Story: The Positives about Watching Horror Movies (chapter 3)

Authors: bettynoire

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Chapter 3

Title: Got the Blues (and Purples)

[Author's notes: Remember, this is like a reset, not a continuation of chapter 2. Read this as if you just finished chapter one. This is the second "option."]

Tsukasa hesitated in the door frame, feeling too insecure to walk into the dark room. She couldn't completely convince herself that her friends and sister hadn't been eaten by their shadows as well.

“U-Uhm,” she began only to be immediately answered, not with words, but a sudden rustle of cloth. She couldn't help the step back she took, and even when Miyuki's sleepy voice mumbled a response, she found she couldn't calm down completely. Miyuki told her shortly that Konata and her sister had gone down to the kitchen to make themselves a snack before heading to bed, and that they'd probably be a while before getting back. Thanking her friend sincerely, she left with the same intensity she had employed on her first run to the bathroom.

As she hurried down the hallway, she resolved to herself that there was no way some stupid shadow monster going to catch her. Cleverly, in defiance of her own fear, she hopped into every available light that fell across the carpet, whether it was from the cracks under Mr. Izumi's doorway, or mere moonlight.

Luckily, the natural light from the moon allowed a comforting relief as she reached the family living room that connected to the kitchen. The room seemed silver and shining with the streams of light falling through the windows, the soft clank of dishes being washed and muted chatter from the kitchen reassuring Tsukasa of Kagami and Konata's presence. The dust in the air was dancing in the light, drawing Tsukasa's eye. She nearly felt, staring at it, that the beams of light were tangible, merely silky curtains that glowed and twinkled like stars. Her hand disturbed a cloud, stars swirled away from her searching fingers.

“K-Konata!” Her sister's voice cut through the air, causing Tsukasa to remember why she had ventured forth into the wild unknown of an unfamiliar household. Not at all surprised to hear her sister yelling Konata's name in obvious frustration, Tsukasa felt no need to hurry into the kitchen, and walked forward around the couch. She was about to peek around the corner and bashfully tell her sister she'd been too scared to stay upstairs without her, when she heard Kagami's voice change when she next spoke.

“Ahh! Don't-!” a blatant moan escaped her sister's throat, and Tsukasa instinctively leapt backward a full step back behind the corner. It was by a stroke of luck she hadn't sent the lamp next to her flying in her sudden rush out of sight. Gripped in a moment of indecision, Tsukasa leaned her forehead against the wall just behind the corner, palms flat next to her face. Tsukasa had more than an idea of what was happening just around the corner – actually, she had many ideas. Her head felt dizzy with them. A sound like a cup falling over onto the table jarred Tsukasa into sneaking a quick look.

Kagami was sitting atop the table, her torso twisted to catch a wayward cup from rolling off of the table entirely. Her pajama top had evidently been unbuttoned, it fell haphazardly off of her right shoulder. Konata was standing on the floor between Kagami's still swinging feet, both of her hands resting on Kagami's thighs. Kagami, in her position, was turned away from Tsukasa, even when she righted herself. Konata, however, was facing Tsukasa directly, looking her in the face with a smug expression. Tsukasa froze where she stood. Konata had heard her padding down the hallway, Tsukasa thought, paranoid. She knocked the glass over on purpose. Tsukasa burned with embarrassment at being caught peeping, more for her sister than herself.

Konata, for her part, had no intention to chide Tsukasa at all. In fact, she found this a most amusing development; the younger sister had triggered a flag. Konata, making as though she was just flipping her hair off her shoulder, managed to sneak a finger to her mouth in the smallest of hushing gestures directed at Tsukasa. Her mischievous grin was met with the short haired girl edging just the smallest bit behind the corner again, but not leaving completely. She stayed, her eyes watchful, expectant.

An amusing development, indeed, mused Konata. She hadn't thought she'd stay. Curiosity now seconded the continuation of her lustful motions from before – where exactly would Tsukasa draw the line?

Presently, Kagami was trying her hardest to avoid Konata's eye, concentrating her full gaze on the cup, which she took an extraordinary amount of care in putting out of reach. Her top dropped yet more appealingly as she leaned – she tugged at it reflexively, only to be stopped by Konata's hand, and then secondly by her gaze, which weighted her to the spot. The smaller girl pushed at the cloth gently, causing it to slip slowly down the skin of her friend's shoulders and back. Konata leaned forward, Kagami's back tensed as she arched into the motion, her shoulder blades seemed impossibly delicate. The shirt feel easily from her arms, circling her in a pastel nest on the table. Small hands splayed across Kagami's lower back, urging her forward. Kagami found that her body moved of its own accord, sliding forward with her hips, and leaning back with her torso, her hands supporting her weight as she leaned back. She seemed to find her own willing submission to be impossibly disagreeable, despite her breath coming heavier in expectation, the flush of her face growing deeper across her cheeks. Konata leaned her face in, only allowing the light tickling of her hair, the barest dragging of her lips to touch the skin Kagami's newly exposed stomach and ribcage.

“W-we shouldn't... I need to–” Kagami faltered a bit, then continued, rushing. “I should go back – Tsukasa's waiting for me.” Even as she ached for more than just this simple attention, Kagami insisted on making excuses. Her hand had found its way into Konata's hair, betraying her words even as she spoke them.

Konata couldn't help but chuckle at the irony in Kagami's statement. Tsukasawas waiting, certainly Konata could see that – even out of the corner of her eye, Tsukasa's face was every bit as expectant as her sister's was; a common pinkness stained the cheeks of both siblings. Konata chuckled again – Kagami had frowned at the first laughing response her statement had received, and it deepened still further at its repetition. Her bottom lip stood out, enticingly insulted.

“Kagamin” Konata drawled, her voice carrying a familiar teasing tone, “Miyuki's there to keep her company. I'm sure she'd be the perfect substitute to snuggle after a scary movie.” Here, she waggled her eyebrows suggestively. Her hands crept up Kagami's thighs, opening them just slightly as she took a step forward. The fabric of the pajamas offered more resistance than the legs they covered.

“You're such a pervert...” In the middle of her sentence, Kagami's breath caught in her throat. Konata's hands had continued upward, and small fingertips traced the line connecting her legs to her hips, lingering along the inner part of the thigh before continuing their torturous trail back and forth. Kagami's legs spread further of their own accord.

“Oh?” Konata grinned, bending forward and nipping lightly at the soft skin of Kagami's stomach. “Who was the one who suggested making snacks, knowing full well she can't cook. You just wanted to get me alone again.” She punctuated her statement with a lick at the bottom of Kagami's ribcage that produced a gasp from her willing victim. Her hands moved upward, just barely peeking into the top of Kagami's pajama bottoms, sliding along the sensitive skin that wanted more than teasing. “And you call me the pervert.”

“Sh-shut up...”

Tsukasa's breath was stuck somewhere behind her throat – rather than forgetting to breathe, she had forgotten she was breathing. She felt light-headed from the soft, quicks gasps she uttered almost in time with her sister. Konata's open mouth grinned at the corners, her tongue curving over Kagami's exposed skin in a way that made her sister warm with the wickedness of it. Kagami couldn't stop a squeak of surprise as teeth scraped the underside of her breast – Konata had to stand on her tiptoes to do so, leaning forward her hands resting on the edge of the table to support her.

Kagami unconsciously leaned forward for more sensation, and as if realizing the predicament of height, she blushed, pushing Konata away. Konata seemed surprised at first, but seemed to calm once Kagami slid off the table, and the shorter girl tilted her head upward as if expecting a kiss. Tsukasa was as surprised as Konata when it didn't happen – instead, Kagami turned, and laid her hands on the table, her back facing Konata. The blue haired girl seemed to hesitate, thinking she'd done something wrong and, without thinking, cast a look in Tsukasa's direction. Tsukasa's face seemed as unreadable as Kagami's actions – was that excitement or disappointment?

Kagami's hand slid over Konata's right, and Tsukasa felt herself nod, her desperate silent request granted. Kagami's hands silently took hold of Konata's, guiding them around her body. She let them rest on her lower stomach, unable, it seemed, to get up the courage to pull them upward or downward. Nothing needed to be said, Konata let her cheek rest against Kagami's back, allowing them to share the weight in each others breath, the heat surging in bursts through their chests. Her small hands seemed to move of their own accord, and Konata tugged the pajama pants off of Kagami's hips, leaving them pooled around the taller girl's ankles. Her hands slid up and Kagami expected her panties to follow, but instead felt her arms give out as she felt her hips move into Konata's unexpected hand. Another unrestrained moan escaped her before she had time to bring her hand to her mouth to stop herself.

Tsukasa watched in amazement, leaning heavily against the wall as her right hand wandered down to mirror the exploratory touch of Konata's fingers. As if seeking easier access or more contact, and with a mindset that blurred both, Kagami had leaned forward onto her elbows, one hand fisted in her abandoned pajama top, the other fiercely bitten by her panting mouth. Her panties clung to her sex, and Konata's hands felt moist coming away even though she was touching through fabric. Kagami's clit and labia were swollen, and Konata found great pleasure in the little whimpers she received for each swipe of her finger. Unable to resist, Konata leaned forward, tonguing the soft, wet cloth, causing Kagami to squeal and pant, pushing into the touch.

“Kagamin...” As she pulled away, Konata's voice was breathy, awestruck. She seemed entirely absorbed in her actions now, no longer stealing glances in Tsukasa's direction, her eyes only on Kagami's vulnerable, beautiful form. Kagami mewled at the loss of contact, and buried her face a little in the pajama top, trying to stop herself from begging outright. Konata did not allow her to wait too long, however, and yanked the panties off in such a rushed way that they didn't even fall past Kagami's spread thighs, and stayed stretched between them, just above her knees.

A sudden, strained noise escaped from Kagami, and her butt wiggled against Konata's hand. Her inability to hold back her moans told the whole story, and Konata rained kisses on Kagami's exposed back, her free hand stroking whatever soft skin it could reach while the other hand moved gently inside her. Kagami's breath was fogging the surface of the table, her hand, with its abandoned bite mark shining against pale skin, gripped the edge of the table in desperation.

Tsukasa had to bite her lip – the sight of it alone was enough to make her moan. With Kagami turned like this, she was in a position where Tsukasa could easily be seen if she wasn't careful to avoid drawing attention to herself. She was lucky that Kagami had closed her eyes, blinded with embarrassment and pleasure, leaving Tsukasa to watch unrestrained as her sister writhed under Konata's attentions. The shorter girl had reached an angle where her free hand was able to reach Kagami's breasts, and her sister's voice echoed off the cabinets with each tug or squeeze of the soft, sensitive skin. Tsukasa's body tensed and she felt herself come just before she heard a cry of ecstasy signifying Kagami's own peak.

Tsukasa's knees felt weak, and she leaned heavily against the wall. She was trying her best to keep back her breath in the heavy silence that followed. Back behind the wall, she could only hear the soft whimpers of Kagami that signified Konata hadn't fully stopped her motions. Caught in a moment of doubt, she leaned from one foot to the other, unsure whether she should return to the bedroom or stay.

A sudden noise forced her to decide quickly, and she ducked down behind the couch, hiding by instinctive reaction. The sound of fabric rushing through air and the table skidding against the floor with sudden pressure soon accompanied the panicked atmosphere. Konata's voice seemed conciliatory but Tsukasa knew her sister well enough to know that it wouldn't do anything. Sure enough Kagami rushed back to the room, her face visibly red even in the darkness as she left, too distracted and embarrassed to look for the source of the noise or the possibility of a witness.

Tsukasa rose after a pause, and came around the corner, locking eyes with Konata. A clang that resonated once more outside made it certain the noise was only a stray animal rummaging through the trash – Konata's smile seemed a little bittersweet.

“She's so shy,” she said, her face flushed, obviously still aroused. “It was only a cat or something.”

“Mm,” Tsukasa nodded, and stepped forward so that they could speak comfortably in whispers. “I'm glad she didn't notice me though.” Konata couldn't help the full smirk that replaced her somewhat disappointed smile from before.

“She didn't notice at all,” Konata grinned and raised her left hand, spreading the two fingers that had been inside Kagami. A string of wetness stretched between them, shining in the dim moonlight. “She was too into it to notice.”

An uncontrollable bolt of lust fired through Tsukasa, and she gently took Konata's hand, an action so unexpected there was no thought to prevent it. In a smooth motion, she licked first one finger, then the other. Her teeth grazed the tips greedily as her mouth came away from them, a slightly sweet tinge to the expected bitterness tingling on her tongue.

“Tsu- Tsukasa,” Konata's chest felt tight, and she swallowed with not a little difficulty. This was too much to handle, especially in her unsatisfied state. Tsukasa, without words, walked forward into Konata so that the smaller girl soon felt her back against the table that Kagami had so recently been bent over. Konata didn't resist when Tsukasa tugged at her pajama shorts, and in quick succession both them and her panties were on the floor, and she found she had pulled herself up onto the table in the process, clad only in the thin tank top she usually wore to bed. Tsukasa didn't rush, but she didn't waste time either. Allowing plenty of time for Konata to decide whether she wanted this, Tsukasa gently lifted one of Konata's legs over her shoulder, and ran her tongue along the inside of the exposed calf, nipping lightly at the crook of the knee joint.

Lying on her back, her one leg in Tsukasa's grip, and her other leg bent at the knee, calf against thigh, with her bare foot pushing against the table edge, Konata was totally exposed. Her face burned, unused to being on the receiving end. She suddenly understood why Kagami hadn't wanted to be facing her. Tsukasa stopped and paused after a second gentle bite and a small hesitant lick along the beginnings of Konata's thigh, asking without speaking whether she should continue. Konata could only nod frantically, her hands holding tightly onto the hem of her tank top, as if afraid it would slide upward to expose her chest.

Tsukasa didn't hesitate to obey, and with a long lick and a couple bites she traveled her way down Konata's thigh, enjoying the little jumps the sudden sharpness of her teeth caused, the little gasps the closer she got to her goal. Maneuvering Konata's legs over her shoulders, she took advantage of her position to spread Konata open further, and allowed herself to indulge in a deep thrust with her tongue into Konata's entrance. A squeal escaped Konata, and Tsukasa couldn't help but be a little rough, the sweeter the noises that she got for her efforts. She varied her actions often: her tongue swirled, she pulled away to nip gently at the tempting hollow right at the inside of the top of the thigh, she sucked hard on Konata's clit. Konata was in such a state that her hands had left her shirt, had instead tangled themselves in Tsukasa's hair, her ankles crossing behind Tsukasa's back as she pulled her closer with her legs.

“Tsukasa... Tsuka-...Ah! Tsukasaaa,” Konata almost whined, her whimpers an obvious plea for release that Tsukasa finally granted. Inserting her pointer and middle fingers and pushing gently into the smaller girl, Tsukasa stretched out the orgasm with slow, purposeful strokes of her hand as she licked the clit with quick flashes of her tongue. Konata's back arched off the table, and a breathless moment that felt like an age passed, her hands tangled on the still bobbing head between her legs. The tension suddenly left her body, and she slumped against the sleekness of her kitchen table, noting with some surprise that she felt she might slide off of it – her butt had a slippery spot of her own creation beneath it.

Tsukasa leaned forward over her otaku friend, her hands splayed on either side of the slight form laying prone beneath her. Perfectly pleased with herself, she felt a little worried about her partner in crime. Konata seemed to be a bit sheepish about giving in to the situation, so Tsukasa

said what came to her as the most comforting truth of the matter. A bright smile came to her face so confident that it closed her eyes in its assurance.

“It's ok,” she said, “Me and Kagami are used to sharing.”

[End notes:

There are times where I am forced to acknowledge how much of a pervert I am. This is one of those times. A lot longer than the other chapters, huh? I swear, it means nothing, I'm not obsessed with Konata/Kagami at all. Nope.

...I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. Bwhahaha. I will be editing this as I write the fourth chapter and replace it with the final version when I post the fourth chapter. Sorry I'm such a slowpoke, guys. Reviews are much appreciated.


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