Story: Tales of Darkness - The Twilight Tales (all chapters)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 1

Title: Twilight Tales - The Night of the Angels

[Author's notes: First chapter of the The Twilight Tales story, this one being the more emotional one (fitting for Jiki and Kiro).]

I love you.”

The three words both Jiki and Kiro uttered at the same time through their tears and nervous breathe; both of them sat on their bed, just having returned home after getting kicked out of the military White Guardian Force.

“Jiki, I…I’m just so selfish…” Kiro sobbed as she looked at her best friend; how could she even dare to assume that Jiki would love her?

“No, you’re not, I’m just…” Jiki began, but paused as she was stroke by doubt; their tormentor and ‘commander’ Thranska lay dead at his office, beheaded by the mysterious, black beast that had appeared when he had tried and hurt Jiki due to her constant attempt to fight back.

He had used his pistol and slammed Jiki to the ground, which proved to be a fatal mistake; the recently arrived creature roared llike a monster, and a sword made of some kind of invisible energy soared through thin air and beheaded Thranska.

Meanwhile Kiro was fleeing with Jiki.

“Jiki, I just wish I could…I WISH I WASN’T SUCH A FREAK!” Kiro cried loudly; “I really mean what I said, but we’re both girls! We can’t just…”

Her sentence were paused as Jiki sat beside her and stroke her arm, caressing it silently; she wore a small smile on her lips, and Kiro once again felt the temptation to kiss Jiki, and to feel her soft lips against her own.

“Kiro, being girls cannot stop us from loving each other; I…I really want to be with you, Kiro…” Jiki sobbed a bit, then sniffed and smiled at Kiro, putting her head on Kiro’s shoulder.

Kiro surrendered to her inner feelings as she silently cried in happiness on Jiki’s shoulders; surprising to Kiro, Jiki cried as well, and she somehow knew it was for the same reasons.“Kiro…I’m so happy with you…” Jiki sobbed as her tears fell down Kiro’s spine.

Kiro cuddled Jiki even more tightly, smiling as she softly caressed Jiki’s hair.

“I love you, Jiki…” Kiro whispered in Jiki’s ear, making her tighten the grab around Kiro; they were completely lost in their feelings of love, which made them feel a comfortable shiver of happiness running through their veins.

Jiki suddenly reached out for Kiro’s shoulders; she pulled her head back a bit and eyed Kiro; as she locked eyes with Jiki, Kiro could feel the confusion of love, attraction and desire for Jiki’s lips rushing over her like a wave; she had trouble controlling as the blond Jiki smiled lovingly at her.

“Jiki…could you…please; I know it’s wrong, but…c-could you please…k-kiss me, just once…?” Kiro almost whispered, but Jiki was not taken aback the least; instead, she beamed as tears of joy feel down her chins; their very first kiss…

Such a pleasant thought was like a ray of sunshine on a stormy day, not that Jiki would say that her day was nothing but blessed; in front of her, Kiro seemed to have the same opinion as her arms slowly wrapped around Jiki’s shoulders.

“Oh, Kiro…” Jiki sniffed happily, leaning her head to Kiro’s, coming closer and closer.“Jiki…” Kiro whispered softly; she could not believe how long she had dreamed about this moment; it had been her most forbidden desire, her ultimate love…to show Jiki just how much she loved her.

Her mind returned to her body as she felt Jiki’s lips on her own; she lovingly replied the kiss, and, more or less by accident, let her tongue in and touched Jiki’s.Jiki’s mind froze; she had longed for this moment as if it had been an eternal daydream:

She wanted to be Kiro’s girlfriend, no matter if others, their former superiors, or even the gods themselves would object!

As Kiro’s tongue slipped and the kiss slowly broke, Jiki and Kiro eyed each other; small sparks shot back and forth, and the love inside their very hearts and souls screamed so loudly that it almost hurt.

“Kiro…” Jiki began as she silently and lovingly stroke Kiro’s tail; “…I will ‘never’ leave you; not for anyone; I love you!”

“Jiki…” Kiro silently spoke, feeling her emotions let loose; she bent her head against Jiki’s hand, and longingly stroke it against it.

Jiki was the first to submit to her love, as she began to slowly touch Kiro’s arm and up to her throat; Kiro closed her eyes, and let out a small, pleasant sigh.

The minutes passed; Jiki first touched Kiro pleasantly, feeling all the years of suffering from her military life fading way; being with Kiro was like passing through a golden archway into freedom.

However, Kiro suddenly gently seized hold of Jiki’s hand, surprising her; the white-haired girl opened her sapphire eyes, and smiled lovingly and somewhat teasingly at Jiki.

“Jiki…” was the only thing she said as she gently pulled Jiki under her, laying down on her; she began stroking Jiki’s chin, catching the small tears of joy from herself and Jiki with her fingers.

“Kiro…” Jiki whispered lovingly, as Kiro now went down on her and kissed her softly; every kiss was as if an enchantment was cast on her, and she almost floated with Kiro on a white cloud; as they embraced, they felt utmost serenity and comfort in each others’ company.

Rays of moonlight hit them as they began cuddling, and they closed their eyes as they silently fell half asleep, Kiro resting her head on Jiki’s chest.

Jiki and Kiro could feel their emotions running around in their minds; being with each other was like escaping from the hellish torments their military careers had given them:
They were finally free, and could continue their lives together.

However, Jiki’s most well-guarded secret was soon revealed, as Kiro’s teasing touches led her to Jiki’s armpit; as she touched the small hairs, Jiki let out a low-pitched giggle.

“Ple-please…” Jiki panted, but Kiro simply gave her a teasing smile; she used two fingers as she pressed them against Jiki’s armpit, and her sensitive skin and nerves made the blond-haired girl laugh out.

“You’re ticklish?” Kiro smiled at Jiki, who could nothing but to return it; she knew Kiro would abuse that knowledge, but she did not mind; in fact, she longed for it.

“Don’t you dare…” she both teased and encouraged Kiro to go on, and Kiro let out a giggle; delightfully she used her hands on Jiki’s armpits, making her let out a high-pitched giggle as she felt her skin tickle.

Kiro mercilessly tickled Jiki, making her laugh out happily; she delighted in the fact that it was Kiro, not anyone else, who had found out about her secret.

“Khih-Kiro! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! N-no-o-ohohohoh! Mercy! Hih! Hih! Hih! Stop! It tihih-ckles!” Jiki laughed, but she really did not mind.

However, Kiro stopped, but only in a matter of tease as she lay down besides Jiki, softly rubbing her stomach.“Now it’s your turn” she smiled, going as far as to strip out of her remaining clothes, lying completely naked.

Jiki could not in her wildest dreams have described Kiro’s beauty: Her skin was pale compared to her own, but her features were amazing:

Her cute, little tail in identical color of her hair, her soft, white skin, cute, almost angelic face, and, making Jiki smile mentally, rather busty breasts.

“Hold on, sweetie” Jiki smiled, sitting up and removing her own clothes.

Now it was Kiro’s turn to be amazed: Jiki’s dark-brown skin, her irresistibly cute face, and rather large breasts.

“Let’s see now, little kitty…” Jiki smiled teasingly as she went down on Kiro, touching her almost everywhere; when she touched her breasts, Kiro blushed violently and sent Jiki a suggestive wink.

After about a minute’s search, Jiki found Kiro’s ticklish spot to be the tip of her tail; Kiro began to giggle in delight as Jiki carefully used the tail to tickle her armpits.
“Jih-kihih! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! N-no! St-stop it! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih!” Kiro giggled delightfully.

As their tickling went on, Jiki and Kiro began to realize a new feeling growing inside them; the sight of each others’ naked bodies fuelled that feeling, and eventually the fun in the tickling faded away, being replaced with a sudden desire.

“Kiro…” Jiki suddenly stopped laughing as she carefully fondled Kiro’s fingers; she looked into Kiro’s bright, blue eyes, and slowly pulled Kiro’s hand towards her chest.

“Ji-Jiki…?” Kiro asked confused, stretching her hand out, releasing it from Jiki’s grab, and suddenly verbing Jiki’s left breast.

As silence suddenly fell, it was just as suddenly gone as first Jiki then Kiro began to giggle; the giggle turned to laughing, and the laughing to a heartily embrace.

“Kiro, I just don’t know if we should…” Jiki said a little uncertain.

“Play a little? Not if you don’t want to…” Kiro assured Jiki, although Kiro's teasing undertone and Jiki's huge smile finished the very sentence as Jiki moved in closer to Kiro.

“Kiro…” Jiki said as leaned over Kiro; “...I want to play, but just not only with my body; I…I…” Jiki paused, caught off guard by Kiro’s smiling, cute face; she looked so pure, so innocent…
“...I want to give you my heart, my soul, and my love” Jiki finished, feeling as if she had leapt over a cliff, still floating in midair.

“Me, too…” was Kiro’s sweet voice as a whisper in Jiki’s sub consciousness; she opened her eyes and stared at Kiro; she had slowly pinned down on the bed by only pressing their noses together.

Jiki smiled; she wanted to free herself of all possible bindings, so she pressed deeper into a lovingly kiss, making Kiro moan in happiness.

Kiro loved the way Jiki touched, teased and played with her; as Jiki winked playfully, their mouths still closed in the kiss, Kiro returned the wink; dear Gods, how they both had waited for this day:

Where the archway to a new life lay open before them.

After a while they lay down on the bed in a loving embrace, feeling their emotions running wild; they slowly fondled each other, and Jiki’s mere breathe on Kiro’s neck made her small hairs stand.

“My love, my soul and my heart are yours, Jiki” Kiro rubbed her eyes as a tear fell from it; “you’re the only person I’ve ever really loved!”

“Oh, sweetie…” Jiki leaned up and embraced Kiro; as they embraced, they both cried silently in happiness.
Releasing each other, Jiki was surprised to see Kiro’s tongue stick teasingly out of her mouth.

Jiki smiled and kissed Kiro’s tongue, leading to their mouths enclosing in a kiss, both their tongues twirling around in their mouths.

“Kiro, I love you, but I need to show it…” Jiki whispered into Kiro’s right ear, sticking her tongue out as she used it to play with Kiro’s earflap; the tickling feeling made Kiro giggle as she looked at Jiki.

“But I’ve got a secret for you; it’s only fair to be sincere” Kiro stated seriously as her teasing look disappeared; “well, yesterday before you came back … I just couldn’t hide my love for you anymore; I didn’t dare show you, so…"

Jiki looked more surprised by each second then Kiro had feared, but she wanted to be sincere with Jiki, so she let out a long sigh and spoke:”…I played with myself…”

The silence did not last more than a few seconds before Jiki started smiling; she leaned over Kiro, who looked confused at Jiki.

“I did the same yesterday…when you came home I had barely cleared up…” Jiki silently spoke in Kiro’s ear.

Kiro’s eyes widened and she looked up on Jiki like if she had seen an alien.
“Why, you naughty brat!” she suddenly laughed and laid down on Jiki; as they both laughed, the strange feeling struck back, this time with a force so powerful that it felt like a missile hitting a tank hull.

“Kiro…” Jiki said weakly as she looked into her girlfriend’s eyes; “...should we...?”

“Ha-have sex? Isn’t it a bit too mature? I mean we ought to…” Kiro began to flap her arms around in embarrassment; as Jiki saw that, she lost all self-control and fell on her back, laughing out loud at Kiro’s silly flapping around.

“Oh, Goddess…sorry, sweetie, but it just looked too hilarious…!” Jiki panted after her outburst; Kiro sat beside her and smiled broadly; suddenly Jiki jumped up and seized hold of Kiro’s wrists; she gently forced Kiro down and looked deeply into her eyes.

“Sweetie, I love you, but sometimes words aren’t enough…” Kiro smiled widely at Jiki, finding the courage to carry out what Jiki hoped to just by looking at her, Kiro closed her eyes and let out a pleasant sigh, opened them again and smiled; “let’s make love; I’d be a liar if I said you’re not quiet attractive” she winked at the last line.

Jiki blushed, and giggled as she teasingly let her hand stroke Kiro’s right breast; as she whimpered, Jiki leaned down to her ear, whispering; “you’re not bad looking either, sweetie…”

Jiki began touching Kiro’s smooth skin delicately as she softly nipped Kiro’s one ear flap.

Kiro enjoyed the slow and easy touches, and let out a pleasant sigh; before long, Jiki’s touches grew more passionate, but to tease her a bit, Kiro slowly leaned up, gently pulling Jiki down.

Jiki’s skin, already somewhat in flames from inside from a burning desire to do away with the little cute girl in front of her made her smile seducing, but also twitch her face in unbearable desire.

Kiro did not seem to be unaffected, either; her tail flickered and her breathing became more loud; then, as Jiki made ready to lean over Kiro, she almost flew over Jiki, sitting atop her.

“Ji-…ki…” she stammered; through her half-closed eyes, Kiro could see the surprised and sweet girl under her looking confused yet anticipating at her.

“JIH-KI-I-IH!” Kiro suddenly yelled with a desire that was enveloping from the very bottom of her heart; she got flashbacks of all the naughty thoughts and dreams she had had about Jiki, and almost cried in happiness that she could finally cut loose without going mad, and even with her girlfriend’s heartily acceptance.

"Jiki, I'm...I'm so sorry but I can't...I NEED YOU!" Kiro wailed as she threw her tear-swept to Jiki's chest, crying.
" little angel...!" Jiki sniffed as she cried as well, hugging Kiro tightly, feeling herself letting all defenses fall as she surrendered herself to Kiro's mercy.

"Sweetie...?" Kiro now purred, her eyes still running with tears; Jiki smiled through her own tears and wiped Kiro's eyes with her thumb; Kiro stroke herself passionatly against Jiki, not knowing how to please her girlfriend fully.

However, the human instinct, buried deeply in her sub-consciousness, guided her hands, arms and whole body; Jiki felt the same, and kept hugging Kiro tightly, pressing their breasts together, their eyes flickering, wet with tears of happiness, and their mouths drooling.

Suddenly, Kiro grabbed hold of Jiki's breasts, and with a passion that Jiki barely thought humans to be able to feel, she directly molested and slurped on Jiki’s breasts; she hugged Jiki so tightly as she could as she felt her girlfriend’s skin against her own, making her mind twirl.

"Ohhh...!" Jiki moaned as Kiro kept up pleasing her; as neither of them had ever had sex, only mastrubating at the thought of each other, they gave into their desire, pleasure and trust in each other.

“Kiro, please…let me, too…” Jiki panted as the pleasure in every part of her being yearned for Kiro; the little cute girl around her were so sweet, and Jiki’s most forbidden desires urged her to release them upon Kiro, and she could finally let that happen:

To show Kiro her love would be the happiest moment of her life, and her heart followed suit by beating faster.

Kiro sent Jiki a teasing wink and giggled lightly; not seconds after, Jiki were fondling Kiro’s hair, and pressing her breasts against Kiro’s; at that point, their bodies were as ablaze from inside, making their desire impossible to suppress anymore.

"Oh, Gods...!" Jiki uttered as she Kiro approached her face with a directly horny look; feeling so as well, Jiki grabbed hold of Kiro's head and kissed and kissed her so passionatly that drool came out of their mouths and their tongues went wild.

They rubbed their bodies together, and let out screams of ecstasy as they kept up making out.
"OH! That's it, Jiki! Feel it! Give into it!" Kiro whined as they both lost control of their voices, making them high-pitched and little-girlish:

In both their minds, they knew this was the reason for their former masturbation at the thought of each other, and seeing themselves acting naughty right now tossed them into blind desire.

"YES! I desire you, Kiro! I want you forever, sweeti-i-ie!" Jiki howled with primal desire, Kiro replying with a hungry look in her eyes and her tongue flickering on Jiki's right breast.

"Oh! I want you, too! You're so naughty! I want you! I WANT YOU, JIKI-I-IH!" Kiro yelled with animalistic desire; Jiki replied by stroking her head against Kiro's in a mix of her sweaty blond hair and Kiro's just as sweaty white hair.

"A-a-a-a-a-a-ah! Yeah!" Jiki whined as Kiro's body kept rubbing against her; she mindlessly reached out and grabbed hold on Kiro's back, thightening their embrace and feeling their breasts press harder together.

"Yes! YES! I wanna feel them, Jiki! Press them! Press them ha-a-ard!!!" Kiro squealed as she began grabbing Jiki's hair forcibly, apparently turning Jiki on.
YE-E-E-ES! Oh, my Goddess! Boobies! Boobi-i-i-ies!" Jiki yelled out loud as she felt Kiro's on her own.

They could feel the sweat that their bodies let off, as it glittered like stars on the sky, and their long buried love and desire for each other made them break the limits of what mortals were thought to have.

Their brown and white skin were soon drenched with sweat, and their hair lying all over their faces; their tongues wrestled for control, and the drool kept falling from their mouths in horniness.

Tongues flickered, their breasts bounced against each others, and their thighs moved violently as they kept rubbing each other, their eyes and mouths dripping with tears and drool of pleasure and desire.

"OH! Oh, ye-e-e-es! It feels so good! So freakin' good!!!" Kiro yelled out, Jiki joining in; they managed to smile at each other as they kept rubbing each other, but now they also felt wetness between their legs.

"No, not already! But...but you'!" Jiki shrieked as she could feel both her and Kiro's bodies beginning to give into their orgasm and climax of their lovemaking.

No mortal or immortal would have believed the following moments; Jiki and Kiro shrieked, yelled out and laughed in delight, desire and pleasure as they teasingly rubbed their breasts together, romped around, and finally found their legs intertwined in each other, rubbing their nether lips together in a mess of sweat-soaked public hair.

Screams of pleasure and heartily love declarations flew around in the room as Jiki and Kiro’s love grew a physical form; their bodies were soaked in sweat, and their mouths wide with broad smiles.

“Oh! You naughty girl…!” Jiki smiled as Kiro lay under her legs, licking her pussy; Kiro’s giggling face showed up under Jiki, and she winked at her before resuming her licking of Jiki's blond lush bush of public hair, teasingly napping at her g-spot.

“Please; more…!” Jiki groaned lustfully, smiling as she lay down and slowly used her hands to press Kiro’s head further between her legs, letting Kiro's hot tongue into her forest of blond and soft public hair and nether lips.

"Oh, yes! There!, Oh, goddess, play with me! Kiss it! Kiss it deep!" Jiki whimpered hotly.

"Hih hih hih! You've got such a cute, little clit, Jiki! Just like you!" Kiro smiled lovingly at Jiki, going down again as she began kissing Jiki's pussy and snap her lips against her sensitive g-spot.

"No-nohohohohoh! It's, it's so bad! Hih! Hih! You naughty girl!" Jiki giggled as she felt the overwhelming sensivity and tickling feeling; she could simply not get enough of it.

As Jiki cooed in delight, Kiro began using her hands to verb Jiki’s breasts once more… Soon cries of pleasure echoed in the room, as Jiki and Kiro found themselves with their legs locked into each other, rubbing their nether lips together.

“Oh, sweet goddess…please…Kiro…” Jiki panted in desire as all earthly pleasures was given to her by her girlfriend and love of her life, Kiro, who also seemed rather horny.

“Ji…ki…! Oh, Goddess, please me-e-e-e-e!” she whined as Jiki made a trust into her clit with her own; small traces of white liquids could clearly be seen, and a few drops also hang in the blond and white public hair; as Jiki and Kiro saw that, and then turned their heads to look at each other, a renewed wave of unbridled desire grabbed them.

They passed all their remaining energies into pleasing themselves, and they could think of nothing but themselves and to please each other.
“JIKI-I-I-I-I! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU-U-U-U-U!” Kiro exclaimed in pure desire as she completely gave into her desire.

“KIRO, I’M…I’M CUMMING! MAKE LOVE TO ME! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” Jiki yelled out as her body could not control her desire.

“JIKI-I-I-I-I-I!!!” Kiro wailed as her body was surrendering…

“KIRO-O-O-O-O-O!” Jiki exclaimed herself as hers and Kiro’s body gave in; as they came, they almost lost consciousness due to their exhaustion, but managed to stand up on their elbows.

As they panted from the incredible experience, their sweat-covered bodies slowly recovered, and they sent each other a look of the deepest and most beautiful love they had:

For each other.

“That...that felt so incredible! I didn’t know you could be so naughty, Jiki” Kiro smiled heartily; they smiled at each other, and soon fell down on the bed once again, laying calmly and at peace.
Kiro lay down besides Jiki, starring into the clear sky shinning through their window above.

Beside her, Jiki laid an arm around Kiro’s neck, kissing her softly on the cheek; Kiro replied by teasingly licking Jiki’s nose before she laid her head to rest on Jiki’s left breast.

“Jiki…” she said slowly; “that thing before…was the best feeling I’ve had all my life…”
“Me, too; I can’t believe it feels so fun to have sex” Jiki smiled at Kiro.

"I love you, Kiro, with all my heart" Jiki sniffed and smiled at her girlfriend, recieving a loving kiss in reply.

"I love you, too Jiki" Kiro smiled at her, Kiro's smile turning rather naughty...

“It feels good, too…” Kiro purred teasingly as she leaned towards Jiki; “for first-timers, I’d say we did pretty good.”

“You have a habit of stealing my lines, you know that?” Jiki teased back; Kiro laughed and slid under Jiki’s arm, lying with her on top as she fingered her nipples and fondled her breasts.

“Nippie, nippie, nippie!” Kiro teased as Jiki let out loud moans; she leaned her head back a bit, and found Kiro ready with a passionate kiss; Jiki purred happily and accepted it, enjoying how Kiro teased her body.

"Umm, I'm still hungry..." Kiro purred as she began suckling, licking and drooling on Jiki's breasts; as Jiki opened her eyes and looked down, she smiled and gave a small giggle.

"That tickles...!" Jiki just managed to speak before she was forced down again as Kiro now lay her body on Jiki's, resuming her slurping.

"It tastes like honey; you're so sweet..." Kiro sent Jiki a warm smile as she kept sucking.

"Thanks, sweetie" Jiki purred, but when Kiro loosened her mouth a little, Jiki found her chance to play a joke on Kiro, so she rose a bit and pressed Kiro's head in between her breasts.

"Me-e-ep!" Kiro whined as she found first her nose, then her half face planted into Jiki's breasts; neither her nor Jiki could help but laugh, and Kiro got her head out.

"Hih hih hih! You're so bad, Jiki! I could've lost my way in there!" Kiro teased.

"Need a GPS?" Jiki teased back, making Kiro giggle.

As Jiki now lay upon Kiro, she could feel her energy returning and looked down at Kiro, who had closed her eyes and rested pleasently with her nose against Jiki's armpit.

“I’m just sorry I couldn‘t ‘leave my mark’” Jiki said, not even realizing how suggestive her words had been until Kiro laughed heartily under her, pressing Jiki into an even more tight embrace as Jiki’s shoulders massaged Kiro’s breasts.

“Who said you couldn’t?” Kiro winked at Jiki; dead confused, Jiki watched as Kiro jumped easily out of the bed, walking over to a small closet.

“It was kinda private, but I think you deserve to know the truth” Kiro smiled a little embarrassed; as she opened the closet, Jiki’s mind went bank for a few moments:

Inside were a load of erotic stuff; a picture of a smiling Jiki strapping on her jacket filled the closet’s left door; in a small corner, something glittering and black caught Jiki’s attention.

“What’s that?” she asked, although she had theories enough to make an entire report.

“Oh, it’s my, umm…” Kiro rubbed her neck in embarrassment; Jiki giggled at Kiro’s silly red face and walked over to her, grabbing her breasts from behind.

“Tell me, or I’ll tickle you as well!” she joked; although Kiro loved Jiki’s fondling of her breasts to the fullest, she slipped loose of her lustful thoughts and explained:

“I’m kinda a fetish fan; mine’s latex because it’s so tight on your skin…” she said, not able to smile a little embarrassed.

“Wow, not bad; I bet you’d look sexy in that” Jiki both teased and smiled; Kiro giggled, and bend down to grab the suit and a small bag.

“Nice view” Jiki joked kinkily; Kiro blushed and let out a high-pitched giggle.

“Well, Jiki; I’ve heard rumors you’re into fetish, yourself…” Kiro smiled carefully at Jiki.

Despite being irritated that someone would tell her secrets to just about anyone, she laughed mentally by the thought that the only one to truly know it was her girlfriend.

“Yeah, I love leather; it’s so…wild and kinky…” Jiki smiled as she had enormous difficulty to not imagine a sexy Kiro with opened leather jacket and boots and gloves.

“Then I’m sure you’d like this” Kiro smiled as she handed Jiki the bag; looking inside, Jiki let out a shriek as when a kid spots something under the Christmas tree that it had wished for the whole year:

Inside were wrist-long gloves, knee-high boots, tight-sitting pants, a skimpy vest, and finally a light jacket; all in the shiniest, black leather.

Jiki’s eyes flooded with tears of happiness, and she looked so thankfully at her that Kiro could have sworn that Jiki’s irises became heart-shaped.

“Sweetie…” Jiki said formally, although in a suggestive undertone; “as my girlfriend, would you wear this for me?”Kiro looked at the outfit; it looked sexy enough, and although she was into latex, she smiled and seized the parts.

“Would you wear mine, then?” she asked Jiki and pointed at the small plastic bag her outfit was in; Jiki nodded and smiling kinkily as she saw the content:

A tight-fitting catsuit, thigh-high boots and elbow long gloves of latex lay in there, and she snatched it.
After dressing up using different rooms to double the fun, Jiki was finished first:

As Kiro came out in her new outfit, still not able but to feel rather naughty in her leather outfit, she found Jiki’s eyes to be waiting for her under a blanket.

“Lemme see you!” Kiro smiled eagerly; in her mind, she knew that when Jiki showed herself, she would have problems not to get naughty thoughts of her.

Smiling, Jiki threw the blanket back on the bed, standing in front of Kiro; to her, it felt as if all she had just entered her most naughty daydream:

Jiki’s suit clung to her skin, and it shun dimly in the broad moonlight from the window in the roof.
To top it all, Jiki smiled sexily at Kiro as she began laying down and do the most suggestive poses and gestures Kiro could have dreamed of.

Not able to stop herself or take her eyes off Jiki, Kiro’s hand instantly found its way into her pants; without even knowing, she was masturbating at Jiki.

“There, there, sexy thing; it’s your turn now” Jiki teased as Kiro returned from her live daydream; as Jiki bend to help Kiro up, she noticed to her joy and secret desire that Jiki had not bothered zipping her suit completely at her breasts.

Kiro now began posing; at a time, she leaned back, held herself on her legs and spread them; Jiki felt the strongest temptation ever to just lean out and suck on Kiro’s leather-covered pussy, but she remained in control.

After Kiro’s posing and movements, both girls nodded; smiling kinkily at each other, they went down on the bed and each other.

“Oh, goddess…!” Kiro hissed in pleasure as Jiki’s tongue moved over the leather vest, teasingly licking under it to taste Kiro’s nipples.

“C’mon; I wanna see you boobies!”Jiki smiled; she slowly removed the straps behind the vest with both hands, giving Kiro a nice view into her suit.

Now bared for attack, Kiro laughed out as Jiki began teasingly playing with her nipple; however, soon their lust was ablaze, and both leather and latex and skin shun from sweat.

“Jiki…” Kiro suddenly said between her screams of pleasure; stopping, Jiki looked expectantly at her girlfriend; “...I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore; I want you to rape me.”

“Me, too; I want to make you feel happy...” Jiki gave a weak smile due to her exhaustion; as they were girlfriends now, she could feel herself being somewhat guilty by also stealing Kiro's virginity.

Apprently Kiro thought the same, so sat up in front of Jiki and kissed her lovingly.

"It's OK, Jiki; I'm going to be with you forever" Kiro smiled, a few tears of joy falling from her eyes.

"Oh, Kiro..." Jiki sniffed as she slung her arms around her; Kiro returned the hug, smiling happily with her head resting on Jiki's shoulder.

"Shall I?" Jiki asked, knowing that a girl's virginity was only to be taken by her loved one.

"Yes, you shall!" Kiro playful gave Jiki a quick rustling of her hair and a giggle, then laying down again and spreading her legs.

“In that box over there, there’s something we can use” Kiro pointed at a small box in the closet; standing up, Jiki found the oblong object and handed it to Kiro, who gave a sexy wink.

“It’s a dildo; it’s kinda like being screwed, but just not too hard, ‘cause that’s supposed to be quiet a pain.”
“Trust me: I’d never do any harm to you” Jiki smiled at Kiro; to her, it was completely obvious; she knew about hers and Kiro’s anatomy by now.

“Now lemme show you just how good this can get!” Kiro smiled kinkily as she stuck the one end of the dildo into her own pussy; she gave a quick scream of joy, now turning to Jiki.

“Now it’s your turn” she winked at Jiki as she leaned over her; though nervous, Jiki opened the small zipper to her pussy in her suit and let the dildo penetrate it.

She screamed out loud, Kiro soon following suit; pushing the dildo in deeper, Jiki grit her teeth and moaned loudly; Kiro looked anticipating at Jiki, enjoying the vibrations she made.

“Jiki…” she said with her most sexy voice, instantly turning Jiki on; “…screw me!”

And so Jiki did; she trusted the dildo into Kiro, who replied by pushing back; the erotic toy and their wild sex game went on and on, and their glistering and glittering suits turned the other more and more on.

Eventually, Jiki sat atop the dildo, rubbing her half-naked body against Kiro’s equally half-naked one; their discarded pants, jack, vest and suit, which Jiki had found to be giving her too much heat, lay on the floor; however, they both kept their boots and gloves on, both feeling that it feel quiet on-turning.

“OH, JIKI, PLEASE! I’M CUMMING! KEEP BANGING ME!” Kiro yelled as Jiki kept pushing the dildo into her; from both their cum, a few traces of blood marked that their virtues were no more.

“KEEP IT UP, KIRO! I WANT THIS! SCREW ME-E-E-E!!!” Jiki screamed as they both came; falling on the bed, they both quickly regained their strength.

“I’m not finished screwing you yet!” Kiro teased kinkily as she rubbed her gloved hands all over Jiki’s breasts, making her moan.

“Neither am I; you’re too cute to only be screwed once!” Jiki giggled, returning the favor by fingering Kiro’s pussy.

“OH! Why, you naughty…!” Kiro laughed, grabbing Jiki by her legs and bending her down enough for her to borrow her tongue in her pussy.

“YE-E-E-E-ES!” Jiki howled in pleasure, being let down as she used her hands to press Kiro’s tongue and head in deeper; "WO-O-O-H-O-O-OH! OH, GODS! I LOVE THIS!" Jiki laughed heartily in a mix of pleasure and cheer.

“Oh, and just you know it…” Kiro suddenly stopped, looking at Jiki, who could not wait for her to continue.

“…You look so sexy in latex” Kiro winked playfully, causing a giggle from Jiki, followed by a long moan as Kiro resumed licking her pussy.

“And you’re looking so hot in leather” Jiki smiled, fondling Kiro’s hair as she kept licking Jiki’s pussy; "I'm gonna bang you after this!"

"Would you?! Oh, please bang me! Bang me all you want!" Kiro eagerly said, truthfully wanting it; Jiki were not only her true love, but also one heck of a tigress in bed!

"You silly little kitty! I'll screw you 'till you can't walk!" Jiki laughed at her; to her, Kiro was her one, true love, and a little wildcat in bed!

"Can we change to our best outfits?" Kiro asked, really wanting gloves and boots back now that Jiki had used it.

"Surely, sweetie" Jiki smiled at her, stripping out of her latex fetishes while Kiro took of Jiki's leather outfit; as they dressed in solely boots and gloves, they could feel themselves enjoying the dominative feeling...and the pleasent heat from between their legs at the sight of each other.

"Uhmmm, it smells so...Kiro-like..." Jiki sighed pleasently at the smell of her girlfriend in everything from the gloves to the boots.

"Uhmm, you smell yummy! All ready to eat!" Kiro joked as she got her catsuit on; as she pulled on her gloves and were reaching for her one boot, she found Jiki to be fondling it between her breasts.

"What? It's got you in it!" Jiki joked; as Kiro fell backwards, laughing out loud at the hilarious face of Jiki's, she finished with the boot; how wonderous how Kiro could make everything, even a boot look sexy.

As Kiro were laughing on the bed, Jiki headed for Kiro's closet, finding a pair of dark sunglasses and a black leather cap; she looked a little further, and a smile spread over her lips.

"You're going down, kitty, 'cause HERE I GO!" Jiki cheered; she grabbed a strap-on dildo as if out of nowhere, and thrusted it into Kiro's pussy, who could be compeared to being as wet as a breaking dam;

"WA-A-AGH! NO FAIR! NO FAIR! I WASN'T READY!" Kiro laughed as she felt herself bounce her butt against Jiki's strap-on, her laughing replaced with a joyful scream and a lustful smile as she was banged by Jiki.

"You're going down, kitty!" Jiki smiled deviously as she pushed the strap-on harder into Kiro, her new 'bad girl' add-ons making Kiro wail in pleasure, especially when Jiki gently but forcibly grabbed her hair, frocing her a little behind, still thrusting the strap-on harder in.

"AR-R-R-R-RAGH! Oh, bang me, girlie! Bang me SO good...!" Kiro shrieked as she saw her drool hit the bed sheets.

"Uhmm, oh yes...that cute little moan...!" Jiki said, clearly being turned on; "you're so cute, Kiro;moan for me...please...!"

"Meow! The kitty be wanting this! Me-e-eow!" Kiro meowed, causing Jiki to drool and exclaim a shriek of pleasure, Kiro joining in as Jiki began bending down and groping her breasts.

"You're so sexy, sweetie, but that's the best you got?" Kiro teased, encouraging Jiki to do her harder; Jiki chuckled, beginning to nip Kiro's nipples and letting her tongue into her ear in playfulness, much to Kiro's great delight

"Are you sure? You'll be getting a sore butt" Jiki 'warned' as she took the strap-on a little out; she smiled lustfully as she saw how it was soaking with Kiro's cum.

"NO! For Shinris' sake don't stop!" Kiro screamed, thrusting herself backwards into the strap-on; as Jiki now discovered, the strap-on's backside slided between her legs, turning her on as well.

"Oh! OH-H-H-H! SAY IT, SWEETIE! Oh! Tell me I'm sexy! That I'm horny!" Jiki now pleaded Kiro, who were not late to respond.

"C'mon! Bang me hard, you sexy girl! You know you wan-n-n-n-na!" Kiro teased as she looked behind her, seeing Jiki's glasses-covered face drip with sweat and her mouth drooling in horniness.

"Uhmm! Oh, yeah! Oh, sweet Shinris, I'm so freaking WE-E-E-E-ET!" she yelled out; surprising them both, Jiki tore the strap-on out of her pussy, bending down and Kiro and rubbing their bodies together.

"Sweetie! I wanna cum like this! Make me cum!" Jiki begged Kiro as she rubbed her sweaty and hot body against Kiro's equally hot body.

"Oh, yeah! You're so naughty, Jiki! C'mere!" Kiro smiled at her as she pressed Jiki into her embrace, kissing her wildly.

"Oh, yeah! You love them, right?! You wanna use 'em as pillows as grope them! Do it! Give it to me, you horny girl!" Kiro laughed as she pressed Jiki's face into her breasts.

"Oh, my boobies...Oh, so good...I'm gonna; I'm, I'm gonna...! OH-H-H! You little sex-kitty! I'm gonna drain you!" Jiki giggled hornily at Kiro, now felt the wetness of a comming climax approaching.

"You pussy's so wet! Uhmm! A real good pussy! I wanna make you beg for it! You want my pussy, Kiro!" Jiki now giggled at Kiro as she sent her mental images of what Jiki could do to her pussy; Kiro wailed and tried and hold back the orgasm.

"You're gonna be sorry! I'll lick you dry, you horny little sex-hottie! C'mon! Blow for me! Gimme your cum!" Kiro now returned the favor.


"JIKI! GIMME IT! YOU WANNA CUM SO MADLY! C'MON, YOU NAUGHTY GIRL! CUM FOR ME! I WANNA SEE YOU CUM, YOU SEXY HOTTIE!" Kiro noe exclaimed as she completly lost any control she had over her body.


The mental image exchange, anughty words and the tight hugging made Jiki and Kiro scream to their lungs' limit a they came; white liquid were slowly running from their pussies down on the bed sweets.

Jiki and Kiro’s wild romping and games went through most of the night, in which Jiki one time went as far as to rub her pussy into Kiro’s, making them both squeal to their lungs’ limits.

In the morning after a few hours’ sleep, the two girls woke up, discovering themselves to still be wearing parts of their fetish outfits; laughing, they gave each other a suggestive smile, and went down again.

“KIRO! I WANT YOU…I WANT YOU IN MY HEART!” Jiki screamed out as embraced Kiro; she surrendered all constitution and rubbed her body against Kiro’s.

“JIKI! YE-E-ES! OH, LOVE ME LIKE THAT! PLEASE ME-E-E!” Kiro exclaimed as she smiled broadly.As they continued romping around and making love, they both eventually ended panting and dead thirsty.

“I need something to drink” Kiro said, standing up sending Jiki a soft smile as she went for the kitchen.

When she returned, Jiki noticed she had brought two cups and two cans of cold water; "let’s try drinking in the showers; could be fun” Kiro suggested, knowing her excuse for luring Jiki into the showers was purely lame.

“Sure!” Jiki smiled; she knew Kiro was up to something, and she smilingly anticipated it.
Settling down on the warmed up stone floor, Jiki and took some rather large cups of water from the first can.

“What’s with that other can?” Jiki asked as she emptied her cup. “We-e-ell…” Kiro said sneakily as they emptied the first can; she put the emptied can and cups away sitting over with her legs over her waist.

“I kinda wanted to see how you reacted to this!” Kiro smiled teasingly, empting a bit of the now mildly warm water on Jiki’s breasts.“E-E-E-E-EK! You meanie!” Jiki giggled as the water felt quiet good on her exhausted body.

“Well, why don’t you have it all? It’s on the house!” Kiro laughed as she emptied the rest of the water on Jiki’s head.

“Oh, Gods! That felt kinky!” Jiki laughed as she smiled at Kiro; she wanted to make that naughty, little elf pay!

“Come here!” she playfully jumped on Kiro; as their romping continued, they ended up in the pool in the room’s one end.

As Kiro’s head appeared the water, she pulled Jiki up, teasingly letting her tongue loose all over her face; Jiki smiled and opened her mouth for Kiro’s tongue to get in.

“Let’s do it again, right here in the water” Jiki suggested; Kiro nodded weakly, as she felt herself getting horny looking at Jiki in her wet fetish outfit.

“No loose ends here!” she giggled as she once again went down on Jiki as the two girls continued their playful lovemaking in the warm water.

As the time passed, Kiro emerged from under the water, splashing water to all sides; a few seconds later, Jiki appeared as well, smiling at Kiro.

“Let’s face it: We can’t do it under water” she joked.

“Hih Hih, yeah, you’re right…” Kiro sighed pleasantly and went up from the basin; she helped Jiki up and went to pick up some towels; they dried up and headed for bed, cuddling tightly and happily.

[End notes: Any questions about the Universe of Varran and New Terra can be asked at the end of this story; continious good reading.

(All STAR SHINE and TALES OF DARKNESS Characters are belong to me!)
Rhanar Narra-Jar CR.]

Chapter 2

Title: Twilight Tales - The Night of Virtious Sin

[Author's notes:

Shica begins to question if her relationship is simply that of a friend's, but finds out that she has deep feelings for the succubus...feelings of love.

Meanwhile, Jiraz begins to understand that she not only care alot for Shica, but she also love her deeply; however, due to her lustful nature, she feels extremly attracted to the young dark elf girl. 


Shica was panting heavily; she had just finished her training with her mother, and the empress had congratulated on her improvement of blocking attacks, but also corrected on her rather clumsy strikes.

“Damn it! If I was just allowed to use magic…!” Shica swore under her breathe, but the second after she regretted her words; she would never harm her mother; she loved her all too much.

Speaking of love, a sudden thought struck Shica like a bolt of mystical lightning; her demonic friend Jiraz would properly be waiting for her in her room, most likely to babble about the raise of prices in the market district of Shacar-Jarcu.

Shica giggled; Jiraz was extremely silly when she complained, as she always used waving gestures and imitating the voices of the merchants who annoyed her in a high-pitched pattern.

She could not help but love Jiraz, but in the end…Shica froze on the spot; love a demon?! Was that even possible or just another thought passing through her mind?

“But…but I really…” Shica fought a mental battle with her reason and her inner feelings; her reason kept telling her that it was but unrealistic emotions coming from mind, but her feelings told her that it made sense:

She loved Jiraz on so many accords that she could barely count them; her cute and silly nature, her seducing moments in which she used to tease Shica by sending her small, teasing winks, and also the fact that she had saved Shica’s life from an assassin who had almost hit her with a crossbow bolt:

Jiraz had fried it with her demonic flames, and given the assassin guy a one way ticket to Hell using her claws.

Shica sighed; her mother always told her that she was to chose an eventual lover with her heart, no matter who it was, or even if it would be an Orc.

The last line passed like refreshing water through Shica’s mind; she giggled lightly as she realized the silliness in her mother’s joke; however, she got serious again as she thought of Jiraz.

“Well, I sure don’t belong in those human fairy tales…” she sighed as she made her decision:

Her heart pounded against her chest, and Shica could have sworn she could hear it even through her adamantine breastplate armour.

“Jiraz…” Shica whispered as a sudden heat began to grow from her chest; her skin felt hot, and her armour and leather combat suit clung to her skin.

“Jiraz, I…I want you for myself…I want you!” Shica hissed as her desire for the succubus grew; she began to run through the corridors towards her room, hoping no-one would notice her.

“Her mom’s sure thing a tough trainer, it seems” Jiraz mumbled as she sat on her and Shica’s bed; she had helped herself to some fruit and tried playing chess with herself, but the boredom began to get on her nerves.

“Damn! Where’s that girl when I need her?!” she mumbled; however, as the silence went down on her again, a thought began to form in her head about Shica.

“Well, she’s not good at keeping promises, but, well, she’s dead cute, she isn’t racist or all that crap; she’s still a virgin, and…”

Jiraz let out a small choke as the thought escaped to her mouth; dark images of Shica lying in a submissive position and all ready for Jiraz to make love to raced through Jiraz’s mind.

She held her hands up as if the shut them out, but she could not stop them.

“Shica, I’d never harm you! I love you too much!” Jiraz uttered a bit loudly as her feeling wheeled up in her; tears fell from her face as she thought of the dark elven girl’s cute smile she always had in store for Jiraz.

Suddenly, the door to the room was opened, and a panting Shica walked in; she dropped her belt with the adamantine shortsword on the floor and began taking off her armour.

“Hiya, Jiraz; can you pass me some water? I feel like I’ve been marching through all Kun’Narak” Shica asked as she laid down her armour and suit; under it she wore a white skirt and a white blouse.

“Sure” Jiraz nodded as she fetched a can and a cup and poured the water in; she had quickly wiped her eyes so Shica could not see she had cried.

However, as Shica took the cup from Jiraz’s hand, the touch of her fingers made Jiraz shiver; she knew it was not in fear, but what was it then?

“You look rather pale today, Jiraz” Shica joked as she smiled at Jiraz; the smile she sent was another blow to Jiraz’s concentration, but she managed to keep a straight face.

“Oh, umm, yes, just feeling a little pale…” she quickly babbled as the heat inside her continued to spread to every corner of her being.

Shica turned around with a gesture as if she was checking her sword for scratches, but she kept sending loving looks over her shoulders to Jiraz; however, as usual, Jiraz had not cared about wearing any clothing, and right now she just lay on their bed with her wings around her…

Shica suddenly got a funny feeling why Jiraz had blocked herself from sight; she silently went over to the bed, a worried look on her face.

As she leaned closer, she could hear Jiraz pant as her tail flicked back and forth; curious, Shica went in closer, and she could now see Jiraz’s clawed fingers move quickly around somewhere under the demon’s waist.

Shica’s mind were now filled with a lustful thought as she looked at her little demon; judging by the Jiraz’s silent uttering of Shica’s name, she could only make one, amusing conclusion:

Jiraz was masturbating right in front of Shica, the little dark elf girl the target of her desire and love.

“SHICA-A-A!” Jiraz suddenly yelled as she bolted upward, seized Shica’s wrists and turned her easily on the bed; lying with a mix of amusement and deepest love in her eyes, Shica smiled at Jiraz.

“Shi-Shica…I’m so sorry…” Jiraz now cried as her tears fell from her eyes; her grip loosened, and Shica’s hand slowly went up to stroke Jiraz’s chin free of tears.

“Jiraz…” Shica said silently; as Jiraz opened her eyes, she was surprised to see that Shica was crying as well.

“What’s wrong, Shica?” Jiraz sniffed.

“We’ve been best friends ever since we met; I…I want you to…” Shica spoke clearly, but now her voice trembled; as if to defy the very gods themselves, she yelled out her love for Jiraz as the last pieces of reason left:

“I LOVE YOU, JIRAZ! YOU’RE NOT JUST A PET TO ME! I CAN’T SURPRESS IT ANYMORE! I LOVE YOU!” Jiraz’s face beamed under her tears, and she bend Shica down on the bed and gave her a long, passionate kiss.

As Shica’s tongue suddenly intertwined with Jiraz’s, the succubus knew that the little girl wanted to express her feelings in the same way as Jiraz wanted to; she used her shapeshifting ability and pulled her wings back into her spine, vanishing them from sight.

“Oh, Shica-a-a!” Jiraz yelled as she pressed herself under Shica, letting her head lay between Jiraz’s legs, and she mindlessly tore off Shica’s skirt and began slurping on her vagina.

“O-O-O-OH! Jiraz, please no-…!” Shica yelled out, but judging on her smiling face, her scream was an invitation for Jiraz to continue.

“I’ve wanted this…so long…” Jiraz said as she took a small pause; as she did so, Shica’s hands found their way to her legs, forcing them even more open and bared.

Smiling broadly, Jiraz laid her hands over Shica’s stomach and teasingly stroke it at the points she knew Shica was ticklish; the sudden secondary stimulation made Shica yell out a little-girlish cry as her body received the pleasure and comfort only Jiraz could give her.

“JIRA-A-A-AZ! If you keep this up, I will…a-a-a-a-a-agh! OH, GODS-S-S-S!” Shica hissed as Jiraz returned to her slurping; small amounts of cum had already appeared, and Jiraz licked it clean of Shica.

“Shi-Shica…forgive me…” Jiraz whispered as she put Shica down and sat herself on all four behind her; before Shica could speak, she felt a sudden oblong object penetrating her vagina.

“What the…! OH, YES! SCREW ME, JIRAZ! TAKE ME! TAKE ME-E-E!” Shica yelled in delight as Jiraz pressed her tail into Shica, thus raping her.
“Shica…Shica…” Jiraz weakly mumbled; never in her life had she felt so good; her tail slid between her own legs and into her beloved Shica, making her even more excited.

“Silly hottie…” Shica suddenly sounded teasingly in front of Jiraz; confused she looked at Shica, only to see her giggling at Jiraz.“Make your tail a little shorter; if I’m to lose my virginity…” she slowly sat up, giving Jiraz a lovingly kiss; “…then I want it to be done properly.

”Jiraz obeyed, and watched amazed as Shica open her vagina and sat atop Jiraz, tearing off her white shirt; as they both now were completely naked, Shica could barely control her lust; every fraction of her being wanted what was to come next, and Jiraz seemed on the urge to just give in.

“Shica…don’t torment me so long…” Jiraz whimpered.
Shica managed a small smile as she winked at Jiraz; “I’ve been studying a bit, Jiraz; is it really true that it feels good when I do this?”

By those words, Shica switched side to face Jiraz and fully inserted herself and leaned over Jiraz, which she pressed her breasts against hers.

“SHIC-A-A-A-AH! Oh, yes; YES! YES! YE-E-E-ES!” Jiraz screamed as she fondled and grabbed at the bed sheets.“Oh, you love this, right? You wanna screw me good, huh?! YOU WANT ME! SAY IT!” Shica encouraged at Jiraz, whose face showed all signs of enjoyment.

“Yes! YES, I WANT YOU! I WANNA SCREW YOU! TO RAPE YOU! TO MAKE YOU MINE!” Jiraz screamed wildly as she smiled broadly and panted; she had not realized that Shica would be so good in bed.

After being raped by Jiraz for about two minutes, Shica noticed something red running from between her legs along with her cum; it was blood, a sign that her virginity was taken.

“Oh, goddess…” Shica panted the words coming from her mouth; Jiraz saw Shica silently sliding down onto her breasts in a rather comical way, and she softly stroke Shica’s hair.

“Jiraz, I’ve never felt this good before; it was fantastic…” Shica smiled lovingly at Jiraz; her smile got a tune of lustful, however, as all her desires for the succubus seemed to overwhelm her.

“Me, too; it felt incredible…” Jiraz sighed lovingly as she shoke her head and looked at Shica with pure love in her blue eyes.

“I love you too, Jiraz, and I’m gonna prove it” Shica smiled lustfully at the succubus; she gave Jiraz a gentle pat on her cheek and went over to a closet nearby.

“Close your eyes” Shica smiled over her shoulder, looking for something she had always hidden from Jiraz, but no more: Tonight, their new lives demanded her love for Jiraz to be shown physically.

“Right, honey” Jiraz giggled and closed her eyes; she heard a few strange noises from Shica, but kept her promise and did not look.

“OK, you can look…now!” Shica laughed as Jiraz opened her eyes, for only to witness a sight that would still be a part of her daydreams to this day:
Shica had dressed up in boots and gloves of white leather, and a silvery, oblong object, dangled from between her legs.

“Jiraz Blackwhip…” Shica said sexily as she sneaked over the near drooling Jiraz like a panther; “…you’re the hottest and sexiest girl on this planet, so I’m gonna show you some really naughty love tonight!”

And by those words, Shica stuck the small silvery metal object in between Jiraz’s legs, making her squeal in delight.

“OH, YES! SHICA! SHICA! I WANT YOU! RAPE ME-E-E-E!” Jiraz’s lungs almost reached their limits as the oblong object went into Jiraz’s vagina; meanwhile, Shica was smiling atop Jiraz as she sexily stuck a finger into her mouth and sucked suggestively on it.

“YOU’RE FRIGGIN’ HOT, SWEETIE! GIMME MORE! GIMME YOUR LOVE!” Jiraz yelled out again, her skin ablaze from within with desire for Shica; she reached out and began molesting Shica’s breasts as hard as she could and dared, and judging by her closed eyes and smile of enjoyment, Shica loved it.

Throughout entirely three minutes, Shica kept making love to Jiraz, ending up with placing her atop Shica and grabbing her breasts from behind.

Jiraz laughed in enjoyment and pleasure; she hated males, but she loved the fact that lovely Shica could imitate their love-making with her strange device.

“It’s good, isn’t it? You love this, right?! You want me to rape you good! YOU WANT IT, JIRAZ! YOU WANT IT SO MADLY, HONEY! YOU’RE SO HORNY FOR IT! CUM FOR ME! I’LL LET YOU CUM!”

“OH! OH, YES! YOU’RE RIGHT! I’VE WANTED THIS SO LONG! I DESIRE IT! GIVE IT TO ME-E-E-E-E!” Jiraz yelled as Shica’s sexual molesting would not cease to appease her.

Shica encouraged, and Jiraz, whose ability to control herself had waned out, let out a long cry as she came; blood and cum appeared from her vagina, and she fell back onto Shica, who quickly unwrapped the instrument hanging from her belt.

“That…was so wonderful…” Jiraz panted, tears of joy showing in her eyes; she had lost her virginity to her beloved Shica, a thing she had only dreamed of in her most naughty daydreams.

“Yeah, but I’m not done yet; there’s still phase two!” Shica smiled under her, completely oblivious to time and thought.

“P-phase two..?” Jiraz asked, only to feel Shica’s gloves on her breasts as their fingers twirled around her nipples.

“Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! Hih! Oh, so naughty! I LOVE IT!” Jiraz laughed and smiled broadly as Shica below her sent her a just as lustful smile; as the night went on, Shica and Jiraz spent it all making love to each other.

“Lemme nip ye, you little hottie!” Shica teased as she grabbed Jiraz from behind and molested her breasts; she used her fingers to press roughly on Jiraz’s nipples, and the combination of pain and pleasure seemed to please Jiraz very much.

“OH, BY THE GODDESS! IT FEELS SO GO-O-OOD!” Jiraz cheered as she bend her head back; accidently, due to Jiraz’s sudden move, Shica fell back on the bed followed by Jiraz; both girls exchanged laughs at the ‘accident’, and Shica began rubbing her body under Jiraz’s, while she swung her boots across Jiraz’s waist.

As the night went on, Shica and Jiraz seemed never to tire of pleasing each other; at a time, Shica even showed Jiraz her most secret passion:

She tied Jiraz to the bed with studded straps of leather, preventing her from getting loose; as she lay there expectantly, Shica once again used the silvery object, much to Jiraz’s joy and pleasure…

"Right, now it's time to go to the extremes!" Shica triumphantly said as she went to the wardrobe; she came back with a pair of latex catsuits with matching elbow-long gloves and thigh-high boots.

"AWESOME! I love latex!" Jiraz squeeled delightfully, making Shica smile; as she helped Jiraz get into the suit, she knew that this would be the most erotic they had ever done.

"Oh my gods!" Jiraz suddenly said as she got into the suit.

"What's the matter?" Shica asked, half joking.

"This turns me so much on...!" Jiraz said through her gritted teeth; the latex felt so good on her skin, she loved the kinky gloves, and the dominating feeling the boots gave.

"Well, I'd better dress up as well!" Shica smiled, putting the suit on; as she was soon finished, Jiraz had but a glance of her, and the next second, she felt as if set on fire with lust.

"SHICA-A-A!" she yelled as she ran over threw herself to the bed, unzipping her catsuit until it reached her breasts, and then she began to grab them and suck on them with animalistic pleasure, drooling and sticking her tongue out to slurp.

"Shica, do me now! I'm gonna explode!" Jiraz begged as her hands reached down and rubbed the skin-tight latex between her legs.

"Jiraz..." Shica whimpered as she got turned on by the horny succubus; she let out a cry of utmost horniness, and threw herself over Jiraz; as she began slurping on Jiraz's breasts, her drool trailed down the latex, making a silvery trail.

"OH! OH, YES! SCREW ME! SCREW ME! OH, FUCK ME!" Jiraz now yelled, completly oblivious to what she was saying; however, Shica seemed to like Jiraz's swearing, so she slurped even harder on her breasts and rubbed herself against Jiraz.

"Oh, fuck me, Shica! Rub all your sexy body over me! Rub me raw! Fuck me!" Jiraz encouraged as Shica got her hands under Jiraz pressing herself harder; their suits were smoking hot of sweat and heat, turning them even more on.

"YES! Let me fuck you, Jiraz! You know you want it!" Shica smiled teasingly, grabbing hold of something on the table...

"SHICA-A-A-A-A!" Jiraz was yelling as Shica inserted a double-ended toy in hers and Jiraz's pussies; they had never thought that their bodies could take so much, and the desire drove them into a blind frenzy.

"OH, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FU-U-U-U-UCK!" Shica yelled as her pussy could not take much more; Jiraz decided to finish her girlfriend off, and used all her remaining strength to drive the dildo into her.

"Let me fuck you, Shica! You want it so badly!" Jiraz smiled at Shica, getting it returned; as Jiraz and Shica kissed each other wildly, their arms folded around each other, they came with a force so strong that it even blasted the dildo free so it flew across the room.

As their juices flew down their suit and boots, they both nodded and lay atop each other, not willing to let the juice go to waste.

"Umm, it tastes so good; gimme more!" Jiraz said as she began licking Shica's pussy; below her, Shica returned the favor.

"Ummm, so good; keep it up! Don't you dare stop!" Shica giggled below Jiraz.

"You really are a little slut, Shica" Jiraz joked, getting a moan in reply from Shica.

"Say it again! I wanna hear it!" Shica whimpered as she got turned on by the mention of the word 'slut'.

"You're such a little slut, you naughty elf! I'm gonna lick you dry, you slutty brat!" Jiraz exclaimed as she violently resumed her licking of Shica's pussy, letting her tongue go wild in the sweet, pink flesh and public hair.

"OH! OH YES! DEEPER! GO DEEPER, JIRAZ!" Shica yelled happily, loving to have Jiraz's tongue so deep in her pussy.

"Ri-i-i-ight..." Jiraz teased, finding what she had been looking for; ""

As Jiraz now licked on Shica's g-spot, she howled wildly and let a stream of cum unto Jiraz''s suit and breasts, getting happily licked up by the succubus.

"Hey, no fair! I'm gonna make you cum as well!" Shica said in a fake, insulted voice; she bend down between Jiraz's legs, licking her pussy and feeling the smooth latex og Jiraz's boots.

"You look so freakkin' hot in that latex, Jiraz!" Shica commented, resumming her licking; above her, as Jiraz had to try and force her mouth close in horniness, she opened her mouth and smiled, giving Shica's butt a small spank.

"You're not bad looking either, sexy" Jiraz giggled at Shica, getting a smiling face with cum dripping from her mouth in reply.

"Oh, yes! Right there! Umm, I feel it...!" Jiraz whimpered as Shica now sucked on Jiraz's g-spot.

"OH, FUCK! TONGUE-FUCK IT 'TILL I CUM! I WANNA CUM, SHICA! GIVE IT TO ME-E-E-E-E!" Jiraz roared as she came, delievering a smaller wave of cum for Shica to drink; she smiled and slurped once again, enjoying Jiraz's sugar-like taste.

"Ah! Oh, yes!" Jiraz panted as Shica began sucking on her nipples anew; however, she suddenly sat up, her latex outfit turning Jiraz wildly on.

"Jiraz, do you like to be dominated?" she asked with an evil grin as she pulled out a small item from a nearby chest.

"Sweetie, I'm named Blackwhip for a reason" Jiraz smiled, having an idea as to what Shica meant.
Oh, so you don't mind if I'll use this...?" Shica asked, holding the item high:

It was Blackwhip, a riding crop-like weapon of Jiraz's; Shica grabbed Jiraz by her right boot, and forced her to bend down with her butt turned upwards.

"WA-A-AH! Fetish tripping mistress!" Jiraz yelled, but Shica smiled as she knew Jiraz was yelling in expectation.

"Oh, naughty demon! Here I GO!" Shica laughed evilly as she began spanking Jiraz.
"AW! OH, YES! OUCH! DOMINATE ME! Oh! Oh, goddess!" Jiraz yelled, smiling broadly as she got spanked.

Oh, but I'm not done yet!" SHica smiled evilly as she put down the whip and grabbed hold of the strap-on.

"Oh, crap! My ass can't take anymore!" Jiraz tried and sound innocent, which failed.

"Here we go again!" Shica exclaimed as she grabbed hold of Jiraz's hands, forcing them behind her back as Shica stuck the strap-on in.

"Ouch! Yeah! Harder! Bang me good! Fuck me harder!" Jiraz hissed in pleasure; above her, Shica enjoyed being the dominative, and let out small, evil chuckles.

"Wow, that was exhausting!" Shica admitted ashe simply did not have the strength to screw anymore; however, she snuck under Jiraz, placing her hands between her own legs, mastrubating and and licking Jiraz's pussy.

"Oh! That's mean! I'm already turned on!" Jiraz fakely complained.

"Umm, you taste so good..." Shica moaned under Jiraz, keeping on rubbing her fingers into her own pussy as she got turned on by Jiraz's delightful screams.

"Oh! Oh, yeah! YEAH! yeahyeahyeah! OH MY GODDESS-S-S-S! SHICA-A-A-A-AH!" Jiraz yelled out as she came.

"Whew, you really 'were' turned on!" Shica panted as she sat up, still feeling horny looking at her girlfriend.

"Oh, I've been waiting for this!" Jiraz smiled, playfully grabbing hold og Shica's wrists; as they laughed and wrestled, Jiraz got hold of Shica's silvery strap-on.

"I'm gonna return the favor, baby!" Jiraz exclaimed as she stuck the strap-on into Shica, making her yell wildly.

"Oh, yes!! OH, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" Shica shrieked as she grabbed hold of the blankets of the bed, biting it to choke her pleasure.

"Oh, yes! I'm gonna fuck you, you sexy girlie!" Jiraz exclaimed equally high.
"OH! Say it again, Jiraz! It turns me o-o-o-on!" Shica gasped as she kept moaning.

"Sexy! You sexy dark elf girlie!" I'm gonna fuck your ass off! I'll make you cum! CUM FOR ME, SHICA! CUM! CUM!" Jiraz yelled as she was about to climax.
"YEAH! Oh, yeahyeahyeah!" SCREW...ME-E-E-E!!!" SHica exclaimed, her orgasm running down her legs all the way to her boots.

"Wow, that felt good, but I haven't cum yet..." Jiraz smiled, but she was a little disappointed.
"Come here, then!" Shica giggled as she forced her nether lips against Jiraz's, making her yell out in desire.

"Oh! You look so sexy in those boots Shica!" Jiraz winked suggestively at her girlfriend.
"Yeah, you, too; it kinda turns me on" Shica smiled happily as she began rubbing.

"AH! OH, YES! RUB ME RAW! YOU SEXY GIRL!" Jiraz yelled; from her point of view, Shica could just see Jiraz's drooling and open mouth, and her sweating and gorgeous body.
"UHMM! UHMM-M-M-M! OH, YEAH!" Shica moaned as she kept rubbing.

"OH MY GODS! SHICA, I'M...I'M CUMMI-I-I-ING!" Jiraz exclaimed as she came.
"Whew! You're one heck of a hottie, sexy" Shica teased as she let herself fall unto Jiraz, rubbing their bodies together.

"Umm! Yes, I am! Rawr!" Jiraz smiled as she began sucking and carefully nip Shica's breasts; they both knew the night was still young, and so were they...

"OH! OH, GODS! YE-E-E-E-EAH!" Shica shrieked as she pulled her gloved hand out of her mouth, seeing the black latex soaked in drool; below her, Jiraz was licking on her pussy with animalistc desire, slurping every single drop of Shica's cum while she was using her own hands to finger heself.

"Shica, I'm gonna cum! Oh, gods, cumming! IT'S CUMMI-I-I-I-ING!!!" Jiraz creamed as she came; her white cum made a small pool on the floor, so powerful was it.

"Jiraz, I can't...LET ME CUM, TOO! TONGUE-FUCK ME-E-E-E!" Shica yelled as Jiraz teased her by stopping the licking.

"OH, FU-U-U-U-U-UCK!!!" Shica yelled as the hot tongue penentrated her pussy making her cum ran all the way down into Jiraz's waiting mouth...

“Jiraz...” Shica whispered about an hour later, where she and Jiraz had been overjoyed at sexually molesting each other wildly.
“Yeah...?” Jiraz mumbled, appearing from the darkness of her and Shica’s blanket.
“I love you” Shica smiled happily and gave Jiraz a soft kiss.

“I love you too, Shica...” Jiraz returned the smile, softly hugging Shica; however, she still could feel their latex outfits.

“Oh, and that...” Shica smiled suggestively at Jiraz; “you have no idea how much I enjoyed it!”
“Oh, believe me, I think I got an idea; it was me who did you!” Jiraz teased.

"Oh, and I'm sorry for that swearing thing; I just lost it..." Jiraz apoligized.

"Are you kidding? Do you have any idea of how turned on I got?" Shica winked teasingly and gave Jiraz a warm hug.

"Heheheh! Just you hope I don't get in the mood again!" Jiraz joked as she let out a deep and happy sigh, moving closer to Shica.

“You naughty hottie! Having sex with you is just too fantastic for words...” Shica purred pleasantly as she lay her head on Jiraz’s breasts, silently falling asleep.
“Ummm, I’m not a pillow, sweetie” Jiraz smiled, softly stroking Shica’s white hair before she lay herself to sleep as well...

[End notes: Any questions will be explained in the final chapter, so for now, I advice that you read and learn.

(All STAR SHINE and TALES OF DARKNESS Characters are belong to me!)
Rhanar Narra-Jar CR.]

Chapter 3

Title: Twilight Tales - You get What you Wish For: Jiraz

[Author's notes:

Three high school girls are about to discover that studying the occult is not all death and doomsday...

In fact maybe something good will happen...or something good will happen to them...?


”What a day…” was all a tired Kasumi could utter as she slowly pushed her front door open; behind her, her two classmates, Aisha and Ukuni seemed equally tired:

After about seven hours of schoolwork, they really began to reconsider why they were about to engage in Kasumi’s weird experiment.

“Kasumi, are you sure it’s safe?” Ukuni asked nervously; she put down her bag next to Kasumi’s and Aisha’s.

“Sure she is, silly; she’s not stupid” Aisha snapped as she smiled at Kasumi; she replied the smile; Aisha always tried and be on best terms with the both of them, but her and Ukuni always seemed to compete for Kasumi’s attention.

“Umm, right, let’s get started then; Ukuni, you brought the candles?” Kasumi asked.

“Yep, but they were difficult to find; I even tried the old antique store at the mall” Ukuni said as she pulled a small plastic bag from a pocket in her vest.

“Thanks, and you brought the silver cross, Aisha?” Kasumi asked.

“Sure, it wasn’t that hard” Aisha said as she proudly tried and hand Kasumi the cross, but it had gotten stuck somewhere under her vest.

“I'll get it” Ukuni smiled as she opened Aisha’s vest; her hands finally found the cross, while Kasumi could do nothing but to smile at Aisha’s rotating irises as they both saw Ukuni’s hands pass over Aisha’s breasts countless times.

“We can have some fun later; right now, we’ve got to discover the secrets of the occult!” Kasumi beamed; Aisha and Ukuni smiled at each other; every girl one their school, as it was an all-girls school, knew that the three of them were lesbians, a fact they were both admired and somewhat feared for.

As they entered Kasumi’s living room, they saw that she had drawn a red pentagram on the floor and a lot of different charms as well, and books about the occult lay all over the floor.

“My, you’re eager to prove that the occult exists” Aisha nodded impressed.“Yeah, I wish Miss Kunyaka would believe me, but she keeps saying that there’s no such thing as the occult” Kasumi sighed.

“Hey, cheer up! We’ll show her!” Ukuni smiled at Kasumi and Aisha; Kasumi shoke her head and smiled, while Aisha winked at Ukuni.

“Right, let’s get to it, then…” Kasumi said as she laid the silver cross besides her as she and the two others sat in a small circle, all of them uttering the same chants over and over again:

“Aras I’da sunnar! Idin shaddar! Pratura Ini Sai! Ukunra I’sta I’decono! Est I’da Ur!”

As the chanting went on, Kasumi closed her eyes, her friends following the example; the middle of the pentagram had begun to glow, and black smoke began to steam from it.

“Aras I’da sunnar! Idin shaddar! Pratura Ini Sai! I’car uno esti! ESTI UN DEMO!”

The girls yelled the last line, and were shocked as a wave of red energy blasted them several meters back; recovering quickly, the girls looked eagerly as the smoke vanished, and saw…

The summoned creature had completely red skin, tail and wings, black horns, and claws on the wings as well as instead of nails.Its hair was only a little more dark-red then its skin, and it reached its buttock.

By the few more glimpses they got, the summoned creature was completely naked.

“Right, who’s the moron using old Chaos Magic like it’s everyday business?! I’m gonna kick his sorry ass back into…” the creature complained; as the smoke lifted, it caught eyes on the girls, and its dark mood vanished as if by a spell.

“Why, yo there, girlies! Don’t you know it’s naughty to use occult magic? Shame on you…” it said in a teasing way as it sat down on both knees; it looked at girls, who were utmost terrified.

“Oh, please, am I that bad looking? Well, that’s what you get by disturbing me in the showers…by the way, the name’s Jiraz Blackwhip” the creature continued her teasing speech.

“G-girls…” Kasumi managed to speak; “I think it’s a succubus.”

“A succu-what?” Aisha asked perplexed.“A demon of lust; she steals men’s souls while having sex with them” Ukuni replied.

“Geez, as for me, you’re way outdated, hon; truth is, I hate guys; all brawn and no brain” Jiraz sighed as she moved closer, causing the girls to back several feet away.

“Look, if I wanted to harm you, you’d already know; as a matter of fact…” Jiraz smiled teasingly at Aisha; “…I love girlies!”

By that, Jiraz headed straight over to Aisha and hugged her tightly; despite her demonic strength, Jiraz did no harm to Aisha, who merely blushed as a firestorm, causing Ukuni and Kasumi to exchange giggles.

“Do something! She’ll take my soul!” Aisha yelled out, but she did not do much more to resist then to try and hug Jiraz back; however, Jiraz let out a lovingly moan as their bodies pressed together.

“Umm, feels go-o-o-od…” she mumbled pleasantly, but let go of Aisha anyway; she looked more then taken aback, but she did not really seem afraid; instead, she ran over to Ukuni and Aisha, who could not help but giggle at her.

“Who’s next? No, wait, lemme do all you three!” Jiraz smiled as she approached the girls; although they tried and get away, Jiraz simply laughed as she got hold of Ukuni and held her under her arm.

“Now, let’s see…” Jiraz looked around while Ukuni struggled pointlessly under her.“Aren’t you gonna help your friend here?” Jiraz called as the other girls had disappeared from sight.

“You could always ask to be put down; why all the struggling?” Jiraz asked Ukuni.

“Ermm, please put me down…?” Ukuni tried.

“Sure!” Jiraz smiled at her as she held Ukuni in both hands; she headed for the bedroom, and just managed to catch sight of the skirt of a school uniform vanish under the bed.

“Oh no, now that’s so cliché…” Jiraz laughed as she looked under the bed to find Aisha and Kasumi hiding; they shrieked as her head appeared, and tried and get away, but Jiraz was faster and went over the bed to the door and locked it shut and kept the key in her closed hand.

“Girls, girls, girls…” Jiraz shoke her head, hiding a smile; “when do you get that I don’t wanna harm you, eat you, or devour your souls?”

“How can we trust you?” Kasumi said boldly.

“Well, aside from my claws, I’m quite defenseless…” Jiraz smiled as she passed between the girls and lay down on the bed, curling her tail and flapping her wings.

“I just hoped we could’ve had some fun, but if you’re all so grumpy, I think it’s fine…” Jiraz sighed, quite disappointed, she put the key down on the bed sheet beside her, gesturing the girls to pick it up.

“Go on, you wanna leave, right?” Jiraz said in a little girlish voice.“Well, we didn’t wanna hurt you, or…” Aisha suddenly said, surprising herself by taking pity on the demon.

“Oh, that’s sweet; you’re quiet cute, you know?” Jiraz winked at Aisha; Kasumi and Ukuni giggled as Aisha blushed.

“Well, tell me: Why would three sexy girls like you want to summon a demon? Don’t you know the occult’s got a large, invisible sign saying ‘NO ACESS?” Jiraz asked.

“Well, we kinda just wanted to prove it existed; it’s our homework, really…” Kasumi said uncertainly.“C’mon, sit down” Jiraz patted the bed; hesitantly, the girls sat down besides the succubus, still a little afraid of her.

“Now, first of all, I need you to stop shaking like grass on a windy day; it’s no fun” Jiraz said as she grabbed hold of Ukuni’s shoulders as if to force her to sit still.

“Secondly, if I’m to tell you all I know about occult and magic stuff, I want something from you…” Jiraz smiled at the girls.

“Wha-what’s that?” Kasumi asked rather afraid.“Well, it’s a game my girlfriend and I play a lot; I dunno if you humans knows of it, but it’s called hide and seek” Jiraz smiled.

“You’ve got a girlfriend?!” Ukuni asked directly in awe.

“Yep, about the cutest, little lass you could wish for, and Gods bless me she’s one heck of naughty little girl…!” Jiraz laughed at the thought of her girlfriend.

“OK, this is getting so strange…” Aisha mumbled.“We kinda have a competition going, and I’m behind with two points…” Jiraz smiled.

“What kinda competition?” Ukuni asked.

“Well, I’ll tell you, but you’ve gotta tell me two things first” Jiraz nodded.

“Fire away” Kasumi said as she crossed her legs and sat on the bed opposite Jiraz; as Ukuni and Aisha joined her on both sides, they all agreed that Jiraz was not quite so dangerous.

“Well, first of all, do you have any boyfriends?” Jiraz’s asked.

“Nope, never wanted one” Aisha said as she shake her head.“Me neither” Kasumi said as she was glad to tell the truth.“I’ve had some boys following me to school every day last week, but I kicked their asses so badly they quit it!” Ukuni laughed.

“Hah hah hah hah! Girl power!” Jiraz laughed and gave Ukuni a thumbs up.

“Right, last question: Are you virgins?” Jiraz asked.

“Ummm…” was the only answer she got from the girls, who suddenly all blushed heavily.“C’mon, don’t be shy” Jiraz smiled at the girls.

Looking at her friends, Kasumi mustered all her courage; as her friends looked admirably at her, she told the truth.

“Nope, we’ve taken it from each other” Kasumi said, her pride falling a little when the words were uttered.

Jiraz smiled broadly; “nicely done, girls; then you wouldn’t mind if I, well, sa-a-ay, umm, did this…?”By those words, Jiraz slowly leaned over Kasumi, teasingly running a claw down her throat and to her bra under her shirt.

“It’s exciting, isn’t it?” Jiraz teased as Kasumi could not believe the succubus would do such a thing.

“You’d better savor it, ‘cause it’s about time we started playing!” Jiraz giggled as she leaned up again; after having rather busty breasts swinging over her head, Kasumi looked rather excited.

“Right, who’s it first?” Jiraz asked.“Umm, can I be it?” Ukuni asked, still not able to get over the fact that her friend had almost been made love to by a succubus.

“Sure, as long as it’s in the house; I don’t really wanna go outside, if you get what I mean…?” Jiraz smiled.“Should we get started?” Aisha asked.

“Yeah, but to make is more fun, I’d say we’ll have to catch the ones we find” Kasumi suggested.“Good idea, girl” Jiraz giggled.“OK, I’ll be counting to 100!” Ukuni said as she began counting; as Jiraz, Aisha and Kasumi set off to find a place to hide, Aisha caught herself beginning to like the succubus.

“23, 24, 25, 26…” Ukuni counted loudly; Jiraz pointed behind the couch in the dining room, gesturing Aisha to crawl in.“Quick, she’s ready soon!” Jiraz said as Aisha crawled in; lucky as she was, Jiraz got a look at Aisha’s underwear as she crawled in.

“Nice view!” she teased before she went to find a hiding of her own; Jiraz never heard the silent ‘thanks’ under the couch, where Aisha had taken the comment with pride.

Jiraz looked around for a good hiding place, but to no avail; as she heard ’89, 90, 91…’ from the bedroom, she got a bright idea; she hurried to the kitchen, made a jump, and stuck herself to the ceiling with all her claws and wing-claws.

“100! I’m coming now!” Ukuni cheered, appearing from the doorway to the bedroom; she eagerly looked just about everywhere, and ended up finding Aisha under the couch; she giggled and grabbed Aisha’s feet, and as she pulled, Aisha let out a playful shriek as she imitated to resist.

“C’mon out, or I’ll come in there!” Ukuni laughed as the bottom half of Aisha was now visible; panting, Aisha quit the game and let herself be pulled out.

“Umm, Ukuni…?” she pointed at Ukuni’s hand; she held Aisha’s skirt in it.“Ups! Sorry, I didn’t mean to….” Ukuni babbled as she waved her hands over her head, her eyes spinning.

“It’s OK! It’s OK! Just stop making me laugh!” Aisha laughed as she grabbed Ukuni and pulled her into a kiss; fortunately for Jiraz, the girls seemed to enjoy themselves so much that they did not notice that Jiraz swung above the ceiling in only the claws on her feet, while she tried her best not to laugh gleefully.

However, the girls slowly pulled out of the embrace, smiling at each other.“Shouldn’t we wait until Kasumi is it?” Aisha asked; Ukuni nodded and helped Aisha stand up, but in that moment, Aisha got her eyes on Jiraz.

“Oh, crap…” Jiraz just managed to utter before Aisha teasingly tried and grab hold of Jiraz’s tail; Ukuni stood and was laughing her butt off as Jiraz comically pulled her tail as Aisha tried and catch it.

“Help! Somebody! That crazy chick’s trying to catch me!” Jiraz joked, but as she could not take herself serious; she laughed out loud just long enough for Aisha to get hold of her tail.

“Hey, that’s my tail! How’d you like it if I tried grabbing your breasts like that?” Jiraz laughed at Aisha, who could not help but smile herself; however, behind her, a dark shadow came closer and closer…

“Gotcha!” Kasumi smiled triumphantly as she grabbed Aisha by her breasts; as Aisha moaned at Kasumi’s playing with her breasts, Jiraz found the sight to be too much; she lost balance and fell on the floor, but managed to land on her feet.

“You ladies look freakkin’ hot when you do that! It’s like seeing myself with Shica…” Jiraz beamed; behind her, Ukuni decided to join in, and grabbed Jiraz from behind.

“Oh yes, girl! Play with me! Make me feel go-o-od! I want it!” Jiraz shocked Ukuni with her longing moans; as expected, Ukuni loosened the grab a bit, and Jiraz smiled as she seized the girl’s wrist in a quick turning.

“Now comes the part where I return the favor; any last words?” she joked at Ukuni, who felt a mix of fear and excitement running through her mind.

“Time’s up, hon!” Jiraz smiled, beginning to unwrap Ukuni’s vest; as Aisha and Kasumi saw that, they readied themselves, ready help Ukuni in case Jiraz got out of hand, but they also somehow looked forward to enjoy the show.

“Hey, Miss Jiraz, I don’t think we…” Ukuni began, but Jiraz simply gave a small laugh and gave Ukuni a long passionate kiss; as Jiraz eventually pulled back, glad that Ukuni had not risen her arms as if to reject her, had to muster almost all her self control for not to laugh at the look on Ukuni’s face.

“Geeh, you’re good at kissing, ye know?” Ukuni joked at Jiraz; she smiled and walked over to Aisha and Kasumi, who were readying themselves mentally for what was to come.

“Your bedroom, right now, I’m feeling kinky” Jiraz simply said; Aisha and Kasumi got to their feet, and the girls walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

“So then, ladies; who’s going first?” Jiraz asked as she laid down on the bed, spreading her wings and tail.

“I know I’m attractive; I get that a lot from Shica, so don’t be shy” she said in a sexy voice.It seemed as if she had let a storm loose; the girls exchanged smiles and began undressing; soon facing the three naked girls, Jiraz had trouble not to mentally imagine them all as Shica duplicates.

“Jiraz, have you ever heard of a foursome?” Kasumi smiled at her; behind Jiraz, Aisha and Ukuni leaned over Jiraz, beginning to feel a sudden desire for the succubus.

“Nope, but I’ve tried alotta threesomes with Shica and my best friend Narrisha…” Jiraz said seducing; “…wanna try and beat that?”

As she uttered the words, the girls’ self control waned, and they squealed as they went down on Jiraz.

Aisha began to verb her left breast, while Ukuni leaned down and began kissing Jiraz hotly; Kasumi went down and began kissing and licking Jiraz’s pussy, and all the while, the girls sent each other suggestive looks as if they planned to give each other the same pleasure....

[End notes: As always, the questions can be asked after you have read all chapters.

(All STAR SHINE and TALES OF DARKNESS Characters are belong to me!)
Rhanar Narra-Jar CR.]

Chapter 4

Title: Twilight Tales - You get What you Wish For: Shica

[Author's notes: Whilst waiting for Jiraz to return from her visit to the unknown world, Shic finds herself in need to let off a bit of her desire; and since the Imperial Palace is bound to be filled with trusty maids, then why not play a little fetish, and maybe even gain a new friend in the process?]

With Jiraz gone to another world, as she saw by the large, glowing Mystic Portal on the floor, Shica sighed and sat down on her bed; she had brought some fetish outfits she wanted to try on Jiraz, but now it seemed that she had to wait a long time…

“Ohhhh, I want some fun now!” she mumbled; the thought of Jiraz alone made her desire grow, so she got to her feet and headed for the door; as she went outside for the bathroom, she caught sight of a girl of about her own age, dressed in simple maid uniform.

“Why, hallo there” Shica smiled at her, mentally chuckling at the thought of the plans she had for the girl.

“Your Highness” the girl curtsied as she stepped over to Shica, standing respectfully in front of her; a small purplish-blue lock running down her waist-long pink hair marked her clearly as a servant at the palace.

“Say, girl, do you have any friends or partners or the like…?” Shica asked directly.

“Well, I do have some friends, but not too wealthy, my lady” the girl nervously responded.
“Ah, I see, and how about mates?” Shica asked again.

“No-one!” the girl said a bit forcefully, causing her to tremble at the thought of what Shica could do to her.

“It’s OK, it’s OK” Shica stretched out a hand; not managing to duck, the girl received a patting on her shoulders.“You don’t like guys, either?” Shica asked.

“No, not as love interest, my lady” the girl responded, embarrassed to speak of such private things.

“Hih Hih Hih! You look so cute when you blush like that!” Shica giggled, stroking the girl’s cheek; as she leaned closer, the girl’s eyes went open in surprise.

“My girlfriend is out on a trip, so I have a small task for you” Shica said softly, making sure not to look too seductively at the girl.

“W-what will You have me do, Your Highness?” the girl asked as Shica let go.
“Well, my girlfriend and I are having a little game, in which I am in the lead, and I’d like to keep ahead” Shica explained; “come to my quarters and I will tell you more.”

The girl silently followed, curious as to what Her Ladyship would have to tell her.

“Now, as we are comfortable and all safe…” Shica gestured the girl to sit on her bed while she locked the door; “…I will give you my request.

”Shica walked over to the bedside opposite the girl and stepped out of most of her clothes, excluding her white boots, which she swung over the bedside as she laid down.

“La-lady Shica, why are you…?” the girl asked confused, but something in her told her to remain calm.

“Let me state the obvious, silly” Shica smiled at the girl as she turned her head; “I want you to make love to me.”

“What?! But I’ll…I’ll be executed! The empress will be furious…!” the girl panicked as her arms waved up and down; being reminded of when Jiraz did so as well, Shica began to laugh and fall down from the bed as she kept laughing.

“My…my mom won’t do such a thing, you silly girl! My girlfriend’s a demonic succubus! We’ve already made love to each other, and now we’re trying to see who can seduce most girls!” Shica explained as she crawled back up.

“So…so that is the game you spoke if; you…you want me to make love to you…?!” the girl asked in a mix of fear and excitement.

“BOH!” Shica teasingly imitated a ghost, scaring the girl enough to make her lean to the bedside.

“Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah! Oh, Gods you’re funny, you little cutie!” Shica laughed as she moved in on the girl; “come here!”

By those words, she grabbed hold of the girl from behind, kissing her cheek.

“Miss Shica! I can’t do this! I’ve never mated with anyone before!” the girl panicked again, but she made not attempts to flee.

“Don’t tell me you hate it; I’m not buying that” Shica teased as she let go; the girl slowly held her glove to the spot where Shica had kissed her.

“Trust me, silly; I’m not going to tell my mom, and I’m not gonna hurt you, myself” Shica assured the girl as she leaned back on the bed.

As the maid slowly removed her hand, she sent Shica a look of confusion, but also somewhat lust.

“You…you really want me to do away with you, Your Highness?” she asked carefully.

“Of course; why do you think I stripped of my clothes? It’s not like I do that in public!” Shica smiled, and to her mild surprise, the girl giggled.

“And please, call me Shica; you’re a bright gal, so let’s drop the formalities” Shica winked at her.

“Yes mi-…I mean Shica” the girl corrected herself.

“Oh, umm, I’m sorry I didn’t ask before, but what’s your name?” Shica asked.

“My name is Vinya, daughter of the Red Sister Dai’na” Vinya replied; surprised, she saw that Shica giggled.

“What is it?” Vinya asked confused.“You know that your mother Dai’na is a lieutenant of the Scarlet Sisterhood, right?” Shica asked.

“Yes, I really admire her; she’s so strong…” Vinya smiled at the thought.

“Well, I have something I think I should tell you, Vinya, if you can bear to hear it” Shica said with a faked seriousness in her voice.

“What? Did something happen to her?” Vinya asked nervously.

“No, not really, but you see, there was a small battle some time ago, and your mom got a little injury; just a misguided arrow” Shica added as Vin’ya looked very afraid.

“Well, my mom and the Sisterhood, and me, are the only ones to know this, but my mom got some of the Sisterhood’s priestesses to heal her, and then…”

“Then what? Tell me, please!” Vinya looked pleadingly at Shica.

“Well, I first need to know; how did your mom react when she got home?” Shica asked.

“She was really happy, and, well, she seemed to be in a good mood” Vinya said happily; “but what could have made her so happy when she was injured?”

Vin’ya looked surprisingly at Shica as she began to chuckle.“I’ll tell you what happened; I think my mom did away with yours; the Scarlet Sisterhood is also my mom’s harem, but just you know it, she treats them equally.”

“What? My mom’s a soldier and a…a wench?!” Vinya looked in terror at Shica.

“No, no, no, you silly girl; as I said my mom respects all her Red Sisters; if they don’t want to she’ll leave them be; she’s not like a male who can’t think of nothing but mating…” Shica growled at the last line.

“So…so she was willing to…to be made love to by the empress?” Vinya asked in awe.

“Yep, so for short; our moms have screwed each other!” Shica chuckled as she sat besides Vinya, who seemed to be glad that her mother had not been forced to something she did not want to.

“So…you don’t think our mothers will complain…?” Vinya carefully asked.“Nope, and neither will Jiraz; I think she’ll be getting what’s coming to her!” Shica winked.

“Very well, then” Vinya said as she silently sat up; she began removing her clothes, and ended up standing near naked in front of Shica.

“My body for the empire and its heir…” she gave a small smile; as she began to undress completely, Shica arranged it neatly in a pile besides her own.

“Before we get started, I have to get something” she said as she went over to a small cupboard; Vinya sat down, not able to stop herself from thinking of how it would feel like.

Due to the darkness of the room, which were only dimly lit by a few mystic crystals, Vinya could barely see despite her elven eyes; she heard Shica’s steps as she came back, and were somewhat shocked to see the crown princess now:

While she always had seen the princess in her formal robes and dress, Shica was now glad in a corset, boots and gloves of shining black material; in her hand, she seemed to have a secondary suit.

“Would you wear this, please?” she requested of Vinya; curious, she agreed at took the suit; it felt comfortable yet warm, and fit perfectly with her size.“What is this, Shica?” she asked.

“It’s latex; when me and Jiraz are making out, we always wears that…” Shica leaned teasingly close to Vinya’s ear; “…it turns us on!”

As she uttered the words, she slipped under Vinya and grabbed hold of her breasts, which could easily be felt through the latex corset.

“E-e-e-ek!” Vinya let out a wail, but she soon found the tickling feeling in her breasts to be comfortable.

“See? I’m not gonna hurt you; I’m just going to teach you how me and Jiraz does it!” Shica teased.

“Shi-Shica, I can feel your fingers…” Vin’ya panted as a sudden heat began to swarm through her body.

“Oh, you’re already turned on? Naughty girl!” Shica giggled as her left hand began to slide down Vinya’s leg, while her right hand continued to verb Vinya’s breast.

“Shi-Shica! You’re inside my mind! I can’t…” Vinya tried to speak as more and more naughty images of Shica doing several things to her invaded her mind.

“Oh, you’re getting horny just thinking of me? That’s naughty, but nice to know!” Shica teased, now using both hands to rub between Vinya’s legs, while she began to lick Vinya’s throat, making her moan.

“Oh! Oh, yes! You…you’re good at this, Shica!” Vinya managed to smile, making Shica giggle.

“Jiraz taught me all about this; I love her, but I would like if I could be more than a mistress for you, Vinya, maybe even a friend.”

“After this, you’ll certainly be in my waking daydreams…” Vinya smiled seductively.

“Wow, you’re good at being a naughty girl! I think I’d better give you a reward” Shica smiled; she slid a little away from Vinya and lay down, taking her corset off.

“Take yours off, too” she asked Vinya; smiling softly, Vinya obeyed, sitting besides Shica.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Do away with me!” Shica smiled at Vinya; feeling her self-control wane, Vinya let out a small squeal as she let her desire loose and lay down on Shica, pressing her own breasts against Shica's.

“Oh! Oh, that’s it, girl! You’re good at this!” Shica laughed, wrapping her arms around Vinya.

“You know, Shica…” Vinya whispered playfully; “…I think latex turns me on, as well!”

By those words, she resumed her licking and sucking of Shica, making her moan and whimper in delight.

“Girl, I’m gonna make sure you don’t forget this night!” Shica suddenly said; surprised and caught off guard, Vinya saw as Shica rose up, leaned down over Vinya and asked her to turn around:

Now facing Shica's wet clit, Vinya could feel her temptation to lick the crown princess rise; meanwhile, Shica had stuck her head between Vinya’s legs, making ready to feast on her clit.

“Vinya, you’re gonna love this!” Shica giggled as she stuck her tongue into Vinya’s xlit; the maid let loose a long squeal and began yelling out Shica’s name over and over.

“Oh yes! Oh, please me-e-e-e! I want this! I WANT YOU, SHICA!” Vinya yelled out in desire, returning the favor; she began licking and sucking on Shica’s pussy, making her moan.

“Ummm! Took you long enough! I want this, too!” Shica cooed, resuming her licking.

Over six minutes of intense pleasure followed by the two dark elven girls’ squeals and moans filled the room; as the seventh minute was about to come, both Vinya and Shica let loose a long, pleased cry of pleasure as they both came.

“Wow, you’re good at licking me, Vinya!” Shica smiled at the other girl, who were still panting.

“It felt so good; I…I need more!” Vinya exclaimed lustfully as she threw herself against Shica’s breasts.

“Oh! You’re quiet horny, huh?” Shica smiled as Vinya began playing her Shica’s left nipple; although Jiraz still filled Shica’s mind, she wanted to present Vinya to her, although she was not sure if Vinya would like to be in the same room as a demon.

“Well, until Jiraz gets back I have plenty of things I wanna teach you” Shica smiled at Vinya as she stroke her long, pink hair; “trust me; you’re not gonna forget tonight!”

[End notes: As you read this, the final chapter approaches, and all your questions will be answered.]

Chapter 5

Title: Twilight Tales - You get What you Wish For: Jiraz and Shica

[Author's notes:

As Shica and Vinya enjoy playing around, they are joined by the vampiress, Narrisha Nightwind, who is looking for a little fun, and as for Shica and Vinya's case, it is an oppertunity she would not miss for a lifetime.

Meanwhile, Jiraz, Ukuni, Aisha and Kasumi plan on returning to Varran for Jiraz to show them what true magic really is...but there is a certain bill to pay...


Meanwhile, in the world behind the Mystic Portal, Jiraz lay exhausted besides the girls, all of them seeming rather satisfied.

“I swear to God that it’s the last I’ll be submissive to you, Jiraz!” Ukuni joked at Jiraz; “I didn’t knew your tail could…”

“Thanks, sweetie, let’s leave it at that” Jiraz giggled; “well, at least now you know what I’m saying next time I ask you to bend over.”

Ukuni blushed, making the other three smile at her.“Now, as I promise to tell you all about magic and all that, shouldn’t we go to my world? The Imperial Palace has a library at the size of a park!”

“You’re from an imperial bloodline?” Kasumi asked curiously.

“No, no, silly, my girlfriend is; she’s the Crown Princess of Shacar-Jarcu” Jiraz smiled happily at the thought of Shica.

“So you’re her Knight on a White Horse?” Aisha teased; the girls laughed as Jiraz kinkily verbed Aisha’s left breast with her free hand.

“Yeah, you could say that, but just you know it, I’ve also claimed her virtue” Jiraz smiled seductively.

“Oh my God! How?” Ukuni asked in awe.

“Well, I’m a shapeshifter; you see those wings of mine?” Jiraz asked.

“How could we miss them?” Kasumi nodded.

“Right: Those claws on them, the wing-claws; I turned them oblong and nonlethal; then…well…she sorta screamed but I found out it was in joy…”Jiraz smiled embarrassed at the girls.

“So you screwed your girlfriend just with your wings?” Ukuni asked, sounding rather excited.

“Yeah, but Goddess, I got one Hell of a payback! She borrowed a strap-on from her mom, and then she just went loose! I know she’s small, but she’s damn me good at pleasing me!” Jiraz laughed.

“Wait a second; is her mom, umm, the empress, is she also a lesbian?” Aisha asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, and she’s got her own, freakkin’ harem of Dark Elf ladies from the Scarlet Sisterhood! They’re her elite soldiers, but it isn’t just their swords they swing pretty well!” Jiraz smiled as the thought of Shica in an opened Scarlet Sisterhood uniform seemed to turn her extremely on.

“So her elites are also her pleasers and seductresses?” Kasumi asked.

“Yeah, it’s nice to know that they’re like my sweetie; they can kick ass and look good at it!” Jiraz giggled.

“Well, I, for one, wanna go see that little girlfriend of yours; she sounds like a nice gal” Ukuni said.“You’re not gonna keep me away, either, although I’m a bit nervous with all that ‘travelling-to-other-worlds’-thing” Aisha joined in.

“I’d love to, but how are we to get there?” Kasumi asked.“Well, I’ll need to look through your books and find a usable spell” Jiraz said as she sat up; “you girls coming?”

“Sure thing!” they all said at the same time, causing giggles in between them.

As Jiraz went into the living room with the large pentagram, she settled down with Kasumi’s books; she flipped through a few pages as she read, but soon let out a sigh and closed the first book, picking up the next.

“It’s like looking in an old phone book where all the addresses are misspelled…” she mumbled, but eventually she found something usable.

“You humans’ Latin is kinda strange, but I’ll try” she nodded as she stood up:

“Aras I’da sunnar! Idin shaddar! Sai Pratura Ini! I’decono! Ukunra I’sta! DEMO UN GORONOG!”

As she uttered the last words, a small, transparent and round object of pure, blue light emerged from out of nowhere without a sound.

“Wow! What’s that?!” Ukuni asked in awe.

“It’s a Mystic Portal; it can get us to Varran, my home world; umm, well, I’m technically from Hell, but I hated that place” Jiraz smiled as she corrected herself.

“Umm, not to sound dumb, but why?” Aisha asked.

Jiraz went silent for a moment, and she slowly responded in a sad voice; “because I had a soul, the others down there tried to rape and kill me; Shica saved me by accidently opening a portal like this, and I was taken to Varran.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that…” Aisha apologized.

“It’s OK, cutie, you didn’t know” Jiraz gave her a smile as she climbed through the Mystic Portal, soon followed by Ukuni, then Kasumi, and finally Aisha.


Back on Varran in Shica’s quarters, her and Vinya sat and had a talk with Narrisha the vampire; most unusually for her, she was wearing a half-plate of spiked adamantine armor with imitations of skulls and bones added to it.

“So you’re not scared of me, Vinya? You don’t think I’ll go spanking you or eat you up raw?” Narrisha teased; Vinya seemed a little taken aback by her red eyes, but else seemed to find the vampire harmless.

“If she was she’d properly be running all over the walls, praying Tanrisa to save her from you” Shica laughed at Narrisha; she giggled and let out a playful snarl before she pinned Shica down on the bed.

“When Jiraz and her new friends come back…” she smiled kinkily at Shica and Vinya, who stood beside them with an uncertain smile; “…I’d suggest we’ll have a little…’intimate welcoming’.”

Shica winked at Narrisha and pulled the vampire into a short kiss; she let her tongue feel Narrisha’s fangs, but as always, the vampire was not interested in blood; her addiction was simple water.

Behind the girls, a blue portal of Mystic appeared in the room, and Jiraz firstly came out of it; following her were three human girls, who all seemed rather curious about this new place.

Unbeknownst to them, though, Narrisha had sneaked up behind the portal; as Jiraz caught sight of her, Narrisha winked and gave a gleeful smile; Jiraz got her message; Narrisha wanted to give to girls a small scare.

As Ukuni, Aisha and Kasumi admired the room around them, they did not make it to catch sight on Shica or Vinya before they heard a heavy clinking behind them; as Ukuni nervously turned around, she saw a terrifying sight:

Standing at their height, a grey-skinned and red-eyed creature looked at them hungrily; she wore a large half-plate of something that looked like black steel with spikes and skulls, and the long, black cloak on her formed was forming into bat-like wings.

“BO-O-OH!” the creature simply said, causing the girls to run headlong across the room, yelling in panic.

“ARGH! A VAMPIRE! OH MY FREAKKING GOD! VAMPIRE! VAMPIRE!” Ukuni began to yell in fear.

Not an eye was dry from Vinya, Narrisha, Shica and Jiraz; all but Narrisha was rolling on the floor in laughing, while Narrisha simply bend down on her knees as she eventually could not help but to surrender to her laughing.

Realizing they were not in danger of becoming mindless undead, Ukuni, Aisha and Kasumi stopped running about, carefully approaching Narrisha as she slowly got up.

“By Illirian, that was fun! Hah! Hah! Hah! You were running headlong like chicks all across the room!” Narrisha laughed as she got to her feet; she eventually calmed down from her laughing, and began taking off her armor.

“Someone wanna help me with the cloak? I can’t reach” she asked the girls; very hesitantly, Kasumi approached from behind, helping Narrisha remove the cloak.

“Thanks; I don’t mind your leg, either” Narrisha flirted as Kasumi had accidently placed her one leg between Narrisha’s legs; she quickly pulled back, but Narrisha got hold of her hand.

“Ah, ah, ah, no can do; if you wanna give me a ride, ask Shica for the straps” Narrisha smiled lustfully at Kasumi; she sent Narrisha a confused look, but she merely smiled.

“Alright, let me visualize it for you” she said as she slipped off the remaining parts of her armor; she walked over to Shica and whispered something in her ear; she gave Narrisha a broad smile and turned to Jiraz; as they went for the cupboard, the other girls sat down on the bed and began chatting.

Ukuni, Aisha and Kasumi even found Vinya and Shica to be rather cute, and they even began to like Narrisha despite her being a vampire.

“I’m sure glad you’re not racists; quiet some humans are, but while they’ve got brawn, you must have the beauty” Narrisha flirted with the girls; they could not help but smile.

Meanwhile, Jiraz and Shica had found what they were looking for in the cupboard; they went to the bed and dropped several strap-ons on it.

“Anyone wanna try one of these?” Jiraz asked; Shica and Ukuni’s hands were the first to be raised, and Narrisha let out a happy purring.

“Well, my fetish is leather, latex, and…oh, well…” Narrisha admitted as she sent Kasumi a smile; “I love being gangbanged by girls.”

Kasumi’s eyebrows ascended to her hair, but she nevertheless took Narrisha’s word for it; mentally, however, she was ready to give Narrisha her fetish.

“Miss Narrisha, could I join that?” Vinya surprisingly asked; Narrisha nodded eagerly; as the giggles spread, Shica eventually asked if they all could try and play with Narrisha first.

“Six against one? Sounds awesome!” Narrisha approved as she lay down on the bed; not able to control herself anymore, Jiraz went over to her and used her shapeshifting abilities to turn her wings into tentacles, in which she held Narrisha up in arms and legs.

“Can I go ahead?” Jiraz asked.

“Nah, let’s just get her good!” Shica smiled evilly at Narrisha; as all the girls now approached her, Narrisha smiled as they leaned down on her…


After hours of intense moans and lovemaking, the girls lay panting in the Shica’s room.“Wow, there’s a reason you guys are called supernatural, I’d say” Ukuni joked; Vinya, who lay upon her, gave her a soft kiss.

“I was just happy to make you happy” she cooed; Ukuni kissed back, but it was passionate enough to mark her point.

“Oh…you humans really have constitution” Vinya giggled as she lay down and let Ukuni do away with her.

Soon the lovemaking started over again; Jiraz and Shica caught everyone’s attention, though, as Shica ended up screwing Jiraz so hard from behind the Jiraz let out a cry of such pleasure that it could be heard across the entire room.

“I told you…” Jiraz smiled at the girls on the floor; “Shica’s damn good at screwing me!”

“No kidding!” Shica giggled from behind her; she lay down on her bed and let Jiraz have her turn; Jiraz snuck under Shica and began verbing her breasts with one hand, and using the other to finger her clit.

“Uhmm! Oh, goddess! Ye-e-es-s-s-s-s-s….!” Shica hissed as the pleasure and desire boiled in her; down on the floor, Vinya had fun with Aisha and Narrisha, while Ukuni was fingering herself as she watched the scene; she knew that she, Kasumi and Aisha had to go home eventually, but right now she just wanted to watch the incredible sight before her…

[End notes:

And this concludes the end of the Tales of Darkness: Twilight Tales story; as for your questions, feel free to ask, but I will answer a few here down below:

Why are Jiki and Kiro so playful while having sex?

Well, due to their playful nature and the fact that they love each other so much, that normally ought to explain that; however, they claim that it makes a good mood, and they dislike having sex under pressure or stress.

Why did Jiraz begin mastrubating at the thought of Shica?

Well, she is a demon in love, and they are not exactly expressing themselves like other immortal races, like dark elves; Jiraz's wild sex rush was her way of telling Shica that she loved her, and it was not like Shica complained.

Who are this 'Goddess' they are all yelling about?

She is Shinris, the Goddess of Nature and Love; in their wild desire, the girls tend to yell out her name as if to bless their lovemaking.

Who are Illirian and Tanrisa?

Illirian is the Goddess of the Dead and Undeath; despite being seen by some as a murderous monster, she is truly very just to the souls of the fallen in her halls.

Tanrisa is the God of Heaven and the God of Righteous War; he is the most understanding of the Varranian Gods, only seconded by Shinris with her rather 'Peace-and-Free-Love'-attitude.

Why did Narrisha scare the girls?

She is a vampire, of course; a lustful and skirtchasing vampire, but a vampire nontheless; she thinks it to be funny to see her 'victims' run themselves silly before she apoligises and (most likely) take them to her bed.

What are the girls' fetishes?

Whilst Ukuni, Aisha and Kasumi's fetishes are unknown (they were simply made for this single story) none of theirs are known.

As noticed, Narrisha's fetish is simply to be raped good by all possible girls; she loves outright orgies, and sees it as her goal to satisfy as many as possible.

(Her prefered outfit is stockings and all kinds of leather gloves, heels or boots; she seems to find it 'wild and animalistic').

As for Jiraz, she enjoys the simple still of sex; hot, passionate and intimate, although she also loves wild sex, where even hair-pulling can be used.

(Jiraz's favored fetish gear and oputfits are latex boots and gloves, mostly black).

Shica prefers the same kind of sex as Jiraz, although she prefers hot situations and encouragement.

(her favored fetish wear is white or silvery leather or latex, and she prefers gloves, boots or half-suits).

Jiki and Kiro shares the same interest in sex: Lovely, easy and calm, or outright passionate, desirable and downright lustful; another fetish of theirs is Neko (cat-girls, something Jiki can use her later discovered Mystic Magic to turn them into).

(Their best fetihes are latex catsuits, Biker/Dominatrix girl-style, or just to striptease for each other).


Chapter 6

Title: Twilight Tales - You get What you Wish For: Narrisha

[Author's notes: For a vampire, a night in a human city is usually to drink the blood of the living...
In Narrisha's case, it's a night for arcade games, drinks...and hot girls!]

A long yawn came out of Narrisha’s mouth as she kept pressing the bottoms on her control panel; she was playing an old Arcade Fighting Game, and had until now not lost a single time.

“Gods, the human world is ‘so’ boring; it’d be more fun watching Jiraz and Shica…” Narrisha thought for herself, which made her mind turn towards her two sexy friends, who’d almost certainly be playing with each back home in the imperial palace by now.

However, as she just won for about the 15th time, she decided to head up to the bar for a drink.

Thanks to her black and covering outfit, consisting of boots, pants, gloves, vest and hooded trench coat of coal-black leather, no-one in the arcade had seen her vampiric features.

“One coke, please” she said as the woman in the bar went out the door to the kitchen to get one; Narrisha, grateful that Shica had told her of the human world, handed 1200 Yen to the woman and took her coke back the machine she had been playing on.

However, a girl stood in front of the machine, looking through the high scores; she wore an outfit almost like Narrisha’s, but her attitude was rather obvious:

She had a small scar over her right eye, her blonde hair was long and spiky, and she wore what could be described as a biker chick outfit.

Narrisha stopped in her tracks as she got sight of her; the outfit looked exactly alike something Jiki had shown her from her and Kiro’s wardrobe, but this girl’s attitude made Narrisha smile; she was looking at her future victim.

“Yo, you Mrs. Goth over there!” the girl called in a rather demanding voice; Narrisha walked up besides her, trying her best not to smile.

“Ya, whadda ye want?” Narrisha mimicked the girl’s street slang, a thing she had been taught by Kiro.

“Are you that Narrisha chick with all ‘em high scores?” the girl asked.

“Yeah, it’s not so hard; I’m kinda nerdy” Narrisha blushed and rubbed her neck as in embarrassment.

“Yeah, and you know what, punk? You beat ‘my’ score!” the girl snarled angrily; “it took me all my savings ter beat that crappy game, and then you walk in here like some kinda computer freak and beat it in an hour!”

Narrisha giggled lightly; she loved the girl’s harsh attitude, and judging by the small looks she got under the girl’s jacket, she had rather busty breasts.

“Are ye listening, you little slut?!” the girl barked, making Narrisha giggle even more; provoked by her giggling, the girl launched a strike at Narrisha’s head.

“Ah, ah, ah! Naughty, naughty!” Narrisha teased as she grabbed the girl’s fist with her right hand, grabbing hold.

“What the hell?! Lemme go, you brat!” the girl barked as she began yelling loudly enough for people in the arcade to start whispering as to if she was right in her mind.

“I’ll let go on two conditions” Narrisha said, smiling at the girl’s furious face from under her hood.

“I’ll bloody hell make no deals with you, freak! I’ll…AUCH!” the girl started, but Narrisha tightened her grip.

“All right, all right! What’s your conditions?” the girl mumbled sourly.

“Your name, and a bet I wanna make!” Narrisha said.

“The name’s Raicha” Raicha said as she found the first term rather easy.

“Raicha; cute name” Narrisha smiled as she let go; however, Raicha had gotten a rather disturbed look on her face because of Narrisha’s calm and teasing attitude.

“What’s yours, then?” she asked Narrisha.

“Narrisha, Narrisha Nightwind” Narrisha said and nodded.

“So…..are you a lezzie?” the girl asked Narrisha, lowering her voice.

“Yep, I am” Narrisha smiled and nodded.

“Holy crap! That’s why you were so intimate!” Raicha exclaimed, although she began blushing.

“Are you, too?” Narrisha asked, although Raicha’s face had already given the answer.

“No! No way I’d be…!” Raicha began protesting, although she knew how little convincing she was.

“Raicha-chan, it’s not nice to lie” Narrisha said, glad that she knew Japanese.

“I’m not…!” Raicha were about to bark out again, but she soon surrendered, sighing.

“What was your other condition, then?” she asked hopelessly.

“I challenge you to battle! If you win, I’m all yours; if I win…” Narrisha smiled evilly at her last line; “…you’re mine!”

“Geez, are you just nerdy or what?” Raicha sighed, but smiled to herself; the Narrisha brat sounded OK, not like any of those perverts you would meet in the street.

“So what game are we playing?” she asked Narrisha.

“Well, how about Mortal Kombat?” Narrisha suggested.

“Fair enough; best out of three?” Raicha asked.

“Bring it on, Raicha!” Narrisha nodded, following Raicha to the Mortal Kombat section of the arcade.

“I warn you: I’m gonna kick your ass!” Raicha boasted as she dropped a few coins into the machine; Narrisha smiled and began selecting her character and then battle soon began.

After only three minutes, Narrisha was in the lead with two victories against Raicha’s only one; sweating in concentration, both girls used their best techniques and tricks to determine the winner.

“I WON!” Narrisha cheered as her character knocked Raicha’s out.

“CRAP! I HATE LOSING!” Raicha roared furiously, but she soon calmed down, turning her head to Narrisha.

“You’ve won, so now I’m yours…” she sighed; “…what do you want with me?”
“Come to my house and play some more! I have some cool games!” Narrisha winked.

“Huh? Why, sure!” Raicha said, sighing silently in relief; she had had quite some ideas as for what Narrisha would have demanded.

“I live just a few streets away; it’s not too far” Narrisha gestured with a thumb over her back, Raicha following her out of the arcade.

“So now that we’re introduced, you got any interests?” Narrisha asked as she walked down the street, Raicha besides her.

“Well, I like games, heavy metal and rock, and I’m kinda a manga and anime fan” Raicha smiled weakly, beginning to like Narrisha.

“Wow! That sounds awesome! What kinda animes do you watch?” Narrisha asked innocently, but smiling evilly under her hood.

“Well, I kinda like girl/girl Hentai, but…” Raicha began, but suddenly realizing what she was saying, she clapped her hands over her mouth.

“Hih Hih Hih! I like that, too” Narrisha teased as she gave Raicha a small pat on her shoulder; “it’s just too bad that you can’t seem to find any girl/girl anymore…”

“You’re freaking me out now, you brat!” Raicha tried her usual bad-ass attitude, but she found out it was no use against Narrisha.

“By the way, Raicha, you didn’t answer me back there” Narrisha asked sneakily; “are you into girls, too?”

“I…I’m…” Raicha tried and speak, but she was worried how Narrisha would react.

“Raicha, you can trust me; if you don’t feel like telling, you don’t have to” Narrisha assured her.

“No, I’m…OK! I’m into girls! So what?!” Raicha finally gave in, looking aggressively at Narrisha.

“Oh-h-h-h, I’m so glad to hear that!” Narrisha cheered, placing her hand on Raicha’s shoulder.

“N-not so intimate, damn it! We’re still in public!” Raicha hissed.

“Oh? So you’re looking forward to when we get inside?” Narrisha teasingly suggested as she threw her coat aside and pulled out a key, opening her door.

“Well…” Raicha said uncertainly; “it’s just I’m still…”

“You’re still young and virtuous; yeah, my two best friends were that, too, but after one night with each other…” Narrisha winked suggestively at Raicha, who blushed.

“Should we begin gaming?” Raicha asked to change the subject.

“OK! I have a really good one we should try” Narrisha smiled as she hung her coat in the small entrance hall; however, now examining closely, Raicha noticed a rather disturbing thing:

“You…you’re a vampire!” she yelled in terror, and tried to back into the wall as if she thought she could slip through it.

“My, aren’t you a bright one…?” Narrisha teased sarcastically as she let her blue hair fly through the air; her blood-red eyes lay on Raicha, and she stepped closer.

“Hold it! I’m calling the cops!” Raicha warned, but Narrisha kept on walking towards her.

“So…” Narrisha said, surprising Raicha by sounding angry; “are you one of those people who believe in Dracula and has a prejudice against everything unknown? Because I sure as hell wasn’t scared of you, despite that punk attitude!”

“I…but you’ll drink my blood! I’ll end as undead!” Raicha tried and defend herself.

“Wait here!” Narrisha frowned, walking up the stairway towards the first floor and the house itself.
Raicha of course tried and force the door open, but some kind of blue energy field kept it shut, and sent her back, feeling as if she had been electrified.

“Here!” Narrisha returned with a sour look on her face; she handed Raicha a small plastic bag, consisting of water.

“Is that the blood you were thinking of? I’m not a real vampire! I’ve got their powers and looks, but I’m not dead yet!” Narrisha said, laughing at the last line.

“So you drink water? Well, I want a proof!” Raicha tried and demand.

“Surely! As thanks for your prejudice…” Narrisha smiled as she snatched the bag from Raicha, making a little hole in it with her claw.

“Here’s your proof!” she laughed as she pulled Raicha’s jacket down a bit, spilling the water on Raicha’s head and into her rather visible bra.

“E-e-e-e-ek! What the hell, you sneaky slut!” Raicha whined, but surprisingly, she found herself to be giggling a little.

“Umm, delicious…” Narrisha smiled kinkily as she leaned her head to Raicha’s neck, licking the water off her.

“What the…!” Raicha said in a shocked voice, but Narrisha merely laughed, and let her hot tongue to Raicha’s bra.

“Savor it; it may be a rather nice experience later on…” Narrisha teasingly licked between Raicha’s wet breasts.
Narrisha pulled back, and giggled at Raicha’s surprised face.

“You’re just about the weirdest vampire I’ve met!” Raicha barked in an attempt to play tough, but somehow she yearned for more of Narrisha’s touches.

“Oh, I’ve got you excited, haven’t I? Oh, naughty me…” Narrisha laughed lightly as she slowly took off Raicha’s jacket.

“I’ll hang it to dry up; there’s a bathroom upstairs you can use” Narrisha told Raicha; “I’ll be waiting in my room.”

“Thanks” Raicha nodded as she walked up the stairway, heading for the bathroom; it was nicely decorated with white ceramic, and small twirling symbols on each third brick.

However, as Raicha began looking for a towel, she found one behind the curtain to the shower; behind the towel, however, she got quite a shock:

A picture named ‘The time we went Down and Hot’ decorated about eight bricks, showing a girl with dark skin and white hair, a demon-like red-skinned girl with dark-red hair, and finally Narrisha laying on the floor, having sex.

“Oh my god…” Raicha gasped as she saw the looks on the girls’ faces; they were laughing and smiling, and the dark girl below looked pleasantly surprised as the red-skinned girl was bending down on her.

“You coming?” Narrisha’s voice was heard a little away.

“S-sure…” Raicha babbled, not knowing if Narrisha could hear her; the strange thing about the picture were, that despite the red girl’s demonic looks, she looked extremely hot…

As she entered Narrisha’s room, she found her sitting on her bed, tons of magazines named ‘Yuri HiME’ laying on the floor; her lockers were filled with stickers of either sexy or sex-having girls, but not a single one with a guy.

“Wow, you really ‘are’ a lesbian…” Raicha commented in somewhat near awe; Narrisha looked up from what Raicha could determine was an Xbox 360.

“Yeah, surprised, huh?” Narrisha commented kinkily.

“I…I saw your picture out on the bathroom…and…” Raicha battled to yell ‘slut!’ at Narrisha, but she did not feel like that the vampire deserved it.

“Oh, yes; that” Narrisha now laughed; “oh, that was one hell of a night! I got gangbanged by Shica, Jiraz and some other girlies!” she sighed pleasantly.
Raicha looked like a giant exclamation mark, but she controlled herself.

“So you’re not at the ‘you’re-a-freak-I’m-going-home’ phase, yet?” Narrisha asked, connecting a secondary controller to the Xbox and patting the bed to make Raicha sit down.

“No! I mean, it’s normal for…” Raicha began to babble, but Narrisha simply giggled.

“Come over here and try this game; remember you promised!” she said with a fake sense of strictness in her voice.

“OK…” Raicha said as she slowly sat down besides Narrisha; as she saw the title of the game, she made a cheerful whistle.

“Wow! Is that Rumble Roses XX?!” she asked Narrisha eagerly; “it should’ve gotten a lot of naughty reviews!”

“Yes, this is it! Rumble Roses XX! My pride and joy!” Narrisha smiled proudly as she handed Raicha the secondary controller.

“It sounds like you know this game; do you?” Narrisha asked suggestively.

“Are you nuts?! This game’s ‘so’ hot! I mean, look at those bikini-babes; they’re…!” Raicha began, suddenly blushing heavily.

“Oh no; the careful and shy virgin is back” Narrisha made a fake, dramatic voice.

“Why you…!” Raicha caught herself giggling as she felt the temptation to throw Narrisha unto the bed and tickle her.

“Went off your frustration in there, not on me” Narrisha winked; on the screen, she had selected Evil Rose.

“That bondage-babe?” Raicha asked.

“Yep, the only one” Narrisha commented as she saw Evil Rose making some rather dangerous, yet suggestive attack moves as warm-up.

“I’ll take this one, then!” Raicha said triumphantly as she selected Rowdy Reiko.

“Cool, the biker-babe with attitude; fits you” Narrisha teased; Raicha merely stuck her tongue out in tease.

“OK, what stage?” Narrisha asked.

“Hmm, let’s try the medieval one” Raicha said, only concentrating on Rowdy Reiko’s bouncing breasts.
“She turns you on?” Narrisha asked.

“Yeah; she’s looking hot in leather; it’s actually my fetish” Raicha babbled, completely lost in the game…and three hotties just around her; one real, sexy vampire, and two hot digital chicks.

As the game went on, Raicha surely realized that Narrisha was a rather skilled player.

“Take this!” Narrisha commented evilly as Evil Rose now grabbed hold of Reiko, turning her upside down and baring her white panties to the crowd.

“Hey! That’s mean!” Raicha barked, but could not help but to smile; somehow, however, she got rather turned on by this violent, female wrestling game.

“Take it easy; we gotta finish first” Narrisha gave a kinky joke as she got a notice of Raicha’s underwear as she leaned a little back.

“How could you…?” Raicha blushed heavily.

“Ah, ah, ah-h-h; watch the screen” Narrisha teased; as Reiko stood as dazed, Evil Rose charged her and made another suggestive move, causing even more points for Raicha’s Humiliation Meter.

“Dammit! I’ll get you, you meanie!” Raicha snarled as she with a triumphant look got back to the fight.

“Wow! Getting kinky now?” Narrisha joked as Reiko ran off the ring, finding a crop to use as weapon.
“Come here, you little…!” Raicha now smiled at Narrisha as she began chasing Evil Rose with the crop.

“Try and catch me!” Narrisha sang teasingly, Evil Rose crawling back into the ring.
“Go on, knock me down” she encouraged Raicha.

“What? No resistance?” Raicha asked somewhat confused.

“I just wanna see it” Narrisha said, a lustful look in her eyes.
As Raicha obeyed, Reiko put down the crop and slammed Evil Rose on the floor of the ring.

“Let’s get to it!” Raicha chuckled evilly as she made Reiko spank Evil Rose’s butt repeatedly under painful uttering of ‘ouch!’

“Oh, it’s…oh, so good…!” Narrisha mumbled; looking at her, Raicha got a smaller shock as she saw Narrisha unbutton her skirt and move her gloved hand into her panties.

“What the heck?!” Raicha asked, but her voice did not sound shocked.

“St-stop the game; I need…oh-h-h-h…!” Narrisha moaned as she now lay down on the bed, looking lustfully at Raicha.
As she stopped the game, Raicha looked worriedly at Narrisha.

“Raicha, I…I beg you; please end it! I can’t…I can’t…!” Narrisha hissed in desire as she now tore off her shirt in a single movement, verbing her breasts.

“Narrisha, I…I cannot…but I…I…” Raicha looked dead confused at the on-turned and horny vampire; a more lustful side of Raicha awoke, making her realize how cute Narrisha looked wit that passionate look on her face.

“You’re…you said you weren’t all straight, right?” Narrisha managed to giggle at Raicha before her desire for the girl consumed her again.

“So you want me to make love to you?” Raicha asked in surprise.

“Raicha, please; I love cute girls, and…and I need them! I can’t live without it! Please me! Hurry up and please me!” Narrisha now shrieked and begged.

“Oh, damn it! I feel like kicking a puppy just by looking at you…” Raicha sniffed a little sadly, furious at herself for not daring to treat Narrisha as she was begging her for.

“RIACHA-A-A-A!!!” Narrisha now screamed out loud, rolling around on the bed is desperation, her long, blue hair waving around in the air, and her blood-red eyes on fire from a primal desire.

“Narrisha, I…Narrisha! NARRISHA-A-A-A!!!” Raicha now yelled, surrendering all care for her own wishes; as the vampire girl also turned her on, her culminating feelings of lust and pity collided, making her throw off her jacket and jump atop Narrisha.

“My God, you’re wet” Raicha managed a joke at the surprised Narrisha before thrusting her leather glove in between Narrisha’s soaking nether lips.

“YE-E-ES! Oh, do me more! Use your whole fist!” Narrisha encouraged, smiling broadly as she pulled Raicha into a longing hug, and grabbing hold of her hand and gestured it further down into herself.

“Oh! Narrisha, you’re outta your mind!” Raicha actually laughed at the vampire, seeing how silly a look she got on her face when she was so deep in lust.

Raicha passionately kissed Narrisha, letting their tongues duel for control, while she formed her hand into a fist, striking deep inside Narrisha’s womanhood.

“Oh! OH, GODS! MORE, MORE! AR-R-R-RGH!!! GIMME MORE!” Narrisha now squealed as Raicha could not help but feel herself getting turned on by Narrisha’s horny cries.

“Oh, for the love of…! Gimme some, too!” Raicha caught herself enjoying looking as Narrisha’s sweaty body fell to the bed; her feet were shaking wildly, and Raicha even began fingering herself.

“Raicha-chan, I love this! Don’t stop! Just don’t ever sto-o-op!” Narrisha shrieked in joy, holding her cum-covered gloves under her own legs, letting Raicha have her way with her now dripping wet clit.

“Oh, the temptation…!” Raicha now teased Narrisha; however, her face suddenly got quite lustful as she got turned on again.

“Oh, for God’s sake! I’ll finish you off good, you horny vampire!” she exclaimed wildly, borrowing her tongue, nose and half face in Narrisha’s clit, fingering her with her hands all around.

“AR-R-R-RAGH! YES! YES! YES! YE-E-E-ES!!!” Narrisha yelled to her lungs’ limit as a smaller flood of cum covered Raicha’s face as Narrisha climaxed.

Raicha, still horny by looking at the vampire, kept up drinking her cum as she fingered herself and slurped on her cum-soaked glove, while Narrisha were panting on the bed.

“Na-Narrisha…please…!” Raicha now begged her; above her, Narrisha smiled in amusement at the girl’s horny face.

“You deserve this, sweetie…” Narrisha smiled lovingly at her; she got up from her bed, walked over to nearby drawer, looking through it.

“Ah, here it is!” Narrisha smiled to herself, standing behind the drawer to block herself from the still moaning Raicha’s sight.

“Narrisha, hurry! I can’t…it’s so hot; I need you…!” Raicha still whimpered in desire.
“Just a second, sweetie” Narrisha smiled from behind the drawer.

“Ar-r-ragh! Narrisha! Hurry! My pussy needs you! Oh, fuck! I’m getting so hot! I can’t, I can’t…!” Raicha now nearly screamed in desire.

“TAD-A-A-AH!” Narrisha cheeringly jumped up from the drawers, now sitting over Raicha; as she looked down, she saw an oblong object strapped between Narrisha’s legs.

“WA-A-A-AH!” Raicha yelled as Narrisha, thanks to her superior strength, simply lifted Raicha by her boots, and lay down on the bed, placing Raicha above her and sticking her clit into the strap-on.

“Cum for me, then! You want me so much, right? Then give it to me!” Narrisha teased Raicha as she gently grabbed Raicha’s hair, and then moved down to her throat, bending her head behind as she began to kiss her wildly.

“OH! OH, GOD! IT’S…SO…GOOD! GIMME MORE! FUCK ME, NARRISHA!” Raicha screamed overjoyed as she felt the strap-on surely but certainly was shoved up her pussy.

“You’re soaking wet! Naughty girl!” Narrisha teased her as she moved her fingers between Raicha’s legs.

“Wow! It feels so moist and creamy! Wanna give me a taste after this?” Narrisha giggled at Raicha as she let her tongue loose all over the blonde’s body.

“YES! YESYESYES! JUST GIVE IT TO ME! OH, I CAN’T TAKE IT! FU-U-U-U-UCK!!!” Raicha now yelled as she came, her cum dripping from the strap-on.

“'Gotta act fast, now'” Narrisha noticed herself, letting go of Raicha and quickly finding her way between her legs, licking, slurping and feasting on her pussy.

“Uhmm, so good! I can’t stop cumming! Raicha shrieked.

“It’s because you like it, silly” Narrisha laughed from between Raicha’s legs.

“Wow! I’d never thought I would get laid by a vampire” Raicha smiled at Narrisha as she swiped her face free of a lock of blonde hair with a free hand.

“Just proves one thing, cutie” Narrisha joked between her legs.

“What’s that?” Raicha asked and shoke her head to let her hair turn Narrisha on, which it did as the vampire went down again with a laugh:

“’Blondes have the most fun’!”

[End notes: The rest is yours to imagaine...if you can find any un-tried fetish so far...

(NOTE: I own neither RUMBLE ROSES XX, or YURI HIME).]

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