Story: STAR SHINE - Jiki and Kiro's Christmas Special (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: The Christmas Special

[Author's notes: -{Outside New Terra City - Jiki and Kiro's House - Front door}-]

”Jiki, you got the decorations up yet?”Kiro asked as she went into the dining room; her feet were still wet from the melted snow as she placed her boots in the entrance hall.

“Yeah, they’re all set up, sweetie!” Jiki’s voice were heard from the dining room; Kiro smiled to herself, hung her jacket up, and adjusted her Christmas outfit, consisting of a red shirt and skirt, decorated with white fur for trimming.

As Kiro approached the doorway to the dining room, she saw Jiki using her magic to place a few decorations; as Kiro looked up, she noticed Jiki smilingly place mistletoe over the doorway.

“Why am I not surprised?” Kiro teased as Jiki smiled at her; she wore the same outfit as Kiro, and had included a red Christmas hat.

“Come here, you little elf” Jiki giggled as she leaned towards Kiro for a kiss; Kiro smiled, and kissed Jiki under the mistletoe.

“Uhmmm, that felt good...” Jiki purred as she let go; Kiro smiled happily, giving Jiki yet another kiss, this time more passionate.

“When will they be here, sweetie?” she asked Jiki.

“About an hour’s time” Jiki answered, smiling as she knew the look in Kiro’s eyes; “I think we can make it.”

“Good, but I’ll go first, OK?” Kiro asked.

“Sure thing!” Jiki gave a small chuckle; by those words, Jiki and Kiro headed for the nearby couch, but found Breeze to be occupying it.

“Oh! Oh, sorry, mistresses; I was just having a nap” Breeze woke up as she felt someone looking at her; she jumped down, rustled her wings and yawned loudly.

“Good evening, Breeze” Kiro gave a small chuckle at the griffon’s rustling and yawning; nodding in silent reply, Breeze went to a nearby window, standing up and looking out.

“Oh, this snowfall is so pretty...” she said dramatically as she observed the falling snowflakes; behind her, Kiro had bend Jiki down on the couch, playfully tickling her and slowly opening her shirt.

“Lemme see what sweeties you’ve got wrapped up in here!” Kiro joked as she began slurping and licking on Jiki’s breasts, flicking her tongue around Jiki’s nipples as she pressed her breasts together, causing Jiki to laugh delightfully.

After just about three minutes’ licking from Kiro and moaning from Jiki, she smiled and opened her eyes, sitting up and gave Kiro a lovingly kiss.

“We’d better have a shower before the guests arrive” Jiki suggested, Kiro nodding in silent reply.

As they headed for the bathroom, Breeze wandered around the Christmas tree, sniffing at the presents and the glittering decorations, going as far as to poke a small, blue glass orb with her beak.

Jiki and Kiro joked and laughed as they stripped off their clothes; Kiro went under the showers first, as she had a feeling that Jiki might use the opportunity to pull a prank on her, she stepped a little back as she pressed the bottom.

Her suspicions turned out to be true as she stuck her hand under the water, pulling it back with a shriek; it was completely cold.

“Why, you little...!” Kiro laughed at Jiki as she was teasingly sticking her tongue out at Kiro; she turned the water warm again, stepping into the showers.

“Thanks, but not good enough!” Kiro purred playfully as she grabbed Jiki behind by her breasts, making her let out a pleasant wail of joy.

“Uhmm, boobies! Boobies! Boobies!” Kiro joked as she squeezed, fondled and pressed Jiki’s breasts against each other, while she pressed her right knee in between Jiki’s legs.

“No! Stop it! It feels too...good...oh...uhmmm...” Jiki playfully enjoyed how Kiro now massaged her breasts gently.

“Now you do me!” Kiro said happily as she let go; not a second after, Jiki was up behind her and gave Kiro the same treatment, pressing her breasts together and even licking Kiro’s neck in playfulness.

“” Kiro moaned with a big smile as Jiki now massaged her breasts.

“We can play later, OK?” Jiki asked, Kiro nodding, somewhat disappointed.

“Don’t worry; I’ll give a special treatment tonight” Jiki assured with a giggle, making Kiro beam; she knew exactly what Jiki’s ‘special treatment’ was...

After having washed themselves and getting some perfume and make up, Jiki and Kiro went back into their Christmas outfits; they went through the house to check that everything was in order, which it luckily was.

“Still about 30 minutes to go” Jiki stated as she pulled her red glove up a little to have a look at her watch.

“How about watching some HoloVision?” Kiro suggested.

“Yeah, that’d be fun, unless you’ve got something yourself?” Jiki asked Kiro.

“Well, I have some old comedy stuff, but I dunno if it’s your style” Kiro blushed shyly.

“Let’s have a look, silly; I may end up loving it” Jiki smiled encouragingly at Kiro, who returned the smile; they sat down on the couch in front of the table, Kiro pressing a few bottoms and withdrawing a small disc.

“It’s an ancient comedy group named Monty Python” Kiro said, making Jiki smile.

“I’ve read some old reviews of those guys; their humour is legend!” she cheerfully gave Kiro a thumbs up.

As Jiki and Kiro sat and watched the Monty Python show, under wild roars of laughing, their doorbell suddenly rang; shutting down the HoloVision, they went out to see who the first guest was:

A long, hooded cloak of white fur was the first to catch their eyes; behind it were three others, although smaller.

“’Merry Christmas’, as earthlings says it” the tallest one said; Jiki and Kiro immediately recognized Rhanar’s voice, letting him in.

“Umm, how about us? I’m freezing my ass off” a sarcastic Narrisha now commented, followed by a short giggle from what sounded like Shica.

“Like that’s painful; my wings are stiff as ice” Jiraz commented.

Smiling, Jiki and Kiro let the other girls in; all of them seemed to be wearing the same kinds of outfit as Jiki and Kiro, despite that Shica’s were black, Jiraz’s dark-red, and Narrisha’s night-blue.

“They insisted on wearing those outfits” Rhanar stated as he hung his cloak up besides the others’:

He was formally dressed in a black coat with silvery trims, and the Imperial Coat-of-Arms on the chest; he wore black pants with black boots underneath them, and held two oblong presents in each hand.

“I am to put these under the tree, right?” he asked, as he had never been to any Christmas party before.

“Yep, just underneath the lowest branches” Jiki said as Rhanar headed for the dining room; they could hear him speak to Breeze about how beautiful the tree was.

“I also got you a pressie” Shica stood in front of Jiki and Kiro, handing them a small, soft and blue package.

“Thanks, Shica; here ya go” Kiro smiled, handing Shica her own present; it was heavy, and about the size of a fist.

As the girls exchanged gifts, Jiki went to the dining room, giving Rhanar hers and Kiro’s present.

Now that the presents lay under the tree, Breeze lying under it like a guard dog, the feast were about to begin; Jiraz laughed as Rhanar’s eyes widened at the sight of the almost royally arranged table.

“Wow, sweet feast, girlies...” Narrisha nodded in pure amazement.

“Thanks; it took wholly ten minutes” Kiro joked.

“T-ten minutes?! Girls, you’ve gotta be kidding...” Shica giggled in disbelief.

“Nope, just a little spice called Mystic Magic” Jiki giggled as she twirled the Mystic energy around her forefinger.

“And I’m kinda quick to arrange” Kiro smiled and gave Jiki the ‘peace’ sign.

“Are we to begin?” Rhanar asked, and Narrisha could not help but to laugh at the eager undertone in Rhanar’s voice.

“Dinner’s served!” Jiki called; as they heard a clear rumble from the dining room, Breeze came running, sitting by Kiro.

“Umm, could I have some remains, by any way?” she asked.

Silence fell over the room, but it barely lasted ten seconds; Jiki and Kiro laughed, soon joined by the other girls as they patted Breeze’s beak, promising her all the remains that would be.

“Ummm, these chicken wings are delicious” Rhanar commented as he was eating his fifth wing; Jiki and Kiro exchanged smiles as they knew how much Rhanar could eat, especially meat.

“This sauce is great, too” Jiraz commented as she dipped a potato, swallowing it whole.

“And I’ve yet to meet someone who could roast sausages better” Narrisha smiled at the girls as she ate a half one.

“Thanks, everyone; it’s traditional for Christmas” Jiki said, happily hugging Kiro besides her, exchanging kisses.

“How utmostly cute” Rhanar nodded with a hint of a smile, as he now chewed on a sausage.

“Umm, wild duck; delicious” Shica sniffed happily from her seat, asking Jiraz to have something handed over.

After having eaten, the group helped each other carry the plates, forks, knives and pots into the kitchen, where Jiki quickly used her magic to make the dish washing do itself.

“While it’s at it, let’s watch some HoloVision” Kiro suggested the guests; as they agreed, she gave Jiki a mischievous smile, which Jiki replied, and they both chuckled as they put the Monty Python disc on...

For about an hour, the guests and Jiki and Kiro watched the Monty Python; at a part including flying sheep, Jiki, Kiro and Rhanar laughed so hard that they felt their insides almost turn.

As the rest of the group joined in the laughing, Shica ended up falling unto Jiraz in a fit of laughing as the guys on the screen began jumping around, imitating a sheep.

Jiraz herself simply could not stop laughing, especially not when there was a part of the most idiotic ways to walk in that she had ever seen.
Narrisha also got quite a fit of laughing when it came to a part where a group of guys were to be trained the fight deadly fruits.

“This is directly beyond insanity!” Rhanar commented, having tears of laughing in his eyes; at their couch, Jiki had to borrow her head into Kiro’s armpit in a fit of laughing, Kiro trying to hold her hand to her mouth to avoid laughing.

At a scene including a man yelling to the limits of his lungs like another bull, Jiraz used her wings in an attempt to avoid laughing, which proved unsuccessful.

As the hour went, Jiki and Kiro stopped the movie temporarily as they looked forward to have a look at their presents; as the others joined them at the tree, Breeze came in from a small trip outside, her fur and feathers covered in snow.

“It’s a storm out there!” she commented as she sat down besides Jiki and Kiro; they were eagerly opening Rhanar’s presents, but Kiro patted Breeze’s head comfortably.

As Jiki unwrapped the last paper from the presents, two adamantine shortswords encrusted with strange golden symbols fell to the floor, clinging.

“They are adamantine swords, encrusted with runes” Rhanar nodded proudly as Jiki and Kiro took up the swords, eagerly looking at every single detail.

“I provided the adamantine for a dwarf in High Hall; he forged them and enchanted them to be able to slice through even the most solid of rocks and metals.”

“Wow, quite neat” Narrisha commented as her eyes could not let go of the golden runes; to tease her, Jiki smiled to Kiro and moved her shortsword down towards Jiraz’s chest.

As Narrisha got eyes on Jiraz’s breasts underneath the outfit, she almost got a nosebleed.
As Rhanar sighed, the girls exchanged chuckles.

“Wow! Thanks, girls!” Jiraz smiled happily as she held her present in her hands; it was cosplay costume of a schoolgirl uniform of the infamous Bible Black series, but rather than normal cloth, it was made of latex; while she hated the Bible Black series for all the pretty boy'ish appearences, she liked the girl on girl scenes, especially while being with Shica, herself.

“This gives me an awkward feeling of what else rests in your closet, Jiraz...” Rhanar shoke his head.

Meanwhile, Narrisha looked happily at her gift from Jiraz and Shica; a rather suggestive picture of them all three, and included was two silver bracelets formed as Celtic symbols.

“Oh, thanks, girlies!” Narrisha cheered, kissing both Jiraz and Shica; they kissed back under low giggles, but deciding to quit their game as Rhanar’s eyes now lay upon them with a strict look.

“Now lemme see...” Shica said as she opened a present from Jiraz; it turned out to be a manual, of which front page and content would be directly dangerous to mention in Rhanar’s presence; nevertheless, Shica, Narrisha and Jiraz exchanged heartily laughs, Jiki and Kiro joining in.

“What is so funny?” Rhanar asked and looked up; he been admiring the small aquamarine crystal given to him by Jiki and Kiro.

“Umm, nothing! Nothing at all!” Shica quickly said; shaking his head, Rhanar turned his eyes back on the crystal.

As the presents were shared, the group slowly moved back to the HoloVision, as Jiki and Kiro had brought some bowls of sweets, candy and drinks to the table; Jiraz sent a mischievous smile to Shica and Narrisha, both replying it.

As they spent the rest of evening watching the Monty Python, laughing their lungs half out, Breeze soon joined in, eating a few sweets and applying to the laughing with her hoarse voice.

“Thanks for tonight, girlies!” Narrisha smiled as she and Shica and Jiraz were on their way out, Shica and Jiraz looking deeply in Shica’s new manual.

“It has been a pleasure to be here tonight” Rhanar nodded and formally shoke Jiki and Kiro’s hands; as he got hold of his cloak, he went through the door to prepare the portal back to Varran.

“It’s been awesome, girls!” Shica smiled at Jiki and Kiro; behind her, Jiraz’s tail teasingly sneaked up her right thigh.

“Oh, wait ‘till we get home” Shica joked at Jiraz, making the demon girl smile broadly.

“Hey, don’t forget me!” Narrisha giggled as she walked up and pulled herself, Jiraz and Shica into a hug; as Rhanar called from outside that the portal was ready, the girls exchanged kisses and left with a wink at Jiki and Kiro.

“Merry Christmas!” they yelled as they got the cloaks and went outside.

“Merry Christmas!” Jiki and Kiro waved goodbye; as the door closed, they exchanged suggestive smiles.

“Well, we’ve still got some sweets left...” Kiro smirked mischievously at Jiki, who replied the smile.

“Go get the bottles and the bowls; I’ll be waiting!” Jiki smiled happily at Kiro, who laughed; as Jiki stripped off her clothes on her way to her and Kiro’s bedroom, Kiro got hold of a few bowls of sweets and bottles of sodas.

On her way, she snatched a can of whipped cream from the kitchen, and headed for the bedroom.
She found laying naked and waiting with broad smile on her face, and with closed eyes; as Kiro put the things down and stripped out of her outfit, Jiki opened her eyes and smiled at Kiro.

“Oh, look at you, you cute thing...” Kiro teasingly smiled as she went down on Jiki, holding two pieces of chocolate in her hand; “you’re already so wet...”
Looking down at herself, Jiki was amusingly surprised to see that the thought of what Kiro would do to her already had turned her on.

“Please, Kiro; get to it...” Jiki faked a whimper, making Kiro smile; she reached down and found the can of whipped cream.

“It’s time to make you messy...” Kiro smiled, but as she was getting ready to pour the content on Jiki, she suddenly looked like she had been hit by an idea.

“Sweetie, can I try something?” Jiki asked.
“Sure, as long as I get my share!” Kiro smiled, helping Jiki stand up.

“Come, take it with you” Jiki giggled and gestured at the bowls, bottles and the can; Kiro snatched it all, and followed Jiki down to the showers and to the small pool.

“Lemme see...” Jiki mumbled as she concentrated; she held her Mystic-glowing hand over the water’s surface, making it vanish.

“Sweetie, take the chocolate into a bowl of its own” Jiki told Kiro, who obeyed as she was curious as to what Jiki was thinking.
“Now boil it” Jiki said, but now Kiro looked directly confused.
“Umm, how?” she asked.

“You’ve got the Holy Magic” Jiki laughed; “use it!”
Kiro giggled, remembering her ability to control holy fire; she held her hand under the bowl, watching as her magic made the chocolate melt.

“Uhmmm, hot chocolate...” both Jiki and Kiro sniffed and giggled at each other; as Kiro now handed the bowl to Jiki, she stuck a finger into to make sure it was war enough; she nodded smilingly and began to cast a spell over it.

“There we go!” Jiki cheered as she cast a spell over the can as well; she emptied both whipped cream and chocolate into the pool, but the content kept coming out.

“Gotta use more” Kiro advised; Jiki sent her a suggestive smile and multiplied the can and bowl, causing somewhat near a flood.

“There we are!” Jiki laughed at Kiro’s amazed face; the entire pool, large enough for them both, was steaming from melted chocolate and whipped cream.

“OH MY GODS! THANKS, JIKI! IT’S SO HOT AND YUMMY!” Kiro cheered wildly as she hugged Jiki; however, as Jiki lost her balance, she fell into the pool, feet first.

“Oh my Gods! It’s...” Jiki noticed to her pleasant surprise; “it feels good...uhmmm...”

“Benzai!” Kiro cheered as she jumped in as well, landing besides Jiki; they laughed as they began to tickle each other and play around in the pool.

“Goddess, how we’ll need a wash after this!” Kiro laughed as she rubbed the chocolate all over her body and whipped cream on her breasts.

“Hmm, I think we miss something...” Jiki smiled kinkily behind Kiro; “I need some really good boobies!”

“Meep!” Kiro exclaimed as Jiki grabbed a handful of whipped cream and rubbed it over Kiro’s breasts; as they began to laugh, romp around and playfully wrestle, Kiro dived under the chocolate, licking at Jiki’s belly.

“Wa-a-ah! Monster!” Jiki joked as the chocolate-soaked Kiro emerged again; she laughed and threw herself over the smiling Jiki.

“Kiro...?” Jiki suddenly asked in a clearly fake, innocent voice.
“Yeah?” Kiro asked as her mouth were but centimetres over Jiki’s breasts.
“Should we have sex down here?” Jiki asked, secretly encouraging Kiro.

“Sure! I’d love to see that!” Kiro smiled, then blushed; “I’ve always dreamed of how it’d be to lick your pussy clean of this stuff.”

“Here’s your chance, sweetheart!” Jiki giggled at Kiro, sitting down on the upper level of the pool, baring her chocolate-covered pussy to her girlfriend.
“Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy!” Kiro cheered as she dived between Jiki’s legs, licking and slurping wildly.

“AH! Oh my Goddess...SWEETI-I-I-I-IE!” Jiki let out a loud and pleasant scream as the mix of hot chocolate and Kiro’s equally hot tongue penetrated her pussy.
“I’m, I’m cumming! I’m already cumming!” Jiki yelled out smilingly.

“Oh, yes! Cum for me, Jiki! Spice this yummy tub up!” Kiro joked.
The next second, Jiki both yelled out from her climax and laughed at Kiro’s joke; exhausted, she let Kiro lick up her cum and the remaining chocolate in her pussy.

“My turn!” Kiro beamed as she bared her own pussy; the sight of her girlfriend dripping with chocolate and whipped cream caused Jiki to make a head on charge in between Kiro’s legs, slurping and feasting on the smooth, hot and chocolate-covered flesh of Kiro’s pussy.

“AH! OH, YES! Uhmmm...!” Kiro kept moaning, reaching her hands behind Jiki’s back, pulling her deeper down into the chocolate bath.

“Wanna get fully messy?” Kiro teased.
“Sure thing, hottie!” Jiki winked playfully at Kiro as she pressed Jiki’s head under the chocolate, letting go to watch Jiki emerge fully covered in chocolate and swinging her formerly blond hair against Kiro's face.

“And now back to business!” Jiki smiled under the chocolate, leaning down to feast on Kiro’s pussy again.

“A-A-A-A-AH! OH, YE-E-E-ES! I’M CUMMING! I’M SO WET I’M CUMMING!” Kiro yelled lustfully, cumming directly into Jiki’s waiting mouth.
“Uhmm, delicious, just as good as the chocolate” Jiki smiled pleasantly at Kiro.

“Uhmm, I love this, Jiki! You’re a genius!” Kiro smiled broadly at Jiki; as the rest of the evening passed on, they kept playing around with each others’ breasts and kissing each other hotly, sometimes o go down and dirty again...

[End notes: I leave the rest to your imagaination: Merry Christmas!

(Note: I do not own Monty Python or any of said Python-related subjects; all apart from Monty Python, however, are belong to ME!)]

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