Story: Tales of Darkness - The Twilight Tales (chapter 2)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 2

Title: Twilight Tales - The Night of Virtious Sin

[Author's notes:

Shica begins to question if her relationship is simply that of a friend's, but finds out that she has deep feelings for the succubus...feelings of love.

Meanwhile, Jiraz begins to understand that she not only care alot for Shica, but she also love her deeply; however, due to her lustful nature, she feels extremly attracted to the young dark elf girl. 


Shica was panting heavily; she had just finished her training with her mother, and the empress had congratulated on her improvement of blocking attacks, but also corrected on her rather clumsy strikes.

“Damn it! If I was just allowed to use magic…!” Shica swore under her breathe, but the second after she regretted her words; she would never harm her mother; she loved her all too much.

Speaking of love, a sudden thought struck Shica like a bolt of mystical lightning; her demonic friend Jiraz would properly be waiting for her in her room, most likely to babble about the raise of prices in the market district of Shacar-Jarcu.

Shica giggled; Jiraz was extremely silly when she complained, as she always used waving gestures and imitating the voices of the merchants who annoyed her in a high-pitched pattern.

She could not help but love Jiraz, but in the end…Shica froze on the spot; love a demon?! Was that even possible or just another thought passing through her mind?

“But…but I really…” Shica fought a mental battle with her reason and her inner feelings; her reason kept telling her that it was but unrealistic emotions coming from mind, but her feelings told her that it made sense:

She loved Jiraz on so many accords that she could barely count them; her cute and silly nature, her seducing moments in which she used to tease Shica by sending her small, teasing winks, and also the fact that she had saved Shica’s life from an assassin who had almost hit her with a crossbow bolt:

Jiraz had fried it with her demonic flames, and given the assassin guy a one way ticket to Hell using her claws.

Shica sighed; her mother always told her that she was to chose an eventual lover with her heart, no matter who it was, or even if it would be an Orc.

The last line passed like refreshing water through Shica’s mind; she giggled lightly as she realized the silliness in her mother’s joke; however, she got serious again as she thought of Jiraz.

“Well, I sure don’t belong in those human fairy tales…” she sighed as she made her decision:

Her heart pounded against her chest, and Shica could have sworn she could hear it even through her adamantine breastplate armour.

“Jiraz…” Shica whispered as a sudden heat began to grow from her chest; her skin felt hot, and her armour and leather combat suit clung to her skin.

“Jiraz, I…I want you for myself…I want you!” Shica hissed as her desire for the succubus grew; she began to run through the corridors towards her room, hoping no-one would notice her.

“Her mom’s sure thing a tough trainer, it seems” Jiraz mumbled as she sat on her and Shica’s bed; she had helped herself to some fruit and tried playing chess with herself, but the boredom began to get on her nerves.

“Damn! Where’s that girl when I need her?!” she mumbled; however, as the silence went down on her again, a thought began to form in her head about Shica.

“Well, she’s not good at keeping promises, but, well, she’s dead cute, she isn’t racist or all that crap; she’s still a virgin, and…”

Jiraz let out a small choke as the thought escaped to her mouth; dark images of Shica lying in a submissive position and all ready for Jiraz to make love to raced through Jiraz’s mind.

She held her hands up as if the shut them out, but she could not stop them.

“Shica, I’d never harm you! I love you too much!” Jiraz uttered a bit loudly as her feeling wheeled up in her; tears fell from her face as she thought of the dark elven girl’s cute smile she always had in store for Jiraz.

Suddenly, the door to the room was opened, and a panting Shica walked in; she dropped her belt with the adamantine shortsword on the floor and began taking off her armour.

“Hiya, Jiraz; can you pass me some water? I feel like I’ve been marching through all Kun’Narak” Shica asked as she laid down her armour and suit; under it she wore a white skirt and a white blouse.

“Sure” Jiraz nodded as she fetched a can and a cup and poured the water in; she had quickly wiped her eyes so Shica could not see she had cried.

However, as Shica took the cup from Jiraz’s hand, the touch of her fingers made Jiraz shiver; she knew it was not in fear, but what was it then?

“You look rather pale today, Jiraz” Shica joked as she smiled at Jiraz; the smile she sent was another blow to Jiraz’s concentration, but she managed to keep a straight face.

“Oh, umm, yes, just feeling a little pale…” she quickly babbled as the heat inside her continued to spread to every corner of her being.

Shica turned around with a gesture as if she was checking her sword for scratches, but she kept sending loving looks over her shoulders to Jiraz; however, as usual, Jiraz had not cared about wearing any clothing, and right now she just lay on their bed with her wings around her…

Shica suddenly got a funny feeling why Jiraz had blocked herself from sight; she silently went over to the bed, a worried look on her face.

As she leaned closer, she could hear Jiraz pant as her tail flicked back and forth; curious, Shica went in closer, and she could now see Jiraz’s clawed fingers move quickly around somewhere under the demon’s waist.

Shica’s mind were now filled with a lustful thought as she looked at her little demon; judging by the Jiraz’s silent uttering of Shica’s name, she could only make one, amusing conclusion:

Jiraz was masturbating right in front of Shica, the little dark elf girl the target of her desire and love.

“SHICA-A-A!” Jiraz suddenly yelled as she bolted upward, seized Shica’s wrists and turned her easily on the bed; lying with a mix of amusement and deepest love in her eyes, Shica smiled at Jiraz.

“Shi-Shica…I’m so sorry…” Jiraz now cried as her tears fell from her eyes; her grip loosened, and Shica’s hand slowly went up to stroke Jiraz’s chin free of tears.

“Jiraz…” Shica said silently; as Jiraz opened her eyes, she was surprised to see that Shica was crying as well.

“What’s wrong, Shica?” Jiraz sniffed.

“We’ve been best friends ever since we met; I…I want you to…” Shica spoke clearly, but now her voice trembled; as if to defy the very gods themselves, she yelled out her love for Jiraz as the last pieces of reason left:

“I LOVE YOU, JIRAZ! YOU’RE NOT JUST A PET TO ME! I CAN’T SURPRESS IT ANYMORE! I LOVE YOU!” Jiraz’s face beamed under her tears, and she bend Shica down on the bed and gave her a long, passionate kiss.

As Shica’s tongue suddenly intertwined with Jiraz’s, the succubus knew that the little girl wanted to express her feelings in the same way as Jiraz wanted to; she used her shapeshifting ability and pulled her wings back into her spine, vanishing them from sight.

“Oh, Shica-a-a!” Jiraz yelled as she pressed herself under Shica, letting her head lay between Jiraz’s legs, and she mindlessly tore off Shica’s skirt and began slurping on her vagina.

“O-O-O-OH! Jiraz, please no-…!” Shica yelled out, but judging on her smiling face, her scream was an invitation for Jiraz to continue.

“I’ve wanted this…so long…” Jiraz said as she took a small pause; as she did so, Shica’s hands found their way to her legs, forcing them even more open and bared.

Smiling broadly, Jiraz laid her hands over Shica’s stomach and teasingly stroke it at the points she knew Shica was ticklish; the sudden secondary stimulation made Shica yell out a little-girlish cry as her body received the pleasure and comfort only Jiraz could give her.

“JIRA-A-A-AZ! If you keep this up, I will…a-a-a-a-a-agh! OH, GODS-S-S-S!” Shica hissed as Jiraz returned to her slurping; small amounts of cum had already appeared, and Jiraz licked it clean of Shica.

“Shi-Shica…forgive me…” Jiraz whispered as she put Shica down and sat herself on all four behind her; before Shica could speak, she felt a sudden oblong object penetrating her vagina.

“What the…! OH, YES! SCREW ME, JIRAZ! TAKE ME! TAKE ME-E-E!” Shica yelled in delight as Jiraz pressed her tail into Shica, thus raping her.
“Shica…Shica…” Jiraz weakly mumbled; never in her life had she felt so good; her tail slid between her own legs and into her beloved Shica, making her even more excited.

“Silly hottie…” Shica suddenly sounded teasingly in front of Jiraz; confused she looked at Shica, only to see her giggling at Jiraz.“Make your tail a little shorter; if I’m to lose my virginity…” she slowly sat up, giving Jiraz a lovingly kiss; “…then I want it to be done properly.

”Jiraz obeyed, and watched amazed as Shica open her vagina and sat atop Jiraz, tearing off her white shirt; as they both now were completely naked, Shica could barely control her lust; every fraction of her being wanted what was to come next, and Jiraz seemed on the urge to just give in.

“Shica…don’t torment me so long…” Jiraz whimpered.
Shica managed a small smile as she winked at Jiraz; “I’ve been studying a bit, Jiraz; is it really true that it feels good when I do this?”

By those words, Shica switched side to face Jiraz and fully inserted herself and leaned over Jiraz, which she pressed her breasts against hers.

“SHIC-A-A-A-AH! Oh, yes; YES! YES! YE-E-E-ES!” Jiraz screamed as she fondled and grabbed at the bed sheets.“Oh, you love this, right? You wanna screw me good, huh?! YOU WANT ME! SAY IT!” Shica encouraged at Jiraz, whose face showed all signs of enjoyment.

“Yes! YES, I WANT YOU! I WANNA SCREW YOU! TO RAPE YOU! TO MAKE YOU MINE!” Jiraz screamed wildly as she smiled broadly and panted; she had not realized that Shica would be so good in bed.

After being raped by Jiraz for about two minutes, Shica noticed something red running from between her legs along with her cum; it was blood, a sign that her virginity was taken.

“Oh, goddess…” Shica panted the words coming from her mouth; Jiraz saw Shica silently sliding down onto her breasts in a rather comical way, and she softly stroke Shica’s hair.

“Jiraz, I’ve never felt this good before; it was fantastic…” Shica smiled lovingly at Jiraz; her smile got a tune of lustful, however, as all her desires for the succubus seemed to overwhelm her.

“Me, too; it felt incredible…” Jiraz sighed lovingly as she shoke her head and looked at Shica with pure love in her blue eyes.

“I love you too, Jiraz, and I’m gonna prove it” Shica smiled lustfully at the succubus; she gave Jiraz a gentle pat on her cheek and went over to a closet nearby.

“Close your eyes” Shica smiled over her shoulder, looking for something she had always hidden from Jiraz, but no more: Tonight, their new lives demanded her love for Jiraz to be shown physically.

“Right, honey” Jiraz giggled and closed her eyes; she heard a few strange noises from Shica, but kept her promise and did not look.

“OK, you can look…now!” Shica laughed as Jiraz opened her eyes, for only to witness a sight that would still be a part of her daydreams to this day:
Shica had dressed up in boots and gloves of white leather, and a silvery, oblong object, dangled from between her legs.

“Jiraz Blackwhip…” Shica said sexily as she sneaked over the near drooling Jiraz like a panther; “…you’re the hottest and sexiest girl on this planet, so I’m gonna show you some really naughty love tonight!”

And by those words, Shica stuck the small silvery metal object in between Jiraz’s legs, making her squeal in delight.

“OH, YES! SHICA! SHICA! I WANT YOU! RAPE ME-E-E-E!” Jiraz’s lungs almost reached their limits as the oblong object went into Jiraz’s vagina; meanwhile, Shica was smiling atop Jiraz as she sexily stuck a finger into her mouth and sucked suggestively on it.

“YOU’RE FRIGGIN’ HOT, SWEETIE! GIMME MORE! GIMME YOUR LOVE!” Jiraz yelled out again, her skin ablaze from within with desire for Shica; she reached out and began molesting Shica’s breasts as hard as she could and dared, and judging by her closed eyes and smile of enjoyment, Shica loved it.

Throughout entirely three minutes, Shica kept making love to Jiraz, ending up with placing her atop Shica and grabbing her breasts from behind.

Jiraz laughed in enjoyment and pleasure; she hated males, but she loved the fact that lovely Shica could imitate their love-making with her strange device.

“It’s good, isn’t it? You love this, right?! You want me to rape you good! YOU WANT IT, JIRAZ! YOU WANT IT SO MADLY, HONEY! YOU’RE SO HORNY FOR IT! CUM FOR ME! I’LL LET YOU CUM!”

“OH! OH, YES! YOU’RE RIGHT! I’VE WANTED THIS SO LONG! I DESIRE IT! GIVE IT TO ME-E-E-E-E!” Jiraz yelled as Shica’s sexual molesting would not cease to appease her.

Shica encouraged, and Jiraz, whose ability to control herself had waned out, let out a long cry as she came; blood and cum appeared from her vagina, and she fell back onto Shica, who quickly unwrapped the instrument hanging from her belt.

“That…was so wonderful…” Jiraz panted, tears of joy showing in her eyes; she had lost her virginity to her beloved Shica, a thing she had only dreamed of in her most naughty daydreams.

“Yeah, but I’m not done yet; there’s still phase two!” Shica smiled under her, completely oblivious to time and thought.

“P-phase two..?” Jiraz asked, only to feel Shica’s gloves on her breasts as their fingers twirled around her nipples.

“Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! Oh, so naughty! I LOVE IT!” Jiraz laughed and smiled broadly as Shica below her sent her a just as lustful smile; as the night went on, Shica and Jiraz spent it all making love to each other.

“Lemme nip ye, you little hottie!” Shica teased as she grabbed Jiraz from behind and molested her breasts; she used her fingers to press roughly on Jiraz’s nipples, and the combination of pain and pleasure seemed to please Jiraz very much.

“OH, BY THE GODDESS! IT FEELS SO GO-O-OOD!” Jiraz cheered as she bend her head back; accidently, due to Jiraz’s sudden move, Shica fell back on the bed followed by Jiraz; both girls exchanged laughs at the ‘accident’, and Shica began rubbing her body under Jiraz’s, while she swung her boots across Jiraz’s waist.

As the night went on, Shica and Jiraz seemed never to tire of pleasing each other; at a time, Shica even showed Jiraz her most secret passion:

She tied Jiraz to the bed with studded straps of leather, preventing her from getting loose; as she lay there expectantly, Shica once again used the silvery object, much to Jiraz’s joy and pleasure…

"Right, now it's time to go to the extremes!" Shica triumphantly said as she went to the wardrobe; she came back with a pair of latex catsuits with matching elbow-long gloves and thigh-high boots.

"AWESOME! I love latex!" Jiraz squeeled delightfully, making Shica smile; as she helped Jiraz get into the suit, she knew that this would be the most erotic they had ever done.

"Oh my gods!" Jiraz suddenly said as she got into the suit.

"What's the matter?" Shica asked, half joking.

"This turns me so much on...!" Jiraz said through her gritted teeth; the latex felt so good on her skin, she loved the kinky gloves, and the dominating feeling the boots gave.

"Well, I'd better dress up as well!" Shica smiled, putting the suit on; as she was soon finished, Jiraz had but a glance of her, and the next second, she felt as if set on fire with lust.

"SHICA-A-A!" she yelled as she ran over threw herself to the bed, unzipping her catsuit until it reached her breasts, and then she began to grab them and suck on them with animalistic pleasure, drooling and sticking her tongue out to slurp.

"Shica, do me now! I'm gonna explode!" Jiraz begged as her hands reached down and rubbed the skin-tight latex between her legs.

"Jiraz..." Shica whimpered as she got turned on by the horny succubus; she let out a cry of utmost horniness, and threw herself over Jiraz; as she began slurping on Jiraz's breasts, her drool trailed down the latex, making a silvery trail.

"OH! OH, YES! SCREW ME! SCREW ME! OH, FUCK ME!" Jiraz now yelled, completly oblivious to what she was saying; however, Shica seemed to like Jiraz's swearing, so she slurped even harder on her breasts and rubbed herself against Jiraz.

"Oh, fuck me, Shica! Rub all your sexy body over me! Rub me raw! Fuck me!" Jiraz encouraged as Shica got her hands under Jiraz pressing herself harder; their suits were smoking hot of sweat and heat, turning them even more on.

"YES! Let me fuck you, Jiraz! You know you want it!" Shica smiled teasingly, grabbing hold of something on the table...

"SHICA-A-A-A-A!" Jiraz was yelling as Shica inserted a double-ended toy in hers and Jiraz's pussies; they had never thought that their bodies could take so much, and the desire drove them into a blind frenzy.

"OH, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FU-U-U-U-UCK!" Shica yelled as her pussy could not take much more; Jiraz decided to finish her girlfriend off, and used all her remaining strength to drive the dildo into her.

"Let me fuck you, Shica! You want it so badly!" Jiraz smiled at Shica, getting it returned; as Jiraz and Shica kissed each other wildly, their arms folded around each other, they came with a force so strong that it even blasted the dildo free so it flew across the room.

As their juices flew down their suit and boots, they both nodded and lay atop each other, not willing to let the juice go to waste.

"Umm, it tastes so good; gimme more!" Jiraz said as she began licking Shica's pussy; below her, Shica returned the favor.

"Ummm, so good; keep it up! Don't you dare stop!" Shica giggled below Jiraz.

"You really are a little slut, Shica" Jiraz joked, getting a moan in reply from Shica.

"Say it again! I wanna hear it!" Shica whimpered as she got turned on by the mention of the word 'slut'.

"You're such a little slut, you naughty elf! I'm gonna lick you dry, you slutty brat!" Jiraz exclaimed as she violently resumed her licking of Shica's pussy, letting her tongue go wild in the sweet, pink flesh and public hair.

"OH! OH YES! DEEPER! GO DEEPER, JIRAZ!" Shica yelled happily, loving to have Jiraz's tongue so deep in her pussy.

"Ri-i-i-ight..." Jiraz teased, finding what she had been looking for; ""

As Jiraz now licked on Shica's g-spot, she howled wildly and let a stream of cum unto Jiraz''s suit and breasts, getting happily licked up by the succubus.

"Hey, no fair! I'm gonna make you cum as well!" Shica said in a fake, insulted voice; she bend down between Jiraz's legs, licking her pussy and feeling the smooth latex og Jiraz's boots.

"You look so freakkin' hot in that latex, Jiraz!" Shica commented, resumming her licking; above her, as Jiraz had to try and force her mouth close in horniness, she opened her mouth and smiled, giving Shica's butt a small spank.

"You're not bad looking either, sexy" Jiraz giggled at Shica, getting a smiling face with cum dripping from her mouth in reply.

"Oh, yes! Right there! Umm, I feel it...!" Jiraz whimpered as Shica now sucked on Jiraz's g-spot.

"OH, FUCK! TONGUE-FUCK IT 'TILL I CUM! I WANNA CUM, SHICA! GIVE IT TO ME-E-E-E-E!" Jiraz roared as she came, delievering a smaller wave of cum for Shica to drink; she smiled and slurped once again, enjoying Jiraz's sugar-like taste.

"Ah! Oh, yes!" Jiraz panted as Shica began sucking on her nipples anew; however, she suddenly sat up, her latex outfit turning Jiraz wildly on.

"Jiraz, do you like to be dominated?" she asked with an evil grin as she pulled out a small item from a nearby chest.

"Sweetie, I'm named Blackwhip for a reason" Jiraz smiled, having an idea as to what Shica meant.
Oh, so you don't mind if I'll use this...?" Shica asked, holding the item high:

It was Blackwhip, a riding crop-like weapon of Jiraz's; Shica grabbed Jiraz by her right boot, and forced her to bend down with her butt turned upwards.

"WA-A-AH! Fetish tripping mistress!" Jiraz yelled, but Shica smiled as she knew Jiraz was yelling in expectation.

"Oh, naughty demon! Here I GO!" Shica laughed evilly as she began spanking Jiraz.
"AW! OH, YES! OUCH! DOMINATE ME! Oh! Oh, goddess!" Jiraz yelled, smiling broadly as she got spanked.

Oh, but I'm not done yet!" SHica smiled evilly as she put down the whip and grabbed hold of the strap-on.

"Oh, crap! My ass can't take anymore!" Jiraz tried and sound innocent, which failed.

"Here we go again!" Shica exclaimed as she grabbed hold of Jiraz's hands, forcing them behind her back as Shica stuck the strap-on in.

"Ouch! Yeah! Harder! Bang me good! Fuck me harder!" Jiraz hissed in pleasure; above her, Shica enjoyed being the dominative, and let out small, evil chuckles.

"Wow, that was exhausting!" Shica admitted ashe simply did not have the strength to screw anymore; however, she snuck under Jiraz, placing her hands between her own legs, mastrubating and and licking Jiraz's pussy.

"Oh! That's mean! I'm already turned on!" Jiraz fakely complained.

"Umm, you taste so good..." Shica moaned under Jiraz, keeping on rubbing her fingers into her own pussy as she got turned on by Jiraz's delightful screams.

"Oh! Oh, yeah! YEAH! yeahyeahyeah! OH MY GODDESS-S-S-S! SHICA-A-A-A-AH!" Jiraz yelled out as she came.

"Whew, you really 'were' turned on!" Shica panted as she sat up, still feeling horny looking at her girlfriend.

"Oh, I've been waiting for this!" Jiraz smiled, playfully grabbing hold og Shica's wrists; as they laughed and wrestled, Jiraz got hold of Shica's silvery strap-on.

"I'm gonna return the favor, baby!" Jiraz exclaimed as she stuck the strap-on into Shica, making her yell wildly.

"Oh, yes!! OH, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Shica shrieked as she grabbed hold of the blankets of the bed, biting it to choke her pleasure.

"Oh, yes! I'm gonna fuck you, you sexy girlie!" Jiraz exclaimed equally high.
"OH! Say it again, Jiraz! It turns me o-o-o-on!" Shica gasped as she kept moaning.

"Sexy! You sexy dark elf girlie!" I'm gonna fuck your ass off! I'll make you cum! CUM FOR ME, SHICA! CUM! CUM!" Jiraz yelled as she was about to climax.
"YEAH! Oh, yeahyeahyeah!" SCREW...ME-E-E-E!!!" SHica exclaimed, her orgasm running down her legs all the way to her boots.

"Wow, that felt good, but I haven't cum yet..." Jiraz smiled, but she was a little disappointed.
"Come here, then!" Shica giggled as she forced her nether lips against Jiraz's, making her yell out in desire.

"Oh! You look so sexy in those boots Shica!" Jiraz winked suggestively at her girlfriend.
"Yeah, you, too; it kinda turns me on" Shica smiled happily as she began rubbing.

"AH! OH, YES! RUB ME RAW! YOU SEXY GIRL!" Jiraz yelled; from her point of view, Shica could just see Jiraz's drooling and open mouth, and her sweating and gorgeous body.
"UHMM! UHMM-M-M-M! OH, YEAH!" Shica moaned as she kept rubbing.

"OH MY GODS! SHICA, I'M...I'M CUMMI-I-I-ING!" Jiraz exclaimed as she came.
"Whew! You're one heck of a hottie, sexy" Shica teased as she let herself fall unto Jiraz, rubbing their bodies together.

"Umm! Yes, I am! Rawr!" Jiraz smiled as she began sucking and carefully nip Shica's breasts; they both knew the night was still young, and so were they...

"OH! OH, GODS! YE-E-E-E-EAH!" Shica shrieked as she pulled her gloved hand out of her mouth, seeing the black latex soaked in drool; below her, Jiraz was licking on her pussy with animalistc desire, slurping every single drop of Shica's cum while she was using her own hands to finger heself.

"Shica, I'm gonna cum! Oh, gods, cumming! IT'S CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!!!" Jiraz creamed as she came; her white cum made a small pool on the floor, so powerful was it.

"Jiraz, I can't...LET ME CUM, TOO! TONGUE-FUCK ME-E-E-E!" Shica yelled as Jiraz teased her by stopping the licking.

"OH, FU-U-U-U-U-UCK!!!" Shica yelled as the hot tongue penentrated her pussy making her cum ran all the way down into Jiraz's waiting mouth...

“Jiraz...” Shica whispered about an hour later, where she and Jiraz had been overjoyed at sexually molesting each other wildly.
“Yeah...?” Jiraz mumbled, appearing from the darkness of her and Shica’s blanket.
“I love you” Shica smiled happily and gave Jiraz a soft kiss.

“I love you too, Shica...” Jiraz returned the smile, softly hugging Shica; however, she still could feel their latex outfits.

“Oh, and that...” Shica smiled suggestively at Jiraz; “you have no idea how much I enjoyed it!”
“Oh, believe me, I think I got an idea; it was me who did you!” Jiraz teased.

"Oh, and I'm sorry for that swearing thing; I just lost it..." Jiraz apoligized.

"Are you kidding? Do you have any idea of how turned on I got?" Shica winked teasingly and gave Jiraz a warm hug.

"Heheheh! Just you hope I don't get in the mood again!" Jiraz joked as she let out a deep and happy sigh, moving closer to Shica.

“You naughty hottie! Having sex with you is just too fantastic for words...” Shica purred pleasantly as she lay her head on Jiraz’s breasts, silently falling asleep.
“Ummm, I’m not a pillow, sweetie” Jiraz smiled, softly stroking Shica’s white hair before she lay herself to sleep as well...

[End notes: Any questions will be explained in the final chapter, so for now, I advice that you read and learn.

(All STAR SHINE and TALES OF DARKNESS Characters are belong to me!)
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