Story: Cabin Fever (chapter 6)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 6

Two weeks since the attack Rachael was able to help Sammi up to her bed. Instinctively Rachael turned to leave

“don’t go…. stay with me please Rachael” whined Sammi.

They had only been a sleep a few hours when Sammi started thrashing around in bed, crying out

“no don’t do that” Rachael grabbing Sammi’s hand as she tried to take the bandages off her wound

“It hurts, it hurts, take it off please” begs Sammi, tears streaming

Rachael just pinned her arms “no… try not to think about it.”

“I can’t….. fucking hell get off me” screams Sammi

Rachael just presses harder against Sammi's body preventing her from getting to the still healing wound.

Sammi still growling, cursing so Rachael lets her hand work its way into Sammi, rubbing in and around her, pushing at her clit.

“what are you doing….stop” Sammi feeling her strength weakening

Rachael felt her relax and released her grip and continued working Sammi’s dry zone into wet. She eventually entered Sammi and pushes in and out slowly”

“oh god…Rachael…I can’t….I” Sammi’s weak protests

“yes you can….. just relax” the distraction was working and Sammi had forgotten about her pain as her breathes turned to pants and soon after Rachael gently brought her to climax. Sammi drifted off to sleep.

Sammi was back on her feet, the pain was little and she was managing better but Rachael still wouldn’t let her do anything except read. That night they sat in front of the fire, Sammi resting against Rachael’s chest. Rachael gently strokes Sammi’s hair and kissed her neck softly.

Sammi turned and faced Rachael. The look concerned Rachael “what…what’s wrong”

Sammi smiled and got to her feet pulling Rachael up and onto her lips kissing her passionately, holding Rachael’s face to hers.

“ohhh feeling better are we” chuckled Rachael

Sammi took Rachael hand and took her up to the loft and took to Rachael’s lips again, before kissingon her neck. She slowly unbutton Rachael’s shirt

“hey you sure…”

Sammi sunk her tongue into Rachael mouth igniting her arousal, signalling she was indeed sure. She then removed Rachael’s under shirt exposing her whitish breasts and grabbed both squeezing them, gently pinching at her nipples.

“ Sammi I want you so much” she whimpered as her body caved to Sammi’s touch. Sammi still silent worked down her neck and along her shoulder licking and nipping sending shivers over Rachael

Sammi looked into Rachael eyes “I want you too” she openly admits

It was enough for Rachael to take over and pulled Sammi’s shirt away, her head dropping onto Sammi’s chest. She licks at her nipple, suckling it hard while massaging the other. Sammi let her head drop back and held Rachael to her. “yeh oh god that’s sooo good”

Rachael accidentally brushes across Sammi’s scarred wound causing Sammi to wince.

“oh shit I’m sorry” apologies Rachael

“no…it’s ok…there’s no pain just feels strange.”

Rachael convinced dropped to her knees and removes Sammi’s pants and nuzzles into her soft public hairs, drops of moisture seeping through.

Sammi sits on the bed and slowly moves back up while Rachael removes last of her barriers and crawls up to her. She draws Rachael in for a kiss reaching down and grabbing Rachael ass pulling her up. Rachael knee massages into Sammi’s wetness while their lips collide.

Rachael pushes Sammi down and lets her tongue tease over her nipples, flicking until her nipple grew hard. “ please Rachael” murmurs Sammi

Rachael drew up Sammi’s knee and side saddles over her, lowering herself until the lips of their pussies meet. Sammi lifts her hips to the pleasure grasping Rachael hips.

“oh jeez” groans Sammi from the sudden connection

Rachael grinds down, dragging herself against Sammi, gyrating against her, their juices mixing.

“can you feel me” coos Rachael as she drags slowly up and down, putting pressure against their clits.

“god yes yes” Sammi takes hold of Rachael breasts and massages them together causing Rachael head to drop back

Rachael moved harder, pushing more against Sammi, their juices spilling around them.

Sammi’s body starts to shake, Rachael presses at her clit allowing Sammi to release, the cabin alive with her cries. Rachael dismounts and collapses next to her, catching her own breath.

Sammi wastes little time and moves over Rachael’s body, unleashing her tongue into Rachael’s mouth, kissing her passionately.

Rachael pushes Sammi back a little “hey you…give me a minute.”

Sammi moved down and licked at her breast “no” was her reply, then rolls Rachael onto her stomach and lets her hand run up and down her back before entering her from behind

Rachael cries out and pushes back again Sammi’s fingers. Sammi continues to thrust in and out”

Rachael raises her hips, grabs at the sheets “ohhhhh yes harder….harder” and rears back onto Sammi's fingers.

Sammi removes and rubs roughly around Rachael clit causing her to buck forward “oh fuck I can’t hold it oh my god”

Sammi pushes back inside pulling Rachael orgasm from the depths. Rachael moans and stiffens as she releases before collapsing to the bed in rest.

Rachael hadn’t said any think for a few moments worrying Sammi “hey hey what the matter”

“shhhoosh” orders Rachael “I’m still enjoying it” another jolt moves through her body.

Sammi laughs out loud “well is it going to take long, because I need more attention” she encourages impatiently.

Rachael rolls over and sits up “what is wrong with you” laughs

“does there have to be something wrong because I want more sex. Look if it’s a problem” smirks Sammi

Rachael flicks tongue across Sammi’s lips “It’s no problem for me, not in the least.”.

Rachael wasted no time in lapping up Sammi’s juices, trying to contain the flood. Her tongue worked around like a snake. She pressed across Sammi’s clit still swollen and felt Sammi’s hand on her head immediately.

Sammi’s hips lifted and Rachael worked her tongue around and inside her opening. Sammi lightly grabbed at Rachael hair “oh baby don’t stop” she pleads

Rachael opens Sammi’s lips wide sucking at her clit directly, Sammi moans calling her name as the trembling reached it height as she came over Rachael’s face. Her body tenses as Rachael didn’t release but pressed at her clit again causing another orgasm, the room filled with the sounds of love making as Sammi held onto Rachael as she came one more time.

Rachael surfaced and wiped her face “wow that was so beautiful”

Sammi still not satisfied encouraged Rachael higher up until she was straddling over Sammi’s face. Pulling her down her face awash with Rachael excitement.

Rachael arches back as Sammi’s tongue plays inside her, circling and darting in and out of her folds, pushing inside her.

Rachael through clenched teeth announces loudly “oh god I’m going to cum” In only moments Rachael drenched Sammi’s face.

Rachael falls to the side “ok no more please I can’t” she whines in exhaustion.

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