Story: Tales of Darkness - The Twilight Tales (chapter 5)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 5

Title: Twilight Tales - You get What you Wish For: Jiraz and Shica

[Author's notes:

As Shica and Vinya enjoy playing around, they are joined by the vampiress, Narrisha Nightwind, who is looking for a little fun, and as for Shica and Vinya's case, it is an oppertunity she would not miss for a lifetime.

Meanwhile, Jiraz, Ukuni, Aisha and Kasumi plan on returning to Varran for Jiraz to show them what true magic really is...but there is a certain bill to pay...


Meanwhile, in the world behind the Mystic Portal, Jiraz lay exhausted besides the girls, all of them seeming rather satisfied.

“I swear to God that it’s the last I’ll be submissive to you, Jiraz!” Ukuni joked at Jiraz; “I didn’t knew your tail could…”

“Thanks, sweetie, let’s leave it at that” Jiraz giggled; “well, at least now you know what I’m saying next time I ask you to bend over.”

Ukuni blushed, making the other three smile at her.“Now, as I promise to tell you all about magic and all that, shouldn’t we go to my world? The Imperial Palace has a library at the size of a park!”

“You’re from an imperial bloodline?” Kasumi asked curiously.

“No, no, silly, my girlfriend is; she’s the Crown Princess of Shacar-Jarcu” Jiraz smiled happily at the thought of Shica.

“So you’re her Knight on a White Horse?” Aisha teased; the girls laughed as Jiraz kinkily verbed Aisha’s left breast with her free hand.

“Yeah, you could say that, but just you know it, I’ve also claimed her virtue” Jiraz smiled seductively.

“Oh my God! How?” Ukuni asked in awe.

“Well, I’m a shapeshifter; you see those wings of mine?” Jiraz asked.

“How could we miss them?” Kasumi nodded.

“Right: Those claws on them, the wing-claws; I turned them oblong and nonlethal; then…well…she sorta screamed but I found out it was in joy…”Jiraz smiled embarrassed at the girls.

“So you screwed your girlfriend just with your wings?” Ukuni asked, sounding rather excited.

“Yeah, but Goddess, I got one Hell of a payback! She borrowed a strap-on from her mom, and then she just went loose! I know she’s small, but she’s damn me good at pleasing me!” Jiraz laughed.

“Wait a second; is her mom, umm, the empress, is she also a lesbian?” Aisha asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, and she’s got her own, freakkin’ harem of Dark Elf ladies from the Scarlet Sisterhood! They’re her elite soldiers, but it isn’t just their swords they swing pretty well!” Jiraz smiled as the thought of Shica in an opened Scarlet Sisterhood uniform seemed to turn her extremely on.

“So her elites are also her pleasers and seductresses?” Kasumi asked.

“Yeah, it’s nice to know that they’re like my sweetie; they can kick ass and look good at it!” Jiraz giggled.

“Well, I, for one, wanna go see that little girlfriend of yours; she sounds like a nice gal” Ukuni said.“You’re not gonna keep me away, either, although I’m a bit nervous with all that ‘travelling-to-other-worlds’-thing” Aisha joined in.

“I’d love to, but how are we to get there?” Kasumi asked.“Well, I’ll need to look through your books and find a usable spell” Jiraz said as she sat up; “you girls coming?”

“Sure thing!” they all said at the same time, causing giggles in between them.

As Jiraz went into the living room with the large pentagram, she settled down with Kasumi’s books; she flipped through a few pages as she read, but soon let out a sigh and closed the first book, picking up the next.

“It’s like looking in an old phone book where all the addresses are misspelled…” she mumbled, but eventually she found something usable.

“You humans’ Latin is kinda strange, but I’ll try” she nodded as she stood up:

“Aras I’da sunnar! Idin shaddar! Sai Pratura Ini! I’decono! Ukunra I’sta! DEMO UN GORONOG!”

As she uttered the last words, a small, transparent and round object of pure, blue light emerged from out of nowhere without a sound.

“Wow! What’s that?!” Ukuni asked in awe.

“It’s a Mystic Portal; it can get us to Varran, my home world; umm, well, I’m technically from Hell, but I hated that place” Jiraz smiled as she corrected herself.

“Umm, not to sound dumb, but why?” Aisha asked.

Jiraz went silent for a moment, and she slowly responded in a sad voice; “because I had a soul, the others down there tried to rape and kill me; Shica saved me by accidently opening a portal like this, and I was taken to Varran.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that…” Aisha apologized.

“It’s OK, cutie, you didn’t know” Jiraz gave her a smile as she climbed through the Mystic Portal, soon followed by Ukuni, then Kasumi, and finally Aisha.


Back on Varran in Shica’s quarters, her and Vinya sat and had a talk with Narrisha the vampire; most unusually for her, she was wearing a half-plate of spiked adamantine armor with imitations of skulls and bones added to it.

“So you’re not scared of me, Vinya? You don’t think I’ll go spanking you or eat you up raw?” Narrisha teased; Vinya seemed a little taken aback by her red eyes, but else seemed to find the vampire harmless.

“If she was she’d properly be running all over the walls, praying Tanrisa to save her from you” Shica laughed at Narrisha; she giggled and let out a playful snarl before she pinned Shica down on the bed.

“When Jiraz and her new friends come back…” she smiled kinkily at Shica and Vinya, who stood beside them with an uncertain smile; “…I’d suggest we’ll have a little…’intimate welcoming’.”

Shica winked at Narrisha and pulled the vampire into a short kiss; she let her tongue feel Narrisha’s fangs, but as always, the vampire was not interested in blood; her addiction was simple water.

Behind the girls, a blue portal of Mystic appeared in the room, and Jiraz firstly came out of it; following her were three human girls, who all seemed rather curious about this new place.

Unbeknownst to them, though, Narrisha had sneaked up behind the portal; as Jiraz caught sight of her, Narrisha winked and gave a gleeful smile; Jiraz got her message; Narrisha wanted to give to girls a small scare.

As Ukuni, Aisha and Kasumi admired the room around them, they did not make it to catch sight on Shica or Vinya before they heard a heavy clinking behind them; as Ukuni nervously turned around, she saw a terrifying sight:

Standing at their height, a grey-skinned and red-eyed creature looked at them hungrily; she wore a large half-plate of something that looked like black steel with spikes and skulls, and the long, black cloak on her formed was forming into bat-like wings.

“BO-O-OH!” the creature simply said, causing the girls to run headlong across the room, yelling in panic.

“ARGH! A VAMPIRE! OH MY FREAKKING GOD! VAMPIRE! VAMPIRE!” Ukuni began to yell in fear.

Not an eye was dry from Vinya, Narrisha, Shica and Jiraz; all but Narrisha was rolling on the floor in laughing, while Narrisha simply bend down on her knees as she eventually could not help but to surrender to her laughing.

Realizing they were not in danger of becoming mindless undead, Ukuni, Aisha and Kasumi stopped running about, carefully approaching Narrisha as she slowly got up.

“By Illirian, that was fun! Hah! Hah! Hah! You were running headlong like chicks all across the room!” Narrisha laughed as she got to her feet; she eventually calmed down from her laughing, and began taking off her armor.

“Someone wanna help me with the cloak? I can’t reach” she asked the girls; very hesitantly, Kasumi approached from behind, helping Narrisha remove the cloak.

“Thanks; I don’t mind your leg, either” Narrisha flirted as Kasumi had accidently placed her one leg between Narrisha’s legs; she quickly pulled back, but Narrisha got hold of her hand.

“Ah, ah, ah, no can do; if you wanna give me a ride, ask Shica for the straps” Narrisha smiled lustfully at Kasumi; she sent Narrisha a confused look, but she merely smiled.

“Alright, let me visualize it for you” she said as she slipped off the remaining parts of her armor; she walked over to Shica and whispered something in her ear; she gave Narrisha a broad smile and turned to Jiraz; as they went for the cupboard, the other girls sat down on the bed and began chatting.

Ukuni, Aisha and Kasumi even found Vinya and Shica to be rather cute, and they even began to like Narrisha despite her being a vampire.

“I’m sure glad you’re not racists; quiet some humans are, but while they’ve got brawn, you must have the beauty” Narrisha flirted with the girls; they could not help but smile.

Meanwhile, Jiraz and Shica had found what they were looking for in the cupboard; they went to the bed and dropped several strap-ons on it.

“Anyone wanna try one of these?” Jiraz asked; Shica and Ukuni’s hands were the first to be raised, and Narrisha let out a happy purring.

“Well, my fetish is leather, latex, and…oh, well…” Narrisha admitted as she sent Kasumi a smile; “I love being gangbanged by girls.”

Kasumi’s eyebrows ascended to her hair, but she nevertheless took Narrisha’s word for it; mentally, however, she was ready to give Narrisha her fetish.

“Miss Narrisha, could I join that?” Vinya surprisingly asked; Narrisha nodded eagerly; as the giggles spread, Shica eventually asked if they all could try and play with Narrisha first.

“Six against one? Sounds awesome!” Narrisha approved as she lay down on the bed; not able to control herself anymore, Jiraz went over to her and used her shapeshifting abilities to turn her wings into tentacles, in which she held Narrisha up in arms and legs.

“Can I go ahead?” Jiraz asked.

“Nah, let’s just get her good!” Shica smiled evilly at Narrisha; as all the girls now approached her, Narrisha smiled as they leaned down on her…


After hours of intense moans and lovemaking, the girls lay panting in the Shica’s room.“Wow, there’s a reason you guys are called supernatural, I’d say” Ukuni joked; Vinya, who lay upon her, gave her a soft kiss.

“I was just happy to make you happy” she cooed; Ukuni kissed back, but it was passionate enough to mark her point.

“Oh…you humans really have constitution” Vinya giggled as she lay down and let Ukuni do away with her.

Soon the lovemaking started over again; Jiraz and Shica caught everyone’s attention, though, as Shica ended up screwing Jiraz so hard from behind the Jiraz let out a cry of such pleasure that it could be heard across the entire room.

“I told you…” Jiraz smiled at the girls on the floor; “Shica’s damn good at screwing me!”

“No kidding!” Shica giggled from behind her; she lay down on her bed and let Jiraz have her turn; Jiraz snuck under Shica and began verbing her breasts with one hand, and using the other to finger her clit.

“Uhmm! Oh, goddess! Ye-e-es-s-s-s-s-s….!” Shica hissed as the pleasure and desire boiled in her; down on the floor, Vinya had fun with Aisha and Narrisha, while Ukuni was fingering herself as she watched the scene; she knew that she, Kasumi and Aisha had to go home eventually, but right now she just wanted to watch the incredible sight before her…

[End notes:

And this concludes the end of the Tales of Darkness: Twilight Tales story; as for your questions, feel free to ask, but I will answer a few here down below:

Why are Jiki and Kiro so playful while having sex?

Well, due to their playful nature and the fact that they love each other so much, that normally ought to explain that; however, they claim that it makes a good mood, and they dislike having sex under pressure or stress.

Why did Jiraz begin mastrubating at the thought of Shica?

Well, she is a demon in love, and they are not exactly expressing themselves like other immortal races, like dark elves; Jiraz's wild sex rush was her way of telling Shica that she loved her, and it was not like Shica complained.

Who are this 'Goddess' they are all yelling about?

She is Shinris, the Goddess of Nature and Love; in their wild desire, the girls tend to yell out her name as if to bless their lovemaking.

Who are Illirian and Tanrisa?

Illirian is the Goddess of the Dead and Undeath; despite being seen by some as a murderous monster, she is truly very just to the souls of the fallen in her halls.

Tanrisa is the God of Heaven and the God of Righteous War; he is the most understanding of the Varranian Gods, only seconded by Shinris with her rather 'Peace-and-Free-Love'-attitude.

Why did Narrisha scare the girls?

She is a vampire, of course; a lustful and skirtchasing vampire, but a vampire nontheless; she thinks it to be funny to see her 'victims' run themselves silly before she apoligises and (most likely) take them to her bed.

What are the girls' fetishes?

Whilst Ukuni, Aisha and Kasumi's fetishes are unknown (they were simply made for this single story) none of theirs are known.

As noticed, Narrisha's fetish is simply to be raped good by all possible girls; she loves outright orgies, and sees it as her goal to satisfy as many as possible.

(Her prefered outfit is stockings and all kinds of leather gloves, heels or boots; she seems to find it 'wild and animalistic').

As for Jiraz, she enjoys the simple still of sex; hot, passionate and intimate, although she also loves wild sex, where even hair-pulling can be used.

(Jiraz's favored fetish gear and oputfits are latex boots and gloves, mostly black).

Shica prefers the same kind of sex as Jiraz, although she prefers hot situations and encouragement.

(her favored fetish wear is white or silvery leather or latex, and she prefers gloves, boots or half-suits).

Jiki and Kiro shares the same interest in sex: Lovely, easy and calm, or outright passionate, desirable and downright lustful; another fetish of theirs is Neko (cat-girls, something Jiki can use her later discovered Mystic Magic to turn them into).

(Their best fetihes are latex catsuits, Biker/Dominatrix girl-style, or just to striptease for each other).


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