Story: Cabin Fever (chapter 4)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 4

Rachael had recovered fully in  a few days and true to her promise Sammi was loading up two packs for the trip, making sure she had all the right camping equipment.

Rachael overly keen “So do you need a hand?” circling Sammi

“Just your silence” said Sammi in a light tone.

Rachael was getting used to Sammi’s humour “Oh you ask just impossible things”

Sammi looks over at Rachael with half hidden smirk. “hmmmm”

Before they set off for the long walk Sammi grabs her gun from the cupboard and extra shells.

“Do you really need to take that” not liking the look of the big shot gun

“Well I know we have these yummy supplies but some fresh bunny meat wouldn’t go astray.”

“Oh no that’s cruel I won’t eat it”

Sammi shrugs and with a chuckle “suit yourself”

They had been walking for an hour and Rachael's mouth hadn’t rested since they left

“So you going to tell me where we’re going” asked Rachael for the 10th time

“nope” said Sammi again

“Oh cmon don’t be so cruel” whined Rachael

“shhoosh, more breathing and less talking.”

Rachael then proceeded to make annoying gurgling sounds. Sammi stopped suddenly and Rachael accidentally collided with her

Sammi turned around “ok ok I taking you to a place that is very special to me, it is very quiet and you will be able to see the mountain breath. I used to take Wendy up here every year until…”Sammi caught her breath

“oh….oh there” Rachael realized where she was going.

They set off again “was it worth my silence” asked Rachael

Sammi laughed “absolutely” and continued to push Rachael up ahead

After 4 hours hiking Sammi stopped in a clearing and pitched the tent. “Right we have at least another few hours of clear day light. We just need to go a bit further up so leave the rest gear here. Rachael is your foot” started Sammi

“Nope it’s fine… are you offering to carry me” played Rachael

“no fear, you can roll down the mountain if needed” and they headed up

After a little while Sammi stopped and grabbed Rachael’s arm and put a finger to her lips.

“what” whispered Rachael alarmed at change of behaviour

Returning her tone back to normal “Rachael… if there is anything you need to listen to me about..... this is it. We are on only a thin part of the mountain surface covered with lots of snow, we must stay at least 2-3 feet in from the edge. The edge is just pure hard ice and it can break way with little warning.” Sammi takes a breath “Just stay with me and no wandering off ok.”

Rachael nods and stays close to Sammi

Through a clearing in some trees both girls could see the peak of the mountain, how quiet and still it all was. All of a sudden a gust of wind picked up behind them

“Here she goes” murmurs Sammi

The mountain started to let off a whirling sound getting louder. The lightly flakes of snow were lifting and suddenly off the ledge above them a sudden white puff was released high into the air, dispersing giving off the impression the mountain was breathing.

“how” asked Rachael

“well winds whip up quickly, and through the trees and rock face it sounds like the mountain is alive. The snow makes you see her breathing.

They watched for an hour as the light started to fade. Sammi took her glove off to get something from her pocket when a gust of wind picked up her glove and pushed it forward. Rachael instinctively went after it and as she reach it CRACK then ground under her started to shift forward.

“Rachel no… don’t” Sammi leapt forward and grabbed Rachael grasping the sleeve to her jacket. The ice shelf shifted again starting to pull away from the edge

Rachael started to scream “don’t let me go… don’t let me fall”

Sammi desperately tried to grab more of Rachael when the shelf started pulling away further, it then tips. Sammi reaches hard and grabs Rachael’s jacket and yanks hard.

Rachael screams as the shelf collapses and she feels nothing under her feet, eventually being dragged up. They both collapse onto safer ground trying to catch their breaths

“oh my god that was too close” groaned out Rachael

“oh jesus christ you nearly got us both killed” Sammi looked over to where the ice shelf once was.

“ahh damn it” whines Rachael


“I forgot to get your glove” smiles Rachael cheekily

“you what…are you that stupid…. Did you not listen to a word I said? We both could have been killed”

“I’m sorry but if we had fallen the snow below would have cushioned our fall…right” asked Rachael naively

“Are you kidding, a fall like that onto rocks below… there is no safe landing….there” but stopped as she was hit in the face with snow.

Sammi glared at a giggling Rachael noticing she was rolling another snow ball.

“You don’t want to be doing that miss” warned Sammi as her mood relaxed with the fun force upon her

“huh and why”

“trust me” warned Sammi menacingly but was hit with the snow again.

Sammi shook herself then quickly jumped at Rachael. Rachael not ready for the quick movements squealed trying to get away but Sammi grabbed her and threw her to the ground pinning her. She tried hard to keep her balance ontop of Rachael who was squirming.

“you better get off or you’re going to get it” warned Rachael playfully

“oh really, well you are the one going to get it young miss” Sammi struggled with Rachael grasping her hands in one and other free hand unzips Rachael’s jacket.

Rachael squeals “what are you doing” still trying to get free

Sammi lifts Rachael’s top partly, grins then picks up and handful of snow and rubs it into Rachael’s bare skin.

Rachael screamed and bucked at the coldness “that’s cold you bitch” and eventually pushes Sammi off her.

Sammi sat down and laughed till her eyes were overflowed with tears

Rachael scowled “oh ha ha… very funny”

“Yep it was…… you wanna go again” asked Sammi

“no” growled Rachael.

The girls ate their meals and retired to the tent. Sammi unrolled the single piece of bedding.

“that’s not going to keep us warm” mocked Rachael

Sammi smiled “this is bear hide, trust me it will be the only thing you need”

Sammi stripped to her panties and t’shirt while Rachael went to bed fully clothed. Sammi rolled away, smiled and just waited.

The moon was out and the tent was lit silvery. I wasn’t long before Rachael started peeling off her clothing as the tent warmed up.

Rachael turned to Sammi “thank you for today.”

“yeh that’s ok, get some sleep.”

Rachael went to say more then stopped

Sammi turned and faced Rachael “ok I guess there will be no sleep until you get it off your chest, so come on out with it"

“Well it’s just I don’t get to do many things like that with Chris. I was grateful for the little time we had up here. We actually don’t spend much time together.”

“well then why are you still together”

“I guess it’s just easy, … just… Man why is it so hot in here” removes her t’shirt just leaving her in bra and panties.

“Do you miss her” asked Sammi quietly

“Yeh… but I doubt she’s even thinking of me, probably out having a good time with some other girl.”

Sammi looked over Rachael “you don’t trust her”

Rachael put her hands behind her head “I’m pretty sure she’s out doing someone as we speak” her face grows sadder

Sammi strokes some of Rachael’s falling tears “So why stay”

“I guess part of me lstill oves her” offers up Rachael

“No that’s not love that dependence Rachael”

“I’d be lost without her…. I’d have no life.”

“Well you’re up here with me and this is part of your life and to be totally honest it’s the first time in 4 weeks you’ve even mentioned her.”

“yeh really… I didn’t realize” shrugs Rachael sadly

Sammi runs the back of her hand across Rachael’s cheek softly

“I guess I’ve been too busy with other things” admits Rachael softly, nuzzling against Sammi’s hand.

Sammi cups Rachael chin and lifts it slightly then brushes her lips across Rachael’s. She waits as Rachael slowly returns the kiss and allows Sammi’s tongue to explore her mouth.

Rachael lets out a low moan but doesn’t break the mood. Sammi kisses her nose and cheek and nibbles gently down her neck. She pulls back and looks at Rachael in hesitation and doubt creeping into her.

Rachael smiles and grabs Sammi’s hand and kiss the open palm and places it onto her breast. Sammi instinctively squeezes, rubbing the nipple through the material. Rachael reaches around and unclip, letting her bra fall away. Sammi straddles over Rachael and snatches her lips while her hand massages her breast, grabbing, squeezing.

Rachael wraps her arms around Sammi’s neck, kissing her back and unleashing her tongue. Their lips crushing each others as the intensity and urgency of their desire increases.

Sammi pulls away and grasp one of Rachael’s plump breasts and draws it to her mouth, taking her in and suckling her. Rachael gasps and buried her head into Sammi’s neck, the sensation causing chain reaction as her body ached for more. She runs her hands up and down Sammi’s back then grabs her shirt and pulls it free.

Sammi’s body responding rubs her chest up against Rachael’s, her hand slipping between Rachael’s legs and slightly rubbing at the wetness seeping thru Rachael panties.

“more Sammi……. please” Rachael pushes her hips towards Sammi’s hand

Sammi removed Rachael’s panties and pulls her legs until she was sitting in Sammi’s lap. Sammi continues to kiss Rachael deeply, teasing her mouth with her tongue. She reaches down and grabs Rachael, the palm of her hand rubbing into Rachael’s soft mound.

Rachael wrapped arms around Sammi neck and thrust toward Sammi, she kisses her ear “more….I need more” pleads Rachael

Sammi finger started moving in and out of Rachael’s wet folds, feeling every inch of her. Circles at her opening and slightly dipping in

Rachael lets out a low moan and arched back waiting, Sammi slowly lowers her down as her finger moved easily and deeply inside. She with-drew and replaced with two pushing in and out as Rachael set the pace.

Rachael could feel her pending orgasm building. She widened her legs and lifts her hips

“oh god that feels so good, don’t stop Sammi” moans Rachael

Sammi flicks across Rachael nipple with her tongue before sucking it hard. Her fingers working hard inside Rachael as she too could feel herself gushing, along with laboured breaths leaving her own lips.

“just a bit more” urged Rachael as her body thrashed around.

Sammi wanted to give her a lot more and slipped down under the bear skin and into Rachael, taking in as much as she could devour. Scooping and swallow her flow of juices.

Rachael thrashed more, hips rising into Sammi’s mouth. Sammi tried holding down Rachael as she continues pushing her tongue around, pushing inside her before finishing her by flicking and pressing at her swollen clit.

“ohh that’s it oh god yessss” Rachael screamed out into the night as her orgasm explodes into Sammi. The tremors still lingering as Sammi pulled herself free of Rachael wet haven.

Sammi kissed her way back up Rachael’s body until she found her lips. Rachael looked exhausted her face damp with perspiration. Sammi smile and wipes away the damp hair.

“Oh wow” puffed out Rachael

“yeh wow…. Think that might of started an avalanche somewhere.” kisses her briefly before collapsing next to her.

Rachael moved up over Sammi and smother her with no hesitation, her tongue pouring into Sammi. Sammi’s mind started wandering and doubting, she hadn't been with another woman since Wendy's death and now Rachael had come into her life, her thoughts started to drift.

Rachael assaulted Sammi’s lips as her hands roamed all over her body, touching, squeezing, fondling. Sammi widened as Rachael went to work. He body giving in to Rachael as her breasts were set upon with Rachael’s tongue. Her depth was on fire and it wanted satisfying.

“oh Rachael that’s so good” moaning slightly as Rachael’s tongue danced over her body.

Rachael’s finger dived deep inside Sammi causing her to cry out at the welcome intrusion. She could feel herself nearing with each stroke.

“Hmm that’s it Sammi, let yourself go….. like your falling”

Sammi started to feel light headed and before she realised she was fighting Rachael

“stop…stop please get off me” panics Sammi trying to get her breath, feeling like she was going to pass out

Rachael startled “what’s wrong…am I hurting you?”

“no….no I just can’t….I’m sorry please don’t be angry I just” tears flowed from Sammi as her body started trembling.

“did I do something wrong” Rachael confused at her change in mood

Sammi shakes her head “no….. it’s just me I cant….. Rachael I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for this I”

Rachael pulled Sammi in and held her “shhh it’s ok, I understand” wipes Sammi’s tears. “how about I just hold you instead”

“yeh….” Sammi stuttered “I’d like that”

Sammi snuggled further into Rachael and they fell fast asleep

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