay there, silently beautiful. She kissed the girl on the head before rising and leaving for her room, padding in a way that was even more stealthy than usual so that she would not disturb Daiji. Creeping silently, she left the room and closed the door softly. She ambled about the hall in a confused trance because of how sleepy she still was. Naturally as she rounded a corner to the elevator, she ran smack into the wall. "Ooooh..." she groaned as she clutched her head and somehow made it into the elevator in one piece. She pushed the button that she thought was her floor and wacked herself repeatedly in a vain attempt to fully awaken as she waited for the elevator to reach its destination. Once the doors opened up, Adrienne walked over to what would have been her dorm had she been on the correct floor...but it wasn’t. She nonchalantly opened the door with a sigh and stepped inside. It did not register how different the room looked as she bypassed it to get to the closet, she wanted to pull on some clothes so she could sleep a bit longer and then just head down to her classes. She looked about the closet with a glazed look in her eye as she peered at the clothes. "Something’s off," she muttered before shrugging and pulling out a uniform, "Since when did I ditch all my skirts for pants?" She disregarded it and took off her t-shirt and shorts and grabbing a pair of pants. She had them on all the way when she noticed that they were about 2 or 3 inches longer than they needed to be and once again paid it no attention. Suddenly she was met with a kunai knife at her neck and the person holding it was met with a shoe pointed at their chest. Adrienne engaged the girl holding the kunai in a glaring contest, her half-lidded stare wasn’t phased at all...until she began to take notice of the girl. She had fair skin that was a shade lighter than hers, and a femininely handsome face. Her eyes were an icy blue and were so intense that Adrienne could almost fill an arctic chill pass through her, and she had white hair that was streaked with light blue strands which was parted slightly off to the side and fell on both sides of her face and ended at about an inch below her chin in the front while in the back it was cut boyishly short. She was, in fact, about 2 or 3 inches taller than Adrienne and more defined in muscle, with breasts that appeared to be a bit larger than Adrienne’s and a bit denser. Her obviously athletic, hard body was easy to see because she was only wearing a sports bra and girl briefs. Adrienne had been blatantly looking the girl over with the same half-lidded stare for about 3 minutes before the girl spoke up.

"What the fuck are you doing in my room?" The white haired girl asked flatly with a voice that was smooth like water running down a glacier. She wasn’t totally angry...actually she was a tad amused. Here was a half naked girl, obviously in a sleep-induced trance, threatening her with a shoe. Adrienne withdrew her "weapon" and found a shirt which she slipped on before walking past the now extremely pissed owner of the room. She collapsed onto the bed carelessly and quickly drifted off to sleep.





About 20 minutes later, there was a knock on the white-haired girl’s door...well more like an incessant banging. "Open up! I know Adrienne is in there!" shouted a voice in a hardly controlled fit of rage. The girl was now very tired of all these unwanted visitors, she glanced over at this "Adrienne" person who had fallen asleep on her bed and then looked at the door. She sauntered over to the door in annoyance and breathed deeply before opening it.

"How dare you!"yelled a very miffed Daiji as she attempted to hit the taller girl who stood at the doorway leaned against the post, dressed only in a white wife beater and her black school pants. The girl caught Daiji’s hand and with a flick of the wrist, threw her into the wall behind her. Daiji growled and planted her feet on the wall when she made contact with it (cats always land on their feet, right?) and pushed off in the girl’s direction. Daiji twisted in midair and her kick came at an almost impossible speed toward the pale girl’s face. She dodged it deftly and leaned back, catching herself on her hands and then pushing off to catch Daijikin in midair with both her feet. Daiji twirled her body out of the way at the last minute and landed, rolling as not to hurt herself. The other girl caught herself in barely enough time to backflip her way out of the way of Daiji’s oncoming dropkick. They both landed with a slide in opposite directions, turning to stare the other one down spitefully. Then just as they were about to charge yet again, Adrienne emerged from the girl’s room wiping her eyes groggily.

Adrienne looked at the white haired girl and smiled sheepishly while her face became red. "Thank you for letting me borrow your...stuff," she said meekly as she grabbed Daiji and turned to face her again. "...So...what’s your name?" Adrienne asked as the meekness in her actions faded. Daiji huffed and turned away, pouting like a child. "Who the fuck cares?" she thought bitterly.

"Aurora," she grated out as she noticed Daiji’s reaction. "By the way, I guess you an keep my clothes and return them later...or whatever." She paused and then turned around to face Adrienne again. "I’ll be waiting," she said almost pleasantly as the corners of her mouth turned up somewhat and she walked back into her room.

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Chapter 5

Title: Chapter 5: Blondes...

[Author's notes:

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"It’s...It’s so cold. Mother? What are they going to do to us? Mother...don’t cry...mama!"

"It will all be over soon, way or another."

"Please sir, don’t hurt my family...It’s ok if you hurt me...but leave them alone."

"If only your father had half the valor you do child...well, it looks like his time is up."

"Ryn-chan...are they gonna hurt daddy?"

"Don’t hurt daddy!"

"We don’t plan to....*click* I’m sorry...Ryn-chan. If only your father....wasn’t a foolish, selfish, coward.
Goodbye, ma’am. *gunshots* *splat.*

" Mommy....mommy?! MOMMY?!

" Be quiet, child." *footsteps* "Hey both of you grab a kid!’s time to go."

"NO! Mommy wake up! Wake up...please...PLEASE!!!



"Wake up...Wake up, love." Hands ran through Adrienne’s hair gently as something soft was pressed against her head repeatedly.

‘Lips.’ Adrienne realized as the fog lifted from her mind. ‘Neko-chan.’ she thought warmly as she pulled the covers up over herself. "Good morning." It was Tuesday. Adrienne had once again drifted off to sleep in her best friend’s, Daijikin, room. She sat up and looked at the clock and frowned. ‘No time for a jog today, time for school.’ She laid back down on the bed, propped up on her elbow. "How goes it?" she said with a huge grin.

"It goes," Daijikin said, planting a chaste kiss on Adrienne’s cheek before getting up to change. She flicked the hair off her face before rising to get ready for school. She went inside the closet and picked up her usual school uniform and undressed in Adrienne’s sight. It didn’t matter, Adrienne had seen so very much of her already.

Adrienne’s face became sullen as she looked up at the ceiling. ‘Revenge. How dare they take away my sister and brother! Revenge. Mother... Revenge. Father what ever happened to you...did they kill you too? Revenge. Or did you even try to save us...did you run away? Revenge. When I find the people responsible for this...,’ her mind whirled about with these thoughts and she felt herself changing and didn’t care. That was what made her change in the first place. Her hair began to become streaked with scarlet, her eyes became crimson red. Fangs and long, sharp nails followed. Her skin paled a bit and from her back emerged twin crimson wings that were not visibly connected to her but floated in the same place behind her. They were small and adorable at this stage, but only because she had not called on them to expand. Tiny horns appeared on her head also. This kind of thing was VERY rare. Only two people in the entire world could change forms without an animal spirit in control of it...and she was one of them. One of the two Contrasts, a living breathing anomaly. The powers of darkness and light resided in her...and with darkness came a dark side...the form that she was currently in. Adrienne floated over to Daiji and held her close.

"You memories?" Daiji asked softly as she stroked Adrienne’s back. Adrienne nodded and just held onto Daiji who had begun to sing softly into her ear.

‘Daiji... I don’t know if I could make it without you.’ Adrienne admitted to herself once again as she began to tear up. Adrienne smiled faintly and reverted to her usual state. She kissed Daiji slowly, it was not a kiss of passion but of overwhelming gratitude and love. Adrienne moved away reluctantly as she opened the door to Daiji’s room. She broke out into another huge grin and flashed it at Daijikin and then headed straight to the elevator. ‘No time to cry...’ Adrienne thought as a reprimand to herself as she exited the elevator and made a beeline for her room.




It was lunch time. Adrienne and Daijikin had decided to meet up in about 20 minutes at their favorite Japanese restaurant a couple of miles from the school because Adrienne to attend to.

‘She probably won’t even remember me...’ Adrienne thought as she had began to doubt herself. Just yesterday she had met Aurora, a mysterious white and blue haired girl, and stolen her clothes; so that landed her at Aurora’s door that day to return them. Even though it had been just the day before, Adrienne doubted that a girl such as Aurora would remember her...she was so...- The door suddenly opened up. Adrienne had been so caught up in self-doubt that she didn’t even remember knocking.

"Hello," a petite brown haired girl said as she smiled at Adrienne. "Do I...know you?" That was a very valid question. She had never seen Adrienne before, but she was enjoying seeing her now.

"Um...I don’t think so," Adrienne scratched her head. She just knew that she had remembered the correct room number; it was practically burned into her mind. "Does Aurora stay in this room?"

"Oh! I didn’t realize she had any friends. Um...," she tapped her chin and then for a moment, Adrienne thought she saw a flash of disappointment in the girl’s eyes. "She left the school," she said casually as she leaned against the door post.

"Oh...thanks," she nodded towards the girl and walked away. ‘Oh well, I tried.’ With that she broke out into a run; Daijikin was waiting for her.


Adrienne enjoyed the bustle of the city that day, nothing could really bother her now. ‘Daiji...Daiji....Daiji...’ Adrienne entered the little restaurant and scanned the tables for Daijikin before spotting her sitting at their usual table reading a book. Adrienne sauntered over to the table and sat sown. "Hey!" she said with a smirk as she flicked Daiji on the forehead. Daiji looked up at her with a mischievous leer and was about to reply when their waitress arrived. Adrienne was always the first to order and looked up at the waitress to shoot her one of her dazzling smiles. Her smile faltered as she recognized the eyes, that weird blonde hair...that cocky smirk... "You!!" Adrienne exclaimed as she blushed cherry red and her eyebrow twitched frantically. She pointed at her and stood up as she began to poke the girl in the tummy. The blonde sweatdropped with a sigh as she shook her head.

"Am I missing something here?" Daiji asked as she alternated her glance from one girl to the other. Adrienne waved her hands in the air, pointed some more, jumped up and down...well, she spazzed as she rambled in gibberish. She was too flabbergasted to even convey what she was trying to say...efficiently. However, somehow Daiji figured it out. "The girl that kissed you and grabbed your ass!!! This is her?!"

Adrienne panted from effort and nodded, "I thought I made that plenty clear..." she muttered and sat down again. Then just as suddenly as the girl appeared she drew two guns from underneath her apron and pointed them at the middle of both girl’s foreheads. Adrienne just as quickly had summoned her twin swords, the Yugure` (twilight) and had one pointed at the blonde’s chest and the other shoved up the barrel of the gun that was pointed at Daiji.

"Adrienne Rynekia Ustukashii..." the blonde began with an impressed, vibrant smile, " It’s time to meet your father."

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Chapter 6

Title: Chapter 6: So it Begins

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"My f-father? He’s...alive?" Adrienne sputtered out as her face swiftly changed from a calm facade to one of startled uneasiness. The blonde haired girl smirked and licked her lips, she enjoyed seeing the girl’s reaction.

"Yes and in better condition than ever." she filed her nails nonchalantly then blew them with an air of palpable arrogance," His family...seemed to have been holding him back." Adrienne withdrew her swords from the barrel of the snobby girl’s guns and placed them in their sheaths. Then with lightning quickness, she grasped the girl’s collar in her hands, wrinkling up the crisp, cotton polo that she wore.

"Then take me to the bastard, so I can show him that how much he was holding me back bitch." she snarled, bearing her fangs, and brought herself almost nose to nose with the fair-haired bitch, one newly sharp nail threatening to slit the girl’s throat.

"My name is Daiis. (Pronounced Die-is) Her breath quickened and a jolt of electricity ran up her spine as Inuke` pressed her up against the wall. She wrapped her legs around the wolf-girl, bringing her closer to her dampening pussy as she shifted to draw it against the well muscled torso. "And you look like a real bitch to me." She brings Inuke`s finger up to her mouth and licks it suggestively..( Is their any other way to lick someone else’s finger?) Inuke` smiles seductively and trails her nails up Daiis’ thigh gently, causing the girl to shiver. Daiis sighed as she bit Inuke`s neck harshly. The coppery taste of blood seeped into her mouth as she relished in this moment.

Inuke` suddenly jerked Daiis’ face up to meet her cold, dark eyes. "This bores me," she growled baring her fangs as she unceremoniously dropped Daiis and walked away. She grabbed Daiji’s hand and pulled her out of the store, only to be met with a swarm of men dressed in dark clothing. Their countenances were masked by their black masks which vaguely resembled the heads of serpents, topping off there grim appearances. They all crowded around the area surrounding the little restaurant, closing in on their prey. However, as a wolf an tigress...prey was something Inuke` and Daijikin were not. Inuke` turned back into Adrienne who drew both her swords quickly as Daiji locked her eyes on the cronies in front of her. Daiji glanced at Adrienne who flashed her a malicious grin before charging into the oncoming minions. Her friend followed her lead, dashing into mix, her fists as her only weapons. Adrienne was the first to land a blow, the hilt of her sword ramming into the chest of one of the many men. She used the man as a human shield into the men running up behind him before tossing him aside and leaping into the air, swords gleaming in the sunlight as she flew over the fools who challenged her. She landed on the shoulders of one such fool and back flipped over him landing a foot squarely in the necks of the men behind him and right on cue, Daijikin sweep kicked them, sending them straight to the ground. Adrienne landed on her feet beside them and Daiji spun out of her kick on her hands into a back hand spring landing right beside Adrienne.


"Who are these freaks, eh?" Daijikin asked watching as the men rushed toward her, obviously angered by there display.

"I’m guessing..."began Adrienne as she dodged a shuriken coming toward her, "They are my father’s freaks. His animal spirit a snake.

"Huh," Daiji sneered as she punched one of her assailants in the chin, shattering his jaw, "How appropriate!"

Adrienne spun on her heels and slit the necks of two men as she continued gracefully striking down the brave men who dared come within her range. "Indeed." she agreed pulling both of her blades from the hearts of her opponents.



Daiis stood poised beside her commander, watching the battle that raged on the streets below them. "Come on...let me join in! I would love to dance the death tango with the raven haired beauty," she whined as she surveyed the scene unfolding beneath her which spoiled the common hustle and bustle of the streets as people ran and escaped the small war, with more than a little resemblance to ants. Ants that Daiis wanted so very badly to squash.


"In due time." the man standing next to her said gently, his voice smooth, but betrayed by the its vicious undertone. His face was covered in bandages and his extremely unruly black hair fell over his right eye, making it impossible to see anything save his left eye, which was truly enough to strike fear into the hearts of the weak minded. It was very narrow and the iris was a bright yellow-green with a black slit for a pupil. Reptilian indeed. "For now we observe...besides...if you kill them...I won’t be able to have my reunion with my little girl. And we can’t have that. No, not at all."

"Aw...alright." the girl conceded with a sigh. She looked over the building they stood on once more. "But one day," she muttered under her breath, "She’ll be mine."



Aurora clutched the amulet around her neck which glowed a bright white. She followed the insistent urging that seemed to emulate from its pendant, which was shaped like a crescent moon. Embedded in the very middle was a diamond which shone radiantly. It seemed she had found what she was looking for.

Meanwhile, at that same instant, Adrienne saw that the chain that was connected to one of her sword’s hilts was glowing a deep black. (Can something glow black? Uh ...Try not to think about it too much.) The pendant was shaped like the sun and embedded in it was also a diamond, from which emanated a darkness she could almost feel. And...she had absolutely no idea what it was for.

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Chapter 7

Title: Haven't we already discussed your sleep problem?

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", you’ve been gawking at that thing forever. What is it?" Daijikin groaned softly as she turned her head toward her friend who had been looking intently at the chain on her sword since they had gotten back to the dorms.

"Yes...I’m fine." She mumbled apparently having not heard her friend’s question as she was too absorbed in thought.

Daiji let out an exasperated sigh and closed the book she was reading and got up from her chair. "Look, it seems to me that you need some time alone...come see me when you want to discuss whatever it is that’s grasped your attention so completely."

Adrienne did not look up but instead nodded her silent consent as she focused on the glowing black crystal that was embedded into the chain of her sword hilt. It had been like that since earlier that afternoon when Daiji and she had been fighting what she assumed to be her father’s henchmen. Inside of her something was beckoning her to seek out something...or someone? Maybe both? ‘...I need some air...’ Adrienne walked out of her room and down the hall and into the elevator, casting a look in the direction of Daijikin’s floor. ‘I should have talked to her.’ She had made up her mind to see her when she felt something shoot through her. It was an otherworldly pain that seemed to cause her chest to hurt tremendously and at the same time cause her heart to ache in emotional distress. She clasped the front of her t-shirt and tried to steady herself on the wall. Suddenly, she had a flashback to earlier when she had been on her way to th café` to see Daijikin. ‘A strange pinprick... and then nothing.’ She remembered time slowing down...perhaps. A dull throbbing. All in all it felt like a vaccine shot to the chest. Or so she remembered. But then, how could she have forgotten something like that? Slowly things were becoming dark....not just as if she would pass out...but like death and blackness were creeping up over her, transforming her, becoming her. She managed to press the button for floor level and upon reaching it, she scrambled out of it clumsily and out the front door of the lobby. Fortunately, everyone else had cleared out because of what time it was. She looked up at the serene night sky and, unlike usual, she wasn’t even slightly comforted. Not even by the full moon. Full? Normally, Inuke`’s presence would feel stronger than ever...sometimes overwhelming. This feeling was uncomfortably different. ‘Inuke`?’ She called into the growing, bleak shrowd that was clouding her mind. No reply.


"INUKE`!!!" she yelled aloud this time, fearing the worst. Inuke` growled.

‘What is this THING?!’ Inuke` responded, apparently in a struggle.

‘What? What thing?’ Adrienne inquired frantically, though partially relieved at hearing her speaking.

‘Some kind of- If I knew, why would I have asked you? It’s got this sickeningly evil aura...and...and it looks just like you!!!’

Those were the last words that Adrienne heard as she felt herself slipping into nothingness. It looks just like you. What have you become?




She had been riding in the bus for what felt like days. Finally she would be able to see what all the hype was about... She was excited and felt a growing anticipation with each passing mile. Sighing she scanned over the people on the bus. Most were ‘gifted’ like himself...if you could use the word most. There were only 7 in the bus including herself...and none of them were familiar. And only one appeared to be of the same country. But the rest were from foreign countries she had only read about. She returned her gaze to the world just outside her window and just knew that things in her life were going to change. For better or for worse.





Light, gentle breaths tickled Adrienne’s fair skin as she lie there, unconscious to anything going on around her. She began to stir slowly as she reached up to touch the figure looming over her. "Daiji...I must have passed out outside....." she reached around to cup the familiar, firm butt she found. She leaned in closer and Adrienne met her lips in a long, drawn out kiss. Her tongue gained entrance from her friend’s apparent surprise. That was when she felt something was off, even as she slipped a hand under the girl’s shirt, raising it up so that her bra was in view. ‘She tastes different. Like mint? But then, like cinnamon...’ Her eyes snapped open, and instead of her dear Daiji, she saw a familiar white-haired girl. "AURORA?!!" The girl’s face was as beautifully solemn as ever but was slightly reddened and her breath was shallow. Her eyes then traveled to her torso and her exposed brassiere.

‘Perhaps we will be able to become one rather easily.’ Aurora thought very seriously as she looked down at Adrienne.

"You...and I...I," The girl had a nosebleed and then passed out again for an entirely different reason.


‘Or...Perhaps not.’

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