Story: Feign (all chapters)

Authors: ChibiChan

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don’t own Last Exile or it’s characters.

Turning over onto her side Tatiana opened her eyes tiredly at the sound of someone’s yelling. Sitting up irritated at whoever had the nerve be yelling this late at night and as well as disrupt her sleep. Throwing the blanket off her and getting up she stopped midway, her eyes widening at her surroundings. This was not her room on the sylvan; it wasn’t her room at all. The room was completely white and barren except her and the bed she was lying on, with a strange humming noise heard throughout the room. Standing up she wondered about where she was. Did someone move her to this room while she was asleep somehow or maybe it a joke by some of the crew? She knew they didn’t think well of her but to do something like this.

Narrowing her eyes she looked for a door barely spotting it, as it was just as white as the walls surrounding it. Standing before the door she wondered exactly how to open it, there wasn’t any doorknob or anything close to it for that matter. Looking around she spotted a small flat panel on the side of it and what looked like buttons. Thinking this was probably how you opened the door she pressed the largest, a green button and step backed startled when the slid sideways by itself into the wall. Never seeing such a thing she steep out into a wide hallway lined with more doors. The hallway was a gray color unlike her room and both ends seemed to lead to another hallway.

More than confused she started in one direction cautiously. Stopped by the same shouting as before she turned towards the other direction recgonizing the voice.

“ Lavi?…. “ Walking towards the voice she turned into the another hallway slightly relieved to see Lavi, Claus, Alvis, and Alistia standing there in a small circle. Noticing they were wearing a plain white t-shirt and pants, she noted was wearing the same apparel as well.

“ Hey! Do any of you know what’s going on?” She asked walking toward them, stopping next to Alis looking at them.

“ How the hell are we supposed to know? We’ve been standing here trying to figure that out ourselves! “ Lavi shouted angrily.

“ Lavi maybe you should calm down. “ Lavi turned to Claus.

“ Calm! I just woke up in a strange place and no one has any idea where we are, and you want me to be calm! ” Claus sweat dropped and stepped back some.

“ Well what a meant was..Uhh..” “Staying calm is what’s best right now and you shouting isn’t going to help solve our problem. “ Tatiana interrupted him, looking at Lavi.

“ Who cares what you..” ”Lavi?” “ What! “ Lavi turned to stare at the frightened Al. Sighing she calmed down apologizing to her.

“ What are we going to do now? “ Alis asked.Tatiana looked at Alis thoughtfully.

“ Well first we try to found out where we are. We should search the area in groups to cover more ground. Claus, Lavi, and Al you three go in that direction and Alis and I will search in the other. But be careful we don’t know if this is a hostile situation or not so don’t let your guard down.”

“ Umm Tatiana is it really a good idea to split up? I mean what if we got into to trouble?” Claus looked around cautiously.

Tatiana didn’t respond and started in another direction. Alis smiled at him reassuringly and quickly followed after. Claus sighed and started in the opposite direction with Lavi and Al.

To be continued…

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