Story: Cabin Fever (chapter 1)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: Slow to start with I know that before any reviews are written]

Winter was setting in fast as the two campers hastily made their way back down the mountain. One tripped and fell grabbing at her ankle in pain. Her partner tried to help her walk but the pain was too unbearable and slowing them down.

Fearing they won’t be able to make the trek to the bottom, one sees a light in the distance. It came from a small cabin. The snow was getting heavier as they made their way towards the light.

One knocked at the door but received no immediate answer.

“Maybe no one is home” whined the injured girl

The other girl knocked louder and the door flung open

“Go away, you’re not welcomed” came the gruff voice of the occupant

“please we need your help, we need to use your phone to call for help. My girl-friend is injured”

The person in the doorway stepped closer, an woman that seen many years looked them over “Look around do you see any phone lines, do you see any power lines.”

“Oh shit” groaned the injured young woman as she slumps to sit on the veranda

“Well can we at least stay the night, just till this blizzard passes” said the injured girl’s partner

“No” was her blunt reply

“Oh come on she’s injured I can’t get down the mountain with her, we will die out here.”

The cabin woman looked about and grumbled. “Snow front moving in quickly, I do not have enough rations for 3 people.”

“ok ok, then please let her stay, I’ll bring back help in the morning” pleaded the girl friend

“Nooo I don’t want to stay” whined the injured girl

“Honey I can’t make it with you, we will die if we keep going”

“I only have rations for 2, you go now” growled the cabin woman

The two campers kissed and said their goodbyes.

“you git going” ordered the cabin woman,. “the storm is chasing your tail"

Inside the cabin was one main room containing kitchen, living room with small room off to the side for shower and toilet. There was a set of stairs which lead to a loft to the only bedroom. The room was warmed by the roaring open fire.

The injured girl struggled inside and sat on the couch.

“Ohh god it hurts, have you any pain killers” asked the girl

“no I don’t” snapped the woman

“oh ok, well my name is Rachael, I really appreciate you”

“good for you” growled the woman

“Look I’m really sorry to inconvenience you, but once Chris gets down the mountain she will get help for me.”

The woman shook her head “nope… no one’s coming back up this winter”

“huh…what do you mean” Rachael becoming worried

“It’s coming in, will close the entrance for all winter”

Rachael gets up and hobbles to the kitchen window “oh no….then why did you let her go…please you have to go get her.”

“I already told you girl I don’t have enough rations”

“I don’t care you can’t let her die out there”

The woman put another log on “she is strong, she will make it… but with you she would not. But by the time she gets down the roads will be blocked. There will be nobody coming back up for you until spring.”

Rachael groans and sits back on the couch “For how long” in a small voice

“At least 10 to 12 weeks, maybe longer”

Rachael groaned again “I can’t believe this is happening. So do you have a name?”

The woman scowled at the unwelcomed guest “Yes I do, and it belongs to me.”

Rachael realized the woman was going to be hard work and cursed her ankle for getting her into this mess “Will you tell me your name please” asked Rachael

The woman walked passed “I’m going to bed” and headed up to the loft

“Hey what about me…. Where do I sleep”

The woman keeps going “You’re sitting on it” and disappears above

“oh, thanks”

The room was getting darker as the fire ran low. Rachael hobbles around and picks up a log when a voice called out

“No more wood”

“jeez” cursed Rachael under her breath “Ok, but I’m freezing down here.” She yelled up to the loft

Then something landed down next to Rachael. She picked up the blanket “thank you” then collapsed back on the couch and quietly cries herself to sleep.

Rachael woke through the night from the throbbing in her ankle. She got up and hobbled around the room and found a photo at far end of the fire-place. She waited for her eyes to adjust and noticed it was of two girls with a message scrawled over it.

To Sammi, my love for you is endless signed with a love heart and Wendy

Rachael grinned “ahhh so that’s your name.”

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