Story: Maybe we always were together (chapter 1)

Authors: charis-chan

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: I don't own Kim Possible, Disney does.]




The hill was filled with bodies. The grass was covered with blood. It seems that there was no body alive. But, if you were there, then you could see her. She was kneeling in each body, checking if somebody survived. It seems not. Her ebony hair was soaked with rain as was her almost naked body; only a white blood-covered cotton dress protected her nudity of the cold weather. If someone would be able to be close enough from her, they would be seeing crying. Her face was soaked, yes, but not only rain and salty water made her seen like a movie terror character, but also blood, dried blood painted her beautiful face. Her body was covered with bruises and cuts, and the blood in her dress was not only her.

She was crying, yes, but nobody would comfort her. Never. And she knew that.

She was searching for somebody alive.

And, yes, there were five persons alive: an ebony young handsome man; a blond middle-aged man and an almost identical woman; a read-headed woman and an old man. But they were only judges. They couldn’t help, they couldn’t save.

The raven-haired girl finished here searching; nobody alive. She then went for her now blood-covered sword, and her now broken shield. She began to walk towards the ‘judges’, but the weeping made her shake. She felt in her knees over the mud. And she began to cry louder and harder. The ‘judges’ only saw her, no comfort came from them, not even help to put her back on her feet.

“You really think she can do it?” the ebony man asked.

“Of course she can.” The eldest answered.

The girl managed to reach the five persons after a while of cry. She stood in front of them, her gaze down.

“Well done, Shera.” The blond woman congratulated.

“My name is Shego.” The girl muttered.

“Now, you were the one that manage to survive. So here are you new blade and shield, Shera.” The blond man tossed her a jade-handled sword and a black circular shield, with a green snake across of it.

“My name is Shego!” the girl’s snapped.

“Your first assignment, Shera-“ The read-headed woman started.

“My name is Shego!” she yelled.

“-will be stay with and protect the princess, Shera” the other woman finished.

“My name is Shego!”

“You know which your name is!”

“I do! My name is Shego!”

The blond man slapped her across the face. “Stop being stupid Shera!”

A silent tear of pain fell down her sore cheek.

“My name is Shego. She used to call me like that.” Shera, uh, Shego, whispered. Nobody heard her.

“Now. Come on, let’s get you home. The faster you gather your things, the faster you can leave.” The eldest man spoke and began to walk.

“Yes, master.”


Shego woke up in the middle of the night. A white light blinded her.

“What the fuck?” Shego gasped in horror.

“I need help.” There in front of her stood a raven haired teenager. “Please, I know you can help us”.

“Who the hell are you? What are you doing her?” she was scared, nobody knew were does she lived.

“I’m Shego, and I know you can help us.”

[End notes: Well, I'll be glad if you point out my grammar and spelling errors!!]

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