Story: Lost Princess (chapter 2)

Authors: jupitersthunder

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Chapter 2

Title: Chapter 2 Holding on tightly

[Author's notes: Well heres the next chapter. I've worked on it for five days straight... And then I lost it all when my computer froze... And I didn't write it all on paper first. hehe. Well enjoy. Don't own anything.]

A young girl at the age of 6 sat in a rose garden staring off into space with a sad look about her. Her long blonde hair styled in two buns with long streams of hair flowing down her back. The cresent moon on her forhead marking her as the moon princess. Taking one of the white roses into her small hands, she always loved white roses. They may seem beautiful and delicate but they have a sharpness to them if you don't handle them just right. Today was suppose to be just her and her mother, just the two of them together in mother's private rose garden. But mother had to go back to work when some ambassader came and demanded to see her. It was okay with the girl, she knew that mother had an important job to do,a job that she herself will one day take over. But that is far in the future, all she wants to do is play when she ascends as Queen.

The young girl rarely ever played with many people because of who she is and who she will become someday, they feared to displease her or her mother. That is why she doesn't have many people to play with her. That is why she is sitting here in the rose garden all alone. Then the little girl heard foot steps heading her way, she wasn't scared for she knew that only she and her mother can enter this garden unless they were invited in. Turning around she saw a girl her own age with long raven black hair and violet eyes and a gentle smile.

"Hi you wanna play?" The raven haired girl asks. The little girl looks into the raven girl in the eyes and only sees honesty in her.

"Okay!" the girl smiles happily. A smile that stole the hearts of many and broke those hearts as well. Her mother had told her many times that she will break many hearts as she grew older with that smile alone. And this girl is no exception to that. With a blush the girl turns around in hopes to hide that blush and small smile.

"Lets go then and meet the other girls here." The raven girl held out her hand for the other girl to take in which she did whole heartitly.

Running off to meet the other girls that have just arrived to the rose garden, there were three other girls there. One with short blue hair and deep blue intelligent eyes she is Mercery. A tall brown haired girl with ever green eyes and a warmth and kindness to all who wanted it she is Jupiter. The third one was a hyper blonde with blue eyes who loved to gossip just about everything her name is Venus. The raven haired girl stayed close to the litte princess, looking at her when she wasn't looking this girl is Mars.

The day was spent with laughter and games in the rose garden. As darkness fell on the five young girls that sat in the garden all sound stopped. The little princess began to fearfully look around. Fearing about an attack that cannot be seen now that darkness serrounds them all. No light at all. Slowly one by one the four girls began to fade into the darkness with a spine chilling scream after they had been absorbed into nothingness. Mercery was the first. Soon followed by Jupiter with a heart torn cry. Venus with a blood curlling mourfull cry. As Mars slowly faded away she whispered "I love you." There was no cry from the girl when she fully faded. No the cry came from the princess herself.

Alone now in the pitch blackness the princess looks around for anyone that's left. In the distance the girl can see her mother running toward her yelling for her to run away. Heeding her mothers cries the young princess runs to her mother. The faster the girl tries to run the further the distance between the two gain. Finally not able to run no more, the girl could not see her mother anymore. Falling to her knees the lost princess gave out a loud mournfull, heart breaking cry to the dark heavens.


Princess Serenity bolts upright in bed crying out for her friends and mother. As she cries two warm arms embraces her from the side, soft murmurings of comfort coming from her last senshi, Pluto. After Serenity can slow down her crying to just a sniffle she returns the embrace with all her strength. Pluto doesn't even flinch from her princess' strength for this has happened everynight since the fall. It's been almost two months. Two months they had worked so hard to rebuild and start over. The survivors were mostly women and children and old folks. All the men fought and died the ones that didn't were mostly too old or just children.

All that was left of a once great kingdom was just a small simple village. A kingdom of millions on every planet in the solar system was redused to a barely one thousand in a village. Since the fall they have worked so hard. The people were in groups, one were the hunters that brought back the food for the entire village. Another were the healers for the ones that were injured in the fall and a small group were the caregivers to the children whose parent were in other groups too busy to care for them. And the largest group were the warriors that protect the village from outside forces. Theirs princess was always in different group trying to give as much of herself for her people. She gave them her sweat, her tears, her blood, and her magic. She may still be a princess but she does have some amount of magic in her. They would only grow as she gets older until she acsend to Queen and takes in the Silver Crystal. Pluto would be working with the warriors, training them gaurding the princess as always. When the princess was nearly fainting from using too much energy each day taking the princess back to her bed and make sure she rests as much as she can.

As the princess sits there sniffle the last of her tears still holding onto her senshi never letting her go. Serenity could only feel like shes useless not being able to do anything. She works so hard trying to help her people, but she still feels like she should do more. Serenity wants to protect the last of her people to the best of her abilaties. She wants to be stronge she wants to be brave. But she is nothing but a princess. A weak useless princess. She made a vow to not be weak again. She vowed to make the world a bright place for when her senshi returns!

"Senshi Pluto..." whispers Serenity. "I need your help in something."

"Anything for you my princess." Pluto says.

"Help me make me stronger."

"It will be a hard path for you princess, you must choose wisely." Pluto said, knowing already the choice her princess has made.

"I must do this. I need to do this!" Serenity says with determanations in her blue eyes.

"Alright my princess. This will be a very hard and long path for you but it will be worth it." Agrees Pluto. "Tomorrow will be your first training session. Be up bright and early at sunrise. I'll be waiting for you. So get some rest." Pluto makes sure that her princess was asleep till she finally leave her room and into the darkness of night. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Tomorrow her princess will no longer be who she once was but she will be a warrior, she will change the future to what it was going to be to what she will make it become. Gone will be the little girl that she watched grow up, no more incocent smiles, Serenity has finally grown into an adult with her own future. Pluto shed a few tears for the young girl that she loved once, she will never see that girl no more. Pluto turns back to look into her princess' room and watches as she sleeps, after some minutes she turns and walks into the darkness.

"Good night my princess." whispers the wind after Pluto disappears in the night.


Back in Serenity's room, she hold on tight to the pillow that still has Pluto's scent on it. Breathing in deeply Serenity sleeps on with a small smile on her face. Never letting go of her pillow.

[End notes: I worked so hard on this chapter sniff then I lost it all. waaahh! Okay I'm done. lol. Till next chapter]

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