Story: The Young Warrior (all chapters)

Authors: wildblackrose

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Chapter 1

I bolt out of my sleep, my dreams long forgotten as I hear the source that had woken me. Footsteps, light but my senses never lie. I grab my sword out from under my blanket and roll out into the open.

            “You there,” I shout, “Stop and tell me who you are!” The footsteps stop and I can see almost clearly that it is a women, for the moon shines brightly tonight.

            “Do not worry great warrior women, I mean no harm.” Her voice melted into the air in a beautiful liquid voice. Then, in the moonlight, something glinted off her face. Fangs. I lifted my sword in front of me and crouched into a fighting stance.

            “Do not lie, I know your kind. Bloodsuckers, you will do whatever it takes to get what you want. You are that of the devil and if you do not leave now I will use force.” She laughed and suddenly I felt weak and useless against such a beautiful woman. But she was that of sin I would fight to the death if she tried anything.

            “Young warrior, I told you I mean no harm. I was once a warrior too. I will keep my word.” She stepped closer and I tightened the grip on my sword. She sighed and sat down on the forest floor.

            “Young warrior, what is your name?” I eyed her cautiously as I slowly sat down. Her eyes stood out the most; large, blue sparkling eyes.

            “I am Akasha of Madrian.” Her eyes widened at that and she gasped lightly. I tightened my grip on the sword.

            “Madrian? My blood still lives on that land.” I gritted my teeth trying to figure out why this beast was still in my camp.

            “I am tired of your petty talk,” I spat, “leave here now!” I jumped up ready to attack. What I saw then was a glint of something else. A tear? Before I could make sure, she fled. I saw a blur and she was gone. Sure that she wouldn’t come back I slept. I dreamt of her that night. I saw her beautiful young body, her taught breasts, her heart-shaped face covered with long dark hair, and those penetrating eyes. She haunted me in my dreams. Why did sin have to be so beautiful?

            The next morning I packed up and was now heading back to Madrian. The sun beat down hard on my back and the journey was long but yet the only thing I could think about was that woman. Why does she haunt me so? The sun started the settle and the moon awakened. I settled my belongings by a large pond. I stripped of my clothes and dipped into the cold, soothing water. I swam and cleared my mind of everything and the only thing I thought about was each penetrating stroke through the water. Right arm, left arm, breath. I stood up in the water and took in my surroundings. The moon shone in the reflection, the trees blew silently in the wind, and the crickets sang to each other. Then, near the trees, she stood there in between me and the forest. Quickly, I ran to my sword and swung it up in front of me.

            “So, you’re back? I should have known you would follow me here.” I bellowed.

            “Well, are you surprised, since I’m such a big, bad beast in your eyes?” I scowled. Was this vampire being sarcastic? Her eyes lowered and I suddenly blushed.

            “Oh, blushing are we?” She smiled and started walking towards me.

            “Do not mock me or will not be so fortunate this time.” She laughed and walked to the end of my blade. Suddenly, she frowned.

            “If you truly want to kill me, you will do it now.” I stared at her, shocked. I looked into her eyes, deep into that blue, crystal ocean. She could have bewitched me that, but she didn’t. What I saw then was pain and sorrow. I felt myself wanting to rid her of that pain so I dropped my blade. In that moment it seemed to be that she let go of a breath she had been holding.

            “Do it!” She screamed. I stared at her blankly, not knowing what to do.

            “I used to be just as beautiful as you, but now look at me! You see me as something you have to defend yourself against.” Tears streamed down her face like the long Nile River. This woman, beast, sees me as beautiful? Surely not, this must be one of her tricks. She hadn’t moved and she no longer acknowledged that I was there. That river on her face started to dry up for there were no more tears. Carefully, I wiped the remnants of her tears away. She gasped but I gave her no time to speak and covered her lips with mine. She pulled back and, shocked at what I had just done; I turned around tried to put my clothes back on. I was fiddling with my under garments when, in the matter of a couple seconds, she had me pinned to a tree kissing me, biting my lips.

            “I am Undine of Madrian,” she whispered in my ear, “and you are a beautiful young warrior.” I grinned, took her by the shirt, and slammed her up against the tree. I licked a trail up her neck and to her sweet lips. I pushed my naked body up against hers, grinding naked hip to covered hip. Suddenly, she stopped and pushed me off of her. She walked away slowly and turned around to show me her undone blouse and she slowly slipped it off. She continued stripping while she backed up towards the pond. She stood by the water completely naked; the water threw reflections off of her beautiful skin. All the thoughts of her being a beast vanished.

            “Come and catch me, if you can.” She slowly slipped into the water. I grinned, soon after her, I waked in too.  At about waist deep I lost sight of her. She’d vanished? I looked around baffled that I had lost her in the blink of an eye.

            “Can you not track me?” She asked from behind me. She slipped her hand around my stomach and playfully nipped at my neck earning a growl of content from me. I turned around and kissed her interlocking my tongue with hers. I slid my tongue across her fangs; bit her lips, playing with her, drawing her in, making her want more. She pulled me down to the shallow end and straddled me while I lay atop her. She moaned softly as I tucked a nipple between my teeth and suckled gently. I switched to her other nipple and licked and nipped at it. She arched her back, letting out a more guttural sound.

            “Akasha, please I can’t wait any longer.” I grinned and slowly kissed and nipped my way down her stomach. She spread her legs out for me and softly I bit her inner thigh. Her back arched again and the sweet smell of her nectar became more pungent as she got wet. I spread her lips and slowly dragged my tongue up towards her clit. I nipped at it and flicked it with my tongue. She bucked and squirmed as I teased her clit. Effortlessly, I slipped my fingers inside her tight, wet core. I pumped slowly at first and sped up as time went on. Quickly, she caught up with my rhythm and rode it out. She moaned things that would be and equivalent to my name but not so clear. I brought my mouth to her clit and suckled until I felt her shaking with the need to let out. I slid my fingers out and quickly replaced it with my tongue. Her sweetest nectar tasted better than the most royal food a king could give out. I rubbed her clit with my thumb and when she came it racked and shook her body with fierceness that I would never had expected. She moaned and screamed, the wolves seemed to howl to with her. When she finally stopped she pulled my face up to hers and kissed me passionately with ferocity that seemed like fire in my mouth.

            “Akasha, you are the first to make love to me in 50 years,” she whispered, “I am sorry but you have tired me. I am a lot older than I make out to be.” She smiled and slowly walked me to the camp. We lay under the covers and awaited the sun to arise. I covered her up so she would not burn and slept like I had never slept before. She haunted my dreams once again, but she didn’t really haunt she blessed me even in my sleep.

[End notes: It's short I know. I just wanted to get it out of my system. please review =D]

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