Story: Watching the Sunset (chapter 1)

Authors: Yuri Megami

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Chapter 1

Watching the Sunset

Kairi sat on the Shore of Destiny Island, hugging her knees. Soon it was going to be sunset, a bright flash of yellow, purple, and orange as the sun says its last farewell before rising up the next morning. She ran her finger through the sand. The sea was lifeless, like her heart that day Riku and Sora had left. Kairi longed for some company, somebody to share her secrets with and laugh and enjoy a great time. She got up slowly to go home when suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was a warm hand, the warmest touch she had ever felt in a while. Kairi turned around to see a girl a little older than her, wearing a black shirt and gray skirt. She was barefooted and probably had been watching Kairi for some while now.  Kairi looked into the girl’s friendly, hazel eyes.

“Who… are you? I haven’t seen you before on the Island.” Kairi smiled. The girl sat down in front of her.

“I’m Faye.” She tilted her head to the side. Faye grabbed one of her two, long ponytails and ran her fingers through her dark colored hair. “What are you doing all alone here?”

“I’m… waiting for someone. Two people actually.” Kairi giggled nervously. Faye smiled. They both sat there for about three minutes before Faye spoke up.

“Would you like to stay at my place tonight? Perhaps you will not feel so lonely. I just moved here, so, I do not have friend either.” Faye bent over and clasped Kairi’s hands in hers. Kairi blushed and then moved her face close to Faye’s. Kairi felt her upper lip brush against Faye’s lower lip and then kissed her lightly. Faye jerked back and was wide-eyed at what Kairi had just done.

“I’m… I’m so sorry! I don’t know what I was doing!” Kairi shut her eyes tight and grinded her teeth. She stiffened her body and blushed.

“It’s okay… Kairi, do not be humiliated…” Faye rested her hand onto Kairi’s head. Kairi looked up at her with tears in her eyes. Kairi lay back on the sand as Faye bent over Kairi’s shaking body. Tears began to run down Kairi’s face as she wrapped her arms around Faye’s neck. Faye bent her head down and looked straight into Kairi’s blue eyes. Their chests were pressed up against each other.

“Faye…” Kairi mumbled. She held the end of Faye’s shirt and slowly pulled it up to reveal two very large breasts; much larger than hers. Kairi grabbed both of the girl’s breasts and squeezed them lightly. They were each fitted with a light-brown nipple. Faye looked at Kairi and smiled. She then bent over and kissed Kairi for about one minute. Their tongues caressed and their lips latched onto each other. Kairi then began to squeeze Faye’s breasts much harder as Faye moaned.

“Can I… touch you, Kairi? You’re so beautiful.” Faye smiled. Kairi nodded and a small grin appeared on her face. Faye got up and bent down in front of Kairi’s open legs. She pulled Kairi’s dress up with both of her soft hands and removed her underwear slowly. “Your private seems like it has never felt the taint of another human’s flesh inside of it.” Faye smiled as Kairi closed her eyes tight.

“No… I had never… done this before.” Kairi blushed as Faye set her hand onto her throbbing clit. Faye pressed down as Kairi moaned in fright. She had never felt such a sensation before. Faye began to move her index finger slowly up and down Kairi’s clit.

“Does that feel all right, Kairi?” Faye smiled. Kairi nodded as she moved body back and forth. Faye then began to go a little bit faster, which made Kairi very aroused.

“Oh, Faye… Ah…” Kairi moaned. Faye then slipped her finger down Kairi’s clit and it was inserted into Kairi’s vagina. Kairi’s legs clasped together.

“Please remain calm…” Faye smiled as Kairi nodded to her. Faye then began to move he finger around on the inside, careful not to cause a sudden impurity to Kairi. She then took her wet finger out as Kairi breathed fast. Faye skimmed her finger across Kairi’s breasts. She then began to lick her and rub her at the same time.

“Ah, Faye…” Kairi said as she grinded her teeth together while holding onto Faye’s breasts. Faye then slipped off her skirt to reveal she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. They then both began to rub each other’s wet privates against each other. Kairi began to breathe quickly as Faye hugged her close. She wrapped her legs around Kairi’s waist. Faye began to nibble at Kairi’s neck, and then suck her tongue out, moving it straight down onto Kairi’s awaiting nipple. Faye began to suckle slowly as they both gyrated onto of each other. Kairi fell back and moaned. She then grabbed Faye’s thighs and opened them wide.

“You may do as you please, Kairi.” Faye smiled as she held Kairi’s head. Kairi bent her head down and licked Faye’s clit. She began to move her mouth and tongue all over Faye’s private and inserted her tongue into Faye’s vagina. Kairi nibbled at Faye’s clit while Faye laughed and giggled. “That tickles…” Faye smiled. The sun was beginning to set and the vibrant colors coveted the two sinners.

“It tastes… odd.” Kairi inserted her tongue into Faye’s vagina and moved her tongue up and down all over Faye’s private like a kitten lapping milk.

“Oh, Kairi, you are so young but so skilled.” Faye moaned in pleasure as Kairi continued. Kairi then suddenly felt foot steps approaching from behind her.

Could it be them? She thought in her mind. Kairi turned around to see someone standing above her. Faye got up and brushed off sand that stuck to her.

“K-Kairi…?” Sora raised an eyebrow. He took two steps back and then tripped onto the sands. “What… what is wrong with you?” His eyes widened and then he turned around and took off into the night. Kairi ran after him screaming out, forgetting all about Faye.

“Sora… I have waited for you so long, please do not leave me! Sora…!” She yelled. Kairi fell to the floor as tears trickled onto the sands. It was now night-time and Kairi fell to the floor. Suddenly, an alarm clock began to ring.

“What’s going on?” Kairi shot up from her bed, seeing that her bed sheets were wet with sweat from her pores. “It was… all just a dream.” The sun beat down onto her body. She then felt a sudden stinging inside of her vagina and she dropped to the floor. It had possible not been a dream, after all…

[End notes: I hope you enjoyed the story! I know it was short but I guess it was worth reading it ^-^]

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