Story: Maybe we always were together (chapter 2)

Authors: charis-chan

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Chapter 2

[Author's notes: Okay, sorry I didn't say thid before: this is an AU, not crossover, and a little of alternative dimension....]

After the battle, Shera returned home with the five persons of the hill, well if you can call that home. Home was an ancient castle. It was built in the top of a rocky hill and on one side there was the ocean. Most of the castle saw to a very lofty cliff. The only way to arrive there was by horse, following a very difficult road. Only a few could do the trip by foot, and those were always the kids that lived in there. Of course the men and women were riding a horse each one. Shera was walking behind them.

As she climbed Shera thought about the few hours ago. She listened the screams again in her head. She saw again the blood, the scarlet color that dyed the green hill. At least the rain would wash it. Tomorrow she would see again that hill again green, but she will be alone, for the first time in so many years. When this thought came to her mind, she started to cry. The tears obstructed her view and she fall.

“Shera! Watch your pad!” the ebony male barked at her. He never liked her. He tought that she was just another. Just another.

“Yes Master Gyles” Shego voice was sorrowful. Today she lost so many people. She only wanted to die.

“I’m very proud of you Shera” the eldest man said her in an uncared voice. Yes, he was very proud. He always was very proud of her.

“You don’t have to Lord Warwick. She is just another one” Atarah, the blonde woman said at him.

“Mi sister is right my Lord, she is only one more. Nothing special.” The blonde man, also called Stephen, commented.

“Besides, she didn’t won by her own hand. She’s not special.” The red-headed, Marlene, said. They were talking like if Shera wasn’t there, but again, she wasn’t special, she was just another one.

“But all you know I love seen a battle, and this one was one of the best I ever saw” Lord Warwick stated. Of course, he can't tell them he was proud, it was wrong.

“I’ll like if you don’t talk like if I weren’t here” Shera, also know as Shego muttered. Well, she really liked not to be in there.

“You will not be here any longer, Shera” Gyles remembered to her.

“I know, I will go to the palace and baby-sit a fucking princess” what was the propouse in been alive, if only she do it to take care of a eleven years old princess.

Marlene stopped her horse and returned to slap Shera in the face for the second time that day. “Watch your mouth, that kind of commentary can cost you your head”

“Yes Lady Marlene” she said as stroked her sore cheek “It’s better than stay with a spoiled girl” added under her breath to avoid been slapped again.

The rest of the trip was in silence. When they finally arrived to the castle’s door the sunset was lighting the valley below the castle.

“Who goes?” a man at the to of one of the towers ask to them.

“Lord Warwick”

“My Lord!” he saluted, then he turned to the castle “Open the gates”

The wooden doors opened with a crack and reveled a big open yard. In there some children were training in pairs whit swords. A gray-haired man was watching them.

“Master Arrick, you can stop now” Lord Warwick said the man.

“Lord Warwick” he bowed his head as greeting. “You can stop now kids!”

“Yes” all the children answered at one and stop fighting. Then they saw the Lord of the castle and kneeled down without saying a word.

The five riders dismounted their horses and gave them to the pages that arrived running to greeting their masters. When they were on their feet they started to walk to the castle. As Shera past master Arrick, she saw him looked at her with proud eyes.

“Go to your room, gather your things and prepare to dinner” Atarah said Shera when they enter to the main corridor.

“Yes ma’am” always following rules. That's was all her live, since she was three.

Shera did at she was said. She went to her room, there six beds were crowd, and there was only space enough to move to bed to bed. She saw at the beds, now empties and the urge to cry overwhelmed her.

“I’m so sorry” she whimpered as she hid her face in her hands. Tears began to fall and there was nobody to comfort her.

She cried while gathered her things, her things were only two white dresses, a small wineskin, a raven feather and her new weapons. She went to a near bed and looked under it. She fished a small wooden box. She opened it and saw the thing that it held. Another raven feather lied in the box. She took it an held it to her face. She kissed it.

“I promise I’ll never forget you. I promise it” she swore after the third kiss. “I promise it.” Then she put the two feathers in the box and went to take dinner.

In the night she got out of the castle with the box in hand. She ran to the north of the castle, where the cliff began. She climbed the wall that separated her to the sea with the ease of a cat. When she arrived to the top she sat down in the edge of the wall and kissed twice the box.

“I promise I’ll never forget you. And you know I never brake a promise.” Then she let the box fall to the ocean. A single tear found it way down her cheek.


“Jaja Kim Possible, you think you will stop me!”

An hour ago Wade called Kim and Ron. Drakken was at the Space Center. He was trying to steel some chips for his lasted creation… but for the first time he was alone.

“Drakken, I always stop you, so why not surrender and avoid being kick?” The red-headed was staring at him from below, he was in a tiny ship, and in his arms he was carrying a huge box, well huge for his arms.

“You can’t stop me, neither the buffoon!”

“Is Ron Stoppable, oh, man, why nobody remember my name?” Ron mussed out loud and Rufus nod in agreement.

“Because you are not important. Now, Bebes, destroy Kim Possible!”

“Bebes? What happen to Shego?” The young male asked

“Yeah, where’s she?” It was odd to Kim. She never saw Drakken alone trying to steel stuff. Sure she saw Shego doing that alone a couple of times, but never Drakken alone. Odd, she thought.

“None of your business, now Bebes, attack her!” A good way to punish your enemies is laughing like a psychotic, just like he was doing.

The Bebes went for Kim meanwhile Ron went for Drakken and the box. After a few minutes all was over. Drakken was put in jail and the Bebes were put under custody of Vivian Porter, the head of robotics in the Middleton Space Center. But Shego never came.


“Whadaya think, Kim?” Ron and Kim were at Bueno Nacho. They came after stop Drakken and his Bebes. Since they arrived Kim was silent, she was thinking. Ron and Rufus were, as usual, eating like two starving cows.


“Kim you’re thinking something” he said with his mouth half-full of naco.

She sighed “I… it’s just that, I was thinking in Shego. Why Drakken was alone today? I mean, he never try to conquer the world without her. I kinda miss the battle. It’s just odd.”

“That’s not odd.”

“Of course is it”

“No Kim. Odd is that.” He pointed to a window those views to Club Banana.

Kim view to the direction Ron was pointing. There, cross the mall was Shego, wearing a green-grass top and a black skirt, entering the store. “Hey! What she’s doing here?”

“Dunno, wanna go to ask? Hey, you can fight her, so, afterwards, you wouldn’t stay so depress”

“Better, lets follow her, maybe she wants to make problems in there.”

They stood and exit the restaurant. As they walk towards Club Banana, a young teenager dressed only in a white cotton dress ran cross them and burst in the store.

Kim stopped walking and grabbed him. “Ron. Do you saw what I saw?”

He saw her very confused expression, his face was matching. “You mean a very young Shego?”


“I’m gonna say, yes.”

They ran to store and entered just in time to see the teenager talking to Shego. Shego was very angry and was yelling at her.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Shego demanded to know.

“Don’t wanna be alone” she not only looked like Shego, but also sounded like Shego, only a little more young.

“What the fuck? I let you alone only five fucking minutes ago!” she shouted at her “Besides, you’re a fucking warrior; you can be by yourself without to much trouble.”

“Don’t wanna be alone. Besides I don’t know what I can do here, and you know, I don’t have a blade.”

“A blade?” Ron echoed in a very puzzled voice. Kim only had time to grab him and hide behind a counter.

“Shhh. You want her to find us?” he shacked his head “then shut up and lets watch her.”

Shego glance towards their direction. She scanned the area, only to find it empty. She looked again at her young self.

“Well now that you are here, lets choose you a descent wardrobe”


“Because your fucking dress is pathetic”

“You’re not a beauty, you know?” see, just like Shego.

“You want my help, Shera?” Shego said the name in a very unpleasant form, her eyes narrowed. The girl also narrowed hers but only nodded. “Then shout the hell up!”

“Yes ma’am.”

They started to walk trough the corridors, stopping to saw some clothes for Shera, always green or black. The girl was bored, but she didn’t complain. Shego finished buying what she like, not bothering in asked Shera if she likes it or not, only checking if the stuff was the right sizes.

Meanwhile the hero team was watching them. Kim was thinking about the fact that Shego was selecting the clothes you like a normal person. She shocked more when she saw Shego walked towards the cashier and bought, not stole, BOUGHT the clothes.

“She’s buying?” the blond guy was puzzled, just like Kim.

“It seems. This is getting odd every minute. Why is Shego buying clothes for a teenager?”

“Dunno, but they’re leaving. We follow them?”

“Of course”

They exit Club Banana only seconds after Shego and Shera did. They follow the pair trough the mall. They saw them entering a martial art store.

“Shego?” Shera asked the green-skinned thief.

“What?” Shego was looking at the swords in the store

“Why can’t you call me Shego?” she also was trying to find a good weapon.

“Because that’s my name”

“Mine too”

“I know, but it’s strange to call somebody else by your name”

“I’m doing that”

“Let’s do this, I call you by your birth name and you call me by mine, are you okay with that?”

“Sure, but you need to tell me your name”


“Sheherazade?” a second after the sound let her mouth, Kim cover it whit both hands. Neither Shego nor Shera heard her.

Ron gave her an amused glare. “Who’s the one that need shut up?”

Both Shera and Shego look to their direction. Kim again only had time to took him and fall to the floor before they saw them. “You” she barked to him.

“It’s long” Shera stated to the pale woman after check nobody was in the store.

“I know. Only call me Shede. That would be enough. Do you like this?” Shego took a short black-handled katana.

“Not for me.”

“What kind of weapon do you need?”

“A regular sword, I don’t know how to handle this, you what kind of weapon use?”

“Don’t use”

“You fight with you’re bare hands?”

“Of course, besides I got this” she ignited one finger and than let it die the flame a second later.

“I forgot about that. Sorry, but I can’t use this” she pointed toward the katana.

“Then find something to use, here is the only place they sell this kind of weapons.”

“Yes Shede” she purred the name, and before Shego could barked at her she ran to find a weapon.

Shego continued seeing the blades, until a surprise yelp filled the martial art store. She ran towards the noise, only to certain buffoon with a very puzzle expression.

“What the hell are you doing?” She barked at him.

“I have a better question. What she is doing?” Ron pointed towards Shera. She was kneeling with her gaze down. In front of her was Kim.

“My princess” Shera told and everybody’s mouths opened.

[End notes: I hope you like this!!!]

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