Story: Tales of Darkness - The Twilight Tales (chapter 1)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Twilight Tales - The Night of the Angels

[Author's notes: First chapter of the The Twilight Tales story, this one being the more emotional one (fitting for Jiki and Kiro).]

I love you.”

The three words both Jiki and Kiro uttered at the same time through their tears and nervous breathe; both of them sat on their bed, just having returned home after getting kicked out of the military White Guardian Force.

“Jiki, I…I’m just so selfish…” Kiro sobbed as she looked at her best friend; how could she even dare to assume that Jiki would love her?

“No, you’re not, I’m just…” Jiki began, but paused as she was stroke by doubt; their tormentor and ‘commander’ Thranska lay dead at his office, beheaded by the mysterious, black beast that had appeared when he had tried and hurt Jiki due to her constant attempt to fight back.

He had used his pistol and slammed Jiki to the ground, which proved to be a fatal mistake; the recently arrived creature roared llike a monster, and a sword made of some kind of invisible energy soared through thin air and beheaded Thranska.

Meanwhile Kiro was fleeing with Jiki.

“Jiki, I just wish I could…I WISH I WASN’T SUCH A FREAK!” Kiro cried loudly; “I really mean what I said, but we’re both girls! We can’t just…”

Her sentence were paused as Jiki sat beside her and stroke her arm, caressing it silently; she wore a small smile on her lips, and Kiro once again felt the temptation to kiss Jiki, and to feel her soft lips against her own.

“Kiro, being girls cannot stop us from loving each other; I…I really want to be with you, Kiro…” Jiki sobbed a bit, then sniffed and smiled at Kiro, putting her head on Kiro’s shoulder.

Kiro surrendered to her inner feelings as she silently cried in happiness on Jiki’s shoulders; surprising to Kiro, Jiki cried as well, and she somehow knew it was for the same reasons.“Kiro…I’m so happy with you…” Jiki sobbed as her tears fell down Kiro’s spine.

Kiro cuddled Jiki even more tightly, smiling as she softly caressed Jiki’s hair.

“I love you, Jiki…” Kiro whispered in Jiki’s ear, making her tighten the grab around Kiro; they were completely lost in their feelings of love, which made them feel a comfortable shiver of happiness running through their veins.

Jiki suddenly reached out for Kiro’s shoulders; she pulled her head back a bit and eyed Kiro; as she locked eyes with Jiki, Kiro could feel the confusion of love, attraction and desire for Jiki’s lips rushing over her like a wave; she had trouble controlling as the blond Jiki smiled lovingly at her.

“Jiki…could you…please; I know it’s wrong, but…c-could you please…k-kiss me, just once…?” Kiro almost whispered, but Jiki was not taken aback the least; instead, she beamed as tears of joy feel down her chins; their very first kiss…

Such a pleasant thought was like a ray of sunshine on a stormy day, not that Jiki would say that her day was nothing but blessed; in front of her, Kiro seemed to have the same opinion as her arms slowly wrapped around Jiki’s shoulders.

“Oh, Kiro…” Jiki sniffed happily, leaning her head to Kiro’s, coming closer and closer.“Jiki…” Kiro whispered softly; she could not believe how long she had dreamed about this moment; it had been her most forbidden desire, her ultimate love…to show Jiki just how much she loved her.

Her mind returned to her body as she felt Jiki’s lips on her own; she lovingly replied the kiss, and, more or less by accident, let her tongue in and touched Jiki’s.Jiki’s mind froze; she had longed for this moment as if it had been an eternal daydream:

She wanted to be Kiro’s girlfriend, no matter if others, their former superiors, or even the gods themselves would object!

As Kiro’s tongue slipped and the kiss slowly broke, Jiki and Kiro eyed each other; small sparks shot back and forth, and the love inside their very hearts and souls screamed so loudly that it almost hurt.

“Kiro…” Jiki began as she silently and lovingly stroke Kiro’s tail; “…I will ‘never’ leave you; not for anyone; I love you!”

“Jiki…” Kiro silently spoke, feeling her emotions let loose; she bent her head against Jiki’s hand, and longingly stroke it against it.

Jiki was the first to submit to her love, as she began to slowly touch Kiro’s arm and up to her throat; Kiro closed her eyes, and let out a small, pleasant sigh.

The minutes passed; Jiki first touched Kiro pleasantly, feeling all the years of suffering from her military life fading way; being with Kiro was like passing through a golden archway into freedom.

However, Kiro suddenly gently seized hold of Jiki’s hand, surprising her; the white-haired girl opened her sapphire eyes, and smiled lovingly and somewhat teasingly at Jiki.

“Jiki…” was the only thing she said as she gently pulled Jiki under her, laying down on her; she began stroking Jiki’s chin, catching the small tears of joy from herself and Jiki with her fingers.

“Kiro…” Jiki whispered lovingly, as Kiro now went down on her and kissed her softly; every kiss was as if an enchantment was cast on her, and she almost floated with Kiro on a white cloud; as they embraced, they felt utmost serenity and comfort in each others’ company.

Rays of moonlight hit them as they began cuddling, and they closed their eyes as they silently fell half asleep, Kiro resting her head on Jiki’s chest.

Jiki and Kiro could feel their emotions running around in their minds; being with each other was like escaping from the hellish torments their military careers had given them:
They were finally free, and could continue their lives together.

However, Jiki’s most well-guarded secret was soon revealed, as Kiro’s teasing touches led her to Jiki’s armpit; as she touched the small hairs, Jiki let out a low-pitched giggle.

“Ple-please…” Jiki panted, but Kiro simply gave her a teasing smile; she used two fingers as she pressed them against Jiki’s armpit, and her sensitive skin and nerves made the blond-haired girl laugh out.

“You’re ticklish?” Kiro smiled at Jiki, who could nothing but to return it; she knew Kiro would abuse that knowledge, but she did not mind; in fact, she longed for it.

“Don’t you dare…” she both teased and encouraged Kiro to go on, and Kiro let out a giggle; delightfully she used her hands on Jiki’s armpits, making her let out a high-pitched giggle as she felt her skin tickle.

Kiro mercilessly tickled Jiki, making her laugh out happily; she delighted in the fact that it was Kiro, not anyone else, who had found out about her secret.

“Khih-Kiro! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! N-no-o-ohohohoh! Mercy! Hih! Hih! Hih! Stop! It tihih-ckles!” Jiki laughed, but she really did not mind.

However, Kiro stopped, but only in a matter of tease as she lay down besides Jiki, softly rubbing her stomach.“Now it’s your turn” she smiled, going as far as to strip out of her remaining clothes, lying completely naked.

Jiki could not in her wildest dreams have described Kiro’s beauty: Her skin was pale compared to her own, but her features were amazing:

Her cute, little tail in identical color of her hair, her soft, white skin, cute, almost angelic face, and, making Jiki smile mentally, rather busty breasts.

“Hold on, sweetie” Jiki smiled, sitting up and removing her own clothes.

Now it was Kiro’s turn to be amazed: Jiki’s dark-brown skin, her irresistibly cute face, and rather large breasts.

“Let’s see now, little kitty…” Jiki smiled teasingly as she went down on Kiro, touching her almost everywhere; when she touched her breasts, Kiro blushed violently and sent Jiki a suggestive wink.

After about a minute’s search, Jiki found Kiro’s ticklish spot to be the tip of her tail; Kiro began to giggle in delight as Jiki carefully used the tail to tickle her armpits.
“Jih-kihih! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! N-no! St-stop it! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih!” Kiro giggled delightfully.

As their tickling went on, Jiki and Kiro began to realize a new feeling growing inside them; the sight of each others’ naked bodies fuelled that feeling, and eventually the fun in the tickling faded away, being replaced with a sudden desire.

“Kiro…” Jiki suddenly stopped laughing as she carefully fondled Kiro’s fingers; she looked into Kiro’s bright, blue eyes, and slowly pulled Kiro’s hand towards her chest.

“Ji-Jiki…?” Kiro asked confused, stretching her hand out, releasing it from Jiki’s grab, and suddenly verbing Jiki’s left breast.

As silence suddenly fell, it was just as suddenly gone as first Jiki then Kiro began to giggle; the giggle turned to laughing, and the laughing to a heartily embrace.

“Kiro, I just don’t know if we should…” Jiki said a little uncertain.

“Play a little? Not if you don’t want to…” Kiro assured Jiki, although Kiro's teasing undertone and Jiki's huge smile finished the very sentence as Jiki moved in closer to Kiro.

“Kiro…” Jiki said as leaned over Kiro; “...I want to play, but just not only with my body; I…I…” Jiki paused, caught off guard by Kiro’s smiling, cute face; she looked so pure, so innocent…
“...I want to give you my heart, my soul, and my love” Jiki finished, feeling as if she had leapt over a cliff, still floating in midair.

“Me, too…” was Kiro’s sweet voice as a whisper in Jiki’s sub consciousness; she opened her eyes and stared at Kiro; she had slowly pinned down on the bed by only pressing their noses together.

Jiki smiled; she wanted to free herself of all possible bindings, so she pressed deeper into a lovingly kiss, making Kiro moan in happiness.

Kiro loved the way Jiki touched, teased and played with her; as Jiki winked playfully, their mouths still closed in the kiss, Kiro returned the wink; dear Gods, how they both had waited for this day:

Where the archway to a new life lay open before them.

After a while they lay down on the bed in a loving embrace, feeling their emotions running wild; they slowly fondled each other, and Jiki’s mere breathe on Kiro’s neck made her small hairs stand.

“My love, my soul and my heart are yours, Jiki” Kiro rubbed her eyes as a tear fell from it; “you’re the only person I’ve ever really loved!”

“Oh, sweetie…” Jiki leaned up and embraced Kiro; as they embraced, they both cried silently in happiness.
Releasing each other, Jiki was surprised to see Kiro’s tongue stick teasingly out of her mouth.

Jiki smiled and kissed Kiro’s tongue, leading to their mouths enclosing in a kiss, both their tongues twirling around in their mouths.

“Kiro, I love you, but I need to show it…” Jiki whispered into Kiro’s right ear, sticking her tongue out as she used it to play with Kiro’s earflap; the tickling feeling made Kiro giggle as she looked at Jiki.

“But I’ve got a secret for you; it’s only fair to be sincere” Kiro stated seriously as her teasing look disappeared; “well, yesterday before you came back … I just couldn’t hide my love for you anymore; I didn’t dare show you, so…"

Jiki looked more surprised by each second then Kiro had feared, but she wanted to be sincere with Jiki, so she let out a long sigh and spoke:”…I played with myself…”

The silence did not last more than a few seconds before Jiki started smiling; she leaned over Kiro, who looked confused at Jiki.

“I did the same yesterday…when you came home I had barely cleared up…” Jiki silently spoke in Kiro’s ear.

Kiro’s eyes widened and she looked up on Jiki like if she had seen an alien.
“Why, you naughty brat!” she suddenly laughed and laid down on Jiki; as they both laughed, the strange feeling struck back, this time with a force so powerful that it felt like a missile hitting a tank hull.

“Kiro…” Jiki said weakly as she looked into her girlfriend’s eyes; “...should we...?”

“Ha-have sex? Isn’t it a bit too mature? I mean we ought to…” Kiro began to flap her arms around in embarrassment; as Jiki saw that, she lost all self-control and fell on her back, laughing out loud at Kiro’s silly flapping around.

“Oh, Goddess…sorry, sweetie, but it just looked too hilarious…!” Jiki panted after her outburst; Kiro sat beside her and smiled broadly; suddenly Jiki jumped up and seized hold of Kiro’s wrists; she gently forced Kiro down and looked deeply into her eyes.

“Sweetie, I love you, but sometimes words aren’t enough…” Kiro smiled widely at Jiki, finding the courage to carry out what Jiki hoped to just by looking at her, Kiro closed her eyes and let out a pleasant sigh, opened them again and smiled; “let’s make love; I’d be a liar if I said you’re not quiet attractive” she winked at the last line.

Jiki blushed, and giggled as she teasingly let her hand stroke Kiro’s right breast; as she whimpered, Jiki leaned down to her ear, whispering; “you’re not bad looking either, sweetie…”

Jiki began touching Kiro’s smooth skin delicately as she softly nipped Kiro’s one ear flap.

Kiro enjoyed the slow and easy touches, and let out a pleasant sigh; before long, Jiki’s touches grew more passionate, but to tease her a bit, Kiro slowly leaned up, gently pulling Jiki down.

Jiki’s skin, already somewhat in flames from inside from a burning desire to do away with the little cute girl in front of her made her smile seducing, but also twitch her face in unbearable desire.

Kiro did not seem to be unaffected, either; her tail flickered and her breathing became more loud; then, as Jiki made ready to lean over Kiro, she almost flew over Jiki, sitting atop her.

“Ji-…ki…” she stammered; through her half-closed eyes, Kiro could see the surprised and sweet girl under her looking confused yet anticipating at her.

“JIH-KI-I-IH!” Kiro suddenly yelled with a desire that was enveloping from the very bottom of her heart; she got flashbacks of all the naughty thoughts and dreams she had had about Jiki, and almost cried in happiness that she could finally cut loose without going mad, and even with her girlfriend’s heartily acceptance.

"Jiki, I'm...I'm so sorry but I can't...I NEED YOU!" Kiro wailed as she threw her tear-swept to Jiki's chest, crying.
" little angel...!" Jiki sniffed as she cried as well, hugging Kiro tightly, feeling herself letting all defenses fall as she surrendered herself to Kiro's mercy.

"Sweetie...?" Kiro now purred, her eyes still running with tears; Jiki smiled through her own tears and wiped Kiro's eyes with her thumb; Kiro stroke herself passionatly against Jiki, not knowing how to please her girlfriend fully.

However, the human instinct, buried deeply in her sub-consciousness, guided her hands, arms and whole body; Jiki felt the same, and kept hugging Kiro tightly, pressing their breasts together, their eyes flickering, wet with tears of happiness, and their mouths drooling.

Suddenly, Kiro grabbed hold of Jiki's breasts, and with a passion that Jiki barely thought humans to be able to feel, she directly molested and slurped on Jiki’s breasts; she hugged Jiki so tightly as she could as she felt her girlfriend’s skin against her own, making her mind twirl.

"Ohhh...!" Jiki moaned as Kiro kept up pleasing her; as neither of them had ever had sex, only mastrubating at the thought of each other, they gave into their desire, pleasure and trust in each other.

“Kiro, please…let me, too…” Jiki panted as the pleasure in every part of her being yearned for Kiro; the little cute girl around her were so sweet, and Jiki’s most forbidden desires urged her to release them upon Kiro, and she could finally let that happen:

To show Kiro her love would be the happiest moment of her life, and her heart followed suit by beating faster.

Kiro sent Jiki a teasing wink and giggled lightly; not seconds after, Jiki were fondling Kiro’s hair, and pressing her breasts against Kiro’s; at that point, their bodies were as ablaze from inside, making their desire impossible to suppress anymore.

"Oh, Gods...!" Jiki uttered as she Kiro approached her face with a directly horny look; feeling so as well, Jiki grabbed hold of Kiro's head and kissed and kissed her so passionatly that drool came out of their mouths and their tongues went wild.

They rubbed their bodies together, and let out screams of ecstasy as they kept up making out.
"OH! That's it, Jiki! Feel it! Give into it!" Kiro whined as they both lost control of their voices, making them high-pitched and little-girlish:

In both their minds, they knew this was the reason for their former masturbation at the thought of each other, and seeing themselves acting naughty right now tossed them into blind desire.

"YES! I desire you, Kiro! I want you forever, sweeti-i-ie!" Jiki howled with primal desire, Kiro replying with a hungry look in her eyes and her tongue flickering on Jiki's right breast.

"Oh! I want you, too! You're so naughty! I want you! I WANT YOU, JIKI-I-IH!" Kiro yelled with animalistic desire; Jiki replied by stroking her head against Kiro's in a mix of her sweaty blond hair and Kiro's just as sweaty white hair.

"A-a-a-a-a-a-ah! Yeah!" Jiki whined as Kiro's body kept rubbing against her; she mindlessly reached out and grabbed hold on Kiro's back, thightening their embrace and feeling their breasts press harder together.

"Yes! YES! I wanna feel them, Jiki! Press them! Press them ha-a-ard!!!" Kiro squealed as she began grabbing Jiki's hair forcibly, apparently turning Jiki on.
YE-E-E-ES! Oh, my Goddess! Boobies! Boobi-i-i-ies!" Jiki yelled out loud as she felt Kiro's on her own.

They could feel the sweat that their bodies let off, as it glittered like stars on the sky, and their long buried love and desire for each other made them break the limits of what mortals were thought to have.

Their brown and white skin were soon drenched with sweat, and their hair lying all over their faces; their tongues wrestled for control, and the drool kept falling from their mouths in horniness.

Tongues flickered, their breasts bounced against each others, and their thighs moved violently as they kept rubbing each other, their eyes and mouths dripping with tears and drool of pleasure and desire.

"OH! Oh, ye-e-e-es! It feels so good! So freakin' good!!!" Kiro yelled out, Jiki joining in; they managed to smile at each other as they kept rubbing each other, but now they also felt wetness between their legs.

"No, not already! But...but you'!" Jiki shrieked as she could feel both her and Kiro's bodies beginning to give into their orgasm and climax of their lovemaking.

No mortal or immortal would have believed the following moments; Jiki and Kiro shrieked, yelled out and laughed in delight, desire and pleasure as they teasingly rubbed their breasts together, romped around, and finally found their legs intertwined in each other, rubbing their nether lips together in a mess of sweat-soaked public hair.

Screams of pleasure and heartily love declarations flew around in the room as Jiki and Kiro’s love grew a physical form; their bodies were soaked in sweat, and their mouths wide with broad smiles.

“Oh! You naughty girl…!” Jiki smiled as Kiro lay under her legs, licking her pussy; Kiro’s giggling face showed up under Jiki, and she winked at her before resuming her licking of Jiki's blond lush bush of public hair, teasingly napping at her g-spot.

“Please; more…!” Jiki groaned lustfully, smiling as she lay down and slowly used her hands to press Kiro’s head further between her legs, letting Kiro's hot tongue into her forest of blond and soft public hair and nether lips.

"Oh, yes! There!, Oh, goddess, play with me! Kiss it! Kiss it deep!" Jiki whimpered hotly.

"Hih hih hih! You've got such a cute, little clit, Jiki! Just like you!" Kiro smiled lovingly at Jiki, going down again as she began kissing Jiki's pussy and snap her lips against her sensitive g-spot.

"No-nohohohohoh! It's, it's so bad! Hih! Hih! You naughty girl!" Jiki giggled as she felt the overwhelming sensivity and tickling feeling; she could simply not get enough of it.

As Jiki cooed in delight, Kiro began using her hands to verb Jiki’s breasts once more… Soon cries of pleasure echoed in the room, as Jiki and Kiro found themselves with their legs locked into each other, rubbing their nether lips together.

“Oh, sweet goddess…please…Kiro…” Jiki panted in desire as all earthly pleasures was given to her by her girlfriend and love of her life, Kiro, who also seemed rather horny.

“Ji…ki…! Oh, Goddess, please me-e-e-e-e!” she whined as Jiki made a trust into her clit with her own; small traces of white liquids could clearly be seen, and a few drops also hang in the blond and white public hair; as Jiki and Kiro saw that, and then turned their heads to look at each other, a renewed wave of unbridled desire grabbed them.

They passed all their remaining energies into pleasing themselves, and they could think of nothing but themselves and to please each other.
“JIKI-I-I-I-I! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU-U-U-U-U!” Kiro exclaimed in pure desire as she completely gave into her desire.

“KIRO, I’M…I’M CUMMING! MAKE LOVE TO ME! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” Jiki yelled out as her body could not control her desire.

“JIKI-I-I-I-I-I!!!” Kiro wailed as her body was surrendering…

“KIRO-O-O-O-O-O!” Jiki exclaimed herself as hers and Kiro’s body gave in; as they came, they almost lost consciousness due to their exhaustion, but managed to stand up on their elbows.

As they panted from the incredible experience, their sweat-covered bodies slowly recovered, and they sent each other a look of the deepest and most beautiful love they had:

For each other.

“That...that felt so incredible! I didn’t know you could be so naughty, Jiki” Kiro smiled heartily; they smiled at each other, and soon fell down on the bed once again, laying calmly and at peace.
Kiro lay down besides Jiki, starring into the clear sky shinning through their window above.

Beside her, Jiki laid an arm around Kiro’s neck, kissing her softly on the cheek; Kiro replied by teasingly licking Jiki’s nose before she laid her head to rest on Jiki’s left breast.

“Jiki…” she said slowly; “that thing before…was the best feeling I’ve had all my life…”
“Me, too; I can’t believe it feels so fun to have sex” Jiki smiled at Kiro.

"I love you, Kiro, with all my heart" Jiki sniffed and smiled at her girlfriend, recieving a loving kiss in reply.

"I love you, too Jiki" Kiro smiled at her, Kiro's smile turning rather naughty...

“It feels good, too…” Kiro purred teasingly as she leaned towards Jiki; “for first-timers, I’d say we did pretty good.”

“You have a habit of stealing my lines, you know that?” Jiki teased back; Kiro laughed and slid under Jiki’s arm, lying with her on top as she fingered her nipples and fondled her breasts.

“Nippie, nippie, nippie!” Kiro teased as Jiki let out loud moans; she leaned her head back a bit, and found Kiro ready with a passionate kiss; Jiki purred happily and accepted it, enjoying how Kiro teased her body.

"Umm, I'm still hungry..." Kiro purred as she began suckling, licking and drooling on Jiki's breasts; as Jiki opened her eyes and looked down, she smiled and gave a small giggle.

"That tickles...!" Jiki just managed to speak before she was forced down again as Kiro now lay her body on Jiki's, resuming her slurping.

"It tastes like honey; you're so sweet..." Kiro sent Jiki a warm smile as she kept sucking.

"Thanks, sweetie" Jiki purred, but when Kiro loosened her mouth a little, Jiki found her chance to play a joke on Kiro, so she rose a bit and pressed Kiro's head in between her breasts.

"Me-e-ep!" Kiro whined as she found first her nose, then her half face planted into Jiki's breasts; neither her nor Jiki could help but laugh, and Kiro got her head out.

"Hih hih hih! You're so bad, Jiki! I could've lost my way in there!" Kiro teased.

"Need a GPS?" Jiki teased back, making Kiro giggle.

As Jiki now lay upon Kiro, she could feel her energy returning and looked down at Kiro, who had closed her eyes and rested pleasently with her nose against Jiki's armpit.

“I’m just sorry I couldn‘t ‘leave my mark’” Jiki said, not even realizing how suggestive her words had been until Kiro laughed heartily under her, pressing Jiki into an even more tight embrace as Jiki’s shoulders massaged Kiro’s breasts.

“Who said you couldn’t?” Kiro winked at Jiki; dead confused, Jiki watched as Kiro jumped easily out of the bed, walking over to a small closet.

“It was kinda private, but I think you deserve to know the truth” Kiro smiled a little embarrassed; as she opened the closet, Jiki’s mind went bank for a few moments:

Inside were a load of erotic stuff; a picture of a smiling Jiki strapping on her jacket filled the closet’s left door; in a small corner, something glittering and black caught Jiki’s attention.

“What’s that?” she asked, although she had theories enough to make an entire report.

“Oh, it’s my, umm…” Kiro rubbed her neck in embarrassment; Jiki giggled at Kiro’s silly red face and walked over to her, grabbing her breasts from behind.

“Tell me, or I’ll tickle you as well!” she joked; although Kiro loved Jiki’s fondling of her breasts to the fullest, she slipped loose of her lustful thoughts and explained:

“I’m kinda a fetish fan; mine’s latex because it’s so tight on your skin…” she said, not able to smile a little embarrassed.

“Wow, not bad; I bet you’d look sexy in that” Jiki both teased and smiled; Kiro giggled, and bend down to grab the suit and a small bag.

“Nice view” Jiki joked kinkily; Kiro blushed and let out a high-pitched giggle.

“Well, Jiki; I’ve heard rumors you’re into fetish, yourself…” Kiro smiled carefully at Jiki.

Despite being irritated that someone would tell her secrets to just about anyone, she laughed mentally by the thought that the only one to truly know it was her girlfriend.

“Yeah, I love leather; it’s so…wild and kinky…” Jiki smiled as she had enormous difficulty to not imagine a sexy Kiro with opened leather jacket and boots and gloves.

“Then I’m sure you’d like this” Kiro smiled as she handed Jiki the bag; looking inside, Jiki let out a shriek as when a kid spots something under the Christmas tree that it had wished for the whole year:

Inside were wrist-long gloves, knee-high boots, tight-sitting pants, a skimpy vest, and finally a light jacket; all in the shiniest, black leather.

Jiki’s eyes flooded with tears of happiness, and she looked so thankfully at her that Kiro could have sworn that Jiki’s irises became heart-shaped.

“Sweetie…” Jiki said formally, although in a suggestive undertone; “as my girlfriend, would you wear this for me?”Kiro looked at the outfit; it looked sexy enough, and although she was into latex, she smiled and seized the parts.

“Would you wear mine, then?” she asked Jiki and pointed at the small plastic bag her outfit was in; Jiki nodded and smiling kinkily as she saw the content:

A tight-fitting catsuit, thigh-high boots and elbow long gloves of latex lay in there, and she snatched it.
After dressing up using different rooms to double the fun, Jiki was finished first:

As Kiro came out in her new outfit, still not able but to feel rather naughty in her leather outfit, she found Jiki’s eyes to be waiting for her under a blanket.

“Lemme see you!” Kiro smiled eagerly; in her mind, she knew that when Jiki showed herself, she would have problems not to get naughty thoughts of her.

Smiling, Jiki threw the blanket back on the bed, standing in front of Kiro; to her, it felt as if all she had just entered her most naughty daydream:

Jiki’s suit clung to her skin, and it shun dimly in the broad moonlight from the window in the roof.
To top it all, Jiki smiled sexily at Kiro as she began laying down and do the most suggestive poses and gestures Kiro could have dreamed of.

Not able to stop herself or take her eyes off Jiki, Kiro’s hand instantly found its way into her pants; without even knowing, she was masturbating at Jiki.

“There, there, sexy thing; it’s your turn now” Jiki teased as Kiro returned from her live daydream; as Jiki bend to help Kiro up, she noticed to her joy and secret desire that Jiki had not bothered zipping her suit completely at her breasts.

Kiro now began posing; at a time, she leaned back, held herself on her legs and spread them; Jiki felt the strongest temptation ever to just lean out and suck on Kiro’s leather-covered pussy, but she remained in control.

After Kiro’s posing and movements, both girls nodded; smiling kinkily at each other, they went down on the bed and each other.

“Oh, goddess…!” Kiro hissed in pleasure as Jiki’s tongue moved over the leather vest, teasingly licking under it to taste Kiro’s nipples.

“C’mon; I wanna see you boobies!”Jiki smiled; she slowly removed the straps behind the vest with both hands, giving Kiro a nice view into her suit.

Now bared for attack, Kiro laughed out as Jiki began teasingly playing with her nipple; however, soon their lust was ablaze, and both leather and latex and skin shun from sweat.

“Jiki…” Kiro suddenly said between her screams of pleasure; stopping, Jiki looked expectantly at her girlfriend; “...I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore; I want you to rape me.”

“Me, too; I want to make you feel happy...” Jiki gave a weak smile due to her exhaustion; as they were girlfriends now, she could feel herself being somewhat guilty by also stealing Kiro's virginity.

Apprently Kiro thought the same, so sat up in front of Jiki and kissed her lovingly.

"It's OK, Jiki; I'm going to be with you forever" Kiro smiled, a few tears of joy falling from her eyes.

"Oh, Kiro..." Jiki sniffed as she slung her arms around her; Kiro returned the hug, smiling happily with her head resting on Jiki's shoulder.

"Shall I?" Jiki asked, knowing that a girl's virginity was only to be taken by her loved one.

"Yes, you shall!" Kiro playful gave Jiki a quick rustling of her hair and a giggle, then laying down again and spreading her legs.

“In that box over there, there’s something we can use” Kiro pointed at a small box in the closet; standing up, Jiki found the oblong object and handed it to Kiro, who gave a sexy wink.

“It’s a dildo; it’s kinda like being screwed, but just not too hard, ‘cause that’s supposed to be quiet a pain.”
“Trust me: I’d never do any harm to you” Jiki smiled at Kiro; to her, it was completely obvious; she knew about hers and Kiro’s anatomy by now.

“Now lemme show you just how good this can get!” Kiro smiled kinkily as she stuck the one end of the dildo into her own pussy; she gave a quick scream of joy, now turning to Jiki.

“Now it’s your turn” she winked at Jiki as she leaned over her; though nervous, Jiki opened the small zipper to her pussy in her suit and let the dildo penetrate it.

She screamed out loud, Kiro soon following suit; pushing the dildo in deeper, Jiki grit her teeth and moaned loudly; Kiro looked anticipating at Jiki, enjoying the vibrations she made.

“Jiki…” she said with her most sexy voice, instantly turning Jiki on; “…screw me!”

And so Jiki did; she trusted the dildo into Kiro, who replied by pushing back; the erotic toy and their wild sex game went on and on, and their glistering and glittering suits turned the other more and more on.

Eventually, Jiki sat atop the dildo, rubbing her half-naked body against Kiro’s equally half-naked one; their discarded pants, jack, vest and suit, which Jiki had found to be giving her too much heat, lay on the floor; however, they both kept their boots and gloves on, both feeling that it feel quiet on-turning.

“OH, JIKI, PLEASE! I’M CUMMING! KEEP BANGING ME!” Kiro yelled as Jiki kept pushing the dildo into her; from both their cum, a few traces of blood marked that their virtues were no more.

“KEEP IT UP, KIRO! I WANT THIS! SCREW ME-E-E-E!!!” Jiki screamed as they both came; falling on the bed, they both quickly regained their strength.

“I’m not finished screwing you yet!” Kiro teased kinkily as she rubbed her gloved hands all over Jiki’s breasts, making her moan.

“Neither am I; you’re too cute to only be screwed once!” Jiki giggled, returning the favor by fingering Kiro’s pussy.

“OH! Why, you naughty…!” Kiro laughed, grabbing Jiki by her legs and bending her down enough for her to borrow her tongue in her pussy.

“YE-E-E-E-ES!” Jiki howled in pleasure, being let down as she used her hands to press Kiro’s tongue and head in deeper; "WO-O-O-H-O-O-OH! OH, GODS! I LOVE THIS!" Jiki laughed heartily in a mix of pleasure and cheer.

“Oh, and just you know it…” Kiro suddenly stopped, looking at Jiki, who could not wait for her to continue.

“…You look so sexy in latex” Kiro winked playfully, causing a giggle from Jiki, followed by a long moan as Kiro resumed licking her pussy.

“And you’re looking so hot in leather” Jiki smiled, fondling Kiro’s hair as she kept licking Jiki’s pussy; "I'm gonna bang you after this!"

"Would you?! Oh, please bang me! Bang me all you want!" Kiro eagerly said, truthfully wanting it; Jiki were not only her true love, but also one heck of a tigress in bed!

"You silly little kitty! I'll screw you 'till you can't walk!" Jiki laughed at her; to her, Kiro was her one, true love, and a little wildcat in bed!

"Can we change to our best outfits?" Kiro asked, really wanting gloves and boots back now that Jiki had used it.

"Surely, sweetie" Jiki smiled at her, stripping out of her latex fetishes while Kiro took of Jiki's leather outfit; as they dressed in solely boots and gloves, they could feel themselves enjoying the dominative feeling...and the pleasent heat from between their legs at the sight of each other.

"Uhmmm, it smells so...Kiro-like..." Jiki sighed pleasently at the smell of her girlfriend in everything from the gloves to the boots.

"Uhmm, you smell yummy! All ready to eat!" Kiro joked as she got her catsuit on; as she pulled on her gloves and were reaching for her one boot, she found Jiki to be fondling it between her breasts.

"What? It's got you in it!" Jiki joked; as Kiro fell backwards, laughing out loud at the hilarious face of Jiki's, she finished with the boot; how wonderous how Kiro could make everything, even a boot look sexy.

As Kiro were laughing on the bed, Jiki headed for Kiro's closet, finding a pair of dark sunglasses and a black leather cap; she looked a little further, and a smile spread over her lips.

"You're going down, kitty, 'cause HERE I GO!" Jiki cheered; she grabbed a strap-on dildo as if out of nowhere, and thrusted it into Kiro's pussy, who could be compeared to being as wet as a breaking dam;

"WA-A-AGH! NO FAIR! NO FAIR! I WASN'T READY!" Kiro laughed as she felt herself bounce her butt against Jiki's strap-on, her laughing replaced with a joyful scream and a lustful smile as she was banged by Jiki.

"You're going down, kitty!" Jiki smiled deviously as she pushed the strap-on harder into Kiro, her new 'bad girl' add-ons making Kiro wail in pleasure, especially when Jiki gently but forcibly grabbed her hair, frocing her a little behind, still thrusting the strap-on harder in.

"AR-R-R-R-RAGH! Oh, bang me, girlie! Bang me SO good...!" Kiro shrieked as she saw her drool hit the bed sheets.

"Uhmm, oh yes...that cute little moan...!" Jiki said, clearly being turned on; "you're so cute, Kiro;moan for me...please...!"

"Meow! The kitty be wanting this! Me-e-eow!" Kiro meowed, causing Jiki to drool and exclaim a shriek of pleasure, Kiro joining in as Jiki began bending down and groping her breasts.

"You're so sexy, sweetie, but that's the best you got?" Kiro teased, encouraging Jiki to do her harder; Jiki chuckled, beginning to nip Kiro's nipples and letting her tongue into her ear in playfulness, much to Kiro's great delight

"Are you sure? You'll be getting a sore butt" Jiki 'warned' as she took the strap-on a little out; she smiled lustfully as she saw how it was soaking with Kiro's cum.

"NO! For Shinris' sake don't stop!" Kiro screamed, thrusting herself backwards into the strap-on; as Jiki now discovered, the strap-on's backside slided between her legs, turning her on as well.

"Oh! OH-H-H-H! SAY IT, SWEETIE! Oh! Tell me I'm sexy! That I'm horny!" Jiki now pleaded Kiro, who were not late to respond.

"C'mon! Bang me hard, you sexy girl! You know you wan-n-n-n-na!" Kiro teased as she looked behind her, seeing Jiki's glasses-covered face drip with sweat and her mouth drooling in horniness.

"Uhmm! Oh, yeah! Oh, sweet Shinris, I'm so freaking WE-E-E-E-ET!" she yelled out; surprising them both, Jiki tore the strap-on out of her pussy, bending down and Kiro and rubbing their bodies together.

"Sweetie! I wanna cum like this! Make me cum!" Jiki begged Kiro as she rubbed her sweaty and hot body against Kiro's equally hot body.

"Oh, yeah! You're so naughty, Jiki! C'mere!" Kiro smiled at her as she pressed Jiki into her embrace, kissing her wildly.

"Oh, yeah! You love them, right?! You wanna use 'em as pillows as grope them! Do it! Give it to me, you horny girl!" Kiro laughed as she pressed Jiki's face into her breasts.

"Oh, my boobies...Oh, so good...I'm gonna; I'm, I'm gonna...! OH-H-H! You little sex-kitty! I'm gonna drain you!" Jiki giggled hornily at Kiro, now felt the wetness of a comming climax approaching.

"You pussy's so wet! Uhmm! A real good pussy! I wanna make you beg for it! You want my pussy, Kiro!" Jiki now giggled at Kiro as she sent her mental images of what Jiki could do to her pussy; Kiro wailed and tried and hold back the orgasm.

"You're gonna be sorry! I'll lick you dry, you horny little sex-hottie! C'mon! Blow for me! Gimme your cum!" Kiro now returned the favor.


"JIKI! GIMME IT! YOU WANNA CUM SO MADLY! C'MON, YOU NAUGHTY GIRL! CUM FOR ME! I WANNA SEE YOU CUM, YOU SEXY HOTTIE!" Kiro noe exclaimed as she completly lost any control she had over her body.


The mental image exchange, anughty words and the tight hugging made Jiki and Kiro scream to their lungs' limit a they came; white liquid were slowly running from their pussies down on the bed sweets.

Jiki and Kiro’s wild romping and games went through most of the night, in which Jiki one time went as far as to rub her pussy into Kiro’s, making them both squeal to their lungs’ limits.

In the morning after a few hours’ sleep, the two girls woke up, discovering themselves to still be wearing parts of their fetish outfits; laughing, they gave each other a suggestive smile, and went down again.

“KIRO! I WANT YOU…I WANT YOU IN MY HEART!” Jiki screamed out as embraced Kiro; she surrendered all constitution and rubbed her body against Kiro’s.

“JIKI! YE-E-ES! OH, LOVE ME LIKE THAT! PLEASE ME-E-E!” Kiro exclaimed as she smiled broadly.As they continued romping around and making love, they both eventually ended panting and dead thirsty.

“I need something to drink” Kiro said, standing up sending Jiki a soft smile as she went for the kitchen.

When she returned, Jiki noticed she had brought two cups and two cans of cold water; "let’s try drinking in the showers; could be fun” Kiro suggested, knowing her excuse for luring Jiki into the showers was purely lame.

“Sure!” Jiki smiled; she knew Kiro was up to something, and she smilingly anticipated it.
Settling down on the warmed up stone floor, Jiki and took some rather large cups of water from the first can.

“What’s with that other can?” Jiki asked as she emptied her cup. “We-e-ell…” Kiro said sneakily as they emptied the first can; she put the emptied can and cups away sitting over with her legs over her waist.

“I kinda wanted to see how you reacted to this!” Kiro smiled teasingly, empting a bit of the now mildly warm water on Jiki’s breasts.“E-E-E-E-EK! You meanie!” Jiki giggled as the water felt quiet good on her exhausted body.

“Well, why don’t you have it all? It’s on the house!” Kiro laughed as she emptied the rest of the water on Jiki’s head.

“Oh, Gods! That felt kinky!” Jiki laughed as she smiled at Kiro; she wanted to make that naughty, little elf pay!

“Come here!” she playfully jumped on Kiro; as their romping continued, they ended up in the pool in the room’s one end.

As Kiro’s head appeared the water, she pulled Jiki up, teasingly letting her tongue loose all over her face; Jiki smiled and opened her mouth for Kiro’s tongue to get in.

“Let’s do it again, right here in the water” Jiki suggested; Kiro nodded weakly, as she felt herself getting horny looking at Jiki in her wet fetish outfit.

“No loose ends here!” she giggled as she once again went down on Jiki as the two girls continued their playful lovemaking in the warm water.

As the time passed, Kiro emerged from under the water, splashing water to all sides; a few seconds later, Jiki appeared as well, smiling at Kiro.

“Let’s face it: We can’t do it under water” she joked.

“Hih Hih, yeah, you’re right…” Kiro sighed pleasantly and went up from the basin; she helped Jiki up and went to pick up some towels; they dried up and headed for bed, cuddling tightly and happily.

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