Story: Tales of Darkness - The Twilight Tales (chapter 4)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 4

Title: Twilight Tales - You get What you Wish For: Shica

[Author's notes: Whilst waiting for Jiraz to return from her visit to the unknown world, Shic finds herself in need to let off a bit of her desire; and since the Imperial Palace is bound to be filled with trusty maids, then why not play a little fetish, and maybe even gain a new friend in the process?]

With Jiraz gone to another world, as she saw by the large, glowing Mystic Portal on the floor, Shica sighed and sat down on her bed; she had brought some fetish outfits she wanted to try on Jiraz, but now it seemed that she had to wait a long time…

“Ohhhh, I want some fun now!” she mumbled; the thought of Jiraz alone made her desire grow, so she got to her feet and headed for the door; as she went outside for the bathroom, she caught sight of a girl of about her own age, dressed in simple maid uniform.

“Why, hallo there” Shica smiled at her, mentally chuckling at the thought of the plans she had for the girl.

“Your Highness” the girl curtsied as she stepped over to Shica, standing respectfully in front of her; a small purplish-blue lock running down her waist-long pink hair marked her clearly as a servant at the palace.

“Say, girl, do you have any friends or partners or the like…?” Shica asked directly.

“Well, I do have some friends, but not too wealthy, my lady” the girl nervously responded.
“Ah, I see, and how about mates?” Shica asked again.

“No-one!” the girl said a bit forcefully, causing her to tremble at the thought of what Shica could do to her.

“It’s OK, it’s OK” Shica stretched out a hand; not managing to duck, the girl received a patting on her shoulders.“You don’t like guys, either?” Shica asked.

“No, not as love interest, my lady” the girl responded, embarrassed to speak of such private things.

“Hih Hih Hih! You look so cute when you blush like that!” Shica giggled, stroking the girl’s cheek; as she leaned closer, the girl’s eyes went open in surprise.

“My girlfriend is out on a trip, so I have a small task for you” Shica said softly, making sure not to look too seductively at the girl.

“W-what will You have me do, Your Highness?” the girl asked as Shica let go.
“Well, my girlfriend and I are having a little game, in which I am in the lead, and I’d like to keep ahead” Shica explained; “come to my quarters and I will tell you more.”

The girl silently followed, curious as to what Her Ladyship would have to tell her.

“Now, as we are comfortable and all safe…” Shica gestured the girl to sit on her bed while she locked the door; “…I will give you my request.

”Shica walked over to the bedside opposite the girl and stepped out of most of her clothes, excluding her white boots, which she swung over the bedside as she laid down.

“La-lady Shica, why are you…?” the girl asked confused, but something in her told her to remain calm.

“Let me state the obvious, silly” Shica smiled at the girl as she turned her head; “I want you to make love to me.”

“What?! But I’ll…I’ll be executed! The empress will be furious…!” the girl panicked as her arms waved up and down; being reminded of when Jiraz did so as well, Shica began to laugh and fall down from the bed as she kept laughing.

“My…my mom won’t do such a thing, you silly girl! My girlfriend’s a demonic succubus! We’ve already made love to each other, and now we’re trying to see who can seduce most girls!” Shica explained as she crawled back up.

“So…so that is the game you spoke if; you…you want me to make love to you…?!” the girl asked in a mix of fear and excitement.

“BOH!” Shica teasingly imitated a ghost, scaring the girl enough to make her lean to the bedside.

“Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah! Oh, Gods you’re funny, you little cutie!” Shica laughed as she moved in on the girl; “come here!”

By those words, she grabbed hold of the girl from behind, kissing her cheek.

“Miss Shica! I can’t do this! I’ve never mated with anyone before!” the girl panicked again, but she made not attempts to flee.

“Don’t tell me you hate it; I’m not buying that” Shica teased as she let go; the girl slowly held her glove to the spot where Shica had kissed her.

“Trust me, silly; I’m not going to tell my mom, and I’m not gonna hurt you, myself” Shica assured the girl as she leaned back on the bed.

As the maid slowly removed her hand, she sent Shica a look of confusion, but also somewhat lust.

“You…you really want me to do away with you, Your Highness?” she asked carefully.

“Of course; why do you think I stripped of my clothes? It’s not like I do that in public!” Shica smiled, and to her mild surprise, the girl giggled.

“And please, call me Shica; you’re a bright gal, so let’s drop the formalities” Shica winked at her.

“Yes mi-…I mean Shica” the girl corrected herself.

“Oh, umm, I’m sorry I didn’t ask before, but what’s your name?” Shica asked.

“My name is Vinya, daughter of the Red Sister Dai’na” Vinya replied; surprised, she saw that Shica giggled.

“What is it?” Vinya asked confused.“You know that your mother Dai’na is a lieutenant of the Scarlet Sisterhood, right?” Shica asked.

“Yes, I really admire her; she’s so strong…” Vinya smiled at the thought.

“Well, I have something I think I should tell you, Vinya, if you can bear to hear it” Shica said with a faked seriousness in her voice.

“What? Did something happen to her?” Vinya asked nervously.

“No, not really, but you see, there was a small battle some time ago, and your mom got a little injury; just a misguided arrow” Shica added as Vin’ya looked very afraid.

“Well, my mom and the Sisterhood, and me, are the only ones to know this, but my mom got some of the Sisterhood’s priestesses to heal her, and then…”

“Then what? Tell me, please!” Vinya looked pleadingly at Shica.

“Well, I first need to know; how did your mom react when she got home?” Shica asked.

“She was really happy, and, well, she seemed to be in a good mood” Vinya said happily; “but what could have made her so happy when she was injured?”

Vin’ya looked surprisingly at Shica as she began to chuckle.“I’ll tell you what happened; I think my mom did away with yours; the Scarlet Sisterhood is also my mom’s harem, but just you know it, she treats them equally.”

“What? My mom’s a soldier and a…a wench?!” Vinya looked in terror at Shica.

“No, no, no, you silly girl; as I said my mom respects all her Red Sisters; if they don’t want to she’ll leave them be; she’s not like a male who can’t think of nothing but mating…” Shica growled at the last line.

“So…so she was willing to…to be made love to by the empress?” Vinya asked in awe.

“Yep, so for short; our moms have screwed each other!” Shica chuckled as she sat besides Vinya, who seemed to be glad that her mother had not been forced to something she did not want to.

“So…you don’t think our mothers will complain…?” Vinya carefully asked.“Nope, and neither will Jiraz; I think she’ll be getting what’s coming to her!” Shica winked.

“Very well, then” Vinya said as she silently sat up; she began removing her clothes, and ended up standing near naked in front of Shica.

“My body for the empire and its heir…” she gave a small smile; as she began to undress completely, Shica arranged it neatly in a pile besides her own.

“Before we get started, I have to get something” she said as she went over to a small cupboard; Vinya sat down, not able to stop herself from thinking of how it would feel like.

Due to the darkness of the room, which were only dimly lit by a few mystic crystals, Vinya could barely see despite her elven eyes; she heard Shica’s steps as she came back, and were somewhat shocked to see the crown princess now:

While she always had seen the princess in her formal robes and dress, Shica was now glad in a corset, boots and gloves of shining black material; in her hand, she seemed to have a secondary suit.

“Would you wear this, please?” she requested of Vinya; curious, she agreed at took the suit; it felt comfortable yet warm, and fit perfectly with her size.“What is this, Shica?” she asked.

“It’s latex; when me and Jiraz are making out, we always wears that…” Shica leaned teasingly close to Vinya’s ear; “…it turns us on!”

As she uttered the words, she slipped under Vinya and grabbed hold of her breasts, which could easily be felt through the latex corset.

“E-e-e-ek!” Vinya let out a wail, but she soon found the tickling feeling in her breasts to be comfortable.

“See? I’m not gonna hurt you; I’m just going to teach you how me and Jiraz does it!” Shica teased.

“Shi-Shica, I can feel your fingers…” Vin’ya panted as a sudden heat began to swarm through her body.

“Oh, you’re already turned on? Naughty girl!” Shica giggled as her left hand began to slide down Vinya’s leg, while her right hand continued to verb Vinya’s breast.

“Shi-Shica! You’re inside my mind! I can’t…” Vinya tried to speak as more and more naughty images of Shica doing several things to her invaded her mind.

“Oh, you’re getting horny just thinking of me? That’s naughty, but nice to know!” Shica teased, now using both hands to rub between Vinya’s legs, while she began to lick Vinya’s throat, making her moan.

“Oh! Oh, yes! You…you’re good at this, Shica!” Vinya managed to smile, making Shica giggle.

“Jiraz taught me all about this; I love her, but I would like if I could be more than a mistress for you, Vinya, maybe even a friend.”

“After this, you’ll certainly be in my waking daydreams…” Vinya smiled seductively.

“Wow, you’re good at being a naughty girl! I think I’d better give you a reward” Shica smiled; she slid a little away from Vinya and lay down, taking her corset off.

“Take yours off, too” she asked Vinya; smiling softly, Vinya obeyed, sitting besides Shica.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Do away with me!” Shica smiled at Vinya; feeling her self-control wane, Vinya let out a small squeal as she let her desire loose and lay down on Shica, pressing her own breasts against Shica's.

“Oh! Oh, that’s it, girl! You’re good at this!” Shica laughed, wrapping her arms around Vinya.

“You know, Shica…” Vinya whispered playfully; “…I think latex turns me on, as well!”

By those words, she resumed her licking and sucking of Shica, making her moan and whimper in delight.

“Girl, I’m gonna make sure you don’t forget this night!” Shica suddenly said; surprised and caught off guard, Vinya saw as Shica rose up, leaned down over Vinya and asked her to turn around:

Now facing Shica's wet clit, Vinya could feel her temptation to lick the crown princess rise; meanwhile, Shica had stuck her head between Vinya’s legs, making ready to feast on her clit.

“Vinya, you’re gonna love this!” Shica giggled as she stuck her tongue into Vinya’s xlit; the maid let loose a long squeal and began yelling out Shica’s name over and over.

“Oh yes! Oh, please me-e-e-e! I want this! I WANT YOU, SHICA!” Vinya yelled out in desire, returning the favor; she began licking and sucking on Shica’s pussy, making her moan.

“Ummm! Took you long enough! I want this, too!” Shica cooed, resuming her licking.

Over six minutes of intense pleasure followed by the two dark elven girls’ squeals and moans filled the room; as the seventh minute was about to come, both Vinya and Shica let loose a long, pleased cry of pleasure as they both came.

“Wow, you’re good at licking me, Vinya!” Shica smiled at the other girl, who were still panting.

“It felt so good; I…I need more!” Vinya exclaimed lustfully as she threw herself against Shica’s breasts.

“Oh! You’re quiet horny, huh?” Shica smiled as Vinya began playing her Shica’s left nipple; although Jiraz still filled Shica’s mind, she wanted to present Vinya to her, although she was not sure if Vinya would like to be in the same room as a demon.

“Well, until Jiraz gets back I have plenty of things I wanna teach you” Shica smiled at Vinya as she stroke her long, pink hair; “trust me; you’re not gonna forget tonight!”

[End notes: As you read this, the final chapter approaches, and all your questions will be answered.]

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