Story: The Vacationers' Tale (chapter 1)

Authors: NekoJesus

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Chapter 1

Title: Prologue

[Author's notes: It all started as a project for school... lol. We had to write our own version of The Canterbury Tales prologue. And so, I "borrowed" the characters from Mai-HiME. It's true that this chapter is in a poem format. Donno if the rest will end up poemized. Guess we'll see what happens. Well, Enjoy~]

When in summer the urge strikes thee
To break from work for fun and glee,
Many locations become target for escape;
Wether theme park loud or quiet cape.
Family upon family pays a high expense
Just to get away from their white picket fence
Constantly enclosing life with a boring routine,
To indulge the urge for a change of scene.

It was early one morn; a beautiful dawn,
That 10 assembled luggage on their varied lawns.
Soon each traveler heads to the same spot
as the temperature slowly grows to a summer hot.
Now each in turn eyes a great ship
As they arrive one by one to go on their trip
It was the most magnificent vessel any had seen
Pristine white with a stripe of hunter green
Towering tall above all others in the port
Like a stately king in his royal court.

The destination was a ways away
An island paradise, some would say.
White sand beaches and an azure sea
Awaited those preparing to flee.

First on the scene was an energetic one
A Teacher declaring their vacation had begun.
Her mirth soon faded to a light despair,
Childish grin tarnished as the sole one there.
Her wild hair sat atop her head in a 'tail
Hiding emerald eyes in a red-orange veil.
Her clothes could be described casual at best
Cargo pants, blue jacket and a T-shirt covered her ample chest.
She was known 'round the school, for better or worse
And was close friends with the academy's Nurse.

The next to arrive with much less flair
A Biker and the Council President; a curious pair.
They removed their helmets and took a smell
Of fresh sea air, the President stealing a kiss as well.

Possessing the manners of an earl
On vacation the Council President was just a girl.
Tawny hair laid neatly atop her head
Her eyes a gorgeous shade of burgundy red.
Always calm and always collected
Her precious Biker was never neglected.
Whenever she spoke her tone was soft and sweet
Betraying her raising amongst society's elite.
She had power of which most could only dream
And would never partake in a fraudulent scheme
Oftentimes the Biker she would try to fluster
Concealing laughter took more strength than she could muster.

The Biker was quite different than the other
At a young age having lost her mother
Fending for herself made her somewhat cold
But the President's companionship made warmth take hold.
She was rather rough and tumble
Extremely far from being humble.
Dark eyes and long raven hair
Added to her mysterious air.
A black and red riding suit clung to her form
Which was soon shed for being too warm.
She wore no more than a white bikini and shorts
Her figure garnering attention from all sorts
Blushing, she rummaged for another shirt
Attempting to avoid the gaze of a Presidential flirt
While attention like that would make most minds swirl
The Biker was not that sort of girl.
Surprisingly reserved and slightly prude
She got real nervous when wooed.

The next group to come was a motley sort
A Chef, her ever-hungry Friend, a clingy Girl so short,
Her Spouse, an Assistant and a Loudmouth too.

To tell the truth the Girl was quite the shrew.
Always she called the Chef's Spouse "Brother"
And said she'd never love another.
She sported four pink pigtails with minds of their own
How she did her hair forever remained unknown.
Her voice was sometimes rather shrill
Rumoured to reach a pitch that could kill.
The girl's eyes were a soft amber brown
Her lips oft turned down in a pout or frown.
She wore clothing like that a girl should wear
Long skirts and sandals, toes open to the air.

The Chef's Spouse had a certain charm
While he did his best to ignore the Girl attached to his arm.
Spiked hair dyed blonde on top was natural brown like
His eyes that sparkled as he oggled the blue Ducatti bike.
The Spouse's clothing was rather plain
Just shorts and a shirt with nary a stain.
Always grinning he constantly joked
He really was a good-natured bloke
It took a lot to arouse his ire
And only raised his voice in situations dire.

The Chef was not very far away
Talking to her former Teacher in a friendly way.
Cooking was a hobby at which she was extremely good
Everyone assembled had tasted her food.
Not once had she received a complaint
Of cooking it seemed she was the patron saint.
Orange chin-length hair framed her face
Slightly rounded with undeniable grace.
Her clothing was well fitting and revealing enough
At the same time not showing off too much.
She was the kind to lend a helping hand
To any person from any land
Even if it set her back.
A kind heart she did not lack.

The Friend of the Chef was quite strange
But all the travelers doubted she'd change
With hair like onyx in two thin braids,
She wore a necklace with a pendant blade.
Described as a tomboy by more than most
Clad in a jersey of the team from the coast
And plain blue jeans in slight need of a belt.
The Chef's cooking would cause her to melt
Able to double what one would eat for a meal
Chef's cookies and treats she would often steal.

Rival of the President the Loudmouth self-proclaimed
Her short-tempered nature couldn't be more famed
And speech was sometimes not to her Assistant's satisfaction
As she'd do things like use fraction instead of faction.
Always her eyes were lavender shadowed.
She thought the school grounds to be hallowed
With an arrogant grin and curly blonde locks
Nothing got past her with eyes like a hawk's.
She was the sole upholder of the rules, she thought,
All offenders shall be caught!

The Assistant to the Loudmouth was very reserved
She mostly sat in the background and quietly observed.
The Loudmouth who she'd correct on reaction
As her malapropisms could be a distraction.
Her calm eyes were hidden by simple frames
The Assistant wasn't the most gorgeous of dames.
With a petite and rather meek build
She believes one of her desires will never be fulfilled
Her brown hair was short and unkempt
Though she never once would act in contempt.

The last one there was a veritable Tease
She cheated men of money with sickening ease.
Snide and with a twisted sense of humour
Her activities were often subject of rumour.
This personality you'd strangely grow to enjoy
And oftentimes she'd act quite coy.
Atop her crimson hair, boyish and short
Was a hat of the floppy and stylish sort.
Her slight frame was covered by a white
And blue tank with black capri's that fit quite tight.

With every traveler finally amassed
Nearly 3 hours since dawn had passed
The Captain politely told them all to board
And informed them their luggage had been stored
The group boarded in a disorganized jumble
A few steps turning to a stumble
All were so eager to get away
From the routine life of every day
Away from how it's always been
Eager for a change of scene

[End notes: Whatcha think? Good idea? Bad idea? Needs moar secks?
Heh. Hopefully you could tell who everyone was.

Crit welcomed. :3]

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