Story: Tales of Darkness - The Twilight Tales (chapter 6)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 6

Title: Twilight Tales - You get What you Wish For: Narrisha

[Author's notes: For a vampire, a night in a human city is usually to drink the blood of the living...
In Narrisha's case, it's a night for arcade games, drinks...and hot girls!]

A long yawn came out of Narrisha’s mouth as she kept pressing the bottoms on her control panel; she was playing an old Arcade Fighting Game, and had until now not lost a single time.

“Gods, the human world is ‘so’ boring; it’d be more fun watching Jiraz and Shica…” Narrisha thought for herself, which made her mind turn towards her two sexy friends, who’d almost certainly be playing with each back home in the imperial palace by now.

However, as she just won for about the 15th time, she decided to head up to the bar for a drink.

Thanks to her black and covering outfit, consisting of boots, pants, gloves, vest and hooded trench coat of coal-black leather, no-one in the arcade had seen her vampiric features.

“One coke, please” she said as the woman in the bar went out the door to the kitchen to get one; Narrisha, grateful that Shica had told her of the human world, handed 1200 Yen to the woman and took her coke back the machine she had been playing on.

However, a girl stood in front of the machine, looking through the high scores; she wore an outfit almost like Narrisha’s, but her attitude was rather obvious:

She had a small scar over her right eye, her blonde hair was long and spiky, and she wore what could be described as a biker chick outfit.

Narrisha stopped in her tracks as she got sight of her; the outfit looked exactly alike something Jiki had shown her from her and Kiro’s wardrobe, but this girl’s attitude made Narrisha smile; she was looking at her future victim.

“Yo, you Mrs. Goth over there!” the girl called in a rather demanding voice; Narrisha walked up besides her, trying her best not to smile.

“Ya, whadda ye want?” Narrisha mimicked the girl’s street slang, a thing she had been taught by Kiro.

“Are you that Narrisha chick with all ‘em high scores?” the girl asked.

“Yeah, it’s not so hard; I’m kinda nerdy” Narrisha blushed and rubbed her neck as in embarrassment.

“Yeah, and you know what, punk? You beat ‘my’ score!” the girl snarled angrily; “it took me all my savings ter beat that crappy game, and then you walk in here like some kinda computer freak and beat it in an hour!”

Narrisha giggled lightly; she loved the girl’s harsh attitude, and judging by the small looks she got under the girl’s jacket, she had rather busty breasts.

“Are ye listening, you little slut?!” the girl barked, making Narrisha giggle even more; provoked by her giggling, the girl launched a strike at Narrisha’s head.

“Ah, ah, ah! Naughty, naughty!” Narrisha teased as she grabbed the girl’s fist with her right hand, grabbing hold.

“What the hell?! Lemme go, you brat!” the girl barked as she began yelling loudly enough for people in the arcade to start whispering as to if she was right in her mind.

“I’ll let go on two conditions” Narrisha said, smiling at the girl’s furious face from under her hood.

“I’ll bloody hell make no deals with you, freak! I’ll…AUCH!” the girl started, but Narrisha tightened her grip.

“All right, all right! What’s your conditions?” the girl mumbled sourly.

“Your name, and a bet I wanna make!” Narrisha said.

“The name’s Raicha” Raicha said as she found the first term rather easy.

“Raicha; cute name” Narrisha smiled as she let go; however, Raicha had gotten a rather disturbed look on her face because of Narrisha’s calm and teasing attitude.

“What’s yours, then?” she asked Narrisha.

“Narrisha, Narrisha Nightwind” Narrisha said and nodded.

“So…..are you a lezzie?” the girl asked Narrisha, lowering her voice.

“Yep, I am” Narrisha smiled and nodded.

“Holy crap! That’s why you were so intimate!” Raicha exclaimed, although she began blushing.

“Are you, too?” Narrisha asked, although Raicha’s face had already given the answer.

“No! No way I’d be…!” Raicha began protesting, although she knew how little convincing she was.

“Raicha-chan, it’s not nice to lie” Narrisha said, glad that she knew Japanese.

“I’m not…!” Raicha were about to bark out again, but she soon surrendered, sighing.

“What was your other condition, then?” she asked hopelessly.

“I challenge you to battle! If you win, I’m all yours; if I win…” Narrisha smiled evilly at her last line; “…you’re mine!”

“Geez, are you just nerdy or what?” Raicha sighed, but smiled to herself; the Narrisha brat sounded OK, not like any of those perverts you would meet in the street.

“So what game are we playing?” she asked Narrisha.

“Well, how about Mortal Kombat?” Narrisha suggested.

“Fair enough; best out of three?” Raicha asked.

“Bring it on, Raicha!” Narrisha nodded, following Raicha to the Mortal Kombat section of the arcade.

“I warn you: I’m gonna kick your ass!” Raicha boasted as she dropped a few coins into the machine; Narrisha smiled and began selecting her character and then battle soon began.

After only three minutes, Narrisha was in the lead with two victories against Raicha’s only one; sweating in concentration, both girls used their best techniques and tricks to determine the winner.

“I WON!” Narrisha cheered as her character knocked Raicha’s out.

“CRAP! I HATE LOSING!” Raicha roared furiously, but she soon calmed down, turning her head to Narrisha.

“You’ve won, so now I’m yours…” she sighed; “…what do you want with me?”
“Come to my house and play some more! I have some cool games!” Narrisha winked.

“Huh? Why, sure!” Raicha said, sighing silently in relief; she had had quite some ideas as for what Narrisha would have demanded.

“I live just a few streets away; it’s not too far” Narrisha gestured with a thumb over her back, Raicha following her out of the arcade.

“So now that we’re introduced, you got any interests?” Narrisha asked as she walked down the street, Raicha besides her.

“Well, I like games, heavy metal and rock, and I’m kinda a manga and anime fan” Raicha smiled weakly, beginning to like Narrisha.

“Wow! That sounds awesome! What kinda animes do you watch?” Narrisha asked innocently, but smiling evilly under her hood.

“Well, I kinda like girl/girl Hentai, but…” Raicha began, but suddenly realizing what she was saying, she clapped her hands over her mouth.

“Hih Hih Hih! I like that, too” Narrisha teased as she gave Raicha a small pat on her shoulder; “it’s just too bad that you can’t seem to find any girl/girl anymore…”

“You’re freaking me out now, you brat!” Raicha tried her usual bad-ass attitude, but she found out it was no use against Narrisha.

“By the way, Raicha, you didn’t answer me back there” Narrisha asked sneakily; “are you into girls, too?”

“I…I’m…” Raicha tried and speak, but she was worried how Narrisha would react.

“Raicha, you can trust me; if you don’t feel like telling, you don’t have to” Narrisha assured her.

“No, I’m…OK! I’m into girls! So what?!” Raicha finally gave in, looking aggressively at Narrisha.

“Oh-h-h-h, I’m so glad to hear that!” Narrisha cheered, placing her hand on Raicha’s shoulder.

“N-not so intimate, damn it! We’re still in public!” Raicha hissed.

“Oh? So you’re looking forward to when we get inside?” Narrisha teasingly suggested as she threw her coat aside and pulled out a key, opening her door.

“Well…” Raicha said uncertainly; “it’s just I’m still…”

“You’re still young and virtuous; yeah, my two best friends were that, too, but after one night with each other…” Narrisha winked suggestively at Raicha, who blushed.

“Should we begin gaming?” Raicha asked to change the subject.

“OK! I have a really good one we should try” Narrisha smiled as she hung her coat in the small entrance hall; however, now examining closely, Raicha noticed a rather disturbing thing:

“You…you’re a vampire!” she yelled in terror, and tried to back into the wall as if she thought she could slip through it.

“My, aren’t you a bright one…?” Narrisha teased sarcastically as she let her blue hair fly through the air; her blood-red eyes lay on Raicha, and she stepped closer.

“Hold it! I’m calling the cops!” Raicha warned, but Narrisha kept on walking towards her.

“So…” Narrisha said, surprising Raicha by sounding angry; “are you one of those people who believe in Dracula and has a prejudice against everything unknown? Because I sure as hell wasn’t scared of you, despite that punk attitude!”

“I…but you’ll drink my blood! I’ll end as undead!” Raicha tried and defend herself.

“Wait here!” Narrisha frowned, walking up the stairway towards the first floor and the house itself.
Raicha of course tried and force the door open, but some kind of blue energy field kept it shut, and sent her back, feeling as if she had been electrified.

“Here!” Narrisha returned with a sour look on her face; she handed Raicha a small plastic bag, consisting of water.

“Is that the blood you were thinking of? I’m not a real vampire! I’ve got their powers and looks, but I’m not dead yet!” Narrisha said, laughing at the last line.

“So you drink water? Well, I want a proof!” Raicha tried and demand.

“Surely! As thanks for your prejudice…” Narrisha smiled as she snatched the bag from Raicha, making a little hole in it with her claw.

“Here’s your proof!” she laughed as she pulled Raicha’s jacket down a bit, spilling the water on Raicha’s head and into her rather visible bra.

“E-e-e-e-ek! What the hell, you sneaky slut!” Raicha whined, but surprisingly, she found herself to be giggling a little.

“Umm, delicious…” Narrisha smiled kinkily as she leaned her head to Raicha’s neck, licking the water off her.

“What the…!” Raicha said in a shocked voice, but Narrisha merely laughed, and let her hot tongue to Raicha’s bra.

“Savor it; it may be a rather nice experience later on…” Narrisha teasingly licked between Raicha’s wet breasts.
Narrisha pulled back, and giggled at Raicha’s surprised face.

“You’re just about the weirdest vampire I’ve met!” Raicha barked in an attempt to play tough, but somehow she yearned for more of Narrisha’s touches.

“Oh, I’ve got you excited, haven’t I? Oh, naughty me…” Narrisha laughed lightly as she slowly took off Raicha’s jacket.

“I’ll hang it to dry up; there’s a bathroom upstairs you can use” Narrisha told Raicha; “I’ll be waiting in my room.”

“Thanks” Raicha nodded as she walked up the stairway, heading for the bathroom; it was nicely decorated with white ceramic, and small twirling symbols on each third brick.

However, as Raicha began looking for a towel, she found one behind the curtain to the shower; behind the towel, however, she got quite a shock:

A picture named ‘The time we went Down and Hot’ decorated about eight bricks, showing a girl with dark skin and white hair, a demon-like red-skinned girl with dark-red hair, and finally Narrisha laying on the floor, having sex.

“Oh my god…” Raicha gasped as she saw the looks on the girls’ faces; they were laughing and smiling, and the dark girl below looked pleasantly surprised as the red-skinned girl was bending down on her.

“You coming?” Narrisha’s voice was heard a little away.

“S-sure…” Raicha babbled, not knowing if Narrisha could hear her; the strange thing about the picture were, that despite the red girl’s demonic looks, she looked extremely hot…

As she entered Narrisha’s room, she found her sitting on her bed, tons of magazines named ‘Yuri HiME’ laying on the floor; her lockers were filled with stickers of either sexy or sex-having girls, but not a single one with a guy.

“Wow, you really ‘are’ a lesbian…” Raicha commented in somewhat near awe; Narrisha looked up from what Raicha could determine was an Xbox 360.

“Yeah, surprised, huh?” Narrisha commented kinkily.

“I…I saw your picture out on the bathroom…and…” Raicha battled to yell ‘slut!’ at Narrisha, but she did not feel like that the vampire deserved it.

“Oh, yes; that” Narrisha now laughed; “oh, that was one hell of a night! I got gangbanged by Shica, Jiraz and some other girlies!” she sighed pleasantly.
Raicha looked like a giant exclamation mark, but she controlled herself.

“So you’re not at the ‘you’re-a-freak-I’m-going-home’ phase, yet?” Narrisha asked, connecting a secondary controller to the Xbox and patting the bed to make Raicha sit down.

“No! I mean, it’s normal for…” Raicha began to babble, but Narrisha simply giggled.

“Come over here and try this game; remember you promised!” she said with a fake sense of strictness in her voice.

“OK…” Raicha said as she slowly sat down besides Narrisha; as she saw the title of the game, she made a cheerful whistle.

“Wow! Is that Rumble Roses XX?!” she asked Narrisha eagerly; “it should’ve gotten a lot of naughty reviews!”

“Yes, this is it! Rumble Roses XX! My pride and joy!” Narrisha smiled proudly as she handed Raicha the secondary controller.

“It sounds like you know this game; do you?” Narrisha asked suggestively.

“Are you nuts?! This game’s ‘so’ hot! I mean, look at those bikini-babes; they’re…!” Raicha began, suddenly blushing heavily.

“Oh no; the careful and shy virgin is back” Narrisha made a fake, dramatic voice.

“Why you…!” Raicha caught herself giggling as she felt the temptation to throw Narrisha unto the bed and tickle her.

“Went off your frustration in there, not on me” Narrisha winked; on the screen, she had selected Evil Rose.

“That bondage-babe?” Raicha asked.

“Yep, the only one” Narrisha commented as she saw Evil Rose making some rather dangerous, yet suggestive attack moves as warm-up.

“I’ll take this one, then!” Raicha said triumphantly as she selected Rowdy Reiko.

“Cool, the biker-babe with attitude; fits you” Narrisha teased; Raicha merely stuck her tongue out in tease.

“OK, what stage?” Narrisha asked.

“Hmm, let’s try the medieval one” Raicha said, only concentrating on Rowdy Reiko’s bouncing breasts.
“She turns you on?” Narrisha asked.

“Yeah; she’s looking hot in leather; it’s actually my fetish” Raicha babbled, completely lost in the game…and three hotties just around her; one real, sexy vampire, and two hot digital chicks.

As the game went on, Raicha surely realized that Narrisha was a rather skilled player.

“Take this!” Narrisha commented evilly as Evil Rose now grabbed hold of Reiko, turning her upside down and baring her white panties to the crowd.

“Hey! That’s mean!” Raicha barked, but could not help but to smile; somehow, however, she got rather turned on by this violent, female wrestling game.

“Take it easy; we gotta finish first” Narrisha gave a kinky joke as she got a notice of Raicha’s underwear as she leaned a little back.

“How could you…?” Raicha blushed heavily.

“Ah, ah, ah-h-h; watch the screen” Narrisha teased; as Reiko stood as dazed, Evil Rose charged her and made another suggestive move, causing even more points for Raicha’s Humiliation Meter.

“Dammit! I’ll get you, you meanie!” Raicha snarled as she with a triumphant look got back to the fight.

“Wow! Getting kinky now?” Narrisha joked as Reiko ran off the ring, finding a crop to use as weapon.
“Come here, you little…!” Raicha now smiled at Narrisha as she began chasing Evil Rose with the crop.

“Try and catch me!” Narrisha sang teasingly, Evil Rose crawling back into the ring.
“Go on, knock me down” she encouraged Raicha.

“What? No resistance?” Raicha asked somewhat confused.

“I just wanna see it” Narrisha said, a lustful look in her eyes.
As Raicha obeyed, Reiko put down the crop and slammed Evil Rose on the floor of the ring.

“Let’s get to it!” Raicha chuckled evilly as she made Reiko spank Evil Rose’s butt repeatedly under painful uttering of ‘ouch!’

“Oh, it’s…oh, so good…!” Narrisha mumbled; looking at her, Raicha got a smaller shock as she saw Narrisha unbutton her skirt and move her gloved hand into her panties.

“What the heck?!” Raicha asked, but her voice did not sound shocked.

“St-stop the game; I need…oh-h-h-h…!” Narrisha moaned as she now lay down on the bed, looking lustfully at Raicha.
As she stopped the game, Raicha looked worriedly at Narrisha.

“Raicha, I…I beg you; please end it! I can’t…I can’t…!” Narrisha hissed in desire as she now tore off her shirt in a single movement, verbing her breasts.

“Narrisha, I…I cannot…but I…I…” Raicha looked dead confused at the on-turned and horny vampire; a more lustful side of Raicha awoke, making her realize how cute Narrisha looked wit that passionate look on her face.

“You’re…you said you weren’t all straight, right?” Narrisha managed to giggle at Raicha before her desire for the girl consumed her again.

“So you want me to make love to you?” Raicha asked in surprise.

“Raicha, please; I love cute girls, and…and I need them! I can’t live without it! Please me! Hurry up and please me!” Narrisha now shrieked and begged.

“Oh, damn it! I feel like kicking a puppy just by looking at you…” Raicha sniffed a little sadly, furious at herself for not daring to treat Narrisha as she was begging her for.

“RIACHA-A-A-A!!!” Narrisha now screamed out loud, rolling around on the bed is desperation, her long, blue hair waving around in the air, and her blood-red eyes on fire from a primal desire.

“Narrisha, I…Narrisha! NARRISHA-A-A-A!!!” Raicha now yelled, surrendering all care for her own wishes; as the vampire girl also turned her on, her culminating feelings of lust and pity collided, making her throw off her jacket and jump atop Narrisha.

“My God, you’re wet” Raicha managed a joke at the surprised Narrisha before thrusting her leather glove in between Narrisha’s soaking nether lips.

“YE-E-ES! Oh, do me more! Use your whole fist!” Narrisha encouraged, smiling broadly as she pulled Raicha into a longing hug, and grabbing hold of her hand and gestured it further down into herself.

“Oh! Narrisha, you’re outta your mind!” Raicha actually laughed at the vampire, seeing how silly a look she got on her face when she was so deep in lust.

Raicha passionately kissed Narrisha, letting their tongues duel for control, while she formed her hand into a fist, striking deep inside Narrisha’s womanhood.

“Oh! OH, GODS! MORE, MORE! AR-R-R-RGH!!! GIMME MORE!” Narrisha now squealed as Raicha could not help but feel herself getting turned on by Narrisha’s horny cries.

“Oh, for the love of…! Gimme some, too!” Raicha caught herself enjoying looking as Narrisha’s sweaty body fell to the bed; her feet were shaking wildly, and Raicha even began fingering herself.

“Raicha-chan, I love this! Don’t stop! Just don’t ever sto-o-op!” Narrisha shrieked in joy, holding her cum-covered gloves under her own legs, letting Raicha have her way with her now dripping wet clit.

“Oh, the temptation…!” Raicha now teased Narrisha; however, her face suddenly got quite lustful as she got turned on again.

“Oh, for God’s sake! I’ll finish you off good, you horny vampire!” she exclaimed wildly, borrowing her tongue, nose and half face in Narrisha’s clit, fingering her with her hands all around.

“AR-R-R-RAGH! YES! YES! YES! YE-E-E-ES!!!” Narrisha yelled to her lungs’ limit as a smaller flood of cum covered Raicha’s face as Narrisha climaxed.

Raicha, still horny by looking at the vampire, kept up drinking her cum as she fingered herself and slurped on her cum-soaked glove, while Narrisha were panting on the bed.

“Na-Narrisha…please…!” Raicha now begged her; above her, Narrisha smiled in amusement at the girl’s horny face.

“You deserve this, sweetie…” Narrisha smiled lovingly at her; she got up from her bed, walked over to nearby drawer, looking through it.

“Ah, here it is!” Narrisha smiled to herself, standing behind the drawer to block herself from the still moaning Raicha’s sight.

“Narrisha, hurry! I can’t…it’s so hot; I need you…!” Raicha still whimpered in desire.
“Just a second, sweetie” Narrisha smiled from behind the drawer.

“Ar-r-ragh! Narrisha! Hurry! My pussy needs you! Oh, fuck! I’m getting so hot! I can’t, I can’t…!” Raicha now nearly screamed in desire.

“TAD-A-A-AH!” Narrisha cheeringly jumped up from the drawers, now sitting over Raicha; as she looked down, she saw an oblong object strapped between Narrisha’s legs.

“WA-A-A-AH!” Raicha yelled as Narrisha, thanks to her superior strength, simply lifted Raicha by her boots, and lay down on the bed, placing Raicha above her and sticking her clit into the strap-on.

“Cum for me, then! You want me so much, right? Then give it to me!” Narrisha teased Raicha as she gently grabbed Raicha’s hair, and then moved down to her throat, bending her head behind as she began to kiss her wildly.

“OH! OH, GOD! IT’S…SO…GOOD! GIMME MORE! FUCK ME, NARRISHA!” Raicha screamed overjoyed as she felt the strap-on surely but certainly was shoved up her pussy.

“You’re soaking wet! Naughty girl!” Narrisha teased her as she moved her fingers between Raicha’s legs.

“Wow! It feels so moist and creamy! Wanna give me a taste after this?” Narrisha giggled at Raicha as she let her tongue loose all over the blonde’s body.

“YES! YESYESYES! JUST GIVE IT TO ME! OH, I CAN’T TAKE IT! FU-U-U-U-UCK!!!” Raicha now yelled as she came, her cum dripping from the strap-on.

“'Gotta act fast, now'” Narrisha noticed herself, letting go of Raicha and quickly finding her way between her legs, licking, slurping and feasting on her pussy.

“Uhmm, so good! I can’t stop cumming! Raicha shrieked.

“It’s because you like it, silly” Narrisha laughed from between Raicha’s legs.

“Wow! I’d never thought I would get laid by a vampire” Raicha smiled at Narrisha as she swiped her face free of a lock of blonde hair with a free hand.

“Just proves one thing, cutie” Narrisha joked between her legs.

“What’s that?” Raicha asked and shoke her head to let her hair turn Narrisha on, which it did as the vampire went down again with a laugh:

“’Blondes have the most fun’!”

[End notes: The rest is yours to imagaine...if you can find any un-tried fetish so far...

(NOTE: I own neither RUMBLE ROSES XX, or YURI HIME).]

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