Story: Cabin Fever (chapter 7)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 7

Sammi woke first in the early afternoon, her thirst drove her down stairs and she thought that the amount she had consumed from Rachael was enough to sustain her the whole day. The thought caused a little smirk until she noticed a change outside her window, the smirk disappeared. She opened the door and felt the warmth in the air and looked at the level of snow. It had dropped considerably. Sammi realised the melt had begun and they would have visitors within the weeks end and then Rachael would be gone.

Rachael’s voice called out “what are you doing, shut the damn door it’s cold”

“I’m just getting a drink, you want one”

“Hell yeh, you sucked me dry last night” yelled out Rachael

Sammi chuckled quietly at her young lover’s crudeness “righteo”

The next few days both didn’t venture too far from the bed only getting up for meals and showers.

Last day before the end of the week and Rachael was busily cleaning the kitchen with Sammi looking on. She got up and reached behind Rachael cuddling her.

“what again” laughed Rachael

“Rachael” Sammi called in a low voice

“yep…just a minute and I’ll be right ontop of you” she laughs

“Rachael….” Sammi’s voice more insistent

Rachael faced Sammi and noticed the serious look on her face “what’s the matter, you not feeling well” stroking her face

Sammi caught her hand and kissed it “you need to pack your gear today”

“why you taking me somewhere” asked Rachael keenly

“no…. not me.” Sammi drops her head slightly “we will have a visitor tomorrow, she will be coming for you."

“who…who will be” asked confused Rachael

“Your girlfriend….. it will be tomorrow, the snow would have melted at the bottom and the roads will reopen.”

Rachael mouth dropped and Sammi left the room. Rachael chased after her “hey whoa wait up… you don’t know that” whined Rachael

Sammi half smiles and nods

Rachael shook her head “I don’t want”

“you have to” came Sammi’s pained reply

No more words where spoken on the matter

That night they didn’t make love, just held each other until dawn. The next morning was a silent affair until Sammi broke the mood

“thank you Rachael…. Thank you for everything. For melting the ice in my heart”

Rachael would look at Sammi, just nodded

Sammi knew what she was thinking “You wouldn’t like it up here…. I can’t ask” but they were disturbed by voices and a loud knock at the cabin door

Rachael looked at Sammi her eyes filling with tears

Sammi hugged her “now don’t be doing that Rachael please” she gives Rachael a kiss “you will always be in my heart”

“I don’t even have a photo to give you” stutters Rachael “so you won’t forget me”

Sammi smiles “I won’t forget you. Now you ready”

Rachael nodded

Sammi took a deep breath and yanked the door open. “yeh what the hell do you want” she growled

Rachael’s girlfriend was standing in the doorway and tries to peer inside the cabin

“I’ve come for Rachael”

Sammi didn’t say anything  at first, then stepped towards Chris“well it’s about time, this girl has done nothing but eat like a damn mule.” She growls at Chris

Chris folded her arms not intimidated “well thank you for looking after her, she won’t be a burden to you any longer. Rachael come on” growls Chris

Rachael walks passed Sammi and Chris wrapped her arms around then kisses her “are you ok, did she”

“I’m fine let’s just go” said Rachael in a hurry

Sammi watches them leave and slams the door.

Sammi looks around the cabin and remembers what loneliness felt like again.

Early evening Sammi lit the fire and sits down with her book, the pages didn’t make sense, she couldn’t read as the tears started to stain the pages. In frustration she throws the book into the fire.

She hears a creak on the veranda and a sound at the door. Sammi went to the door “who is it”

Nobody answered. Sammi grabbed her shot gun and yanked the door open pointing the gun out

“jeezus don’t shoot” said a startled Rachael throwing her hands up, her bag drops to the ground

Sammi lowered the gun “what are you doing here” she looks around outside

“Sammi it’s just me…. I’m alone. I’m not the same person that Chris left here last winter and I am not that person who wants to be with her anymore.”

“Rachael” whines Sammi

“Look if you don’t want me to stay, if you don’t want me to be a part of your life I need to know, then I’ll go and never bother you again.” Rachael stares into Sammi's eyes for some sign

Sammi puts the gun down behind the door and lets Rachael in “I do..... I really do Rachael”

“why… tell me why you want me to stay” pushes Rachael

Sammi blushes “because I just threw my last book into the fire” half laughs

Rachael’s eyes drop away from Sammi’s reply but Sammi lifts her chin “I really want you to stay because I love you”

Rachael hugs Sammi and kisses her “that’s all I needed to know”

The end

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