Story: Tales of Darkness - The Twilight Tales (chapter 3)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 3

Title: Twilight Tales - You get What you Wish For: Jiraz

[Author's notes:

Three high school girls are about to discover that studying the occult is not all death and doomsday...

In fact maybe something good will happen...or something good will happen to them...?


”What a day…” was all a tired Kasumi could utter as she slowly pushed her front door open; behind her, her two classmates, Aisha and Ukuni seemed equally tired:

After about seven hours of schoolwork, they really began to reconsider why they were about to engage in Kasumi’s weird experiment.

“Kasumi, are you sure it’s safe?” Ukuni asked nervously; she put down her bag next to Kasumi’s and Aisha’s.

“Sure she is, silly; she’s not stupid” Aisha snapped as she smiled at Kasumi; she replied the smile; Aisha always tried and be on best terms with the both of them, but her and Ukuni always seemed to compete for Kasumi’s attention.

“Umm, right, let’s get started then; Ukuni, you brought the candles?” Kasumi asked.

“Yep, but they were difficult to find; I even tried the old antique store at the mall” Ukuni said as she pulled a small plastic bag from a pocket in her vest.

“Thanks, and you brought the silver cross, Aisha?” Kasumi asked.

“Sure, it wasn’t that hard” Aisha said as she proudly tried and hand Kasumi the cross, but it had gotten stuck somewhere under her vest.

“I'll get it” Ukuni smiled as she opened Aisha’s vest; her hands finally found the cross, while Kasumi could do nothing but to smile at Aisha’s rotating irises as they both saw Ukuni’s hands pass over Aisha’s breasts countless times.

“We can have some fun later; right now, we’ve got to discover the secrets of the occult!” Kasumi beamed; Aisha and Ukuni smiled at each other; every girl one their school, as it was an all-girls school, knew that the three of them were lesbians, a fact they were both admired and somewhat feared for.

As they entered Kasumi’s living room, they saw that she had drawn a red pentagram on the floor and a lot of different charms as well, and books about the occult lay all over the floor.

“My, you’re eager to prove that the occult exists” Aisha nodded impressed.“Yeah, I wish Miss Kunyaka would believe me, but she keeps saying that there’s no such thing as the occult” Kasumi sighed.

“Hey, cheer up! We’ll show her!” Ukuni smiled at Kasumi and Aisha; Kasumi shoke her head and smiled, while Aisha winked at Ukuni.

“Right, let’s get to it, then…” Kasumi said as she laid the silver cross besides her as she and the two others sat in a small circle, all of them uttering the same chants over and over again:

“Aras I’da sunnar! Idin shaddar! Pratura Ini Sai! Ukunra I’sta I’decono! Est I’da Ur!”

As the chanting went on, Kasumi closed her eyes, her friends following the example; the middle of the pentagram had begun to glow, and black smoke began to steam from it.

“Aras I’da sunnar! Idin shaddar! Pratura Ini Sai! I’car uno esti! ESTI UN DEMO!”

The girls yelled the last line, and were shocked as a wave of red energy blasted them several meters back; recovering quickly, the girls looked eagerly as the smoke vanished, and saw…

The summoned creature had completely red skin, tail and wings, black horns, and claws on the wings as well as instead of nails.Its hair was only a little more dark-red then its skin, and it reached its buttock.

By the few more glimpses they got, the summoned creature was completely naked.

“Right, who’s the moron using old Chaos Magic like it’s everyday business?! I’m gonna kick his sorry ass back into…” the creature complained; as the smoke lifted, it caught eyes on the girls, and its dark mood vanished as if by a spell.

“Why, yo there, girlies! Don’t you know it’s naughty to use occult magic? Shame on you…” it said in a teasing way as it sat down on both knees; it looked at girls, who were utmost terrified.

“Oh, please, am I that bad looking? Well, that’s what you get by disturbing me in the showers…by the way, the name’s Jiraz Blackwhip” the creature continued her teasing speech.

“G-girls…” Kasumi managed to speak; “I think it’s a succubus.”

“A succu-what?” Aisha asked perplexed.“A demon of lust; she steals men’s souls while having sex with them” Ukuni replied.

“Geez, as for me, you’re way outdated, hon; truth is, I hate guys; all brawn and no brain” Jiraz sighed as she moved closer, causing the girls to back several feet away.

“Look, if I wanted to harm you, you’d already know; as a matter of fact…” Jiraz smiled teasingly at Aisha; “…I love girlies!”

By that, Jiraz headed straight over to Aisha and hugged her tightly; despite her demonic strength, Jiraz did no harm to Aisha, who merely blushed as a firestorm, causing Ukuni and Kasumi to exchange giggles.

“Do something! She’ll take my soul!” Aisha yelled out, but she did not do much more to resist then to try and hug Jiraz back; however, Jiraz let out a lovingly moan as their bodies pressed together.

“Umm, feels go-o-o-od…” she mumbled pleasantly, but let go of Aisha anyway; she looked more then taken aback, but she did not really seem afraid; instead, she ran over to Ukuni and Aisha, who could not help but giggle at her.

“Who’s next? No, wait, lemme do all you three!” Jiraz smiled as she approached the girls; although they tried and get away, Jiraz simply laughed as she got hold of Ukuni and held her under her arm.

“Now, let’s see…” Jiraz looked around while Ukuni struggled pointlessly under her.“Aren’t you gonna help your friend here?” Jiraz called as the other girls had disappeared from sight.

“You could always ask to be put down; why all the struggling?” Jiraz asked Ukuni.

“Ermm, please put me down…?” Ukuni tried.

“Sure!” Jiraz smiled at her as she held Ukuni in both hands; she headed for the bedroom, and just managed to catch sight of the skirt of a school uniform vanish under the bed.

“Oh no, now that’s so cliché…” Jiraz laughed as she looked under the bed to find Aisha and Kasumi hiding; they shrieked as her head appeared, and tried and get away, but Jiraz was faster and went over the bed to the door and locked it shut and kept the key in her closed hand.

“Girls, girls, girls…” Jiraz shoke her head, hiding a smile; “when do you get that I don’t wanna harm you, eat you, or devour your souls?”

“How can we trust you?” Kasumi said boldly.

“Well, aside from my claws, I’m quite defenseless…” Jiraz smiled as she passed between the girls and lay down on the bed, curling her tail and flapping her wings.

“I just hoped we could’ve had some fun, but if you’re all so grumpy, I think it’s fine…” Jiraz sighed, quite disappointed, she put the key down on the bed sheet beside her, gesturing the girls to pick it up.

“Go on, you wanna leave, right?” Jiraz said in a little girlish voice.“Well, we didn’t wanna hurt you, or…” Aisha suddenly said, surprising herself by taking pity on the demon.

“Oh, that’s sweet; you’re quiet cute, you know?” Jiraz winked at Aisha; Kasumi and Ukuni giggled as Aisha blushed.

“Well, tell me: Why would three sexy girls like you want to summon a demon? Don’t you know the occult’s got a large, invisible sign saying ‘NO ACESS?” Jiraz asked.

“Well, we kinda just wanted to prove it existed; it’s our homework, really…” Kasumi said uncertainly.“C’mon, sit down” Jiraz patted the bed; hesitantly, the girls sat down besides the succubus, still a little afraid of her.

“Now, first of all, I need you to stop shaking like grass on a windy day; it’s no fun” Jiraz said as she grabbed hold of Ukuni’s shoulders as if to force her to sit still.

“Secondly, if I’m to tell you all I know about occult and magic stuff, I want something from you…” Jiraz smiled at the girls.

“Wha-what’s that?” Kasumi asked rather afraid.“Well, it’s a game my girlfriend and I play a lot; I dunno if you humans knows of it, but it’s called hide and seek” Jiraz smiled.

“You’ve got a girlfriend?!” Ukuni asked directly in awe.

“Yep, about the cutest, little lass you could wish for, and Gods bless me she’s one heck of naughty little girl…!” Jiraz laughed at the thought of her girlfriend.

“OK, this is getting so strange…” Aisha mumbled.“We kinda have a competition going, and I’m behind with two points…” Jiraz smiled.

“What kinda competition?” Ukuni asked.

“Well, I’ll tell you, but you’ve gotta tell me two things first” Jiraz nodded.

“Fire away” Kasumi said as she crossed her legs and sat on the bed opposite Jiraz; as Ukuni and Aisha joined her on both sides, they all agreed that Jiraz was not quite so dangerous.

“Well, first of all, do you have any boyfriends?” Jiraz’s asked.

“Nope, never wanted one” Aisha said as she shake her head.“Me neither” Kasumi said as she was glad to tell the truth.“I’ve had some boys following me to school every day last week, but I kicked their asses so badly they quit it!” Ukuni laughed.

“Hah hah hah hah! Girl power!” Jiraz laughed and gave Ukuni a thumbs up.

“Right, last question: Are you virgins?” Jiraz asked.

“Ummm…” was the only answer she got from the girls, who suddenly all blushed heavily.“C’mon, don’t be shy” Jiraz smiled at the girls.

Looking at her friends, Kasumi mustered all her courage; as her friends looked admirably at her, she told the truth.

“Nope, we’ve taken it from each other” Kasumi said, her pride falling a little when the words were uttered.

Jiraz smiled broadly; “nicely done, girls; then you wouldn’t mind if I, well, sa-a-ay, umm, did this…?”By those words, Jiraz slowly leaned over Kasumi, teasingly running a claw down her throat and to her bra under her shirt.

“It’s exciting, isn’t it?” Jiraz teased as Kasumi could not believe the succubus would do such a thing.

“You’d better savor it, ‘cause it’s about time we started playing!” Jiraz giggled as she leaned up again; after having rather busty breasts swinging over her head, Kasumi looked rather excited.

“Right, who’s it first?” Jiraz asked.“Umm, can I be it?” Ukuni asked, still not able to get over the fact that her friend had almost been made love to by a succubus.

“Sure, as long as it’s in the house; I don’t really wanna go outside, if you get what I mean…?” Jiraz smiled.“Should we get started?” Aisha asked.

“Yeah, but to make is more fun, I’d say we’ll have to catch the ones we find” Kasumi suggested.“Good idea, girl” Jiraz giggled.“OK, I’ll be counting to 100!” Ukuni said as she began counting; as Jiraz, Aisha and Kasumi set off to find a place to hide, Aisha caught herself beginning to like the succubus.

“23, 24, 25, 26…” Ukuni counted loudly; Jiraz pointed behind the couch in the dining room, gesturing Aisha to crawl in.“Quick, she’s ready soon!” Jiraz said as Aisha crawled in; lucky as she was, Jiraz got a look at Aisha’s underwear as she crawled in.

“Nice view!” she teased before she went to find a hiding of her own; Jiraz never heard the silent ‘thanks’ under the couch, where Aisha had taken the comment with pride.

Jiraz looked around for a good hiding place, but to no avail; as she heard ’89, 90, 91…’ from the bedroom, she got a bright idea; she hurried to the kitchen, made a jump, and stuck herself to the ceiling with all her claws and wing-claws.

“100! I’m coming now!” Ukuni cheered, appearing from the doorway to the bedroom; she eagerly looked just about everywhere, and ended up finding Aisha under the couch; she giggled and grabbed Aisha’s feet, and as she pulled, Aisha let out a playful shriek as she imitated to resist.

“C’mon out, or I’ll come in there!” Ukuni laughed as the bottom half of Aisha was now visible; panting, Aisha quit the game and let herself be pulled out.

“Umm, Ukuni…?” she pointed at Ukuni’s hand; she held Aisha’s skirt in it.“Ups! Sorry, I didn’t mean to….” Ukuni babbled as she waved her hands over her head, her eyes spinning.

“It’s OK! It’s OK! Just stop making me laugh!” Aisha laughed as she grabbed Ukuni and pulled her into a kiss; fortunately for Jiraz, the girls seemed to enjoy themselves so much that they did not notice that Jiraz swung above the ceiling in only the claws on her feet, while she tried her best not to laugh gleefully.

However, the girls slowly pulled out of the embrace, smiling at each other.“Shouldn’t we wait until Kasumi is it?” Aisha asked; Ukuni nodded and helped Aisha stand up, but in that moment, Aisha got her eyes on Jiraz.

“Oh, crap…” Jiraz just managed to utter before Aisha teasingly tried and grab hold of Jiraz’s tail; Ukuni stood and was laughing her butt off as Jiraz comically pulled her tail as Aisha tried and catch it.

“Help! Somebody! That crazy chick’s trying to catch me!” Jiraz joked, but as she could not take herself serious; she laughed out loud just long enough for Aisha to get hold of her tail.

“Hey, that’s my tail! How’d you like it if I tried grabbing your breasts like that?” Jiraz laughed at Aisha, who could not help but smile herself; however, behind her, a dark shadow came closer and closer…

“Gotcha!” Kasumi smiled triumphantly as she grabbed Aisha by her breasts; as Aisha moaned at Kasumi’s playing with her breasts, Jiraz found the sight to be too much; she lost balance and fell on the floor, but managed to land on her feet.

“You ladies look freakkin’ hot when you do that! It’s like seeing myself with Shica…” Jiraz beamed; behind her, Ukuni decided to join in, and grabbed Jiraz from behind.

“Oh yes, girl! Play with me! Make me feel go-o-od! I want it!” Jiraz shocked Ukuni with her longing moans; as expected, Ukuni loosened the grab a bit, and Jiraz smiled as she seized the girl’s wrist in a quick turning.

“Now comes the part where I return the favor; any last words?” she joked at Ukuni, who felt a mix of fear and excitement running through her mind.

“Time’s up, hon!” Jiraz smiled, beginning to unwrap Ukuni’s vest; as Aisha and Kasumi saw that, they readied themselves, ready help Ukuni in case Jiraz got out of hand, but they also somehow looked forward to enjoy the show.

“Hey, Miss Jiraz, I don’t think we…” Ukuni began, but Jiraz simply gave a small laugh and gave Ukuni a long passionate kiss; as Jiraz eventually pulled back, glad that Ukuni had not risen her arms as if to reject her, had to muster almost all her self control for not to laugh at the look on Ukuni’s face.

“Geeh, you’re good at kissing, ye know?” Ukuni joked at Jiraz; she smiled and walked over to Aisha and Kasumi, who were readying themselves mentally for what was to come.

“Your bedroom, right now, I’m feeling kinky” Jiraz simply said; Aisha and Kasumi got to their feet, and the girls walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

“So then, ladies; who’s going first?” Jiraz asked as she laid down on the bed, spreading her wings and tail.

“I know I’m attractive; I get that a lot from Shica, so don’t be shy” she said in a sexy voice.It seemed as if she had let a storm loose; the girls exchanged smiles and began undressing; soon facing the three naked girls, Jiraz had trouble not to mentally imagine them all as Shica duplicates.

“Jiraz, have you ever heard of a foursome?” Kasumi smiled at her; behind Jiraz, Aisha and Ukuni leaned over Jiraz, beginning to feel a sudden desire for the succubus.

“Nope, but I’ve tried alotta threesomes with Shica and my best friend Narrisha…” Jiraz said seducing; “…wanna try and beat that?”

As she uttered the words, the girls’ self control waned, and they squealed as they went down on Jiraz.

Aisha began to verb her left breast, while Ukuni leaned down and began kissing Jiraz hotly; Kasumi went down and began kissing and licking Jiraz’s pussy, and all the while, the girls sent each other suggestive looks as if they planned to give each other the same pleasure....

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