Story: STAR SHINE - Random Information (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: STAR SHINE - Rhanar's View On:

[Author's notes: Rhanar sits down and talks about random subjects, both of his own, and some that may randomly be asked.]

"Greetings; I am Rhanar Narra-Jar, leader of the Sharas'Car Order; I am here to discuss some random subjects with you, so let us see now."

{-Why do we never hear of individual guardsmen of your order?-}

"A good question for starters; the truth is, that I am the most active member of the Sharas'Car, but an organization like ours can run itself, even if the leader is not present."

{-What do you mean, exactly?-}

"I mean that instead of running around like a bunch of headless chickens, they know how to take care of themselves; our field agents, however, are usually the ones who might need considerable help, and only I have the authority to send help for them."

{-Field agents?-}

"Yes, the ones that operates in other worlds; our mages work almost 24 hours a day at keeping the portals open, and our warriors try and keep out any thinkable opposition from the other side."

{-Is it monsters, or something like that?-}

"Somewhat yes, but we also need to keep them open because that some of the victims that has to be taken to the stronghold as soon as we possibly can."


"Women and girls who has suffered a mistreatment of their body or soul; I...I have trouble speaking of it, but we talk about rape, molesting and murder, and even demonic possesion! We need those victims taken to the stronghold for treatment...

{-Sorry to change the subject Rhanar, but to us you sound like somewhat of a Dark Anti-Hero; do you agree?-}

"Dark, yes; anti-hero, yes; with all due honesty I am pretty much that: I kill all males I find lustful towards women or alike, or the ones that are simply perverted by their very way of thought."

{-Is that not a bit racial?-}

"That may be true, but you do not not see me caring about it; 'they' decided to act like mating-focused idiots, and 'I' decided to end their lives; truth to be told, I have over 30 ways to kill people in."

{-30 Ways?!-}

"True, but a few of them requires me to use my Dark Magic or Mystic Magic on them; however, I cannot drive out or exorcise demons from victims; for that, I have to consult our priests and pray for Tanrisa to be merciful and grant me the favor to save the victim's soul."

{-Can you give an example?-}

"Surely; the most simple way is, of course, to drive your sword through an opponent's spine; you just have to watch out that the blade does not hit the one on front."

"The other way is to use Dark Magic to wring the insides of the victim; you should, however, cut off his voice at first, or else you will be forced to listen to those annoying screams..."

{-Is Dark Magic not just unholy magic that causes severe pain?-}

"Not at all; priests and other religious organizations have all agreed that Dark Magic is a maniphistation of one's darker side; one that causes pain, or on the opposite can be used for the good of the caster or the 'victim', like healing bones or organs."

{-So Dark Magic can heal as well?-}

"Most correct, but aside from Holy or Nature Magic or any normal cures, such as bandages and potions, it usually takes less time to cast the spell, and more presicion for where to aim at the victim's bones or organs."

{-If we can step away from the more murderous and magical questions, can we then ask you about your personal interests?-}

"Surely not; I keep all my secrets to myself and my pets."


"No, miss; I am just being sarcastic; ask ahead."

{-Do you have any favorite things to do? Like, forging a new weapon, oversee operations, or something like that?-}

"If you mean personal interests, I have quite a few of them; one of them being hard rock music, which I doubt you find surprising."

{-Any favorite food or drink?-}

"Well, ham and some elven wine is always welcomed."

{-Anything else?-}

"How awkward it may sound, I am a fan of creative comedy, like that of Monty Python, Blackadder and Jeff Dunham; despite their tendency to include lines in their shows that would only be suitable for heretics, they make up for it, so to say."

{-So you like comedy?-}

"It depends on the type of comedy, but mostly yes, especially when it involves goverment issues of the USA."

{-Have you ever experienced something really hilarious?-}

"Well, there was a time where I met a young girl, who seemed to be the target of her rather abusive former boyfriend; as she broke up, he had sworn revenge, and had vowed to try and molest her in public."

{That's disgusting!-}

"Indeed it was, so I got to talk to her; at first, as you might imagine, she was terrified by me, but she accepted my help, nevertheless."

{-What did you do to help her?-}

"Well, I place a Mystic seal over her; doing so prevents everyone she does not accept from touching her, and sends them flying through the air like leaves."

{-So when he got to her...?-}

"Heheheh! Yes: My spell worked perfectly; it sent him flying from wall to wall like one of those human pinball machines; I can honestly say I have not laughed so hard in ages!"

{-Another thing, do you have a favorite band?-}

"Indeed I do: Lordi."

{-The monsters who won Eurovision 2006?-}

"Exactly; they have a great style, and they sure know how to scare the crowd if need be!"

{If I can be bold, I'd say that it'd take a monster to understand a monster-}

"Heh Heh, indeed; I am glad that you seem to know that I am proud of myself for being a monster; a hybrid of a shin'saras and black dragon is rather rare, mind you, and my birth was even the course of a curse my mother suffered from."


"Indeed; most dragons tend to turn a blind eye to us draconoids, as the other races of Varran calls us; we are judged as monsters in their eyes, especially High Elves, our Shin'Idun in their own language."

{-Now that you mention it, what are the High Elves and Dark Elves' relation to one another?-}

"Heh, it is pretty much rather intense; the United Alliance have us both sworn to never attack or by any means try and start a war by any means; if it really came to war, though, I dare think that we would decimate each other."

{-As for your mother, Her Imperial Highenss Shinris Narra-Jar, how does she rule Shacar-Jarcu?-}

"In my eyes, she is a fair and just ruler who respects her people and guides us away from our dark and evil past; although you may not know it, Dark Elves were once twisted abominations created by Lord Zharran Zharcarai, the Lord of Chaos, as a sick joke of High Elves and to try and further insult the Gods!"

{-Does Zharran defy the Gods?-}

"He is the Lord of Chaos; he cannot even have the same personality for over a second, as he thinks that everything should be in constant change; all that changing, and the defying of order in itself, has turned him down a road of madness; he is the most dangerous power in the universe as he can bend reality and the rules of the very universe itself!"

{-What of the Gods? Can you tell us something about them?-}

"Gladly; one of the most commonly worshipped gods are Tanrisa, the Lord of Justice, or just Goldwing to his worshippers; he is named that after the sword, Goldwing, that he wields: It is made of Mithril, and has a shaft of white gold."

{-Is he a powerful God?-}

"'Powerful'? That word simply cannot hope to describe what he is; he is a defender, and seek forgiveness for mortals and immortals alike; one of his common names are the White Redeemer."

{So he is a God of Justice, who also fights against...?-}

"Yes, he fights the forces of evil, mostly in the form of savage or otherwise bloodthirsty undead, but mainly he fights demons; he is the god who placed the seal over Varran so that no demon can ever enter it by itself."

{-What does he look like, if he has a physical form?-}

"Hmm, well, he has the form of a white-skinned, young man, clad in a light-grey robe with hood, sometimes wearing his helmet underneath it; under the robe, he wears his Mithril armour, and Goldwing always hangs in its sheathe from his belt, and six feathery wings sprout from his back."

{-Is he friendly towards, well, everyone?-}

"When he has saved Jiraz the succubus, my sister's girlfriend, and given Narrisha the vampire her soul back, I dare say he is not exactly hostile towards neither mortals, undead or demons; however, one should not underestimate his divine strength or holy powers."

{Is he really so powerful?-}

"He is the essence of all that is purity and order; he serves as the Gods' judge in trails of justice, and he never lies; truth is, I am a most devoted believer of Him."

{-Is there any God or Goddess more powerful than him?-}

"Lanadon; if anything is more powerful then the White Redeemer, it is the very Creator God himself; he shaped the universe and invented magic and its various grades and classifications; how else would we know of Dark, Nature or Rune Magic, just to state an example?"

{-How would Lord Lanadon look like?-}

"Well, as for his physical appearence, no-one but his most devoted, the Sapphire Circle, knows of it; however, ancient tomes describe him as blue-skinned, thin as an elf, and, as being the most strange, has equally long blue hair and beard, both of them reaching his waist."

{-He seems to like blue...-}

"It would seem so, but nevertheless, he is not only the most powerful force in the universe; he 'is' the universe! He is the maniphistation of all that is exsistant, and he, as I mentioned before, he created not only the other Gods and Goddesses by splitting his peronality and giving them a will of their own, but he also shaped and formed that which is the universe we today know as Varran."

[End notes: "I have had my say now; I just hope that Narrisha is not too busy with 'instructing' her maids as to make a descent approach."


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