Story: Lost Princess (chapter 4)

Authors: jupitersthunder

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Chapter 4

Title: Chapter 4 Time.

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Runs and hides


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Standing there in the emptiness of time, Senshi Pluto stood at the gates looking out at the nothingness. Not moving a muscle in over a decade. ‘Has it been a decade already?’ Pluto thought to herself as she watches the mists float slowly by. Turning around to the gates of Time, Pluto opened a portal to Earth to a location that only she knew. As the image cleared, a young woman in a field took a stance and started her daily kata. In just a decade, her Princess has grown into a beauty like no other in existence. Sighing in longing Pluto continues to watch and take note of her skills. Her silver hair braided down her back swings with every move, muscles ripple with power. Every move is like a graceful dance around the field. Once a decade Pluto took to watching her Princess and checks on her. Through the years as Serenity grew older but never looking more than 16 years of age. Time is different for that of a silver energy user, time is much slower. As the years went by so did Serenity’s blonde hair changed from a golden blonde was slowly turned into a pale silver as her power grew.
“My Princess...” Pluto whispered to herself. Just then Serenity stopped and looked around at her surroundings. Pluto held her breathe not knowing if the Princess heard her or not. ‘Of course she can’t hear you. Your just being silly.’ Pluto chided in her head. Closing the portal and turning back to watch the mist float by.


“Pluto?” Princess Serenity whispered into the air. When nothing happened, Serenity shook her head and went back to practicing her kata for the rest of the morning.

Going through the motions of her kata, Serenity slowed her movements till she stood still as stone in the field, feeling the energy all around her and gather that same energy into herself. This created an aura all around Serenity made of pure light. It's taken Serenity almost a century to create a pure chi aura. Now all Serenity needs to do is learn how to use that chi into a attack. All of Serenity's Senshi had a special attack all her own, what the princess wants to do is create a mirror of that attack by using chi and not magic since her magic is too strong to use as an attack. Serenity learned that mistake about thirty years ago when the Princess tried to create an attack by using her silver energy. That was very disasterise in the end. Many of the villiagers were injured by the attack. Serenity used her silver energy to heal them. They forgave her after that. They were all very forgiving to thier princess. But she can never be as forgiving to herself if she wants to get stronger.

"Princess!" A young girls' vioce reached Serenitys ears as the girl came running out onto the field waving her arms. The survivers of the fall are slowly aging. The children of the Fall are adult now with familys of thier own. They don't age as slowly as their Princess but the do age slowly then the rest of Earthens. Mel, the girl runing to her now is the daughter of one of her council memebers, training to one day follow in her mother's footsteps. Since it was a matriarc socoity, some have taken to marrying outside the village. But they want to marry the strongest and to prove that the males have to best them in combat. One of the odd rules that the council has created. Mel is one of those half breds of Luner and Earthens. Mel ages at the same rate as an Earthen but she can also use abit of silver energy.

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