Story: Lost Princess (chapter 1)

Authors: jupitersthunder

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 The Great Fall with one left behind.

[Author's notes: Don't own Sailormoon. sigh. I can only dream. Had this in my head for three days now.]

Silence. That's all that fills the air. Deep and deafthening silence. It was suppose to be a joyous day. All the senshi have come to enjoy it with their princess. It was to announce princess Serenity's engagement to the prince of Earth, Edymion. But just as everyone is celabrating. They attacked without warning. They attacked without mercy.

The screams of the dying and the screams of the mournful. They slauter everyone in sight. The men, the women, and even the children. Taking the energies of them all to feed that monster. The Sailor senshi died one after the other.

Mars, protecting the princess taking the attack for herself.

Venus, fighting her once boyfriend now enemy she was hit from behind.

Jupiter, blocking most of the attacks to give more time for Mercury.

Mercury, didn't have enough time.

Neptune, saving the Queen from the rubble that fell from the ceilling from the first attack.

Uranus, there was too many youma and not enough energy to fight.

Saturn, stopping it all with her final attack. No one lived through it.

Pluto, unknown.

Before Saturn attacked she pulled up a silent wall around the princess. Hoping to at least save one. Now the sole survivor of a once great kingdom, princess Serenity stands where once was the throne room. Tears still running down her cheeks, wearing what was once a pure white gown now tainted with dirt and blood. Blood of her best friend and protector.Teared to shreds as she tries to find her prince, that's how Mars got hit. Serenity was wide open. Not taking cover like everyone else was trying to do but being foolish and getting her friend dead by doing so. She saw the life leave Mars' eyes as she lays in her princess' arms with a smile on her face saying that she loves her. Which only made Serenity cry more. Everything else after that just got worse. She saw her prince fighting his own people that betrayed him. He got hit by an energy beam that came from no where. Another cause for her tears. Running to try and find her mother for comfort. The Queen got distracted by her daughters cries and almost got hit by that rubble. Hours later the princess is standing where her mother once stood when she was about to us an attack when Saturn beat her to it. Her surprised face said it all, she didn't know that Saturn would use such an attack. Turning to face her daughter before being distroyed she mouthed her final words to her. 'I love you my daughter.' Serenity couldn't call out to her mother. The silent wall didn't let any sound out or in. More tears fall on her face as she saw her mother being distroyed by the attack like everyone else.

"No..." the whisper was like a scream to her ears. A slight breeze blows around the dust that is the only thing left. Her once bright blonde hair in her usual ondango style with two streamers hanging down were now tanlged with dirt and blood blowing in the breeze.

Nothing. There was nothing left. Not even the rubble from the castle. Not one body lay on the ground. There is no life on the Moon anymore. What was once a great thriving city so filled with life and laughter. Now dead.

The Earth hanging high in the sky. So silent so peaceful looking. Why? Why would the earthens betray their prince and the alliance like that? Suddenly Serenity heard foot steps from behind. Turning around to the noise she spots Sailor Pluto walking to her. Limping on her left side using her Time staff to help her walk. Her sailor fuku torn in many places. Scratches and deep cuts covered all over her arms and legs, her own and maybe others blood were everywhere.

"Princess." Pluto whispers, her eyes a deep red full of sadness and regret. Tears once again spill down Serenity's face. Running to Pluto, she takes her princess into her arms. Silent tears fall on Pluto's face as she embraces and takes comfort knowing that the princess survived.

"What will happen now?" Serenity asks after a long period of time pasts. "Where else is there to go? The kingdom has fallen, mother is no longer. And what about the senshi?" the princess' voice cracks at the end. Pluto still holding her in her arms is silent for a time.

"The senshi are not really gone... they have been send to the future to be reborn as have Luna and Artimis. That I made sure of. As for your mother...and your prince... I'm sorry." Pluto esitates before continuing. "I was too late to get to them before they where gone. I couldn't send them with the others." With that Serenity cries harder. Crying for her lost mother, crying for her lost love and crying for her lost people. Pluto still holds on. Never letting go, will never let go. "As for where to go... There is one place where there are survivors that have made it out of here before the attack. A small sort of Alpha site has been made on Earth." Pluto calmly says after Serenity stops crying.

"Will you come with me?" Serenity asks in a low hollow voice. Looking into Pluto's maroon eyes.

"For a little while." After seeing the princess' sad look Pluto explains. "I have to continue to guard the Gates of Time... but I will come and see you as often as I am able. This I promise you. I will always watch over you, princess." With that vow Pluto gets ready to create a portal to earth and to Serenity's new home and her new future.

As they both step through, Serenity makes a silent vow to never be weak, no more having others fight for her. She will protect the people that are left. They will not die out. They will thrive and they will rule the solar system once again. This she vows. For her mother and for everyones memories. Maybe a small part of her did die here today. No longer is she an innocence, no longer is she a naive little girl living in a fantasy. This was the reality, and it was cruel. But she will not let that change her and lose her hope for the future. For she has Time on her side. She will not lose her light, she will change the world. Make it a better place for when her Senshi are to be reborn.

As the princess and her last remaining senshi entered the portal, closing behind them leaving behind a beran land that was once the greatist kingdom. All there was was silence once more. Silence.

[End notes: Woah is this was happens when I have no sleep? Maybe I should stop sleeping for good. lol nah. well I redid the first chapter now. I'm working on the second chapter right now. well R&R]

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