Story: Cabin Fever (all chapters)

Authors: sneekie

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: Slow to start with I know that before any reviews are written]

Winter was setting in fast as the two campers hastily made their way back down the mountain. One tripped and fell grabbing at her ankle in pain. Her partner tried to help her walk but the pain was too unbearable and slowing them down.

Fearing they won’t be able to make the trek to the bottom, one sees a light in the distance. It came from a small cabin. The snow was getting heavier as they made their way towards the light.

One knocked at the door but received no immediate answer.

“Maybe no one is home” whined the injured girl

The other girl knocked louder and the door flung open

“Go away, you’re not welcomed” came the gruff voice of the occupant

“please we need your help, we need to use your phone to call for help. My girl-friend is injured”

The person in the doorway stepped closer, an woman that seen many years looked them over “Look around do you see any phone lines, do you see any power lines.”

“Oh shit” groaned the injured young woman as she slumps to sit on the veranda

“Well can we at least stay the night, just till this blizzard passes” said the injured girl’s partner

“No” was her blunt reply

“Oh come on she’s injured I can’t get down the mountain with her, we will die out here.”

The cabin woman looked about and grumbled. “Snow front moving in quickly, I do not have enough rations for 3 people.”

“ok ok, then please let her stay, I’ll bring back help in the morning” pleaded the girl friend

“Nooo I don’t want to stay” whined the injured girl

“Honey I can’t make it with you, we will die if we keep going”

“I only have rations for 2, you go now” growled the cabin woman

The two campers kissed and said their goodbyes.

“you git going” ordered the cabin woman,. “the storm is chasing your tail"

Inside the cabin was one main room containing kitchen, living room with small room off to the side for shower and toilet. There was a set of stairs which lead to a loft to the only bedroom. The room was warmed by the roaring open fire.

The injured girl struggled inside and sat on the couch.

“Ohh god it hurts, have you any pain killers” asked the girl

“no I don’t” snapped the woman

“oh ok, well my name is Rachael, I really appreciate you”

“good for you” growled the woman

“Look I’m really sorry to inconvenience you, but once Chris gets down the mountain she will get help for me.”

The woman shook her head “nope… no one’s coming back up this winter”

“huh…what do you mean” Rachael becoming worried

“It’s coming in, will close the entrance for all winter”

Rachael gets up and hobbles to the kitchen window “oh no….then why did you let her go…please you have to go get her.”

“I already told you girl I don’t have enough rations”

“I don’t care you can’t let her die out there”

The woman put another log on “she is strong, she will make it… but with you she would not. But by the time she gets down the roads will be blocked. There will be nobody coming back up for you until spring.”

Rachael groans and sits back on the couch “For how long” in a small voice

“At least 10 to 12 weeks, maybe longer”

Rachael groaned again “I can’t believe this is happening. So do you have a name?”

The woman scowled at the unwelcomed guest “Yes I do, and it belongs to me.”

Rachael realized the woman was going to be hard work and cursed her ankle for getting her into this mess “Will you tell me your name please” asked Rachael

The woman walked passed “I’m going to bed” and headed up to the loft

“Hey what about me…. Where do I sleep”

The woman keeps going “You’re sitting on it” and disappears above

“oh, thanks”

The room was getting darker as the fire ran low. Rachael hobbles around and picks up a log when a voice called out

“No more wood”

“jeez” cursed Rachael under her breath “Ok, but I’m freezing down here.” She yelled up to the loft

Then something landed down next to Rachael. She picked up the blanket “thank you” then collapsed back on the couch and quietly cries herself to sleep.

Rachael woke through the night from the throbbing in her ankle. She got up and hobbled around the room and found a photo at far end of the fire-place. She waited for her eyes to adjust and noticed it was of two girls with a message scrawled over it.

To Sammi, my love for you is endless signed with a love heart and Wendy

Rachael grinned “ahhh so that’s your name.”

Chapter 2

Rachael was woken suddenly from logs being dropped next to her. She looked up through tired eyes to see the cabin woman looking down at her with distaste.

“You usually sleep all day” growled the woman

“umm no, just really tired” defend Rachael

The woman huffed and walked off.

Rachael looked at her foot, it was still swollen. She tried to walk but could barely put any weight on it.

Her rations were black coffee and 3 small meals a day only.

Rachael whined “Yes I know we are on rations”

“and if you persist in eating too much then we could end up to 1 meal a day” said the woman

Rachael rolled her eyes “and after that”

The woman glared at Rachael “well then it’s just you and me, I’m sure I will be able to find something to eat” the woman faced turned into a sadistic smirk

Rachael didn’t like the sound of it and feeling quite put off at the thought she could end up being in this woman’s stew

Days had passed and the cabin woman hardly spoke a word. The silence was sometimes worse than her growling. Although she tried to engage in conversation the woman was just ignore her

Rachael’s foot was better each day and she wanders constantly to the window and looked at the snow still falling. “god how deep” murmured Rachael

“deep, deep is deep.” Piped up the woman

Rachael groaned “this is a nightmare, it’s the worse ever” she thought to herself

Later that night Rachael was sitting on the couch restless. The woman was sitting in a chair reading her book.

“So…. are you going to tell me your name or do I have to guess” asked Rachael

The woman didn’t disturb from her book, not interested in her younger companions idle chat

“fine… then let me see. Well if I was to guess” pauses Rachael with a grin “I’d say your name is Sammi.”

The woman eyes focused angrily onto Rachael followed by her book slamming onto the hard floor. The woman leaps from her seat

“HOW DARE YOU, you have no right snooping you little bitch.” Yelled the woman

Rachael taken back by her temper “hey.. no I’m sorry I didn’t mean. But that photo over there on the mantle it’s got your name right.”

The woman’s face changed from anger to pain and looked at the picture.

Rachael ventured further “is that your girl friend with you.”

The woman voice almost disappearing “yes that’s my name, and my business is my own.” Sammi’s voice breaking back to anger

“ok ok I said I was sorry. God damn you are so impossible to get to know. You sit all day and say almost nothing, unless it’s to criticise me for eating too much or putting too many damn logs on the fire. Fuck I’m going insane, not to mention you are already insane and by the end of winter we may end up killing each other.” blurted out Rachael

Sammi stepped a little closer and sneered “why wait till the end of winter”

Rachael’s eyes widen “huh..what.. I was only kidding”

“well I’m not. See sweetheart nobody’s coming for you. You are all alone, with me” Sammi said in threatening tone

Rachael felt the colour drain from her and fear creeping in. She now realised that this woman was indeed mad and wasn’t going to wait around to be murdered. She grabbed her bag, rushed to the door and ran off into the night.

Sammi went back to her book but couldn’t concentrate. “oh for fuck sake” throws her book down, grabs her coat and gloves from behind door and sets out after Rachael.

The snow was thick making it hard to see Rachael’s footprints. Sammi yelled out to the distant figure “stop… stop Rachael.” She yelled

Rachael could hear her and yelled back “oh no way…. Uh ah.” And tried to walk faster but felt something grab her

“let go of me” whined Rachael. Her energy draining and the cold going through her clothes

“Will you stop Rachael”

“let me go” struggled Rachael

“If I do you will die.” Hoping her words would sink in. Sammi looked over her shoulder and could only see faint light of her cabin

“I’ll take my chances out here” growled stubborn Rachael

“Don’t be so stupid, we need to get back before I lose sight of my place.”

Rachael refused to budge.

“Rachael please I’m serious” urgency in Sammi’s voice

“You are mad, insane, loco lady and I’m not waiting around for you to kill and eat me”

Sammi tried to hide her amusement. “No I’m not mad and I’m not going to kill and eat you”

“So what the hell is your problem then” shivered Rachael

Sammi groaned “cmon it’s cold and the snows covering our tracks” Sammi starts to walk but noticed Rachael not moving

“come back inside and I will converse with you and I promise I will not kill or eat you. Now come on I can only just see my place”

Sammi stoked up the fire as both girls teeth chattered. They both stood next to the fire trying to thaw out.

“I’m not mad or insane Rachael. I guess being up here has made me lonely and bitter.”

Rachael trying to control her chattering “Maybe it’s time you talked about it.”

Sammi shrugged “Hmm maybe, cmon lets warm up some broth” she couldn’t help but chuckle at Rachael face.

Rachael hated the broth but anything warm was tolerable at that point.

Again silence fell around the cabin as Sammi went back to her reading. Rachael just watched the fire and literally twiddled her thumbs. Sammi closed her book and studied her winter companion.

“Do you play cards Rachael” she asked

“umm kinda”

“well what can you play”

“ err snap” blushed Rachael

“you’re kidding right” scoffed Sammi

Rachael shakes her head

Sammi sighed “well ok I’ll get the cards you go to the kitchen table.”

Rachael almost skipped to the table while Sammi got old deck of cards and a bottle. She put it on table with two glasses.

“It’s home made, it has a real kick in it” said Sammi

The two played snap until Rachael won all the cards from Sammi “woo hoo I’m the winner” she gloated

“yeh so it would seem” Sammi draining her drink.

Rachael little more relaxed “So where is your girl friend now.” And shuffled the cards

Sammi’s demeanour changed and her eyes narrowed “Rachael… some things I don’t talk about and that is one of them, so please don’t ask me again..” she got up and without a further word went up to bed.

Chapter 3

Another week went by and Rachael found out a little more about Sammi each time, until eventually one night Sammi told the tragic story of her girl-friend.

Wendy had died 3 years ago this winter in a snow cliff accident. The cliffs edge gave way, Sammi was unable to keep hold of her girlfriend and she fell to her death. The guilt is still with her and she had never returned to that place high in the mountains.

There was always chores to be done. Doors and verandas needed sweeping everyday, the nights supply of wood to be brought in and snow had to be removed from the wood shed roof. Rachael was outside shovelling the snow from the door when Sammi came out.

“Where’s your jacket and gloves.”

Rachael sighed “I just can’t work in them.”

Sammi grabbed the jacket and gloves from behind the door and threw them at her “Don’t let me see you leave this house without them, is that clear” barked Sammi

Rachael saluted “aye aye” and grinned but the humour was not returned

Later that night Sammi returned to the fire and stoked it up high, the room echoed with the sounds of the crackling. “hmmm it’s going to be a heavy one tonight” quietly spoke Sammi as she returned to her chair and book.

“what’s that mean” interrupted Rachael

“it means many flakes”

“oh so does that mean we will be buried high” as Rachael

Sammi looked up stern then relaxed “it means we will have a lot of shovelling tomorrow”

Rachael was allowed to put on a log when a sound echoed around “THUMP”

Rachael let out a little shriek as the cabin vibrated suddenly “what the hell was that… is that an avalanche”

Sammi chuckled “no.. the snow on the roof is compacted tightly and when it gets too heavy gravity takes over and it breaks and slides off. Believe me you do not want to be caught under that”

“Well I don’t plan to.” Rachael pulled the blanket up tightly as it was still cold even with the fire up.

Sammi yawns “well I’m heading off to bed, night Rachael”

“night Sammi” and snuggles down

Sammi turns to leave but moves back to the fire and puts an extra log on. “it’s going to be cold, do you want another blanket”

“oh yeh could I”

Rachael woke up first. The sun was out brightly, but the air still had a nip in it. She noticed Sammi had not disturbed so decided to get started on the chores. She grabbed the door and looked at her coat and gloves. “Na won’t be out long” and headed off towards the wood shed.

Sammi started to stir, she would feel a draft and cursed. She had constantly reminded Rachael to close the door.

“Rachael….close the god damn door” yell Sammi, but got no reply. She then heard the faint sound of something dropping and a slight cry. Sammi got up and peered over the loft

“Rachael” still no reply. She headed down stairs to the slightly ajar door, Rachael’s coat and gloves still there

“bloody hell” cursed Sammi.

Sammi headed out into the yard, everything was completely white. Sammi looked around “Rachael where are you”. She then noticed the wood shed door slightly open and a large pile of snow over the door way.

“oh shit” Sammi sprinted to the shed and started digging into the snow. It felt like minutes before she reached Rachael and eventually dragged her out. Rachael’s face and hands where blue and she wasn’t conscious.

“oh no no no Rachael cmon” she rubbed her hands and face.

Sammi carried Rachael’s limp body into the shower and turned it on over them. She let the warm water wash over Rachael, rubbing her face and trying to stir her around.

“cmon girl talk to me” and slightly slapped her cheeks. She heard a slight murmur and Sammi held her close “that’s it girl, come on.”

Rachael became a little more coherent and Sammi stripped their clothes and wrapped a towel around her and Rachael then carried her to the fire. She stoked up the fire high and placed Rachael close to it.

Sammi quickly got dressed and made a hot drink. She sat down next to Rachael and pulled her into her arms holding her close. She could feel Rachael trembling

“come on now, I’ve never known you to be this quiet” said Sammi in a cheery voice.

“ohhhh I feel” came Rachael’s first words

Sammi wrapped her tighter and breathed sigh of relief looking to the roof “ thank Christ Rachael, you gave me the biggest fright.”

“ I’m sorry…. I” and she started to cry

“hey hey It’s ok, you’re fine now” She let Rachael sob “you need to drink this, you need to get your strength back” Sammi holds it to Rachael lips and let her take some

Rachael’s face screwed up “ohhh that is so terrible take it away”

Sammi laughed “I know but it will get your strength back, now come on just a little more”

She eventually coaxed Rachael into drinking it all and she fell back weakly against Sammi.

“you didn’t take your jacket or gloves” said Sammi quietly

“ I know… I thought” and broke down again “I nearly died didn’t I”

“yeh .”

“I’m so sorry Sammi, I’m nothing but trouble.”

“It’s ok….” reassured Sammi

“I only wanted to help, when it fell on me I couldn’t breath” and sobbed loudly

Sammi cuddled her “well you’re ok now”

Rachael rested all that day, remaining unusually quiet. Sammi was concerned because usually she couldn’t shut her companion up. Unable to read her book because of the silence she looked over at Rachael. She was just vacantly gazing into the fire.


Rachael looked over “huh oh I didn’t say anything”

Sammi chuckled “I know, it’s very difficult to read when you’re not chattering.”

Rachael smiled at her trying to cheer her up “enjoy it”

Sammi still wasn’t happy with Rachael lack of enthusiasm “Look how about in a few days, if the snow has eased back I’ll take you on a trek up the mountain. I want you to show you how the mountain breathes, and only if you are well enough.”

“really…. Or you just saying that” half hearted Rachael

“We will go, you just rest up and I’ll take you, I promise.”

Rachael smiled and went over to Sammi throwing her arms around “I can’t wait, I’ll be fine”

Sammi relaxed “ok ok…. Go back and rest” blushing at the sudden affection she received

Chapter 4

Rachael had recovered fully in  a few days and true to her promise Sammi was loading up two packs for the trip, making sure she had all the right camping equipment.

Rachael overly keen “So do you need a hand?” circling Sammi

“Just your silence” said Sammi in a light tone.

Rachael was getting used to Sammi’s humour “Oh you ask just impossible things”

Sammi looks over at Rachael with half hidden smirk. “hmmmm”

Before they set off for the long walk Sammi grabs her gun from the cupboard and extra shells.

“Do you really need to take that” not liking the look of the big shot gun

“Well I know we have these yummy supplies but some fresh bunny meat wouldn’t go astray.”

“Oh no that’s cruel I won’t eat it”

Sammi shrugs and with a chuckle “suit yourself”

They had been walking for an hour and Rachael's mouth hadn’t rested since they left

“So you going to tell me where we’re going” asked Rachael for the 10th time

“nope” said Sammi again

“Oh cmon don’t be so cruel” whined Rachael

“shhoosh, more breathing and less talking.”

Rachael then proceeded to make annoying gurgling sounds. Sammi stopped suddenly and Rachael accidentally collided with her

Sammi turned around “ok ok I taking you to a place that is very special to me, it is very quiet and you will be able to see the mountain breath. I used to take Wendy up here every year until…”Sammi caught her breath

“oh….oh there” Rachael realized where she was going.

They set off again “was it worth my silence” asked Rachael

Sammi laughed “absolutely” and continued to push Rachael up ahead

After 4 hours hiking Sammi stopped in a clearing and pitched the tent. “Right we have at least another few hours of clear day light. We just need to go a bit further up so leave the rest gear here. Rachael is your foot” started Sammi

“Nope it’s fine… are you offering to carry me” played Rachael

“no fear, you can roll down the mountain if needed” and they headed up

After a little while Sammi stopped and grabbed Rachael’s arm and put a finger to her lips.

“what” whispered Rachael alarmed at change of behaviour

Returning her tone back to normal “Rachael… if there is anything you need to listen to me about..... this is it. We are on only a thin part of the mountain surface covered with lots of snow, we must stay at least 2-3 feet in from the edge. The edge is just pure hard ice and it can break way with little warning.” Sammi takes a breath “Just stay with me and no wandering off ok.”

Rachael nods and stays close to Sammi

Through a clearing in some trees both girls could see the peak of the mountain, how quiet and still it all was. All of a sudden a gust of wind picked up behind them

“Here she goes” murmurs Sammi

The mountain started to let off a whirling sound getting louder. The lightly flakes of snow were lifting and suddenly off the ledge above them a sudden white puff was released high into the air, dispersing giving off the impression the mountain was breathing.

“how” asked Rachael

“well winds whip up quickly, and through the trees and rock face it sounds like the mountain is alive. The snow makes you see her breathing.

They watched for an hour as the light started to fade. Sammi took her glove off to get something from her pocket when a gust of wind picked up her glove and pushed it forward. Rachael instinctively went after it and as she reach it CRACK then ground under her started to shift forward.

“Rachel no… don’t” Sammi leapt forward and grabbed Rachael grasping the sleeve to her jacket. The ice shelf shifted again starting to pull away from the edge

Rachael started to scream “don’t let me go… don’t let me fall”

Sammi desperately tried to grab more of Rachael when the shelf started pulling away further, it then tips. Sammi reaches hard and grabs Rachael’s jacket and yanks hard.

Rachael screams as the shelf collapses and she feels nothing under her feet, eventually being dragged up. They both collapse onto safer ground trying to catch their breaths

“oh my god that was too close” groaned out Rachael

“oh jesus christ you nearly got us both killed” Sammi looked over to where the ice shelf once was.

“ahh damn it” whines Rachael


“I forgot to get your glove” smiles Rachael cheekily

“you what…are you that stupid…. Did you not listen to a word I said? We both could have been killed”

“I’m sorry but if we had fallen the snow below would have cushioned our fall…right” asked Rachael naively

“Are you kidding, a fall like that onto rocks below… there is no safe landing….there” but stopped as she was hit in the face with snow.

Sammi glared at a giggling Rachael noticing she was rolling another snow ball.

“You don’t want to be doing that miss” warned Sammi as her mood relaxed with the fun force upon her

“huh and why”

“trust me” warned Sammi menacingly but was hit with the snow again.

Sammi shook herself then quickly jumped at Rachael. Rachael not ready for the quick movements squealed trying to get away but Sammi grabbed her and threw her to the ground pinning her. She tried hard to keep her balance ontop of Rachael who was squirming.

“you better get off or you’re going to get it” warned Rachael playfully

“oh really, well you are the one going to get it young miss” Sammi struggled with Rachael grasping her hands in one and other free hand unzips Rachael’s jacket.

Rachael squeals “what are you doing” still trying to get free

Sammi lifts Rachael’s top partly, grins then picks up and handful of snow and rubs it into Rachael’s bare skin.

Rachael screamed and bucked at the coldness “that’s cold you bitch” and eventually pushes Sammi off her.

Sammi sat down and laughed till her eyes were overflowed with tears

Rachael scowled “oh ha ha… very funny”

“Yep it was…… you wanna go again” asked Sammi

“no” growled Rachael.

The girls ate their meals and retired to the tent. Sammi unrolled the single piece of bedding.

“that’s not going to keep us warm” mocked Rachael

Sammi smiled “this is bear hide, trust me it will be the only thing you need”

Sammi stripped to her panties and t’shirt while Rachael went to bed fully clothed. Sammi rolled away, smiled and just waited.

The moon was out and the tent was lit silvery. I wasn’t long before Rachael started peeling off her clothing as the tent warmed up.

Rachael turned to Sammi “thank you for today.”

“yeh that’s ok, get some sleep.”

Rachael went to say more then stopped

Sammi turned and faced Rachael “ok I guess there will be no sleep until you get it off your chest, so come on out with it"

“Well it’s just I don’t get to do many things like that with Chris. I was grateful for the little time we had up here. We actually don’t spend much time together.”

“well then why are you still together”

“I guess it’s just easy, … just… Man why is it so hot in here” removes her t’shirt just leaving her in bra and panties.

“Do you miss her” asked Sammi quietly

“Yeh… but I doubt she’s even thinking of me, probably out having a good time with some other girl.”

Sammi looked over Rachael “you don’t trust her”

Rachael put her hands behind her head “I’m pretty sure she’s out doing someone as we speak” her face grows sadder

Sammi strokes some of Rachael’s falling tears “So why stay”

“I guess part of me lstill oves her” offers up Rachael

“No that’s not love that dependence Rachael”

“I’d be lost without her…. I’d have no life.”

“Well you’re up here with me and this is part of your life and to be totally honest it’s the first time in 4 weeks you’ve even mentioned her.”

“yeh really… I didn’t realize” shrugs Rachael sadly

Sammi runs the back of her hand across Rachael’s cheek softly

“I guess I’ve been too busy with other things” admits Rachael softly, nuzzling against Sammi’s hand.

Sammi cups Rachael chin and lifts it slightly then brushes her lips across Rachael’s. She waits as Rachael slowly returns the kiss and allows Sammi’s tongue to explore her mouth.

Rachael lets out a low moan but doesn’t break the mood. Sammi kisses her nose and cheek and nibbles gently down her neck. She pulls back and looks at Rachael in hesitation and doubt creeping into her.

Rachael smiles and grabs Sammi’s hand and kiss the open palm and places it onto her breast. Sammi instinctively squeezes, rubbing the nipple through the material. Rachael reaches around and unclip, letting her bra fall away. Sammi straddles over Rachael and snatches her lips while her hand massages her breast, grabbing, squeezing.

Rachael wraps her arms around Sammi’s neck, kissing her back and unleashing her tongue. Their lips crushing each others as the intensity and urgency of their desire increases.

Sammi pulls away and grasp one of Rachael’s plump breasts and draws it to her mouth, taking her in and suckling her. Rachael gasps and buried her head into Sammi’s neck, the sensation causing chain reaction as her body ached for more. She runs her hands up and down Sammi’s back then grabs her shirt and pulls it free.

Sammi’s body responding rubs her chest up against Rachael’s, her hand slipping between Rachael’s legs and slightly rubbing at the wetness seeping thru Rachael panties.

“more Sammi……. please” Rachael pushes her hips towards Sammi’s hand

Sammi removed Rachael’s panties and pulls her legs until she was sitting in Sammi’s lap. Sammi continues to kiss Rachael deeply, teasing her mouth with her tongue. She reaches down and grabs Rachael, the palm of her hand rubbing into Rachael’s soft mound.

Rachael wrapped arms around Sammi neck and thrust toward Sammi, she kisses her ear “more….I need more” pleads Rachael

Sammi finger started moving in and out of Rachael’s wet folds, feeling every inch of her. Circles at her opening and slightly dipping in

Rachael lets out a low moan and arched back waiting, Sammi slowly lowers her down as her finger moved easily and deeply inside. She with-drew and replaced with two pushing in and out as Rachael set the pace.

Rachael could feel her pending orgasm building. She widened her legs and lifts her hips

“oh god that feels so good, don’t stop Sammi” moans Rachael

Sammi flicks across Rachael nipple with her tongue before sucking it hard. Her fingers working hard inside Rachael as she too could feel herself gushing, along with laboured breaths leaving her own lips.

“just a bit more” urged Rachael as her body thrashed around.

Sammi wanted to give her a lot more and slipped down under the bear skin and into Rachael, taking in as much as she could devour. Scooping and swallow her flow of juices.

Rachael thrashed more, hips rising into Sammi’s mouth. Sammi tried holding down Rachael as she continues pushing her tongue around, pushing inside her before finishing her by flicking and pressing at her swollen clit.

“ohh that’s it oh god yessss” Rachael screamed out into the night as her orgasm explodes into Sammi. The tremors still lingering as Sammi pulled herself free of Rachael wet haven.

Sammi kissed her way back up Rachael’s body until she found her lips. Rachael looked exhausted her face damp with perspiration. Sammi smile and wipes away the damp hair.

“Oh wow” puffed out Rachael

“yeh wow…. Think that might of started an avalanche somewhere.” kisses her briefly before collapsing next to her.

Rachael moved up over Sammi and smother her with no hesitation, her tongue pouring into Sammi. Sammi’s mind started wandering and doubting, she hadn't been with another woman since Wendy's death and now Rachael had come into her life, her thoughts started to drift.

Rachael assaulted Sammi’s lips as her hands roamed all over her body, touching, squeezing, fondling. Sammi widened as Rachael went to work. He body giving in to Rachael as her breasts were set upon with Rachael’s tongue. Her depth was on fire and it wanted satisfying.

“oh Rachael that’s so good” moaning slightly as Rachael’s tongue danced over her body.

Rachael’s finger dived deep inside Sammi causing her to cry out at the welcome intrusion. She could feel herself nearing with each stroke.

“Hmm that’s it Sammi, let yourself go….. like your falling”

Sammi started to feel light headed and before she realised she was fighting Rachael

“stop…stop please get off me” panics Sammi trying to get her breath, feeling like she was going to pass out

Rachael startled “what’s wrong…am I hurting you?”

“no….no I just can’t….I’m sorry please don’t be angry I just” tears flowed from Sammi as her body started trembling.

“did I do something wrong” Rachael confused at her change in mood

Sammi shakes her head “no….. it’s just me I cant….. Rachael I’m so sorry I didn’t mean for this I”

Rachael pulled Sammi in and held her “shhh it’s ok, I understand” wipes Sammi’s tears. “how about I just hold you instead”

“yeh….” Sammi stuttered “I’d like that”

Sammi snuggled further into Rachael and they fell fast asleep

Chapter 5

Sammi woke first with the urge to relieve herself. Still attached to Rachael she carefully tries to slip away but arms tightened around her

“hey where are you going” mumbled Rachael

Sammi grins down at the half sleeping girl. “I really…really need to pee. I’ll be right back.”

Sammi rises again but Rachael’s arms wrap around her neck and pull her down onto her lips

“I really need to go” lets her tongue sink into Rachael’s mouth and is released.

Sammi dresses and heads out.

The air was fresh and she wasn’t looking forward to baring her arse to the morning air. Sammi scowled at herself for rejecting Rachael. She decided that there was no rush to get back to the cabin so she will make it up to her.

Sammi kicked the snow over and out corner eye noticed something red in the snow. She went over to investigate the sudden colour change and froze still. The sight of a half eaten deer carcass was not a sight for the morning and it had not long been killed.

The flap of the tent opened up and Sammi hit Rachael legs

“Get up, get dressed now.” Gruffed out Sammi


Sammi looked around panic “just do it Rachael” and threw her clothes at her

The tone of panic in Sammi scared the hell out of Rachael, she jumped up and dressed. She started wrapping up the bed clothes when Sammi grabbed her

“leave it come on”

“Sammi” Rachael voice got loud but Sammi put hand over Rachael. “lets go and be quiet”

They rushed down the mountain in quick time, Sammi constantly looking over her shoulder then dragged Rachael as she fell behind.

Rachael exhausted stopped for a drink “I need to rest please”

Sammi stopped but eyes continued to dart around

“Sammi you’re really scaring me.”

Sammi relaxed and looked back at Rachael “it’s ok, everything going to be fine we just need to get back to the cabin. We will talk about it then.”

After one more rest spot they made it back to the cabin in half the time it took to get up the mountain. They both collapsed on the veranda gasping for breath, totally exhausted. Rachael leans into Sammi

“oh god I’m so fucked” she pants

Sammi kisses her sweat soaked head. “yeh I know. Hey why don’t you get us a drink and I’ll get some wood so we can have a hot shower.”

“together” asked Rachael in hope

Sammi smiled “If you like”

Rachael went inside and set up the cups for coffee her mind wandering and heart beating in anticipation of the nights up coming events. Her mind was bought back by a scream. A scream and another noise Rachael had never heard.

Rachael ran outside and froze upon seeing Sammi confronted by a bear standing over her.

“Rachael my gun, get my gun” she yelled

Rachael turned back to the cabin, the gun was leaning against the wall. As she grabbed it hearing another frightening scream.

Rachael turned back with the gun only to see the bear rip into Sammi with its claws.

“NO… get away” screamed Rachael. She raised the gun and pulls the trigger but the gun doesn’t go off


The bear roars again and Rachael removes the safety and fires. The bear groans as its hit in the shoulder. It was enough to turns its attention away from Sammi. Rachael could see the snow around Sammi had turned to red.

She looked up only to see the bear moving towards her. She raises the gun but it jams. The bear rears up at her when the gun goes off and the bear drops at the step of the cabin veranda.

Rachael drops the gun and runs to Sammi, falls next to her seeing a bloody mess of gashes in Sammi's side“Oh Sammi….”

Sammi’s eyes fluttered open “I didn’t think it would follow us this far.” Gasping for air and crying out in pain.

Rachael removes her own shirt and holds it over the gash to stop the bleeding

“I’m so sorry Rachael”

“It’s ok…. Just need to stop the bleeding, then you will be ok.” Reassured Rachael

Sammi swallowed as her mouth dried “don’t be scared….. the snow will melt soon, you’ll be alright on your own till then

“Don’t talk like that, just don’t” tears starting spilling.

Sammi’s pants laboured and her eyes started to flutter close.

“don’t you dare Sammi” yelled Rachael, her t’shirt soaked with blood. Then she had an idea and started packing snow over Sammi’s wound. She runs inside and grabs a hat and gloves and returns putting them on Sammi’s exposed limbs and head.

“You have to hang on Sammi……please” pleads Rachael “Don’t give up…… I don’t know what to do” cries Rachael

Rachael kept talking to her and after an hour Sammi’s pulse was very weak and she became unconscious. The bleeding had stopped and Rachael dug Sammi out and moved her inside.

She put Sammi near the fire and carefully removed the blood soaked shirt. The snow had helped stop the bleeding. All she had to do was make sure the wounds didn’t open and try and keep her alive.

Rachael bathed Sammi’s cold, stained body with warm water and covered her over. She could do no more and just watched her all night, watched each breath in the hope it was not Sammi's last.

Sammi slipped in and out of consciousness for 3 days. Rachael did what ever she could to arouse her longer.

“Cmon Sammi, you need to wake up, you need to drink please.”

Sammi hoarsely called out a name and Rachael face sadden “No it’s Rachael….. I’m here. Cmon Sammi stay with me”

Sammi eventually took fluids and Rachael was able to take longer sleeps. She was exhausted and was relieved that Sammi had survived the worst of it.

Rachael had fallen asleep in the chair after reading a few pages of Sammi’s book when she was woken

“Rachael…. Are you there”

Rachael jumped from her chair and over to Sammi on the couch”

“yes…. It’s ok I’m here.” She reassured and stroked her pale cheek.

“It’s it….is the” Sammi’s voice giving out

“Yes it’s dead… it’s out there dead”

Sammi voice failed and she winched in pain “listen you… oh god this hurts”

“don’t say anything, save your strength.”

“no…you have to get rid of it… you have to bury it deep or else it will attract others, please.”

Rachael nods

“and Rachael….take the gun and the shells” but the strain caused Sammi to pass out.

It took Rachael 2 hours to bury the carcass, her heart racing each time she dropped her head to dig, scared that one would jump out at her. She threw the shovel down when she heard screams from inside the cabin and bolted in.

Rachael found Sammi writhing in pain, holding her side “oh my god it hurts…it fucking hurts….make it stop” she screamed and wailed.

Rachael helpless cradles Sammi “I know…I don’t have anything….I’m so sorry” she kissed Sammi’s head and stroke her trying to calm her.

It seemed like hours before Sammi wailing subsided and she passed out again. Rachael held Sammi and silently sobbed not knowing what more to do for her lover.

Chapter 6

Two weeks since the attack Rachael was able to help Sammi up to her bed. Instinctively Rachael turned to leave

“don’t go…. stay with me please Rachael” whined Sammi.

They had only been a sleep a few hours when Sammi started thrashing around in bed, crying out

“no don’t do that” Rachael grabbing Sammi’s hand as she tried to take the bandages off her wound

“It hurts, it hurts, take it off please” begs Sammi, tears streaming

Rachael just pinned her arms “no… try not to think about it.”

“I can’t….. fucking hell get off me” screams Sammi

Rachael just presses harder against Sammi's body preventing her from getting to the still healing wound.

Sammi still growling, cursing so Rachael lets her hand work its way into Sammi, rubbing in and around her, pushing at her clit.

“what are you doing….stop” Sammi feeling her strength weakening

Rachael felt her relax and released her grip and continued working Sammi’s dry zone into wet. She eventually entered Sammi and pushes in and out slowly”

“oh god…Rachael…I can’t….I” Sammi’s weak protests

“yes you can….. just relax” the distraction was working and Sammi had forgotten about her pain as her breathes turned to pants and soon after Rachael gently brought her to climax. Sammi drifted off to sleep.

Sammi was back on her feet, the pain was little and she was managing better but Rachael still wouldn’t let her do anything except read. That night they sat in front of the fire, Sammi resting against Rachael’s chest. Rachael gently strokes Sammi’s hair and kissed her neck softly.

Sammi turned and faced Rachael. The look concerned Rachael “what…what’s wrong”

Sammi smiled and got to her feet pulling Rachael up and onto her lips kissing her passionately, holding Rachael’s face to hers.

“ohhh feeling better are we” chuckled Rachael

Sammi took Rachael hand and took her up to the loft and took to Rachael’s lips again, before kissingon her neck. She slowly unbutton Rachael’s shirt

“hey you sure…”

Sammi sunk her tongue into Rachael mouth igniting her arousal, signalling she was indeed sure. She then removed Rachael’s under shirt exposing her whitish breasts and grabbed both squeezing them, gently pinching at her nipples.

“ Sammi I want you so much” she whimpered as her body caved to Sammi’s touch. Sammi still silent worked down her neck and along her shoulder licking and nipping sending shivers over Rachael

Sammi looked into Rachael eyes “I want you too” she openly admits

It was enough for Rachael to take over and pulled Sammi’s shirt away, her head dropping onto Sammi’s chest. She licks at her nipple, suckling it hard while massaging the other. Sammi let her head drop back and held Rachael to her. “yeh oh god that’s sooo good”

Rachael accidentally brushes across Sammi’s scarred wound causing Sammi to wince.

“oh shit I’m sorry” apologies Rachael

“no…it’s ok…there’s no pain just feels strange.”

Rachael convinced dropped to her knees and removes Sammi’s pants and nuzzles into her soft public hairs, drops of moisture seeping through.

Sammi sits on the bed and slowly moves back up while Rachael removes last of her barriers and crawls up to her. She draws Rachael in for a kiss reaching down and grabbing Rachael ass pulling her up. Rachael knee massages into Sammi’s wetness while their lips collide.

Rachael pushes Sammi down and lets her tongue tease over her nipples, flicking until her nipple grew hard. “ please Rachael” murmurs Sammi

Rachael drew up Sammi’s knee and side saddles over her, lowering herself until the lips of their pussies meet. Sammi lifts her hips to the pleasure grasping Rachael hips.

“oh jeez” groans Sammi from the sudden connection

Rachael grinds down, dragging herself against Sammi, gyrating against her, their juices mixing.

“can you feel me” coos Rachael as she drags slowly up and down, putting pressure against their clits.

“god yes yes” Sammi takes hold of Rachael breasts and massages them together causing Rachael head to drop back

Rachael moved harder, pushing more against Sammi, their juices spilling around them.

Sammi’s body starts to shake, Rachael presses at her clit allowing Sammi to release, the cabin alive with her cries. Rachael dismounts and collapses next to her, catching her own breath.

Sammi wastes little time and moves over Rachael’s body, unleashing her tongue into Rachael’s mouth, kissing her passionately.

Rachael pushes Sammi back a little “hey you…give me a minute.”

Sammi moved down and licked at her breast “no” was her reply, then rolls Rachael onto her stomach and lets her hand run up and down her back before entering her from behind

Rachael cries out and pushes back again Sammi’s fingers. Sammi continues to thrust in and out”

Rachael raises her hips, grabs at the sheets “ohhhhh yes harder….harder” and rears back onto Sammi's fingers.

Sammi removes and rubs roughly around Rachael clit causing her to buck forward “oh fuck I can’t hold it oh my god”

Sammi pushes back inside pulling Rachael orgasm from the depths. Rachael moans and stiffens as she releases before collapsing to the bed in rest.

Rachael hadn’t said any think for a few moments worrying Sammi “hey hey what the matter”

“shhhoosh” orders Rachael “I’m still enjoying it” another jolt moves through her body.

Sammi laughs out loud “well is it going to take long, because I need more attention” she encourages impatiently.

Rachael rolls over and sits up “what is wrong with you” laughs

“does there have to be something wrong because I want more sex. Look if it’s a problem” smirks Sammi

Rachael flicks tongue across Sammi’s lips “It’s no problem for me, not in the least.”.

Rachael wasted no time in lapping up Sammi’s juices, trying to contain the flood. Her tongue worked around like a snake. She pressed across Sammi’s clit still swollen and felt Sammi’s hand on her head immediately.

Sammi’s hips lifted and Rachael worked her tongue around and inside her opening. Sammi lightly grabbed at Rachael hair “oh baby don’t stop” she pleads

Rachael opens Sammi’s lips wide sucking at her clit directly, Sammi moans calling her name as the trembling reached it height as she came over Rachael’s face. Her body tenses as Rachael didn’t release but pressed at her clit again causing another orgasm, the room filled with the sounds of love making as Sammi held onto Rachael as she came one more time.

Rachael surfaced and wiped her face “wow that was so beautiful”

Sammi still not satisfied encouraged Rachael higher up until she was straddling over Sammi’s face. Pulling her down her face awash with Rachael excitement.

Rachael arches back as Sammi’s tongue plays inside her, circling and darting in and out of her folds, pushing inside her.

Rachael through clenched teeth announces loudly “oh god I’m going to cum” In only moments Rachael drenched Sammi’s face.

Rachael falls to the side “ok no more please I can’t” she whines in exhaustion.

Chapter 7

Sammi woke first in the early afternoon, her thirst drove her down stairs and she thought that the amount she had consumed from Rachael was enough to sustain her the whole day. The thought caused a little smirk until she noticed a change outside her window, the smirk disappeared. She opened the door and felt the warmth in the air and looked at the level of snow. It had dropped considerably. Sammi realised the melt had begun and they would have visitors within the weeks end and then Rachael would be gone.

Rachael’s voice called out “what are you doing, shut the damn door it’s cold”

“I’m just getting a drink, you want one”

“Hell yeh, you sucked me dry last night” yelled out Rachael

Sammi chuckled quietly at her young lover’s crudeness “righteo”

The next few days both didn’t venture too far from the bed only getting up for meals and showers.

Last day before the end of the week and Rachael was busily cleaning the kitchen with Sammi looking on. She got up and reached behind Rachael cuddling her.

“what again” laughed Rachael

“Rachael” Sammi called in a low voice

“yep…just a minute and I’ll be right ontop of you” she laughs

“Rachael….” Sammi’s voice more insistent

Rachael faced Sammi and noticed the serious look on her face “what’s the matter, you not feeling well” stroking her face

Sammi caught her hand and kissed it “you need to pack your gear today”

“why you taking me somewhere” asked Rachael keenly

“no…. not me.” Sammi drops her head slightly “we will have a visitor tomorrow, she will be coming for you."

“who…who will be” asked confused Rachael

“Your girlfriend….. it will be tomorrow, the snow would have melted at the bottom and the roads will reopen.”

Rachael mouth dropped and Sammi left the room. Rachael chased after her “hey whoa wait up… you don’t know that” whined Rachael

Sammi half smiles and nods

Rachael shook her head “I don’t want”

“you have to” came Sammi’s pained reply

No more words where spoken on the matter

That night they didn’t make love, just held each other until dawn. The next morning was a silent affair until Sammi broke the mood

“thank you Rachael…. Thank you for everything. For melting the ice in my heart”

Rachael would look at Sammi, just nodded

Sammi knew what she was thinking “You wouldn’t like it up here…. I can’t ask” but they were disturbed by voices and a loud knock at the cabin door

Rachael looked at Sammi her eyes filling with tears

Sammi hugged her “now don’t be doing that Rachael please” she gives Rachael a kiss “you will always be in my heart”

“I don’t even have a photo to give you” stutters Rachael “so you won’t forget me”

Sammi smiles “I won’t forget you. Now you ready”

Rachael nodded

Sammi took a deep breath and yanked the door open. “yeh what the hell do you want” she growled

Rachael’s girlfriend was standing in the doorway and tries to peer inside the cabin

“I’ve come for Rachael”

Sammi didn’t say anything  at first, then stepped towards Chris“well it’s about time, this girl has done nothing but eat like a damn mule.” She growls at Chris

Chris folded her arms not intimidated “well thank you for looking after her, she won’t be a burden to you any longer. Rachael come on” growls Chris

Rachael walks passed Sammi and Chris wrapped her arms around then kisses her “are you ok, did she”

“I’m fine let’s just go” said Rachael in a hurry

Sammi watches them leave and slams the door.

Sammi looks around the cabin and remembers what loneliness felt like again.

Early evening Sammi lit the fire and sits down with her book, the pages didn’t make sense, she couldn’t read as the tears started to stain the pages. In frustration she throws the book into the fire.

She hears a creak on the veranda and a sound at the door. Sammi went to the door “who is it”

Nobody answered. Sammi grabbed her shot gun and yanked the door open pointing the gun out

“jeezus don’t shoot” said a startled Rachael throwing her hands up, her bag drops to the ground

Sammi lowered the gun “what are you doing here” she looks around outside

“Sammi it’s just me…. I’m alone. I’m not the same person that Chris left here last winter and I am not that person who wants to be with her anymore.”

“Rachael” whines Sammi

“Look if you don’t want me to stay, if you don’t want me to be a part of your life I need to know, then I’ll go and never bother you again.” Rachael stares into Sammi's eyes for some sign

Sammi puts the gun down behind the door and lets Rachael in “I do..... I really do Rachael”

“why… tell me why you want me to stay” pushes Rachael

Sammi blushes “because I just threw my last book into the fire” half laughs

Rachael’s eyes drop away from Sammi’s reply but Sammi lifts her chin “I really want you to stay because I love you”

Rachael hugs Sammi and kisses her “that’s all I needed to know”

The end

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