Story: Cabin Fever (chapter 5)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 5

Sammi woke first with the urge to relieve herself. Still attached to Rachael she carefully tries to slip away but arms tightened around her

“hey where are you going” mumbled Rachael

Sammi grins down at the half sleeping girl. “I really…really need to pee. I’ll be right back.”

Sammi rises again but Rachael’s arms wrap around her neck and pull her down onto her lips

“I really need to go” lets her tongue sink into Rachael’s mouth and is released.

Sammi dresses and heads out.

The air was fresh and she wasn’t looking forward to baring her arse to the morning air. Sammi scowled at herself for rejecting Rachael. She decided that there was no rush to get back to the cabin so she will make it up to her.

Sammi kicked the snow over and out corner eye noticed something red in the snow. She went over to investigate the sudden colour change and froze still. The sight of a half eaten deer carcass was not a sight for the morning and it had not long been killed.

The flap of the tent opened up and Sammi hit Rachael legs

“Get up, get dressed now.” Gruffed out Sammi


Sammi looked around panic “just do it Rachael” and threw her clothes at her

The tone of panic in Sammi scared the hell out of Rachael, she jumped up and dressed. She started wrapping up the bed clothes when Sammi grabbed her

“leave it come on”

“Sammi” Rachael voice got loud but Sammi put hand over Rachael. “lets go and be quiet”

They rushed down the mountain in quick time, Sammi constantly looking over her shoulder then dragged Rachael as she fell behind.

Rachael exhausted stopped for a drink “I need to rest please”

Sammi stopped but eyes continued to dart around

“Sammi you’re really scaring me.”

Sammi relaxed and looked back at Rachael “it’s ok, everything going to be fine we just need to get back to the cabin. We will talk about it then.”

After one more rest spot they made it back to the cabin in half the time it took to get up the mountain. They both collapsed on the veranda gasping for breath, totally exhausted. Rachael leans into Sammi

“oh god I’m so fucked” she pants

Sammi kisses her sweat soaked head. “yeh I know. Hey why don’t you get us a drink and I’ll get some wood so we can have a hot shower.”

“together” asked Rachael in hope

Sammi smiled “If you like”

Rachael went inside and set up the cups for coffee her mind wandering and heart beating in anticipation of the nights up coming events. Her mind was bought back by a scream. A scream and another noise Rachael had never heard.

Rachael ran outside and froze upon seeing Sammi confronted by a bear standing over her.

“Rachael my gun, get my gun” she yelled

Rachael turned back to the cabin, the gun was leaning against the wall. As she grabbed it hearing another frightening scream.

Rachael turned back with the gun only to see the bear rip into Sammi with its claws.

“NO… get away” screamed Rachael. She raised the gun and pulls the trigger but the gun doesn’t go off


The bear roars again and Rachael removes the safety and fires. The bear groans as its hit in the shoulder. It was enough to turns its attention away from Sammi. Rachael could see the snow around Sammi had turned to red.

She looked up only to see the bear moving towards her. She raises the gun but it jams. The bear rears up at her when the gun goes off and the bear drops at the step of the cabin veranda.

Rachael drops the gun and runs to Sammi, falls next to her seeing a bloody mess of gashes in Sammi's side“Oh Sammi….”

Sammi’s eyes fluttered open “I didn’t think it would follow us this far.” Gasping for air and crying out in pain.

Rachael removes her own shirt and holds it over the gash to stop the bleeding

“I’m so sorry Rachael”

“It’s ok…. Just need to stop the bleeding, then you will be ok.” Reassured Rachael

Sammi swallowed as her mouth dried “don’t be scared….. the snow will melt soon, you’ll be alright on your own till then

“Don’t talk like that, just don’t” tears starting spilling.

Sammi’s pants laboured and her eyes started to flutter close.

“don’t you dare Sammi” yelled Rachael, her t’shirt soaked with blood. Then she had an idea and started packing snow over Sammi’s wound. She runs inside and grabs a hat and gloves and returns putting them on Sammi’s exposed limbs and head.

“You have to hang on Sammi……please” pleads Rachael “Don’t give up…… I don’t know what to do” cries Rachael

Rachael kept talking to her and after an hour Sammi’s pulse was very weak and she became unconscious. The bleeding had stopped and Rachael dug Sammi out and moved her inside.

She put Sammi near the fire and carefully removed the blood soaked shirt. The snow had helped stop the bleeding. All she had to do was make sure the wounds didn’t open and try and keep her alive.

Rachael bathed Sammi’s cold, stained body with warm water and covered her over. She could do no more and just watched her all night, watched each breath in the hope it was not Sammi's last.

Sammi slipped in and out of consciousness for 3 days. Rachael did what ever she could to arouse her longer.

“Cmon Sammi, you need to wake up, you need to drink please.”

Sammi hoarsely called out a name and Rachael face sadden “No it’s Rachael….. I’m here. Cmon Sammi stay with me”

Sammi eventually took fluids and Rachael was able to take longer sleeps. She was exhausted and was relieved that Sammi had survived the worst of it.

Rachael had fallen asleep in the chair after reading a few pages of Sammi’s book when she was woken

“Rachael…. Are you there”

Rachael jumped from her chair and over to Sammi on the couch”

“yes…. It’s ok I’m here.” She reassured and stroked her pale cheek.

“It’s it….is the” Sammi’s voice giving out

“Yes it’s dead… it’s out there dead”

Sammi voice failed and she winched in pain “listen you… oh god this hurts”

“don’t say anything, save your strength.”

“no…you have to get rid of it… you have to bury it deep or else it will attract others, please.”

Rachael nods

“and Rachael….take the gun and the shells” but the strain caused Sammi to pass out.

It took Rachael 2 hours to bury the carcass, her heart racing each time she dropped her head to dig, scared that one would jump out at her. She threw the shovel down when she heard screams from inside the cabin and bolted in.

Rachael found Sammi writhing in pain, holding her side “oh my god it hurts…it fucking hurts….make it stop” she screamed and wailed.

Rachael helpless cradles Sammi “I know…I don’t have anything….I’m so sorry” she kissed Sammi’s head and stroke her trying to calm her.

It seemed like hours before Sammi wailing subsided and she passed out again. Rachael held Sammi and silently sobbed not knowing what more to do for her lover.

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