Story: Lost Princess (chapter 3)

Authors: jupitersthunder

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 3 Holding my princess

[Author's notes: Well heres the third chapty. Sniff... it happened again!!! TWICE! I'm about to lose my mind over this story. I was really close to throwing my labtop out the window! But since I don't have any windows that won't be happening anytime soon.

Anyways don't own anything....]

Standing in a great hall, there stood a 15 year old girl. This was her first time there and she was very nervous. For today she will no longer be princess Pluto but Senshi Pluto just like her mother before. She will be in charge of gaurding the Gates of Time for a decade or two before she can acsend to the throne of Pluto, then her younger sister can take over as gaurdian. The ceramony was to take place here in the great halls of the moon with only the Queen of the moon, princess Pluto, Queen Pluto and Sinshi Pluto. It's suppose to be a private affair not like alll the other Planets Senshi. The entire kingdom celabrates with the new Senshi, but after the princess becomes a Sensh she will start her training but not today. Tonight she will dine with all the other royal families in the kingdom and meet the Moon princess for the first time, she may only be five but she is the most important and powerful figure in the kingdom. At already at the age of five she is the most powerful silver energy barer in history. Many people fear her for that, others dispise her for it but there is only a few people who just don't care and those are the Queens of all the Planets and their Senshi.

The ceramony came and went too fast for the new Senshi of Pluto. Some holy words were said the Time Staff was handed to her from the former Senshi. She drew in the powers of time and space. The Moon Queen has blessed the new Senshi. Now everyone was getting ready for a feast and the new Senshi was more nervous then ever. She will soon be meeting the moon princess and she didn't want to make a mistake. Senshi Pluto was standing in a beautiful rose garden as she awaits the princess and the Queen. She is to meet the princess here before the feast starts and bonds with the princess as the former Senshi was bonded to the Queen when she was just a princess as well. All new Senshi are to bond with the princess of the moon since the moon has no Senshi and is unprotected, all other Planets will protect the princess and her kingdom even after she becomes Queen and take the Silver Crystal into her body. Pluto is the first to bond to the princess. The other Senshi are too young to become a Senshi. Soon the other outer Senshi will be bonded to the princess. They have to wait four more years for the inner Senshi to bond.

Coming out of her musings by a noise off to the side of her, Pluto turns to see the most beautiful girl she has ever layed her eyes on. Her hair was blonde done in two buns with fluffy streamers going down her back. The most beautiful blue eyes that Pluto has ever laid her eyes on. The crestin moon shining on her forehead. Wearing a pure white dress that matches her mothers, she walked like she was on air... till she fell over.

"WAAAAAHHH!!!!" little princess Serenity cried her eyes out. Pluto shocked ran to her and tried to calm her down with shoothing words and murmurs as she held her in her arms. After awhile Serenity finally calm her tears to just sniffles still in Pluto's arms she turns to look into her first of many Senshi and could see the caring and kindness in them. Smiling softly Serenity gave Pluto her thanks with a kiss lightly on her cheek.

Blushing deeply Pluto looked into her princess' eyes and saw endless innocence and love just pouring out of her very being. Giving a small smile of her own, Pluto set down her princess who giggled and ran the other way away from a confused Pluto.

"You can't catch me!" Serenity sing-song as she ran through the roses of the garden.

"Oh we'll see about that my princess!" Pluto calls out as she takes off running after her princess.

A figure off to the side that saw the whole thing go by in the shadows, stepped out showing a happy and reliefed smile. The Queen of the Moon watched as the bond of a Senshi and her princess being formed. A knowing smile graced her features as the former Senshi of Pluto stepped up beside her just as silently as when she was still holding that name.

"You know what's in store for them do you not my Queen?" Megami asks as she too looks over to the new Senshi and princess play in the rose garden.

"They're destiny is intertwine with each other but may never know it nor ever. There is pain for them both for most of their life and there are others that will try and break what they have. And that a whole kingdom stand in their way of them... " Queen Serenity gives a small sad sigh. That was all she showed of how she truly feels about this. The destiney of the next Senshi of Pluto and next Queen of the moon is given as the power leaves the former and is shared to the Queen and only the Queen and she shall know of whats to come for the next generation. Not all is reaveld just little snippets here and there but never the full picture.

"But they will be there for each other. They will teach each other how to live but also how to love. Their bond will be stronger for that. I just hope that will be enough." Megami sighed. Taking the hand of her Queen she took her away from the rose garden and into the palace leaving the Senshi and her princess to play. The sounds of laughter fills the air in the Rose Garden as the moon princess and her Senshi play the afternoon away.









"Again!" Pluto yells for her pincess to continue with her punches against the tree. With each punch her power behind it grew weaker.


Princess Serenity fell to her knees sweating from head to toe and breathing hard.

"Get back up. You still have 30 more punches to go." Pluto informs Serenity from the sidelines. Serenity just shakes her head as she stay there breathing hard. Pluto just lets out a sigh and walks up to her princess and gives her a cup of water which the princess takes thankfully and gulps it all down in one go.

"After you rest you'll finish your puches and then we will start on your kicks." Pluto said as she leaves her princess and heads for the village to retrieve more water and when she returned Serenity was back at her punches counting out loud with every punch. It's been abit over a month since that night when her princess has asks her to train her and alot has changed in her princess. She had abit of a harder attitude, no longer was she always that cheerful young child, what stood there as she punches the tree was not a young child but a young woman. Gone was the two buns and streamers, her hair was now in one long ponytail down her back. Her muscle have developed nicely and in a few years of training those same muscles will be more defined. 'But she won't get that far with me here...' Pluto thought as she continues to watch her princess. 'She can't reach her full protential if I'm here to hold her back. If I were to leave she'll not only be alone but she will find that she can live without me. And I need to guard the Gates, but I promised her that I'll never leave her... What should I do?'

"What will happen if I leave you my princess?" Pluto whispered while lost in her thoughts.

Suddenly in her minds eyes, Pluto got a flash of the future in all it's glory. There stood Neo-Queen Serenity standing in front of her people, her crystal palace just behind her with her Senshi. All of them, they all made it to the future. But there is one that is not there. Pluto. A small child rans to Queen Serenity, her long pink hair in two buns with streamers down her back and ruby red eyes shine with happiness, the cresent moon on her forehead. They both hug each other both with happy smiles on there faces. Then a figure walks out of the shadows and towards the mother and daughter, it was Pluto in her princess form, the two seperate and go toward Pluto and join her in their hugs. Just then the vision stops and Pluto finds herself back in the field watching her princess train. She couldn't even think about what she saw, she didn't even want to know what it is that she saw less she might get her hopes up for it. It was too confusing. Shaking her head, Pluto turns back to her princess with a plan in her mind for the not too distant future. 'I have many things to do before I can leave with the knowledge that the princess is safe here.' With that thought Pluto turns away and walks in the opposite way of the village and heading to a valley full of springs, thousands of small spring littered the valley. It's name will be the valley of sorows and it will hold some of her powers. For the future that she had she needed to prepare for many things to happen.


"You want me to create a council for the village?" Serenity asks as she sits in the dinning hall with Pluto.

"Yes. That way you will have more time to train. And in return you will train your people so they too as well can protect the village." Pluto explains her plan to her princess. "And you know that I can't stay here forever..."

Serenity is silent for awhile. With a sad sigh she nods her head and turns back to her meal and they both ate in silence.

"When will you be going?" it was asked in a low whisper that Pluto almost didn't hear it.

"I will be leaving in a month. I still have some things to take care of." Pluto said in a soft tone. Serenity again nods her head. Once again they ate in silence. Later after dinner Pluto walked her princess back to her hut like every night but this time it feels different, it feels like Serenity want to say something but is shying away from viocing it. But then she takes a deep breathe and turns to Pluto.

"Umm... Pluto can you stay with me tonight?" Serenity says with a small blush. Pluto as well blushes as she stares at her princess.

"Wh what?"

"Well I can't sleep well if I'm alone. I feel better if I have someone to hold onto. Mom used to do that for me..." Serenity trails off of the memory of her mother.

Still blushing Pluto shallowed abit then nods her head. 'Why do I feel so nervous? I haven't felt like this since I met my princess.' Pluto thinks about how cute her princess looked back then even when she would always fall over. Pluto slowy and shyly takes her princess' hand and enters Serenity's room and gets ready for bed. 'It's gonna a long night.' Pluto thinks as her princess cuddles up to her and is already asleep.

[End notes: Funny how I view'd the ending differently. But it seem'd to go that way. I couldn't sleep again. lol. so what do ya think? Well I'm off to bed, night all! The more reviews the faster I'll write! R&R]

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