Story: Twilight of the Law (chapter 2)

Authors: Rhanar Narra-Jar

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Chapter 2

Title: Love or Lust

[Author's notes:

After their intimate, yet passionate trip to the beach, Reiko and Dixie unknowingly gets invovled in the saving of one of the other wrestlers of the Rumble Roses Tournament: Reiko's sister, Fujiko, alias Evil Rose.

But meanwhile, the dark forces have unveiled themselves to be none other then Rhanar Narra-Jar, the leader of the Sharas'Car Order, a secretive organization whose purpose is to serve and protect women and their rights against the twisted desires of man.


While they both had fallen asleep naked in the showers, Dixie and Reiko woke up by the angry yelling of the Bathhouse Manager. As he continued to curse in Japanese, the girls took their rather damp clothes and left, not even caring to apologize.

“What a jerk! How could we know he opened so damned early?!” Dixie mumbled; she looked at her ring outfit, but found out it was still wearable. “I’m glad I took my suit off, or it’d be wet with sweat” she said, giving Reiko a rather suggesting look. “Hey, it’s not my fault you’re so good!” Reiko exclaimed, halfway laughing, halfway teasing. “It’s OK, honey” Dixie smiled, heading for the bush in which they had hid the black bag.

“I tell ye, Reiko; we’re rich!” Dixie smiled, lifting the bag as if in victory. “Great, but we really need to get moving” Reiko said, holding her arms across the chest; the beach might have been warm and inviting last night, but right now it was cold as a fridge.

“OK, let’s go; I live around here” Dixie said. “Umm, Dixie? Have you seen my jacket? I think I left it inside.” “Oh, crap; I think we need to sneak in, then; that moron sounded really mean” Dixie sighed.

“There is really no need for that, my lady” a voice spoke.

“What the Hell?! Since when did the wind learn to talk?” Dixie asked, although her undertone quaked in pure fear.

“I am no mere wind; I am only here for a short time, though not physically appearing” the voice spoke; it sounded male, but with a gallant, if arrogant, undertone.

“Then what the Hell are you?! Just you know, I don’t believe in ghosts!” Reiko exclaimed, even daring to give, what she thought to be the wind, the fuck finger.

“How very rude of you, Lady Reiko” the voice mumbled; “Well, I will leave then, but I suggest you check behind the bathhouse before you leave; the gems were not my sole gift for thee.”

“Yo, wait a minute, dude; ‘you’ gave us all those shinies?!” Dixie asked in disbelief.

“That I did, yes, but do not try and convince me to let you pay it back” the voice sounded mildly amused; “you deserve them; do not ask me why, you just do.

 “Well, I’m not normally taking advice or valuables from a guy who hasn’t got the guts the stand up fer himself…” Dixie mocked; “...but I think we could go check out that ‘mysterious surprise’ of yours.”

“Very Well: Rest assured I think you will find the items I left most useful” the voice spoke darkly; “you live in dangerous times; the males in your world might not respect you as of yet, but they might respect what I left for you.”

The next second, a cold wind hit both Dixie and Reiko, making Reiko yell out and jump into Dixie’s embrace. “I thought you said you didn’t believe in ghosts, Reiko” Dixie smiled. “That’s easy for you to say! Man, that was scary” Reiko mumbled. “Geez, you’re cold, Reiko; we’d better find your jacket” Dixie said, putting Reiko down.They looked behind the rocks, as the voice had said, and found Reiko’s jacket, along with something else…

“What’s that” Reiko asked.“I dunno, but it sure is shiny” Dixie said, looking at the two, shinning items in the sand: It was daggers:

Small, ornate daggers, with blades of a light, black material; the hilts of the daggers were glided with gold, and aquamarines were inlaid in the cross-guard. “Who, and who doesn’t even have a license” Reiko joked, lifting up one of the daggers; its blade, around the length of her wrist, shun strongly in the rising sunlight. “Hey, look at that” Dixie smiled, pointing at two scabbards of black leather; they were inlaid and glided with elegant, golden trims, almost like fantasy scabbards and swords that were used in all those epic movies, like Lord of the Rings.

“I think that guy before must’ve known that we’d have to go down the main street to my house; the place’s crawling with pimps and all other shitheads” Dixie said; “walking halfway through the city half-naked is bound to attract some form of attention.” “Yeah, I agree” Reiko said, beginning to wrap the straps of the scabbard to her right thigh.

“I must admit, Dixie...” Reiko smiled, allowing herself a kinky joke as she began strapping her scabbard on as well; “ look so hot in that leather suit.” “Heh, you too, honey” Dixie smiled; why, that was a compliment she loved. After strapping on their scabbards, each of them took a dagger; since they were accurate copies, there was no need for arguing. “Hold on; I’m having a little problem with this” Reiko said, trying to zip her jacket together between her legs as she usually wore it. “Lemme help you, Reiko” Dixie smiled; she helped Reiko drag the zipper to her chest, giggling. “OK, we’re off!” Dixie exclaimed, giving Reiko a wedgies before leading the way. “Umm, that felt quiet…kinky” Reiko caught herself thinking; returning to reality, she ran after Dixie. 

The trip through downtown was a nightmare: Every third person they meet thought them to be some form of prostitutes, while the other half nearly drooled.

“What a bunch of idiots!” Reiko growled; it was the fifth time she have had to send her Killer Look to one of her pursuers, and she began considering if her dagger could be more persuasive. “Don’t worry; we’re there soon” Dixie calmed her, not that she had gone unnoticed: She had slammed a guy into a wall when he was trying to loosen her bra.

After countless streets, yelling pursuers and even the marshlands outside Tokyo, Reiko now finally saw Dixie’s home in Japan:

A lesser mansion in oriental style, just a few miles outside the city; it was made of dark-brown and red wooden planks, and the entire impression was an old-style, but still lovely house. “Well, it’s not much, but I hope you’ll like it” Dixie asked nervously. “I love it!” Reiko exclaimed, having to use all her self-control not to jump up and down in cheer: There was almost anything you could demand of a good house: An indoor pool with Jacuzzi, kitchen, showers, Bathroom, dinning room, entrance hall, first floor with view of Tokyo, basement with all sorts of possible secrets, and last, but not least:

An enormous bedroom, but, to Reiko’s huge depression, only one, lovely bed. “Don’t worry; I think I can get one ordered” Dixie smiled; “but I think we will need a bath first.” “Good idea” Reiko smiled.

The pool was large, but Dixie suggested they tried out her recently-bought jacuzzi. The warm water bobbled, and the girls found great pleasure in splashing water at each other. “Hey! Not there!” Reiko laughed, as Dixie began tickling her under her arms. “Oh, not so stuck-up, will ye? You’re so soft that I can’t help myself!" Dixie teased.

“Why, you little…!” Reiko laughed, grabbing Dixie by her wrists, placing a sudden kiss on her lips. Dixie felt aroused; the warm water got to her head, and her bristling, blond hair fell down on her shoulders; she felt a good feeling of need and lust coming up, and she were ready to engage. “Heh, a little ‘fun’, maybe?” she asked Reiko in her most seducing voice. “Anytime, anywhere!” Reiko smiled, beginning to kiss Dixie softly; apart from earlier, both girls decided to let love come in first row this time. And they made a brilliant decision: While simple lust only satisfied them for a short moment, pure love boiled in their veins, making them feel almost shivering despite the warm water. It was as if both their bodies and souls were kissing and hugging each other; they eyes were closed, and the mere touch or thought of each other sent a wave of both pleasure and love through them.

“Oh, Reiko…” Dixie moaned; she still felt the lust in her, but she felt the love of Reiko even more; their relationship would last until the day they died, she simply knew it. “Dixie, I so much love you” Reiko spoke, although her voice sounded faint as if she was far away. 


Meanwhile, on the Plane of Varran, Rhanar Narra-Jar stared into his mind as he made contact with the other world he had visited; the two young females had become Jicin, and despite their humane need to show their love physically, they had turned out to be a strongly knit couple.

He stood up and gave an order to the soldier standing besides his throne:“Send word for Jiraz this instant!” “Yes, my Lord!” the soldier saluted, storming out of the room as fast as his armour allowed him.“Now I can show that ever-lustful succubus that my path is the true one…” Rhanar smiled; although he disliked Jiraz’s constant teasing and flirtations with young girls, he knew that she had sworn her loyalty and love to his sister from her very heart, and her duty as protector of the imperial heir also connected to the Grey Guard Order.

A while later, the soldier appeared again, bringing the young succubus with him: Clad only in thigh-high boots, shoulder-long gloves, panties and a bra of black latex and a black leather belt, it was the only thing she seemed willing to wear.

“So, Rhannie…” she smiled at the dark elven lord of the Grey Guard, her usual disrespect not surprising him; “…what’s up?”

“This” Rhanar simply spoke; he made a few waves with his left hand, conjuring a small, blue orb of light in his palm. “These women have recently declared their love for each other” Rhanar explained, the picture of Reiko and Dixie submerged in water shun clearly from the blue orb. “Their happiness swirls in a sea of sorrow, though...” Rhanar mumbled darkly; “...the young and blonde one named Reiko’s sister Fujiko is in mortal danger as we speak, as a rival and enemy of these two ‘fighters’ has taken her as her captive and plans to use her genetic heritage to create a mix of human and war-golem.”

“Well, if they aren’t some cute, little hotties…” Jiraz almost drooled, her tail swinging uncontrollably at the sight of the naked girls. “Focus, Jiraz!” Rhanar snarled strictly, turning Jiraz aware of the danger it was to mock Rhanar too much; while he did not harm women in any way, Jiraz knew that Rhanar had ways to break people’s cockiness. “Oh, ummm, yeah; so I’m to track down her sister’s assaulter, fight her and save the day and then just have some ‘fun’ and go back home?” Jiraz asked. “Do not dare defile them, Jiraz; I know your tricks and ‘skills’, but I will not allow you to…” Rhanar began, only to be interrupted by the door opening, two Grey Guards standing aside and saluting as his sister Shica walked past them towards Rhanar.

“She has my permission, brother” Shica said with a stubborn but evil smile, turning and winking to Jiraz; “go ahead and have some fun with them, but only if they want, OK? And pass over all the techniques they use!” she finished as she giggled along with Jiraz; they loved their completion of who could seduce most girls, and the bonus was that each experience taught them more techniques to please each other.

Rhanar shoke his head at his sister; respecting other people’s wishes was a new side for her to show, but although he respected that, he still could not understand why Shica and Jiraz were so obsessed with showing their love for each other physically. “Alright, missy; I’ll be back with a full and rather ‘detailed’ report” Jiraz nodded kinkily, walking towards the portal room, where the Mystic Mages of the Grey Guard Order were chanting to conjure a portal.

“I guess I’ll just stay behind and wait!” Shica sighed pleasantly, leaning to her brother’s throne. “Shica, I trust in your ability to limit yourself” Rhanar said strictly; “although I cannot stop you from sinning, I can at least request you to return to your private chambers.” “Sure I’ll do that, Rhanar, but just you know it…” Shica leaned towards Rhanar’s ear; “…mom said that when I get old enough, I’ll be allowed into the harem; think of all the cute girlies I’m gonna meet! Plus that I get to make out with Jriaz in there with mom watching, and...”

“I am glad you have something to motivate you, Shica, but lust for engagement alone cannot support you all life long, and the Grey Guard requires you to make repentance for your sins” Rhanar informed his sister as he rose his hand to stop her; “so if you have any lust, which I cannot keep you from, it seems, then I suggest you use it as honourably as you can while you are young.” “Thanks, Rhanar; I really mean that” Shica smiled happily, running into the portal room to Jiraz.

“With all due respect, Lord Rhanar…” Sallas Shadowblend said, not able to hide a small smile; “…they may both be more or less sinners, but I must admit their mere presence almost makes up for their sins by their very nature; they do not look like ones capable of sinning.” “You are not the only one to think in those lines, Sallas” Rhanar nodded at his second-in-command, leaning back on his throne; in due time, he would follow Jiraz and see to it that the succubus kept to her young mistress’ request. 


Back in Dixie’s house, Reiko and she had finally gotten out of their love ecstasy, lying on the floor next to the Jacuzzi, Reiko giving Dixie a massage. “U-m-m, you’ve got strong hands, Reiko” Dixie mumbled. “Yeah, and you’ve got a cute butt” Reiko smiled teasingly. While Dixie did not respond, Reiko continued massaging her; her skin was soft and she could smell Dixie’s scent in her nostrils, calming her and arousing her at the same time. “Um-m-m, Reiko; you’re really go-o-o-od…!” Dixie mumbled with her head in the floor. Deciding to tease Dixie a little, Reiko let her fingers cross Dixie’s pussy, making her moan. “Oh, if you’re not naughty, Dixie…” Reiko teased; the arousing feeling stuck to her mind like glue; she needed some sex right away.

“Well, if you’re bringing it up ‘that’ way, Reiko” Dixie, turned on her back, meeting Reiko’s smile with a wink; “then wait here.” “Sure” Reiko managed to speak as Dixie got up and left the room.

“I hope she’ll be back soon” Reiko thought. However, it was not so; after two minutes, Reiko felt the desire grow inside her. “Oh God; what am I doing?!” she thought; while she was daydreaming of Dixie, her hand had slid beneath her legs, fingering her pussy. “Oh God; I’m masturbating!” Reiko almost yelled out mentally. “Oh Yes, Dixie, ride me hard, you crazy cowgirl! Yeah, u-m-m, I want more!” Reiko moaned silently; she simply could not get the naughty pictures of Dixie out of her head. Her fluids began to appear in her pussy, making her yell out; she rubbed as fast as she could; she wanted to cum before Dixie got back. “Oh Yeah Dixie! Oh, yeah, screw me! Yes, right there; Hah! Hah! Hah! OH YES! OH GOD! I’M…I’M CUMMING!!!”

Her yells seems to have attracted Dixie, as she stormed into the room dressed in a morning gown, but she accidentally fell into the pool. The moments passed until both girls realised what had happened, resulting in roars of laughter from both of them. “I must really turn you on, Reiko; you naughty girl!” Dixie giggled as she climbed up from the pool. “Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself” Reiko smiled shyly. “It’s OK, honey, but you still need some punishment!” Dixie exclaimed, throwing aside the dripping, wet morning gown.

She looked like a Fetish Model, a Dominatrix; she was clad in elbow-long gloves, thigh-high boots, and skimpy bra and g-string, all in black leather. The sight turned Reiko on as if she had been driving down the road on her bike; however, she felt uneasy when she saw a strange thing dangle from Dixie’s belt. “You’d better be ready and horny, Reiko, for here I GO!” Dixie exclaimed, as she stuck what turned out to be a strap-on into Reiko’s pussy.

“YE-E-E-E-E-S!!!” OH, FUCK ME! FUCK M-E-E-E, DIXIE! RIDE ME HARD, YOU SLUTTY COWGIRL! OH! OH, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, KEEP FUCKI-I-I-ING! OH!" Reiko’s lust knew no end; she found out that Dixie must have founded a double-head strap-on, for she seemed to be in the same ecstasy of pleasure as Reiko.

“OH YEAH, I’M GONNA FUCK YOU ‘TILL YOU CUM, REIKO! YES, LET ME FUCK YOU, YE LITTLE BIKER-BITCH!” OH YEAH! AH! AH! AH!“ "YE-E-E-AH! RIDE ME! MAKE ME CUM!" Reiko exclaimed, feeling the lust boil in here veins; her tendons screamed in joy, her blood raced her every muscle enjoying the pleasure. After a while, Reiko begged Dixie if she could be ridden from above, and Dixie agreed.

Reiko now sat atop Dixie, screaming like insane with lust and passion. “OF YES, FUCK ME, DIXIE! FUCK M-E-E-E!”“OH REIKO, I’M GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CU-U-U-UM!!!“ "OH YES, CUM DIXIE! LET’S CUM TOGETHER!!!" Reiko and Dixie kept yelling their lust out as if they were about to break, their orgasm but a few inches away. “YES DIXIE, KEEP FUCKING ME! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! GIVE IT TO ME HARD! OH! OH! OH GOD! OH!“ "REIKO, I’M CUMMING! I’M CU-U-U-M-M-MING!!! YEAH, I’M CUMMING, TOO-OH! OH! OH YES! AH! AH! AH-H-H-H-H-H! OH YEAH REIKO, I’M GONNA CU-U-UM! ARGH-H-H-H-H!

As their bodies fell lamb to the floor, they stared at each with lust and love shinning as braziers out of their eyes. “Heh, one more time, honey?” Dixie asked horny. “Yeah, I want more!” Reiko exclaimed happily. Dixie threw the strap-on on the floor, stepping out of her leather outfit. “Girl, you’re ‘so’ gonna love this!” Dixie giggled. As Dixie began to lick Reiko’s nipples hungrily, Reiko cried out and began fingering Dixie’s pussy, making her cry out. “Oh Yes, Reiko! Finger me more!” Dixie begged. And so Reiko did; she used everything in her power to please Dixie; she licked her pussy lick passionately, enjoying Dixie’s tongue dancing over her breasts and nipples.

“OH YEAH! OH YEAH! OH, SO GOOD! OH, I WANT TO…!” Dixie yelled out; in pure ecstasy, she began kissing, licking and push her tongue so far into Reiko’s mouth that Reiko began to drool. “OH YES! KISS ME! Reiko thought lustfully. As Dixie pulled back, Reiko used the opportunity to return the favour hungrily; before long, both girls’ lips were as glued together, kissing so hard that their mouths were becoming wet with drool. “AH! YE-E-ES!” Dixie cried out when Reiko suddenly tore herself back to her senses, and began licking Dixie’s moist pussy.

“YES, LICK ME DRY! OH YE-E-EAH!!!” Dixie cried out; she was looking directly at Reiko’s pussy while being turned upside down, and the mere scent aroused here. “PLEASE REIKO! I NEED IT, TOO!” Dixie begged, and soon after, the girls were facing each other’s butts, licking each other’s pussies in an ecstasy of lust. “A-A-A-A-AH! YES! LICK ME DRY! SUCK ME DRY, YOU BIKER-BITCH! OH YES! “OH YES! GIMME MORE!" Dixie yelled out as Reiko began to insert her fingers in Dixie’s pussy, rubbing her nether lips and sucking on her g-spot.

“OH, I CAN’T TAKE IT, REIKO! I WANNA CUM! I WANNA CUM SO MAD! Dixie yelled out, completely lost of her senses in lust. “AH! AH! I’M…I’M CUMMING!!!” Reiko yelled out, her body surrendered to her orgasm. “OH! I WANNA CUM, TOO!” Dixie cried out, spanking Reiko’s butt in horniness. “A-A-A-A-A-A-A-H!!! Reiko yelled out as she came, her fluids running down her butt. “OH MY G-O-O-O-O-O-D! Dixie cried out as she came; her fluids ran down her pussy, drenching her lower hair and getting devoured by an eager and horny Reiko.

“Oh my God! You sure can eat a pussy, Reiko” Dixie smiled. “You hella bet it, little cowgirl!” Reiko winked, naughty as she was. As the girls’ senses returned, they stood up and giggled; they simply could not believe how lust and love could make one feel so free and happy. “I say we have a shower and go have a look at your new bed” Dixie suggested. “Good idea” Reiko said; she did not even dare look at herself. 

After the shower, Reiko and Dixie went upstairs for Dixie’s room, or rather what had once been Dixie’s room; she had offered Reiko to stay as long as she wanted and Reiko and accepted with no second thought. “Wow, that’s awesome! I love it!" Reiko exclaimed when she saw her new bed; it was large enough to serve as a double-bed if needed be, and the mattress felt pleasantly warm. “I say we order some pizza, and then go to bed; it’s getting late, and I don’t wanna stand sweating over the cooker for half an hour” Dixie whimpered. “Good idea” Reiko smiled; to her surprise, it turned out that she and Dixie liked the same kind of pizza, so ordering a large one would be better and cheaper.

As Dixie placed the order, Reiko sat down in the dinning room, dressed in pyjamas. Dixie came in and seated besides her, the two of them staring to exchange more or less naughty jokes. A ringing interrupted them; the pizza had arrived. Dixie paid the delivery boy, and went back to the dinning room, where she slit a piece of the pizza for herself and Reiko with her dagger.

“Well, at least it came to good use” Reiko laughed as she took a large bite of her slice. As they ate, Dixie discovered a bit of sauce on Reiko’s upper lip, teasingly licking it off with her tongue. “Hih Hih, no, not again, Dixie; I’m too tired” Reiko said, but nevertheless giggled over Dixie’s playfulness. “OK, honey, but do you mind handing me that slice? It looks spicy” Dixie asked, Reiko nodding and handing her a large slice of pizza.

After eating and drinking some coke from the fridge, they carried the garbage out in the garbage can, Dixie going upstairs to wait for Reiko, who was arranging her boots and jacket in the hall. Reiko soon got up, and to her surprise, she saw Dixie laying naked her bed with a cute smile on her lips. “C’mon in, I really could use your company” Dixie smiled, Reiko smiling and shaking her head before stepping out of her pyjamas. “You simply have such an amazing body, Reiko” Dixie admitted with a pleasant sigh. “Same to you, too, Dixie Darling” Reiko smiled, placing a kiss on Dixie’s lips. “Thanks, sweetie” Dixie smiled, closing her eyes, waiting for sleep to claim her. Reiko also closed her eyes, but found Dixie’s hand under the blanket, and began fondling it.

Although Dixie was sleepy, she gave Reiko a weak smile as the younger, blond girl lay beside and silently slept as a child. Dixie gave in; she fell asleep, but not before feeling Reiko stretch out and embrace her in dreams as well as reality. Dixie smiled and fell asleep: Their souls were kissing as their bodies felt the softness of sleep claim them, lulling them into it’s pleasant embrace.

[End notes: This concludes the end of chapter 2; proceed, if you wish for the end to be unveiled for you.]

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