Story: Cabin Fever (chapter 2)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 2

Rachael was woken suddenly from logs being dropped next to her. She looked up through tired eyes to see the cabin woman looking down at her with distaste.

“You usually sleep all day” growled the woman

“umm no, just really tired” defend Rachael

The woman huffed and walked off.

Rachael looked at her foot, it was still swollen. She tried to walk but could barely put any weight on it.

Her rations were black coffee and 3 small meals a day only.

Rachael whined “Yes I know we are on rations”

“and if you persist in eating too much then we could end up to 1 meal a day” said the woman

Rachael rolled her eyes “and after that”

The woman glared at Rachael “well then it’s just you and me, I’m sure I will be able to find something to eat” the woman faced turned into a sadistic smirk

Rachael didn’t like the sound of it and feeling quite put off at the thought she could end up being in this woman’s stew

Days had passed and the cabin woman hardly spoke a word. The silence was sometimes worse than her growling. Although she tried to engage in conversation the woman was just ignore her

Rachael’s foot was better each day and she wanders constantly to the window and looked at the snow still falling. “god how deep” murmured Rachael

“deep, deep is deep.” Piped up the woman

Rachael groaned “this is a nightmare, it’s the worse ever” she thought to herself

Later that night Rachael was sitting on the couch restless. The woman was sitting in a chair reading her book.

“So…. are you going to tell me your name or do I have to guess” asked Rachael

The woman didn’t disturb from her book, not interested in her younger companions idle chat

“fine… then let me see. Well if I was to guess” pauses Rachael with a grin “I’d say your name is Sammi.”

The woman eyes focused angrily onto Rachael followed by her book slamming onto the hard floor. The woman leaps from her seat

“HOW DARE YOU, you have no right snooping you little bitch.” Yelled the woman

Rachael taken back by her temper “hey.. no I’m sorry I didn’t mean. But that photo over there on the mantle it’s got your name right.”

The woman’s face changed from anger to pain and looked at the picture.

Rachael ventured further “is that your girl friend with you.”

The woman voice almost disappearing “yes that’s my name, and my business is my own.” Sammi’s voice breaking back to anger

“ok ok I said I was sorry. God damn you are so impossible to get to know. You sit all day and say almost nothing, unless it’s to criticise me for eating too much or putting too many damn logs on the fire. Fuck I’m going insane, not to mention you are already insane and by the end of winter we may end up killing each other.” blurted out Rachael

Sammi stepped a little closer and sneered “why wait till the end of winter”

Rachael’s eyes widen “huh..what.. I was only kidding”

“well I’m not. See sweetheart nobody’s coming for you. You are all alone, with me” Sammi said in threatening tone

Rachael felt the colour drain from her and fear creeping in. She now realised that this woman was indeed mad and wasn’t going to wait around to be murdered. She grabbed her bag, rushed to the door and ran off into the night.

Sammi went back to her book but couldn’t concentrate. “oh for fuck sake” throws her book down, grabs her coat and gloves from behind door and sets out after Rachael.

The snow was thick making it hard to see Rachael’s footprints. Sammi yelled out to the distant figure “stop… stop Rachael.” She yelled

Rachael could hear her and yelled back “oh no way…. Uh ah.” And tried to walk faster but felt something grab her

“let go of me” whined Rachael. Her energy draining and the cold going through her clothes

“Will you stop Rachael”

“let me go” struggled Rachael

“If I do you will die.” Hoping her words would sink in. Sammi looked over her shoulder and could only see faint light of her cabin

“I’ll take my chances out here” growled stubborn Rachael

“Don’t be so stupid, we need to get back before I lose sight of my place.”

Rachael refused to budge.

“Rachael please I’m serious” urgency in Sammi’s voice

“You are mad, insane, loco lady and I’m not waiting around for you to kill and eat me”

Sammi tried to hide her amusement. “No I’m not mad and I’m not going to kill and eat you”

“So what the hell is your problem then” shivered Rachael

Sammi groaned “cmon it’s cold and the snows covering our tracks” Sammi starts to walk but noticed Rachael not moving

“come back inside and I will converse with you and I promise I will not kill or eat you. Now come on I can only just see my place”

Sammi stoked up the fire as both girls teeth chattered. They both stood next to the fire trying to thaw out.

“I’m not mad or insane Rachael. I guess being up here has made me lonely and bitter.”

Rachael trying to control her chattering “Maybe it’s time you talked about it.”

Sammi shrugged “Hmm maybe, cmon lets warm up some broth” she couldn’t help but chuckle at Rachael face.

Rachael hated the broth but anything warm was tolerable at that point.

Again silence fell around the cabin as Sammi went back to her reading. Rachael just watched the fire and literally twiddled her thumbs. Sammi closed her book and studied her winter companion.

“Do you play cards Rachael” she asked

“umm kinda”

“well what can you play”

“ err snap” blushed Rachael

“you’re kidding right” scoffed Sammi

Rachael shakes her head

Sammi sighed “well ok I’ll get the cards you go to the kitchen table.”

Rachael almost skipped to the table while Sammi got old deck of cards and a bottle. She put it on table with two glasses.

“It’s home made, it has a real kick in it” said Sammi

The two played snap until Rachael won all the cards from Sammi “woo hoo I’m the winner” she gloated

“yeh so it would seem” Sammi draining her drink.

Rachael little more relaxed “So where is your girl friend now.” And shuffled the cards

Sammi’s demeanour changed and her eyes narrowed “Rachael… some things I don’t talk about and that is one of them, so please don’t ask me again..” she got up and without a further word went up to bed.

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